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Resumed quotes by Charles Dickens
#1. Oh, it's not her Christian name. Her Christian name is Clara.' 'Is it though?' said Mr. Barkis. He seemed to find an immense fund of reflection in this circumstance, and sat pondering and inwardly whistling for some time. 'Well!' he resumed at length. 'Says you, "Peggotty! Barkis is waitin' for a answer." Says she, perhaps, "Answer to what?" Says you, "To what I told you." "What is that?" says she. "Barkis is willin'," says you.' This extremely artful suggestion Mr. Barkis accompanied with a nudge of his elbow that gave me quite a stitch in my #Quote by Charles Dickens
Resumed quotes by Millicent Ashby
#2. I ceased the search to listen again, what the problem was. What's going on at home? Why was Luccas calling out Jane's name? What happened? Why could I hear him without connecting directly to him? I shook my head, but screams pierced through. I moved the shelf on its side, a loud crashing that startled the men outside. Falling to my knees, I covered my ears to them. My head banged against the metal and stayed there. "What in the name of Hera am I going to do?" I asked the air. The screams stopped but for how long? How long would silence be until they resumed? I raised my head, gently pulling my hands away and listened. Silence. Where were the men chasing me? Did they give in and go home? No, that would have been too easy. Saain would slay each man for leaving a traitor alive. #Quote by Millicent Ashby
Resumed quotes by Charles Dickens
#3. Mr. Gradgrind, apprised of his wife's decease, made an expedition from London, and buried her in a business-like manner. He then returned with promptitude to the national cinder-heap, and resumed his sifting for the odds and ends he wanted, and his throwing of the dust about into they eyes of other people who wanted other odds and ends - in fact, he resumed his parliamentary duties. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Resumed quotes by Georgette Heyer
#4. I don't know what you may have seen fit to tell her, Venetia, but so far as I understand it you could think of nothing better to do than to beguile her with some farrago about wishing Damerel to strew rose-leaves for you to walk on!"
Damerel, who had resumed his seat, had been staring moodily into the fire, but at these words he looked up quickly. "Rose-leaves?" His eyes went to Venetia's face, wickedly quizzing her. "But my dear girl, at this season?"
"Be quiet, you wretch!" she said, blushing. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Resumed quotes by Stan Crowe
#5. The movie resumed. The retro synth vibes were awesome; the hairstyles and clothing had us in stitches. With no nostalgia #Quote by Stan Crowe
Resumed quotes by Luke Romyn
#6. Fine, it's decided." Vain resumed his stride. "I'll do all the killing, and you do
all the stuff that an Avun-Riah does. Whatever the hell that is. #Quote by Luke Romyn
Resumed quotes by S.D.   Smith
#7. Almost getting killed is stressful.' Kylen said, wiping his eyes. 'I feel like I've been doing it my whole life.' 'We have so much in common,' Jo said as they resumed their march. #Quote by S.D. Smith
Resumed quotes by Henry Miller
#8. No matter how vast, how total, the failure of man here on earth, the work of man will be resumed elsewhere. War leaders talk of resuming operations on this front and that, but man's front embraces the whole universe. #Quote by Henry Miller
Resumed quotes by Glen Cook
#9. One-Eye scowled at Goblin. "Keep it up, Barf Bag. You'll be grocery shopping with the turtles." What the hell did that mean? Some kind of obscure shop talk? But Goblin was as croggled as the rest of us. Grinning, One-Eye resumed gabbling with his relatives. #Quote by Glen Cook
Resumed quotes by Robert Breault
#10. I enjoy many silent moments with my cat, a conversation always resumed exactly where left off. #Quote by Robert Breault
Resumed quotes by Jonathan Renshaw
#11. Maybe it's the quiet," Aedan resumed. "Let's me think, or maybe it's the opposite of normal thinking, more like untangling. I'm comfortable in those spots. #Quote by Jonathan Renshaw
Resumed quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#12. There are two aspects," Alexey Alexandrovitch resumed: "those who take part and those who look on; and love for such spectacles is an unmistakable proof of a low degree of development in the spectator, I admit, but ... #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Resumed quotes by Margaret Weis
#13. Remove your hands, brother!" Raistlin said in a flat, soft whisper.
"I'll see you in the Abyss!"
"I said remove your hands!" There was a flash of blue light, a crackle and sizzling sound, Caramon screamed in pain, loosening his hold as jarring, paralyzing shock surged through his body.
"I warned you," Raistlin straightened his robes and resumed his seat.
"By the gods, I will kill you this time!" Caramon said through clenched teeth, drawing his sword with trembling hand.
"Then do so," Raistlin snapped, looking up from the spellbook he had reopened, "and get it over with. This constant threatening becomes boring! #Quote by Margaret Weis
Resumed quotes by Christopher Moore
#14. Ten salespeople, all young, all dressed in generic cotton casual, looked up from their conversations, spotted the money in her hand, and simultaneously stopped breathing-their brains shutting down bodily functions and rerouting the needed energy to calculate the projected commissions contained in Jody's cash. One by one they resumed breathing and marched toward her, a look of dazed hunger in their eyes: a pack of zombies from the perky, youthful version of The Night of the Living Dead. "I wear a size four and I've got a date in fifteen minutes," Jody said. "Dress me." They descended on her like an evil khaki wave. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Resumed quotes by Jamie O'Neill
#15. Silence then, a world at rest. Not the antithesis of dust, of speed, but its complement. The gloved hand ungloved its partner which in turn ungloved its mate. Fingers untied her chiffon and felt for hair under her hat. Strays tidied behind her ears. The chiffon became a scarf, her hands reawoke the wide sloping brim of her hat. Gradually the earth too rewoke. Hedges chirruped to life, a crow bickered above, the sea resumed its reverend tide. Her hat was hopelessly demode but the fashion was too ridiculous: she refused to wear flower-pots, and would have nothing to do with feathery things she had not shot herself. #Quote by Jamie O'Neill
Resumed quotes by Sarah MacLean
#16. He approached her, his voice taking on a seductive tenor. "Shall we seal it with a kiss, then?"
Callie caught her breath and stiffened at the question. Ralston smiled at her obvious nerves. He ran a finger along the edge of her hairline, tucking a rogue lock of hair behind her ear gently. She looked up at him with her wide brown eyes, and he felt a burst of tenderness in his chest. He leaned close, moving slowly, as though she might scare at any moment, and his firm mouth brushed across hers, settling briefly, barely touching before she jumped back, one hand flying to her lips.
He leveled her with a frank gaze and waited for her to speak. When she didn't, he asked, "Is there a problem?"
"N-No!" she said, a touch too loudly. "Not at all, my lord. That is- Thank you."
His breath exhaled on a half laugh. "I'm afraid that you have mistaken the experience." He paused, watching the confusion cross her face. "You see, when I agree to something, I do it wholeheartedly. That was not the kiss for which you came, little mouse."
Callie wrinkled her nose at his words, and at the nickname he had used for her. "It wasn't?"
Her nervousness flared, and she resumed toying with her cloak tassel. "Oh, well. It was quite nice. I find I am quite satisfied that you have held up your end of our bargain."
"Quite nice isn't what you should be aiming for," he said, taking her restless hands into his own and allowing his voice to deepen. "Neither should the #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Resumed quotes by Rachel Grant
#17. She resumed pacing, no longer able to focus on the words. Luke was coming back. Her Luke. Her hot, badass scientist. #Quote by Rachel Grant
Resumed quotes by Debra Anastasia
#18. Beckett, where's Eve?"
When he had her pressed to his chest, she tried again. "Are you going to tell me or what?"
Beckett sighed and looked into her face. "I left her, babycakes. She needs wings, not handcuffs."
He held Livia tighter, like she was a teddy bear.
She stopped moving her feet and hugged him around the neck. "You're not handcuffs. Don't you know that? She loves you. She does, I've seen it."
Beckett resumed dancing, dipping her again. "Look around, Whitebread. She's not here. She didn't try to stop me from coming. Her heart belongs to a dead man and a dream. I'm neither of those things." Beckett released her and clapped for the end of the song. He reached in his pocket and produced a crumpled envelope. "Here's my gift to you guys. I'm sure Blake won't want to accept it, but I'm hoping you'll convince him. For me. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Resumed quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#19. It's utterly astounding that every time I get knocked down God's mercy compassionately raises me to my feet; His grace thoroughly brushes off every trace of assorted filth I accumulated in the fall, His word precisely recalibrates my direction to insure the success of a journey resumed, and once all of that is completed He gently leans over and whispers, "How about another run? #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Resumed quotes by Richard Carmona
#20. When I came home after my statutory term as surgeon general, I just resumed my life here in southern Arizona. Teaching at the university; my law enforcement career. Sitting on some boards. All the things I did before. #Quote by Richard Carmona
Resumed quotes by James Madison
#21. [T]he powers granted by the proposed Constitution are the gift of the people, and may be resumed by them when perverted to their oppression, and every power not granted thereby remains with the people. #Quote by James Madison
