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Reserves quotes by Dmitry Medvedev
#1. Unsolvable problems do not exist. Any crisis is a combination of specific tasks to be worked on. The government has the experience and reserves to overcome the economic downturn #Quote by Dmitry Medvedev
Reserves quotes by Gail Collins
#2. The Tea Party people say they're angry about socialism, but maybe they're really angry about capitalism. If there's a sense of being looked down upon, it's that sense of failure that's built into a system that assures everyone they can make it to the top, but then reserves the top for only a tiny fraction of the strivers. #Quote by Gail Collins
Reserves quotes by William E. Conway, Jr.
#3. No tame animal has lost less of its native dignity or maintained more of its ancient reserve. The domestic cat might rebel tomorrow. #Quote by William E. Conway, Jr.
Reserves quotes by Anthony Carmona
#4. As much as with increased exploration new gas reserves can be found, what must be obvious to all is that our oil and gas reserves are not renewable and they are diminishing, and to protect the generations to come, we must engage in nothing short of a radical shift in the diversification of the economy. #Quote by Anthony Carmona
Reserves quotes by Mauricio Chaves Mesen
#5. Cash is king. No matter how many good opportunities come your way, do not invest all your cash. If you run out of reserves, the smallest or foolish of things may bring you down. Companies with millions in assets have gone bankrupt because they cannot make a $25,000 payment. #Quote by Mauricio Chaves Mesen
Reserves quotes by Charles Tilly
#6. Going to war accelerated the move from indirect to direct rule. Almost any state that makes war finds that it cannot pay for the effort from its accumulated reserves and current revenues. Almost all war-making states borrow extensively, raise taxes, and seize the means of combat - including men - from reluctant citizens who have other uses for their resources. #Quote by Charles Tilly
Reserves quotes by Armie Hammer
#7. As a fluke, my great-grandfather hit one of the largest oil reserves in California. #Quote by Armie Hammer
Reserves quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#8. Back in those days, in the fifties and sixties, countries had balance of payment's deficits or surpluses, those were reflected much more than today in movements of reserves among countries. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Reserves quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#9. I lately met with an old volume from a London bookshop, containing the Greek Minor Poets, and it was a pleasure to read once moreonly the words Orpheus, Linus, Musaeus,
those faint poetic sounds and echoes of a name, dying away on the ears of us modern men; and those hardly more substantial sounds, Mimnermus, Ibycus, Alcaeus, Stesichorus, Menander. They lived not in vain. We can converse with these bodiless fames without reserve or personality. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Reserves quotes by Larry David
#10. In those days, reserve duty lasted for six years, which, I might add, was three times as long as service in the regular army, although to be perfectly honest, I was unable to fulfill my entire obligation because I was taking acting classes and they said I could skip my last year. #Quote by Larry David
Reserves quotes by Larry David
#11. I couldn't be happier that President Bush has stood up for having served in the National Guard, because I can finally put an end to all those who questioned my motives for enlisting in the Army Reserve at the height of the Vietnam War. #Quote by Larry David
Reserves quotes by Christophe Deloire
#12. None of them is a Hollywood style hero. They don't have any super-powers. They can't fly or slay dragons.

But they do defend our right to keep our eyes open.

