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Role Playing Game quotes by Mariana Zapata
#1. I got up to get another glass of water when Zac asked from his spot still at the stove, breaking up the two pounds of ground beef he'd added to the vegetables. "Vanny, were you gonna want me to help you with your draft list again this year?"

I groaned. "I forgot. My brother just messaged me about it. I can't let him win again this year, Zac. I can't put up with his crap."

He raised his hand in a dismissive gesture. "I got you. Don't worry about it."

"Thank - what?"

Aiden had his glass halfway to his mouth and was frowning. "You play fantasy football?" he asked, referring to the online role-playing game that millions of people participated in. Participants got to build imaginary teams during a mock draft, made up of players throughout the league. I'd been wrangled into playing against my brother and some of our mutual friends about three years ago and had joined in ever since. Back then, I had no idea what the hell a cornerback was, much less a bye week, but I'd learned a lot since then.

I nodded slowly at him, feeling like I'd done something wrong.

The big guy's brow furrowed. "Who was on your team last year?"

I named the players I could remember, wondering where this was going and not having a good feeling about it.

"What was your defensive team?"

There it went. I slipped my hands under the counter and averted my eyes to the man at the stove, cursing him silently. "So you see…" #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Role Playing Game quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#2. All I did was ask you for a role-playing game. You never warned me I'd be pitched into it for real! And I asked you for hobbits on a grail quest, and not one hobbit have I seen! #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Role Playing Game quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#3. I like monsters in general - that's what I like to write about. Somebody was joking with me that my body was becoming a manual for a role-playing game because I'm covered in little monsters. That's true. I could easily have more monsters on my skin. #Quote by Maria Dahvana Headley
Role Playing Game quotes by Cory Doctorow
#4. Most of the people you see going to work today are LARPing (live-action role playing) an incredibly boring RPG (role-playing game) called "professionalism" that requires them to alter their vocabulary, posture, eating habits, facial expressions
every detail all the way down to what they allow themselves to find funny. #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Role Playing Game quotes by Frank Portman
#5. D and D: a role-playing game played only by very cool guys. #Quote by Frank Portman
Role Playing Game quotes by James Wallis
#6. In the final round of the game, if your company has admitted women to the play, I do not recommend that you vote for your paramour, or for the member of the company who has taken your fancy. In my experience it rarely leads to success; and your fellows will notice and make fun of your noble gesture for weeks. #Quote by James Wallis
Role Playing Game quotes by Gary Gygax
#7. Do not be sidetracked. A good referee will have many ways to distract an expedition, many things to draw attention, but ignore them if at all possible. #Quote by Gary Gygax
Role Playing Game quotes by Greg Stafford
#8. [Since] a player controls every character, it is that player's intelligence that dictates the character's goals and actions, not an arbitrary number on a character sheet. Thus, in a sense, the player _is_ the character's "intelligence score"! #Quote by Greg Stafford
Role Playing Game quotes by Kim Young-ha
#9. In my 20s, I became obsessed with the role-playing game 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms,' named after a classical Chinese novel, and later 'The Sims,' a life-simulation game, and 'StarCraft,' a science-fiction game. #Quote by Kim Young-ha
Role Playing Game quotes by Tom Brady
#10. WIth football you can have up to 28 guys you consider starters, and if they can pick up the slack when some aren't playing so well, you don't have to turn those two game losing streaks into six-game losing streaks. #Quote by Tom Brady
Role Playing Game quotes by Cherie Piper
#11. We all bring some different elements at the Games. Everything is a stepping stone for us after playing these two games. These Games are preparing us to play a 60-minutes game and preparing us for the gold-medal game. #Quote by Cherie Piper
Role Playing Game quotes by Kandi Steiner
#12. He could leave. I could leave. We could both end up heartbroken, sitting on the floor of our souls and trying to piece together our lives again. But, we could also find forever. We could take the next steps together - toward a year, five, or maybe, forever. And that was a game worth playing. #Quote by Kandi Steiner
Role Playing Game quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#13. The advisors, on the other hand, were like older brothers and sisters. My favorite was Bill Symes, who'd been a founding member of Fellowship in 1967. He was in his early twenties now and studying religion at Webster University. He had shoulders like a two-oxen yoke, a ponytail as thick as a pony's tail, and feet requiring the largest size of Earth Shoes. He was a good musician, a passionate attacker of steel acoustical guitar strings. He liked to walk into Burger King and loudly order two Whoppers with no meat. If he was losing a Spades game, he would take a card out of his hand, tell the other players, "Play this suit!" and then lick the card and stick it to his forehead facing out. In discussions, he liked to lean into other people's space and bark at them. He said, "You better deal with that!" He said, "Sounds to me like you've got a problem that you're not talking about!" He said, "You know what? I don't think you believe one word of what you just said to me!" He said, "Any resistance will be met with an aggressive response!" If you hesitated when he moved to hug you, he backed away and spread his arms wide and goggled at you with raised eyebrows, as if to say, "Hello? Are you going to hug me, or what?" If he wasn't playing guitar he was reading Jung, and if he wasn't reading Jung he was birdwatching, and if he wasn't birdwatching he was practicing tai chi, and if you came up to him during his practice and asked him how he would defend himself if you tried to mug him wit #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Role Playing Game quotes by Agyness Deyn
#14. I had a really small role (playing goddess Aphrodite), and I was only working for just over a week with Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson. I'd done a few short films before and thought acting was really creative, but when I worked with those guys, I was just like: "Wow!" They had such fun and freedom. They were trying things and stretching themselves. It was so inspiring that I was like: "I definitely want to do this!" #Quote by Agyness Deyn
Role Playing Game quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#15. I used to think all that game playing was par for the course and even kind of exciting. It just felt logical to pursue a boy the same way I applied to college - by expending exorbitant time and energy showing what a great catch I am and what a perfect match we'd be, so that after a lengthy waiting period I might get accepted. But now the idea of reliving any version of that charade seems like hell. #Quote by Daria Snadowsky
Role Playing Game quotes by George Orwell
#16. Only because I prefer a positive to a negative. In this game that we're playing, we can't win. Some kinds of failure are better than other kinds, that's all. #Quote by George Orwell
Role Playing Game quotes by Ira Flatow
#17. H2O it's a complicated, three-dimensional, charged object. And one can pack these things in many different ways, a little like playing the child's game of jacks, where those complicated little objects can be thrown together in all different ways. #Quote by Ira Flatow
Role Playing Game quotes by Derek Hough
#18. Sometimes the anticipation of something is scarier than the actual happening. I remember being in a cab in New York City with a friend when I was young and competing. We were playing this game: I'd look out the window and he'd slap my thigh as hard as he could. The pain wasn't so bad, but the anticipation was unbearable. That's fear for me most of the time. I picture the worst-case scenario unfolding and wait for that slap to come. Why do I do it? Maybe to protect myself. It's like when you cross your fingers to ward off a jinx. If I think of the worst that could happen, it won't happen. It's some warped insurance policy. #Quote by Derek Hough
Role Playing Game quotes by Jimmy Cannon
#19. Hockey would be a great game ... if played in the mud. #Quote by Jimmy Cannon
Role Playing Game quotes by Denyse Bridger
#20. You want me, Bella. Why are we playing this game?"

