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Rip quotes by JWoww
#1. I am like a praying mantis, after I have sex with a guy I will rip their heads off. #Quote by JWoww
Rip quotes by Rachel Kadish
#2. Love isn't rest. Love requires you, from time to time, to rip up your soul and replant it. To dare your lover to do the same. To muster sympathy where it seemed impossible. To be, perpetually, two kids joining hands, drawing breath, and deep diving. #Quote by Rachel Kadish
Rip quotes by Nalini Singh
#3. This song is for my Molly, who is the best fucking thing that´s ever happened to me. Also, for those suicidal idiots sending her fan mail asking her to run away with them, I will hunt you down and rip off you nuts. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Rip quotes by Bruce Willis
#4. I've done films where you have to get in shape for purely vanity reasons, when you read a script, turn to page 87 and it says: "Rips his shirt off and casually throws it onto chair" - and you're going to go to the gym the next day because nobody wants to see your big fat arse out there taking your shirt off! #Quote by Bruce Willis
Rip quotes by Anne Osterlund
#5. He felt the muscle of his heart rip apart, and there was nothing he could do but watch it bleed all over the dreams he had never meant to have. #Quote by Anne Osterlund
Rip quotes by Gena Showalter
#6. Jump. "Not yet." A few more seconds of anticipation, of knowing most of his bones would shatter on contact. He grinned at the thought. The razor-sharp bone shards would cut his injured, swollen organs and those organs would burst like water balloons; his skin would rip from the excess fluid and this time the lifeblood that drained would be his own. Agony, such blissful agony, would consume him. For a little while, anyway. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Rip quotes by Deb Caletti
#7. We are all a volume on a shelf of a library, a story unto ourselves, never possibly described with one word or even very accurately with thousands. A person is never as quiet or unrestrained as they seem, or as bad or good, as vulnerable or as strong, as sweet or as fiesty; we are thickly layered, page upon lying page, behind simple covers. And love - it is not the book itself, but the binding. It can rip us apart or hold us together. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Rip quotes by Charles De Lint
#8. Living on the street as a kid changed the way I looked at everything. It was a different time and while it had its dangers, it was nothing like it would be today. It was the Summer of Love and there was a real sense of community among us. We were hippies who looked out for each other instead of trying to rip each other off. We only had to watch out for the police who liked to roust us just on general principles, and the kids who came in from the suburbs to do a little hippie-bashing. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Rip quotes by J.K. Rowling
#9. . rip . . . tear . . . kill #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Rip quotes by Tyler Oakley
#10. but he killed the best Disney villain of all time, the drag queen that is Ursula. Unforgivable. RIP. 4. #Quote by Tyler Oakley
Rip quotes by Andrew Greeley
#11. It should be no surprise that when rich men take control of the government, they pass laws that are favorable to themselves. The surprise is that those who are not rich vote for such people, even though they should know from bitter experience that the rich will continue to rip off the rest of us. #Quote by Andrew Greeley
Rip quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#12. If you don't stop feeling and start instructing, I'm going to rip out your eyes and replace them with these billiard balls. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Rip quotes by Kim Harrison
#13. HAPA was like mint. You could rip it up, and six months later, it was back, healthier than ever. Mint smelled better, though, and you could make juleps out of it. I don't know what I could make out of HAPA. Compost, maybe. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Rip quotes by Jim Butcher
#14. At one time in my life, a shapeshifted, demonically possessed maniac crashing through a window and trying to rip my face off would have come as an enormous and nasty surprise.
But that time was pretty much in the past. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Rip quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#15. I just don't like mutual funds. I think they're a rip-off. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Rip quotes by Emalynne Wilder
#16. You aren't some dream I want to relive. You're the part of my life that someone has decided to rip away and I'm trying to figure out how to tie us back together. #Quote by Emalynne Wilder
Rip quotes by Wendy Higgins
#17. Thankfully I had to stand solitary for only one long moment before Jay came back feeling over-the-moon happy. I let his emotion drench me.
"What were you and Kaidan Rowe talking 'bout?" Jay asked me. "Man, y'all looked like you were gonna rip each other's clothes off!" I gasped
and smacked his arm, but he didn't flinch.
"We did not." My eyes darted over to Kaidan for a fraction of a second, and though he was too far away to have heard, the wink he sent me
brought another flush to my skin. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Rip quotes by Terry Gilliam
#18. I want this on my tombstone: Here lies Terry Gilliam--RIP--'He giggled in awe. #Quote by Terry Gilliam
Rip quotes by Henry Martin
#19. I would like to believe and give in to my naiveté, I would like to embrace the fact that I am back in the place where the long fingers of civilization cannot reach me and rip my heart out. At this moment, I would like to embrace myself. I would like to be unconcerned with the rest of the world and take pleasure in knowing that I have found my home. All of my life, all of my adult life, which began with the first notion of understanding, I have been searching for this sensation. You, cruel world, have tried to bring me down, tried to crush me with your code of conduct, your ethics, and your preconceived limits on liberty. You have raped me and robbed me of happiness; you have stolen my dreams and my dignity, leaving me to rot with the rest of you. Today, I know I have escaped your poisoned web; I know your rules do not apply to me, for after all you have done to crush me, I am still standing proudly above the set of your sick play. I am in love - a feeling you no longer thought I was capable of. I am in love - living, breathing, dreaming again - triumphant over your sick schemes. #Quote by Henry Martin
Rip quotes by Alan Kinross
#20. She hadn't broken a nail in years; she could rip holes in walls and still look well manicured. #Quote by Alan Kinross
Rip quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#21. The religion of the flag promptly replaced the cult of heaven, an old cloud which had already been deflated by the Reformation and reduced to a network of episcopal money boxes. In olden times the fanatical fashion was: 'Long live Jesus! Burn the heretics!' . . . But heretics, after all, were few and voluntary . . . Whereas today vast hordes of men are fired with aim and purpose by cries of 'Hang the limp turnips! The juiceless lemons! The innocent readers! By the millions, eyes right!' If anybody doesn't want to fight or murder, grab 'em, tear 'em to pieces! Kill them in thirteen juicy ways. For a starter, to teach them how to live, rip their guts out of their bodies, their eyes out of their sockets, and the years out of their filthy slobbering lives! #Quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Rip quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#22. Something snaps.
I hear a gasp.
I spin around.
I jump up, alert, searching for the sound. It seemed close by. Someone saw me. Someone -
A civilian. She's already darting away, her body pressed against the wall of a nearby unit.
"Hey!" I shout. "You there - "
She stops. Looks up.
I nearly collapse.
She's staring at me. She's actually here, staring at me, her eyes wide and panicked. My legs are suddenly made of lead. I'm rooted to the ground, unable to form words. I don't even know where to start. There's so much I want to say to her, so much I've never told her, and I'm just so happy to see her - God, I'm so relieved -
She's disappeared.
I spin around, frantic, wondering whether I've actually begun to lose my grip on reality. My eyes land on the little dog still sitting there, waiting for me, and I stare at it, dumbfounded, wondering what on earth just happened. I keep looking back at the place I thought I saw her, but I see nothing.
I run a hand through my hair, so confused, so horrified and angry with myself that I'm tempted to rip it out of my head.
What is happening to me. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Rip quotes by C.J. Roberts
#23. I didn't want to rush things. Well, I did want to, but I know when I shouldn't. I wanted to push her up against the door, rip off her panties, and ram myself into her, but I suspected she wouldn't appreciate it as much as I would #Quote by C.J. Roberts
Rip quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#24. Death is beautiful when seen to be a law, and not an accident. It is as common as life. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Rip quotes by Andrea Dworkin
#25. I`m tired, very weary, and I cry for my sisters. Tears get the nothing, of course. One needs a generation of warriors who can`t be tired out or bought off. Each woman needs to take what she endures and turn it into action. With every tear, accompanying it, one needs a knife to rip a predator apart; with every wave of fatiguem one needs another platoon of strong, tough women coming up over the horizon to take more land, to make it safe for women. I`m willing to count the inches. The pimps and rapists need to be dispossessed, forced into a mangy exile; the women and children - the world`s true orphans - need to be empowered, cosseted with respect and dignity #Quote by Andrea Dworkin
Rip quotes by Chris Rock
#26. They're working their way down. Next year, Todd Bridges gets the award. When I was a kid I wanted to be Eddie Murphy and now I'm a rip-off of Eddie Murphy. #Quote by Chris Rock
Rip quotes by Stephen King
#27. Don't let your elders and supposed betters tell you any different. Sure, you've never been to Paris. No, you never ran with the bulls at Pamploma. Yes, you're a pissant who had no hair in your armpits until three years ago - but so what? If you don't start out too big for your britches, how are you gonna fill 'em when you grow up? Let it rip regardless of what anybody tells you, that's my idea; sit down an smoke that baby. #Quote by Stephen King
Rip quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#28. If she's not alright, I'm going to rip out his heart and eat it." I nodded. "You really shouldn't eat raw meat," Chubs said. #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Rip quotes by Jessica Brody
#29. The eyes-the thousands of wandering, questioning, reproving eyes-they are all around us. They penetrate my clothes. They rip at my skin. They dour me. #Quote by Jessica Brody
Rip quotes by Darynda Jones
#30. How does Reyes feel about him?"
"He would rip out his spine if I let him."
She patted my knee. "I would expect nothing less from the son of evil incarnate. He's a good guy. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Rip quotes by Rip Torn
#31. I think most actors are shy. I really do. The greatest actors can disappear. I had friends call me the Blend-In Man. #Quote by Rip Torn
Rip quotes by Walter Wangerin Jr.
#32. Let heaven intrude upon our earthly affairs to rip our attentions from the world to you again. #Quote by Walter Wangerin Jr.
Rip quotes by Maya Lin
#33. In art or architecture your project is only done when you say it's done. If you want to rip it apart at the eleventh hour and start all over again, you never finish. I was one of those crazy creatures. #Quote by Maya Lin
Rip quotes by Aerin Lauder
#34. I don't use a stylist. I know what I like, so I do it myself. I rip things out from fashion magazines. It's easy to order when the phone number is right on the page. #Quote by Aerin Lauder
Rip quotes by Neneh Cherry
#35. Rip Rig + Panic that I joined, they were really influenced by jazz and blues and punk. So I think what happened from punk, which was kind of DIY, was that it created a kind of creative place that was kind of without limits, in a way. #Quote by Neneh Cherry
Rip quotes by Frances O'Grady
#36. The difficulty for the Government is there's this ideological straitjacket of the market will provide, let the market rip and everything will work out ... It's back to trickle-down economics, which, it's plain to see, have not delivered. #Quote by Frances O'Grady
Rip quotes by Nalini Singh
#37. In my time," he said, "they believed in witches. Are you a witch, Honor, that you make me say these things to you?"
Causing him to rip open wounds that had stayed safely scabbed over for so long that, most of the time, he managed to forget they existed.
Her hands, so very, very gentle, continued to hold his face as she tugged him down until their foreheads touched.
"I'm no witch, Dmitri. If I was, I'd know how to fix you. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Rip quotes by Anna Funder
#38. Von Schnitzler's job was to show extracts from western television broadcast into the GDR - anything from news items to game shows to 'Dallas' - and rip it to shreds. 'That man radiated so much nastiness he simply wasn't credible. You'd come away feeling sullied, as if you'd spent half an hour atrociously badmouthing someone. #Quote by Anna Funder
Rip quotes by Rick Yancey
#39. You say you know how we think? Then you know what I´m going to do. I´ll rip your face off with a pair of tweezers. I´ll tear your heart out with a sewing needle. I´ll bleed you out with seven billion tiny cuts, one for each one of us. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Rip quotes by Tova Mirvis
#40. People bustled around me, in a Manhattan hurry, but I stopped walking. I stared at my reflection. It was hard not to rip off the hat right there, not to strip down on Broadway to the person I sensed waiting below. A voice, stronger than I knew I had, whispered in my head: This is not who you are. #Quote by Tova Mirvis
Rip quotes by Jarod Kintz
#41. What is art? Art is tar, rearranged. Art is tar on canvas or tar on tarp or tar on a naked body. Art is a bird chirping changed into something visual. Art is an image of a thousand beaks breaking into the office of a quack doctor. I know that doctor, and I've personally spoken to ten of those beaks. Art is rhythm, two hands clapping at a urinal while a third shakes off pee to the beat. Good art stays with you your whole life, especially if that good art is a tattoo. Good art is my name, written backwards, inked on your upper lip in a furry font. Art imitates life, just as life imitates Orafoura. Art can be anything from a Manet to a Monet to a painting of money to a missile. Art can save the world, or devastate it. (We could drop another big bomb on Japan, though I'm not advocating dumping Basquiat paintings on Hiroshima). Art rhymes with a bodily function, and everybody should let their creativity rip everywhere from the privacy of their bathrooms to small heated boxes with four of their closest friends. Art is thinking outside that box, and desperately trying to escape. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Rip quotes by Joanna Wylde
#42. Next time I'll rip your dick off, she muttered, eyes narrowing. Okay, so round two was definitely out for now. Noted. #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Rip quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#43. Merda! Her lace panties had snagged on his ring, the signet ring he'd inherited from his father, Giacomo Casanova. His father had seduced hundred of women without any problems whatsoever, and he was having trouble with just one. This was the real reason he never used the Casanova name. He could never live up to his father's reputation. The old man was probably laughing in his grave.

