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Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Christine Teigen
#1. It's funny because I want my teeth to be, like, neon 'Real Housewives' white, but mine have stopped taking to teeth whitening. When I talk to my dentist, I'm like, 'They can be that white,' and he's like, 'Veneers can be that white.' #Quote by Christine Teigen
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Jill Wagner
#2. I keep pushing for the Crest Whitestrips thing. I get so many compliments on how white my teeth are, but I have to say it's not because of my brushing skills. It's from Crest Whitestrips, and that's the honest truth. I don't believe in going to the dentist and paying for whitening. #Quote by Jill Wagner
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by A&E Kirk
#3. The monster towered ten or twelve feet tall. Its bright green leathery skin was covered in dirt,
moss, leaves, and patches of grass, the stench repulsive. His teeth gleamed brown. Evidently he
wasn't aware of the multitude of whitening products on the market. #Quote by A&E Kirk
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Hank Green
#4. Your cruelties and mistakes may look damning to you, but that is not what I see. Every human conversation is more elegant and complex than the entire solar system that contains it. You have no idea how marvelous you are, but I am not only here to protect what you are now, I am here to protect what you will become. I can't tell you what that might be because I don't know. That unknown is a diamond in a universe of dirt. Uncertainty. Unpredictability. It is when you turn your emotions into art. It is BTS and the Sistine Chapel and Rumi's poetry and Ross Geller on the stairs yelling, 'Pivot.' Every creation great and small, they are our diamonds. And what you may be in two hundred years, we can guess with fair accuracy. What you are in two thousand . . . Oh, my friends . . . my best friends, you cannot know. #Quote by Hank Green
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#5. You drank my blood?" Nick
"Aye" Aeron
"Dude, that's gross. I hope you brushed your teeth afterward. Saw a dentist. Drank a gallon of Listerine." Nick
"I told you he wouldn't be angry for it." Nashira #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by L.A. Witt
#6. He grinned, making sure to flash his straight, gleaming teeth, every last one of which I wanted to knock out of his head #Quote by L.A. Witt
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by E. Jamie
#7. He's lying to me, Bree thought. I don't know how I know, but I do. And really, wasn't it better if she didn't know for sure? Bree moved closer to him and pressed her mouth to his, inhaling the strong, musky scent that seemed to be his alone. Like a mix of spiced wine, dark chocolate and warm leather. Bree eased her tongue in and ran it across his teeth as his fingers moved up her spine to cup her head and bring her closer. #Quote by E. Jamie
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Mariana Zapata
#8. Knew the moment I saw you, standin' outside the shop, scared, that you were an innocent little thing. So sweet. So good." He lowered his head to take my chin between his teeth. "You got no idea what it's like for you to give me your trust, Ritz. If I was a good man I'd tell you to find somebody better, somebody that won't lose their shit over an asshole eye fuckin' you." His tongue traced the oval shape of my chin. "But I'm not a good man, and I'm gonna take everythin' you want to give me and everythin' you don't. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#9. racism is a visceral experience, that it dislodges brains, blocks airways, rips muscle, extracts organs, cracks bones, breaks teeth. You must never look away from this. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#10. And truths, these days, are spoken
The same way promises are made,
With gritted teeth and crossed fingers. #Quote by Sanhita Baruah
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Stephen Lloyd Jones
#11. He grinned, the skin of his mouth streching far wider that it should have done, exposing teeth as far back as his molar. #Quote by Stephen Lloyd Jones
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Christine Feehan
#12. Are you hurt? Don't lie to me, Rose. If you hurt yourself when you jumped from the sedan, you need to admit it, not be ashamed. It was a dumb plan, but we got away."
She gritted her teeth, breathing through her mouth. When she could speak, she made a strangling sound deep in her throat. "I'm not hurt."
He glared down at her with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. "What the hell is wrong with you?"
"Nothing is wrong with me. This is called having contractions, you big oaf," Rose snapped back, her glare maybe outdoing his by a shade. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Adam Ross
#13. I play golf, but sometimes it's so un-relaxing, I have to play tennis to wind down. Now that I think about it, this process is sort of like when I go out for sushi and have to get a slice of pizza afterward. #Quote by Adam Ross
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Ross Macdonald
#14. I've spilled all my secrets. How do you make people do it?" "I don't. People like to talk about what's hurting them. It takes the edge off the pain sometimes. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Tracee Ellis Ross
