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Rigour In Research quotes by Paul Dirac
#1. A good deal of my research in physics has consisted in not setting out to solve some particular problem, but simply examining mathematical equations of a kind that physicists use and trying to fit them together in an interesting way, regardless of any application that the work may have. It is simply a search for pretty mathematics. It may turn out later to have an application. Then one has good luck. At age 78. #Quote by Paul Dirac
Rigour In Research quotes by Theobald Smith
#2. More and more of out colleagues fail to understand our work because of the high specialization of research problems. We must not be discouraged if the products of our labor are not read or even known to exist. The joy of research must be found in doing since every other harvest is uncertain. #Quote by Theobald Smith
Rigour In Research quotes by Akira Suzuki
#3. I learned many things from Professor Brown, including his philosophy toward research, but there is one thing he said that I recall with particular clarity: 'Do research that will be in the textbooks.' It is not easy to do such work, but this has remained my motto. #Quote by Akira Suzuki
Rigour In Research quotes by William J. Clinton
#4. It turns out that advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics, because discrimination, poverty and ignorance restrict growth, while investments in education, infrastructure and scientific and technological research increase it, creating more good jobs and new wealth for all of us. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Rigour In Research quotes by Ryan Holmes
#5. My first real venture was a paintball company I started in Grade 10, when I was 16. After hearing about it from a friend, I realized my town didn't have a playing field. I did some research, spoke with other paintball company owners, and I started my own field the following summer. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Rigour In Research quotes by Lemony Snicket
#6. A huge cloud of dust is not a beautiful thing to look at. Very few painters have done portraits of huge clouds of dust or included them in their landscapes or still lifes. Film directors rarely choose huge clouds of dust to play the lead roles in romantic comedies, and as far as my research has shown, a huge cloud of dust has never placed higher than twenty-fifth in a beauty pageant. Nevertheless, as the Baudelaire orphans stumbled around the cell, dropped each half of the battering ram and listening to the sound of crows flying in circles outside, they stared at the huge cloud of dust as if it were a thing of great beauty. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Rigour In Research quotes by Kimberly Loving Ross
#7. Drew, a friend helping Loren in her research, "...This may be the most important class I've never paid for nor received credit hours for taking. Let's lift our glasses to Professor Finkel! #Quote by Kimberly Loving Ross
Rigour In Research quotes by Bill Gates
#8. Governments will always play a huge part in solving big problems. They set public policy and are uniquely able to provide the resources to make sure solutions reach everyone who needs them. They also fund basic research, which is a crucial component of the innovation that improves life for everyone. #Quote by Bill Gates
Rigour In Research quotes by Anthony Venn-Brown
#9. A review of 850 research papers concluded that people with religious involvement and belief system have better mental health outcomes. They have higher levels of psychological well-being such as life satisfaction, happiness, positive effect, and higher morale and less depression and suicide. If however you are gay or lesbian (in the closet or your sexuality/belief system unresolved) ... ... .. it is the exact opposite ... .it can drive you crazy or kill you (suicide). Also it should be noted that this research has shown that the very places where Christian young people should feel safest (in their churches, Christian homes, schools and with friends) are actually places of harm. #Quote by Anthony Venn-Brown
Rigour In Research quotes by Bobby Ray Inman
#10. Society has recognized over time that certain kinds of scientific inquiry can endanger society as a whole and has applied either directly, or through scientific/ethical constraints, restrictions on the kind and amount of research that can be done in those areas. #Quote by Bobby Ray Inman
Rigour In Research quotes by James Barrat
#11. With the possible exception of nanotechnology being released upon the world there is nothing in the whole catalogue of disasters that is comparable to AGI. - Eliezer Yudkowsky, Research Fellow, Machine Intelligence Research Institute #Quote by James Barrat
Rigour In Research quotes by Luis Von Ahn
#12. Am I a slacker? I can be a slacker. When I was in college, most people got summer jobs for college or did research during college. I went home and watched TV the whole day for three months; it was really awesome. #Quote by Luis Von Ahn
Rigour In Research quotes by Liz Kelly
#13. - Rape is a unique crime, representing both a physical and psychological violation.
More than with any other crime the victim can experience reporting rape as a form of revictimisation.
l In no other crime is the victim subject to so much scrutiny at trial, where the most likely defence is that the victim consented to the crime. Powerful stereotypes function to limit the definition of what counts as 'real rape'."
