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Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Kristen McKee
#1. Rock-a-bye Baby
In the tree top
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
And Mama will catch you
Cradle and all! #Quote by Kristen McKee
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#2. It's morning when I go to sleep
In the distant dawn a church bell rings
Another day is coming on
A baby's born, an old man dies
Somewhere young lovers kiss good-bye
I leave my soul and just move on
And wish that I was there to sing this song #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Jennifer Ellison
#3. I wanted to have a go at a pop career. My first single, 'Baby I Don't Care', was a hit, and the second, 'Bye Bye Boy', reached the Top 20. #Quote by Jennifer Ellison
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Unknown
#4. Even if I wanted to apologize,you couldn't hear me. So I won't. I don't have a choice, baby. You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me. But I get to die knowing that I was loved not just by anyone. By you. It is the epitome of a fulfilled life. It's never gonna get any better than this. I peaked. I love you. Bye. #Quote by Unknown
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by T.A. Webb
#5. I'll miss you every day for the rest of my life. You're my heart and it'll go with you. I'll be here, and I'll hold your hand, and you focus on me, and when you leave me, you won't be alone. Don't be afraid. We won't be saying good-bye, baby. Just, 'til later. #Quote by T.A. Webb
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Lorrie Moore
#6. Her rage flopped awkwardly away like a duck. She felt as she had when her cold, fierce parents had at last grown sick and old, stick-boned and saggy, protected by infirmity the way cuteness protected a baby, or should, it should protect a baby, and she had been left with her rage
vestigial, girlhood rage
inappropriate and intact. She would hug her parents good-bye, the gentle, emptied sacks of them, and think Where did you go? #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Michelle Alexander
#7. Now place yourself in the shoes of Clifford Runoalds, another African American victim of the Hearne drug bust.2 You returned home to Bryan, Texas, to attend the funeral of your eighteen-month-old daughter. Before the funeral services begin, the police show up and handcuff you. You beg the officers to let you take one last look at your daughter before she is buried. The police refuse. You are told by prosecutors that you are needed to testify against one of the defendants in a recent drug bust. You deny witnessing any drug transaction; you don't know what they are talking about. Because of your refusal to cooperate, you are indicted on felony charges. After a month of being held in jail, the charges against you are dropped. You are technically free, but as a result of your arrest and period of incarceration, you lose your job, your apartment, your furniture, and your car. Not to mention the chance to say good-bye to your baby girl. This is the War on Drugs. The #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Ann Voskamp
#8. My baby is five. She falls asleep in my arms ... Her breath is warm on my face, all that is alive and warm and breathing inside of her now, falling upon me, and I can't capture it, hold it, this, her life now, me in this moment. She is leaving me, she's growing up and moving away from me, and she stirs and I sweep back the crop of the golden ringlets. Stay, Little One, stay. Love's a deep wound and what is a mother without a child and why can't I hold on to now forever and her here and me here and why does time snatch away a heart I don't think mine can beat without? Why do we all have to grow old? Why do we have to keep saying good-bye? #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Kristen Ashley
#9. She stared into his eyes and announced, "A good-bye kiss."
It was at that Raid stopped dead. "What?"
"Raiden, the gig is up," she declared, and Raid closed his eyes.
Jesus, how could the woman be so infuriating and so fucking cute all at once?
He opened his eyes and asked, "The gig is up?"
She leaned into him and hissed, "Yes."
Fuck, he wanted to kiss her.
He also wanted to shake her.
"Baby, it's jig," he corrected, and her head jerked, which made that mess of hair on her head jerk, which reminded him he wanted his hands in that hair.
Then elsewhere.
He needed to speed this shit up.
"Sorry?" she asked, sounding confused, and he looked from her hair to her eyes and saw she was, in fact, confused.
Yeah. Infuriating. And fucking cute.
"The jig is up, not the gig," he told her.
Her eyes narrowed. "Seriously? You're correcting my street lingo?"
"Think that street lingo was the street lingo about eight decades ago, Hanna. So now it's just lingo. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Bratniss Everclean
#10. Rock-a-bye, Bratniss, in your safe cage,
These bars will protect you when mommy's enraged.
If she should break through them,
Don't have any fear,
I made a machine that shoots tranquilizer darts at her if she gets too near. #Quote by Bratniss Everclean
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Shani Struthers
#11. Where are you? Have you arrived yet?" she asked eagerly.
"I have. I'm here and it's great. I love it."
"I knew you would!" cried Hannah. "So are you coming down? Help me pull a pint or two?"
"Yeah, sure. Give me half an hour or so, and I'll be there."
"Brilliant. See you soon."
"Bye," replied Layla, hanging up.
No time for eating then, she'd better unpack the car, sort out the bedraggled mess that she was, and get down to the pub. Start learning the ropes.
Hauling one of the bags upstairs, she went into her bedroom and plonked it on the bed. Before doing anything else, however, she couldn't resist peering out of the window again, having to imagine Gull Rock this time as the deepening night had hidden it completely. A year, she thought. That's all I've got, a year. Enough time to get over anyone, surely?