Nine circles of hell," Jack muttered.

Hell?" Lara asked. "I thought I was the Holy Land."

You're paradise. Unfortunately, I am stuck there."

Her eyes widened. "Stuck?"

Normally, I would love being stuck to your lovely bum, but it would look odd if we go sightseeing with my hand under your skirt. Especially in the basilica."

She glanced down. "How can you be stuck?"

My ring. It's caught in the lace. See?" He moved his hand down her hip, dragging her undies down a few inches.

Okay, stop." She bit her lip, frowning, then suddenly giggled. "I can't believe this has happened."

I assure you, as much as I had hoped to get your clothes off, this was not part of my original plan."

She snorted. "No problem. Just rip yourself loose."

Are you sure?" It will destroy you undies."

She narrowed her eyes with a seductuve look. "Rip it."

Very well." He jerked his hand away, but the panties came with him. He yanked his hand back and forth, but the lacy, latex material simply #Quote by Kerrelyn Sparks
Rip quotes by Suzanne Wright
#44. She turned to the three men in her life. "I don't want any of you trying to protect me tonight." Marcus, Nick, and Eli frowned. "I mean it. I'll be nothing but a distraction if all you're thinking about is my safety. Besides, if you really want me safe, the way to do it is to rip apart any jackal you see - you concentrate on what's in front of you. Got me?" Her brothers nodded with an unhappy sigh.
Marcus rubbed his nose against hers. "I got you, sweetheart. But that works both ways." He almost smiled at her rebellious expression. He and his wolf liked that was she so protective. "Don't worry about me. You just worry about this." He lightly tapped her ass. "It's mine, and I want it safe. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Rip quotes by Kinley MacGregor
#45. You harm her, and so help me, I'll defy death itself to rip your heart out. (Ewan) #Quote by Kinley MacGregor
Rip quotes by Stacey Rourke
#46. I fear I must warn you, if that ladle finds it's way to her lips, we will be revisited by my lunch," Ichabod stated without the slightest hint of a jest. "And mine will provide it company," Rip seconded. #Quote by Stacey Rourke
Rip quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#47. I sit next to Caleb, waiting and thinking about what life really is. About how it has its own will. How it shows you things that rip you open, tear your world apart. How it unfolds even when you think it can't. How it takes you places you never thought you'd be. Shows you things you never knew you wanted to see. Brings you pain - and joy. #Quote by Elizabeth Scott
Rip quotes by Mariana Zapata
#48. The urge to fall to the ground, rip my heart out of my chest and hold it out like a sacred offering was overwhelming. /Take it! Take it all!/ I'd cry. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Rip quotes by Kiersten White
#49. My dramas mostly involved whats-as in, What on earth is that horrible creature about to rip out my throat? #Quote by Kiersten White
Rip quotes by Pamela Ribon
#50. We will do anything to get away from our own pain. We will change our lives, rip people out, swallow a bottle of life-ending pills. When we hurt more than we can bear, when our lives get that dark, it's shocking what we will do to protect ourselves. #Quote by Pamela Ribon
Rip quotes by A.J. Butcher
#51. Lay off her Ben," yelled Jake. Cally registered that he was defending her. "She's doing her best!"
"Her best? That'll look good on our tombstones. RIP Bond Team - Cally did her best! #Quote by A.J. Butcher
Rip quotes by Shannon Messenger
#52. Vane's caught between two worlds, and the only way to fix that is to rip one away. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Rip quotes by Elizabeth Streb
#53. When I'm taking my last breath, I want to look at how I used up the best of myself. How much did I sweat, push, pull, rip, fall, hit, crash, explode? ... My dream is to be so well-used that in my last-half second, I just burst into dust. #Quote by Elizabeth Streb
Rip quotes by Seanan McGuire
#54. If something happened to Gillian, I'd rip the world down to save her, even if she spat in my face when I did. That's what parenthood means. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Rip quotes by Rip Esselstyn
#55. Whether through grains, beans, or even fruit, there's plenty of protein in a plant-strong diet. We only need 5-8% of our calories from protein, and since protein is the one macronutrient that we can't store, when you get above 15% it either stores as fat or we excrete it. #Quote by Rip Esselstyn
Rip quotes by Elle Kennedy
#56. I failed.

I fucking failed.

For fifteen years, Timothy Lane handed out A's like mints. The year I take the class? Lane's ticker quits ticking, and I get stuck with Pamela Tolbert.