Kelly, L., Lovett, J., & Regan, L. (2005). A gap or a chasm?: attrition in reported rape cases. London: Home Office Research, Development and Statistics Directorate. #Quote by Liz Kelly
Rigour In Research quotes by Lynn Flewelling
#14. A writer can't just be well-educated or good at research; to build a living, breathing world with interesting characters, you have to write from the gut. I'm not saying you have to live your life like a fantasy adventure. The trick is the ability to synthesize your own everyday experiences into your fiction. Infuse your characters with believable emotions and motivations. Infuse your world with rich sensory detail. For that you have to be in touch with your own existence and your own soul, the dark and the light of it. #Quote by Lynn Flewelling
Rigour In Research quotes by Harold Urey
#15. The discovery of deuterium and the marked differences in the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and deuterium, together with an efficient method for the separation of these isotopes, have opened an interesting field of research in several of the major branches of science. #Quote by Harold Urey
Rigour In Research quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#16. When I make a movie, I don't break it down and analyze it. I could but it would get in the way of doing a job - on instinct based on all the research we did going in. you want to trust yourself and your director and your acting partners in the circumstances you're shooting. I don't like to have any kind of overview. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Rigour In Research quotes by Danica McKellar
#17. I took a break from acting for four years to get a degree in mathematics at UCLA, and during that time I had the rare opportunity to actually do research as an undergraduate. And myself and two other people co-authored a new theorem: Percolation and Gibbs States Multiplicity for Ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller Models on Two Dimensions, or Z2. #Quote by Danica McKellar
Rigour In Research quotes by Steven Pinker
#18. I spent 20 years doing research on regular and irregular verbs, not because I'm an obsessive language lover but because it seemed to me that they tapped into a fundamental distinction in language processing, indeed in cognitive processing, between memory lookup and rule-driven computation. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Rigour In Research quotes by Plato
#19. Vision, in my view, is the cause of the greatest benefit to us, inasmuch as none of the accounts now given concerning the Universe would ever have been given if men had not seen the stars or the sun or the heavens. But as it is, the vision of day and night and of months and circling years has created the art of number and has given us not only the notion of Time but also means of research into the nature of the Universe. From these we have procured Philosophy in all its range, than which no greater boon ever has come or will come, by divine bestowal, unto the race of mortals. #Quote by Plato
Rigour In Research quotes by Kenichi Fukui
#20. We think that it is the best scientists working in the frontier fields of science who are best able to judge what is good and what is bad - if any - in the application of their scientific research. #Quote by Kenichi Fukui
Rigour In Research quotes by Justus Von Liebig
#21. There is in the chemist a form of thought by which all ideas become visible in the mind as strains of an imagined piece of music. This form of thought is developed in Faraday in the highest degree, whence it arises that to one who is not acquainted with this method of thinking, his scientific works seem barren and dry, and merely a series of researches strung together, while his oral discourse when he teaches or explains is intellectual, elegant, and of wonderful clearness. #Quote by Justus Von Liebig
Rigour In Research quotes by Virginia Morell
#22. Panksepp is emphatic on this point, arguing that his neural studies as well as those of his colleagues show that the prime, fundamental emotions of humans and all mammals do not emerge from the cerebral cortex, as was commonly believed in the twentieth century and as some leading neuroscientists still claim, but come from deep, ancient brain structures, including the hypothalamus and amygdala. It is why, he notes, that "drugs used to treat emotional and psychiatric disorders in humans were first developed and found effective in animals - rats and mice. This kind of research would obviously have no value if animals were incapable of experiencing these emotional states, or if we did not share them. #Quote by Virginia Morell
Rigour In Research quotes by Paul Laffoley
#23. I began to research the concept of dimensionality from the point of view of quality, and not just quantity, as a mathematician might do. Taking my clues from the theosophical use made of the Vedantic levels of reality, I identified the western notion of Energy (as someting which is effecatious by means of motion), with the idea of Time. The more comprehensive dimension 'eternity' I defined as a form of energy which is efficacious without motion. In this manner I began to establish the qualities of dimensions and open out the seemingly monolithic concept of energy. #Quote by Paul Laffoley
Rigour In Research quotes by Ron Rash
#24. The name's Old Testament derivation did not surprise him. Campbell's first name was Exra, and there was an Absalom and a Solomon in the camp. But no Lukes or Matthews, which Buchanan had once noted, telling Pemberton that from his research the highlanders tended to live more by the Old Testament than the New. #Quote by Ron Rash