Taking in a deep breath then letting it slowly out, she bloody hoped so. #Quote by Shani Struthers
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
#12. My wife and I said good-bye the next morning in a little sheltered place among the lumber on the wharf; she was one of your women who never like to do their crying before folks.
She climbed on the pile of lumber and sat down, a little flushed and quivery, to watch us off. I remember seeing her there with the baby till we were well down the channel. I remember noticing the bay as it grew cleaner, and thinking that I would break off swearing; and I remember cursing Bob Smart like a pirate within an hour.
("Kentucky's Ghost") #Quote by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Theodore Tilton
#13. Baby bye Here's a fly, Let us watch him. you and I, How he crawls Up the walls Yet he never falls. #Quote by Theodore Tilton
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Terry Teachout
#14. If you're looking for light entertainment, you can't get much lighter than 'Bye Bye Birdie,' a flyweight farce about the coming of rock n' roll to small-town America. #Quote by Terry Teachout
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#15. Hush-a-bye, don't you cry
Go to sleepy, little baby
When you wake, you shall have
All the pretty little horses
Way down yonder in the meadow
Lies a poor little lambie
Bees and butterflies, picking out its eyes ... #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Lewis Carroll
#16. By-the-bye, what became of the baby?" said the Cat. "I'd nearly forgotten to ask."
"It turned into a pig," Alice answered very quietly, just as if the Cat had come back in a natural way.
"I thought it would," said the Cat, and vanished again. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by L.J.Smith
#17. A voice on the other end squealed and said distinctly, "Kee-kee!"
"Yeah, it's Kee-kee," Keller said, startled. "Um, I'm glad you're okay, kid. And, see, I didn't go bye-bye after all. So you may think you're pretty smart, but you still have something to learn about precognition, hotshot. Right?" Keller added, "You know I thought for a minute once that you might be the Wild Power. But I guess you're just a good old-fashioned witch baby."
Iliana, who was passing by, gave her a very strange look. "Keller, are you having a conversation with my baby brother? #Quote by L.J.Smith
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#18. It's hard being a rock; they have such a strange sense of time - and priorities. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by David Rock
#19. Think about what it feels like when you interact with someone who makes you notice what's good about yourself (raising your status), who is clear with his expectations of you (increasing certainty), who lets you make decisions (increasing autonomy), who connects with you on a human level (increasing relatedness), and who treats you fairly. #Quote by David Rock
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#20. Poet of Nature, thou hast wept to know
That things depart which never may return:
Childhood and youth, friendship and love's first glow,
Have fled like sweet dreams, leaving thee to mourn.
These common woes I feel. One loss is mine
Which thou too feel'st, yet I alone deplore.
Thou wert as a lone star, whose light did shine
On some frail bark in winter's midnight roar:
Thou hast like to a rock-built refuge stood
Above the blind and battling multitude:
In honored poverty thy voice did weave
Songs consecrate to truth and liberty,
Deserting these, thou leavest me to grieve,
Thus having been, that thou shouldst cease to be #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Frank Black
#21. I'm not saying that people have to listen to rock music. It's a great, cool thing and it can really be liberating for a lot of people but, hey, so can Charles Dickens so I'm not going to judge. #Quote by Frank Black
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Anonymous
#22. As a solid rock is not shaken by the wind, wise people falter not amidst blame and praise. #Quote by Anonymous
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Erik Weihenmayer
#23. When I'm following someone, I'm listening to a bear bell strapped to their packs. When I'm leading on a climb, like on a rock, I like to feel my way through it on my own, so I know the tricky moves and where to place gear. #Quote by Erik Weihenmayer
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Chris Rock
#24. You don't pay taxes; they take them from your check. That's not a payment - that's a 'jack. #Quote by Chris Rock
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Katey Sagal
#25. I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up, or at least a singer/songwriter. #Quote by Katey Sagal
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Jenny Lewis
#26. My mother's records were formative for me, but when I became a teenager, I wanted to find songs that she wasn't hip to. She was so hip, though, that I had to go outside rock n' roll - so for about 10 years, I only listened to hip-hop, house and techno. #Quote by Jenny Lewis
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Jessica Pare
#27. I'm thinking of putting together an all-star band. I definitely have a bit of a rock fantasy. #Quote by Jessica Pare
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by David Bowie
#28. David Bowie emerged as a rock star in the late '60s. And as Ken Tucker wrote, "In the face of the hippy era's sincerity, intimacy and generosity, Bowie presented irony, distance and self-absorption. His song 'Changes' announced the arrival of a new counterculture," unquote. #Quote by David Bowie
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Waylon Jennings
#29. I've always felt that blues, rock 'n' roll and country are just about a beat apart. #Quote by Waylon Jennings
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Jimmy Webb
#30. You certainly don't hear any country music on pop radio today. But for a while you did, and it was a lovely thing to have all the different genres of music cohabitating the Top 40 - the folk sound, The Beatles, the British sound, the Motown sounds, that kind of light country - it was a welcome relief after a few hard rock records. Everyone was sharing the airwaves, and I think it was a beautiful time for American music. #Quote by Jimmy Webb