They're very human humans, having built for themselves inner fortresses with their free spirits, deep reserves of courage, curiosity about the world and a thirst for the truth. #Quote by Christophe Deloire
Reserves quotes by Bill Shankly
#13. In my time at Anfield we always said we had the best two teams on Merseyside - Liverpool and Liverpool reserves. #Quote by Bill Shankly
Reserves quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#14. A strong defense is the surest way to peace. Strength makes detente attainable. Weakness invites war, as my generationmy generationknows from four very bitter experiences. Just as Americas will for peace is second to none, so will Americas strength be second to none. We cannot rely on the forbearance of others to protect this Nation. The power and diversity of the Armed Forces, active Guard and Reserve, the resolve of our fellow citizens, the flexibility in our command to navigate international waters that remain troubled are all essential to our security. #Quote by Gerald R. Ford
Reserves quotes by Ed McDonald
#15. Burning was a bad way to go, but my reserves of empathy were usually exhausted on orphans and puppies, a lot higher up the list than arsonists and
arseholes. #Quote by Ed McDonald
Reserves quotes by Ernst Junger
#16. A general is a specialist insofar as he has master his craft. Beyond that and outside the arbitrary pro and con, he keeps a third possibility intact and in reserve: his own substance. He knows more than what he embodies and teaches, has other skills along with the ones for which he is paid. He keeps all that to himself; it is his property. It is set aside for his leisure, his soliloquies, his nights. At a propitious moment, he will put it into action, tear off his mask. So far, he has been racing well; within sight is the finish line, his final reserves start pouring in. Fate challenges him; he responds. The dream, even in an erotic encounter, comes true. But causally, even here; every goal is a transition for him. The bow should snap rather than aiming the arrow at a finite target. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Reserves quotes by Ellen Connor
#17. Tru only matched his grin and walked on. Pen caught up with him, tugging on his arm. "What is it?"
"I took a walk yesterday when you were working."
"A walk."
"Had you shifted?"
"Yes, I had."
Pen caught his humor, although she couldn't understand its origins.
"I may have used their freshwater reserves as a latrine. And then encouraged the other skinwalkers to do the same."
She giggled like a little girl being told a dirty joke.
"That's remarkably crude."
"I like to think of it as clever and resourceful."
"That, too. #Quote by Ellen Connor
Reserves quotes by Noam Chomsky
#18. Bolivia is a striking example. The mostly white, Europeanized elite, which is a minority, happens to be sitting on most of the hydrocarbon reserves. For the first time Bolivia is becoming democratic. So it's therefore bitterly hated by the West, which despises democracy, because it's much too dangerous. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Reserves quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#19. Remember to set apart at least one hour every day to do some service for others. While the food we eat nurtures our bodies, it is what we give in charity that nurtures our souls. If time is not available daily, reserve at least a few hours every week for some worthwhile act of charity. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Reserves quotes by Yegor Gaidar
#20. The situation - having to choose between imposing higher retail prices and reducing investments and military spending - created a dilemma for the government: deciding between conflict with the public or with the Party economic elite. But not making a decision heightened the risk that, as the crisis developed, there would be conflict with both the public and the elite.18 The new generation of leaders clearly did not understand this. The traditional management of the economy was oriented on natural, rather than abstract, parameters. The development of cattle breeding was discussed at the highest level more frequently than the country's budget. Industry and business leaders regarded finances as necessary but dreary bookkeeping.19 In addition, information on the real state of the budget, hard currency reserves, foreign debt, and balance of payments was available only to an extremely narrow circle of people, many of whom understood nothing about it anyway. #Quote by Yegor Gaidar
Reserves quotes by Djimon Hounsou
#21. When most people in the West think about Africa, is their first thought about the game reserves and who's chasing gazelles, or are they looking at Africans as people who are equally equipped to do great things, as in the West? #Quote by Djimon Hounsou
Reserves quotes by David Nicholls