Rigour In Research quotes by Christof Paar
#25. Interestingly, differential cryptanalysis was first discovered in the research community in 1990. At this point, the IBM team declared that the attack was known to the designers at least 16 years earlier, and that DES was especially designed to withstand differential cryptanalysis. Finally, #Quote by Christof Paar
Rigour In Research quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#26. There should be intensive research of all forms of clean energy - sun power, wind power, water power including wave power. In some places thermal energy is available. I stayed on a ranch which, with solar panels and two windmills, provided its own energy. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Rigour In Research quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#27. Coincidences, in general, are great stumbling-blocks in the way of that class of thinkers who have been educated to know nothing of the theory of probabilities
that theory to which the most glorious objects of human research are indebted for the most glorious of illustration. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Rigour In Research quotes by Hal Elrod
#28. Research has shown that we virtually become like the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Who you spend your time with may be the single most determining factor in the person you become and in your quality of life. If you are surrounded with lazy, weak-minded, excuse-making people, you'll inevitably become like them. Spend time with positive, successful achievers and inevitably their attitudes and successful habits will reflect on you. You'll become more and more like them. #Quote by Hal Elrod
Rigour In Research quotes by Tony Blair
#29. We must support and protect individuals and companies engaged in life saving medical research #Quote by Tony Blair
Rigour In Research quotes by John Dominic Crossan
#30. [C]ontemporary Jesus research is still involved in textual looting, in attacks on the mound of Jesus tradition that do not begin from any overall stratigraphy, do not explain why this or that item was chosen for emphasis over some other one, and give the distinct impression that the researcher knew the result before beginning the search. #Quote by John Dominic Crossan
Rigour In Research quotes by J.D. Robb
#31. Something we've been working on in R and D for a while." He crossed to her, ran his fingers over the lining himself. "It's body armor."
"Get out." Her forehead creased as she examined it more closely. "It's too thin and light. Plus it moves."
"Trust me, it's been thoroughly tested. Leonardo was able to take the material and fashion it into the coat. It will block a stun on full, though you'll feel the impact. It'll protect from a blaster, though the leather would suffer. And it will block a blade - though again, pity about the leather."
"Seriously?" She pulled her weapon again, offered it. "Try it."
He had to laugh even as he thought: Typical. Just typical. "I will not."
"Not very confident in your research and development."
"I'm not firing a stunner at my wife in our bedroom. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Rigour In Research quotes by Pat Schneider
#32. If we can't forget, how can we forgive? I believe that forgiving can't be done by willpower alone. I can will myself to write out my own memories and feelings. I can will myself to imagine onto the page how someone else may have felt. I can will myself to research someone else's life in order to better understand what happened. But I don't think I can forgive by simply willing to forgive. Forgiving happens to us when our hearts are ready. Sometimes it takes the form of working on our own story until quietly, often surprisingly, we simply let go of the hurt. Sometimes forgiving makes it possible to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship and begin again. Sometimes it means letting a relationship go. We can't forgive through willpower. What we can do is work toward readiness of heart. Writing as a spiritual practice can be that kind of work.
When our heart is ready, we often don't even know it until forgiveness happens within us. It is a gift. #Quote by Pat Schneider
Rigour In Research quotes by John Edensor Littlewood
#33. In passing, I firmly believe that research should be offset by a certain amount of teaching, if only as a change from the agony of research. The trouble, however, I freely admit, is that in practice you get either no teaching, or else far too much. #Quote by John Edensor Littlewood
Rigour In Research quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#34. Lockwood stepped aside, his boots crunching across the salt, to stand and study the paper beneath the light. No such luck with George; he came in close, his eyes bulging so much behind his spectacles, they almost pressed against the glass.
'I can't *believe* you did that, Lucy. You're crazy! *Purposefully* freeing a ghost!'
'It was an experiment,' I said. 'Why are you complaining? You're always messing about with that stupid jar of yours.'
'There's no comparison. I keep that ghost *in* in the jar. Anyway, it's scientific research. I do it under carefully controlled conditions.'
'Carefully controlled? I found it in the bathtub the other day!'
'That's right. I was testing the ghost's reaction to heat.'
'And to bubble bath? There were bubbles all over the jar. You put some nice soapy fragrance in that water, and...' I stared at him. 'Do you get in the tub with it, George?'
