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Rum Poetry quotes by Rumi
#1. Any movement or sound is a profession of faith,
as the millstone grinding is explaining
how it believes in the river.
No metaphor can explain this,
but I cannot stop pointing to the beauty.

Every moment and place says,
Put this design in your carpet.

I want to be in such a passionate adoration
that my tent gets pitched against the sky.

Let the beloved come
and sit like a guard dog
in front of the tent.

When the ocean surges,
don't let me just hear it.
Let is splash inside my chest. #Quote by Rumi
Rum Poetry quotes by Alfa Holden
#2. I hear you knocking but I can't let you in. The last time almost killed me.
My heart #Quote by Alfa Holden
Rum Poetry quotes by James Russell Lowell
#3. Whoever can endure unmixed delight, whoever can tolerate music and painting and poetry all in one, whoever wishes to be rid of thought and to let the busy anvils of the brain be silent for a time, let him read in the "Faery Queen." #Quote by James Russell Lowell
Rum Poetry quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
#4. Anyone who says, "Here's my address,
write me a poem," deserves something in reply.
So I'll tell a secret instead:
poems hide. In the bottoms of our shoes,
they are sleeping. They are the shadows
drifting across our ceilings the moment
before we wake up. What we have to do
is live in a way that lets us find them. #Quote by Naomi Shihab Nye
Rum Poetry quotes by Jon Fosse
#5. To compose poetry is about listening, ...not to contrive, it is, so to speak, about bringing forth something that already exists-this is why when one reads great poetry, when often gets this 'I-new-all-of-this-already, I-just-didn't-express-it' feeling. Language listens to itself. #Quote by Jon Fosse
Rum Poetry quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#6. As a prose writer, I work with language; and those who work with language turn to poetry for renewal. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Rum Poetry quotes by Jane Austen
#7. I have been used to consider poetry as "the food of love" said Darcy.
"Of a fine, stout, healthy love it may. Everything nourishes what is
strong already. But if it be only a slight, thin sort of inclination, I
am convinced that one good sonnet will starve it entirely away. #Quote by Jane Austen
Rum Poetry quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#8. If you would on'y lay your course, and a p'int to windward, you would ride in carriages, you would. But not you! I know you. You'll have your mouthful of rum tomorrow, and go hang. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Rum Poetry quotes by Karen Finneyfrock
#9. Since Drake told me that day in the wooded lot,
while the leaves agreed with gravity and left the trees,
that he liked boys instead of girls, it's been easier
to love him. Loving him feels like counting or using
the phone or something else that's effortless. I'm like
a leaf with nothing to do but fall. #Quote by Karen Finneyfrock
Rum Poetry quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#10. The heart's actions
are neither the sentence nor its reprieve.
Salt hay and thistles, above the cold granite.
One bird singing back to another because it can't not. #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Rum Poetry quotes by Susan Waterwyk
#11. Starting with a melody, she'll lead you far away down passages of poetry where dreamers often play. #Quote by Susan Waterwyk
Rum Poetry quotes by David Whyte
#12. Poetry is often the art of overhearing yourself say things you didn't know you knew. It is a learned skill to force yourself to articulate your life, your present world or your possibilities for the future. #Quote by David Whyte
Rum Poetry quotes by Julia Quinn
#13. Ah, Valentine's Day. This Author personally detests the holiday. A girl must take the measure of her worth by the number of cards and bouquets she receives, and a young man is forced to spew poetry as if anyone actually spoke in rhyme. It's a wonder the holiday hasn't been #Quote by Julia Quinn
Rum Poetry quotes by Munia Khan
#14. I'm looking for you
into that silver
spoon where I taste my reflection
to feel the touch of your untouchables
- from the poem Looking For You #Quote by Munia Khan
Rum Poetry quotes by Hal Cannon