Resumed quotes by J.K. Rowling
#22. Harry resumed the patting of his elbow, saying as he did so (for the potion seemed to indicate that it was the right thing to do), #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Resumed quotes by Vannetta Chapman
#23. I'm glad you are happy in your new job." "As you said I'd be, Mamm. How did you know?" "I've known you a long time." Eunice resumed hoeing, though she stayed close enough that they could continue talking. "You're pretty much happy wherever you are planted, sort of like these tomato plants. As long as they receive a little sun, some water, and a bit of care ... they thrive. #Quote by Vannetta Chapman
Resumed quotes by Michael Scott
#24. The only consolation we have is that few of those will have active weapons either," Prometheus told them.
Palamedes looked over at Scathach. "When you say 'few...,'" she began.
"Some will be armed," Prometheus clarified.
"Incoming!" Saint-Germain yelled. "Two of them have launched missiles."
"Sit down and strap yourselves in," Prometheus commanded. The group scrambled to get into the seats behind him, and he added, "We're too slow to outrun them, and the smaller ones are infinitely more maneuverable."
"Is there good news?" Scathach demanded.
"I am the finest flier in Danu Talis," The Elder said.
Scathach smiled. "If anyone else said that I would think they were boasting. But not you,Uncle."
Prometheus glanced quickly at the Warrior. "How many times do I have to tell you-I'm not your uncle."
"Not yet,anyway," she muttered under her breath.
"Everyone strapped in?" Prometheus asked. Without waiting for an answer, he brought the triangular vimana straight up into the air, then flipped it back, so that the ground was directly overhead and the sky below them, before he leveled it off and the earth and sky resumed their normal positions.
"I'm going to throw up," Scatty muttered. #Quote by Michael Scott
Resumed quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#25. Bayliss resumed reading. He was one of those readers who, whether their subject be a murder case or funny anecdote, adopt a measured and sepulchral delivery which gives a suggestion of tragedy and horror to whatever they read. At the church he attended, children would turn pale and snuggle up to their mothers when he read. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Resumed quotes by Paul Mazursky
#26. The one thing that's closest to my story is the thing about trying out for the juvenile delinquent role and getting it. That was the start of my acting career ... which I've resumed, by the way. #Quote by Paul Mazursky
Resumed quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#27. How am I? If we grumble at sickness, God won't grant us death,' replied Platon, and at once resumed the story he had begun. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Resumed quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
#28. The world," he resumed after a short pause, "has no faith in any man's conversion; it never forgets what he was, it never believes him anything better, it is an inexorable and stupid judge. #Quote by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Resumed quotes by James Booth
#29. Keatsian odes or reflective elegies which had formed the backbone of his early work ('At Grass', 'Church Going', 'An Arundel Tomb', 'The Whitsun Weddings', 'Here', 'Dockery and Son'). Now he resumed the sequence, and over the next six years would complete four more, all focused directly or indirectly on the theme of death: 'The Building', 'The Old Fools', 'Show Saturday' and finally 'Aubade'. #Quote by James Booth
Resumed quotes by Thomas Browne
#30. Gold once out of the earth is no more due unto it; what was unreasonably committed to the ground, is reasonably resumed from it; let monuments and rich fabricks, not riches, adorn men's ashes. #Quote by Thomas Browne
Resumed quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#31. Kiss me, now.' he demands, and I dive straight in with an appreciation kiss. He's opened up and I feel so much better. Basking on Central Jesse cloud nine has resumed. #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Resumed quotes by Vannetta Chapman
#32. friends, but life eventually resumed its rhythm - Saturdays at #Quote by Vannetta Chapman
Resumed quotes by Bram Stoker
#33. The tomb in the daytime, and when wreathed with fresh flowers, had looked grim and gruesome enough; but now some days afterwards, when the flowers hung lank and dead, their whites turning to rust and their greens to browns; when the spider and the beetle had resumed their accustomed dominance; when time-discoloured stone, and dust-encrusted mortar, and rusty, dank iron, and tarnished brass and clouded silver-plating gave back the feeble glimmer of a candle, the effect was more miserable and sordid than could have been imagined. It conveyed irresistibly the idea that life - animal life - was not the only thing that could pass away. #Quote by Bram Stoker
Resumed quotes by Walter Kirn
#34. Realized that at a level I'd never been conscious we'd been engaged in a game of wits for years. I suppose most writer-subject pairings are like that. Of course, I'd set aside my plan to write about him [Clark Rockfeller] as soon as I'd gotten to know him some, but now I'd resumed that intention. #Quote by Walter Kirn
Resumed quotes by Beth Fantaskey
#35. With a deep sigh, Lucius resumed pacing. "Honestly, I can't stand this going around anymore. The story is quite simple. You, Antanasia, are the last of a long line of powerful vampires. The Dragomirs. Vampire royalty."
Now that made me laugh, a squeaky, kind of hysterical laugh. "Vampire royalty. Right."
Yes. Royalty. And that is the last part of the story, which your parents still seem reluctant to relate." Lucius leaned over the table across from me, bracing his arms, staring me down. "You
are a vampire princess - the heir to the Dragomir leadership. I am a vampire prince. The heir to an equally powerful clan, the Vladescus. More powerful, I would say, but that's not the point. We
were pledged to each other in an engagement ceremony shortly after our births. #Quote by Beth Fantaskey
Resumed quotes by E. M. Forster
#36. The melody rose, unprofitably magical. It broke; it was resumed broken, not marching once from the cradle to the grave. The sadness of the incomplete - the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art - throbbed in its disjected phrases, and made the nerves of the audience throb. Not thus had she played on the little draped piano at the Bertolini, and "Too much Schumann" was not the remark that Mr. Beebe had passed to himself when she returned. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Resumed quotes by Josie Litton
#37. Again the king sighed. "That is a different matter."
"Fine," Dragon said promptly. "I shall solve your problem for you." He made to rise.
Rycca did not mask her response. She grabbed hold of his wrist with both her hands and yanked hard. "Sit down," she said emphatically, and then just to soften it, "I pray you,my lord."
After a moment's shock, Alfred laughed. He shook his head ruefully. "You three must know how men envy you? The beauty of your wives is spoken of with awe, yet I am pleased to see they are not lacking in spirit either."
"Mayhap too much spirit," Dragon growled, but he did not look truly angry, merely frustrated.
"Your killing Wolscroft will only cause more trouble," Alfred said. "No, this must be handled within the law."
Slowly, Dragon resumed his seat but he looked in no way pleased about it. Rycca returned her hands to her lap and tried hard to look abashed. He wasn't fooled but he did reach over, take hold of her chair, and haul it up close to his so that he could rest an arm around her shoulders. A rather heavy arm, she thought, reminded of his strength and will.Not that she minded. Above all, she wanted him near her,not off risking his life against her father. #Quote by Josie Litton
Resumed quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#38. He's been known to steal a kiss under the branches of that big oak, too. You'd never know it to look at him, but my Arthur can be quite the man of passion." Nicole giggled, charmed by the idea of the staid butler sharing a passionate embrace with his wife in such a setting. "I can't imagine a better place for a tryst. It's a shame I don't have a beau to share it with." The housekeeper's expression sharpened an instant before the dust rag resumed its fluttering - a fluttering that seemed rather more frantic than necessary. "So you have no young man paying court to you? Hard to believe, as pretty as you are." Nicole blushed and became suddenly fascinated with the logbook in front of her. "Not yet," she said, fingering the pages, "but my father has a few prospects in mind. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Resumed quotes by Mark Twain
#39. Modesty antedates clothes and will be resumed when clothes are no more. #Quote by Mark Twain
Resumed quotes by J.R. Ward
#40. Yes, I want you."
Payne stopped, and then looked over her shoulder again. After a moment, she said, "You are a fine healer and you have done your job, as you so aptly pointed out. We have no further cause to speak."
When she resumed walking, his footsteps approached fast and he caught her, wheeling her around. "If I didn't keep my pants on, I couldn't have kept myself out of you."
"Give me your hand."
Without looking, she held one unto him. "Why ever for - "
He moved fast, putting her palm between his legs, and pressing her into the hot, hard length at his hips.
"You're right." He moved against her, his pelvis undulating, the arousal pushing against her palm as he started to breathe deeply. "Even as I tried to tell myself otherwise, I knew that if I got naked, you were going to stay a virgin only long enough for me to get you on your back. Not romantic, but really, totally fucking true."
As her lips parted, his eyes dropped to her mouth and he growled, "You can feel the truth, can't you. It's in your g**damn hand."

