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Resin Collection quotes by Neal Shusterman
#1. The Fatigues all talk like that. Big-Picture-speak, Risa calls it. Seeing the whole, and none of the parts. It's not just in their speech but in their eyes as well.
When they look at Risa, she can tell they don't really see her. They seem to see the mob of Unwinds more as a concept rather than a collection of anxious kids, and so they miss all the subtle social tremors that shake things just as powerfully as the jets shake the roof. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Resin Collection quotes by Erol Alkan
#2. When someone walks into my room and goes 'wow' at my record collection, at that moment I could actually hate music and just want to go sit in the garden. #Quote by Erol Alkan
Resin Collection quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#3. Frankly, we hesitate to pile on the data, since even when numbers are persuasive, they are not galvanizing. A growing collection of psychological studies show that statistics have a dulling effect, while it is individual stories that move people to act. In one experiment, research subjects were divided into several group, and each person was asked to donate $5 to alleviate hunger abroad. One group was told the money would go to Rokia, a seven-year-old girl in Mali. Another group was told that the money would go to address malnutrition among 21 million Africans. The third group was told that the donations would go to Roka, as in the first group, but this time her own hunger was presented as part of a background tapestry of global hunger, with some statistics thrown in. People were much more willing to donate to Rokia than to 21 million hungry people, and even a mention of the larger problem made people less inclined to help her. In another experiment, people were asked to donate to a $300,000 fund to fight cancer. One group was told that the money would be used to save the life of one child, while another group was told it would save the lives of eight children. People contributed almost twice as much to save one child as to save eight. Social psychologists argue that all this reflects the way our consciences and ethical systems are based on individual stories and are distinct from the parts of our brain concerned with logical and rationality. Indeed, when subjects in experime #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Resin Collection quotes by Mario Livio
#4. This development had dramatic philosophical consequences. As in the case of the non-Euclidean geometries in the nineteenth century, there wasn't just one definitive set theory, but rather at least four! One could make different assumptions about infinite sets and end up with mutually exclusive set theories. For instance, once could assume that both the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis hold true and obtain one version, or that both do not hold, and obtain an entirely different theory. Similarly, assuming the validity of one of the two axioms and the negation of the other would have led to yet two other set theories.

This was the non-Euclidean crisis revisited, only worse. The fundamental role of set theory as the potential basis for the whole of mathematics made the problem for the Platonists much more acute. If indeed one could formulate many set theories simply by choosing a different collection of axioms, didn't this argue for mathematics being nothing but a human invention? The formalists' victory looked virtually assured. #Quote by Mario Livio
Resin Collection quotes by Charles M. Heyworth
#5. To describe an emotion is to feel with words. To communicate a moment of existence is to bridge the eternal and the temporal with an intellectual engagement of body, soul, spirit, and mind. To write, therefore is to entangle the mysteries of the universe in a collection of words, a web of ideas, a single drop of ink on a page. #Quote by Charles M. Heyworth
Resin Collection quotes by Calvin Coolidge
#6. The collection of taxes which are not absolutely required, which do not beyond reasonable doubt contribute to the public welfare, is only a species of legalized larceny. #Quote by Calvin Coolidge
Resin Collection quotes by Serinda Swan
#7. I love jeans and T-shirts, but for red carpets, I like Oscar de la Renta, who is timeless. Marchesa celebrates the female form in an ethereal way. Donna Karan does an Urban Zen collection, which is eco-friendly. I love socially conscious fashion. #Quote by Serinda Swan
Resin Collection quotes by Peggy Orenstein
#8. I also worry about the incessant drumbeat of self-objectification: the pressure on young women to reduce their worth to their bodies and to see those bodies as a collection of parts that exist for others' pleasure; to continuously monitor their appearance; to perform rather than to feel sensuality. #Quote by Peggy Orenstein
Resin Collection quotes by Alexandra Stoddard
#9. When I was little, I got to pick my hair ribbon from my mother's collection that hung over her dressing-table mirror. I have an entire room of ribbons in my New York apartment. #Quote by Alexandra Stoddard
Resin Collection quotes by Iain M. Banks
#10. A new collection of matter and information to present to the universe and to which it in turn will be presented; different, arguably equal parts of that great ever-repetitive, ever-changing jurisdiction of being. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Resin Collection quotes by Scott Thornbury
