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Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Ralph Ellison
#1. Ride 'em, cowboy. Give 'em hell and bananas. #Quote by Ralph Ellison
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Trent Dalton
#2. Don't forget to be specific…Details. Put in all the details. The boys appreciate all that detailed daily life sh*t they don't get anymore. If you've got a teacher you're hot for, tell 'em what her hair looks like, what her legs look like, what she eats for lunch. If she's teaching you geometry, tell 'em how she draws a bloody triangle on the blackboard. If you went down the shop for a bag of sweets yesterday, did you ride your pushee? Did you go by foot? Did you see a rainbow along the way? Did you buy gobstoppers or clinkers or caramels? If you had a good meat pie last week was it steak and peas or curry or mushroom and beef? You catchin' my drift? Details. #Quote by Trent Dalton
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Charles Dickens
#3. Rich folks may ride on camels, but it ain't so easy for 'em to see out of a needle's eye. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by James Patterson
#4. My eyes flickered when I heard the Voice inside my head. (You mean you don't have one? You can get 'em at Target.) #Quote by James Patterson
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Fiona Archer
#5. So, you take no prisoners, huh?'
Flynn leaned in close. Her pulse clicked up a gear at the deliberate invasion of her personal space. 'No, sweetie. We take prisoners, of the short, female variety. We just don't fight fair when we catch 'em. #Quote by Fiona Archer
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Jon Stewart
#6. [President Bush] recently challenged Iraqi soldiers still fighting U.S. troops like so: ... 'My answer is bring 'em on.' For those of you who may be criticizing Bush for acting like a movie cowboy, let me remind you. He's actually acting more like a movie cheerleader. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Guns N' Roses
#7. Ya live your life like it's a coma
So won't you tell me why we'd wanna
With all the reasons you give it's
It's kinda hard to believe
But who am I to tell you that I've
Seen any reason why you should stay
Matbe we'd be better off
Without you anyway
You got a one way ticket
On your last chance ride
Gotta one way ticket
To your suicide
Gotta one way ticket
An there's no way out alive
An all this crass communication
That has left you in the cold
Isn't much for consolation
When you feel so weak and old
But is home is where the heart is
Then there's stories to be told
No you don't need a doctor
No one else can heal your soul

Got your mind in submission
Got your life on the line
But nobody pulled the trigger
They just stepped aside
They be down by the water
While you watch 'em waving goodbye
They be callin' in the morning
They be hangin' on the phone
They be waiting for an answer
When you know nobody's home
And when the bell's stopped ringing
It was nobody's fault but your own
There were always ample warnings
There were always subtle signs
And you would have seen it comin'
But we gave you too much time
And when you said
That no one's listening
Why'd your best friend drop a dime
Sometimes we get so tired of waiting
For a way to spend our time
An "It's so easy" to be #Quote by Guns N' Roses
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Larry Mahan
#8. Mistakes are only horses in disguise
Ain't no need to ride 'em over
'cause we could not ride them different if we tried #Quote by Larry Mahan
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Kim Vogel Sawyer
#9. soon as he finished up here, he intended to ride out and pick a big bundle of those purple flowers, tie their stems together with a length of yellow ribbon he'd purchased a month ago because the color had reminded him of Sadie's shining hair, and he'd hand 'em right over in front of everybody tonight when she finished her final song. His heart set up a double beat just thinking about how she'd blush pink and give him her special smile. Then, while she was smiling and feeling appreciative, he'd take her aside and set her straight on how he felt about her and how much her paying attention to the sheriff hurt him. He and Sadie had a relationship years in the making. She'd only known the sheriff a few weeks. She'd pick him over McKane. He just knew it. #Quote by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Sherwood Smith
#10. He was right! Said you'd go straight after 'em, sword and knife. What's with you?"
"You said, 'A trap.' I thought it was them," I muttered through suddenly numb lips. "Wasn't it?"
"Didn't you see the riding of greeners?" Bran retorted. "It was Debegri, right enough. He had paid informants in those inns, for he was on the watch for your return. Why d'you think Vidanric sent the escort?"
"His name," Branaric said, still staring at me with that odd gaze. "You could try to use it--only polite. After all, Shevraeth is just a title, and he doesn't go about calling either of us Tlanth."
I'd rather cut out my tongue, I thought, but I said nothing.
"Anyway--life, sister--if he'd wanted me dead, why not in the comfort of his own home, where he could do a better job?"
I shook my head. "It made sense to me."
"It makes sense when you have a castle-sized grudge." He sighed. "It was the Renselaeus escort, hard on their heels, that attacked Debegri's gang and saved my life. Our friend the Marquis wasn't far behind--he'd just found out about the spies, he said. Between us we pieced together what happened, and what I said, and what you'd likely do. I thought you'd stay home. He said you'd ride back down the mountain breathing fire and hunting his blood. He was right." He stared to laugh, but it came out a groan, and he closed his eyes for a long breath. Then, "Arrow clipped me on the right, or I'd be finished. But I can't talk long--I'm alrea #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#11. Get off your horse, Jack."
