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Respect And Manner quotes by Samuel Johnson
#1. I had done all that I could, and no Man is well pleased to have his all neglected, be it ever so little. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Respect And Manner quotes by John Wooden
#2. You must have respect, which is a part of love, for those under your supervision. Then they will do what you ask and more. #Quote by John Wooden
Respect And Manner quotes by Louise Dickinson Rich
#3. Mainiacs away from Maine are truly displaced persons, only half alive, only half aware of their immediate surroundings. Their inner attention is always preoccupied and pre-empted by the tiny pinpoint on the face of the globe called Down East. They try to live not in such a manner that they will eventually be welcomed into Paradise, but only so that someday they can go home to Maine. #Quote by Louise Dickinson Rich
Respect And Manner quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#4. Lottie strode to the center of the study and stared at Gentry expectantly. She made her manner brisk. "When shall we leave?"
Gentry emerged from the corner. She saw from the flicker in his eyes that he had half-expected her to change her mind after speaking with Westcliff. Now that her choice had been reaffirmed, there was no turning back.
"Now," he said softly.
Her lips parted in the beginnings of an objection. Gentry intended to sweep her away without allowing any opportunity to say good-bye to anyone in the household, not even Lady Westcliff. On the other hand, it would be easier for her to simply disappear without having to explain anything to anyone. "Isn't it rather dangerous to travel at night?" she asked, then quickly answered her own question. "Never mind. If we met with a highwayman, I would probably be safer with him than you."
Gentry grinned suddenly. "You may be right."
-Lottie & Nick #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Respect And Manner quotes by Shia Labeouf
#5. So it's kind of nervous to be in this situation, but at the same time you look at all those actors and the work that they've done, I've been in bigger films than all of them and still kept my integrity and still kept my respect. #Quote by Shia Labeouf
Respect And Manner quotes by Jean Piaget
#6. All morality consists in a system of rules, and the essence of all morality is to be sought for in the respect which the individual acquires for these rules. #Quote by Jean Piaget
Respect And Manner quotes by Marva Collins
#7. Before I can effectively discipline students, I have to earn their friendship and respect. #Quote by Marva Collins
Respect And Manner quotes by William Shakespeare
#8. You tread upon my patience: but be sure I will from henceforth rather be myself, Mighty and to be fear'd, than my condition, Which hath been smooth as oil, soft as young down, And therefore lost that title of respect Which the proud soul ne'er pays but to the proud. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Respect And Manner quotes by Edmund Burke
#9. Whatever is fitted in any sort to excite the ideas of pain, and danger, that is to say, whatever is in any sort terrible, or is conversant about terrible objects, or operates in a manner analogous to terror, is a source of the sublime; that is, it is productive of the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling ... When danger or pain press too nearly, they are incapable of giving any delight, and [yet] with certain modifications, they may be, and they are delightful, as we every day experience. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Respect And Manner quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#10. It is not my shit, nor is it my problem. I am free and loving it! In that order!"
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Respect And Manner quotes by Anita Brookner
#11. It is strange how this fails to annoy me, although as a rule I am sensitive to bad manners. It is just that occasionally, very occasionally, one meets someone who is so markedly a contrast with the general run of people that one's instinctive reaction is one of admiration, indulgence, and, no doubt, if one is not very careful indeed, of supplication. I am not arguing the rights and wrongs of this: I am simply stating the facts as they appear to me. And not only to me, for I have noticed that extremely handsome men and extremely beautiful women exercise a power over others which they themselves have no need, or indeed no time, to analyse. People like Nick attract admirers, adherents, followers. They also attract people like me: observers. One is never totally at ease with such people, for they are like sovereigns and one's duty is to divert them. Matters like worth or merit rarely receive much of their attention, for, with the power of choice which their looks bestow on them, they can change their minds when they care to do so. Because of their great range of possibilities, their attention span is very limited. And their beauty has accustomed them to continuous gratification.