-Manny & Payne #Quote by J.R. Ward
Resumed quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#41. He had been right. Kestrel felt better the moment she opened her eyes. Her knee was sore and wrapped in a bandage, but the fevered swelling was gone, and a great deal of pain with it.
Her father was standing, his back to her as he looked out the dark window.
"You'd better release me from our bargain," she said. "The military won't take me now, not with a bad knee."
He turned and echoed her faint smile. "Don't you wish that were so," he said. "Painful though it is, this isn't a serious wound. You'll be on your feet soon, and walking normally before a month's out. There's no permanent damage. If you doubt me and think I'm blinded by my hope to see you become an officer, the doctor will tell you the same thing. She's in the sitting room."
Kestrel looked at the closed door of her bedroom and wondered why the doctor wasn't in the room with them now.
"I want to ask you something," her father said. "I'd prefer she didn't hear."
Suddenly it seemed as if Kestrel's heart, not her knee, was sore. That it had been cut into, and bled.
"What kind of deal did you make with Irex?" her father asked.
He gave her a level look. "The duel was going badly for you. Then Irex held back, and you two seemed to have quite an interesting conversation. When the fighting resumed, it was as if Irex was a different person. He shouldn't have lost to you--not like that, anyway--unless you said something to make him."
She didn't know how to respond. Whe #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Resumed quotes by Ree Drummond
#42. Then I heard it--the voice over the CB radio. "You're on fire! You're on fire!" The voice repeated, this time with more urgency, "Charlie! Get out! You're on fire!"
I sat there, frozen, unable to process the reality of what I'd just heard. "Oh, shit!" sweet little Charlie yelled, grabbing his door handle. "We've got to get out, darlin'--get outta here!" He opened his door, swung his feeble knees around, and let gravity pull him out of the pickup; I, in turn, did the same. Covering my head instinctively as I ditched, I darted away from the vehicle, running smack-dab into Marlboro Man's brother, Tim, in the process. He was spraying the side of Charlie's pickup, which, by now, was engulfed in flames. I kept running until I was sure I was out of the path of danger.
"Ree! Where'd you come from?!?" Tim yelled, barely taking his eyes off the fire on the truck, which, by then, was almost extinguished. Tim hadn't known I was on the scene. "You okay?" he yelled, glancing over to make sure I wasn't on fire, too. A cowboy rushed to Charlie's aid on the other side of the truck. He was fine, too, bless his heart.
By now Marlboro Man had become aware of the commotion, not because he'd seen it happen through the smoke, but because his hose had reached the end of its slack and Charlie's truck was no longer following behind. Another spray truck had already rushed over to Marlboro Man's spot and resumed chasing the fire--the same fire that might have gobbled up a rickety, old spr #Quote by Ree Drummond
Resumed quotes by Victor Hugo
#43. "Dost thou understand? I love thee!" he cried again."What love!" said the unhappy girl with a shudder.He resumed,
"The love of a damned soul. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Resumed quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#44. Angela spared a glare for Kami, and then resumed her marathon glaring session at Jared. 'It's too weird. I'm going to call you Carl.'
Jared scowled. 'I don't want you to call me Carl.'
'That's interesting, Carl,' said Angela, cheering up. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Resumed quotes by Dan B. Allender
#45. Self-doubt is common when our efforts fail to bring results. Failure is a rock in our shoe that nags us until we find relief. At first, failure to achieve our desired end will elicit careful scrutiny (What can I do better?) and resumed commitment (How can I try harder?). Success may be achieved - straight As, an athletic scholarship, perfect Sunday school attendance - but the real goal - a happy family, an end to the abuse, or relief from the pain - is always out of reach. #Quote by Dan B. Allender
Resumed quotes by Marcel Proust
#46. Fortunately, life, which was more powerful than their mockery and whose sweet and strengthening milk he had not fully drained, held out its breast to dissuade him. And he resumed drinking with a joyous voracity, his rich and credulous imagination listening naïvely to the grievances of that ravenousness and making wonderful amends for its blighted hopes. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Resumed quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#47. Ah, I understand", murmured the imperial scapegrace. Turning to the room: "When Franz Ferdinand drinks", he cried, "everybody drinks!"
Which helped restore a level of civility in the room, and soon even of cheer, as smart neckties were soaked in suds, the piano player came back from under the bar, and people in the room resumed dancing syncopated two-steps. After a while someone started singing "All Pimps Look Alike to Me", and half the room joined in. Lew, however, noticing the way the Archduke seemed to keep inching stealthily but unmistakably toward the street door, thought it wise to do the same. Sure enough, just before sliding out the door, Der F. F., with a demonic grin, screamed: "And when Franz Ferdinand pays, everybody pays!" whereupon he disappeared, and it was a near thing that Lew got out with his keester intact. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Resumed quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#48. There passes a time of happiness in your life, which I will not describe to you. It is unimportant. Perhaps you think it wrong that I dwell so much on the horrors, the pain, but pain is what shapes us, after all. We are creatures born of heat and pressure and grinding, ceaseless movement. To be still is to be… not alive.

