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Rolling The Dice quotes by Georgette Mosbacher
#1. The difference between a calculated risk and rolling the dice can be expressed in one word: homework. #Quote by Georgette Mosbacher
Rolling The Dice quotes by Eugene Levy
#2. But I've never really done anything that implies any kind of danger. I wouldn't skydive, I wouldn't deep sea dive, I wouldn't parachute. I think you're really just rolling the dice. Who packed your chute the night before? #Quote by Eugene Levy
Rolling The Dice quotes by Kevin Costner
#3. I haven't tried to buffer myself. I like rolling the dice. #Quote by Kevin Costner
Rolling The Dice quotes by Hermann Hesse
#4. That fear, that terrible and petrifying fear, which he felt while he was rolling the dice, while he was worried about losing high stakes, that fear he loved and sought to always renew it, always increase it, always get it to a slightly higher level, for in this feeling alone he still felt something like happiness, something like an intoxication, something like an elevated form of life in the midst of his saturated, lukewarm, dull life. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Rolling The Dice quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#5. Artists, by nature, are gamblers. Gambling is a dangerous habit. But whenever you make art, you're always gambling. You're rolling the dice on the slim odds that your investment of time, energy, and resources now might pay off later in a big way - that somebody might buy your work, and that you might become successful. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Rolling The Dice quotes by Stephen Beal
#6. I have been interested in the dialogue of abstraction and modernist painting - and the rich history of the grid. I also think I have been influenced a bit by some of the particular qualities of the Bay Area. The weather and the atmosphere here is so exotic, like the fog rolling in and the nuanced differences in the quality of light. #Quote by Stephen Beal
Rolling The Dice quotes by Parke Godwin
#7. See that day as I remember it. A day in June, River Severn rolling to the sea, diamonded with sunlight, gulls gliding over the quays on a mild breeze that lifted the Red Dragon standard over Camelot. A quiet enough day for the end of my world. #Quote by Parke Godwin
Rolling The Dice quotes by Shane Bunting
#8. I walked away from everybody I knew. I locked myself in a loft that I rented, like I told you, where I was rolling quarters for cigarettes. I was having to borrow money off of the rent guy ... the real estate agent that was renting me the loft. #Quote by Shane Bunting
Rolling The Dice quotes by Ian  Lewis
#9. The story was that Baird Wensum almost made it. He somehow snaked through to the outside, crossed the prison yard, and stole a car from the employee lot. Whether anyone would've caught up with him is arguable, because Wensum only got a quarter mile down the road before rolling the car in a ditch. His neck snapped somewhere between the shoulder and the corn field. #Quote by Ian Lewis
Rolling The Dice quotes by Kellan Lutz
#10. I'd rather do manual labor than sit behind a desk. And as my grandparents got older, I'd fly out there and help out around the farm. We'd tear barns down; we'd build barns. I'd rather be outside rolling hay or driving the tractors. #Quote by Kellan Lutz
Rolling The Dice quotes by Ted Cruz
#11. But you know what? There's far more pain involved in rolling over, far more pain in hiding in the shadows, far more pain in not standing for principle, not standing for the good, not standing for integrity. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Rolling The Dice quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#12. Oh, Mercédès, I have spoken your name with sighs of melancholy, with groans of pain and with the croak of despair. I have spoken it frozen with cold, huddled on the straw of my dungeon. I have spoken it raging with heat and rolling around on the stone floor of my prison. Mercédès, I must have my revenge, because for fourteen years I suffered, fourteen years I wept and cursed. Now, I say to you, Mercédès, I must have my revenge! #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Rolling The Dice quotes by Robinne Lee
#13. I awoke some hours later to Hayes's body sliding up against mine, his arm wrapping around my waist, drawing me into his warmth. Like being in a womb. His breath soft at the back of my neck.

"You came back to me," his lips buzzed my ear.

"Of course I did. Liam."

He laughed.

"Wait. Whose room is this?"

"Mr. Marchand's."

"Crap. I might be in the wrong room."

He smiled, rolling me over to face him. "Hiiii."


"You want to come to an August Moon concert with me tonight?"

"It depends..." I said.

"It depends?"

"Do I have good seats?"

His finger was tracing my cheekbone. "You can sit on my face."

