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Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by James Houston Turner
#1. I will not be defined by the marks left on me by the world, but by the mark I leave on the world (referring to the facial scars he still carries from his successful 1991 battle against cancer, which caused him to be turned down for a customer service job because he was "too ugly"). #Quote by James Houston Turner
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Henry Jenkins
#2. Anthropologist Mary Douglas (1991) examines the very thin line separating a joke from an insult: a joke expresses something a community is ready to hear; an insult expresses something it doesn't want to consider. #Quote by Henry Jenkins
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Christian Louboutin
#3. Everyone has their dates. For me, it's 1991. I can place every memory of my life either before or after this date. It's the year I became an adult. My mother died, and I created my company shortly thereafter. #Quote by Christian Louboutin
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Michael Weatherly
#4. I was in a karaoke video in 1991, for a song called 'Sukiyaki,' which is a very famous Japanese song, and I've actually heard from people that they've been in bars in Asia where they've seen me come up in the 'Sukiyaki' video that they play behind you. I'm in that. I'm in a karaoke video. #Quote by Michael Weatherly
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#5. All that was left to us was to wonder: who knows all that is innate to this world, or to any other? Why should there not be something buried deep within appearances, something that wears a mask to hide itself behind the visibility of nature? #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Trita Parsi
#6. The United States has weakened itself with Iraq; Iranians feel victorious - they feel capable of filling the void. I think from the very outset the nuclear issue has been secondary to the more strategic outlook, in which the United States has, since 1991, pursued a policy that it cannot permit any country in the region to become too powerful and challenge American hegemony. #Quote by Trita Parsi
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Glasnost In Jeopardy
#7. Some 250,000 people in Armenia are still homeless in the wake of the 1988 earthquake, centered in the city of Spitak, which killed some 25,000. In March 1991, eighty percent of these survivors were still living in makeshift huts and tents, two months after the two-year reconstruction deadline declared by the Soviet government. #Quote by Glasnost In Jeopardy
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by William Bennett
#8. A City University of New York study done in 1991 revealed that nearly 90% of the American people identify themselves religiously as Christians or Jews, while only 7.5 percent claim no religion. #Quote by William Bennett
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Sheryl Crow
#9. I've only been making records since 1991. When you look at the long-standing careers of people like Joni, it's not very long! #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Corneille Ewango
#10. I joined the Wildlife Conservation Society, working there, in 1995, but I started working with them as a student in 1991. I was appointed as a teaching assistant at my university because I accomplished with honor. #Quote by Corneille Ewango
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Christopher S. Hyatt
#11. The pages of history are red with the blood of illuminated "saints" who were murdered by their religions for actually achieving the advertised spiritual rewards. #Quote by Christopher S. Hyatt
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#12. You parents and you families whose lives must be reordered because of a handicapped one, whose
resources and time must be devoted to them, are special heros. You are manifesting the works of God
with every thought, with every gesture of tenderness and care you extend to the handicapped loved one.
Never mind the tears nor the hours of regret and discouragement; never mind the times when you feel
you cannot stand another day of what is required. You are living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ in exceptional purity. And you perfect yourself in the process, 6 April 1991 #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Howard Zinn
#13. A Yale professor of military history, Micheal Howard, writing in the New York Times )January 28, 1991) quoted the military strategist Clausewitz approvingly: "The fact that a bloody slaughter is a horrifying act must make us take war more seriously, but not provide an excuse for gradually blunting our swords in the name of humanity. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by John W. DeCamp
#14. From late 1988, when the Franklin case first broke into public view, until mid-1991, at least 15 people associated with the case as investigators, alleged perpetrators, or potential witnesses, died sudden deaths, many of them violent. #Quote by John W. DeCamp
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by James A. Michener