It's official. The woman is my archenemy. Just the sight of her flowery handwriting - which fills up every inch of available space in the margins of my midterm - makes me want to go Incredible Hulk on the booklet and rip it to shreds. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Rip quotes by Rowling J K
#57. A warning: If you rip, tear, shred, bend, fold, deface, disfigure, smear, smudge, throw, drop, or in any other manner damage, mistreat, or show lack of respect towards this book, the consequences will be as awful as it is within my power to make them. - Irma Pince, Hogwarts Librarian #Quote by Rowling J K
Rip quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#58. One single word and I swear I'll rip your tongue out. (Zephyra) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rip quotes by A.J. Finn
#59. You live in a dream," sneers Uncle Charlie. "You're a sleepwalker, blind. How do you know what the world is like? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? Use your wits. Learn something. #Quote by A.J. Finn
Rip quotes by Leslie Marmon Silko
#60. rip the tongue from the darkness
shake the earth with your breathing
and explode gray ice dreams of eternity #Quote by Leslie Marmon Silko
Rip quotes by Amy Jarecki
#61. Opening her eyes, Eva placed her palm in the center of William's chest. "You're next." With her wee push, he obliged her and sat on the edge of the bed. Kneeling, she untied his shoes and removed his hose. When she stood, William had already untied the lace of the arming doublet he wore atop his shirt. Eva held up her finger. "Tsk, tsk. You don't want to spoil my fun do you?"
He shrugged out of the doublet with a look of defiance. "It canna hurt to help a bit."
"Come here." She pulled him up by the cord of his chausses. Fingers working quickly, she untied them and his braies, and let them drop to the floor. Then, with a sultry giggle, she slowly tugged the tie on his linen shirt, staring at his eyes while she tortured him, pulling oh so very slowly. "This bit of linen is all that's left between us, William."
He growled though straight white teeth. "And it will be torn to shreds if ye dunna haste to rip it from my torrid flesh. #Quote by Amy Jarecki
Rip quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#62. I would rip the stars from the sky if you wished it. Anything for you. But remember to trust me. Remember your promise. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Rip quotes by Tessa Dare
#63. What the hell was that?" Joss turned on him the moment Gabriel cleared the last of the china.
"What the hell was what?" Gray pulled a flask from his breast pocket and offered it to his brother.
Joss waved it away. "You know damn well what I mean. Something's going on between you and Miss Turner, I know it."
Gray uncapped the flask and took a sip. "What makes you say that?" He circled the table, discreetly examining the angle of the tablecloth and the perspective from the captain's chair. Surely Joss couldn't have seen what had taken place under the table. Even if his brother had noticed, he could demand all the answers he wished. Gray had no desire-or words-to explain it.
For the first time since he'd left England, Gray gave thanks for the thin, impractical leather of those dandified Hessians. The feel of her lithe, shapely leg against his…She'd accepted the contact so readily, blushed so attractively. Beneath that table, they'd formed some sort of alliance.
And then she had extended a clear verbal invitation.
If he went to her berth right now, she would be expecting him. At last, he could solve the mystery of what held together that damned striped frock. Or…he could simply rip it from her body.
Gray shoved the image aside before his groin could react further. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Rip quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#64. Death is not defeat, Tool told himself. We all die. Every one of us. Rip and Blade and Fear and all the rest. We all die. So what if you are the last? You were designed to be destroyed. #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
Rip quotes by D.M. Raver
#65. (From Danielle Raver's short story THE ENCHANTRESS)
Thick chains attached to the wall hold a metal collar and belt, restraining most of the tiger's movements. Open, bloody slashes cover his face and back, but he shows no loss of strength as he pulls on the chains and tries to rip the flesh of the surrounding humans with his deadly claws. Out of his reach, I kneel down before him, and his lightning-blue eyes cross my space for a moment.

"Get her out of there!" I hear from behind me.

"Numnerai," I speak urgently to the tiger. "They will kill you!"

He growls and gnashes his teeth, but I sense he is responding to me.

"Great white tiger, your duty is to protect the prince. But how can you do that if they sink the end of a spear into your heart?" He looks at me for a longer moment. The fighters respond to this by growing still. In their desperation, they are overlooking my foolishness for a chance to save their fellows' lives. I crouch on my feet and begin to nudge closer to him. The tiger growls a warning, but does not slash out at me. "Think of the prince, protector of the palace. Right now he prays for you to live. #Quote by D.M. Raver
Rip quotes by Vi Keeland
#66. I can't stall any longer. I think of what my therapist would tell me to do if she was sitting right next to me, watching me act like a coward. She'd say rip the Band-Aid off. Allow the wound to heal itself. The worst part is in the anticipation of the tear, not the tear itself. #Quote by Vi Keeland
Rip quotes by William Empson
#67. The Teasers

Not but they die, the teasers and the dreams,
Not but they die,
and tell the careful flood
To give them what they clamour for and why.

You could not fancy where they rip to blood
You could not fancy
nor that mud
I have heard speak that will not cake or dry.

Our claims to act appear so small to these
Our claims to act
colder lunacies
That cheat the love, the moment, the small fact.

Make no escape because they flash and die,
Make no escape
build up your love,
Leave what you die for and be safe to die. #Quote by William Empson
Rip quotes by Meljean Brook
#68. If you even suggest to my crew that you've threatened your way aboard my lady, I'll rip out your spine."
"That's unbearably arousing. #Quote by Meljean Brook
Rip quotes by Anthony Burgess
#69. Well, then she had to be tolchoked proper with one of the weights for the scales, and then a fair tap with a crowbar they had for opening cases, and that brought out red like an old friend. So we had her down on the floor and a rip of her platties for fun and a gentle bit of the boot to stop her moaning. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Rip quotes by R.L. LaFevers
#70. I am sorry,' he whispers. 'I am sorry I treated you so ill. I thought only to protect Duval.'
'It was not I who was poisoning him,' I say.
'No, but you had stolen his heart and I was afraid you would rip it from his chest when you left. #Quote by R.L. LaFevers
Rip quotes by Shana Abe
#71. Kit opened his eyes.
"Where is she?"
The voice was high and thin and directly by his left ear-also the location of the blade pressed up hard against his jawline.
"Where is she?" the voice demanded again, whispery words nearly spilling over one another in fury. "Tell me, you bastard! I'll kill you!"
Options flitted through his mind: this person was small, this person was young, it smelled like an urchin, the blade felt like a dagger or dirk. He could break its arm or its neck, he could Turn and crush it from behind or more simply rip off its head-and the only thing that kept his body motionless in the bed was the realization that the creature was obviously speaking of Rue.
"Zane," she said then, a single word that broke like a calm dream through the chamber. "Please do not kill the Marquess of Langford."
-Zane, Kit, & Rue #Quote by Shana Abe
Rip quotes by Allyson Stack
#72. Tosh throws up her hands. 'Tell me what you want!'
What I want...
To smell the desert after rain? To awake each morning beneath a soft Cheyenne blanket, skin still heavy with his scent? To rip out the flawed cog inside of me that brought it all to a screeching halt, then wind back through the years and do everything all over again. Perhaps that is what I want. A different ending. #Quote by Allyson Stack
Rip quotes by Zaeema J. Hussain
#73. When they (the men, the scavengers)
come for you, do not give yourself
to them so easily.

Wear your strength like armour,
fight like a beast.
Do not let them tell you that
you belong to them.

Be fearless.
Be a lion.
Be like lava.
Rip them apart,
and burn their bones.