"Okay. In that case I'll come. #Quote by Robinne Lee
Rolling The Dice quotes by Eric Schlosser
#14. 'Fast Food Nation' appeared as an article in 'Rolling Stone' before it was a book, so I was extending it from the article, and by that time, everyone could read the article. #Quote by Eric Schlosser
Rolling The Dice quotes by Ben H. Winters
#15. Sandy leans forward and kisses me, and I kiss her back, pressing myself against her, my excitement about the investigation rolling over, accelerating, transforming into that other big feeling, that exhilarating and terrifying feeling - not love, but the thing that feels like love - bodies rising to each other, nerve endings opening up and seeking each other - a feeling I know, even as it floods into my veins and my joints, that I will probably never feel again. Last time, for this. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Rolling The Dice quotes by Jack Kerouac
#16. It seemed like a matter of minutes when we began rolling in the foothills before Oakland and suddenly reached a height and saw stretched out ahead of us the fabulous white city of San Francisco on her eleven mystic hills with the blue Pacific and its advancing wall of potato-patch fog beyond, and smoke and goldenness in the late afternoon of time. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Rolling The Dice quotes by Tracey Bond
#17. Life is worth living when God throws His Divine dice in your favor. HE has slow-stirred my life with Wisdom and discernment about all manners of people; which is no secret agent in my soul sauce, it brings flavor to the taste buds of God's blessings in my life with extra side orders of favor. #Quote by Tracey Bond
Rolling The Dice quotes by Masta Ace
#18. Rolling down the windows, yeah I got an air conditiona, but I got a sound I want the whole world to listenta. #Quote by Masta Ace
Rolling The Dice quotes by Natasha Rendell
#19. The God Source of life
is a huge energy that has no personality
as you would know it in human terms

It expresses personality through all things
Your own existence is expressing
the personality of God
As are the rolling waves, the stars, and the trees

It is a mighty force in the Universe
which is bringing creation to wholeness
A perfection to life #Quote by Natasha Rendell
Rolling The Dice quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#20. He's kissing me like the world is rolling right off a cliff, like he's trying to hang on and he's decided to hold on to me, like he's starving for life and love and he's never known it could ever feel this good to be close to someone. Like it's the first time he's ever felt anything but hunger and he doesn't know how to pace himself, doesn't know how to eat in small bites, doesn't know how to do anything anything anything in moderation. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Rolling The Dice quotes by J.J. Gadd
#21. The Boy's head was spinning. Raul was real, and quite possibly not kindly disposed to him, as Marama's potential heir and jail-breaker. The sailors worshiped Marama, who controlled the tides and commanded them through dreams? The Geolwe collected clouds and lived in the sky? And did the captain just say there were mountains in the sea? Did he mean under the water? Downing the drink in front of him, he began to laugh. It was all just so hopelessly un-real. Anselt and the captain stared for a moment, then found his mirth infectious. Before long they were laughing too, and the sound of their merriment sailed through the night and out to greet the rolling waves, wrapping itself around the ship like a cloud. #Quote by J.J. Gadd
Rolling The Dice quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#22. Still, if I was really relying on luck, I might as well roll the dice. I stood up, trying to remember the name of the old Roman goddess of chance - Fortuna? It didn't matter. I was quite sure she only spoke Latin, and I didn't. I #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Rolling The Dice quotes by Johnny Trigg
#23. Gas grills are a no-no. Gas is a petroleum product. Rather than a smokey flavor, it will add a a petroleum-based weird taste into your meat. However, if you already have a gas grill, you can bring in some smoke flavor by tightly rolling wood chips in tin foil really tight and placing them on the top of your burners. #Quote by Johnny Trigg
Rolling The Dice quotes by Sarah Vowell
#24. But the Grateful Dead, as the fanatic fans point out, are a way of life: someone else's. Twentieth-century teenagers, especially American ones, have been brilliant at creating their own culture, their own music, clothes, and point(s) of view. It's sad and fraudulent that the kind of wholesale worship of some historical way of life has settled over so many young people, infecting them like a noxious gas ... I love the dead
grew up in the thrall of Shakespeare and Hank Williams and James Dean. And I adore the Rolling Stones. But there's a difference between cherishing "Satisfaction" and wearing Keith Richards' hair while doing Keith Richards' drugs. I don't want to be Keith Richards. I wanna be me. Not
like the neo-Deadheads
just another extra in an overblown costume drama about something that wasn't that interesting the first time around. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Rolling The Dice quotes by Connie Willis
#25. Which one's in the main theater?"