But what is important is that you know it was not all terrible. There was peace in long stretches, between each crisis. A chance to cool and solidify before the grind resumed. #Quote by N.K. Jemisin
Resumed quotes by Yaa Gyasi
#49. Now, hearing Tansi speak, Afua resumed her crying, but it was as though no one heard. These tears were a matter of routine. They came for all of the women. They dropped until the clay below them turned to mud. At night, Esi dreamed that if they all cried in unison, the mud would turn to river and they could be washed away into the Atlantic. #Quote by Yaa Gyasi
Resumed quotes by Ernst Von Salomon
#50. Of course it was not only the law that interfered with our management of the paper. The politicians, too, soon took a hand. The Oberpräsident of Schleswig-Holstein, a man named Kürbis (which is German for pumpkin) forbad its publication; it appeared the next day, entitled Die Westküste [The West Coat]. This too was banned, and for a short time my brother's wish was fulfilled and we edited Die Grüne Front. I, too, had the gratification of seeing my original suggestion realised whn it became, in due course, Die Sturmglocke. Finally, the Oberpräsident forbad us from publishing any paper at all which was not purely concerned with technical agricultural matters. So we rechristened it Der Kürbis, aand the leading article consisted of variations on the subject of pumpking as given in the encyclopaedia; we expatiated on how pumkins flourish best in plenty of dung and on the disagreeable nature of their blossom's scwent. Thenceforth the paper resumed its original name of Das Landvolk and that was that. #Quote by Ernst Von Salomon
Resumed quotes by W.W. Jacobs
#51. I've never understood it,' continued Wilfred Carr, yawning. 'It's not in my line at all; I never had enough money for my own wants, let alone for two. Perhaps if I were as rich as you or Croesus I might regard it differently.'
There was just sufficient meaning in the latter part of the remark for his cousin to forbear to reply to it. He continued to gaze out of the window and to smoke slowly.
'Not being as rich as Croesus - or you,' resumed Carr, regarding him from beneath lowered lids, 'I paddle my own canoe down the stream of Time, and, tying it to my friends' doorposts, go in to eat their dinners.' ("The Well") #Quote by W.W. Jacobs
Resumed quotes by Ree Drummond
#52. Tom carried with him a glass full of wine, which clearly hadn't been his first of the evening. He swaggered and swayed as he started to speak, and his eyes, while not quite at half mast, were certainly well on their way.
"In my mind," Tom began, "this is what love is all about."
Sounded good. A little slurred, but it was nice and simple.
"And…and…and in my mind," Tom continued, "in my mind, I know this is all about…this is all love here."
Oh dear. Oh no.
"And all I can say is that in my mind," he went on, "it's just so great to know that true love is possible right now in this time."
Crickets. Tap-tap. Is this thing on?
"I've known this guy for a long, long time," he resumed, pointing to Marlboro Man, who was sitting and listening respectfully. "And…in my mind, all I have to say is that's a long…long time."
Tom was dead serious. This was not a joke toast. This was not a ribbing toast. This was what was "in his mind." He made that clear over and over.
"I just want to finish by saying…that in my mind, love is…love is…everything," he continued.
People around the room began to snicker. At the large table where Marlboro Man and I sat with our friends, people began to crack up.
Everyone except Marlboro Man. Instead of snickering and laughing at his friend--whom he'd known since they were boys and who, he knew, had recently gone through a rough couple of years--Marlboro Man quietly motioned to everyone at our table with a tactfu #Quote by Ree Drummond
Resumed quotes by Seanan McGuire
#53. Time resumed. Time had a way of doing that. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Resumed quotes by Alex Shakar
#54. Fred put away the phone, finished off his bourbon, and resumed watching the couple suck on the combined mass of their two tongues. He wasn't as drunk as them. Or as young. Or as stupid. He envied them on every score. #Quote by Alex Shakar
Resumed quotes by Kristin Cashore
#55. Katsa turned to Po with tears in her eyes. 'He'll be so angry.'
'He won't stay angry forever.'
'Won't he?' she said. 'People do sometimes.'
'Do they?' he said. 'Reasonable people? I hope that's not true.'
Katsa gave him a funny look, but didn't answer. Resumed hugging herself and kicking things. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Resumed quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#56. It is an unchristian religion, in the first place!' the prince resumed in great agitation and with excessive sharpness. 'That's in the first place, and secondly, Roman Catholicism is even worse than atheism - that's my opinion. Yes, that's my opinion! Atheism merely preaches a negation, but Catholicism goes further: it preaches a distorted Christ, a Christ calumniated and defamed by it, the opposite of Christ! It preaches Antichrist - I swear it does, I assure you it does! This is my personal opinion, an opinion I've held for a long time, and it has worried me a lot myself. ... Roman Catholicism believes that the Church cannot exist on earth without universal temporal power, and cries: Non possumus! In my opinion, Roman Catholicism isn't even a religion, but most decidedly a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire, and everything in it is subordinated to that idea, beginning with faith. The Pope seized the earth, an earthly throne and took up the sword; and since then everything has gone on in the same way, except that they've added lies, fraud, deceit, fanaticism, superstition wickedness. They have trifled with the most sacred, truthful, innocent, ardent feelings of the people, have bartered it all for money, for base temporal power. And isn't this the teaching of Antichrist? Isn't it clear that atheism had to come from them? And it did come from them, from Roman Catholicism itself! Atheism originated first of all with them: how could they believe in themselves? It gained grou #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Resumed quotes by Gertrude Stein
#57. There is no use in a smell, in taste, in teeth, in toast, in anything, there is no use at all and the respect is mutual.
Why should that which is uneven, that which is resumed, that which is tolerable why should all this resemble a smell, a thing is there, it whistles, it is not narrower, why is there no obligation to stay away and yet courage, courage is everywhere and the best remains to stay. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Resumed quotes by Victor Hugo
#58. I congratulate you," said he, in the tone which one uses for a reprimand. "You did not vote for the death of the king, after all."