#15. This poetry is utilitarian - heavy-duty, industrial strength poetry. It is meant to be read aloud and, even better, memorized and recited. It is best used in the natural world where there are starlit skies, the warmth of blazing fires, and sounds and sights of open expanse. This book is meant to be carried with you in the glove box of a pickup truck, the back pocket of a worn pair of pants, even a saddlebag. It is not made to take up space on a library shelf, squeezed between other unread volumes. Take it along; you never know when the opportunity will be just right. Nothing pleases more than to see copies of the book twice as thick as the original from continued page turning, with turned-down corners marking favorite poems, or the whole shape curved to match the owner's posterior. #Quote by Hal Cannon
Rum Poetry quotes by Erica Jong
#16. What is great poetry, after all, but the continuation of the human voice after death? #Quote by Erica Jong
Rum Poetry quotes by Sandra J. Jackson
#17. Sometimes I write a line and it fills me with self doubt. Sometimes I write a line and its poetry reduces me to tears. #Quote by Sandra J. Jackson
Rum Poetry quotes by Allan Wolf
#18. In vogue and cosmopolitan they clutch their Pomeranians and walk among the millionaires or watch from swayback steamer chairs #Quote by Allan Wolf
Rum Poetry quotes by Christopher Smart
#19. For the flowers are great blessings. For the Lord made a Nosegay in the meadow with his disciples and preached upon the lily. For the flowers have great virtues for all senses. For the flower glorifies God and the root parries the adversary. For the flowers have their angels even the words of God's creation. For there is a language of flowers. For there is a sound reasoning upon all flowers. For flowers are peculiarly the poetry of Christ. #Quote by Christopher Smart
Rum Poetry quotes by Jesse Stuart
#20. I take with me Kentucky, embedded in my brain and heart, in my flesh and bone and blood. Since I am Kentucky, and Kentucky is part of me. #Quote by Jesse Stuart
Rum Poetry quotes by Lisa Marie Basile
#21. Did you inherit a sickness? Did you blame god? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in yourself? Are you still on fire? Did you ever put out the fire? #Quote by Lisa Marie Basile
Rum Poetry quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#22. If people read poetry, they would be happier. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Rum Poetry quotes by Avijeet Das
#23. I don't know whether it was Bukowski who said "Find what you love and let it kill you." But I have found what I love. I love telling stories. And I am letting it kil me! #Quote by Avijeet Das
Rum Poetry quotes by Mary Oliver
#24. Invention hovers always a little above the rules. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Rum Poetry quotes by Victoria Chang
#25. I think I love humor in poetry, but not that slapstick cheap easy humor, but that uncomfortable, "did she say that out loud?" kind of humor. #Quote by Victoria Chang
Rum Poetry quotes by Sarah Ruden
#26. These languages were not like modern globalized ones, serving mainly to convey information in explicit and interchangeable forms-- but with a dimension called 'style' for artistic uses on the side. Instead the original Bible was, like all of ancient rhetoric and poetry, primarily a set of live performances and what they meant was tightly bound up in the way they meant it...this degree of difference can prevail when the Bible is translated without attention to its original forms particularly those that inform its striking and moving expressiveness-- that is, its beauty. Almost literally, if we can't dance to it, we don't understand it. #Quote by Sarah Ruden
Rum Poetry quotes by Carl Sandburg
#27. Poetry is a sequence of dots and dashes, spelling depths, crypts, cross-lights, and moon wisps. #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Rum Poetry quotes by Jason E. Hodges
#28. Digging deep inside you as a writer will damn near kill you at times. But in the end, your words will be true and undeniable for the reader, and that is all that ever really matters in writing. #Quote by Jason E. Hodges
Rum Poetry quotes by Shinji Moon
#29. I almost miss the sound of your voice but know that the rain
outside my window will suffice for tonight.
I'm not drunk yet, but we haven't spoken in months now
and I wanted to tell you that someone threw a bouquet of roses
in the trash bin on the corner of my street, and I wanted to cry
because, because -
you know exactly why.