"I don't know. I just work here part-time to pay for my organic breathing lessons."

"Do you have any dice?" I asked, and then realized I was going about this all wrong. This was quantum theory not Newtonian. It didn't matter which theater I chose or which seat I sat down in. This was a delayed-choice experiment and David was already in flight. #Quote by Connie Willis
Rolling The Dice quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#26. Love is blind. Love of money is blind. Greed and money make people forfeit the quiddity of life, banish them from what is essential and alienate them from themselves. They lose their identity and become drifting exiles. ( "Money rocking and rolling" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Rolling The Dice quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#27. At other times, at the edge of a wood, especially at dusk, the trees themselves would assume strange shapes: sometimes they were arms rising heavenwards, , or else the trunk would twist and turn like a body being bent by the wind. At night, when I woke up and the moon and the stars were out, I would see in the sky things that filled me simultaneously with dread and longing. I remember that once, one Christmas Eve, I saw a great naked women, standing erect, with rolling eyes; she must have been a hundred feet high, but along she drifted, growing ever longer and ever thinner, and finally fell apart, each limb remaining separate, with the head floating away first as the rest of her body continued to waver #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Rolling The Dice quotes by John Waters
#28. My favourite characters are people who think they're normal but they're not. I live in Baltimore, and it's full of people like that. I've also lived in New York, which is full of people who think they're crazy, but they're completely normal. I get my best material in Baltimore – you get dialogue that you just couldn't imagine. I asked this guy in a bar what he did for a living and he said he traded deer meat for crack. I never realised that job even existed. You could make a whole movie about that person. And he was kind of cute too, if you could ignore his eyes rolling around his head. Although I did crack once, accidentally, and I thought: Oh my God, what, am I gonna rob my parents now? I prefer poppers – they're legal in London, right? I used to do them on roller coasters. They're illegal in Provincetown, which is the gay fishing village where I live in the summer. In the airport there are signs warning you to get rid of your poppers. #Quote by John Waters
Rolling The Dice quotes by Kevin Hart
#29. My dad was never married. He was kind of a rolling stone. But he was never disrespectful. At the same time, even though he had women in his life when I was a kid, there wasn't any consistency. #Quote by Kevin Hart
Rolling The Dice quotes by Fisher Amelie
#30. She threaded her fingers through my hair and I nearly whimpered at the feel of them, my eyes rolling to the back of my closed eyes. I clutched her waist tightly, inhaling her breaths as I practically swallowed her beautiful tongue. #Quote by Fisher Amelie
Rolling The Dice quotes by Lin Brehmer
#31. For groups like the Rolling Stones names like Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf were exotic inspirations. For Siegel-Schwall they were the guys that played with them on 43rd Street. #Quote by Lin Brehmer
Rolling The Dice quotes by Matthew Mather
#32. Just the wrong perspective," he said. "We're squaring them up to be the enemy, but mostly because we need an enemy." "So you're saying you're wrong about the cyberthreat?" "No, but . . ." Chuck left his fork in the fries and picked up a shrimp with his fingers. "But what?" "Maybe we're blinding ourselves to the real enemy." "What enemy is that, my conspiracy-loving friend?" I asked, rolling my eyes, expecting some rhetoric about the CIA or NSA. Chuck finished shelling his shrimp and pointed it at me. "Fear. Fear is the real enemy." He looked up at the ceiling. "Fear and ignorance." I laughed. "With all this stuff you're stockpiling, aren't you the one that's afraid?" "Not afraid," he said deliberately, looking straight into my eyes. "Prepared." #Quote by Matthew Mather
Rolling The Dice quotes by Kim Carnes
#33. Her hair is Harlow gold
Her lips are sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold
She's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll turn the music on you
You won't have to think twice
She's pure as New York snow
She got Bette Davis eyes
And she'll tease you, she'll unease you
All the better just to please you
She's precocious, and she knows just what it
Takes to make a pro blush
She got Greta Garbo's standoff sighs, she's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll let you take her home
It whets her appetite
She'll lay you on the throne
She got Bette Davis eyes
She'll take a tumble on you
Roll you like you were dice
Until you come out blue
She's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll expose you, when she snows you
Off your feet with the crumbs, she throws you
She's ferocious and she knows just what it
Takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes
And she'll tease you, she'll unease you
All the better just to please you
She's precocious, and she knows just what it
Takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll tease you
She'll unease you
Just to please you
She's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll expose you
When she snows you
She knows you, she's got Bette Davis Eyes #Quote by Kim Carnes
Rolling The Dice quotes by Richard Baxter
