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Rise To Power quotes by Adolf Hitler
#1. The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Rise To Power quotes by Hollow Ryan
#2. Do you know what happens when Titans go to war? Gods rise to power. #Quote by Hollow Ryan
Rise To Power quotes by Omar Bongo
#3. For about ten years now, the struggle for democracy and the respect of human rights has been in the focus point - if not a commodity - of political groups aiming to rise to power. #Quote by Omar Bongo
Rise To Power quotes by Adolf Hitler
#4. Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Rise To Power quotes by Anonymous
#5. The first trailblazer was Ivy Lee. He is often considered the founder of modern public relations and the originator of corporate crisis communications.* In 1914 he went to work for the Rockefeller interests after coal miners striking at one of the mines they controlled in Ludlow, Colorado, were massacred by the National Guard. Between nineteen and twenty-five people were killed, including two women and eleven children. Lee's press releases claimed that their deaths were the result of an overturned camp stove. Ivy Lee was one of the first members of the Council on Foreign Relations when it was founded just after World War I; he was thus co-opted into America's foreign policy establishment. Shortly before he died in 1934, Congress began investigating his public relations work on behalf of the notorious German chemical monopoly I.G. Farben, which helped fund Hitler's rise to power and would later develop the poison gas used in the Nazi death camps. #Quote by Anonymous
Rise To Power quotes by Adolf Hitler
#6. The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Rise To Power quotes by Adolf Hitler
#7. If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the Revolution. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Rise To Power quotes by Bernie Sanders
#8. The rise to power of a right-wing lunatic in a free election in Germany. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Rise To Power quotes by Robert O. Paxton
#9. German voters never gave the Nazis a majority of the popular vote, as is still sometimes alleged. As we saw in the last chapter, the Nazis did indeed become the largest party in the German Reichstag in the parliamentary election of July 31, 1932, with 37.2 percent of the vote. They then slipped back to 33.1 percent in the parliamentary election of November 6, 1932. In the parliamentary election of March 6, 1933, with Hitler as chancellor and the Nazi Party in command of all the resources of the German state, its score was a more significant but still insufficient 43.9 percent. More than one German in two voted against Nazi candidates in that election, in the teeth of intimidation by Storm Troopers. The Italian Fascist Party won 35 out of
535 seats, in the one free parliamentary election in which it participated, on May 15, 1921.

At the other extreme, neither Hitler nor Mussolini arrived in office by a coup d'état. Neither took the helm by force, even if both had used force before power in order to destabilize the existing regime, and both were to use force again, after power, in order to transform their governments into dictatorships (as we will see shortly). Even the most scrupulous authors refer to their "seizure of power," but that phrase better describes what the two fascist leaders did after reaching office than how they got into office.

