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Romcom quotes by Elizabeth Lynx
#1. Ugh, men. I gave him a perfectly good orgasm and now he's cranky. #Quote by Elizabeth Lynx
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#2. He'd bet his right nut her skin would taste as good as it smelled. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#3. Daniel reaches out and grabs my hand to steady me. His skin is warm and soft, and holding his hand sends an electric sensation up my right arm. He holds my hand firmly until I regain my balance, which takes me a heartbeat longer than it should have.
"Thanks for keeping me from falling," I say. He smiles warmly.
"Sometimes we just can't stop ourselves from falling, cher. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Emraan Hashmi
#4. As for my looks, if I didn't look the way I do, I would probably be one of those many faces doing a romcom, which I detest. The way I look has somewhere defined the characters I played. My weakness has become my strength. #Quote by Emraan Hashmi
Romcom quotes by Emraan Hashmi
#5. I generally like grey roles. My interpretation of drama is different from the popular perception. Acting, for me, is not about overplaying, it is about concealing. I like flawed characters that people relate to. I would never do a romcom. #Quote by Emraan Hashmi
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#6. Popcorn, chocolate, coffee, ice cream, and pizza. The five food groups. Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day, dying of nothing. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#7. I'm probably getting too familiar with him, but there's something about him that makes me feel like I would tell him anything. He asks these incredibly direct questions, things that some of my closest friends have never even thought to ask, and I'm inexplicably compelled to share all these deeply personal thoughts. He's like human Xanax or something. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#8. Hunter versus prey, and the look in his eyes told her, in no uncertain terms, eating her alive was a distinct possibility. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Linda McMaken
#9. Even before phones and e-mail this county could spread a story faster than a hooker could spread K-Y Jelly," Tessa added with a perfectly straight face. #Quote by Linda McMaken
Romcom quotes by Ella Maise
#10. How my heart missed beating like this. For him. Only for him. #Quote by Ella Maise
Romcom quotes by Robertson Tait
#11. Och, away now, Ruari. You'll be telling us you're not knowing who that woman is next! Man, man, that's an awful affliction." A grey-bristled, weather-beaten face beamed back at him.

"And isn't it you that's making the drives in her car at the dead of night, too?" A female voice joined in from behind the sweets jars: "Oh my, Ruari ... 'tis a terrible thing the guilt of the carnal pleasures!"

