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Revenge quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#1. There in its nasty, stinking, underground home our insulted, crushed and ridiculed mouse promptly becomes absorbed in cold, malignant and, above all, everlasting spite. For forty years together it will remember its injury down to the smallest, most ignominious details, and every time will add, of itself, details still more ignominious, spitefully teasing and tormenting itself with its own imagination. It will itself be ashamed of its imaginings, but yet it will recall it all, it will go over and over every detail, it will invent unheard of things against itself, pretending that those things might happen, and will forgive nothing. Maybe it will begin to revenge itself, too, but, as it were, piecemeal, in trivial ways, from behind the stove, incognito, without believing either in its own right to vengeance, or in the success of its revenge, knowing that from all its efforts at revenge it will suffer a hundred times more than he on whom it revenges itself, while he, I daresay, will not even scratch himself. On its deathbed it will recall it all over again, with interest accumulated over all the years… #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Revenge quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#2. Being in a relationship has the tendency to deceive one into believing that there is someone without whom one cannot live. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Revenge quotes by K.L. Armstrong
#3. The best warrior is dedicated and passionate yet clearheaded. It is not about revenge or victory. It is about honor. #Quote by K.L. Armstrong
Revenge quotes by Michelle Madow
#4. I wanted it more than enough. I wanted it with every fiber of my being, and I had the power to make it happen - to make it so I was the one Drew wanted, not Lizzie #Quote by Michelle Madow
Revenge quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#5. Nursing a grudge only perpetuates the offender's power over you. He continues to live in your head, reinforcing your frustration, polluting your imagination with thoughts of getting even. Don't let him get away with that. He may or may not deserve forgiveness, but you deserve better than to waste your energy being angry at him. Letting go is the best revenge. Forgiveness is the identifying marker of the stronger party to the dispute. It is truly a favor you do yourself, not an undeserved gesture to the person who hurt you. Be kind to yourself and forgive. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Revenge quotes by C.J. Roberts
#6. I guess ,you want revenge, Ruthless Me, whispered. You bet your sweet ass, I do. #Quote by C.J. Roberts
Revenge quotes by George Eliot
#7. I know forgiveness is a man's duty, but, to my thinking, that can only mean as you're to give up all thoughts o' taking revenge: it can never mean as you're t' have your old feelings back again, for that's not possible. #Quote by George Eliot
Revenge quotes by Theodor W. Adorno
#8. The thought that murders the wish that fathered it will be overtaken by the revenge of stupidity #Quote by Theodor W. Adorno
Revenge quotes by David Sax
#9. Just as the digital dominance of the recording studio seemed complete, analog had its revenge. Musicians, producers, and engineers searching for the sound of the music that inspired them - roots Americana, blues, and classic rock - began thinking about how the process of recording affected the sound. These artists, including White, Dave Grohl, and Gillian Welch, began experimenting with old tape machines and vintage studio equipment, returning to the analog methods they'd once used. Critics and fans noted that these albums sounded different - more heartfelt, raw, and organic - and the industry began to take notice. #Quote by David Sax
Revenge quotes by Steve Maraboli
#10. Hate is self-inflicted torture. It hungers for revenge, damage, division, and violence, but is never satiated. Hate is a psychological hell to which we condemn ourselves and endeavor to burn others. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Revenge quotes by Margaret Cho
#11. My former bullies pay extra to come backstage and meet me after shows, and I pretend not to know them in front of their friends. It is the most divine pleasure to exact the revenge of the brutalized child that resides within. #Quote by Margaret Cho
Revenge quotes by Judith Butler
#12. Revenge tries to solve the problem of vulnerability. If I strike back, I transfer vulnerability from myself to the other. And yet by striking back I produce a world in which my vulnerability to injury is increased by the likelihood of another strike. So it seems as if I'm getting rid of my vulnerability and instead locating it with the other, but actually I'm heightening the vulnerability of everyone and I'm heightening the possibility of violence that happens between us. #Quote by Judith Butler
Revenge quotes by Ken Lange
#13. What lies before me is the hollow husk of a memory turned nightmare, with bleached colors, crumbling structures, and rot corrupting everything it touches. This is the work of Mother Nature gone insane, exacting her revenge and delving deeper into madness in the process. #Quote by Ken Lange
Revenge quotes by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni
#14. Your malice and your striving to seek revenge are much more harmful to your health than they are to your antagonist. #Quote by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni
Revenge quotes by Cesare Pavese
#15. The act the act must not be a revenge. It must be a calm, weary renunciation, a closing of accounts, a private, rhythmic deed. The last remark. #Quote by Cesare Pavese
Revenge quotes by Josh Billings
#16. There is no passion of the human heart that promises so much and pays so little as revenge. #Quote by Josh Billings
Revenge quotes by Dolly Parton
#17. Understanding isn't learned from punishment and anger. An iron has no gentle touch, and love ain't learned from hate. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Revenge quotes by Josh Brolin
#18. You have to be okay with wins and losses. You can't just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can't buy more and more because you're sure it's going to bounce. We call that revenge trading. #Quote by Josh Brolin
Revenge quotes by David J. Lieberman
#19. Suicide is the dumbest possible way of getting revenge. Why is that? Because the people you want to strike back at are the very same folks who won't even remember you a week after you're gone, while the people you want to spare most
the people who love you
are the ones who will have to live with the pain of your suicide for the rest of their lives. #Quote by David J. Lieberman
Revenge quotes by Cat Stevens
#20. Violence is almost an everyday occurrence in some Muslim lands: it should not be exacerbated by revenge attacks on more innocent families and communities. #Quote by Cat Stevens
Revenge quotes by John Webster
#21. Heaven-gates are not so highly arched
As princes' palaces; they that enter there
Must go upon their knees. #Quote by John Webster
Revenge quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#22. Bitterness is the coward's revenge on the world for having been hurt. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Revenge quotes by Raheel Farooq
#23. Time is conscience of the universe. #Quote by Raheel Farooq
Revenge quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#24. LOGANIMITY, n. The disposition to endure injury with meek forbearance while maturing a plan of revenge. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Revenge quotes by Edward Gibbon
#25. Revenge is profitable, gratitude is expensive. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#26. Some say that our lives are defined by the sum of our choices. But it isn't really our choices that distinguish who we are. It's our commitment to them. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#27. A person's true identity can often be difficult to discern, even to themselves, causing one to question their character, their calling, their very existence. For most, time gives clarity, but for others, these questions remained unanswered for an identity can not be fully defined when it is a guarded secret. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Ishmael Beah
#28. I joined the army to avenge the deaths of my family and to survive, but I've come to learn that if I am going to take revenge, in that process I will kill another person whose family will want revenge; then revenge and revenge and revenge will never come to an end ... #Quote by Ishmael Beah
Revenge quotes by Ian McDiarmid
#29. At least Satan fell; he has a history, and it's one of revenge. #Quote by Ian McDiarmid
Revenge quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#30. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Revenge quotes by Karl Wiggins
#31. What kind of a turnip are you? Are you fucking stupid? She didn't shag these blokes out of revenge. She shagged them because she wanted some dick! #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Revenge quotes by Cynthia Hand
