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Rybinski John quotes by John Milton
#1. The mind is a universe and can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. #Quote by John Milton
Rybinski John quotes by John Updike
#2. Money is like water in a leaky bucket: no sooner there, it begins to drip. #Quote by John Updike
Rybinski John quotes by John Holland
#3. The human body is sustained by the same prana that nourishes the universe. The body (your equipment) has the ability to control and use this special energy through the use of "pranayama". Don't let true word scare you - it just means to control, channel, and direct the flow of prana through the use of breath. #Quote by John Holland
Rybinski John quotes by John Rhys-Davies
#4. I can't give a soundbite for love or money. #Quote by John Rhys-Davies
Rybinski John quotes by John Piper
#5. Jesus Christ ... came into the world to vindicate the infinite worth of God's holiness which had been desecrated by our sin and which seemed ... to be taken lightly because it was being passed over for nothing more than the blood of bulls. #Quote by John Piper
Rybinski John quotes by John Green
#6. Osteosarcoma sometimes takes a limb to check you out. The, if it like you, it takes the rest. #Quote by John Green
Rybinski John quotes by John Connolly
#7. It's odd, but people are capable of forgetting quite extraordinary occurrences very quickly if it makes them happier to do so, #Quote by John Connolly
Rybinski John quotes by John H. Aughey
#8. God brings men [and women] into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse [teach and improve] them. [It is fair and appropriate to get excited about what those lessons and improvements to you will mean for the future happiness of you and those you care about.] #Quote by John H. Aughey
Rybinski John quotes by John H. Vandenberg
#9. When people say, 'Religion is all right for some, but I am not religious, and it means nothing to me,' is it because they have not experienced the uplift that comes from sacrificing for and serving their fellowmen? #Quote by John H. Vandenberg
Rybinski John quotes by John Leguizamo
#10. Acting is kind of a calling for me so I'm just happy to be there and do great work. #Quote by John Leguizamo
Rybinski John quotes by John Kessel
#11. If the weakness of mainstream fiction is its deliberate smallness, the weakness of sf is its puffed-up size, its gauzy immensities. SF often pays so much attention to cosmic ideas that the story's surface is vague. Too much sf suffers from a lack of tangible reality. Muzzy settings, generic characters concocted merely for the sake of the idea, improbable action plots tidily wrapped up at the end. Too much preaching, not enough concrete, credible detail. An sf writer can get published without mastering certain things that most mainstream writers can't evade: evocative prose style, naturalistic dialogue, attention to detail. Refraining from editorializing, over-explaining, or pat resolutions. To us, the contents of The Best American Short Stories seem paltry and timebound. To them, the contents of Asimov's are overblown and underrealized.

It's no wonder that sf never makes the Ravenel collection. SF is habitually strong in areas considered unessential to good mainstream fiction, and weak in those areas that are considered essential. It doesn't matter that to the sf reader most contemporary fiction is so interested in "how things really are" in tight focus that it missed "how things really are" in the big picture.

SF's different standards make it invisible to mainstream readers, not in the literal way of H.G. Wells's invisible man, but in the cultural way of Ralph Ellison's. It's not that they can't see us, it's that they don't know what to make of what the #Quote by John Kessel
Rybinski John quotes by John Dryden
#12. Virtue is her own reward. #Quote by John Dryden
Rybinski John quotes by John Hume
#13. These are the influences that everybody has. Some individuals might stand out because of one thing or another, but whether one's perception as a child of what was important or not is accurate, I don't know. #Quote by John Hume
Rybinski John quotes by John Daly
#14. Granted, I could go out and lose everything (by) gambling and drinking, but there's no sense in denying it. It's in my blood. #Quote by John Daly
Rybinski John quotes by John Flanagan
#15. Halt," said the elegant diplomat, "when you asked me to marry you, did you think we could just sneak off to a glade in the woods with a few close friends and get it done?"
Halt hesitated. "Well, no ... of course not."