#15. Because of my unique experience as my mom's child, the beginning of my journey was more about me trying to figure out who I was on my own. My mom is one of the greatest moms and so supportive of all my siblings and of all of us being who we are, and not who she wanted us to be. #Quote by Tracee Ellis Ross
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
#16. Excellent," said Queen Scarlet, flicking her tongue between her teeth. "A thrilling demonstration. Everything I was hoping for. As you say, Queen Burn, so much for that prophecy now, right? Peril, back to your place." I hope you know how to control your new champion, Mother. Because she's not just a threat to me. The crowd of dragons surged back, struggling to stay out of Peril's path, as the dragonet walked slowly back to the little cage of rocks. This dragon could destroy the entire world. #Quote by Tui T. Sutherland
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Nora Roberts
#17. How are you holding up?"
"I'm good.And still untouched," she added. "Are you alone in that bed?"
"Except for the six members of the all-girl Swedish volleyball team.Helga's got a hell of a spike.Aren't you going to ask what I'm wearing?"
"Black Speedos,sweat,and a big smile."
"How'd you guess?So,what are you wearing?"
Slowly,she ran a tongue around her teeth. "Oh,just this little..very little..white lace teddy."
"And stiletto heels."
"Naturally.With a pair of sheer hose.They have little pink roses around the tops. It matches the one I'm tucking between my breasts right now. I should add I've just gotten out of the tub.I'm still a little..wet."
"Jesus.You're too good at this.I'm hanging up."
Her response was a long, throaty laugh."I'm going to love driving the Jag.let me know when to expect the shipment."
When the phone clicked in her ear,she laughed again,turned, and found herself nearly face to face wth Kate. "how long have you been standing there?"
"Long enough to be confused.Were you just having [hone sex with Josh? Our Josh?"
Carelessly,Margo brushed her hair behind her ear. "It was more foreplay really. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Roberto Bolano
#18. Still, American television is full of smiles and more and more perfect-looking teeth. Do these people want us to trust them? No. Do they want us to think they're good people? No again. The truth is they don't want anything from us. They just want to show us their teeth, their smiles, and admiration is all they want in return. Admiration. They want us to look at them, that's all. Their perfect teeth, their perfect bodies, their perfect manners, as if they were constantly breaking away from the sun and they were little pieces of fire, little pieces of blazing hell, here on this planet simply to be worshipped. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Judith McNaught
#19. A few minutes later Elizabeth watched Lucinda emerge from the cottage with Ian, but there was no way to guess from their closed expressions what they'd discussed.
In fact, the only person betraying any emotion at all was Jake Wiley as he led two horses into the yard. And his face, Elizabeth noted with confusion-which had been stormy when he went off to saddle the horses-was now wreathed in a smile of unrestrained glee. With a sweep of his arm and a bow he gestured toward a swaybacked black horse with an old sidesaddle upon its back. "Here's your mount, ma'am," he told Lucinda, grinning. "His name's Attila."
Lucinda cast a disdainful eye over the beast as she transferred her umbrella to her right hand and pulled on her black gloves. "Have you nothing better?"
"No, ma'am. Ian's horse has a hurt foot."
"Oh, very well," said Lucinda, walking briskly forward, but as she came within reach the black suddenly bared his teeth and lunged. Lucinda struck him between the ears with her umbrella without so much as a pause in her step. "Cease!" she commanded, and, ignoring the animal's startled grunt of pain, she continued around to his other side to mount. "You brought it on yourself," she told the horse as Jake held Attila's head, and Ian Thornton helped her into the sidesaddle. The whites of Attila's eyes showed as he warily watched her land in his saddle and settle herself. The moment Jake handed Lucinda the reins Attila began to leap sideways and twist around in res #Quote by Judith McNaught
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Chester Himes
#20. For he reached the conclusion that everything he had ever seen, or had ever done, or had ever dreamed of doing would in the end betray him. That no matter what you had been, or ever hoped to be, a foot of greenish vomit hanging from your teeth would make you much the same as any other bastard. #Quote by Chester Himes
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Kate Ross
#21. I don't mind people going about unobtrusively doing good, but I can't stomach moral indignation. #Quote by Kate Ross
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Darynda Jones
#22. He bit down, welding his teeth together as he tried to explain. "I didn't want you to see... my world. I never wanted you to see where I came from. And I damned sure didn't want you to see me in that place. To see the monster."