#34. You will cast away your cards and dice when you find the sweetness of youthful learning. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Rolling The Dice quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#35. Until I was ten, I had a very clear image of God; ravaged with age and draped in white scarves, God had the featureless guise of a highly respectable woman. Although She resembled a human being, She had more in common with the phantoms that populated my dreams: not at all like someone I might run into on the street. Because when She appeared before my eyes, She was upside down and turned slightly to one side. The phantoms of my imaginary world faded bashfully into the background as soon as I noticed them, but then so did She; after the sort of elegant rolling shot of the surrounding world that you see in some films and television commercials, Her image would sharpen and She would begin to ascend, fading as She rose to Her rightful place in the clouds. The folds of Her white head scarf were as sharp and elaborate as the ones I'd seen on statues and in the illustrations in history books, and they covered Her body entirely; I couldn't even see Her arms or legs. Whenever this specter appeared before me, I felt a powerful, sublime, and exalted presence but surprisingly little fear. I don't remember ever asking for Her help or guidance. I was only too aware that She was not interested in people like me: She cared only for the poor. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Rolling The Dice quotes by J.D. Robb
#36. What are you smiling at?" she snapped at Roarke.
"I'm a man, and I'm sitting here having coffee and cookies while two beautiful women snarl at each other. Being a man I'm required to wonder - perhaps imagine - whether there will soon be physical contact. Clothing may be ripped away. Why wouldn't I smile?"
"Not perfect," Eve muttered. "Shut up for five seconds," she ordered Nadine, "before we're in his head naked, oiled up, and rolling around on the floor."
"And my smile grows wider. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Rolling The Dice quotes by Gerald Massey
#37. I was a dweller amid shadows grim: Till FREEDOM touched my yearning eyes, and lo! Life in a shining circle, rounding rose, As heaven on heaven goes up the jewell'd night. New floods of passionate life swirl'd at my heart, Like Ocean-surges rolling round the world: And FREEDOM was my glittering Bride. #Quote by Gerald Massey
Rolling The Dice quotes by Florian Armas
#38. They have cast my life like dice, in a game that is not a game. The unusual erupted into my life like a storm; I mean unusual in my actual perception of things. Do not mistake me; I never desired things that are certainly harder to bear, and nobody asked me if I really wanted an extraordinary life. That is not entirely true; I was asked, in the way a child seeing a cake is asked if he really wants to eat it. #Quote by Florian Armas
Rolling The Dice quotes by M T Anderson
#39. My idea of life, it's what happens when they're rolling the credits. #Quote by M T Anderson
Rolling The Dice quotes by Yashichiro Takahashi
#40. Keisaku and Eita were expecting to see "the beauty in the morning" as they entered the room. What they actually saw, however, was "The Terror of the Bagworm Queen" rolling around on the floor. It was a scene far removed from the sexy situation the two had imagined. #Quote by Yashichiro Takahashi
Rolling The Dice quotes by Nina Lane
#41. You're beautiful," Archer murmured, his husky voice rolling over my skin. He reached up with his other hand to touch the blue streak in my hair. "You're like a creature from some exotic land that no one has discovered yet. #Quote by Nina Lane
Rolling The Dice quotes by Upton Sinclair
#42. Into this wild-beast tangle these men had been born without their consent, they had taken part in it because they could not help it; that they were in jail was no disgrace to them, for the game had never been fair, the dice were loaded. They were swindlers and thieves of pennies and dimes, and they had been trapped and put out of the way by the swindlers and thieves of millions of dollars. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Rolling The Dice quotes by Alice Walker
#43. Would the end be brutish and short? Or would it be long and drawn out? People dying slowly of every illness under the sun. From viruses that seeped from under jungle rocks. From infections received while making love. From fratricide. Genocide. Hatred that intensified over decades, centuries, until nothing could stop its rolling over and flattening entire peoples, races, continents. Would the passion and joy of future generations be expressed in acts of hate, as acts of "sex" were now routinely expressed in acts of violence? #Quote by Alice Walker
Rolling The Dice quotes by Dustin Hoffman
#44. Now, I'm simply working with people I want to work with. I just want to have good working experiences and let the dice fall where they may. #Quote by Dustin Hoffman
Rolling The Dice quotes by Zen
#45. It isn't just the past we remember, it's the future too.
Fifty per cent of memory is devoted not to what has already happened,
but to what will happen next. Appointments, anniversaries, meetings,
all the rolling engagements and plans,
all the hopes and dreams and ambitions which make up any human life
- we remember what we did and also what we will do.
Only the knife edge of the present is 'hard' to any degree.
Past and future are things of the mind,and a mind can be changed. #Quote by Zen
Rolling The Dice quotes by Dorianne Laux
#46. The slate black sky. The middle step
of the back porch. And long ago