#22. Every week seems to bring another luxuriantly creamy envelope, the thickness of a letter-bomb, containing a complex invitation – a triumph of paper engineering – and a comprehensive dossier of phone numbers, email addresses, websites, how to get there, what to wear, where to buy the gifts. Country house hotels are being block-booked, great schools of salmon are being poached, vast marquees are appearing overnight like Bedouin tent cities. Silky grey morning suits and top hats are being hired and worn with an absolutely straight face, and the times are heady and golden for florists and caterers, string quartets and Ceilidh callers, ice sculptors and the makers of disposable cameras. Decent Motown cover-bands are limp with exhaustion. Churches are back in fashion, and these days the happy couple are travelling the short distance from the place of worship to the reception on open-topped London buses, in hot-air balloons, on the backs of matching white stallions, in micro-lite planes. A wedding requires immense reserves of love and commitment and time off work, not least from the guests. Confetti costs eight pounds a box. A bag of rice from the corner shop just won't cut it anymore. #Quote by David Nicholls
Reserves quotes by Herbert Read
#23. The modern poet has no essential alliance with regular schemes of any sorts.He reserves the right to adapt his rhythm to his mood, to modulate his metre as he progresses. Far from seeking freedom and irresponsibility (implied by the unfortunate term free verse) he seeks a stricter discipline of exact concord of thought and feeling. #Quote by Herbert Read
Reserves quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#24. Control over the production and distribution of oil is the decisive factor in defining who rules whom in the Middle East. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Reserves quotes by Sam Owen
#25. Spending time alone in your own company reinforces your self-worth and is often the number-one way to replenish your resilience reserves. #Quote by Sam Owen
Reserves quotes by Lewis H. Lapham
#26. [For American consumer society], the country's reserves of ignorance constitute a natural resource as precious as the Mississippi River or the long-lost herds of buffalo. #Quote by Lewis H. Lapham
Reserves quotes by Jon Bloom
#27. Though Christians are accused of holding bigoted and inhumane beliefs about sexuality, this is not true. Our view of sexuality is rooted not in fear or self-righteous prudery. It is rooted in our high view of human dignity as God's image-bearers. That's why we do not believe that sexuality defines humanity, nor do we believe humanity defines sexuality. Being human, and thus made in the likeness of God, is so noble a thing that God alone reserves the right to confer the definition of our true personhood. We do not say with Lady Gaga, "I'm beautiful in my way." We say, "I am beautiful in God's way." To the degree that we abandon God's way, we abandon our beauty. #Quote by Jon Bloom
Reserves quotes by Timothy Geithner
#28. Hyperinflation is not going to happen in this country, will never happen ... The Fed putting so much money into the system is not going to create the risk of hyperinflation in the future. We have a strong independent Federal Reserve with a very strong mandate from the Congress, and they will do what's necessary to keep inflation low and stable over time. #Quote by Timothy Geithner
Reserves quotes by Deacon Jones
#29. I reserve the right to change my mind. But once I decide on something, I'm going to need a good reason to switch. #Quote by Deacon Jones
Reserves quotes by James Richardson
#30. To condemn your sin in another is hypocrisy. Not to condemn is to reserve your right to sin. #Quote by James Richardson
Reserves quotes by Pascal Bruckner
#31. Ultimately, 'how's it going?' is the most futile and the most profound of questions. To answer it precisely, one would have to make a scrupulous inventory of one's psyche, considering each aspect in detail. No matter: we have to say 'fine' out of politeness and civility and change the subject, or else ruminate the question during our whole lives and reserve our reply for afterward. #Quote by Pascal Bruckner
Reserves quotes by Mark Twain
#32. If you shamefully misuse a cat once she will always maintain a dignified reserve toward you afterward. You will never get her full confidence again. #Quote by Mark Twain
Reserves quotes by Mark Mathabane
#33. Marjory Gengler (white American) to Mark Mathabane (black South African) in the late 1970s--

Marjory: Why don't blacks fight to change the system [apartheid] that so dehumanizes them?

Mark's Response, from his memoirs: I told her [Marjory] about the sophistication of apartheid machinery, the battery of Draconian laws used to buttress it, the abject poverty in which a majority of blacks were sunk, leaving them with little energy and will to agitate for their rights. I told her about the indoctrination that took place in black schools under the guise of Bantu Education, the self-hatred that resulted from being constantly told that you are less than human and being treated that way. I told her of the anger and hatred pent-up inside millions of blacks, destroying their minds.