I find such people – and I have met one or two – quite fascinating. I find myself respecting them, as I would respect some natural phenomenon: a rainbow, a mountain, a sunset. I recognize that they might have no intrinsic merit, and yet I will find myself trying to please them, to attract their atte #Quote by Anita Brookner
Respect And Manner quotes by Laura Huxley
#12. Whoever uses psychedelics should treat them with greatest respect. When Aldous and I used them, we prepared the ambience and ourselves the day before. The day of the session was kept as a holy day, and there were beautiful fruits and flowers around. The result was, that we had no negative experiences. #Quote by Laura Huxley
Respect And Manner quotes by James Madison
#13. Every new regulation concerning commerce or revenue; or in any manner affecting the value of the different species of property, presents a new harvest to those who watch the change and can trace its consequences; a harvest reared not by themselves but by the toils and cares of the great body of their fellow citizens. This is a state of things in which it may be said with some truth that laws are made for the few not for the many. #Quote by James Madison
Respect And Manner quotes by Mary Stuart Masterson
#14. I think she looked at Vivien the same way. Of course you can. You know. And, and yet with great respect, because she knew how hard it must have been. And that it was even harder for him, of course, than for her. #Quote by Mary Stuart Masterson
Respect And Manner quotes by John Ruskin
#15. There are, indeed, two forms of discontent: one laborious, the other indolent and complaining. We respect the man of laborious desire, but let us not suppose that his restlessness is peace, or his ambition meekness. It is because of the special connection of meekness with contentment that it is promised that the meek shall 'inherit the earth.' Neither covetous men, nor the grave, can inherit anything; they can but consume. Only contentment can possess. #Quote by John Ruskin
Respect And Manner quotes by Katy Perry
#16. I'm kind of a good girl - and I'm not. I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I'm a bad girl because I like to tease. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people thinking. That's what the stories in my music do. #Quote by Katy Perry
Respect And Manner quotes by Susan Sherman
#17. Berta, like so many Great Russians, thought of Kiev and the surrounding provinces as a Russian outpost: provincial, backward, but Russified to some extent. She had a respect for both the Polish and German influences there, but agreed with the authorities that the Ukrainian culture and language had little to offer. It was banned in the schools and in the government institutions and was thought to be the purlieu of reprobates, lazy slum dwellers, and rustics. Berta was born in Little Russia, a small fact that she never bothered to share with anyone of consequence. She was a Great Russian, as anyone could see by her fierce accomplishments, tasteful dress, and overall refinement. #Quote by Susan Sherman
Respect And Manner quotes by Erwin Raphael McManus
#18. In an ideal world, the voices that teach us language teach us self-respect, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Those same voices also form in us humility and gratitude, and as those voices inform our inner voices, they also pass on wisdom. #Quote by Erwin Raphael McManus
Respect And Manner quotes by Bryant McGill
#19. If you don't accept and respect your suffering, it isn't going anywhere. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Respect And Manner quotes by Colin S. Gray
#20. It should be needless to add that policy needs to be somewhat flexible and adaptive since war has a way of frustrating political intentions. It is a blunt instrument, and there are many reasons why cunning plans often go awry, not the least among which is the fact of an enemy with an independent will.
It would be difficult to overstate the significance of this maxim. Maxim 3 insists both that we never forget that war is about peace (see Maxim 2), and, more pointedly, that the making of peace is likely to be more difficult than the waging of war. It is a common, and somewhat understandable, error to assume that if one takes care of the fighting in an efficient manner, and the enemy is duly humbled, somehow the subsequent peace will all but take care of itself. Indeed, to go further, it is by no means unknown for professional soldiers to be less than fascinated by the political consequences of their military efforts. #Quote by Colin S. Gray
Respect And Manner quotes by Hermann Hesse
#21. It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Respect And Manner quotes by Steve Maraboli
#22. Many people experience the travesty of regret in their end days; the realization that nothing held them back, that nothing was in their way, that there is no one to blame, only themselves. Don't just sit by waiting for your life to happen, make it happen! Don't just hope your dreams will come alive, breathe life into them! Don't let your fear help you birth a well-nourished regret, take action today! At the end of the day, at the end of the year, at the end of your life, live in such a manner that you can hold your head up high, smile, and be proud of a life well lived. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Respect And Manner quotes by John Robinson
#23. Competition is a great thing and critically important in any industry. I respect the companies that build their brand through innovation/great product, packaging, sharp marketing and clever ideas. #Quote by John Robinson
Respect And Manner quotes by Peace Gypsy
#24. Mother Earth, one of my absolute favorite places ... where the sounds, the energy, the beauty and the Life pounds into your every fiber of being, letting you Know that you are alive. I will always respect and honor this gift of creation that we call our home. #Quote by Peace Gypsy
Respect And Manner quotes by John Dewey
#25. With respect to the development of powers devoted to coping with specific scientific and economic problems we may say that the child should be growing in manhood. With respect to sympathetic curiosity, unbiased responsiveness, and openness of mind, we may say that the adult should be growing in childlikeness. #Quote by John Dewey
Respect And Manner quotes by Craig Zobel
#26. I want people to talk more. I mean, I watch Game of Thrones and there's all sorts of crazy nudity in it ... and very little of which I can justify, except that it's in a titillating and somewhat exploitational manner, but I don't really feel like that's a subject that people are interested in because it's the same news story. #Quote by Craig Zobel
Respect And Manner quotes by Murray Rothbard
#27. Ultimately, there is no entity called 'government'; there are only people forming themselves into groups called 'governments' and acting in a 'governmental' manner. #Quote by Murray Rothbard
Respect And Manner quotes by Luc De Clapiers
#28. Men are not to be judged by what they do not know, but by what they know, and by the manner in which they know it. #Quote by Luc De Clapiers
Respect And Manner quotes by Robert Southey
#29. There are three things in speech that ought to be considered before some things are spoken
the manner, the place and the time. #Quote by Robert Southey
Respect And Manner quotes by Tony Abbott
#30. At one level, the Opposition's most urgent job, between now and the next election, is to publicise the government's mistakes. Randolph Churchill once declared that oppositions should oppose everything, propose nothing and turf the government out. He was right in this fundamental respect: the opposition's job is to get elected. Intelligent oppositions have no unnecessary enemies. They make the government rather than themselves the issue by ensuring that everyone harmed by government decisions well and truly
knows about it. #Quote by Tony Abbott

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