And when you are done,
tell the world that
you belong to no man.
That you are a lady,
a warrior,
a tsunami,
and you belong only to yourself. #Quote by Zaeema J. Hussain
Rip quotes by Beth Fantaskey
#74. As you know, I have always been curious about our immortality ... how it feels to live on and on through time ... I need speculate no longer, I have sampled eternity in Miss Campbell's fifth period "social studies" class. Three days on the concept of "manifest destiny," Vasile. THREE DAYS. I yearned to stand up, rip her lecture notes from her pallid hands, and scream, 'Yes, America expanded westward! Is that not logical, given that Europeans settled on the Eastern shore? What else were they to do? Advance vainly into the sea? #Quote by Beth Fantaskey
Rip quotes by Patricia Engel
#75. We didn't yet know about undertows and rip currents, the many ways the ocean can turn on you. #Quote by Patricia Engel
Rip quotes by Garth Brooks
#76. Passion is what convinced armies that had no chance to win - it's believing that something can happen. Reality is what you make it to be. And when you're the only one who can see the way the future is going to be, you can be the tool that bends, rips, shapes and paints the future the way you want it to be. That's true passion! #Quote by Garth Brooks
Rip quotes by Jac Jemc
#77. There is no acceptable, untainted name for a wilderness of the mind. People will always wonder what to believe. They expect the stray inaccuracies to be looted out and abandoned. They expect the mind's voice to unstitch only when alone. When the seams rip, they look away. #Quote by Jac Jemc
Rip quotes by Nina LaCour
#78. Life is paper-thin and fragile. Any sudden change could rip it wide open. #Quote by Nina LaCour
Rip quotes by Julie Kagawa
#79. Well, I can answer that," Jackal said breezily, and bared his fangs in a lethal grin. "He can die. Painfully. After I rip his other arm from the socket and shove it so far down his poetry-spouting piehole that he chokes on it. What I don't understand is why we're standing up here yapping away when we should be down there kicking in his door. So, come on, team." Jackal's gaze was mocking but dangerous. "Let's go kill ourselves a psychopath. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Rip quotes by Rip Taylor
#80. I have a new joke today. Martha Stewart's on suicide watch. They had to unplug all of her ovens. #Quote by Rip Taylor
Rip quotes by Shaun Tomson
#81. I will never turn my back on the ocean: Passion
I will paddle around the impact zone: No short cuts
I will take the drop with commitment: Courage, focus and determination
I will never fight a rip tide: The danger of pride and egotism
I will always paddle back out: Perseverance in the face of challenges
I will watch out for other surfers after a big set: Responsibility
I will know that there will always be another wave: Optimism
I will ride and not paddle into shore: Self-esteem
I will pass on my stoke to a non-surfer: Sharing knowledge and giving back
I will catch a wave every day, even in my mind: Imagination
I will realize that all surfers are joined by one ocean: Empathy
I will honor the sport of kings: Honor and integrity #Quote by Shaun Tomson
Rip quotes by Katja Millay
#82. Personally, I'd rather shove a cactus up my ass, but apparently that option isn't on the table, so I might as well just rip the Band-Aid off now and get it over with. #Quote by Katja Millay
Rip quotes by Rip Taylor
#83. I was supposed to be on the Tonight Show but I broke my shoulder instead. #Quote by Rip Taylor
Rip quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#84. Oh," Cretia said, raking her with a smug sneer. "She's your bodyguard. I get it now. Makes sense, since she has more testosterone than both of you combined." She drifted off. Zarya glared at him as he finally released her. "You should have let me rip her hair out by the dyed roots." Maris tsked at her. "Oh please. The last thing you want to do is get her acidic blood on your beautiful dress. Think of the poor designer who'd curse you for the affront to his hard work." "Yes, #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rip quotes by Jim Butcher
#85. My head was throbbing, and my hands were shaking, but I went down the ladder to my workroom - and started figuring out how to rip someone's heart out of his chest from fifty miles away.
Who says I never do anything fun on a Friday night? #Quote by Jim Butcher
Rip quotes by Rip Esselstyn
#86. It's not the plant-based foods that will make you ill, it's the meat and the liquid meat (i.e.: dairy) that can lead to sickness and death. Consider this: If your food had a face or a mother (or comes from something that did), then it also has varying amounts of artery-clogging, plaque-plugging, and cholesterol-hiking animal protein, animal cholesterol, and animal fat. These substances are the building blocks of the chronic diseases that plague Western society. #Quote by Rip Esselstyn
Rip quotes by Seth Adam Smith
#87. The pumpkin itself is a symbol for mortality. #Quote by Seth Adam Smith
Rip quotes by Donna Grant
#88. Not once in her life had Darcy wanted to thumb her nose at danger and rip the clothes off a man, but she was contemplating that very thing. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rip quotes by Joe Hill
#89. Innocence ain't all it's cracked up to be, you know. Innocent little kids rip the wings off flies, because they don't know any better. That's innocence. #Quote by Joe Hill
Rip quotes by Melina Marchetta
#90. Imagine who she would be if we unleashed her onto the world. I think she would rip the breath from all of us. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Rip quotes by Jodi Picoult
#91. Motherhood is a Sisyphean task. You finish sewing one seam shut, and another rips open. I have come to believe that this life I'm wearing will never really fit. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Rip quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#92. I grew up on a mixed diet of mass and class, and I still read that way. I hate it when people apologize for what they read. Some bestsellers aren't exactly literary. So what? They're fun and rip-roaring, Who instituted the book police and why do we have to answer them? Grrrrr! #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Rip quotes by ASAP Rocky
#93. You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I'm wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I'm obsessed with being different. #Quote by ASAP Rocky
Rip quotes by Kekla Magoon
#94. In the white newspapers, they use it against us. They make the Panthers look like we all just want to rip the throats out of some white folks for no good reason. We have good reasons, but we still don't want to do that. #Quote by Kekla Magoon
Rip quotes by Laura Wright
#95. Alexander leaned down,whispered in her ear,"If he touches you,"he said,lapping at the sensitive skin of her lobe,"I swear I will hunt him down and rip out his heart. #Quote by Laura Wright
Rip quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#96. After a few minutes, he turns to my face slowly. Are his eyes lingering on my eyes, my lips? I'm not sure. I want them to. Then he says, "Let's get home. We'll take the Bug and go somewhere. Alice owes me."
As we clamber back over the rocks, I can't stop wondering what just happened there. I could swear he was looking at me like he wanted to kiss me. What's stopping him? Maybe he isn't attracted to me at all. Maybe he just wants to be friends? I'm not sure I can pull off being just friends with someone whose clothes I want to rip off.
Oh god. Did I actually just think that? I steal another look at Jase in his jeans. Yes. Yes, I did. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Rip quotes by N.D. Wilson
#97. Here, in this painting, in these (hopefully) creative meditations, you will see teh same sky and the same sun, the same story of struggle, of fall and grace, of descent and ascent, of death and resurrection. The same God. The same gifts. If He's not tired of it, why should I be? If His brush is still in His hand, if His words still roll, what can I do but stick my tongue out the cornder of my mouth and diligently (but pitifully) rip Him off? What can I do but meditate on His meditations? (xii) #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Rip quotes by Neal Stephenson
#98. The opening screen of T'Rain was a frank rip-off of what you saw when you booted up Google Earth. Richard felt no guilt about this since he had heard that Google Earth in turn was based on an idea from some old science fiction novel #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Rip quotes by Red Buttons
#99. Rip Van Winkle, who said, Don't make the bed; I'm just going to the bathroom. Never got a dinner! #Quote by Red Buttons
Rip quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#100. What I don't understand is how women can pour hot wax on their bodies, let it dry, then rip out every single hair by its root and still be scared of spiders. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Rip quotes by Suzanne Collins
#101. What do you think?" I whisper to Peeta. "About the fire?"
"I'll rip off your cape if you'll rip off mine," he says through gritted teeth. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Rip quotes by Richard Dawkins
#102. At the age of three and a half the Taung Child was eaten by an eagle. The evidence is that damage marks to the eye sockets of the fossil are identical to marks made by modern eagles on modern monkeys as they rip out their eyes. Poor little Taung Child, shrieking on the wind as you were borne aloft by the aquiline fury, you would have found no comfort in your destined fame, two and a half million years on, as the type specimen of Australopithecus africanus. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Rip quotes by Truman Capote
#103. I thought Lord of the Flies was one of the great rip-offs of our time. Complete steal from A High Wind In Jamaica. He just literally lifted the entire theme, plot, and virtually characterization from A High Wind In Jamaica, turned them into a bunch of small boys and placed it on an island. Otherwise it's precisely the same novel. #Quote by Truman Capote
Rip quotes by Jack White
#104. For new bands, I think a major label is the safest place to be. Independent labels are the ones getting away with murder. A lot of them are hobbyists who rip-off young bands, taking advantage of people who would never get signed to a major. #Quote by Jack White
Rip quotes by Bill Gates
#105. People should just buy a CD and rip it. You are legal then. #Quote by Bill Gates
Rip quotes by Rick Riordan
#106. Meg slashed through the last of Tarquin's minions. That was a good thing, I thought distantly. I didn't want her to die, too. Hazel stabbed Tarquin in the chest. The Roman king fell, howling in pain, ripping the sword hilt from Hazel's grip. He collapsed against the information desk, clutching the blade with his skeletal hands.
Hazel stepped back, waiting for the zombie king to dissolve. Instead, Tarquin struggled to his feet, purple gas flickering weakly in his eye sockets.
"I have lived for millennia," he snarled. "You could not kill me with a thousand tons of stone, Hazel Levesque. You will not kill me with a sword."
I thought Hazel might fly at him and rip his skull off with her bare hands. Her rage was so palpable I could smell it like an approaching storm. Wait…I did smell an approaching storm, along with other forest scents: pine needles, morning dew on wildflowers, the breath of hunting dogs.
A large silver wolf licked my face. Lupa? A hallucination? No…a whole pack of the beasts had trotted into the store and were now sniffing the bookshelves and the piles of zombie dust.
Behind them, in the doorway, stood a girl who looked about twelve, her eyes silver-yellow, her auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was dressed for the hunt in a shimmering gray frock and leggings, a white bow in her hand. Her face was beautiful, serene, and as cold as the winter moon.
She nocked a silver arrow and met Hazel's eyes, asking permission to finish her #Quote by Rick Riordan
Rip quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#107. For a second i was just a kid, a kid who had lived all his life in the same tiny town. Just a child, because i knew i would have to live a lot more, suffer a lot more, to ever understand the searing agony in Edwards eyes. He raised his hands as if to wipe sweat from his forehead, but his fingers scraped against his face like they were going to rip his granite skin right off. His black eyes burned in their sockets, out of focus, or seeing things that weren't there. His mouth opened like he was going to scream, but nothing came out. This was the face of a man who would if he were burning at the stake. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Rip quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#108. -did you just ask something?"
"I asked if you can undress any faster."
Evie huffed with a mixture of amusement and exasperation. "No, I can't. There are too many b-buttons, and they're very small."
"What a pity. Because in thirty seconds, I'm going to rip away whatever clothing you have left."
Evie knew full well not to take the threat lightly- he'd done it before, on more than one occasion. "Sebastian, no. I like this dress."
Her husband's eyes glinted with devilish humor as he watched her increasingly frantic efforts. "No dress is as beautiful as your naked skin. All those sweet freckles scattered over you, like a thousand tiny angel kisses... you have twenty seconds left, by the way."
"You don't even h-have a clock," she complained.
"I'm counting by heartbeats. You'd better hurry, love."
Evie glanced anxiously down at the row of pearl buttons, which seem to have multiplied. With a defeated sigh, she dropped her arms to her sides. "Just go on and rip it off," she mumbled.
She heard his silky laugh, and a sluice of water. He stood with streams runneling over the sleek, muscled contours of his body, and Evie gasped as she was pulled into a steaming embrace.
His amused voice curled inside the sensitive shell of her ear. "My poor little put-upon wife. Let me help you. I have a way with buttons... #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Rip quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#109. I, also, decided to get rid of the need of approval. That is a strong addiction, the need of approval, isn't it? That---I'm on the patch right now, actually. It releases small doses of approval until I no longer crave it. And, I'm going to rip it off! #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Rip quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
#110. Hey you, dragging the halo-
how about a holiday in the islands of grief?