I would have gone on to tell Marjory about the suffering of wives without husbands and children without fathers in impoverished tribal reserves, about the high infant mortality rate among blacks in a country that exported food, and which in 1987 gave the world its first heart transplant. I would have told them about the ragged black boys and girls of seven, eight and nine years who constantly left their homes because of hunger and a disintegrating family life and were making it on their own; by begging along the thoroughfares of Johannesburg; by sleeping in scrapped cars, gutters and in abandoned buildings; by bathing in the diseased Jukskei River; and by eating out of trash #Quote by Mark Mathabane
Reserves quotes by Brian Tracy
#34. I believe every person has within themselves inexhaustible reserves of potential they have never even come close to realizing. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Reserves quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#35. Another question has been raised rather widely in Europe, in Japan as well as in the United States is what, to what extent will the euro become a reserve currency. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Reserves quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#36. Let us seek to fathom those things that are fathomable and reserve those things which are unfathomable for reverence in quietude. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Reserves quotes by Vladimir Putin
#37. I often heard the same question: What place does Russia reserve for itself in the world; how does it see itself; what is its place? We are a peace-loving state and we want to cooperate with all of our neighbors and with all of our partners. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Reserves quotes by William Henry Chamberlin
#38. One of the most insidious consequences of the present burden of personal income tax is that it strips many middle class families of financial reserves & seems to lend support to campaigns for socialized medicine, socialized housing, socialized food, socialized every thing. The personal income tax has made the individual vastly more dependent on the State & more avid for state hand-outs. It has shifted the balance in America from an individual-centered to a State-centered economic & social system. #Quote by William Henry Chamberlin
Reserves quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#39. But the main point is that soldiers, after fighting for some time, are apt to be like burned-out cinders. They have shot off their ammunition, their numbers have been diminished, their strength and their morale are drained, and possibly their courage has vanished as well. As an organic whole, quite apart from their loss in numbers, they are far from being what they were before the action; and thus the amount of reserves spent is an accurate measure on the loss of morale. #Quote by Carl Von Clausewitz
Reserves quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#40. Every Congressman, every Senator knows precisely what causes inflation ... but can't, [won't] support the drastic reforms to stop it [repeal of the Federal Reserve Act] because it could cost him his job. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Reserves quotes by Leon Trotsky
#41. Not only in peasant homes, but also in city skyscrapers, there
lives alongside the twentieth century the thirteenth. A hundred
million people use electricity and still believe in the magic powers of signs and exorcisms. Movie stars go to mediums. Aviators who pilot miraculous mechanisms created by man's genius wear amulets on their sweaters. What inexhaustible reserves they possess of darkness, ignorance and savagery! #Quote by Leon Trotsky
Reserves quotes by Jonathan Sacks
#42. Which European leader today would not relish the wonder-working powers of a Moses? Budget deficit? Unpopular cuts? How about just a little miracle, an overnight increase in gold reserves, a new oil field, or the next world-changing communications technology? Surely that's not too much to ask. #Quote by Jonathan Sacks
Reserves quotes by Angie Smith
#43. The one thing that is specifically forbidden is vengeance, the very human longing to get back at someone. Perhaps you know the expression, "I want him to pay for what he did." How much passion there can be in those words! But getting even, paying back - vengeance - is territory that God expressly reserves for himself. "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," he says. To try to get even is a dangerous business. We are playing God - stepping into a place that he claims as his own. #Quote by Angie Smith
Reserves quotes by Will Rogers
#44. There is two things that can disrupt business in this country. One is War, and the other is a meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank. #Quote by Will Rogers
Reserves quotes by Noam Chomsky
#45. The Federal Reserve has an official commitment to two different policies. One is to prevent inflation from getting too high. The second is to maintain high employment ... the European Central Bank has only the first. It has no commitment to keep employment up. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Reserves quotes by Ron Paul
