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Role Confusion quotes by Leonard Sax
#1. The change in the early elementary curriculum and the consequent neglect of teaching socialization places a greater burden than ever before on the American parent. But just when kids need parents more than ever to teach them the whole package of what it means to be a good person in this particular culture, the authority of parents to do that job has been undermined. We now live in a culture in which kids value the opinion of same-age peers more than they value the opinion of their parents, a culture in which the authority of parents has declined not only in the eyes of children but also in the eyes of parents themselves. Parents today suffer from role confusion. #Quote by Leonard Sax
Role Confusion quotes by George Singleton
#2. Gilles Deleuze believed that every society needed a madman so we could feel better about ourselves. I do my best to fill that role. #Quote by George Singleton
Role Confusion quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#3. Do me a favor." "Don't lick your seat belt?" Ash's expression was total confusion. "Huh? where did that randomness come from? #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Role Confusion quotes by Jose N Harris
#4. I may not be a role model, angel, nor a saint.
But my obligation and my sworn duty
is to never silently ignore evil,
it is to get as close as I can to it,
then destroy it. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Role Confusion quotes by Richard Corliss
#5. Ask Bond-watchers of a certain age about the six actors who have slipped into Bond's Savile Row suits in the Broccoli franchise, and they might say it's really Connery and five other guys - since he, being first and being Sean, stamped the role with his sulfurous masculinity. #Quote by Richard Corliss
Role Confusion quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#6. How can we appraise a proposal if the terms hurled at our ears can mean anything or nothing, and change their significance with the inflection of the voice? Welfare state, national socialism, radical, liberal, conservative, reactionary and a regiment of others ... these terms in today's usage, are generally compounds of confusion and prejudice. If our attitudes are muddled, our language is often to blame. A good tonic for clearer thinking is a dose of precise, legal definition. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Role Confusion quotes by David Sturt
#7. That's what reframing your role is all about: thinking about how your work affects others, looking at the larger purpose of your work and whom it benefits, and seeing yourself as a potential difference maker. #Quote by David Sturt
Role Confusion quotes by Erin O'Connor
#8. A girl must have an indefinable magic, real character, a strong sense of self. Her role is to respond to the brief of a photographer or communicate the vision of a designer - while making whatever she does look utterly effortless and whatever she wears utterly seamless. #Quote by Erin O'Connor
Role Confusion quotes by Helen Clark
#9. In terms of having views and being prepared to express them, yes, I think New Zealand's had a leadership role in a lot of things. #Quote by Helen Clark
Role Confusion quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#10. We have all at one time been stranded on islands shouting lies across the seas of misunderstanding, hoping the fog will carry our mischief to the distant ports in people's minds. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Role Confusion quotes by Sirshree
#11. BODY

Only when the body becomes a temple does it play the role for the right cause. #Quote by Sirshree
Role Confusion quotes by Rene Cassin
#12. As a consequence of these hesitations and of the vague character of such innovations, the Commission on Human Rights itself had doubts from the beginning about its role and its functions in general. #Quote by Rene Cassin
Role Confusion quotes by Phillip E. Johnson
#13. Science ... has become identified with a philosophy known as materialism or scientific naturalism. This philosophy insists that nature is all there is, or at least the only thing about which we can have any knowledge. It follows that nature had to do its own creating, and that the means of creation must have included any role for God. #Quote by Phillip E. Johnson
Role Confusion quotes by Jim Tan
#14. I discovered that without a method or a system, there is often chaos and confusion and nothing gets done. In fact, I'm of the opinion that in any endeavour, an imperfect system is better than no system. I believe this is a universal principle of governance. #Quote by Jim Tan
Role Confusion quotes by Mao Zedong
#15. The exemplary vanguard role of the Communists is of vital importance. Communists in the Eighth Route and New Fourth Armies should set an example in fighting bravely, carrying out orders, observing discipline, doing political work and fostering internal unity and solidarity. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Role Confusion quotes by Lee Byung-hun
#16. Actors always want to play the villain role at least once in their life. #Quote by Lee Byung-hun
Role Confusion quotes by Daniel Cudmore
#17. I wasn't a huge fan of the comic book, but I definitely was of the cartoon series. I wasn't much for sitting around and reading as a kid, I preferred to be outside running around and playing sports, but I was absolutely thrilled to get the role of Colossus. I don't think I realised how popular the character was until I got the role and started doing some research; it was then that I really fell in love with the character of Colossus myself. #Quote by Daniel Cudmore
Role Confusion quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#18. So long as confusion reigns, there will be no successful global Internet agenda, only contradiction. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Role Confusion quotes by Harrison Ford
#19. I had no expectation of the level of adulation that would come my way. I just wanted to make a living with a regular role in a television series. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Role Confusion quotes by Steven Brust
#20. I like your coat," she announced, as if her approval of my dress were the supreme prize in a good-taste contest.
"Does that mean I get to see Jill?"
She considered this. "Perhaps it does," she said.
"Just what are your intentions concerning my roommate?"