Both Mussolini and Hitler were invited to take office as head of government by a head of state in the legit #Quote by Robert O. Paxton
Rise To Power quotes by Catherine Fletcher
#10. The wealth of the Medici family was based on the wool trade but most importantly on banking. By the beginning of the fifteenth century they were one of the leading families in Florentine government. In 1421 Giovanni di Bicci de'Medici became gonfolaniere - literally, the standard-bearer of the republic, one of the most prestigious offices in the city. He was also a banker to the popes in Rome, and his bank has been called 'the most successful commercial enterprise in Italy.' It was the basis for his son Cosimo the Elder's rise to power. #Quote by Catherine Fletcher
Rise To Power quotes by Barack Obama
#11. But for a younger generation of conservative operatives who would soon rise to power ... They were true believers who meant what they said, whether it was 'No New Taxes' or 'We are a Christian Nation.' In fact, with their rigid doctrines, slash-and-burn style, and exaggerated sense of having been aggrieved, this new conservative leadership was eerily reminiscent of some of the New Left's leaders during the sixties. As with their left-wing counterparts, this new vanguard of the right viewed politics as a contest not just between competing policy visions, but between good and evil. Activists in both parties began developing litmus tests, checklists of orthodoxy, leaving a Democrat who questioned abortion increasingly lonely, any Republican who championed gun control effectively marooned. In this Manichean struggle, compromise came to look like weakness, to be punished or purged. You were with us or you were against us. You had to choose sides. #Quote by Barack Obama
Rise To Power quotes by Nawal El Saadawi
#12. I knew that successful politicians cannot bear to accept defeat within themselves. A human being cannot stand up to a double defeat. That is the secret of their continuous attempt to rise to power. They draw a feeling of supremacy from their power over others. It makes them feel victorious rather than defeated. It hides how essentially hollow they are inside, despite the impression of greatness they try to spread around them, which is all they really care for. #Quote by Nawal El Saadawi
Rise To Power quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#13. As a kid, I always liked reading stories where I had a power-projection fantasy. I wanted to be inside of a story where I had power and influence, was going to rise to power, was going to somehow influence my society. #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
Rise To Power quotes by Rick Riordan
#14. Even Meg looked uncomfortable, as if just realizing what sort of power she'd been given. I was relieved to see that discomfort. It was a sure sign that Meg remained a good person. Power makes good people uneasy rather than joyful or boastful. That's why good people so rarely rise to power. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Rise To Power quotes by Jennifer Beals
#15. Women are so often segregated to their sexuality, and how they appear. In fact, there's a lot of talk, even now, I think in most jobs this is true ... people will say, when a woman rises to power, they ask, 'who did she sleep with?' You know, it couldn't possibly be about her acumen, it couldn't possibly be about her intelligence. It's got to be about her body, because that's how women get ahead. #Quote by Jennifer Beals
Rise To Power quotes by Adam McKay
#16. Dick Cheney and Bush's rise to power were built on tons of money from corporations and a dulled press. #Quote by Adam McKay
Rise To Power quotes by Hannah Arendt
#17. The breakdown of the European party system occurred in a spectacular way with Hitler's rise to power. It is now often conveniently forgotten that at the moment of the outbreak of the second World War, the majority of European countries has already adopted some form of dictatorship and discarded the party system, and that this revolutionary change in government has been effected in most countries without revolutionary upheaval. Revolutionary action more often than not was a theatrical concession to the desires of violently discontented masses rather than an actual battle for power. After all, it did not make much difference if a few thousand almost unarmed people staged a march on Rome and took over the government of Italy, or whether in Poland (in 1934) a so-called "partyless bloc," with a program of support for a semifascist government and a membership drawn from the nobility and the poorest peasantry, workers and businessmen, Catholics and orthodox Jews, legally won two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Rise To Power quotes by Isaac Deutscher
#18. I do not think that a man's rise to power is necessarily the climax of his life or that his loss of office should be equated with his fall. #Quote by Isaac Deutscher
Rise To Power quotes by Julius Evola
#19. The essential task ahead requires formulating an adequate doctrine, upholding principles that have been thoroughly studied, and, beginning from these, giving birth to an Order. This elite, differentiating itself on a plane that is defined in terms of spiritual virility, decisiveness, and impersonality, and where every naturalistic bond loses its power and value, will be the bearer of a new principle of a higher authority and sovereignty; it will be able to denounce subversion and demagogy in whatever form they appear and reverse the downward spiral of the top-level cadres and the irresistible rise to power of the masses. From this elite, as if from a seed, a political organism and an integrated nation will emerge, enjoying the same dignity as the nations created by the great European political tradition. Anything short of this amounts only to a quagmire, dilettantism, irrealism, and obliquity. #Quote by Julius Evola
Rise To Power quotes by Adolf Hitler
#20. Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Rise To Power quotes by Hermann Goring
#21. In Berlin Jews controlled almost one hundred percent of the theaters and cinemas before the rise to power. #Quote by Hermann Goring
Rise To Power quotes by Michael Shannon
#22. This whole notion of the acting career as a monopoly where you rise to power ... it doesn't really work that way. I don't ever really feel powerful in any way. It's kind of the same thing it's always been: You just figure out what you want to do and you do it. #Quote by Michael Shannon
Rise To Power quotes by Hope Barrett
#23. THE EMPRESS LO was not beautiful but she was ambitious and, sometimes, ambition can take you further than beauty. The women of the court never wondered how she got this far because as all women know, the rise to power is relatively simple ~ especially if it is a man who has control. ~ from the Three Lives of Empress Lo. Forthcoming. #Quote by Hope Barrett