Tongue is the word I wish to have with you.
Your eyes are so blue they leak.

Your legs are longer than a prisoner's
last night on death row.
I'm filthier than the coal miner's bathtub
and nastier than the breath of Charles Bukowski.

You're a dirty little windshield.

I'm standing behind you on the subway,
hard as calculus. My breath
be sticking to your neck like graffiti.

I'm sitting opposite you in the bar,
waiting for you to uncross your boundaries.

I want to rip off your logic
and make passionate sense to you.

I want to ride in the swing of your hips.

My fingers will dig in you like quotation marks,
blazing your limbs into parts of speech.

But with me for a lover, you won't need
catastrophes. What attracted me in the first place
will ultimately make me resent you.

I'll start telling you lies,
and my lies will sparkle,
become the bad stars you chart your life by.

I'll stare at other women so blatantly
you'll hear my eyes peeling,

because sex with you is like Great Britain:
cold, groggy, and a little uptight.

Your bed is a big, soft calculator
where my problems multiply.

Your brain is a garage
I park my bullshit in, for free.

You're not really my #Quote by Jeffrey McDaniel
Rip quotes by Al Gore
#111. You have to rip your opponent's lungs out and then move on. #Quote by Al Gore
Rip quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#112. Seeing your loved one asleep is a great opportunity to practice seeing them dead. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Rip quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#113. Last Halloween a kid tried to rip my face off. He thought it was a mask. Now it's different when I open the door the kids hand me candy. #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Rip quotes by Nora Roberts
#114. Oh God,was all Keeley could think. Oh God, get me out of here.
When they swung through the stone pillars at Royal Meadows,she had to fight the urge to cheer.
"I'm so glad our schedules finally clicked. Life gets much too demanding and complicated, doesn't it? There's nothing more relaxing than a quiet dinner for two."
Any more relaxed, Keeley thought, and unconsciousness would claim her. "It was nice of you to ask me, Chad." She wondered how rude it would be to spring out of the car before it stopped, race to the house and do a little dance of relief on the front porch.
Pretty rude,she decided.Okay, she'd skip the dance.
"Drake and Pamela-you know the Larkens of course-are having a little soiree next Sunday evening.Why don't I pick you up at eightish?"
It took her a minute to get over the fact he'd actually used the word soiree in a sentence. "I really can't Chad. I have a full day of lessons on Saturday. By the time it's done I'm not fit for socializing.But thanks." She slid her hand to the door handle, anticipating escape.
"Keeyley,you can't let your little school eclipse so much of your life."
Her and stiffened,and though she could see the lights of home, she turned her head and studied his perfect profile. One day,someone was going to refer to the academy as her little school, and she was going to be very rude.And rip their throat out. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Rip quotes by Darynda Jones
#115. Writing doesn't get any easier with time or talent. If writing is easy for you, you're probably still learning the craft. You haven't perfected your style or landed upon your "voice." You haven't learned to analyze your writing with a critical eye, to rip it apart and figure out why it isn't doing exactly what you want. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Rip quotes by Toni Sorenson
#116. The best way to clean the brain is to rip out old, noxious thoughts and plant and nurture new thoughts. It's never too late to change your thinking and change your life. #Quote by Toni Sorenson
Rip quotes by Rip Taylor
#117. I went to see Harvey again in Fiddler. Harvey's throat is getting better. #Quote by Rip Taylor
Rip quotes by Wendy Hoffman
#118. know as I swim that I have large pieces of me not yet healed, and I do not feel ready for this joining. Better for all the disparate parts to be completely healed first. But even if I had used all my strength and resources, even if I had gritted my teeth and dug my heels in, even if I had screamed "No," I would not have been able to stop this rip tide. It happens, and I am carried afloat on a major wave of reuniting and melding. All survivors of this kind of abuse will have their own rhythm and order to their joining. #Quote by Wendy Hoffman
Rip quotes by Rip Torn
#119. When I grew up, people said, 'You'll never be the man your dad was.' And I said, 'Gee, I hope not.' #Quote by Rip Torn
Rip quotes by Lemony Snicket
#120. Please excuse the torn edges of this note. I am writing to you from inside the shack the Baudelaire orphans were forced to live in while at Prufrock Preparatory School, and I am afraid that some of the crabs tried to snatch my stationery away from me. On Sunday night, please purchase a ticket for seat 10-J at the Erratic Opera Company's performance of the opera Faute de Mieux. During Act Five, use a sharp knife to rip open the cushion of your seat. There you should find #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Rip quotes by C.J. Roberts
#121. I can't take it anymore, Caleb. I've tried, but I can't," she sobbed. "Every time I think you're coming around, every time I let myself hope, you crush me. You rip everything out! Sometimes I think I fucking hate you. Sometimes I know I hate you. And still! Still, Caleb – I love you. I put my faith in you. I believe you when you say it's all going to be alright. #Quote by C.J. Roberts
Rip quotes by Jay Kristoff
#122. I've got no claim. She's not mine. She's hers. But if you think for one second I'm not willing to bathe in blood to be by her side when all this is over, then you're insane... I will rip all three suns out of heaven to keep her safe, you hear me? I will kill the fucking sky. #Quote by Jay Kristoff
Rip quotes by Daniel H. Pink
#123. So perhaps it's time to switch the focus of some of our workplace policies and use them to unshackle the hardworking majority rather than inhibit the less noble minority. If you think people in your organization are predisposed to rip you off, maybe the solution isn't to build a tighter, more punitive set of rules. Maybe the answer is to hire new people. #Quote by Daniel H. Pink
Rip quotes by Margarita Karapanou
#124. To embellish reality with makeup, with silk and royal purple, isn't that what we all should be doing? Beneath the life we live every day the silk and the purple are hiding, waiting for us. A person just has to dare to throw off his everyday clothes, to rip them off and to put on the silk and purple that exist, I know it. But we're the ones who cover them up. Out of boredom, indifference, fear. Mostly fear. So right from the first moment I met you, my lies were always the truth: in telling them I unveiled the world for you  -  the hidden world, the true world. You were really the one who lied. You wanted everything to remain untouched, paradise to be paradise, and me angel. But you made a fatal mistake: you never believed me. You never understood why I lied, that through my lies I was giving you a unique gift: the truth. You always tried to control me  -  out of love, of course. But is there any word more ambiguous than the word "love"? #Quote by Margarita Karapanou
Rip quotes by Trevion Burns
#125. She tugged the sleeves down over her hands, stretching the fabric until the seams reached her fingernails. Then she locked her fingers around them to ensure they stayed down.
Veda fought the urge to rip those sleeves from Coco's grip and force her to wear them appropriately, or at the very least roll them up so she wouldn't be tempted to yank at them. She could remember a time when she'd had the same habit, back in middle school. As if hiding her hands behind a thin piece of fabric would protect her from the world. #Quote by Trevion Burns
Rip quotes by Billy Collins
#126. I try to write very fast. I don't revise very much. I write the poem in one sitting. Just let it rip. It's usually over in twenty to forty minutes. I'll go back and tinker with a word or two, change a line for some metrical reason weeks later, but I try to get the whole thing just done. #Quote by Billy Collins
Rip quotes by Ntozake Shange
#127. I was a happy young woman and I just happened to write poetry. I wasn't trying to get anywhere, I was where I wanted to be..."
Rest In love Queen!! #Quote by Ntozake Shange
Rip quotes by Suzanne Wright
#128. Tao sidled up to Ryan as they approached the buffet. "Quick question," the Head Enforcer asked quietly. "What would happen if I asked Makenna out?"
With a calm he didn't feel, Ryan said, "I'd rip out your throat before the last word escaped your mouth."
Tao nodded. "Thought so. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Rip quotes by Angela Hoke
#129. There was nothing to disturb the senses, as if we'd entered a void - some rip in space and time where the senses became useless. You could get lost here, and no one would find you unless you wanted to be found. It was seductive, this nothingness. #Quote by Angela Hoke
Rip quotes by Colleen Houck
#130. In the loudest voice I could muster, I shouted, "As of this moment, you are no longer the armies of China, Macedonia, Myanmar, Tibet or India. You are now warriors of Durga! We have already fought and overcome many fierce creatures. Now we give you the symbol of their power."
I borrowed the Scarf and touched it to my Pearl Necklace. The silken material sped down each and every soldier to cloak them in the most brilliant red, blue, green, gold and white. Even the flag bearers were not left out and now held banners depicting Durga riding her tiger into battle.
"Red for the heart of a Phoenix that sees through falsehood!" I cheered and raided the trident. "Blue for the Monsters of the Deep that rip apart those who dare to cross their domain! Gold for Metal Birds that cut their enemies with razor beaks! Green for the Horde of Hanuman that comes alive to protect that which is most precious! And white for the Dragons of the Five Oceans, whose cunning and power has no equal! #Quote by Colleen Houck
Rip quotes by Andre Aciman
#131. If there is pain, nurse it, and if there is a flame, don't snuff it out, don't be brutal with it. Withdrawal can be a terrible thing when it keeps us awake at night, and watching others forget us sooner than we'd want to be forgotten is no better. We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new. But to feel nothing so as not to feel anything - what a waste! (p. 225) #Quote by Andre Aciman
Rip quotes by J.M. Darhower
#132. Tell me," I whisper, running my tongue along the shell of her ear. "Tell me how you want it to be. Tell me what you need from me."
I'll give her anything.
I'll tear my fucking chest open with my bare hands, rip out my heart and hand it to her, if that's what she needs.
All she has to do is tell me.
All she has to do is ask.
She could bark out a million demands, and I would work myself to the death making them all happen, but instead she merely whispers, "I want you to love me."
So I do.
I love her. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Rip quotes by Amber Sparks
#133. Was that the point of suffering: to understand, in some way, what you still had? To clarify it, to rip the stars from the sky and hold them in the hand like diamonds‒to darken all the rest but the most glittering, glad memories? Was that the way to live a sunny life? #Quote by Amber Sparks
Rip quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#134. So if the punks come here, they're going to dance with the devil and get the short end of the horn. (Zarek)
No one better than my Zarek to rip someone's head off. You two should get along famously. (Astrid) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rip quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#135. Chasing after a guy who's not interested in you will rip the hell out of your self-respect. Better to face facts now because the longer you put it off, the harder it'll be. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Rip quotes by Richelle Mead
#136. I was sure seeing pictures of Dimitri as a little boy would rip my heart out. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Rip quotes by Jim Butcher
#137. Lea stood upon a fallen log ahead of us, staring ahead. Mouse walked up to her.