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Paul Roberts
#31. We fine-tune our moods with pharmaceuticals and classic rock. Craft our meals around our allergies and ideologies. Customize our bodies with cross training, with ink and metal, with surgery and wearable technologies. We can choose a vehicle to express our hipness or hostility. We can move to a neighborhood that matches our social values, find a news outlet that mirrors our politics, create a social network that "likes" everything we say or post. With each transaction and upgrade, each choice and click, life moves closer to us, and the world becomes our world. #Quote by Paul Roberts
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Zach Braff
#32. I mean, nobody's ever thrown a big rock at me or my friends, but we're all pretty tough guys and could probably handle it. #Quote by Zach Braff
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Arthur Rock
#33. I think they, Peter McCullough was, turns out was not a good CEO. #Quote by Arthur Rock
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#34. And did the biblical Lazarus have a mother? What did she do when he was resurrected? Did he bid her good-bye before he returned to his undeath? Was he the same son to her undead as he was alive? I read that he sailed to Marseilles with his sisters afterward, where he may or may not have died again. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Quincy Jones
#35. Without the Fender bass, there'd be no rock n' roll or no Motown. The electric guitar had been waiting 'round since 1939 for a nice partner to come along. It became an electric rhythm section, and that changed everything. #Quote by Quincy Jones
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#36. The Clash were a major influence on my own music. They were the best rock 'n' roll band. Thanks, Joe. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Helen Keller
#37. A beam from the everlasting sun of God.
Rude and unresponsive are the stones;
Yet in them divine things lie concealed;
I hear their imprisoned chant:–
"We are fragments of the universe,
Chips of the rock whereon God laid the foundation of the world: #Quote by Helen Keller
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Mark Twain
#38. Switzerland is simply a large, lumpy, solid rock with a thin skin of grass stretched over it. #Quote by Mark Twain
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Karen Foxlee
#39. And you might think a name is just a name, nothing but a word, but that is not the case. Your name is tacked to you. Where it has joined you, it has seeped into your skin and into your essence and into your soul. So when they plucked my name from me with their spell, it was as heavy as a rock in their hands but as invisible as the wind, and it wasn't just the memory of my name, but me myself. A tiny part of me that they took and stored away. #Quote by Karen Foxlee
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Mike Romano
#40. It's nice that psychedelic music is kind of a buzzword. When I started with Vincent Black Shadow, stoner-rock was getting big, but it was more of a riff-oriented thing. Now people are starting to get into the 60's-Pink Floyd-acid-pop viewpoint. #Quote by Mike Romano
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Bill Mumy
#41. I'm also performing regularly in Southern California with two bands. As a solo artist doing acoustic sets and a member of the Jenerators, my rock n roll band that has been around for a long time now. #Quote by Bill Mumy
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Gary Clark, Jr.
#42. I grew up with synthesizers and weird, spacey music-hip-hop, R&B, modern rock-that I heard on the radio. That's influenced the way I play music. It's natural for me to go with what I feel. If I didn't let that other stuff out and stuck to a certain format, I would feel like I was missing out on something. I'm just enjoying my ride and being who I am. #Quote by Gary Clark, Jr.
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#43. A big rock can handle a hammer blow, it just gets chipped a little, what it can't handle is erosion #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by DJ Khaled
#44. I don't have no favorite rock bands. I'm a fan of rock music though. #Quote by DJ Khaled
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Lisa Carlisle
#45. You must hate witches now."
He pulled his gaze from her and stared back at the constellations. "I thought I did."
He leaned toward her and took a lock of her hair, watching it as he ran it through his fingers. "Until I met you. #Quote by Lisa Carlisle
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Daron Malakian
#46. In 'Kill Rock n' Roll,' the choruses came about at the moment I was listening to a lot of the Supremes, and if you listen to that part, you can hear a melody and a harmony there that's not too far away from what the Supremes would probably be doing, but there's heavy guitars in the back. #Quote by Daron Malakian
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Gonjasufi
#47. Back in the day I used to drive with a rock just in case. #Quote by Gonjasufi
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Kurt Cobain
#48. I'd like to live off the band, but if not, I'll just retire to Mexico or Yugoslavia with a few hundred dollars, grow potatoes, and learn the history of rock through back issues of Creem magazine. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Mike Vogel
#49. I have such an eclectic taste in music. Come to a backyard BBQ at my house, and I will run the gamut from Skynyrd to Sinatra to '90s grunge, rap, R&B, and classic rock. I have issues. If I had to pick one, I love this country artist named Craig Morgan. His music and his songs are so relatable and tell such vivid stories. #Quote by Mike Vogel
Rock A Bye Baby quotes by Eddie Trunk
#50. The power chords in 'Come Sail Away' were super heavy to me as a kid. Metal? No. Hard rock? At times, for sure. #Quote by Eddie Trunk

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