The old member of the Convention did not appear to notice the bitter meaning underlying the words "after all." He replied. The smile had quite disappeared from his face.

"Do not congratulate me too much, sir. I did vote for the death of the tyrant."

It was the tone of austerity answering the tone of severity.

"What do you mean to say?" resumed the Bishop.

"I mean to say that man has a tyrant,--ignorance. I voted for the death of that tyrant. That tyrant engendered royalty, which is authority falsely understood, while science is authority rightly understood. Man should be governed only by science."

"And conscience," added the Bishop.

"It is the same thing. Conscience is the quantity of innate science which we have within us. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Resumed quotes by Agatha Christie
#59. Oh, it's you, sir," she exclaimed.
She drew the door right back. A look of highly pleasurable excitement spread over her face.
"Come in, sir, if you please, sir."
We entered the hall. From beneath the door on the left, loud snuffling sounds proceeded, interspersed with growls. Bob was endeavoring to "place" us correctly.
"You can let him out", I suggested.
"I will, sir. He's quite all right, really, but he makes such a noise and rushes at people so it frightens them. He's a splendid watchdog though."
She opened the morning room door, and Bob shot through like a suddenly projected cannonball.
"Who is it? Where are they? Oh, there you are. Dear me, don't I seem to remember -" sniff- sniff- sniff- prolonged snort. "Of course! We have met!"
"Hullo, old man," I said. "How goes it?"
Bob wagged his tail perfunctorily.
"Nicely, thank you. Let me just see -" he resumed his researches. "Been talking to a spaniel lately, I smell. Foolish dogs, I think. What's this? A cat? That is interesting. Wish we had her here. We'd have rare sport. H'm - not a bad bull terrier."
Having correctly diagnosed a visit I had paid recently to some doggy friends, he transferred his attention to Poirot, inhaled a noseful of benzine and walked away reproachfully.
"Bob", I called.
He threw me a look over his shoulder.
"It's all right. I know what I am doing. I'll be back in a jiffy. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Resumed quotes by John Harvey Kellogg
#60. A remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering anaesthetic, as the pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment, as it may well be in some cases. The soreness which continues for several weeks interrupts the practice, and if it had not previously become too firmly fixed, it may be forgotten and not resumed. #Quote by John Harvey Kellogg
Resumed quotes by Virginia Woolf
#61. sometimes she felt that it was necessary for her very existence that she should free herself from the past; at others, that the past had completely displaced the present, which, when one resumed life after a morning among the dead, proved to be of an utterly thin and inferior composition. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Resumed quotes by Merrill Markoe
#62. I gotta ask you ... why do you always circle before you lie down?" I said.
"As opposed to what?" Johnny Depp asked, astonished by the question. "You mean not circle? How would I tamp down the leaves and twigs and get comfortable?"
"What leaves and twigs?" I said. "This bed is twig-free."
"Hmm. I see your point," said Johnny Depp, pausing for a second before he resumed circling. "But did it occur to you maybe that's because I circle first? #Quote by Merrill Markoe
Resumed quotes by Tyffany Hackett
#63. The steps behind us resumed- a cautious brush against the leaves, a shifting branch- and after a while, utter silence. Even the wind seemed to pause its gentle tease through the leaves.

And then a growl tore through the darkness. #Quote by Tyffany Hackett
Resumed quotes by Andrea Camilleri
#64. He was convinced he would keep his word. Not because he feared for his health, but because one cannot break a promise made to one's guardian angel. And he resumed the climb. #Quote by Andrea Camilleri
Resumed quotes by H.G.Wells
#65. The visitor sat and listened to her retreating feet. He glanced inquiringly at the window before he removed his serviette, and resumed his meal. He took a mouthful, glanced suspiciously at the window, took another mouthful, then rose and, taking the serviette in his hand, walked across the room and pulled the blind down to the top of the white muslin that obscured the lower panes. This left the room in a twilight. This done, he returned with an easier air to the table and his meal. The poor soul's had an accident or an operation #Quote by H.G.Wells
Resumed quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#66. In a fast, the body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed. #Quote by Herbert M. Shelton
Resumed quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#67. His eyes kindled and a slight flush sprang into his thin cheeks. For an instant the veil had lifted upon his keen, intense nature, but for an instant only. When I glanced again his face had resumed that red-Indian composure which had made so many regard him as a machine rather than a man. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Resumed quotes by Douglas Adams
#68. They found a coin and helped him to the telescope. He complained and insulted them, but they helped him look at each individual letter in turn. The first letter was a 'w,' the second an 'e.' Then there was a gap. An 'a' followed, then a 'p,' an 'o,' and an 'l.'

Marvin paused for a rest.

After a few moments they resumed and let him see the 'o,' the 'g,' the 'i,' the 'z,' and the 'e.'

The next two words were 'for' and 'the.' The last one was a long one, and Marvin needed another rest before the could tackle it.

It started with 'i,' then 'n,' then 'c.' Next came an 'o' and an 'n,' followed by a 'v,' an 'e,' another 'n,' and an 'i.'

After a final pause, Marvin gathered his strength for the last stretch.

He read the 'e,' the 'n,' the 'c,' and at last the final 'e,' and staggered back into their arms.

'I think,' he murmured at last from deep within his corroding, rattling thorax, 'I feel good about it.'

The lights went out in his eyes for absolutely the very last time ever. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Resumed quotes by Anonymous
#69. A two-week-old ceasefire in the Central African Republic collapsed, as conflict resumed between fighters tied to Muslim and Christian militias. French troops trying to hold the ring were attacked. #Quote by Anonymous
Resumed quotes by Heather Heffner
#70. The lanterns filled the sky, pulsing with the harmonious light of fireflies, and a great host of ghosts departed from the earth to join them. The higher they rose into the zenith of the heavens, the further night was chased back, until a great and radiant being resumed its throne in the sky. #Quote by Heather Heffner
Resumed quotes by Samuel Beckett
#71. Vladimir, be reasonable, you haven't yet tried everything. And I resumed the struggle. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Resumed quotes by Tyra Banks
#72. He followed the sweet scent not of blood orange, but of the pancreas and thymus glands that lived within one particular platinum-headed Unica, and he resumed his trek to Modelland. #Quote by Tyra Banks
Resumed quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#73. Dorian looked down at the book. "This isn't one of the books that I sent you! I don't even own books like these!" She laughed weakly and took the tea from the servant as she approached.

"Of course you don't, Dorian. I had the maids send for a copy today."

"Sunset's Passions," he read, and opened the book to a random page to read aloud. "'His hands gently caressed her ivory, silky br-'" His eyes widened. "By the Wyrd! Do you actually read this rubbish? What happened to Symbols and Power and Eyllwe Customs and Culture?"

She finished her drink, the ginger tea easing her stomach. "You may borrow it when I'm done. If you read it, you literary experience will be complete. And," she added with a coy smile, "it will give you some creative ideas of things to do with your lady friends."
He hissed through his teeth.

"I will not read this."

She took the book from his hands, leaning back. "Then I suppose you're just like Chaol."

"Chaol?" he asked, falling into the trap. "You asked Chaol to read this?"
"He refused, of course," she lied. "He said it wasn't right for him to read this sort of material if I gave it to him."