And, I guess I'm calling because only you understand
how that would break my heart.

I'm running out of things to say. My gas is running on empty.
I've stopped stealing pages out of poetry books, but last week I pocketed a thesaurus
and looked for synonyms for you but could only find rain and more rain
and a thunderstorm that sounded like glass, like crystal, like an orchestra.

I wanted to tell you that I'm not afraid of being moved anymore;
Not afraid of this heart packing up its things and flying transcontinental
with only a wool coat and a pocket with a folded-up address inside.

I've saved up enough money to disappear.
I know you never thought the day would come.

Do you remember when we said goodbye and promised that
it was only for then? It's been years since I last saw you, years
since we last have spoken.

Sometimes, it gets quiet enough that I can hear the cicadas rubbing their thighs
against each other's.

I've forgotten almost everything about you already, except t #Quote by Shinji Moon
Rum Poetry quotes by Patrick Cruz
#30. This is my life and lovestory listen losely and hold on tight this a roller coaster hell of a ride #Quote by Patrick Cruz
Rum Poetry quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#31. Rat sculled gently homewards in a dreamy mood, murmuring poetry-things over to himself, #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Rum Poetry quotes by Edward Abbey
#32. Poetry
even bad poetry
may be our final hope. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Rum Poetry quotes by Andrew McMillan
#33. love
is giving everything too easily
then staying to try and claw it back #Quote by Andrew McMillan
Rum Poetry quotes by Richard Meltzer
#34. I mean, what's thematic? How to put it? Going back to, like, 1980, when I started writing poetry. Language itself became an issue. I'd even think about font as an aspect of text, you know, how something looks on a page. A lot of this is the product of a very solitary existence, it's like, language, I mean, you know. A lot of time spent alone in the creation of all of this stuff. #Quote by Richard Meltzer
Rum Poetry quotes by William H Gass
#35. The responsibility of any science, any pure pursuit, is ultimately to itself, and on this point physics, philosophy, and poetry unite with Satan in their determination not to serve. Any end is higher than utility, when ends are up. #Quote by William H Gass
Rum Poetry quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#36. Poetry springs from something deeper; it's beyond intelligence. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Rum Poetry quotes by Muse
#37. Bring Down The Walls
I will bring down the walls
that surround me today.
I will no longer be kept quiet
Meek enough to drown today ... #Quote by Muse
Rum Poetry quotes by Melody  Lee
#38. I have wolf blood and wolf bones... Don't expect me to graze with sheep. #Quote by Melody Lee
Rum Poetry quotes by Vasily Zhukovsky
#39. To a Familiar Genius Flying By

Reveal yourself, anonymous enchanter!
What heaven hastens you to me?
Why draw me to that promised land again
That I gave up so long ago?

Was it not you who in my youth
Enchanted me with such sweet dreams,
Did you not whisper, long ago,
Dear hopes of a guests ethereal?

Was it not you through whom all lived
In golden days, in happy lands
Of fragrant meadows, waters bright,
Where days were merry ?neath clear skies?

Was it not you who breathed into my vernal breast
Some melancholy mysteries
Tormenting it with keen desire
Exciting it to anxious joy?

Was it not you who bore my soul aloft
Upon the inspiration of your sacred verse,
Who flamed before me like a holy vision,
Initiating me into life's beauty?

In hours lost, hours of secret grief,
Did you not always murmur to my heart,
With happy comfort soothe it
And nurture it with quiet hope?

Did not my soul forever heed you
In all the purest moments of my life
When'ere it glimpsed fate's sacred essence
With only God to witness it?

What news bring you, O, my enchantress?
Or will you once more call in dreams
Awaken futile thoughts of old,
Whisper of joy and then fall silent?

O spirit, bide with me awhile;
O, faithful friend, haste not away;
Stay, please become my earthly life,
#Quote by Vasily Zhukovsky
Rum Poetry quotes by Octave Mirbeau
#40. You see how all occidental art loses by the fact that the magnificent expressions of love have been denied it. With us, eroticism is poor, stupid and frigid. It is always presented in ambiguous attitudes of sin, while here it preserves all its vital scope, all its passionate poetry and the stupendous pulse of all nature. But you are only a european lover ... a poor, timid, chilly little soul. #Quote by Octave Mirbeau
Rum Poetry quotes by Phil Volatile
#41. There's a universal
understanding between
men of the silent sorrow
a man endures when
he loses a woman he
loves #Quote by Phil Volatile
Rum Poetry quotes by D. Antoinette Foy
#42. The sky never falls with the rain.
It is never weighed down by all that
it carries. It takes all of its anchors
and turns them into stars.
Learn from this. #Quote by D. Antoinette Foy
Rum Poetry quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#43. Robots are like Mars: they need
Boys won't do;
the memesoup is all wrong. They stomp
when they should kiss
and they're none too keen
on having things shoved inside them ...
It's not a robot
until you put a girl inside. Sometimes
I feel like that.
A junkyard
the Company forgot to put a girl in. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Rum Poetry quotes by Trista Mateer
#44. every dream I have about kissing you
ends with blood on my hands. #Quote by Trista Mateer
Rum Poetry quotes by Frank O'Hara
#45. I dislike a great deal of contemporary poetry - all of the past you read is usually quite great - but it is a useful thorn to have in one's side. #Quote by Frank O'Hara

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