Gggrrrr rawf arrrgggrrrrarrrr," I said.

Mouse gave me an impatient glance, and somehow--I don't know if it was something in his body language or what--I became aware that he was telling me to sit down and shut up or he'd come over and make me.

I sat down. Something in me really didn't like that idea, but when I looked around, I saw that everyone else had done it too, and that made me feel better.

Mouse said, again in what sounded like perfectly clear English, "Funny. Now restore them."

Lea turned to look at the big dog and said, "Do you dare to give me commands, hound?"

Not your hound," Mouse said. I didn't know how he was doing it. His mouth wasn't moving or anything. "Restore them before I rip your ass off. Literally rip it off."

The Leanansidhe tilted her head back and let out a low laugh. "You are far from your sources of power here, my dear demon."

I live with a wizard. I cheat." He took a step toward her and his lips peeled up from his fangs in unmistakable hostility. "You want to restore them? Or do I kill you and get them back that way?"

Lea narrowed her eyes. Then she said, "You're bluffing."

One of the big dog's huge, clawed paws dug at the ground, as if bracing him for a leap, and his growl seemed to . . . I looked down and checked. It didn't seem to shake the ground. The ground #Quote by Jim Butcher
Rip quotes by Julian Baggini
#138. Perhaps the biggest myth about cynicism is that it deepens with age. I think what really happens is that experience painfully rips away layers of scales from our eyes, and so we do indeed become more cynical about many of the things we naively accepted when younger. #Quote by Julian Baggini
Rip quotes by Julia Quinn
#139. Then Elizabeth came, bearing a tray of cakes and sweets, and finally Harriet, who carried with her a small sheaf of paper - her current opus, Henry VIII and the Unicorn of Doom .
"I'm not certain Frances is going to be appeased by an evil unicorn," Anne told her.
Harriet looked up with one arched brow. "She did not specify that it must be a good unicorn."
Anne grimaced. "You're going to have a battle on your hands, that's all I'm going to say on the matter."
Harriet shrugged, then said, "I'm going to begin in act two. Act one is a complete disaster. I've had to rip it completely apart."
"Because of the unicorn?"
"No," Harriet said with a grimace. "I got the order of the wives wrong. It's divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, widowed."
"How cheerful."
Harriet gave her a bit of a look, then said, "I switched one of the divorces with a beheading."
"May I give you a bit of advice?" Anne asked.
Harriet looked up.
"Don't ever let anyone hear you say that out of
context. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Rip quotes by Shirley Jackson
#140. Where, she wondered, is Elizabeth? Where in the tightness of the skin over her arms and legs, in the narrow bones of her back and the planned structure of her ribs, in the tiny toes and fingers and the vital plan for her neck and head . . . where, in all this, was there room for anyone else? Could Lizzie be seen moving furtively behind the clarity of the eyes, edging in caution to peer out at herself; was she gone far within, waiting behind the heart or the throat, to seize with both hands and take control with a murderous attack? Was she under the hair, had she found refuge in a knee? Where was Lizzie?
For a moment, staring, Betsy wanted frantically to rip herself apart, and give half to Lizzie and never be troubled again, saying take this, and take this and take this, and you can have this, and now get out of my sight, get away from my body, get away and leave me alone. Lizzie could have the useless parts, the breasts and the thighs and the parts she took such pleasure in letting give her pain; Lizzie could have the back so she would always have a backache, and the stomach so she would always be able to have cramps; give Elizabeth all the country of the inside, and let her go away, and leave Betsy in possession of her own. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Rip quotes by Rick Riordan
#141. Hapi?" I asked.
"Why, yes, I am happy!" Hapi beamed. "I'm always happy because I'm Hapi! Are you happy?"
Zia frowned up at the giant. "Does he have to be so big?"
The god laughed. Immediately he shrank down to human size, though the crazy cheerful look on his face was still pretty unnerving.
"Oh, Setne!" Hapi chuckled and pushed the ghost playfully. "I hate this guy. Absolutely despise him!"
Hapi's smile became painfully wide. "I'd love to rip off your arms and legs, Setne. That would be amazing!"
Setne ... drifted a little farther away from the smiling god.
"Oh!" Hapi clapped excitedly. "The world is going to end tomorrow. I forgot!"
"You'd never get to Memphis without my help. You'd get torn into a million pieces!"
He seemed genuinely pleased to share that news. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Rip quotes by Nikki Rowe
#142. Truth is, life is going shake you, it will rip you right out of your comfort zone;just when you feel settled, it will shock you with some trauma and make you face adversity in the most undesirable of ways ... And here is the question of it all? What's it all for ... Not many search long enough to know but the wise ask you.. Are you going to be a slave to your journey or the pioneer to your dream, if God handed you a lesson ;he knew before your time, your strength could endure i. so next time you doubt another thought or feed your heart with negative emotions think about it ... You are here, alive, breathing and if that's not enough than you should think about what is. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Rip quotes by Kristen Ashley
#143. This isn't done, we both know it and I'm guessin' from this irritatin' conversation we got no choice but to ride whatever the fuck this is out, but it's me who's gotta do it hopin' you don't rip me up in the process. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Rip quotes by John Steinbeck
#144. I've done my damndest to rip a reader's nerves to rags, I don't want him satisfied. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Rip quotes by Jessica Clare
#145. Even at the age of twenty-four, she felt more comfortable with people in their eighties than people in their twenties. People her age never sat and relaxed on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a crossword. They never just sat around and talked. They took selfies and got rip-roaring drunk and partied all night long. And #Quote by Jessica Clare
Rip quotes by Melissa Marr
#146. If you fail me, I'll kill you. I swear it, Keenan. If you fail me, I'll rip your heart out with my own hands."
"If I fail you, I'll cut it out for you. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Rip quotes by Cameron Jace
#147. Pain is like a glue to the skin. Try to rip it off and it will take a piece of you with it." "And #Quote by Cameron Jace
Rip quotes by Sergio Ramos
#148. RIP Sir Alfredo Di Stefano. I will never forget each of the shared moments with such a football legend. #Quote by Sergio Ramos
Rip quotes by Sona Charaipotra
#149. It always feels like death. At least at first. Your muscles stretch and burn until they might rip. The bones in your hips threaten to rotate right out of their sockets. Your spine lengthens and twists into impossible shapes. The veins in your arms swell, blood pulsing through them. Your fingers tremble as you try to hold them taut but graceful, just so. Your toes jam into a pretty pink box, battering your feet with constellations of blisters and bruises. But it all looks effortless and beautiful. I hope. Because that's all that really matters. #Quote by Sona Charaipotra
Rip quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#150. Or maybe what he fears is just the opposite: that nobody is looking; that his death, like his life, is without purpose; that there is neither greater good nor evil
only people living and dying because their bodies function and then do not; that the universe is a rip. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Rip quotes by Kieron Gillen
#151. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is unlike True Detective as: it features women who do things. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is like True Detective as: we shamelessly rip off huge chunks of stuff from Alan Moore. #Quote by Kieron Gillen
Rip quotes by James Patterson
#152. As a maternal figure, I always try to keep the flock safe, of course. But I admit, it did my heart proud to see the instant blood-lust pop into Gazzy's blue eyes and to see little Angel automatically tense up and get into fighting stance, ready to rip someone's head off. They were just so - so dang adorable, sometimes. #Quote by James Patterson
Rip quotes by Lia Habel
#153. No. No more surprises. No more secrets. Or so help me, I will rip off your own leg and beat you with it. #Quote by Lia Habel
Rip quotes by K.A. Tucker
#154. It's not funny, Kacey!" I hiss. "That guy forced himself on me!"
She rolls her eyes but then, after a long pause, she sighs. "Yeah, you're right." Reaching over, she pinches the guy's arm without hesitation. "Hey, buddy!"
"You do that to her again and I'll sneak into your room and rip your balls off while you sleep, capisce?" she warns with a pointed finger. Most times my sister's threats involve the mutilation of testicles. #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Rip quotes by Melissa McCarthy
#155. I will embarrass my kids to their core. I will threaten to show up in hot pants and a tube top. Their dad will drive me. And he'll let me and my friend Lisa get pretty drunk in the backseat, and we will come into that party and just rip it up. #Quote by Melissa McCarthy