"Why don't you just ride outta here, missy, and I'll forget this ever happened."
Willow's voice trembled with fury. "Get off your horse," she repeated. "Slow and easy."
Still grinning his contempt, he did as he asked.
"That's good. Now, real slow like, take your gunbelt off and toss it my way."
"Like hell!" A shot rang out and nicked a chunk of leather from his boot. Cursing, he unbuckled his gun and tossed it at her mare's feet.
"Now,strip them britches off, underwear, too," she ordered.
"You little shi-" Bang! Jack's hat whizzed off his head. He dropped his pants in a puddle over his boots, trying his best to shelter his privates from her view.
"My,my,Jack." Willow laughed humorlessly. "Is that puny thing you're trying to hide the same thing you were threatening me with?"
If looks could kill, Willow would have been dead and buried ten times over, then and there.
"Take them confounded boots off so's you can get your pants clear off," she ordered in mock exasperation.
He wheeled around, gaining a modicum of privacy while he complied.
"You're puny all over, Jack. You got the boniest bee-hind I ever did see. You sure you ain't picked up a worm somewheres?"
"You're gonna pay for this,you little slut!"
"Shut your filthy mouth and pick them pants off the ground and toss 'em over here at my horse's feet. Then you can put your boots back on."
He gave the pants a toss, put his boots #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Douglas Petrie
#12. Glory: I look around at this world you're so eager to be a part of and all I see is six billion lunatics looking for the fastest ride out. Who's not crazy? Look around, everyone's drinking, smoking, shooting up, shooting each other, or just plain screwing their brains out 'cause they don't want 'em anymore. I'm crazy? Honey, I'm the original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind, 'cause at least I admit the world makes me nuts. #Quote by Douglas Petrie
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Judith McNaught
#13. What the-" he began, already heading toward the house, with Elizabeth walking quickly behind him.
Ian opened the front door just as Jake came hurrying in from the back of the cottage.
"I got some milk-" Jake began, then he stopped abruptly as the stench hit him. His gaze snapped from Ian and Elizabeth, who were just rushing inside, to Lucinda, who was sitting exactly where she had been, serenely indifferent to the smell of burning bacon and incinerated eggs as she fanned herself with a black silk fan. "I took the liberty of removing the utensil from the stove," she informed them. "However, I was not in time to save its contents, which I sincerely doubt were worth saving in any case."
"Couldn't you have moved 'em before they burned?" Jake burst out.
"I cannot cook, sir."
"Can you smell?" Ian demanded.
"Ian, there's nothing for it-I'll have to ride to the village and hire a pair o' wenches to come up here and get this place in order for us or we'll starve."
"My thoughts exactly!" Lucinda seconded promptly, already standing up. "I shall accompany you."
"Whaat?" Elizabeth burst out.
"What? Why?" Jake echoed, looking balky.
"Because selecting good female servants is best done by a woman. How far must we go?"
If Elizabeth weren't so appalled, she'd have laughed at Jake Wiley's expression. "We can be back late this afternoon, assumin' there's anyone in the village to do the work. But I-"
"Then we'd best be about it." Lucind #Quote by Judith McNaught
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Mary Webb
#14. Beguildy looked at me over the rim of a great measure of mead. 'Saddle your dreams afore you ride 'em, my wench,' he said. #Quote by Mary Webb
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by William Gibson
#15. Lucas knows, yeah. The last seven, eight years, there's been funny stuff out there, out on the console cowboy circuit. The new jockeys, they make deals with things, don't they, Lucas? Yeah, you bet I know; they still need the hard and the soft, and they still gotta be faster than snakes on ice, but all of 'em, all the ones who really know how to cut it, they got allies, don't they, Lucas? #Quote by William Gibson
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Carolyn Brown
#16. Dating and getting to really know a woman is a different game. Kind of like the difference in Monopoly and Texas Hold 'Em. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Barbara Neely
#17. They jealous 'cause you got the night in you. Some people got night in 'em, some got morning, others, like me and your mama, got dusk. But it's only them that's got night can become invisible. People what got night in 'em can step into the dark and poof - disappear! Go any old where they want. Do anything. Ride them stars up there, like as not. #Quote by Barbara Neely
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Beverly Barton
#18. Ride em, cowgirl,' he said.