How ridiculous and vulnerable he could be over the craziest things. I wanted to kick him. But mostly I wanted to rip off his clothes because that was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Reyes walking through smoke and ash, literally made of fire, his body startlingly powerful, his allure breathtaking.

His lids narrowed as he tried to read my emotions. Or maybe he'd already read them and thought he misunderstood. Stepping closer, braced both hands on the wall beside my head. Then he bent until his mouth was inches from mine. "You really are a god," he said, in awe of me when he had no idea the depths of my astonishment, of my awe of him.

"And you really were created in the fires of sin."

"You're repulsed?"

"Oh yes," I said, curling my fingers into the hem of his shirt and coaxing him closer. "Completely. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Herman Koch
#23. From that moment on a distinction was imposed between literature and the rest: the other books. From then on literature was either good or bad. Bad literature he read with a gnashing of teeth, growling and fidgeting in his easy chair, furious in fact at such pretentiously formulated impotence. But with the good literature too, something of the original pleasure was ruined once and for all. #Quote by Herman Koch
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Ross Mathews
#24. My guilty pleasure is elastic-waisted pants. And reruns of shows I've already seen 400 times on TV. #Quote by Ross Mathews
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Victoria Coren
#25. And as we walk back down the street, me gingerly clutching what at this point constitutes my entire collection, my father says, 'One day, when you're all grown up and I'm not here any more, you'll remember the sunny day we went to the market together and bought a boat.' My throat feels tight because, as soon as he says it, I am already there. Standing on another street, without my father, trying to get back. And yet I'm here, with him. So I try to soak up every aspect of the moment, to help me get back when I need to. I feel the weight of the chunky parcel under my arm, and the warmth of the sun, and my father's hand in mine. I smell the flowers with their sharp undertang of cheap hot dog, and taste the slick of toffee on my teeth, and hear the chattering hagglers. I feel the joy of an adventurous Saturday with my father and no school, and I feel the sadness of looking back when it is all gone. When he is gone. #Quote by Victoria Coren
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Phyllis Diller
#26. The last thing my kids ever did to earn money was lose their baby teeth. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#27. You are not a powerless speck of dust drifting around in the wind ... we are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes-unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose. #Quote by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Bill Maher
#28. Now that they've finished reading the Constitution out loud, the Teabaggers must call out that group of elitist liberals whose values are so antithetical to theirs. I'm talking of course about the Founding Fathers, who the Teabaggers believe are just like them, but aren't. One is a group of exclusively white men who live in a bygone century, have bad teeth, and think of blacks as 3/5 of a person, and the other are the Founding Fathers. #Quote by Bill Maher
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#29. Jemima was not pretty, the flatness and shortness of her face made her almost plain; yet most people looked twice at her expressive countenance, at the eyes which flamed or melted at every trifle, at the rich colour which came at every expressed emotion into her usually sallow face, at the faultless teeth which made her smile like a sunbeam. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Sandi Gamble
#30. most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." Elizabeth Kubler Ross #Quote by Sandi Gamble
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#31. Georgie pretended to dance. She clung to Neal's shirt. They rubbed their noses together. "You're my wife," Neal said, and then he laughed, and she tried to catch his dimples with her teeth. (Like if she caught them she might get to keep them.)
"Yours," she said. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Diana Palmer
#32. Get that son of a bitch to jail," he said
through his teeth, "before I kill him!"
His eyes were testimony enough to the intent of the
statement. He'd forgotten law, duty, honor, everything, in
the grip of the worst fear he'd ever felt. If she died, he
would be lawless. Nothing would matter to him in the
world, ever again, except revenge. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#33. General Apollon Diaz was currently in power and leaned toward the position of the hawks, which was to meet force with force. The proposal had already been made at Parliament (which stood in permanent emergency session) to counterattack: to pull twice the number of teeth from the political prisoners the abductors were demanding and mail them poste restante, as the address of guerrilla headquarters was unknown. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Ross Geller Teeth Whitening quotes by William Shakespeare
#34. Gnawing with my teeth my bonds in sunder, I gain'd my freedom. #Quote by William Shakespeare

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