#32. This meant that Alexander's side business was actually the revenge business. Though to be completely honest, he had just the one customer, himself. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Revenge quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. ...There,in his foul, stinking cellar, our offended, down-trodden and ridiculed mouse immerses himself in cold, venomous and, cheifly, everlasting spite. For forty years on end he will remember the offence, down to the smallest and most shameful detail, constantly adding more shameful details of his own, maliciously teasing and irritating himself with his own fantasies. He himself will be ashamed of his fantasies, but nevertheless he will remember all of them, weighing them up and inventing all sorts of things that never happend to him, on the pretext that they too could have happend and he'll forgive nothing. Probably he'll start taking his revenge, but somehow in fits and starts, pettily, anonymously, from behind the stove, believing neither in his right to take revenge, nor in the success of his revenge and knowing beforehand that he will suffer one hundred times more from every single one of his attempts at revenge than the object of his revenge, who, most likely, wont't give a damn. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Revenge quotes by MaryLu Tyndall
#34. I've come to realize revenge only causes more heartache. Forgiveness is better." He shifted his shoulders and smiled."Quite freeing, actually. #Quote by MaryLu Tyndall
Revenge quotes by Walter Scott
#35. Age has no pleasures, wrinkles have no influence, revenge itself dies away in impotent curses. Then comes remorse, with all its vipers, mixed with vain regrets for the past, and despair for the future! - Then, when all other strong impulses have ceased, we become like the fiends in hell, who may feel remorse, but never repentance. - But thy #Quote by Walter Scott
Revenge quotes by Carl Douglas
#36. Everybody was kung-fu fighting, those kids were fast as lightning. In fact, it was a little bit frightening, make sure you have expert timing. #Quote by Carl Douglas
Revenge quotes by Bryan Brown
#37. They also work as half-hours. The stories are all different but include elements of revenge, or the supernatural, or some sort of surprise. #Quote by Bryan Brown
Revenge quotes by Michelle Blanchard
#38. Don't be mad at a hoe for doing what she does best, besides it's not her that owes you that loyalty. #Quote by Michelle Blanchard
Revenge quotes by Robert Hugh Benson
#39. It was incredible, she told herself, that this ravening monster, dripping blood from claws and teeth, that had arisen roaring in the night, could be the Humanity that had become her God. She had thought revenge and cruelty and slaughter to be the brood of Christian superstition, dead and buried under the new-born angel of light, and now it seemed that the monsters yet stirred and lived. #Quote by Robert Hugh Benson
Revenge quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#40. For our self respect depends upon our ability to make requital, for good or for evil. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Revenge quotes by George Gordon Byron
#41. Revenge is as the tigers spring,
Deadly, and quick, and crushing; yet, as real
Torture is theirs, what they inflict they feel. #Quote by George Gordon Byron
Revenge quotes by Graham Greene
#42. Time has its revenges, but revenge seems so often sour. Wouldn't we all do better not trying to understand, accepting the fact that no human being will ever understand another, not a wife with a husband, nor a parent a child? Perhaps that's why men have invented God – a being capable of understanding. #Quote by Graham Greene
Revenge quotes by Joan Rivers
#43. Just remember: Surviving is the best revenge, no matter what the disaster has been. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#44. When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.Sometimes, the innocent get hurt. But one by one, the guilty will pay. Nothing ever goes exactly as you expect. And mistakes are life and death. Collateral damage is inescapable. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Roberta Gibson
#45. I don't know who said it but, "The best revenge is to live a good life. #Quote by Roberta Gibson
Revenge quotes by Mary B. Harris
#46. Unless we maintain correctional institutions of such character that they create respect for law and government instead of breeding resentment and a desire for revenge, we are meeting lawlessness with stupidity and making a travesty of justice. #Quote by Mary B. Harris
Revenge quotes by Manasa Rao
#47. I haven't been to a temple in years, never been forced. My folks always said, marry a nice human being, religion doesn't matter. They said your god is inside you! Don't you forget that. Krishna, Jesus, Allah, are all one. Follow vegetarianism as far as you can, but you can choose your own diet, doesn't matter. Believe in god, but for you and not because the world asks you to. Forgive and forget to be at peace. Do not believe in revenge, believe in karma!! #Quote by Manasa Rao
Revenge quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#48. There are only three possible endings - aren't there? - to any story: revenge, tragedy or forgiveness. That's it. All stories end like that. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Revenge quotes by Chief Seattle
#49. Revenge by young men is considered gain, even at the cost of their own lives, but old men who stay at home in times of war, and mothers who have sons to lose, know better. #Quote by Chief Seattle
Revenge quotes by Nicole Williams
#50. Revenge was an odd thing it could motivate a person like nothing else. It was my opinion that people who lacked motivation in life had a deficit of revenge. That wasn't my problem, though.
When it came to revenge, I had an abundant surplus. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Revenge quotes by Wyndham Lewis
#51. A sort of war of revenge on the intellect is what, for some reason, thrives in the contemporary social atmosphereThe ideas of a time are like the clothes of a season: they are as arbitrary, as much imposed by some superior will which is seldom explicit. They are utilitarian and political, the instruments of smooth-running government. #Quote by Wyndham Lewis
Revenge quotes by Elizabeth Blair Lee
#52. Anger is the poorest of counselors, and revenge is suicide. #Quote by Elizabeth Blair Lee
Revenge quotes by Marilyn Manson
#53. Let's just kill everyone and let God sort them out. #Quote by Marilyn Manson
Revenge quotes by Anonymous
#54. I don't need to expend effort to get revenge, to give him pain. All I got that he doesn't is my revenge, baby. #Quote by Anonymous
Revenge quotes by Kayla Bashe
#55. Someone once said that there's nothing more poetic than the death of a beautiful woman, but I think that's only true until the women get revenge. And I'm done with spending my days hidden away behind heavy curtains and wrought-iron gates. I want to burst forth into the sun and unfold and blossom there, like a waterfall cutting through rock. No more beautiful dead girls. No more sculptures made of women's bones. Never again. #Quote by Kayla Bashe
Revenge quotes by Joe Browne
#56. Getting even throws everything out of balance. #Quote by Joe Browne
Revenge quotes by Juvenal
#57. What? Am I to be a listener only all my days? Am I never to get my word in - I that have been so often bored by the Theseid of the ranting Cordus? Shall this one have spouted to me his comedies, and that one his love ditties, and I be unavenged? Shall I have no revenge on one who has taken up the whole day with an interminable Telephus or with an Orestes which, after filling the margin at the top of the roll and the back as well, hasn't even yet come to an end? No one knows his own house so well as I know the groves of Mars, and the cave of Vulcan near the cliffs of Aeolus. What the winds are brewing; whose souls Aeacus has on the rack; from what country another worthy is carrying off that stolen golden fleece; how big are the ash trees which Monychus hurls as missiles: these are the themes with which Fronto's plane trees and marble halls are for ever ringing until the pillars quiver and quake under the continual recitations; such is the kind of stuff you may look for from every poet, greatest or least. Well, I too have slipped my hand from under the cane; I too have counselled Sulla to retire from public life and take a deep sleep; it is a foolish clemency when you jostle against poets at every corner, to spare paper that will be wasted anyhow. But if you can give me time, and will listen quietly to reason, I will tell you why I prefer to run in the same course over which Lucilius, the great nursling of Aurunca drove his horses. #Quote by Juvenal
Revenge quotes by James Franco
#58. They say living well is the best revenge but sometimes writing well is even better. #Quote by James Franco
Revenge quotes by William Shakespeare
#59. In thee thy mother dies, our household's name, My death's revenge, thy youth, and England's fame. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Revenge quotes by Michelle Heard
#60. I am.