And she did. #Quote by Beverly Barton
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by J.D. Salinger
#19. No, there wouldn't be," Holden said. "It'd be entirely different." Sally looked at him; he had contradicted her so quietly. "It wouldn't be the same at all. We'd have to go downstairs in elevators with suitcases and stuff. We'd have to call up everyone and tell 'em goodbye and send 'em postcards. And I'd have to work at my father's and ride in Madison Avenue buses and read newspapers. We'd have to go to the Seventy-second Street all the time and see newsreels. Newsreels! There's always a dumb horse race and some dame breaking a bottle over a ship. You don't see what I mean at all." "Maybe I don't. Maybe you don't, either," Sally said. Holden stood up, with his skates swung over one shoulder. "You give me a royal pain," he announced quite dispassionately. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Nathan Fillion
#20. I've always fantasized about being on TV. And I was. Then I fantasized about being in the movies. What could be better than captain of a space ship? I get to ride horses, shoot guns, have adventures. #Quote by Nathan Fillion
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by T.L. Swan
#21. Our eyes lock and the look he gives me feels like it could get me pregnant. I'm not even joking. Get here, straddle me, and ride my fucking cock are its precise words.
Well, that's what it says to me anyway. #Quote by T.L. Swan
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. Why, how's this?' muttered the Jew: changing countenance; 'only two of 'em? Where's the third? They can't have got into trouble. Hark! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Patrick Stump
#23. There are two types of bands - there are the ones that are basically solo projects anyways, where there's clearly the one guy who's driving the ship and everyone else is just along for the ride. And then there was my band, where you have a few very disparate-taste, creative people who kind of meet in the middle somewhere. #Quote by Patrick Stump
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Anonymous
#24. If I knew you were going to die, I'd make your last moment on earth last forever. I'd take you to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and make sure that you have the most romantic dinner your life. I'd fill your room with hundreds of wild sunflowers, so that even in death, you may carry the scent of something beautiful. If you were to die I'd make sure to drag you through an amusement park and ride all the crazy rides with you, eat all that ice cream with you, win all those stuffed animals for you.
If you were to die, I'd beat up every single person in the world who has ever hurt you. I'd protect you with my life. I'll protect you with everything I own, everything I have, everything I can give. If I knew you were going to die, I'd cut out my own heart for you. I'd cut it out so you could have it. So that you could live. Because I sure as hell can't live without you. #Quote by Anonymous
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Ian Ayris
#25. Cos there's holes in this world,see. Holes. And the likes of Thommo, and Keith, and me, and Kenny, we just sort of fall through em. We weren't never bad kids, we just didn't have nothing to hold on to, that's all. #Quote by Ian Ayris
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Michael Irvin
#26. I didn't always know, but I always wanted to. I always wanted to be the very best receiver the Cowboys ever had. That was my goal coming in as a rookie and my goal throughout my career: being the best they ever had, going up in the Ring of Honor. #Quote by Michael Irvin
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Leo Robin
#27. I could ride away and hide away Where we were miles apart But when I got there I'd find you there Right in my heart #Quote by Leo Robin
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#28. When scorching passion only leaves ashes of unfulfilled dreams, hope may entice the sprinkling magic of our imagination into livening up the footlights on a new stage of life. ("Taken for a ride") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#29. For a knight to ride in a carriage was against the principles of chivalry and he never under any circumstances rode a mare. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Magda Alexander
#30. An image pops into my head of Gabriel Storm in my bed, his golden skin sheened with sweat while I ride him to paradise. Oh. My. God. Where did that come from? I've sworn to stay away from men. #Quote by Magda Alexander
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Craig Schaefer
#31. All right," I said. "Let's show these Seattle assholes how we do things in Vegas. Jennifer?" She held up the detonator. I nodded. "Light 'em up!" 41. One click of the detonator, so fast her fingers blurred, and the alley erupted in a blast of crumpled metal and flame. #Quote by Craig Schaefer
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by John Grisham
#32. You look at the crime and you look at the criminal. If it's a dope dealer who guns down an undercover narcotics officer, then he gets the gas. If it's a drifter who rapes a three-year-old girl, drowns her by holding her little head in a mudhole, then throws her body off a bridge, then you take his life and thank god he's gone. If it's an escaped convict who breaks into a farmhouse late at night and beats and tortures an elderly couple before burning them with their house, then you strap him in a chair, hook up a few wires, pray for his soul, and pull the switch. And if it's two dopeheads who gang-rape a ten-year-old girl and kick her with pointed-toe cowboy boots until her jaws break, then you happily, merrily, thankfully, gleefully lock them in a gas chamber and listen to them squeal. It's very simple. Their crimes were barbaric. Death is too good for them, much too good. #Quote by John Grisham
Ride Em Cowboy quotes by Ariel Pink
#33. I was definitely a thespian of sorts in elementary school. I went to a real small private school, and every year, I participated in the talent shows and the school plays - all of 'em. #Quote by Ariel Pink

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