#11. as Nick Ellis (2007: 23) puts it, 'language is not a collection of rules and target forms to be acquired, but rather a by-product of communicative processes', #Quote by Scott Thornbury
Resin Collection quotes by Freeman Dyson
#12. The public has a distorted view of science because children are taught in school that science is a collection of firmly established truths. In fact, science is not a collection of truths. It is a continuing exploration of mysteries. #Quote by Freeman Dyson
Resin Collection quotes by Richard Hayne
#13. At URBN, we see ourselves as customer specialists, a collection of brands, each one specializing in one particular customer group, a particular lifestyle or a life stage. We offer her things she wants in environments that inspire her. We talk to her and listen to her ideas and opinions. #Quote by Richard Hayne
Resin Collection quotes by Conan O'Brien
#14. Macy's has severed ties with Donald Trump and no longer will carry his men's wear collection. From now on, men who want to look like Donald Trump will have to hunt and kill their own hair piece. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Resin Collection quotes by Karin Slaughter
#15. Claire slumped down into the overstuffed chair in her office as she watched her sister go through Paul's collection of files. Lydia seemed energized by the prospect of uncovering more lurid details, but Claire felt as though she was suffocating under the weight of every new revelation. She couldn't believe that only two days ago, she had watched Paul's coffin as it was lowered into the ground. Her body might as well have been buried along with him. Her skin felt desiccated. She had a deep chill in her bones. Even blinking was a challenge, because the temptation to keep her eyes closed was almost too much to resist. #Quote by Karin Slaughter
Resin Collection quotes by Cat Rambo
#16. In The Jack Daniels Sessions, folktales and modern landscapes collide, exploding and reforming in the form of an intriguing and intelligent collection. Cotman seizes the stories of tired tradition and galvanizes them, setting them to dance for us in wonderful, new interpretations. #Quote by Cat Rambo
Resin Collection quotes by Stan Spencer
#17. Think of excess fat as a collection of bad habits. Lose the fat-promoting habits, and you will lose the excess fat. #Quote by Stan Spencer
Resin Collection quotes by Richie Hawtin
#18. Its been nearly 1.5 years since the last PLUS 8 record, but it seemed fitting that this record in particular, made by a skinny white kid from Canada, became part of the labels collection and history. #Quote by Richie Hawtin
Resin Collection quotes by John B. Conway
#19. To many, mathematics is a collection of theorems. For me, mathematics is a collection of examples; a theorem is a statement about a collection of examples and the purpose of proving theorems is to classify and explain the examples ... #Quote by John B. Conway
Resin Collection quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#20. Swift came to the table and bowed politely. "My lady," he said to Lillian, "what a pleasure it is to see you again. May I offer my renewed congratulations on your marriage to Lord Westcliff, and…" He hesitated, for although Lillian was obviously pregnant, it would be impolite to refer to her condition. "…you are looking quite well," he finished.
"I'm the size of a barn," Lillian said flatly, puncturing his attempt at diplomacy.
Swift's mouth firmed as if he was fighting to suppress a grin. "Not at all," he said mildly, and glanced at Annabelle and Evie.
They all waited for Lillian to make the introductions.
Lillian complied grudgingly. "This is Mr. Swift," she muttered, waving her hand in his direction. "Mrs. Simon Hunt and Lady St. Vincent."
Swift bent deftly over Annabelle's hand. He would have done the same for Evie except she was holding the baby.
Isabelle's grunts and whimpers were escalating and would soon become a full-out wail unless something was done about it.
"That is my daughter Isabelle," Annabelle said apologetically. "She's teething."
That should get rid of him quickly, Daisy thought. Men were terrified of crying babies.
"Ah." Swift reached into his coat and rummaged through a rattling collection of articles. What on earth did he have in there? She watched as he pulled out his pen-knife, a bit of fishing line and a clean white handkerchief.
"Mr. Swift, what are you doing?" Evie asked with a quizzical sm #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Resin Collection quotes by John Archibald Wheeler
#21. Every heat engineer knows he can design his heat engine reliably and accurately on the foundation of the second law [of thermodynamics]. Run alongside one of the molecules, however, and ask it what it thinks of the second law. It will laugh at us. It never heard of the second law. It does what it wants. All the same, a collection of billions upon billions of such molecules obeys the second law with all the accuracy one could want #Quote by John Archibald Wheeler
Resin Collection quotes by Jacques Yonnet
#22. An historian is a kind detective in search of the fact - remote or otherwise - that brings to a set of events apparently unconnected with each other, the link that unites them, their justification, their logic.