Rip quotes by Rieko Yoshihara
#156. I so cherish these enlivening moments when you defy me even as a Blondy. When you react to me so humanly. I feel myself tingling right down to the center of my brain. I love how you look at me with such undisguised disdain. It's so endearing I want to rip out your beating heart and press it to my cheek. #Quote by Rieko Yoshihara
Rip quotes by Sabah Khodir
#157. To the delicate,
You will fall for the rough ones. the cold ones. the ones filled with apathy. you will spend your time counting their affection in change. you will stuff your pockets with silence. you will settle for second hand love. Delicate, you will be fashioned in the art of forgiveness. you will love like it's a religion. you will memorize birthdays, phone numbers, and the moments you've heard goodbye. and when life becomes unyielding, and the burden too heavy, you will fault yourself. blame the material you are made of. say that you rip too easy, expect too much, give too often. you are a well that keeps on leaking.
but even if you overflow, even if the thunder finds your home, you must remain soft. and if they have broken your heart, allow it to make you softer. kinder. do not imitate the cruel. do not allow yourself to take the shape of those who hurt you. #Quote by Sabah Khodir
Rip quotes by L.B. Ó Ceallaigh
#158. We must nurture the lotus of knowledge, not play in the pond with it, and rip it apart like children. We must mature and discuss correctly what we mean by faith, by its definition and by its scientific and poetic effect on the human heart and psychology and the total nature of our humanity. #Quote by L.B. Ó Ceallaigh
Rip quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#159. He smiles at her before ever opening his eyes. The innocence in his face ensnares. Wraps her heart in a cocoon.
They did this to him. The Society. Constructed that smile with malicious expectations. Now she must rip it off his face. Because she doesn't deserve his love. Or Gage's. This madness coils around her throat, darkening every inch of her soul. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Rip quotes by Jodi Picoult
#160. Bleeding heart, he'd called her.
Well. He should know.
He'd been the first to rip it to pieces. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Rip quotes by Wen Spencer
#161. Taggart finally broke the pattern. "Can you at least explain why?"
Jane growled. God, she hated being outnumbered. This was like riding herd on her little
brothers, only worse because "I'll beat you if you do" wasn't an acceptable answer. "First rule of
shooting a show on Elfhome." She grabbed Hal and made him face each of the two newbies so
there was no way they could miss the mask of dark purple bruises across Hal's face. "Avoid
getting 'The Face' damaged. Viewers don't like raccoon boys. Hal is out of production until the
bruising can be covered with makeup. We've got fifty days and a grocery list of face-chewing
monsters to film. We have to think about damage control."
"Second rule!" She let Hal go and held up two fingers. "Get as much footage as possible of the
monster before you kill it. People don't like looking at dead monsters if you don't give them lots
of time seeing it alive. Right now we have got something dark moving at night in water. No one
has ever seen this before, so we can't use stock footage to pad. We blow the whistle and it will
come out of the water and try to rip your face off – violating rule one – and then we'll have to kill
it and thus break rule two."
"Sounds reasonable," Taggart said.
"Would we really have to kill it?" Nigel's tone suggested he equated it to torturing kittens.
"If it's trying its damnest to eat you? Yes!" Jane cried. #Quote by Wen Spencer
Rip quotes by Martha Stewart
#162. I support Alice Waters in her desire that there be a vegetable garden at the White House. I don't think they should rip up the Rose Garden, because that's something that I love. They should probably dig up another patch and grow some vegetables there. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Rip quotes by J. Daniels
#163. They can't rip your heart out if you don't let them anywhere near it #Quote by J. Daniels
Rip quotes by Cherie Priest
#164. He was carrying bulky loot; I could see it under his zipped-up sweater. And when I unzipped it with a one-handed rip, I saw that he was wearing a bandolier loaded with grenades. I have no doubt that a wide, manic smile spread across my pretty little face. #Quote by Cherie Priest
Rip quotes by Dave Barry
Rip quotes by Dale Carnegie
#166. I have known people," he said, "who succeeded because they had a rip-roaring good time conducting their business. Later, I saw those people change as the fun became work. The business had grown dull. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Rip quotes by Shelley Duvall
#167. Making it big in this world is such a rip-off, you gotta keep your head together or it can be totally without meaning. #Quote by Shelley Duvall
Rip quotes by Garten Gevedon
#168. I hid from fate because I feared her. I didn't allow myself to want anything more than color because I was afraid fate would shatter my hopes with tragedy. If I let myself love too much, fate would rip it away. Misconceptions grayed out my world, dulled it to dust and ash and fog, clouding my pain. Wrong thinking gave me the illusion of a chaotic world that made rational sense when in reality it is our thoughts and actions that make us, and 'meant to be' is a bandage made of make-believe. #Quote by Garten Gevedon
Rip quotes by Stella Starling
#169. Rip woke up to the ping of an incoming text, but given that he had a naked, sleeping Carter draped half on top of him, he had approximately zero motivation to get out of bed and check it. #Quote by Stella Starling
Rip quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#170. I walked back into the bedroom. Amar was standing by the foot of the bed, playing lazily with the cuffs of his sleeves. I tensed. That foolish disappointment was gone.
"Are you frightened?" he asked.
Don't cower. I straightened my back. I would've stared him in the eyes if I could. "Should I be?"
"I should hope there are more frightening things than sharing a bed with me," he said. He flourished a bow. "Did I not promise you that we would be equals? Your will is where I lay my head. I will not touch you without your permission."
I moved to the bed, taking stock of the unnecessary amount of cushions. I could feel Amar's gaze on me and rather than tossing the cushions to the ground, I stacked them in the middle of the bed. Amar followed me and slid onto the opposite side. The fire in the diyas collapsed with the faintest of sighs.
"A daunting fortress," he said lazily, prodding one of the pillows. "Have you so little faith in me?"
He laughed and the sound was unexpectedly…musical.
"The dark is a lovely thing, is it not? It lets us speak in blindness. No scowls or smiles or stares clouding our words."
I lay in bed, my body taut. Amar continued:
"I spoke no falsehoods in the Night Bazaar," he said. "I would rip the stars from the sky if you wished it. Anything for you. But remember to trust me. Remember your promise."
I fell quiet for a moment. "I remember my promise."
After that, I said nothing.
The air betw #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Rip quotes by Franca Storm
#171. J, I think I know how to fuck my wife. And, believe me, she doesn't like gentle. She's more of a rip-my-clothes-off-with-your-teeth-and-fuck-me-hard-and-dirty kind of woman. #Quote by Franca Storm
Rip quotes by Charles Stross
#172. Just solving certain theorems makes waves in the Platonic over-space. Pump lots of power through a grid tuned carefully in accordance with the right parameters - which fall naturally out of the geometry curve I mentioned, which in turn falls easily out of the Turing theorem - and you can actually amplify these waves, until they rip honking great holes in spacetime and let congruent segments of otherwise-separate universes merge. You really don't want to be standing at ground zero when that happens. #Quote by Charles Stross
Rip quotes by Patricia Briggs
#173. Bran nodded at Charles. Charles looked at the prisoners and smiled. Asil had practiced in a mirror, trying to get that smile. His own were very good, but he hadn't gotten quite the same "I'd rather rip you to little pieces, but my father says I can't - yet" effect. Asil was better at the "I'm crazy, and you are about to die. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Rip quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#174. I write this in the moonlight, straining my ears to hear beyond the cold mechanical clock to the warm biological noises of the night, but my being is attuned only to one thing, the relentless rhythm of time.
If I could only smash the clock and stop time from advancing! Crush the infernal machine! Shatter its bland face and rip those cursed hands from their torturous axis of circumscription! I can almost feel the sturdy metal body crumpling beneath my hands, the glass fracturing, the case cracking open, my fingers digging into the guts, spilling springs and delicate gearing. But now, there is now use, now way of stopping time. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Rip quotes by Jenson Button
#175. To understand the intensity of driving an F1 car, you have to be in it. When you're driving a 750hp machine at 200mph, the noise and the vibrations are incredible. The G-force when you take big corners is like someone trying to rip your head off. You hit the brakes, and it feels as if the skin is being pulled off your body. #Quote by Jenson Button
Rip quotes by Nina Lane
#176. Dean? Dean… are you there?"