"I'm going to kidnap her and hold her for ransom."
"Really?" she said, appearing delighted. "How splendid."
"Or else I'll put her in a cage and show her for money, but I think you'd be more suitable for that role."
She nodded. "Yes. The kidnapping is a much better idea." She stood straight and walked with exaggerated grace into the living room. There was a very nice wooden stairway, curving back on itself with a stained-glass window at the landing. She called, "Jill! Your kidnapper is here," and gave me a big smile.
"Aren't you going to come in?" she said.
"Only if you want me to. We kidnappers are very polite."
"Oh do, by all means. #Quote by Steven Brust
Role Confusion quotes by Jacques Delors
#21. The unions still have a job to do, representing their members' interests to governments and parliaments. And I think collective agreements still have a role, alongside markets and laws. #Quote by Jacques Delors
Role Confusion quotes by Tim DeChristopher
#22. Spirituality has to play an important role, particularly in resistance movements. The institutions we are fighting against - corporations and governments - use alienation as one of their primary weapons. A big part of their messaging is intended to make people feel separated from each other, which disempowers them, which makes them ever easier to exploit. This is really a spiritual weapon they are using. It isolates people and breaks their spirit. #Quote by Tim DeChristopher
Role Confusion quotes by Ethan Gilsdorf
#23. Real life this fdar had taught me that in the adult world, fate was chaotic and uncertain. Guidelines for success were arbitrary. But in the world of D&D, at least there was a rule book ... By role-playing, we were in control, and our characters ... wandered through places of danger, their destinies, ostensibly, within our grasp. #Quote by Ethan Gilsdorf
Role Confusion quotes by Molly Quinn
#24. I get very competitive, mostly in acting though. When I'm going out for a role or something, that's when I really get very territorial about things. #Quote by Molly Quinn
Role Confusion quotes by Barack Obama
#25. I said that America's role would be limited; that we would not put ground troops into Libya; that we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end of the operation, and that we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. #Quote by Barack Obama
Role Confusion quotes by Chris Brown
#26. People who make mistakes and learn from them are role models too. I'm just happy to inspire growth and positivity. #Quote by Chris Brown
Role Confusion quotes by Dalia Mogahed
#27. How women view religion's role in society is shaped more by their own country's culture and context than one monolithic view that religion is simply bad for women. #Quote by Dalia Mogahed
Role Confusion quotes by Katie McGarry
#28. I'm still not good enough for a girl like her, but she's back in my life and she needs someone to protect her. I'll fill the role and absorb as much of her light as I can before she leaves me behind in the darkness. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Role Confusion quotes by Theophile Gautier
#29. It sometimes happens that a man who, up until now has believed himself to be gifted with perfect health, opens a medical book, either by chance or to pass the time, and on reading the pathological description of an illness, recognises that he is afflicted by it; enlightened by a fateful flash of insight, he feels at every symptom mentioned some obscure organ shuddering within him, or some hidden fibre of whose role in the body he had been unaware, and he pales as he realises that a death he thought was still a long way off is so imminent. #Quote by Theophile Gautier
Role Confusion quotes by David Baldacci
#30. the poppy crop is the only thing keeping the economy going. And if we don't buy it terrorists will and use the enormous profits from dealing the drugs to attack us. Lesser of two evils; sometimes it's the only choice we have." "It's still wrong," Michelle persisted. "And what Valerie did was criminal." "Valerie was a rogue clear and simple. As crazy as it sounds I believe she was going to kill you both after the torture was done, and she probably believed she'd get away with it. The role of the #Quote by David Baldacci
Role Confusion quotes by Liane Moriarty
#31. ...the terrible though occurred to her that perhaps she'd always unconsciously believed that because Sam didn't cry, he therefore didn't feel, or he felt less, not as profoundly or deeply as she did. Her focus had always been on how his actions affected her feelings, as if his role was to do things for her, to her, and all that mattered was her emotional response to him, as if a "man" were a product or service, and she'd finally chosen the right brand to get the right response. Was it possible she'd never seen or truly loved him the way he deserved to be loved? As a person? An ordinary, flawed, feeling person? #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Role Confusion quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#32. They say that people teach what they need to learn. By adopting the role of happiness teacher, if only for myself, I was trying to find the method to conquer my particular faults and limitations. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Role Confusion quotes by Atul Gawande
#33. Consider heart attacks. Even as recently as the 1950s, we had little idea of how to prevent or treat them. We didn't know, for example, about the danger of high blood pressure, and had we been aware of it we wouldn't have known what to do about it. The first safe medication to treat hypertension was not developed and conclusively demonstrated to prevent disease until the 1960s. We didn't know about the role of cholesterol, either, or genetics or smoking or diabetes. Furthermore, #Quote by Atul Gawande
Role Confusion quotes by Martin Jacques
#34. Fundamental systemic crises are often associated with the decline of the dominant imperial power and its increasing inability to sustain the system over which it had previously presided. The profound instability of the interwar period owed much to Britain's inability to maintain its role. #Quote by Martin Jacques

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