#15. I am terrified of restrictive religious doctrine, having learned from history that when men who adhere to any form of it are in control, common men like me are in peril. [The World Is My Home (1991)] #Quote by James A. Michener
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Carole Carlton
#16. Upon moving to Cornwall in 1991, I became bewitched by its enchanting timeless beauty, which captured my heart and holds me still. Brooding and mysterious, the south-eastern edge of Bodmin Moor provided the wild backdrop against which the introduction to my magical training and love of nature began. #Quote by Carole Carlton
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Steven Pinker
#17. The truth is, I don't know what will happen across the entire world in the coming decades, and neither does anyone else. Not everyone, though, shares my reticence. A Web search for the text string "the coming war" returns two million hits, with completions like "with Islam," "with Iran," "with China," "with Russia," "in Pakistan," "between Iran and Israel," "between India and Pakistan," "against Saudi Arabia," "on Venezuela," "in America," "within the West," "for Earth's resources," "over climate," "for water," and "with Japan" (the last dating from 1991, which you would think would make everyone a bit more humble about this kind of thing). Books with titles like The Clash of Civilizations, World on Fire, World War IV, and (my favorite) We Are Doomed boast a similar confidence. Who knows? Maybe they're right. My aim in the rest of this chapter is to point out that maybe they're wrong. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Torsten Wiesel
#18. After forty years in the lab, I was asked in 1991 to become president of The Rockefeller University. Unlike a working scientist, being president for seven years provided an opportunity to interact with scientists in many different fields and broadened my scope of the natural sciences. #Quote by Torsten Wiesel
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Glen Duncan
#19. The winter of 1991 found me stunned and shivering in the aftermath of an imploded love affair. Being 26, I flung myself actorishly on London and, without any intimations of my own ludicrousness, spent two years showing God what I thought of Him by letting myself go. #Quote by Glen Duncan
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Richard Darman
#20. It [1991 Federal budget] contains almost 190,000 accounts. At a rate of one per minute, eight hours a day, it would take over a year to reflect upon these! #Quote by Richard Darman
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Donna Leon
#21. I was at La Fenice opera house back in 1991 with friends, and we started talking about a conductor whom none of us liked. Somehow there was an escalation, and we started talking about how to kill him, where to kill him. This struck me as a good idea for a book. #Quote by Donna Leon
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Phil Bredesen
#22. When I was sworn in as Mayor of Nashville back in 1991, I have to admit to you that I felt for several weeks like a bit of an outsider who had somehow taken over but didnt really belong in this nice palace. I secretly wondered if the real mayor would come back from vacation one day and call the police. #Quote by Phil Bredesen
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Elaine Sciolino
#23. In 1991, only two years into the Bush administration, Condoleezza Rice suddenly left her powerful job as the top Russia expert on the National Security Council and went back to California - to get a life. #Quote by Elaine Sciolino
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Allen James
#24. One of the first significant, substantial purchases I made after starting testosterone, was a Compact Colt .45 1991 A1 automatic pistol. It's just about the best penis substitute I've ever waved at a sex partner. I love my gun. Can I get an a-a-ay-men? You better fucking believe I lo-o-ove my gun. I love to take it apart and put it back together and admire...oh,you sexy little death-machine...I suppose I oughta feel guilty or something, loving and fetishizing to the point of anthropomorphizing it it. But I don't. I won't either-don't matter to me whether or not I'm supposed to keep this a dirty little secret. I got a dick and I can kill you with it. Yeah, baby, trip my trigger, why dontcha. Heh. #Quote by Allen James
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Dave Grohl
#25. From the time that 'Nevermind' came out in September of 1991 to the time that Nirvana was over, it was really just a few years, and a lot happened in those few years. #Quote by Dave Grohl
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Jay Williams
#26. Just like our forefathers in Boston Harbor, who boarded a British ship to let the king know they would have none of his tyrannical rule, this man boarded the pirate ship called the IRS, and let the repressive government, the unfeeling government that is embodied by the man who inhabits the building over there," Hamilton said, pausing and pointing to the White House, a few blocks away. "This courageous man let that evil government know he would no longer suffer under its indifference. Would no longer tolerate taxation without representation. Would no longer accept the injustice and indignity met out by that government organization."