As a matter of fact, that was exactly what he had thought. A simple ceremony, a few friends, some food and drink and then he and Pauline would be a couple. But he felt that it might not be wise to admit that right now. #Quote by John Flanagan
Rybinski John quotes by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
#16. Faith, then, is simply a believing that there is a God who loves us, in spite of the poison of sin coursing through our soul. It is a believing that he loves us even though, like the Israelites of old, we have nothing to bring to him but malignancy, wretched sickness, and grumbling misery. It is believing that he invites us to look to him, to rely upon him, and to trust in him simply to do what he has said. It is believing that if we turn the gaze of our soul upward toward him, he will give us life. The Lord Jesus characterizes the simplicity and certainty of saving faith, stating that it is his Father's will to grant eternal life to all who look on and believe in him. "For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day" (John 6:40). #Quote by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
Rybinski John quotes by John Legend
#17. I used to work for a management consulting company, so I dressed differently - business casual, probably a lot of things from Banana Republic. My wardrobe now is definitely more expensive, but I always dress for the occasion. #Quote by John Legend
Rybinski John quotes by John Ortberg
#18. I hate how spiritual formation gets positioned as an optional pursuit for a small special interest group within the church. #Quote by John Ortberg
Rybinski John quotes by John Piper
#19. My take on tithing in America is that it's a middle-class way of robbing God. Tithing to the church and spending the rest on your family is not a Christian goal. It's a diversion. The real issue is: How shall we use God's trust fund-namely, all we have-for His glory? In a world with so much misery, what lifestyle should we call our people to live? What example are we setting? #Quote by John Piper
Rybinski John quotes by John Green
#20. Our little infinity. #Quote by John Green
Rybinski John quotes by John De Ruiter
#21. Everyone starts out with a little self, and it costs everything to move past that little self. It costs the life of the little self to be the life within that's deeper than that little self. #Quote by John De Ruiter
Rybinski John quotes by John Of Damascus
#22. If the Word of God is living and powerful, and if the Lord does all things whatsoever he wills; if he said, "Let there be light", and it happened; if he said, "let there be a firmament", and it happened; ... if finally the Word of God himself willingly became man and made flesh for himself out of the most pure and undefiled blood of the holy and ever Virgin, why should he not be capable of making bread his Body and wine and water his Blood? ... God said, "This is my Body", and "This is my Blood." #Quote by John Of Damascus
Rybinski John quotes by John D. Rockefeller
#23. A man has no right to occupy another man's time unnecessarily #Quote by John D. Rockefeller
Rybinski John quotes by John Green
#24. So grass is a metaphor for life, and for death, and for equality, and for connectedness, and for children, and for God, and for hope. #Quote by John Green
Rybinski John quotes by John Irving
#25. Melony put herself straight to bed without her dinner. Mrs. Grogan, worried about her, went to Melony's bed and felt her forehead, which was feverish, but Mrs. Grogan could not coax Melony to drink anything. All Melony said was, 'He broke his promise.' Later, she said, 'Homer Wells has left St. Cloud's.'
'You have a little temperature, dear,' said Mrs. Grogan, but when Homer Wells didn't come to read Jane Eyre aloud that evening, Mrs. Grogan started paying closer attention. She allowed Melony to read to the girls that evening; Melony's voice was oddly flat and passionless. Melony's reading from Jane Eyre depressed Mrs. Grogan – especially when she read this part:
…it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it…
Why, the girl didn't bat an eye! Mrs. Grogan observed.