Your voice is equal parts gravel and silk and I feel the question against my skin, pouring into my blood like an injection of heated desire. #Quote by Denyse Bridger
Role Playing Game quotes by Tony Dungy
#21. I was gratified by the way our players had approached each game throughout the season. They had remained focused on the task at hand, playing hard and smart week after week. We didn't have any turmoil or distractions. We went about our business as usual. To do that in a setting that often was anything but usual is a testament to the character of our players and coaches. Our process worked; we simply picked a bad year to only be very good. #Quote by Tony Dungy
Role Playing Game quotes by Matthew Perry
#22. There was a time when I wasn't working a lot. It ebbs and flows. Mostly I was just living my life and playing 'Fallout 3,' a very fun game. #Quote by Matthew Perry
Role Playing Game quotes by Dikembe Mutombo
#23. I remember when I came into the NBA, eighteen years ago, there were maybe nine to twelve international players playing in the NBA. Today we've got more than 85, so that tells you how our game has grown at that level. #Quote by Dikembe Mutombo
Role Playing Game quotes by Gloria Steinem
#24. The most obvious ones inspiring me are probably women in political life. There are also many women in artistic endeavors, but if they're painters, you don't necessarily see them, or if they're actors, you see the role they're playing. In political life, you see women of enormous courage and smarts and humor, and that releases the talent, especially in little girls who are watching. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Role Playing Game quotes by Ian Fleming
#25. And then one day when you're playing your little game you'll suddenly find yourself pinned down like a butterfly. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Role Playing Game quotes by Ernie Els
#26. Obviously my game wasn't too good at Augusta, I had a couple of technical faults, the posture wasn't too good. It's a bit unfortunate because I was playing a lot of good golf, but when I got sick (flu) before The Masters, that was bad timing and I wasn't quite myself. #Quote by Ernie Els
Role Playing Game quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#27. There is general agreement among researchers that nearly all stock pickers, whether they know it or not-and few of them do-are playing a game of chance. #Quote by Daniel Kahneman
Role Playing Game quotes by Lisa Leslie
#28. I like playing against guys because of their athleticism and understanding of the game. #Quote by Lisa Leslie
Role Playing Game quotes by Timothy Keller
#29. Ministry. Sadly, there has never been a city on earth that is not saturated with human sin and corruption. Indeed, to paraphrase a Woody Allen joke, cities are just like everywhere else, only much more so. They are both better and worse, both easier and harder to live in, both more inspiring and oppressive, than other places. As redemptive history unfolds, we begin to see how the tension of the city will be resolved. The turn in the relationship between the people of God and the pagan city becomes a key aspect of God's plan to bless the nations and redeem the world. In the New Testament, we find cities playing an important role in the rapid growth of the early church and in spreading the gospel message of God's salvation. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Role Playing Game quotes by FIFA Mobile Soccer Hack
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Role Playing Game quotes by Elif Batuman
#31. Svetlana had written about whether love was a game you could get infinitely good at, like in French novels - whether it was a matter of playing your cards right - or whether it existed between certain people in some kind of current and you just had to tap into it.
"So you think it's about playing your cards right?" I said.
"Pretty depressing, huh? Sometimes I think there could be two kinds of love. There could be one rare kind that just naturally exists between certain people. Then there's the more common kind that's constructed."
It was a mystery to me how Svetlana generated so many opinions. #Quote by Elif Batuman
Role Playing Game quotes by Anya Herdeg
#32. And what if God's and evil Genius, and we're all playing pawns in his favorite Game. #Quote by Anya Herdeg
Role Playing Game quotes by Gracia Hunter
#33. Ask yourself a simple question. Do you want to keep playing, offence and defense included, for the rest of your life? Is this what you are marrying for? If answer is no, then stay away from Sporting Demons. If somehow the answer is yes or you, yourself, are a sporting demon then go ahead ... But don't come complaining if the game goes too far or too crappier to handle. #Quote by Gracia Hunter
Role Playing Game quotes by Bernie De Koven
#34. It's easier to change the game than to change the people playing it. #Quote by Bernie De Koven
Role Playing Game quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#35. If God is playing hide and seek with us, I must confess that I am quite bored with this childish game! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Role Playing Game quotes by Rich Shapero
#36. Every word was a cheat. Every thought and feeling was false. I played the game. Everything I touched, I cheapened. #Quote by Rich Shapero
Role Playing Game quotes by Mike Candrea
#37. It's a game of making great pitches at the right time, being opportunistic by getting a run at the right time and playing good defense. #Quote by Mike Candrea
Role Playing Game quotes by Kaitlyn Davis
#38. We like to think of Taetanos as the god of fate, not of death," Rafe saif softly. The glaze in the girl's eyes disappeared as she looked into his. "We call life a game, because we each have our own wants, our own desires - but he sees everything, knows everything, and he leads us down our destined path. We fight back sometimes, we make moves, and so does he. On and on it goes until, in the end, he wins, like he always does. But still, we keep playing. What other choice do we have? #Quote by Kaitlyn Davis
Role Playing Game quotes by Tammara Webber
#39. He looked up and caught me staring, and for the first time that morning, neither of us looked away until Erin said, "J - pay attention! Just try to slap me." I broke the stare and turned to her. She moved around to face me, her back to Lucas, and rolled her eyes. "Does the concept of playing hard-to-get totally escape you?" she whispered. "Let. Him. Chase."