From TAX BREAK, written in 1991, but sounding like today's politics. #Quote by Jay Williams
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Carl Sagan
#27. We saw a pale echo of what is now possible in 1990-1991, when Saddam Hussein, the autocrat of Iraq, made a sudden transition in the American consciousness from an obscure near-ally - granted commodities, high technology, weaponry, and even satellite intelligence data - to a slavering monster menacing the world. I am not myself an admirer of Mr. Hussein, but it was striking how quickly he could be brought from someone almost no American had heard of into the incarnation of evil. These days the apparatus for generating indignation is busy elsewhere. How confident are we that the power to drive and determine public opinion will always reside in responsible hands? #Quote by Carl Sagan
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Michael Moorcock
#28. For this was the other thing that Elric knew: that to compromise with Tyranny is always to be destroyed by it. The sanest and most logical choice lay always in resistance. #Quote by Michael Moorcock
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Michael Moorcock
#29. At which Charion Pratt blushed girlishly, to her own furious embarrassment, yet the eye she cast upon the little coxcomb was not unlike that which a certain toad had once cast upon her: for there is never anything but apparent paradox in the choices made by lovers. #Quote by Michael Moorcock
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Peter Bane
#30. in a short essay I wrote in 1991, Gardening As Agriculture. In that essay I asserted that gardening should be recognized as a serious and important form of agriculture that functions as an incubator for new farmers and farming methods. #Quote by Peter Bane
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by John Pilger
#31. The attack on Iraq has been long planned. There just hasn't been an excuse for it. Since George H.W. Bush didn't unseat Saddam in 1991, there's been a longing among the extreme right in the United States to finish the job. The war on terrorism has given them that opportunity. Even though the logic is convoluted and fraudulent, it appears they are going to go ahead and finish the job. #Quote by John Pilger
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by George H. W. Bush
#32. One of the good things about the way the Gulf War ended in 1991 is, you'd see the Vietnam veterans marching with the Gulf War veterans. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Wayne Wonder
#33. Well, Japanese fans braced me since 1991 that was my first time I have been to Japan. So I know that Japanese fans has supported me over the years. So it just a lot of love and Wayne Wonder will release more music, more music and more music! #Quote by Wayne Wonder
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Stefan Edberg
#34. I think in 1991, when Jimmy got to the semifinals, it was just incredible all of the people coming out. #Quote by Stefan Edberg
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Holly Johnson
#35. I feel I have to live a little longer before I write a sequel to my auto biography which covers my experiences up until October 1991. #Quote by Holly Johnson
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Lou Dobbs
#36. We expect a horse race, ... The reality is that competition drives all innovation. Intel did nothing with its 386 chip for five years until AMD introduced its own version in 1991. #Quote by Lou Dobbs
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Jim Trelease
#37. Which Country Has the Best Readers? One of the most comprehensive international reading studies was conducted by Warwick Elley for the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) in 1990 and 1991. Involving thirty-two countries, it assessed 210,000 nine- and fourteen-year-olds.22 Of all those children, which ones read best? For nine-year-olds, the four top nations were: Finland (569), the United States (547), Sweden (539), and France (531). But the U.S. position dropped to a tie for eighth when fourteen-year-olds were evaluated. This demonstrates that American children begin reading at a level that is among the best in the world, but since reading is an accrued skill and U.S. children appear to do less of it as they grow older, their scores decline when compared with countries where children read more as they mature. #Quote by Jim Trelease
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Barton Gellman
#38. The first and pivotal negotiations over global access to AIDS drugs began in Geneva in 1991. They lasted two years, but confidential minutes suggest they were doomed the first day. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Tony Fadell
#39. I had been doing MP3 players and handheld computers since 1990-1991, and so they sought me out because of my experience. And about 18 generations of iPod and three generations of iPhone later, I decided to leave Apple. #Quote by Tony Fadell
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Michael Bierut
#40. I have a bunch of calendars I used before I went digital. Every once in a while, I'll open up one from 1991 and look at all the names and appointments and things that, at the time, seemed so important. Meetings that I was really worried about, things that I was getting calls four times a day about, and I wonder, "Where did it all go? Where are they now?" It's so strange, everything has disappeared. The only thing that stays behind is the work. #Quote by Michael Bierut
Rosenholtz 1991 quotes by Jenji Kohan
#41. When I got out of college in 1991, I had four jobs in four different parts of L.A. There was I Love Juicy, a smoothie bar in Venice, and the Videotheque on Sunset Boulevard, across from the old Tower Records. I was also an intern at the 'Los Angeles Reader' in the Miracle Mile and at 'High Performance' magazine downtown. #Quote by Jenji Kohan

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