#Quote by John Irving
Rybinski John quotes by Ken Loach
#26. In the end the privatisation of war is not acceptable. We shouldn't be issuing these sub-contracts to these contracting companies because the people who run them are making millions. There should be no relationship between ex-politicians and them, like John Reid and Malcolm Rifkind, who are now associated with contracting companies having been ministers of defence. That's unacceptable. #Quote by Ken Loach
Rybinski John quotes by John Updike
#27. The firmest house in my fiction, probably, is the little thick-walled sandstone farmhouse of 'The Centaur' and 'Of the Farm'; I had lived in that house, and can visualize every floorboard and bit of worn molding. #Quote by John Updike
Rybinski John quotes by John L. Lewis
#28. Out of the agony and travail of economic America the Committee for Industrial Organization was born. #Quote by John L. Lewis
Rybinski John quotes by John Green
#29. You may choose your song, but know this: Tiny. Cooper. Hates. Over. The. Rainbow. #Quote by John Green
Rybinski John quotes by John Hawkes
#30. It seems like every year Hollywood makes an attempt to retell the Manson story, and I just couldn't be less interested in it. It's not really our crowning achievement as a civilisation. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, but it just bores me. #Quote by John Hawkes
Rybinski John quotes by John Updike
#31. Oh,' she says, 'the Vat prints nothing but rapes. You know what a rape usually is? It's a woman who changed her mind afterward. #Quote by John Updike
Rybinski John quotes by Jay Leno
#32. Attorney General John Ashcroft said there is a new credible terrorist threat. He said everything is under control; not to panic. And then he went back to his harmonically sealed bunker. #Quote by Jay Leno
Rybinski John quotes by John O'Hara
#33. Little old ladies of both sexes. Why do I let them bother me? #Quote by John O'Hara
Rybinski John quotes by John J. Geddes
#34. the story of us is touching, but exists only in dreams #Quote by John J. Geddes
Rybinski John quotes by John McCain
#35. I watch sports all the time. My wife Cindy says I would watch the thumb-suckers play the bed-wetters. I watch all sports and I enjoy all sports. It's been great fun in my life and a great diversion. #Quote by John McCain
Rybinski John quotes by John Lanchester
#36. The seven Ps: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss-Poor Performance #Quote by John Lanchester
Rybinski John quotes by John Lewis
#37. Take a long, hard look down the road you will have to travel once you have made a commitment to work for change. Know that this transformation will not happen right away. Change often takes time. It rarely happens all at once. In the movement, we didn't know how history would play itself out. When we were getting arrested and waiting in jail or standing in unmovable lines on the courthouse steps, we didn't know what would happen, but we knew it had to happen.

Use the words of the movement to pace yourself. We used to say that ours is not the struggle of one day, one week, or one year. Ours is not the struggle of one judicial appointment or presidential term. Ours is the struggle of a lifetime, or maybe even many lifetimes, and each one of us in every generation must do our part. And if we believe in the change we seek, then it is easy to commit to doing all we can, because the responsibility is ours alone to build a better society and a more peaceful world. #Quote by John Lewis
Rybinski John quotes by John Shirley
#38. from the end of John Shirley's Black Glass, something like: "the Singularity guys don't understand, they aren't copying us, our brains, just the noise we make #Quote by John Shirley
Rybinski John quotes by Sheldon Lee Glashow
#39. In 1969, John Iliopoulos and Luciano Maiani came to Harvard as research fellows. Together, we found the arguments that predicted the existence of charmed hadrons. #Quote by Sheldon Lee Glashow
Rybinski John quotes by John Krasinski
#40. The things we always disengage with are one-sided stories or one-sided characters. They're very boring. When you feel like you're being hit over the head, you disengage. #Quote by John Krasinski
Rybinski John quotes by James Dobson
#41. I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances. #Quote by James Dobson
Rybinski John quotes by John Dewey
#42. We do not learn from experience ... we learn from reflecting on experience. #Quote by John Dewey
Rybinski John quotes by John Bevere
#43. True honor is an outflow from a heart that fears God. #Quote by John Bevere
Rybinski John quotes by John Flanagan
#44. My name is Gilan. The King wants to see you. #Quote by John Flanagan
Rybinski John quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
#45. This is the problem. An unconverted person may have great reasoning power and intellect, but when it comes to spiritual reality and the life of God and eternity, he makes no contribution. Whether it's Athens or Rome, whether it's Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, or Princeton, or wherever else, all the collected wisdom that is outside the Scripture adds up to nothing but foolishness. #Quote by John F. MacArthur Jr.
Rybinski John quotes by John Scalzi
#46. They were the only people in all the universe who were not conscious. Although every creature could think and reason, it could not know itself as every other intelligent creature could know itself. The creatures lacked awareness of who they were as individuals, even as they lived and thrived and grew on the face of the moon of the planet. #Quote by John Scalzi

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