Rise To Power quotes by Katherine Graham
#24. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex. #Quote by Katherine Graham
Rise To Power quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. Power makes good people uncomfortable, not joyful or boastful. That is why good people rarely rise to power. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Rise To Power quotes by Joseph P. Kauffman
#26. Most people are aware of Adolf Hitler and his rise to power. What most people do not know is that he was almost completely financed by money drawn from the privately owned American Federal Reserve. #Quote by Joseph P. Kauffman
Rise To Power quotes by Rick Riordan
#27. Gods have great power, but only humans have creativity, the power to change history. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Rise To Power quotes by Louise Hay
#28. Our breath is the most precious substance in our lives, and yet we totally take for granted when we exhale that our next breath will be there. If we did not take another breath, we would not last 3 minutes. Now if the Power that created us has given us enough breath to last for as long as we shall live, can we not trust that everything else we need will also be supplied? #Quote by Louise Hay
Rise To Power quotes by Sarah Bessey
#29. In the Kingdom of God, we join with God in co-creation, in the work of the new earth. We love and we follow Jesus. We shape our lives into His life, to live here on earth as He would live among us. We weren't called to follow political parties or ideology, nationalism, consumerism, or power. Instead, we were called to apprentice ourselves to Jesus' way of life. We were called to be part of establishing the Kingdom of God here and now in our walking-around lives. Partnering with God to see the Kingdom come. #Quote by Sarah Bessey
Rise To Power quotes by Patch Adams
#30. I think my government are fascists. I feel that if we don't change from a society that worships money and power over to one that worships compassion and generosity, there is no hope for human survival this century. #Quote by Patch Adams
Rise To Power quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#31. Doctors in highly charged fields met patients at inflected moments, the most authentic moments, where life and identity were under threat; their duty included learning what made that particular patient's life worth living, and planning to save those things if possible--or to allow the peace of death if not. Such power required deep responsibility, sharing in guilt and recrimination. #Quote by Paul Kalanithi
Rise To Power quotes by Thomas Sowell
#32. Government's power to bully people who have broken no law is dangerous to all of us. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Rise To Power quotes by Michael Bronski
#33. Entertainment in its broadest sense- popular ballads, vaudeville, films, sculptures, plays, paintings, pornography, pulp novels-- has not only been a primary mode of expression of LGBT identity, but one of the most effective means of social change. Ironically, the enormous political power of these forms was often understood by the people who wanted to ban them, not by the people who were simply enjoying them. #Quote by Michael Bronski
Rise To Power quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#34. Man has infinite power within himself, and he can realise it - he can realise himself as the one infinite Self. It can be done; but you do not believe it. You pray to God and keep your powder dry all the time. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Rise To Power quotes by Stephen King
#35. It was quarter past four, that deadly time of morning when it's too late to go back to sleep and still too early to rise and shine. #Quote by Stephen King
Rise To Power quotes by John Shindler
#36. Creating the Weather in the Classroom As Haim Ginott suggests, teachers "create the weather" in the classroom: I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child's life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture, or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate, or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child is humanized or dehumanized [p. x]. #Quote by John Shindler
Rise To Power quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#37. Seeing is the property of our eyes. But we also use this word in other senses, when we apply the power of vision to knowledge generally. We do not say 'Hear how that flashes', or 'Smell how bright that is', or 'Taste how that shines' or 'Touch how that gleams'. Of all these things we say 'see'. But we say not only 'See how that light shines', which only the eyes can perceive, but also 'See how that sounds, see what smells, see what tastes, see how hard that is'. So the general experience of the senses is the lust, as scripture says, of the eyes, because seeing is a function in which eyes hold the first place but other senses claim the word for themselves by analogy when they are exploring any department of knowledge. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Rise To Power quotes by Anonymous
#38. But if a railway in the wilderness is to be a profitable business, if it is even to be possible, if it is to obtain the labour power necessary for its construction and the security necessary for its operational demands, there must be a State authority strong and ruthless enough to defend the interests of the foreign capitalists and even to yield blindly to their interests. #Quote by Anonymous
Rise To Power quotes by Thomas Wolfe
#39. This is man, who, if he can remember ten golden moments of joy and happiness out of all his years, ten moments unmarked by care, unseamed by aches or itches, has power to lift himself with his expiring breath and say: I have lived upon this earth and known glory! #Quote by Thomas Wolfe
Rise To Power quotes by Rose Philippine Duchesne
#40. I am where God wills me to be, and so I have found rest and security. His wisdom governs me, His power defends me, His grace sanctifies me, His mercy encompasses me, His joy sustains me and all will go well with me. #Quote by Rose Philippine Duchesne
Rise To Power quotes by Vera Brittain