My eyes are filled with stars,
my feet planted firmly on the ground.
My fingertips are in the pond of destiny
making ripples through life.

I've been to hell and back,
holding the scales of truth.

I'm your conscience,
and every haunting memory.

I've seen the cruelty of love.
I've bathed in the acid of deceit.
I've felt the coldness of death.

I've seen it all.
I'm chaos.
I'm revenge.
I am Fate. #Quote by Michelle Heard
Revenge quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#61. Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee. Proverbs 20:22 BE not in haste. Let anger cool down. Say nothing and do nothing to avenge yourself. You will be sure to act unwisely if you take up the cudgels and fight your own battles; and, certainly, you will not show the spirit of the Lord Jesus. It is nobler to forgive, and let the offence pass. To let an injury rankle in your bosom, and to meditate revenge, is to keep old wounds open, and to make new ones. Better forget and forgive. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Revenge quotes by Lili St. Germain
#62. Confucius said, "Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves." I planned to dig seven. #Quote by Lili St. Germain
Revenge quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#63. Often hell is portrayed as a place of punishment and heaven as a place of reward. But this concept easily leads us to think about God as either a policeman, who tries to catch us when we make a mistake and send us to prison when our mistakes become too big, or a Santa Claus, who counts up all our good deeds and puts rewards in our stockings at the end of the year. God, however, is neither a policeman nor a Santa Claus. God does not send us to heaven or hell depending on how often we obey or disobey. God is love and only love. In God there is no hatred, desire for revenge, or pleasure in seeing us punished. God wants to forgive, heal, restore, show us endless mercy, and see us come home. But just as the father of the prodigal son let his son make his own decision, God gives us the freedom to refuse God's love, even at the risk of destroying ourselves. Hell is not God's choice. It is ours. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Revenge quotes by Jenny Han
#64. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. a burn for a burn. a life for a life. that's how all this got started. and that's how it's going to end. #Quote by Jenny Han
Revenge quotes by Richard Hofstadter
#65. All this is the more maddening, as Edward Shils has pointed out, in a populistic culture which has always set a premium on government by the common man and through the common judgement and which believes deeply in the sacred character of publicity. Here the politician expresses what a large part of the public feels. The citizen cannot cease to need or to be at the mercy of experts, but he can achieve a kind of revenge by ridiculing the wild-eyed professor, the irresponsible brain truster, or the mad scientist, and by applauding the politicians as the pursue the subversive teacher, the suspect scientist, or the allegedly treacherous foreign-policy adviser. There has always been in our national experience a type of mind which elevates hatred to a kind of creed; for this mind, group hatreds take a place in politics similar to the class struggle in some other modern societies. Filled with obscure and ill-directed grievances and frustrations, with elaborate hallucinations about secrets and conspiracies, groups of malcontents have found scapegoats at various times in Masons or abolitionists, Catholics, Mormons, or Jews, Negroes, or immigrants, the liquor interests or the international bankers. In the succession of scapegoats chosen by the followers of this tradition of Know-Nothingism, the intelligentsia have at last in our time found a place. #Quote by Richard Hofstadter
Revenge quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#66. If the secret core of potlatch is the reciprocity of exchange, why is this reciprocity not asserted directly, why does it assume the "mystified" form of two consecutive acts each of which is staged as a free voluntary display of generosity? Here we encounter the paradoxes of forced choice, of freedom to do what is necessary, at its most elementary: I have to do freely what I am expected to do. (If, upon receiving a gift, I immediately return it to the giver, this direct circulation would amount to an extremely aggressive gesture of humiliation, it would signal that I refused the other's gifts - recall those embarrassing moments when elderly people forget and give us last year's present once again … )

…the reciprocity of exchange is in itself thoroughly ambiguous; at its most fundamental, it is destructive of the social bond, it is the logic of revenge, tit for tat. To cover this aspect of exchange, to make it benevolent and pacific, one has to pretend that each person's gift is free and stands on its own. This brings us to potlatch as the "pre-economy of the economy," its zero-level, that is, exchange as the reciprocal relation of two non-productive expenditures. If the gift belongs to Master and exchange to the Servant, potlatch is the paradoxical exchange between Masters. Potlach is simultaneously the zero-level of civility, the paradoxical point at which restrained civility and obscene consumption overlap, the point at which it is polite to behave impolitely. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Revenge quotes by Max Lucado
#67. Resentment is when you allow what's eating you to eat you up. Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist. Bitterness is the trap that snares the hunter. And mercy is the choice that can set them all free. #Quote by Max Lucado
Revenge quotes by Martha Stewart
#68. Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Revenge quotes by Dale Peck
#69. One night I had a dream and woke up and wrote down the dream. That was my first short story. The dream was a kind of fantasy of me getting revenge on my father. #Quote by Dale Peck
Revenge quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#70. As we know, priests make the most evil enemies – but why? Because they are the most powerless. Out of this powerlessness, their hate swells into something huge and uncanny to a most intellectual and poisonous level. The greatest haters in world history, and the most intelligent, have always been priests: – nobody else's intelligence stands a chance against the intelligence of priestly revenge. The history of mankind would be far too stupid a thing if it had not had the intellect of the powerless injected into it... #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Revenge quotes by George R R Martin
#71. It's death and destruction I want to bring down upon House Lannister, not scorn. Jon said. #Quote by George R R Martin
Revenge quotes by Ralph Steadman
#72. Evil is always devising more corrosive misery through man's restless need to exact revenge out of his hate. #Quote by Ralph Steadman
Revenge quotes by Cees Nooteboom
#73. All right, she thought I was a funny little geezer, but my charred Phaethon had impressed her, I was very obviously available, and she was out for revenge. What makes Greek tragedies great is that this brand of psychological nonsense doesn't enter into it at all. I had wanted to tell her that too, but unfortunately conversations consist for the most part of things one does not say. We are descendents, we do not have mythical lives, but psychological ones. And we know everything, we are always our own chorus. #Quote by Cees Nooteboom
Revenge quotes by Henry Home, Lord Kames
#74. Who hath not courage to revenge will never find generosity to forgive. #Quote by Henry Home, Lord Kames
Revenge quotes by Riley Redgate
#75. Man up. What a cleverly disguised way to say shut up. Shut up, or fight back, or you deserved what you got.