my mother's necklace, the beads
rolling north and south. Broken

the rose stem, water into drops, glass
knob on the bedroom door. Last summer's

pot of parsley and mint, white roots
shooting like streamers through the cracks.

Years ago the cat's tail, the bird bath,
the car hood's rusted latch. Broken

little finger on my right hand at birth--
I was pulled out too fast. What hasn't

been rent, divided, split? Broken the days into nights, the night sky

into stars, the stars into patterns
I make up as I trace them

with a broken-off blade
of grass. Possible, unthinkable,

the cricket's tiny back as I lie
on the lawn in the dark, my hart

a blue cup fallen from someone's hands. #Quote by Dorianne Laux
Rolling The Dice quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#47. No, I wasn't going to think about that. I didn't think about it through the long hours of flight. I didn't think about it as the sun came up – finally – on the horizon, bathing me in gold and hope. I didn't think of it when Hubric signaled a weary stop and we landed exhaustedly next to a pond in a rolling field of grass.

Stop thinking about it. Seriously. You're driving me crazy.

But honestly, how did you stop thinking about something like that? I'd been so close to having something I'd wanted all my life. I'd been so close to getting what I didn't even believe was possible. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Rolling The Dice quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#48. What the hell is that?"
I jumped and glanced over to see Kristof staring at Grady, who was waving his arms, rolling his eyes, shaking and moaning.
"I think he's possessed," I said.
"By what? Epilepsy? #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Rolling The Dice quotes by Michael Hastings
#49. I welcome all interviews with 'Rolling Stone' magazine, and I'm sure people will talk to me in the future. #Quote by Michael Hastings
Rolling The Dice quotes by Paul Fleischman
#50. Brent suddenly thought back to Miss Gill, the mediator in Chicago, and her saying the effects of an act traveled far beyond one's knowledge. He knew she'd meant harmful acts, like his. He saw now that the same could be said for good deeds-good, bad, and indifferent-sent a wave rolling out of sight. He wondered what his own accounting, generations later, would look like. #Quote by Paul Fleischman
Rolling The Dice quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#51. I don't give a fuck what people say," Ryan said. "I want a good cuddle after this sucky day." He smiled at the unintentional rhyme and opened his arms. "Come here, Jamie bear."

Rolling his eyes but grinning, Jamie walked over and all but flopped on top of Ryan. "You're still such a big baby," Jamie said, resting his cheek against Ryan's shoulder. "If your brothers knew you still use me as your teddy bear when you have a shitty day, they'd never let you live it down."

"You would never tell them," Ryan said, wrapping his arms around Jamie tightly and closing his eyes as the tension that had been gathering in his body over the last month somehow ebbed gently away from him. "You'd never tell them, because I'm your favorite person in the world."

Jamie just sighed, burrowing his face into his neck. He didn't say anything. But he didn't deny it, either.

"Don't do it again," Ryan said, opening his eyes and putting a hand on Jamie's nape. "Okay? #Quote by Alessandra Hazard
Rolling The Dice quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#52. Before I could respond, he snapped his fingers, and I was suddenly standing outside the mansion, my booted feet in the sand, the smell of salt overwhelming my senses, and the rolling ocean at my back.

A growl of anger rose in my throat. "I hate it when you do that."

The smile on his face increased. "I know."

I absolutely loathed it, and the bastard did it every chance he got - usually about every five minutes whenever I was in his presence and mostly without any purpose. Sometimes he would just pop me from room to room for the hell of it. The last year or so of my life had been a real test of my short patience. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Rolling The Dice quotes by Paul Rudd
#53. Acting in general you just feel kind of stupid doing it anyway, but when you're pretending to be rolling around and dodging a foot or riding an ant, you're having to really do it seriously and there's nothing there. You've got to put faith in the process. #Quote by Paul Rudd

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