#41. I had realized that it was not the courage and generosity of the dead which had brought about this chaos of disaster, but the failure of courage and generosity on the part of the survivors… Perhaps, after all, the best that we who were left could do was to refuse to forget, and to teach our successors what we remembered, in the hope that they, when their own day came, would have more power to change the state of the world than this bankrupt, shattered nation. If only, somehow, the nobility which in us had been turned toward destruction could be used in them for creation, if the courage which we had dedicated to war could be employed, by them, on behalf of peace, then the future might indeed see the redemption of man instead of his further descent into chaos. #Quote by Vera Brittain
Rise To Power quotes by Karl R. Popper
#42. I don't think highly of the theoretical or explanatory power of of the theory of evolution. But I think that an evolutionary approach to biological problems is inescapable, and also that in so desperate a problem situation we must clutch gratefully even at a straw. So, I propose, to start, that we regard the human mind quite naively as if it were a highly developed bodily organ, and that we ask ourselves, as we might with respect to a sense organ, what it contributes to the household of the organism. #Quote by Karl R. Popper
Rise To Power quotes by William Faulkner
#43. It is jealousy, I think, which makes us wish to prevent young people doing the things we had not the courage or the opportunity ourselves to accomplish once, and have not the power to do now. #Quote by William Faulkner
Rise To Power quotes by Greg Cox
#44. Beware of more powerful weapons. They often inflict as much damage to your soul as they do to you enemies. #Quote by Greg Cox
Rise To Power quotes by Francis Chan
#45. A life in which people know that our accomplishments could not have been attained by our own power. A life that brings glory to God in heaven.4 #Quote by Francis Chan
Rise To Power quotes by Ric Burns
#46. From the ashes of the Triangle Company fire began to rise one of the most dramatic and far-reaching [changes] in American history-one that would...eventually redefine forever the role the government played in the lives of ordinary people. #Quote by Ric Burns
Rise To Power quotes by Niall Williams
#47. If I am alive this is my book, and my father lives now in the afterlife that is a book, a thing not vague or virtual but something you can hold and feel and smell because to my mind heaven like life must be a thing sensual and real. And my book will be a river and have the Salmon literal and metaphoric leaping inside it and be called History of the Rain, so that his book does not perish, and you will know my book exists because of him and because of his books and his aspiration to leap up, to rise. You will know that I found him in his books, in the covers his hands held, the pages they turned, in the paper and the print, but also in the worlds those books contained, where now I have been and you have been too. You will know the story goes from the past to the present and into the future, and like a river flows. #Quote by Niall Williams
Rise To Power quotes by Robert Barron
#48. For many people, the big feast of the year is Christmas, but for Christians, the truly great feast is Easter. Without Easter, without the Resurrection, we would not have the gift of salvation. Jesus had to rise from the dead or else he would have just been another failed Messiah and his birth would be a forgotten footnote of history. #Quote by Robert Barron
Rise To Power quotes by Hosea Ballou
#49. It is the nature of intellect to strive to improve in intellectual power. #Quote by Hosea Ballou
Rise To Power quotes by June Jordan
#50. Like a lot of Black women, I have always had to invent the power my freedom requires ... #Quote by June Jordan
Rise To Power quotes by Anita Diamant
#51. Why did I not know that (child) birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers? ... Until you are the woman on the bricks, you have no idea how death stands in the corner, ready to play his part. Until you are the woman on the bricks, you do not know the power that rises from other women. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Rise To Power quotes by Will Durant
#52. [...] violent revolutions do not so much redistribute wealth as destroy it. There may be a redivision of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as in the old. The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints. #Quote by Will Durant
Rise To Power quotes by Dr.Joseph Murphy
#53. The conscious mind has the power of choice; the sub-conscious does what it's told to do. #Quote by Dr.Joseph Murphy
Rise To Power quotes by William L. Cleveland
#54. The Safavids were either of Kurdish or Turkish origin. In the late thirteenth century, a member of the Safavid family founded a Sunni Sufi religious brotherhood in Azerbaijan, the Turkish-speaking region of northwestern Iran. The brotherhood attracted an ardent following among the Turkish pastoral tribes of the area, and by the late fifteenth century its influence had expanded into Anatolia and Syria. The heads of the brotherhood led the tribes in a series of expeditions against the Christians of the Caucasus, thereby acquiring temporal power as well as enhancing their reputations as servants of Islam. Their Turkish followers were known as Qizilbash, the Redheaded Ones, after the red headgear they wore to identify themselves as supporters of the Safavid brotherhood. #Quote by William L. Cleveland
Rise To Power quotes by Robert Murray M'Cheyne
#55. When old companions, old lusts, and sins crowd in upon you, and when you feel that you are ready to sink, what can save you, sinking sinner ? This alone - I have a high priest in heaven, and he can support in the hour of affliction. This alone can give you peace-I have a high priest in heaven. When you are dying - when friends can do you no good - when sins rise up like spectres around your bed - what can give you peace ? This - "I have a high priest in heaven" #Quote by Robert Murray M'Cheyne
Rise To Power quotes by Elizabeth Edwards
#56. You all know that I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces - my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope. These graces have carried me through difficult times and they have brought more joy to the good times than I ever could have imagined. #Quote by Elizabeth Edwards
Rise To Power quotes by Bill Maher
#57. Religions are maintained by people. People who can't get laid, because sex is the first great earthly pleasure. But if you can't get that, power is a pretty good second one. And that's what religion gives to people. Power. Power is sex for people who can't get or don't want or aren't any good at sex itself. #Quote by Bill Maher
Rise To Power quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#58. One reason I continue to oppose efforts to criminalize abortion is that I do not believe any government should have the power to dictate, through law or police action, a woman's most personal decisions."