Everything was growing clearer. So this was why guys had such an issue backing down - why Mama fought for the last word in every argument, why Erik wanted revenge for every prank, why Isaac said sorry like it was brine on his tongue. I finally understood it. #Quote by Riley Redgate
Revenge quotes by Sister Souljah
#76. Vendetta is the word, except it isn't strong enough. #Quote by Sister Souljah
Revenge quotes by William Shakespeare
#77. You cannot make gross sins look clear: To revenge is no valour, but to bear. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Revenge quotes by Francis Quarles
#78. With a bloody flux of oaths vows deep revenge. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Revenge quotes by E.K. Blair
#79. They say when you take revenge against another you lose your innocence. #Quote by E.K. Blair
Revenge quotes by Jennifer James
#80. The best revenge is, of course, a good life. Enjoy yourself, be happy, be successful. It'll drive them crazy-or you can imagine it does. You'll feel so good you won't care. #Quote by Jennifer James
Revenge quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#81. The upper-caste, upper-class Hindus have to let go of their bigotry and prejudice. The oppressed have to let go of their justified but expensive urge for revenge and retribution. All over the world, the oppressed have only risen through self-empowerment - look at the Jews and the Parsis. #Quote by Chetan Bhagat
Revenge quotes by Napoleon Hill
#82. THE SEVEN MAJOR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS (To be avoided) The emotion of FEAR The emotion of JEALOUSY The emotion of HATRED The emotion of REVENGE The emotion of GREED The emotion of SUPERSTITION The emotion of ANGER #Quote by Napoleon Hill
Revenge quotes by John Milton
#83. But what will not ambition and revenge
Descend to? #Quote by John Milton
Revenge quotes by A. Zavarelli
#84. It was Brighton. She made me fucking insane. Her beauty and absolute perfection dissolved any moral boundaries that may have existed within me. #Quote by A. Zavarelli
Revenge quotes by Cassandra Clare
#85. Sometimes she thought the only things she had faith in were revenge and Julian. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Revenge quotes by Megan Hart
#86. You know what they say. Best revenge is looking good, right? #Quote by Megan Hart
Revenge quotes by Bram Stoker
#87. You think to baffle me, you with your pale faces all in a row, like sheep in a butcher's. You shall be sorry yet, each one of you! You think you have left me without a place to rest, but I have more. My revenge is just begun! I spread it over centuries, and time is on my side. Your girls that you all love are mine already. And through them you and others shall yet be mine, my creatures, to do my bidding and to be my jackals when I want to feed. Bah! #Quote by Bram Stoker
Revenge quotes by William Shakespeare
#88. What if it tempt you toward the flood, my lord?
Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff
That beetles o'er his base into the sea,
And there assume some other horrible form
Which might deprive your sovereignty of reason
And draw you into madness? Think of it.
[The very place puts toys of desperation,
Without more motive, into every brain
That looks so many fathoms to the sea
And hears it roar beneath.] #Quote by William Shakespeare
Revenge quotes by Cecil Castellucci
#89. Revenge is a good motivator, but it always disappoints in the end. #Quote by Cecil Castellucci
Revenge quotes by Michelle Shocked
#90. Vengeance and revenge are just two words for pain. #Quote by Michelle Shocked
Revenge quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#91. Condemned to violence, arrested by pain. Inside the soul lies a man insane. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Revenge quotes by Gavrilo Princip
#92. I am the son of peasants and I know what is happening in the villages. That is why I wanted to take revenge, and I regret nothing. #Quote by Gavrilo Princip
Revenge quotes by Victoria Malin Gregory
#93. There is no elegance in hate, but there is tremendous beauty in the unintended revenge of living well and being happy. #Quote by Victoria Malin Gregory
Revenge quotes by Janet Morris
#94. Revenge is never the best driver for a battle, but a common one. #Quote by Janet Morris
Revenge quotes by Don Winslow
#95. Six bad hombres have tried to kill Ramos. Ramos went to all six funerals, just in case any of the bereaved wanted to take a shot at revenge. None of them did. He calls his Uzi "Mi Esposa" - my wife. He's thirty-two years old. Within hours he has in custody the three policemen who picked up Ernie Hidalgo. One of them is the chief of the Jalisco State Police. Ramos tells Art, "We can do this the fast way or the slow way." Ramos takes two cigars from his shirt pocket, offers one to Art and shrugs when he refuses it. He takes a long time to light the cigar, rolling it so that the tip lights evenly, then takes a long pull and raises his black eyebrows at Art. The theologians are right, Art thinks - we become what we hate. Then he says, "The fast way." Ramos says. "Come back in a little while." "No," Art says. "I'll do my part." "That's a man's answer," Ramos says. "But I don't want a witness. #Quote by Don Winslow
Revenge quotes by Shawn Wickersheim
#96. Sometimes the righteous path doesn't take you where you need to go! #Quote by Shawn Wickersheim
Revenge quotes by Ruby Wax
#97. My whole career has been an act of revenge. #Quote by Ruby Wax
Revenge quotes by Margaret Atwood
#98. Most of us will. We'll choose knowledge no matter what, we'll maim ourselves in the process, we'll stick our hands into the flames for it if necessary. Curiosity is not our only motive: love or grief or despair or hatred is what drives us on. We'll spy relentlessly on the dead: we'll open their letters, we'll read their journals, we'll go through their trash, hoping for a hint, a final word, an explanation, from those who have deserted us--who've left us holding the bag, which is often a good deal emptier than we'd supposed.

But what about those who plant such clues, for us to stumble on? Why do they bother? Egotism? Pity? Revenge? A simple claim to existence, like scribbling your initials on a washroom wall? The combination of presence and anonymity--confession without penance, truth without consequences--it has its attractions. Getting the blood off your hands, one way or another.

Those who leave such evidence can scarcely complain if strangers come along afterwards and poke their noses into every single thing that would once have been none of their business. And not only strangers: lovers, friends, relations. We're voyeurs, all of us. Why should we assume that anything in the past is ours for the taking, simply because we've found it? We're all grave robbers, once we open the doors locked by others.

