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Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#1. No one will bother us now."
She touched his lips with her finger. "I think I'll scream if they do."
"Oh, you'll be screaming. That I promise you. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by G.A. Aiken
#2. We can't sit around discussing pure evil without tea and biscuits, Iz. It's just not done. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#3. Fae with Rhi's kind of ability were myth and legends - not true beings. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Rhi Etzweiler
#4. Do I smell like wild places, still?"
Sergei laughed softly and ruffled his hair. "I'd have to compare. And monitor that. Refine my assessment over the next years ... "
"Ranch has plenty of spare dung. I'll be sure to roll in it regularly." Teeth scraped his arm, nipped his skin gently.
"I always knew the Alliance was decadent. I intend to see just how decadent. #Quote by Rhi Etzweiler
Rhi quotes by G.A. Aiken
#5. Talaith leaned forward, studied her youngest daughter. "You think you're evil?"
"Pure evil," Izzy clarified, which got her a rather vicious glare from Rhi. An expression Dagmar had never thought the young,
perpetually smiling or sobbing girl was capable of.
"Why would you think you're evil?"
"It's a feeling I have."
"No. Someone told her."
Rhi glowered at her sister. "I never said that."
"You didn't have to," Izzy shot back. "I know you."
"Well, who told her that?" Talaith demanded.
And, as one, they all turned and looked at Gwenvael.
He blinked, sat up straight. "I would never say such a thing to my dear sweet niece!"
"You said it to me," Talwyn snapped.
"That's because you're not my dear sweet niece. You're the rude little cow who threw a knife at my head."
"I wasn't aiming for you. I was aiming for Mum."
"She's right," Annwyl admitted. "I just ducked behind you." She shrugged. "Sorry. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#6. The excitement that filled Usaeil could barely be contained. She knew it wouldn't take Taraeth long to corner Rhi.

As she walked past a mirror on her way to the movie set, she paused and looked at herself. Perfection. There was no way Con would refuse her. He was making a show of it, but she knew he'd cave.

It didn't matter how long it took, the King of Kings would be hers.

That was something else she'd tell Rhi right before the pesky meddler breathed her last. The need to have Rhi wiped from existence consumed her.

Usaeil wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else until Rhi was gone. Forever. No one would stand between the Queen of the Light and what she wanted. Especially not someone like Rhi. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
#7. You worry too much, Tuck." "And you not enough, Rhi Bran. #Quote by Stephen R. Lawhead
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#8. They came together in a tangle of limbs as they touched each other, the kiss wild and feverish. A groan tore from him as her hands roved over his shoulders and down his back. Her caress was light and sensual, as if her desire seeped like magic from her fingertips into his skin everywhere she touched. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Rhi Etzweiler
#9. What is it about humans that make us so prone to prejudice?"
Blue arches one of his unnaturally colored eyebrows and looks up to meet my gaze. "If we didn't form prejudices, we wouldn't be learning from our environment, you dolt. It's an animal instinct. If a porcupine's quill gets stuck in your hand once, you won't be likely to go grabbing it again soon, right? #Quote by Rhi Etzweiler
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#10. Suddenly, Warrick lifted his head. Darcy struggled to open her eyes and think through the fog of desire. She gazed into his cobalt eyes, her stomach clenching at the longing she saw reflected there.
"There's a Dark at the back," he whispered.
Darcy was so frustrated that she wanted to scream. Why couldn't they have a few minutes of privacy? If it wasn't Rhi popping in, it was the Dark after her. "Tell him to go away. We're busy."
A sexy grin pulled at Warrick's lips. "Gladly. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#11. Rhi looked out the windshield to the dark blue waters of the North Sea. "I can spot a liar easily, Ulrik."
"I've told you the truth."
"You've told me part of it."
"That's all there is."
She turned her head to him, and was surprised when he suddenly leaned over and kissed her. When he pulled back, she asked, "What was that for?"
"I've always wanted to know if your kiss would taste as spirited as your words, or as sweet as your walk."
"And?" she asked, unable to keep her curiosity at bay.
He licked his lips. "It's a wee bit of both."
"That's all you'll ever know," she said and teleported out. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#12. Jordyn lowered her arms to her sides. "So. This is war?"
Baylon nodded. "This is war. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Rhi Etzweiler
#13. Me and my insatiable curiosity. If there's any justice in the world, I was a very good cat in a past life. #Quote by Rhi Etzweiler
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#14. I could no sooner deny him that I could stop breathing. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#15. The Light Fae had sacrificed so much for the Kings. She had been a true friend and ally to them in the past, but she was changing rapidly.
Balladyn was chasing her, and it now appeared that Ulrik was as well. If her King didn't step up and set things right, Rhi would be lost to them forever. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#16. I can talk to him," Rhys offered. "He needs to know you still love him."
"No," Rhi said loudly, her face once more a mask of indifference.
Rhys bowed his head in acceptance. It was the same answer each time he'd asked through the centuries. "As you wish. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#17. The seven there are, warriors all.
Do not do wrong or their blade will fall,
Their appearances shrouded,
Their approach, clouded.
Against evil they fight.
Power and magic are their might.
They serve only one.
If you expose their identity - run.
Secrecy is their defense.
If the truth escapes, Death will commence. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Donna Grant
#18. He leaned up and nipped at her shoulder before reaching around to tease her nipples.
"Aye, love?"
"I need you."
He didn't have to be told twice. #Quote by Donna Grant
Rhi quotes by Rhi Etzweiler
#19. Yeah, he'd yield. He was a bad cut of steak left on the open grill too long, though - the general's teeth wouldn't be enough to do the job. #Quote by Rhi Etzweiler

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