His face flushed. 'No, I do not. Not as a rule. I - I was saving time. I was just getting in myself when it occurred to me I could do a useful experiment about the resistance of ectoplasm to warmth. I wanted to see if it would contract...' He waved his hands wildly in the air. 'Wait! Why am I explaining myself to *you*? You just unleashed a ghost in our house! #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Rigour In Research quotes by Richard O'Barry
#35. Around the world, about a thousand dolphins are held in captivity, while millions have been killed in purse seine tuna nets and drift nets. Tens of thousands of others have been "sacrificed" in the name of scientific research, some marine mammals merely to find out what they've been eating. #Quote by Richard O'Barry
Rigour In Research quotes by Xenophanes
#36. In the beginning the gods did not at all reveal all things clearly to mortals, but by searching men in the course of time find them out better. #Quote by Xenophanes
Rigour In Research quotes by Harold H. Bloomfield
#37. In a nutshell: Medical research has shown that Hypericum is an effective treatment for depression-as successful as prescription anti-depressions in a majority of patients. #Quote by Harold H. Bloomfield
Rigour In Research quotes by Theodosius Dobzhansky
#38. The foundations of population genetics were laid chiefly by mathematical deduction from basic premises contained in the works of Mendel and Morgan and their followers. Haldane, Wright, and Fisher are the pioneers of population genetics whose main research equipment was paper and ink rather than microscopes, experimental fields, Drosophila bottles, or mouse cages. Theirs is theoretical biology at its best, and it has provided a guiding light for rigorous quantitative experimentation and observation. #Quote by Theodosius Dobzhansky
Rigour In Research quotes by Jared Taylor
#39. Adults can distinguish race from very minimal clues. Stanford researchers showed subjects just the front slices of plain, black profiles - the face from forehead to chin, without the hair. Subjects could tell the race of the profile (80 percent of the time) more often than they could tell the sex (70 percent), or the age within 10 years (68 percent). Race is commonly equated with skin color, but all the profiles were black. It is obviously important for adults to tell the sexes apart, but they were even better at telling races apart.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been used to determine that what is called the fusiform region of the brain may be associated with the other-race effect. The fusiform region is involved in expert appraisal. In a bird-watcher's brain, for example, the region lights up at the sight of a bird. All people have considerable expertise in recognizing human faces, but MRI scans show greater fusiform activity - expert appraisal activity - when they are looking at faces of their own race. #Quote by Jared Taylor
Rigour In Research quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#40. My early research - I'm a social psychologist, and my early research was on how people make moral judgments. When I entered the field in 1987, everybody was looking at moral reasoning - how do kids reason about a moral dilemma? Should a guy steal a drug to save his wife's life? #Quote by Jonathan Haidt
Rigour In Research quotes by Norman Doidge
#41. brain and other nerve-related problems such as headaches from concussions, vascular dementia (dementia caused by blood vessel problems in the brain), migraines, Bell's palsy (a paralysis of the facial nerve), and tinnitus (ringing of the ears). He emphasized he was influenced by research that had been done in Israel on light therapy and the brain. Dr. Shimon Rochkind, a neurosurgeon at Tel Aviv University, originally pioneered work using lasers to treat injuries in the peripheral nervous system, that is, all the nerves in the body except those in the brain and spinal cord. Injury to peripheral nerves can lead to problems sensing or moving. #Quote by Norman Doidge
Rigour In Research quotes by Robert Musil
#42. In earlier times, one had an easier conscience about being a person than one does today. People were like cornstalks in a field, probably more violently tossed back and forth by God, hail, fire, pestilence, and war than they are today, but as a whole, as a city, a region, a field, and as to what personal movement was left to the individual stalk – all this was clearly defined and could be answered for. But today responsibility's center of gravity is not in people but in circumstances. Have we not noticed that experiences have made themselves independent of people? They have gone on the stage, into books, into the reports of research institutes and explorers, into ideological or religious communities, which foster certain kinds of experience at the expense of others as if they are conducting a kind of social experiment, and insofar as experiences are not actually being developed, they are simply left dangling in the air. Who can say nowadays that his anger is really his own anger when so many people talk about it and claim to know more about it than he does? A world of qualities without a man has arisen, of experiences without the person who experiences them, and it almost looks as though ideally private experience is a thing of the past, and that the friendly burden of personal responsibility is to dissolve into a system of formulas of possible meanings. Probably the dissolution of the anthropocentric point of view, which for such a long time considered man to be at the cente #Quote by Robert Musil
Rigour In Research quotes by Sidney Altman
#43. Furthermore, neither of our research groups set out in search of RNA catalysis. #Quote by Sidney Altman

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