"I haven't had any carnal pleasures ... I simply got a lift home. You're terrible, right enough," he defended himself. #Quote by Robertson Tait
Romcom quotes by Helen Hoang
#12. I don't want just a night or a week or a month with you. I want you all the time. I like you better than calculus, and math is the only thing that unites the universe. #Quote by Helen Hoang
Romcom quotes by Vir Das
#13. It's very important to not repeat yourself. After 'Delhi Belly,' I was offered 40 'Delhi Belly's and you can't do that! So 'Revolver Rani' is dark and gritty with action, 'Sooper Se Oopar' is a big commercial love story, 'Santa Banta' is a 'theth' Punjabi comedy, 'Golu Aur Pappu' is a kids' film and 'Amit Sahni Ki List' is an urban romcom. #Quote by Vir Das
Romcom quotes by Scarlett Avery
#14. Why Have One Heart-Stopping Alpha Billionaire When You Can Have 2? #Quote by Scarlett Avery
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#15. For a long time we sit there not saying anything, enjoying the quiet of the bay and the occasional steamy knee bump. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Dan Savage
#16. Women can go on marrying and pretending that their boyfriends and husbands are Mr. Darcy or some RomCom dream man. But where's that going to get 'em? Besides divorce court? #Quote by Dan Savage
Romcom quotes by Caroline Kepnes
#17. Kate Hudson's entire career exists because people who fall in love sometimes tell lies about where they work. #Quote by Caroline Kepnes
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#18. Suddenly I'm no longer aware of the people around us, just the feel and the warmth and the scent of Daniel, and the way he's holding me near to him #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#19. He smiles, his palpable charisma pulling me in like low tide. Or riptide. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#20. When he grins, it's bright enough to light up the night sky.
It's kind of beautiful. #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#21. She cast her gaze over him, pausing on the pink, sparkly backpack slung over his shoulder. The sexy, adorable man. "I don't think you bat for my team, sheriff. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#22. I'm sorry on behalf of my species. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#23. Give him Bigfoot with an AK-47, a room full of sugar-induced five-year-olds, or any supermodel on the circuit in a little black dress playing a private game of cops and robbers with his fly, and he'd be fine. Wouldn't break a sweat. But, put him within fifty feet of Maddie Freemont? He turned into a tongue-tied, forgot-his-own-name, card-carrying member of the idiot brigade. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#24. He stops rocking and looks into my eyes. We're inches apart and I'm mesmerized by the tiny flecks of indigo in his blue eyes. A girl could drown in those eyes. And it wouldn't be the worst way to go. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#25. Is there a word for what happens after your sworn nemesis lets you into their room and tells you their secrets? #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Romcom quotes by Camilla Isley
#26. ...your heart spoke for you. You gave up everything for me. #Quote by Camilla Isley
Romcom quotes by Jeremy Renner
#27. There is nothing new, from Greek mythology to Shakespeare to every romcom ever made, we're just reimagining the same 12 story plots over and over again - so what makes people keep watching and listening? It's all about the character. #Quote by Jeremy Renner
Romcom quotes by Shuchi Singh Kalra
#28. Darling? Did she just call him 'darling', or was it 'dahling'? There was no reason to panic. There were plenty of la-di-dah women who referred to their dogs, drivers, and other la-di-dah women as 'dahling'. It was a perfectly normal thing to do in la-di-dah world. #Quote by Shuchi Singh Kalra
Romcom quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#29. People think it's harmless. They think it's funny. That's why they do it," I say, trying to ignore the strange shiver where he touched my arm. Must be static electricity. "And sure. I guess it's harmless until something bad happens. It's harmless, and then there are security guards at your synagogue because someone called in a bomb threat. It's harmless, and you're terrified to get out of bed Saturday morning and go to services. #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Romcom quotes by Scarlett Avery
#30. Two Strapping Alpha Billionaires. One Girl Looking For A Fresh Start. A Heck of A Wild Ride! #Quote by Scarlett Avery
Romcom quotes by Lisa Daily
#31. One should not chug an entire glass of wine at an elegant dinner party. I start hacking and coughing, having practically water-boarded myself out of sheer humiliation. #Quote by Lisa Daily
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#32. The universe had a terrible sense of humor. Nothing she hated more than being the punch line. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#33. While I love romance, I've never believed in the concept of soul mates, which has always seemed a little like men's rights activism: not a real thing. Love isn't immediate or automatic; it takes effort and time and patience.
The truth of it was that I'd probably never have the kind of luck with love the women who live in fictional seaside towns do. But sometimes I get this strange feeling, an ache not for something I miss, but for something I've never known. #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Romcom quotes by Caroline James
#34. We are all works in progress, the authors of our own lives. #Quote by Caroline James
Romcom quotes by Tracie Podger
#35. Oh. My. If it isn't the Christian Grey of Pilates! #Quote by Tracie Podger
Romcom quotes by Kelly Moran
#36. This whole conversation was turning into a twisted version of Abbot & Costello's Who's on First. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Romcom quotes by Scarlett Avery
#37. Meet Jake - He's illegally hot and his dirty-talking will make you dizzy!

Meet Hunter - He's outspoken, impulsive and a rugged piece of eye candy!

These Two Alpha Billionaires Believe In Sharing...Everything! #Quote by Scarlett Avery
Romcom quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#38. How do you tell the person you've spent four years trying to destroy that you have a crush on them? #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon

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