But only locked. The rooms and their contents have been left intact. If those leaving them had wanted oblivion, there was always fire. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Revenge quotes by Francois Fillon
#99. France does not practice revenge. #Quote by Francois Fillon
Revenge quotes by Rick Remender
#100. Enough rationalization. They simply had what you wanted, so you took it.

[My chair-- I shit on my good chair!]

You shit more than just your chair.

You shit the world. All you ever cared about was winning -- And you did.

The last man standing on a mountain of filth [. . .]

Kazumi taught forgiveness. She accepted all refugees looking for a better life. And you turned that against her.

Kazumi would show mercy.

I'm not Kazumi. #Quote by Rick Remender
Revenge quotes by Ottilie Weber
#101. It was time to bring out the world destructive weapons. It was now time to hit him where it would do the biggest damage, his pride. #Quote by Ottilie Weber
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#102. To successfully create illusion, the first thing you need is trust, but to perfect an illusion, the false reality most appear as authentic as the one it hides. Careful attention must be paid to every detail. The slightest of imperfections can, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion . . . and the truth behind the illusion becomes revealed. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#103. To hell with revenge, to hell with his schemes. If Rollins had done something to Inej, Kaz would paint East Stave with his entrails. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Revenge quotes by Amin Maalouf
#104. People often see themselves in terms of whichever one of their allegiances is most under attack. And sometimes, when a person doesn't have the strength to defend that allegiance, he hides it. Then it remains buried deep down in the dark, awaiting its revenge. But whether he accepts or conceals it, proclaims it discreetly or flaunts it, it is with that allegiance that the person concerned identifies. And then, whether it relates to color, religion, language or class, it invades the person's whole identity. Other people who share the same allegiance sympathize; they all gather together, join forces, encourage one another, challenge "the other side." For them, "asserting their identity" inevitably becomes an act of courage, of liberation.

In the midst of any community that has been wounded agitators naturally arise… The scene is now set and the war can begin. Whatever happens "the others" will have deserved it.


