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Famous Quotes About Rugiano Letti

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Rugiano Letti quotes by S.R. Crawford
#1. Truth means facing denial and saying I know who I am, I know who I need to be and I'm not afraid to become that person no matter what...Never be without fear; but Letti, never be without fight. #Quote by S.R. Crawford
Rugiano Letti quotes by Judith McNaught
#2. Well,all she had to do was ask," one offended male replied.
"I hope you're satisfied!" Lauren whispered furiously.
"I'm not," Nick chuckled in her ear. "But I'm going to be."
Fully intending to leave him to take his own notes, Lauren slammed her notebook closed and tried to shove her chair back. Nick's body blocked the chair. She twisted her head around to say something scathing, and his lips captured hers in a kiss that forced her head against the back of the chair, tripled her pulse rate and robbed her of thought. When he took his mouth away, she was too shaken to do anything except stare at him.
"What do you think,Nick?" a voice asked over the speaker.
"I think it gets better every time," he answered huskily.
When the call was finally over, Nick pressed a button on the desk, and Lauren saw the door leading into Mary's office swing shut electronically. He grasped her arms and drew her out of the chair, turning her toward him. His mouth came closer to hers,and Lauren felt herself being helplessly drawn into his magnetic spell. "Don't!" she pleaded. "Please don't do this to me."
His hands tightened on her arms. "Why can't you just admit you want me and enjoy the consequences?"
"All right," she said wretchedly, "You win. I want you...I admit it." She saw the gleam of triumph in his eyes, and her chin lifted. "When I was eight years old, I also wanted a monkey I saw in a pet store."
The triumph faded. "And?" he sighed irritably,letti #Quote by Judith McNaught
Rugiano Letti quotes by S.R. Crawford
#3. I know you're scared, Letti, but sweetheart…you haven't seen anything yet. You've not known true fear... #Quote by S.R. Crawford

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