Dorian snatched the book from her hands. "Give me that, you demon-woman. I'll not have you matching us against each other." He glanced once more at the novel, then turned it over, concealing the title. She smiled, and resumed watching the falling snow. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Resumed quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#74. But if the two hundred slaves that I freed are telling the story, then no, I suppose I didn't deserve it."
None of them were smiling anymore. "Holy gods," Ansel whispered. True silence fell over their table for a few heartbeats.
Celaena resumed eating. She didn't feel like talking to them after that. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Resumed quotes by Jules Verne
#75. His countenance had resumed its habitual imperturbability. #Quote by Jules Verne
Resumed quotes by Hilaire Belloc
#76. The accursed power which stands on privilege( and goes with women, champagne and bridge)
Broke - and democracy resumed her reign ( which goes with bridge and women and champagne. #Quote by Hilaire Belloc
Resumed quotes by C.C. Gibbs
#77. He went absolutely still for a split second, an error message flashing wildly in his brain. Another second passed before he resumed breathing, then another before he concluded that the conversation about procreation at lunch was to blame for his bizarre thoughts. #Quote by C.C. Gibbs
Resumed quotes by Herbert Lockyer
#78. All love is of God, the Apostle John reminds us, and because love cannot be buried in a coffin, the beautiful but broken relationships of Earth are resumed in the Father's home above where, as members of the same family, we dwell together in perfect harmony. #Quote by Herbert Lockyer
Resumed quotes by Shinzo Abe
#79. Since the start of the Abe administration, we resumed peace treaty negotiations with Russia, which had lapsed during the three years of the Democratic Party of Japan administration. #Quote by Shinzo Abe
Resumed quotes by Joan Frances Casey
#80. Jo tried to think about her suspicion that Lynn liked her. She figured that Lynn was nice to her because she was a patient. Jo's mother had shown her what it meant to have a professional mask. The times Jo saw her mother at work in the lab, busy and efficient as she drew blood and marked vials. Nancy smiled warmly at the patients, ready with a sympathetic comment. If a patient or a doctor called Nancy at home, she immediately became the caring professional, no matter what had been happening before the phone rang. When Lynn hung up after an evening phone call from Missy, Jo suspected that Lynn resumed screaming at her husband or kids. #Quote by Joan Frances Casey
Resumed quotes by Lindy Zart
#81. We're not done talking about this."
"Yes, we are, because in case you didn't notice, you just walked out, hence the ending of the conversation!"
He comes back to say, "It will be resumed at a later date."
"I'm calling in sick that day. #Quote by Lindy Zart
Resumed quotes by Joyce Mansour
#82. I saw the camel put on its shirt
An leave without tears for Mecca
With a thousand and one
Sand sellers and
Dark crowds like scaly dragons
But i could not follow them
For sloth won out
Against my ardour
And daily habit resumed
Its disjointed toe-dance #Quote by Joyce Mansour
Resumed quotes by Laura Frantz
#83. One of life's most painful mysteries was that time moved on, with or without you. Those left behind loved and laughed and resumed living as if you'd never been at all. #Quote by Laura Frantz
Resumed quotes by Robert Higgs
#84. Austria, Germany and the U.S. South did not disappear as a result of their currencies' ruin. Although many people suffered, most people found a way to survive, life went on, and economic activity eventually resumed after the adoption of a 'reformed' or foreign medium of exchange. #Quote by Robert Higgs
Resumed quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#85. But what could be the purpose of the unseasonable toil, which was again resumed, as the watchman knew by the lines of lamp-light through the crevices of Owen Warland's shutters? The townspeople had one comprehensive explanation of all these singularities. Owen Warland had gone mad! How universally efficacious
how satisfactory, too, and soothing to the injured sensibility of narrowness and dullness
is this easy method of accounting for whatever lies beyond the world's most ordinary scope!
- The Artist of the Beautiful #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Resumed quotes by Rachel Cusk
#86. I would like", she resumed, "to see the world more innocently again, more impersonally, but I have no idea how to achieve this, other than by going somewhere completely unknown where I have no identity and no associations. #Quote by Rachel Cusk
Resumed quotes by Chris Cannon
#87. Ferrin looked at her like she had two heads. "You don't want to marry my son?" "Hell. No." He resumed his seat. "That's the first sensible thing I've heard you say. #Quote by Chris Cannon
Resumed quotes by Laini Taylor
#88. And when her hearts resumed beating, she imagined she could feel a spill of light into the veins that carried her spirit #Quote by Laini Taylor
Resumed quotes by Charles Dickens
#89. It was the shadow of Some one who had gone by long before: of Some one who had gone on far away quite out of reach, never, never to come back. It was bright to look at; and when the tiny woman showed it to the Princess, she was proud of it with all her heart, as a great, great, treasure. When the Princess had considered it a little while, she said to the tiny woman, And you keep watch over this, every day? And she cast down her eyes, and whispered, Yes. Then the Princess said, Remind me why. To which the other replied, that no one so good and so kind had ever passed that way, and that was why in the beginning. She said, too, that nobody missed it, that nobody was the worse for it, that Some one had gone on to those who were expecting him--

'Some one was a man then?' interposed Maggy.

Little Dorrit timidly said yes, she believed so; and resumed:

'-- Had gone on to those who were expecting him, and that this remembrance
was stolen or kept back from nobody. The Princess made answer, Ah! But when the cottager died it would be discovered there. The tiny woman told her No; when that time came, it would sink quietly into her own grave, and would never be found. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Resumed quotes by C.S. Pacat
#90. He was not wearing the woollen cap. His newly minted hair was uncovered, and he looked as fresh as he had emerging from the baths the night before, as he had waking beneath Damen's hands. But he had resumed the cool restraint, his jacket laced, his expression disagreeable from the haughty profile to the intolerant blue eyes.
'You're alive,' Damen said, and the words came out on a rush of relief that made him feel weak.
'I'm alive,' said Laurent. They were gazing at one another. 'I wasn't sure you'd come back.'
'I came back,' said Damen. #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Resumed quotes by Victor Hugo
#91. Yes," resumed the Bishop, "you have come from a very sad place. Listen. There will be more joy in heaven over the tear-bathed face of a repentant sinner than over the white robes of a hundred just men. If you emerge from that sad place with thoughts of hatred and of wrath against mankind, you are deserving of pity; if you emerge with thoughts of good-will and of peace, you are more worthy than any one of us. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Resumed quotes by Rex Stout
#92. The point is, did she kill that woman? If I thought she did I would bow out quick - I would already have bowed out because it would have been hopeless. But she didn't One will get you ten that she didn't. If she had -
The interruption wasn't words; it was her lips against mine and her palms covering my ears. If she had been Wolfe's client I would have shoved her off quick, since that sort of demonstration only ruffles him, but she was mine and there was no point in hurting her feelings. I even patted her shoulder. When she was through I resumed. #Quote by Rex Stout
Resumed quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#93. To the door of an inn in the provincial town of N. there drew up a smart britchka - a light spring-carriage of the sort affected by bachelors, retired lieutenant-colonels, staff-captains, land-owners possessed of about a hundred souls, and, in short, all persons who rank as gentlemen of the intermediate category. In the britchka was seated such a gentleman - a man who, though not handsome, was not ill-favoured, not over-fat, and not over-thin. Also, though not over-elderly, he was not over-young. His arrival produced no stir in the town, and was accompanied by no particular incident, beyond that a couple of peasants who happened to be standing at the door of a dramshop exchanged a few comments with reference to the equipage rather than to the individual who was seated in it. "Look at that carriage," one of them said to the other. "Think you it will be going as far as Moscow?" "I think it will," replied his companion. "But not as far as Kazan, eh?" "No, not as far as Kazan." With that the conversation ended. Presently, as the britchka was approaching the inn, it was met by a young man in a pair of very short, very tight breeches of white dimity, a quasi-fashionable frockcoat, and a dickey fastened with a pistol-shaped bronze tie-pin. The young man turned his head as he passed the britchka and eyed it attentively; after which he clapped his hand to his cap (which was in danger of being removed by the wind) and resumed his way. On the vehicle reaching the inn door, its occupant #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Resumed quotes by Emily Bronte
#94. It's a rough journey, and a sad heart to travel it; and we must pass by Gimmerton Kirk, to go that journey! We've braved its ghosts often together, and dared each other to stand among the graves and ask them to come. But Heathcliff, if I dare you now, will you venture? If you do, I'll keep you. I'll not lie there by myself; they may bury me twelve feet deep, and throw the church down over me, but I won't rest till you are with me. I never will!"
She paused, and resumed with a strange smile, "He's considering-he'd rather I'd come to him! Find a way, then! not through that Kirkyard. You are slow! Be content, you always followed me! #Quote by Emily Bronte
Resumed quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#95. Dear dad,
in consequence of a trivial altercation with a Captain Tapper, of Wild Violet Lodge, whom I happened to step upon in the corridor of a train, I had a pistol duel this morning in the woods near Kalugano and am now no more. Though the manner of my end can be regarded as a kind of easy suicide, the encounter and the ineffable Captain are in no way connected with the Sorrows of Young Veen. In 1884, during my first summer in Ardis, I seduced your daughter, who was then twelve. Our torrid affair lasted till my return to Riverlane; it was resumed last June, four years later. That happiness has been the greatest event in my life, and I have no regrets. Yesterday, though, I discovered she had been unfaithful to me, so we parted. Tapper, I think, may be the chap who was thrown out of one of your gaming clubs for attempting oral intercourse with the washroom attendant, a toothless old cripple, veteran of the first Crimean War. Lots of flowers, please!
Your loving son, Van