What we conveniently call "murderous folly" is the propensity of our fellow-creatures to turn into butchers when they suspect that their "tribe" is being threatened. The emotions of fear or insecurity don't always obey rational considerations. They may be exaggerated or even paranoid; but once a whole population is afraid, we are dealing with the reality of the fear rather than the reality of the threat. #Quote by Amin Maalouf
Revenge quotes by Laura Mullen
#105. In Frankenstein there is a transfer first of life into death (in the creation and animation of the monster), and then of death into life, as the monster takes his revenge on the father who gave him life but withheld recognition. #Quote by Laura Mullen
Revenge quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#106. I have joyfully done much evil in my life to those who have wished me evil (General Maximus) #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Revenge quotes by Georgina Morales
#107. Your cunning has proved to be that of Cain. I grant you power over the Hellmouth. May Samael take my revenge. The thing said with a bitter look and a voice that seemed to be many. #Quote by Georgina Morales
Revenge quotes by Nathan Englander
#108. I also knew that the deep rumble rolling through us was only nerves, a sensitivity to imagined repercussion, as if a sound were built into revenge. #Quote by Nathan Englander
Revenge quotes by Sarah Alderson
#109. Cyrus had once claimed that revenge was what made the world go round. Back then Evie had argued with him that it was love. But now she knew better. #Quote by Sarah Alderson
Revenge quotes by Anne Rice
#110. Revenge is the concern of those who are at some point or other beaten. I am not beaten, I told myself. No, not beaten. And victory is far more interesting to contemplate than revenge. #Quote by Anne Rice
Revenge quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#111. If you don't take care of the disenfranchised and outcasts of your city, they will come knocking on your door one day with revenge and bitterness #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Revenge quotes by Kimberly Derting
#112. I was rolling the dead warrior over to steal his cloak, too, knowing it would be far too large on me, when I noticed the blade stashed in the back of his belt. It was solid in my hand, and its blade was sawlike. It would be perfect for gutting the Astonian queen and her traitorous paramour.
- Charlaina di Heyse #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Revenge quotes by R.J. Torbert
#113. No matter what side of the law you are on, when it comes to revenge, there is no mercy. #Quote by R.J. Torbert
Revenge quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#114. No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Revenge quotes by Francis Quarles
#115. Pleasures bring effeminacy, and effeminacy foreruns ruin; such conquests, without blood or sweat, sufficiently do revenge themselves upon their intemperate conquerors. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Revenge quotes by Sir Laurens Van Der Post
#116. [The official prosecutors] ... were more vengeful on behalf of our injuries than I myself could ever be. #Quote by Sir Laurens Van Der Post
Revenge quotes by Dolly Parton
#117. Mine is a jealous heart, imagines things that never are. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Revenge quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#118. Much of what I learned about forgiveness I learned by inhabiting the lives of my characters. Even villains act with reasonable intent. Mercy is easier with understanding. Still, it helps that on paper I can kill them off. #Quote by Joyce Rachelle
Revenge quotes by Colum McCann
#119. The further away we got from 9/11, the more I wanted to find some way to recover. I wanted to talk about the more anonymous corners of the city, because I think it's very important that not all of that anger was turned to revenge. #Quote by Colum McCann
Revenge quotes by James Lee Burke
#120. Forget morality tales and all the fury and mire of human complexity, and follow the money. It will lead you through urban legends about sex and revenge and jealousy and the acquisition of power over others, but ultimately, it will lead you to the issue from which all the other motivations derive - money, piles of it, green and lovely and cascading like leaves out of a beneficent sky, money and money and money, the one item that human beings will go to any lengths to acquire. #Quote by James Lee Burke
Revenge quotes by Edward Hirsch
#121. Writing becomes a form of protest against the incontestable ravages of time. The poet takes revenge on mortality, defeating cruelty and saving what she can by thinking the unthinkable and presiding over her own creation. The joy of writing stands against the bitter knowledge of just how much of the world cannot be controlled outside the work of art. This is the art of poetry trying to kill time. Probably #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#122. Defence lawyers use the term "duress" to describe the use of force, coercion or psychological pressure exerted on a client in the commission of a crime. When duress is applied to the emotionally unstable the result can be as violent as it is unpredictable. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Various
#123. Remember, if a man steals your wife, the best revenge that you can have is to let him keep her. #Quote by Various
Revenge quotes by Thomas Dreier
#124. It is better to give love. Hatred is a low and degrading motion and is so poisonous that no man is strong enough to use it safely. The hatred we think we are directing against some person or thing or system has a devilish way of turning back upon us. When we seek revenge we administer slow poison to ourselves. When we administer affection it is astonishing what magical results we obtain. #Quote by Thomas Dreier
Revenge quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#125. Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - for heavy ones they cannot. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Revenge quotes by Stephen Richards
#126. I keep telling the screws over and over again, 'If you treat a young boy in prison like a dog, keep him in a cell that is like a cage and constantly beat him and bully him, that boy is going to grow up hating yous and the system.' The only thing on his mind will be revenge, maybe it is not revenge on the screws that so frequently bullied and tortured him, but in the boy's eyes he is getting revenge on the uniform, as it all means the same thing in the boy's or man's eyes. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Revenge quotes by Cornelia Funke
#127. What was she hoping to gain from his death? That it would numb the pain of his betrayal, or heal her injured pride? Her red sister didn't know much about love. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Revenge quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#128. Whom do I hate most among the rabble of today? The socialist rabble, the chandala apostles, who undermine the instinct, the pleasure, the worker's sense of satisfaction with his small existence-who make him envious, who teach him revenge. The source of wrong is never unequal rights but the claim of "equal" rights. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Revenge quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
#129. I have never been joyful, and yet it has always seemed as if joy were my constant companion, as if the buoyant jinn of joy danced around me, invisible to others but not to me, whose eyes shone with delight. Then when I walk past people, happy-go-lucky as a god, and they envy me because of my good fortune, I laugh, for I despise people, and I take my revenge. I have never wished to do anyone an injustice, but I have always made it appear as if anyone who came close to me would be wronged and injured. Then when I hear others praised for their faithfulness, their integrity, I laugh, for I despise people, and I take my revenge. My heart has never been hardened toward anyone, but I have always made it appear, especially when I was touched most deeply, as if my heart were closed and alien to every feeling. Then when I hear others lauded for their good hearts, see them loved for their deep, rich feelings, then I laugh, for I despise people and take my revenge. When I see myself cursed, abhorred, hated for my coldness and heartlessness, then I laugh, then my rage is satisfied. The point is that if the good people could make me be actually in the wrong, make me actually do an injustice-well, then I would have lost. #Quote by Søren Kierkegaard
Revenge quotes by Stephen King
#130. But did not Shakespeare say a man can smile, and smile, and be a villain? #Quote by Stephen King
Revenge quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#131. Revenge hurts nobody quite so much as the one who tries to inflict it. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#132. Sacrifice by its strictest definition takes something precious in exchange for the appeasement of a higher power. And abiding devotion to a cause that cannot be satisfied with a simple promise. Because an oath no matter how solemn asks nothing in return. While true sacrifice demands unspeakable loss. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Heinrich Heine
#133. We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Revenge quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#134. Midnight's the only time where you can be both in the past, present, and future. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Revenge quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#135. The best sort of revenue is not to be like him who did the injury. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Revenge quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#136. The power of the word is completely misused in hell. We use the word to curse, to blame, to find guilt, to destroy. Of course, we also use it in the right way, but not too often. Mostly we use the word to spread our personal poison - to express anger, jealousy, envy, and hate. The word is pure magic - the most powerful gift we have as humans - and we use it against ourselves. We plan revenge. We create chaos with the word. We use the word to create hate between different races, between different people, between families, between nations. We misuse the word so often, and this misuse is how we create and perpetuate the dream of hell. Misuse of the word is how we pull each other down and keep each other in a state of fear and doubt. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Revenge quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#137. hate is a virus, revenge its only cure! #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Revenge quotes by Martina Hingis
#138. I'm sure she wants revenge. I'll just try not to let that happen. #Quote by Martina Hingis
Revenge quotes by Muhammad Tariq Majeed
#139. When I waste minutes, hours take revenge. #Quote by Muhammad Tariq Majeed
Revenge quotes by Emily Thorne
