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Famous Quotes About Riverrun Collies

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Riverrun Collies quotes by Shawn T. Smith
#1. Good men are a bit like border collies: we're happiest when we're useful. That's why the life of a good man involves constant striving for direction and meaning. #Quote by Shawn T. Smith
Riverrun Collies quotes by Eli Easton
#2. Mother, just like the last fifty-five thousand times you've mentioned it, I have no intention of getting married and having a family. You're just going to have to content yourself with the grandchildren you already have. ...
His mother narrowed her eyes at him. He could see her mind working on how to get him to come around. She was never going to give up, and she would be fit and healthy enough to badger him about it for years and years.
Lance had heard humans talk about the tenacity of Jewish mothers. He didn't know any, but he'd be surprised if they could hold a candle to the relentless herding instinct of a quickened mother who was descended on both sides from border collies. #Quote by Eli Easton
Riverrun Collies quotes by Jeremy Hotz
#3. I have a dog that loves to fight. It's a border collie, and they fight low to the ground. Other dogs are terrified of my dog, because he gets low and goes for the balls. #Quote by Jeremy Hotz
Riverrun Collies quotes by Jon Katz
#4. She lived upstairs in the farmhouse; guests and visitors occupied the B&B rooms downstairs. She kept crates tucked all over the house, in which herding dogs-border collies and shepherds-slept while waiting to work, exercise, or play.

These working dogs, I'd come to learn, led lives very different from my dogs'. Carolyn let them out several times a day to exercise and eliminate, but generally, they were out of crates only to train or herd sheep. While they were out, Carolyn tossed a cup of kibble into their crates for them to eat when they returned. I asked her once if she left the lights on for the dogs when she went out, and she looked at me curiously. "Why? They don't read...

Still, they were everywhere. If you bumped into a sofa it might growl or thump. Some of her crew were puppies; some were strange rescue dogs. #Quote by Jon Katz
Riverrun Collies quotes by Nicollette Sheridan
#5. Fatty, a bearded collie-terrier mix, is the kindest, cuddliest dog. And Oliver, a white golden retriever, even looks like me! My dogs have taught me to be more loving, more nurturing, and happier. #Quote by Nicollette Sheridan
Riverrun Collies quotes by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
#6. Whereas Einstein was not the James Joyce of scientists and James Joyce was not the Einstein of novelists who no one could go beyond because beyond was a space where all is curved and comes around again to its beginning in a relative sort of way and after all isn't that what a river does always turning back upon itself like a serpent eating its tail which is life itself and everyone's life like a rushing stream down a mountain into the greatest river and the river always coming back to itself after it flows to the ocean and returns in clouds and rain and sunsets although today sunsets are dying the rivers dying and how much longer will the river be returning and returning as if a river really ever could come home again with its voyagers and that far wanderer James Joyce always leaning back to listen to old River Liffey telling him the great tale always whispering to him that wake of words for all of us to wail upon along a riverrun homing in the gloaming #Quote by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Riverrun Collies quotes by James Patterson
#7. As I stare into the Border collie's eyes, I think that maybe I should go inside and call the girls. Claire, Cindy, and Jill would be here almost before I hung up the phone. They would hold me, hug me, say all the right things. You're special, Lindsay. Everybody loves you, Lindsay. #Quote by James Patterson
Riverrun Collies quotes by Albert Payson Terhune
#8. The Master talked of buying a whalebone-and-steel-and-snow bull terrier, or a more formidable if more greedy Great Dane. But the Mistress wanted a collie. So they compromised by getting the collie. #Quote by Albert Payson Terhune
Riverrun Collies quotes by George R R Martin
#9. Catelyn had never liked this godswood.
She had been born a Tully, at Riverrun far to the south, on the Red Fork of the Trident. The godswood there was a garden, bright and airy, where tall redwoods spread dappled shadows across tinkling streams, birds sang from hidden nests, and the air was spicy with the scent of flowers. #Quote by George R R Martin
Riverrun Collies quotes by George R R Martin
#10. She had been making for Riverrun for years, it seemed, without ever getting there. #Quote by George R R Martin
Riverrun Collies quotes by George R R Martin
#11. Your brother Jaime keeps losing battles. He gave Sansa an angry look, as if it were her fault. He's been taken by the Starks and we've lost Riverrun and now her stupid brother is calling himself a king.
The dwarf smiled crookedly. All sorts of people are calling themselves kings these days. #Quote by George R R Martin
Riverrun Collies quotes by George R R Martin
#12. The battle proved a victory - at least in part - and soon after, his grandfather finally died, and Ser Elmo became Lord of Riverrun. But he did not long enjoy his station; he died on the march forty-nine days later, leaving his young son, Ser Kermit, to succeed him. #Quote by George R R Martin
Riverrun Collies quotes by Cathleen Schine
#13. I grew up reading books about heroic collies. #Quote by Cathleen Schine
Riverrun Collies quotes by John Wozniak
#14. I was never able to get through Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I've never been able to make it through. And I love the Smashing Pumpkins, they're one of my favorite bands ever, but I've never been able to listen to the whole thing all the way through. #Quote by John Wozniak
Riverrun Collies quotes by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
#15. words are a border collie's
worst nightmare. #Quote by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Riverrun Collies quotes by Nick Jans
#16. To high-drive labs and boarder collies, fetch is often more than just a game; it's their job, a dead serious business. #Quote by Nick Jans
Riverrun Collies quotes by Rona Jaffe
#17. Girls always think, "I'm going to be the exception," Caroline thought; it's a weakness of the species, like a collie's tiny brain. #Quote by Rona Jaffe

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