"I consider that a slippery slope to state control of reproduction, and I'd witnessed the consequences of such control in China and Communist Romania. #Quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Rise To Power quotes by Orson Welles
#59. The most personal thing I've put in [Touch of Evil] is my hatred of the abuse of police power. It's better to see a murderer go free than for a policeman to abuse his power. #Quote by Orson Welles
Rise To Power quotes by Moshe Kasher
#60. There were some particular themes that I knew I wanted to hit, and when I got deeper into the project I found that it was becoming serious in and on its own. By the end, it's not very funny at all. I think, now, that part of the power of the book is that the jokes are kind of sparkly distractions. #Quote by Moshe Kasher
Rise To Power quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#61. But what might a woman say about church as she? What might a woman say about the church as body and bride?

Perhaps she would speak of the way a regular body moves through the world - always changing, never perfect - capable of nurturing life, not simply through the womb, but through hands, feet, eyes, voice, and brain. Every part is sacred. Every part has a function.

Perhaps she would speak of impossible expectations and all the time she's wasted trying to contort herself into the shape of those amorphous silhouettes that flit from magazines and billboards into her mind. Or of this screwed-up notion of purity as a status, as something awarded by men with tests and checklists and the power to give it and take it away.

Perhaps she would speak of the surprise of seeing herself - flaws and all - in the mirror on her wedding day. Or of the reality that with new life comes swollen breasts, dry heaves, dirty diapers, snotty noses, late-night arguments, and a whole army of new dangers and fears she never even considered before because life-giving isn't nearly as glamorous as it sounds, but it's a thousand times more beautiful.

Perhaps she would talk about being underestimated, about surprising people and surprising herself. Or about how there are moments when her own strength startles her, and moments when her weakness - her forgetfulness, her fear, her exhaustion - unnerve her.

Maybe she would tell of the time, in the mount #Quote by Rachel Held Evans

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