"I'm here."

I'll always be here. She could rip me open, tear me apart, and I'd still crawl back to her. She's had me whipped since the day she stood in front of me on the sidewalk with her hair all windblown as she asked me about medieval knights. #Quote by Nina Lane
Rip quotes by Sylvia Day
#177. He was the kind of guy that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Rip quotes by Quinn Loftis
#178. There is nothing simple about something (love) that can fill you with the greatest joy you have ever known. It can make men build cities, crush enemies, seek out ways to move mountains, and bring even the greatest to his knees. There is nothing simple about something that can rip the very seams of your soul in half, shred every amount of dignity you've ever had, and strip every inhibition from who you are. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
Rip quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#179. I guide him around into the next aisle and instantly realise that I've unwittingly led him into the alcohol section. I fly around in a panic and get the trolley rammed into my shin. 'Fuck!' I exclaim on a wince.

'Ava, watch your mouth!'

I rub my shin. Damn that hurts. 'We don't need this aisle.' I blurt, frantically pushing the trolley back towards him.

He walks backwards. 'Ava, stop it.'

'I'm sorry. I didn't realise where we were.'

'For God's sake, woman, I'm not going to dive into the shelves and rip the caps off the bottles. Are you okay? #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Rip quotes by Jay Crownover
#180. your eyes could inspire men to go to war, to paint works of art, to rip their goddamn heart out of their chest and offer it to you without a second thought . #Quote by Jay Crownover
Rip quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#181. How could you forget someone you loved even if I did rip his heart to shreds? #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Rip quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#182. [Kagura is doing laundry and tries to wring out Kyou's shirt causing it to rip in two ]
Kyo Sohma: Tell me what I think just happened didn't just happen
Kagura: My love !
Kyo Sohma: My shirt! #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Rip quotes by Annette Curtis Klause
#183. Gabriel pulled her over his body to lie on the bed beside him. His kisses pressed her down into the oblivion of the mattress as her hands explored his chest, his shoulders, his face.
"I want to lay my kill at your feet," he said, more growl than words, and held her tight by her hair as he marked her neck with his teeth.
She writhed against him. She wanted to bite him, she wanted to rip the flesh from his back, but most terrible of all, she didn't want him to stop. Her back arched, her body shattered, she howled. #Quote by Annette Curtis Klause
Rip quotes by Neil Young
#184. Vinyl is great, I made a lot of vinyl, but I don't want new vinyl that's from digital sources, because that's a rip off. #Quote by Neil Young
Rip quotes by Dana K. White
#185. Touch things. I've said it again and again. Look. Always, always look. Assuming what is in a box or at the back of a shelf does no good whatsoever. But assuming is the hardest thing for me to fight in my war against clutter. I see a mass of stuff and assume it's full of emotions. I assume every last item in the pile, box, or closet will rip my heart right out of my chest. Every single item will represent a part of life I'm not ready to accept is over. #Quote by Dana K. White
Rip quotes by Gwen Hayes
#186. He smiled. I was unprepared for my reaction to the most potent weapon Haden had in his arsenal - a real smile, one that reached his eyes.
One genuine emotion was enough to unravel my life from the security of everything I'd ever known.
For seventeen years, I'd tried to live Father's way. Each step measured, my words carefully chosen. In his fortress of fears, I grew up - but not strong. I yearned to replace the hole in his heart left by my mother, so my life never belonged to me. My own heart was my weakest muscle, never exercised, never even flexed.
Suddenly, I understood that it still miraculously worked. And it was full. So full it felt like rays of sunshine were bursting through my chest, poking out of me in radiant splendor. Haden spellbound me and life changed to Technicolor. In his smile, I felt the bindings that tethered my spirit rip away. #Quote by Gwen Hayes
Rip quotes by Janet Evanovich
#187. Nice tackle, babe, he said. And then he kissed me. No doubt about the intention this time. Not the sort of kiss you'd give your cousin, for instance. More like the sort of kiss a man would give a woman when he wanted to rip her clothes off and give her a reason to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Rip quotes by Michael Lewis
#188. When you're a conservative Republican, you never think people are making money by ripping other people off," he said. His mind was now fully open to the possibility. "I now realized there was an entire industry, called consumer finance, that basically existed to rip people off. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Rip quotes by Samantha Towle
#189. I love that it's our thing ... so do you want me to put them back on so you can rip them off? #Quote by Samantha Towle
Rip quotes by Charlaine Harris
#190. When I thought of Eric with someone else, I wanted to rip out all his beautiful blonde hair. By the roots. In clumps. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Rip quotes by Paget Brewster
#191. I'm not saying anything to denigrate 'Criminal Minds'; that's a great show. I just didn't appreciate it anymore. I appreciate those people, but I realized my heart wasn't in and I needed to go because plenty of people would rip their arm off to be on that show, so they should be. #Quote by Paget Brewster
Rip quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#192. I rip my handout of hers, and I want to back away. I want to get as far from her as I can, but for some reason I can't move from this spot.What else did you tell him? #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Rip quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#193. What are you going to do? (Angelia)
I ought to rip your throat out. But lucky for you, I'm just a dumb animal and killing for revenge isn't in my nature. Killing to protect myself and those in my pack is another story. You'd do well to remember that. (Fury) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rip quotes by Forrest Griffin
#194. It's one of those things where when you're training and fighting, you can't worry about your bills, your mortgage, did you get your girlfriend pregnant, your pet's cancer, or anything. Nothing else matters but that dude trying to kick you in the face or throw you on your head or trying to rip your arm out of the socket. It becomes a singularity of purpose, which an ADD kid like me rarely gets. I like that moment of clarity in fights, and I truly have that. I lose myself in the details of those 15 minutes and you don't worry about what people think of you. #Quote by Forrest Griffin
Rip quotes by Rachel Cohn
#195. That bitch should not be in a club like this. As if her language is not enough indication, there is also the matter of her Hot Topic mallrat outfit: short black leather skirt with buckles up the side, mass-produced "vintage" Ramones T-shirt, and piss-yellow leggings with some horrible pair of pink patent-leather shoes. She looks like a neon sign bumblebee by way of early Debbie Harry rip-off. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Rip quotes by Sylvia Day
#196. He wasn't just beautiful; he was ... enthralling. He was the kind of guy who made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. I looked at him in his civilized, urbane, outrageously expensive suit and thought of raw, primal, sheet-clawing fucking. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Rip quotes by Tessa Bailey
#197. I'm going to come on your panties. And the next time I see them, I'm going to rip them off with my fucking teeth. Is that clear? #Quote by Tessa Bailey
Rip quotes by Beau Mirchoff
#198. I'm not classically trained or anything, but I'll rip up a dance floor. #Quote by Beau Mirchoff
Rip quotes by Christina Phillips
#199. What do you want me to do? Rip open my chest and give you my heart? You already have it, babe. You've always had it and I've just been too blind to see it. #Quote by Christina Phillips
Rip quotes by Julie Kagawa
#200. STOP!" Ironhorse bellowed as Puck immediately pulled out his dagger, shoving me behind
"Oh, I don't think so, Rusty," Puck sneered, as we began backing toward the
edge of the village. "I have a better idea. You stay there until we get to Oberon, who will rip
you apart and bury your pieces so far apart you'll never get put back together. #Quote by Julie Kagawa

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