He carefully reread his letter – and carefully tore it up. The note he finally placed in his coat pocket was much briefer.

I had a trivial quarrel with a stranger whose face I slapped and who killed me in a duel near Kalugano. Sorry!
Van #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Resumed quotes by Kresley Cole
#96. He stilled when a weird breeze blew, feeling crisp, even here in the jungle. Both he and Rydstrom peered around. Bowe had the sudden uncanny impression that they were being watched.
Rydstrom asked, "Do you see anything out there that I don't?"
"No. And I'd scent anyone who came close." Shaking off the feeling, he resumed his pacing, considering what his path should be. What's my next move with her?
Challenge and kill Cade.
Of course.
"Stop thinking about it," Rydstrom said. "I will not let you kill Cade, so put it from your thoughts. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Resumed quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#97. Which so incorruptibly reduced a reality to its color content that it resumed a new existence in a beyond of color, without any previous memories. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Resumed quotes by Mark Twain
#98. I was warned to stop smoking, which I did, for two or three days, but it was too lonesome, and I have resumed - in a modified way - 4 smokes a day instead of 40. This will have a good effect. On the bank balance. #Quote by Mark Twain
Resumed quotes by Gilbert King
#99. After World War I, dozens of Negro soldiers had been lynched in the South, some of them still wearing their uniforms, and in the summer of 1946 the lynchings of black veterans resumed with a vengeance. #Quote by Gilbert King
Resumed quotes by Amy Harmon
#100. We resumed our steady march through the sleeping street. Boulder City was incredibly quiet. If Vegas was the city that never slept, then Boulder made up for it. It slept like a drunkard on a feather bed. We hadn't even been barked at. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Resumed quotes by Noam Chomsky
#101. Since the civil war in Laos was resumed in earnest in 1963, American participation has been veiled in secrecy. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Resumed quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#102. I was a slave in the corsair Dragut's own palace. I saw his women - Spanish, French, Italian, Irish. I was at the branding of all his poor children. To some women, degradation like that is the worst sort of torture.' There was a small silence, in which Philippa's epiglottis popped like a cork. Beside her, Jerott's breathing faltered in the same moment and resumed, shallowly, as he went on straining to hear. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Resumed quotes by John Eccles
#103. In order that a "self" may exist there must be some continuity of mental experiences and, particularly, continuity bridging gaps of unconsciousness. For example, the continuity of our "self" is resumed after sleep, anaesthesia, and the temporary amnesias of concussion and convulsions. #Quote by John Eccles
Resumed quotes by Jennifer Egan
#104. They resumed walking. Alex felt an ache in his eyes and throat. "I don't know what happened to me," he said, shaking his head. "I honestly don't."
Bennie glanced at him, a middle-aged man with chaotic silver hair and thoughtful eyes. "You grew up, Alex," he said, "just like the rest of us. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Resumed quotes by Nick Heil
#105. The two climbers looked at each other, a glance that bored all the way down to Medvetz's DNA - not desperate or pleading or frightened but resolved, almost at peace. Here were two men, united in their obsessive enterprise, their trajectories intersecting for just an instant, but an instant that contained some fundamental understanding: the long journey full of failures and setbacks, injuries and disfigurement and pain, propelled by a commitment beyond reason. Here were two men in this inhospitable place, the wind raking across the ridge, the shadows lengthening - one departing his life, the other walking back into it.
"God bless you," Medvetz murmured. "Good-bye."
And then he faced down the mountain and resumed lumbering along the route, toward Brice and Brett Merrell and Mogens Jensen and all the others waiting for him in the world below. #Quote by Nick Heil
Resumed quotes by Marcel Proust
#106. I felt even disappointed when he resumed the thread of his narrative. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Resumed quotes by Sarah Lark
#107. disapprovingly. The two of them resumed their evenings together in the salon, and William renewed his consumption of whiskey. "Can't we get rid of that Miss Witherspoon?" James groaned as he genteelly held the door to their apartments open for Gwyneira. Heather had been playing Schubert songs downstairs #Quote by Sarah Lark
Resumed quotes by Herman Wouk
#108. A Talmud saying implies that in Messianic times the sacrifices will not be resumed in the restored Temple, except for the thank offerings. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Resumed quotes by Manmohan Singh
#109. If you don't have a functioning financial system the world economy won't be revived. All the major economies have their responsibility to assist at a pace which is required to clean up the balance sheet of the banking system and to ensure that credit flows are resumed. #Quote by Manmohan Singh
Resumed quotes by Tanya Huff
#110. Good afternoon, Gunnery Sargent."
"Any ideas…?"
Dr. Sloan turned slowly and stared up at Torren through narrowed eyes. "About what?"
"I'm sorry had you not noticed the birds?"
"Oh, ha!" Arms folded she resumed staring to the west. "I'm not doing anything. They just keep coming back."
"Maybe your jacket is…"
"…Is what? Stuffed with bird seed? Emitting matting coos on a frequency only these birds can hear? Looks like their big blue mother? You're so good at getting various and varying species to do what say, you tell them to shoo."
"Fine, pick a tougher word."
No longer trying to hide her smile, Torren leaned slightly forwards and said, "Scram."
The birds took off almost as one bird, their wings chopping at the air. #Quote by Tanya Huff
Resumed quotes by Don H. Doyle
#111. Stephens resumed speaking as the crowd quieted. He referred to one final "improvement" the Confederate Constitution had introduced, a brief but crucial clause that banned forever any "bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves." "The new Constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions - African slavery as it exists among us - the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization." This question, Stephens baldly admitted, "was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution."20 Stephens then referenced #Quote by Don H. Doyle
Resumed quotes by Margaret Atwood
#112. The future is in your hands, she resumed. She held her own hands out to us, the ancient gesture that was both an offering and an invitation, to come forward, into an embrace, an acceptance. In your hands, she said, looking down at her own hands as if they had given her the idea. But there was nothing in them. They were empty. It was our hands that were supposed to be full, full of the future; which could be held but not seen. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Resumed quotes by George Combe
#113. The interval allowed was only five minutes, at the end of which I resumed the lecture; but so refreshing was the effects of the brief rest and, above all, the admission of pure air, that during the second hour the attention was as completely sustained as during the first. #Quote by George Combe