You cannot imagine what great delights this profession affords. It's as if, in every incunablum, consumed by worms and steeped in boredom, in every inarticulate scrawl, in every collection of forgotten chronicles, there presides a mischievous sprite, winking at you, who at the appropriate time confers on you your reward in the form of renewed wonder. #Quote by Jacques Yonnet
Resin Collection quotes by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
#23. The leaves of these [larch] trees are like those of the pine; timber from them comes in long lengths, is as easily wrought in joiner's work as is the clearwood of fir, and contains a liquid resin, of the color of Attic honey, which is good for consumptives . #Quote by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Resin Collection quotes by Matthew Tobin Anderson
#24. The bedroom in my apartment is far too small to hold a nightstand. There is, however, this bookshelf. Yes, I stow whatever I'm reading on the lower shelf, but more importantly, it's where I keep a collection of ghost books. #Quote by Matthew Tobin Anderson
Resin Collection quotes by James Fenton
#25. I've not been a prolific poet, and it always seemed to me to be a bad idea to feel that you had to produce in order to get ... credits. Production of a collection of poems every three years or every five years, or whatever, looks good, on paper. But it might not be good; it might be writing on a kind of automatic pilot. #Quote by James Fenton
Resin Collection quotes by Jon Morrison
#26. This belief, that science eradicates (the need for) God, is a myth many people believe today. The truth is that science, the study of the world and collection of our findings, has not and cannot disprove God. There is no scientific journal that has disproven God's existence. This is because God cannot be put in a test tube and either verified or falsified. God is a spiritual being and is outside the reach of empirical scientific research. Christians cannot prove God the existence of God with absolute certainty, nor can atheists disprove his existence with any certainty. That does not mean that we cannot look at the evidence as to whether or not God exists. #Quote by Jon Morrison
Resin Collection quotes by Pauline Boss
#27. Unless there is some time for being together psychologically - emotionally and cognitively - the psychological family may disappear. Without time for talking, laughing, arguing, sharing stories, and showing affection, we are just a collection of people who share the same refrigerator. #Quote by Pauline Boss
Resin Collection quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#28. A diverse and lively collection, the highest art of the interview. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Resin Collection quotes by Suzy Menkes
#29. I always have separated myself from my critiques of collections. My judgment is not about whether I would wear it - but how the collection stands in the lexicon of an established designer. As I am a maximalist, not a minimalist, I don't wear Armani or Celine - but I so appreciate what they have achieved. #Quote by Suzy Menkes
Resin Collection quotes by Selena Gomez
#30. The older you get, the more you have to talk about, and music is a really good outlet. I've chilled on it a little bit, and I can't wait to see what I'm going to step into, now that I have this collection of things. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Resin Collection quotes by Dries Van Noten
#31. To create a collection, you need a narrative - an explanation to tell the team. #Quote by Dries Van Noten
Resin Collection quotes by Jon Krakauer
#32. The Slabs functions as the seasonal capital of a teeming itinerant society - a tolerant, rubber-tired culture comprising the retired, the exiled, the destitute, the perpetually unemployed. Its constituents are men and women and children of all ages, folks on the dodge from collection agencies, relationships gone sour, the law or the IRS, Ohio winters, the middle-class grind. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Resin Collection quotes by Richelle Mead
#33. Indeed. That pony collection isn't nearly complete," Carter mused. When I dared a look back at him, I saw that the angel was smiling at me. "You see? You aren't lost. No matter what happens to you, you have a plan. There's still hope. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Resin Collection quotes by Robert Morse
#34. A "dis-ease" is simply a name to the respective symptom (or collection of symptoms) that occurs when acids damage the cells of the body (or set in motion an inflammatory response), and a symptom is experienced. Names of "dis-eases" may seem complex but please understand that they are simply: location, location, location! One must alkalize the body to reverse the inflammation and return balance to the body. #Quote by Robert Morse
Resin Collection quotes by Andrew Bird
#35. What you see at the Field Museum is only like, 10 percent of the collection. It's birds of paradise and passenger pigeons and in all these drawers that pull out, these specimens come out and it's spectacular. And it worked out. #Quote by Andrew Bird
Resin Collection quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#36. On a very personal level, I have fond memories of spending a lot of time in the Library of Congress working on my collection of poems 'Native Guard.' I was there over a summer doing research in the archives and then writing in the reading room at the Jefferson building. #Quote by Natasha Trethewey
Resin Collection quotes by Rand Paul
#37. How will we defend ourselves if the Patriot Act expires? Well, perhaps we could just rely on the Constitution and demonstrate exactly how traditional judicial warrants can gather all the info we need - and how bulk collection really hasn't worked. #Quote by Rand Paul

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