#140. The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind. By preying upon the doubts and uncertainities that already lurk there. Are we true to ourselves or do we live to the expectations of others? And if we are open and honest, can we ever truly be loved? Can we find the courage to release our deepest secrets? Or in the end are we all unknowable even to ourselves. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Revenge quotes by Peter Gelderloos
#141. At first glance, a militant conception of revolution seems more impractical than a nonviolent conception, but this is because it is realistic. People need to understand that capitalism, the state, white supremacy, imperialism, and patriarchy all constitute a war against the people of this planet. And revolution is an intensification of that war. We cannot liberate ourselves and create the worlds we want to live in if we think of fundamental social change as shining a light in the darkness, winning hearts and minds, speaking truth to power, bearing witness, capturing people's attention, or any other passive parade. Millions of people die every year on this planet for no better reason than a lack of clean drinking water. Because the governments and corporations that have usurped control of the commons have not found a way to profit from those people's lives, they let them die. Millions of people die every year because a few corporations and their allied governments do not want to allow the production of generic AIDS drugs and other medicine. Do you think the institutions and the elite individuals who hold the power of life or death over millions give a fuck about our protests? They have declared war on us, and we need to take it back to them. Not because we are angry (though we should be), not to get revenge, and not because we are acting impulsively, but because we have weighed the possibility of freedom against the certainty of shame from living under whatever form of dominat #Quote by Peter Gelderloos
Revenge quotes by John Greenleaf Whittier
#142. The laws of changeless justice bind oppressor and oppressed; and, close as sin and suffering joined we march to fate abreast. #Quote by John Greenleaf Whittier
Revenge quotes by Deepak Chopra
#143. So. How to "Resist Not Evil" Meditation - Sit every day and find the silence inside yourself. In this silence, there is peace without anger. There is no evil, no attachment to revenge or righteous indignation. With practice, you learn to identify yourself with this place. It becomes natural to master anger, an energy like any other. When this happens, evil begins to release you from its hold. Contemplation - The mind plays a large #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Revenge quotes by Finn Marlowe
#144. Impressive," Court offered, gallantly bending to retrieve the shoe. "You should join the theater."
"Fuck you."
"I owed you that."
"Revenge is a dish best served with a side of handcuffs and a hard ass-fucking. Remember that."
Really is a dirty fighter. Goddamn. #Quote by Finn Marlowe
Revenge quotes by Francis Bacon
#145. Revenge is a king of wild justice. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Revenge quotes by Liz Braswell
#146. The bigger the person, the more their actions affect the world. If they live, perhaps they will learn that"
"And if everyone dies, no one learns anything #Quote by Liz Braswell
Revenge quotes by Debra Dunbar
#147. The best revenge is to live well, and rub their noses in it when you're old and powerful. #Quote by Debra Dunbar
Revenge quotes by Carrie Ryan
#148. It's funny, most people think that revenge is a passionate affair, driven by rage and pain. But it can't be. Feelings such as those make you weak. They overwrite thought and cause reckless impulses that lead to poor decisions. #Quote by Carrie Ryan
Revenge quotes by William Shakespeare
#149. The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Revenge quotes by Sue Grafton
#150. You know what they say about living well as the best revenge. I did well because it was the one defense I had. Escape has been the motivating force in my life. Getting away from him, getting away from her, putting that household behind me. The funny this is, I haven't moved an inch, and the harder I run, the faster I keep slipping back to them ... There are laws for everything except the harm families do. #Quote by Sue Grafton
Revenge quotes by Mary Shelley
#151. Yet heaven bless thee, my dearest Justine, with resignation, and a confidence elevated beyond this world. Oh! how I hate its shews and mockeries! when one creature is murdered, another is immediately deprived of life in a slow torturing manner; then the executioners, their hands yet reeking with the blood of innocence, believe that they have done a great deed. They call this retribution. Hateful name! When that word is pronounced, I know greater and more horrid punishments are going to be inflicted than the gloomiest tyrant has ever invented to satiate his utmost revenge. Yet this is not consolation for you, my Justine, unless indeed that you may glory in escaping from so miserable a den. #Quote by Mary Shelley
Revenge quotes by Rosalie Ham
#152. It will be our revenge and our reason. I have made it my catalyst and my propeller. It seems only fair don't you think? #Quote by Rosalie Ham
Revenge quotes by N.D. Wilson
#153. After three years down here, I've not learned too much. But one thing I do know is that our bellies aren't big enough for revenge. It turns sour and eats you up. We'll get out, but we'll get out for the sun, the moon, and mothers, not for small-souled enemies, though we'll deal with them when we get there. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Revenge quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#154. Revenge and wrong bring forth their kind;
The foul cubs like their parents are. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Revenge quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#155. Saruman rose to his feet, and stared at Frodo. There was a strange look in his eyes of mingled wonder and respect and hatred. 'You have grown, Halfling,' he said. 'Yes, you have grown very much. You are wise, and cruel. you have robbed my revenge of sweetness, and now I must go hence in bitterness, in debt to your mercy. I hate it and you! Well, I go and I will trouble you no more. But do not expect me to wish you health and long life. You will have neither. But that is not my doing. I merely foretell. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Revenge quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#156. There is some comfort in killing that which has hurt you, but it is cold comfort. It'll destroy things inside of you that the original pain wouldn't have harmed. Sometimes it's not a question of whether a piece of your soul is going to go missing, only which piece it's going to be. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Revenge quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#157. In the dream of the planet it is normal for humans to suffer, to live in fear, and to create emotional dramas. The outside dream is not a pleasant dream; it is a dream of violence, a dream of fear, a dream of war, a dream of injustice. The personal dream of humans will vary, but globally it is mostly a nightmare. If we look at human society we see a place so difficult to live in because it is ruled by fear. Throughout the world we see human suffering, anger, revenge, addictions, violence in the street, and tremendous injustice. It may exist at different levels in different countries around the world, but fear is controlling the outside dream. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Revenge quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#158. The uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to take my revenge by doing brilliant color, well arranged, resplendent. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Revenge quotes by Brian L. Weiss
#159. If you can leave a relationship with love, empathy, and compassion, without any thoughts of revenge, hatred, or fear, that is how you let go. #Quote by Brian L. Weiss
Revenge quotes by Auliq Ice
#160. Make their hate your stepping stones towards achieving something greater. This will be the best revenge you can give - by proving to people that they are wrong about you, and that you are better than they could ever imagine. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Revenge quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#161. The best revenge is not to do as they do. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Revenge quotes by Grace Curley
#162. The relief Kieran felt was staggering. The sick-satisfaction of justice burned through him like an oil spill, waiting for him to drop a match, to let it all go up in flames as he laughed through the rain of hellfire.
But he didn't. He pocketed the metaphysical match. He vacuumed the torrential oil spill. He had just turned his wasteland into a rain forest; he would not let his resentment burn down the trees he had grown out of the garden of his own mind. Kieran himself had come too far to let the angry hand of vengeance burn away his fertile terrains, ruin his harvests of the pure flora kingdom and slaughter his animals to ribbons in sacrifice to greater demons whose jaws never shut. Homeostasis was a hard-earned tendency. Bonfires were clumsy and unwarranted; if he let it consume him and everything he'd built, all he had cultivated would be for nothing.
He did not want his flowers to die. #Quote by Grace Curley
Revenge quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#163. Forgiveness is too easy. I can forget by indifference, but not forgive. I prefer revenge. #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Revenge quotes by Gregg Easterbrook
#164. How many times have you bought something thinking it would make you happy, and found it does not? #Quote by Gregg Easterbrook
Revenge quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#165. Our knowledge will take its revenge on us, just as ignorance exacted its revenge during the Middle Ages. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Revenge quotes by Walter Scott
#166. 'Tis an old tale, and often told; But did my fate and wish agree, Ne'er had been read, in story old, Of maiden true betray'd for gold, That loved, or was avenged, like me! #Quote by Walter Scott
Revenge quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
#167. My father was very disappointed by war and fighting. And he thought language could help us out of cycles of revenge and animosity. And so, as a journalist, he always found himself asking lots of questions and trying to gather information. He was always very clear to underscore the fact that Jewish people and Arab people were brother and sister. #Quote by Naomi Shihab Nye
Revenge quotes by Frances Hardinge
#168. Revenge is a dish best served unexpectedly and from a distance - like a thrown trifle. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Revenge quotes by Paula Stokes
#169. The best revenge is living well', I think.