Resumed quotes by Laura Creedle
#114. You're not going to work at McDonald's." Abelard resumed shaking his head from side to side. A tic--or maybe a world of no. I didn't know. #Quote by Laura Creedle
Resumed quotes by Samuel Beckett
#115. What goes by the name of love is banishment, with now and then a postcard from the homeland, such is my considered opinion, this evening. When she had finished and my self been resumed, mine own, the mitig­able, with the help of a brief torpor, it was alone. I sometimes wonder if that is not all invention, if in reality things did not take quite a different course, one I had no choice but to forget. And yet her image remains bound, for me, to that of the bench, not the bench by day, nor yet the bench by night, but the bench at evening, in such sort that to speak of the bench, as it appeared to me at evening, is to speak of her, for me. That proves nothing, but there is nothing I wish to prove. On the subject of the bench by day no words need be wasted, it never knew me, gone before morning and never back till dusk. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Resumed quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#116. Where are the people?" resumed the little prince at last. "It's a little lonely in the desert ... " "It is lonely when you're among people, too," said the snake. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Resumed quotes by Scott Stossel
#117. Carly Simon abandoned the stage for seven years after collapsing from nerves before a concert in Pittsburgh in 1981. When she resumed performing, she would sometimes ask members of her band to spank her before she went onstage, to distract her from her anxiety. #Quote by Scott Stossel
Resumed quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#118. Her eyes narrowed, and her lips parted around a knowing laugh. "Oh. It's you."
"Pardon?" He was taken aback. "Do we know each other, lass?" He was quite certain they didn't; he could never have
forgotten this woman. The enticing manner in which her lips were currently pursed would have been seared into his
"The answer is no. I don't know you. But every other woman in this room does. Duncan Douglas, isn't it?" she said dryly.
Duncan studied her face. Although she was young-perhaps no more than twenty-she had a regal bearing beyond her years. "I do have some reputation with the lasses," he conceded, downplaying his prowess, confident of her impending maidenly swoon.
The look she gave him was far from admiring. He did a double take when he realized her gaze was downright disparaging.
"Not something I care for in a man," she said coolly. "Thank you for your offer, but I'd sooner dance with last week's rushes. They would be less used. Who wants what everyone else has already had?" The words were delivered
in a cool, modulated tone, shaped by an odd accent he couldn't place. Quite finished with him, she presented her
back and resumed talking to her companion.
Duncan was immobilized by shock. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Resumed quotes by Dan Hammond Jr.
#119. Her cackle resumed at full volume, and Delbert laughed with her. Life can be a hellish mess, he thought, but these shavings of joy are such an exquisite remedy. #Quote by Dan Hammond Jr.
Resumed quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#120. In Siena, where more than half the inhabitants died of the plague, work was abandoned on the great cathedral, planned to be the largest in the world, and never resumed, owing to loss of workers and master masons and "the melancholy and grief" of the survivors. The cathedral's truncated transept still stands in permanent witness to the sweep of death's scythe. Agnolo di Tura, a chronicler of Siena, recorded the fear of contagion that froze every other instinct. 'Father abandoned child, wife husband, one brother another,' he wrote, 'for this plague seemed to strike through the breath and sight. And so they died. And no one could be found to bury the dead for money or friendship.… And I, Angolo di Tura, called the Fat, buried my five children with my own hands, and so did many others likewise. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Resumed quotes by George MacDonald
#121. What a folly is it now," he instantly resumed, leaving the general and attacking a particular, "to think to make people good by promises and threats
promises of a heaven that would bore the dullest among them to death, and threats of a hell the very idea of which, if only half conceived, would be enough to paralyse every nerve of healthy action in the human system! #Quote by George MacDonald
Resumed quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#122. I shouldn't have lost my temper that way. It just pricks his pride, makes him dig in his heels."
"So why did you?" I asked, genuinely curious. It was rare for Nikolai's emotions to get the best of him.
"I don't know," he said, shredding the leaf. "You got angry. I got angry. The room was too damn hot."
"I don't think that's it."
"Indigestion?" he offered.
"It's because you actually care about what happens to this country," I said. "The throne is just a prize to Vasily, something he wants to squabble over like a favorite toy, You're not like that. You'll make a good king."
Nikolai froze. "I ... " For once, words seemed to have deserted him. Then a crooked, embarrassed smile crept across his face. It was a far cry from his usual self-assured grin. "Thank you," he said.
I sighed as we resumed our pace. "You're going to be insufferable now, aren't you?"
Nikolai laughed. "I'm already insufferable. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Resumed quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#123. Gilbert took from his desk a little pink candy heart with a gold motto on it, "You are sweet," and slipped it under the curve of Anne's arm. Whereupon Anne arose, took the pink heart gingerly between the tips of her fingers, dropped it on the floor, ground it to powder beneath her heel, and resumed her position without deigning to bestow a glance on Gilbert. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Resumed quotes by Shannon Delany
#124. I sighed, sinking back, head filling with pleasant images; pictures Pietr floated to the surface. Kisses scorched along my face and neck. "Pietr ... "
There was a growl, and I felt fingers at the waistband of my jeans. The button opened and a hand traced along the top of my underpants.
"No," I said. The kissing resumed, harder. "Jessica." The word rumbled in someone's throat. Not Pietr's. To him, I was Jess.
"No," I insisted, trying to pry my eyes open. Something was wrong ... Not Pietr ... I pushed at the chest above me, my eyelids stinging as I willed them apart.
"Relax ... " a voice said, lips dragging along the cornerof my jaw, filling my head with honey, sticky and sweet ... #Quote by Shannon Delany
Resumed quotes by Douglas Adams
#125. The first letter was a "w," the second an "e." Then there was a gap. An "a" followed, then a "p," an "o," and an "l." Marvin paused for a rest. After a few moments they resumed and let him see the "o," the "g," the "i," the "z," and the "e." The next two words were "for" and "the." The last one was a long one, and Marvin needed another rest before he could tackle it. It started with "i," then "n," then "c." Next came an "o" and an "n," followed by a "v," an "e," another "n," and an "i." After a final pause, Marvin gathered his strength for the last stretch. He read the "e," the "n," the "c," and at last the final "e," and staggered back into their arms. #Quote by Douglas Adams

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