"I'm not playing that game any longer."

She glanced over her shoulder and back. "Girlfriend, I don't think he knows that."

I shrugged. #Quote by Tammara Webber
Role Playing Game quotes by Denise Mina
#40. Ah, the meek. Playing the long game. Sneaky bastards. #Quote by Denise Mina
Role Playing Game quotes by John Currin
#41. A painting of any quality is always going to have nerdy energy, an affirmation behind it. It's gonna be like a kid playing a video game. #Quote by John Currin
Role Playing Game quotes by Harper Sloan
#42. Everyone else kept giving you two shit, thinking you were playing some stupid fucking game, but if they would've opened their eyes for one second longer, they would've seen her hiding in plain sight with you fighting all her demons for her. #Quote by Harper Sloan
Role Playing Game quotes by Avijeet Das
#43. And tonight the stars again ask me your name?
And I just smile, playing the guessing game! #Quote by Avijeet Das
Role Playing Game quotes by Leighton Meester
#44. I'm not trying to satisfy anybody but myself and the role that I'm playing. #Quote by Leighton Meester
Role Playing Game quotes by Stephen Lang
#45. I love the role I'm playing in 'Conan.' I'm enjoying making the film tremendously. It's very physically demanding. You know, Conan is 28 years younger than me and a big dude, so I have to depend upon my wolf-like wiles to defeat this young bull. #Quote by Stephen Lang
Role Playing Game quotes by Simeon Rice
#46. I approach football like a street-ball game, like I'm playing with the fellas in the yard. #Quote by Simeon Rice
Role Playing Game quotes by Muriel Barbery
#47. Any game where the goal is to build territory has to be beautiful. There may be phases of combat, but they are only means to an end, to allow your territory to survive. One of the most extraordinary aspects of the game of go is that it has been proven that in order to win, you must live, but you must also allow the other player to live. Players who are too greedy will lose: it is a subtle game of equilibrium, where you have to get ahead without crushing the other player. In the end, life and death are only the consequences of how well or how poorly you have made your construction. This is what one of Taniguchi's characters says: you live, you die, these are consequences. It's a proverb for playing go, and for life. #Quote by Muriel Barbery

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