'Right now just living feels like a pretty big accomplishment. #Quote by Paula Stokes
Revenge quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
#170. Darkness ... When everything that you know and love ... is taken from you so harshly ... all you can think about is anger, hatred, and even revenge ... and no one can save you. #Quote by Masashi Kishimoto
Revenge quotes by Revenge
#171. Look, sometimes you get a boat out on the open water and you catch a wind and the sails fill and she comes to life under you and it feels like more than just wind and water and vessel, it feels like there's something else going on. Something pulling you forward and surrounding you at the same time. Am I makin' any sense?"
"You're making perfect sense.
"I know, I know, and normally I wouldn't do anything like this. But I feel like this feeling comes once or twice in a lifetime, if we're lucky. #Quote by Revenge
Revenge quotes by David Nicholls
#172. What was it, she wondered, this need to brandish his shiny new metropolitan life at her? As soon as she'd met him at the arrivals gate on his return from Thailand, lithe and brown and shaven-headed, she knew that there was no chance of a relationship between them. Too much had happened to him, too little had happened to her. Even so this would be the third girlfriend, lover, whatever, that she had met in the last nine months, Dexter presenting them up to her like a dog with a fat pigeon in his mouth. Was it some kind of some sick revenge for something? Because she got a better degree than him? Didn't he know what this was doing to her, sat at table nine with their groins jammed in each other's faces? #Quote by David Nicholls
Revenge quotes by Anne Rice
#173. Being a vampire for him meant revenge. Revenge against life itself. Every time he took a life it was revenge. It was no wonder, then, that he appreciated nothing. The nuances of vampire existence weren't even available to him because he was focused with a maniacal vengeance upon the mortal life he'd left. Consumed with hatred, he looked back. Consumed with envy, nothing pleased him unless he could take it from others; and once having it, he grew cold and dissatisfied, not loving the thing for itself; and so he went after something else. Vengeance, blind and sterile and contemptible. #Quote by Anne Rice
Revenge quotes by Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
#174. The best form of revenge is to disappoint the offender who will be gratified by making you a disciple in duplicating evil. #Quote by Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
Revenge quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#175. But in Republics there is a stronger vitality, a fiercer hatred, a keener thirst for revenge. The memory of their former freedom will not let them rest; so that the safest course is either to destroy them, or to go and live in them. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Revenge quotes by Marko Kloos
#176. No more generational feuds, no more ancient grudges, no more pointless revenge carried out against people who inherited some old guilt from their great-grandparents. #Quote by Marko Kloos
Revenge quotes by Paul Majkut
#177. Work is the undoing of nature. #Quote by Paul Majkut
Revenge quotes by Henry Rollins
#178. All by yourself, unable to express the pain of your distress with your deeper inside. You alienate yourself and everybody else. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Revenge quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#179. Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Revenge quotes by Walt Frazier
#180. When a player keeps a calm demeanor on the court, it's easier for his ability to shine. The best response to an opposing player's physical or psychological tactics is to keep cool and come right back at him with the force of your game, not your fists. Revenge is always sweeter if your team wins the game. #Quote by Walt Frazier
Revenge quotes by A. Zavarelli
#181. It wasn't desire, it was biology. My body was adapting to the situation. Doing what it needed to survive. That, I was certain of. Because if I had liked it, liked the hands of this monster, that would have made me a monster too. #Quote by A. Zavarelli
Revenge quotes by John Searles
#182. You know what can make a person possessed, Sylvie? It's not Satan or Lucifer or any of that nonsense. Do you know what it is? . . . Love and hate. Greed. Revenge. Pride. Those things... #Quote by John Searles
Revenge quotes by Debasish Mridha
#183. Take revenge, not by hurting someone, but by succeeding in life and helping those who were hurting you in the past. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Revenge quotes by Denis Dyack
#184. Vae Victus
suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain. Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger
the hunger for revenge. I didn't care if I was in Heaven or Hell
all I wanted was to kill my assassins. Sometimes you get what you wish for. The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance. And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost. Nothing is free, not even revenge. #Quote by Denis Dyack
Revenge quotes by Albert Pierrepoint
#185. I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, and are only an antiquated relic of a primitive desire for revenge which takes the easy way and hands over the responsibility for revenge to other people ... The trouble with the death penalty has always been that nobody wanted it for everybody, but everybody differed about who should get off. #Quote by Albert Pierrepoint
Revenge quotes by Jessica Khoury
#186. Zahra, what happens to you when I make my last wish?"
"When your third wish is granted, you will cease to be my master. You may possess the lamp, but you cannot call me. I will return to it and await the next Lampholder."
Abruptly he stands and walks across the room. When he reaches the wall, he turns and stares down at me. "So to win my revenge, I must lose you. #Quote by Jessica Khoury
Revenge quotes by David Hume
#187. The admirers and followers of the Al Koran insist on the excellent moral precepts interspersed throughout that wild and absurd performance ... Would we know, whether the pretended prophet had really attained a just sentiment of morality, let us attend to his narration, and we shall soon find, that he bestows praise upon such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilised society. No steady rule of right conduct seems there to be attended to: and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or harmful to the true believers. #Quote by David Hume
Revenge quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#188. Revenge was the emptiest of emotions. Apparently it motivated people to do the stupidest things as well. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Revenge quotes by G.R. Matthews
#189. Freedom first, he thought, home second, revenge third. #Quote by G.R. Matthews
Revenge quotes by Jacob M. Appel
#190. Choose old people for enemies. They die. You win. #Quote by Jacob M. Appel
Revenge quotes by Emily Bronte
#191. He leant his two elbows on his knees, and his chin on his hands and remained rapt in dumb meditation. On my inquiring the subject of his thoughts, he answered gravely 'I'm trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back. I don't care how long I wait, if I can only do it at last. I hope he will not die before I do!'
'For shame, Heathcliff!' said I. 'It is for God to punish wicked people; we should learn to forgive.'
'No, God won't have the satisfaction that I shall,' he returned. 'I only wish I knew the best way! Let me alone, and I'll plan it out: while I'm thinking of that I don't feel pain. #Quote by Emily Bronte
Revenge quotes by Giacomo Leopardi
#192. For if life, once empty of attachments
and sweet illusions, is a starless winter night,
still it's enough for me of mortal fate
and comfort and revenge that I can lie here
lazy, lifeless on the grass,
watching the sea and earth and sky, and smile. #Quote by Giacomo Leopardi
Revenge quotes by Julie Kagawa
#193. If the entire cheerleading squad turns into mice, Robin, I will be very upset with you. Mortal adolescents are blind and cruel. You know that. You mustn't take revenge, no matter how you feel about the girl. Especially now. There are more worrisome things on the move.
-Ms Stacy #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Revenge quotes by William Shakespeare
#194. If I can catch him once upon the hip, I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Revenge quotes by Colin Mochrie
#195. The people who influenced me most were the people who said I would never make it. They gave me a thirst for revenge. #Quote by Colin Mochrie
Revenge quotes by Phil Jackson
#196. He practiced against Kobe all of last year, so obviously it was sweet revenge for him. We deserved that. We didn't know who he was, we gave him up to Charlotte, we had no idea how good a player he was. #Quote by Phil Jackson
Revenge quotes by Sam The Sham
#197. Drew a mustache on your picture, threw your ring away. #Quote by Sam The Sham
Revenge quotes by Mark Lawrence
#198. No sense of satisfaction, but my uncle's death had taught me that revenge is far less sweet than it promises to be. An empty meal, however long you take over it. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Revenge quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
#199. In 1954 the gulag at Kengir witnessed an uprising by Christian and Muslim prisoners. The guards were driven out, and for forty days worship was freely practiced in the camp. Solzhenitsyn later documented the atmosphere of elation and idealism which prevailed in this doomed island of faith: the Muslims put on turbans and robes again, and 'the grey-black camp was a blaze of color'. The Chechens made kites from which they showered the neighboring villages with messages about the evils of the atheist system. Many marriages were celebrated. Survivors recall the forty days as a testimony to a possible way of living which had been suffocated by dreary unbelief. Delight in the present, and the knowledge of heaven outweighed the awareness of Khrushchev's inevitable revenge. The rebels were crushed under the attacks of tanks, but in the long term, this same spiritual outweighing insured the atheist dystopia's downfall. #Quote by Abdal Hakim Murad
Revenge quotes by Neil Walker
#200. This time I am on a mission of no mercy. #Quote by Neil Walker

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