#46. Quantitative easing is just the latest chapter in the Federal Reserve's hundred-year history of failure. ( ... ) The American people have suffered long enough under a monetary policy controlled by an unaccountable, secretive central bank. It is time to finally audit - and then end - the Fed. #Quote by Ron Paul
Reserves quotes by Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl Of Shaftesbury
#47. In nature, all is managed for the best with perfect frugality and just reserve, profuse to none, but bountiful to all; never employing on one thing more than enough, but with exact economy retrenching the superfluous, and adding force to what is principal in everything. #Quote by Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl Of Shaftesbury
Reserves quotes by John Carlin
#48. Messi is much more than being clever. He is a genius who reserves all his expressiveness for football. #Quote by John Carlin
Reserves quotes by Fatih Birol
#49. We need a universally accepted definition of reserves reporting. #Quote by Fatih Birol
Reserves quotes by Willa Cather
#50. The great pines stand at a considerable distance from each other. Each tree grows alone, murmurs alone, thinks alone. They do notintrude upon each other. The Navajos are not much in the habit of giving or of asking help. Their language is not a communicative one, and they never attempt an interchange of personality in speech. Over their forests there is the same inexorable reserve. Each tree has its exalted power to bear. #Quote by Willa Cather
Reserves quotes by Asger Jorn
#51. During every really creative act, the artist finds himself homeless. To overcome this state he has to call up his last reserves of strength. #Quote by Asger Jorn
Reserves quotes by Benito Mussolini
#52. The state reserves the right to be the sole interpreter of the needs of society. #Quote by Benito Mussolini
Reserves quotes by Dean M. Davies
#53. Searching, pondering, and applying the words of Christ as taught in the scriptures will bring wisdom and knowledge beyond our mortal understanding. This will strengthen our commitment and provide the spiritual reserves to do our best in all situations. #Quote by Dean M. Davies
Reserves quotes by Paul Keating
#54. [Australian Reserve Bank] Governor MacFarlane said recently when Paul Volcker broke the back of American inflation it's regarded as the policy triumph of the Western world. When I broke the back of Australian inflation they say, "Oh, you're the fellow that put the interest rates up." Am I not the same fellow that gave them the 15 years of good growth and high wealth that came from it? #Quote by Paul Keating
Reserves quotes by William Law
#55. If religion commands universal charity, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to forgive and pray for all our enemies without any reserve; it is because all degrees of love are degrees of happiness, that strengthen and support the Divine life of the soul, and are as necessary to its health and happiness, as proper food is necessary to the health and happiness of the body. #Quote by William Law
Reserves quotes by Michele Cassou
#56. We have within us enormous reserves of trapped potential. Our natural urges have been so constrained by the accommodations of living that we each have a smoldering volcano just below the surface. To enable this force to erupt in a healthy, open, and positive manner is a momentous act. #Quote by Michele Cassou
Reserves quotes by Ken Salazar
#57. While it is important to maintain a balanced approach to solving our nation's energy problems, we must commit ourselves to recognize some areas as 'off limits,' and the Artic National Wildlife Reserve is a national symbol of that commitment. #Quote by Ken Salazar
Reserves quotes by Jasper Fforde
#58. Reading, I had learned, was as creative a process as writing, sometimes more so. When we read of the dying rays of the setting sun or the boom and swish of the incoming tide, we should reserve as much praise for ourselves as for the author. After all, the reader is doing all the work - the writer might have died long ago. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Reserves quotes by Sam Zell
#59. My single biggest financial concern is the loss of the dollar as the reserve currency. I can't imagine anything more disastrous to our country ... you're already seeing things in the markets that are suggesting that confidence in the dollar is waning ... I think you could see a 25% reduction in the standard of living in this country if the U.S. dollar was no longer the world's reserve currency. That's how valuable it is. #Quote by Sam Zell
Reserves quotes by Hannah Whitall Smith
#60. Those who are God's without reserve are, in every sense, content #Quote by Hannah Whitall Smith
Reserves quotes by Michael Korda
#61. Never reveal all of yourself to other people; hold back something in reserve so that people are never quite sure if they really know you. #Quote by Michael Korda
Reserves quotes by Margaret Deland
#62. There must be reserves
except with God. The human soul is solitary. But for confession that is different; justice and reparation sometimes demand it; but, again, justice and courage sometimes forbid it. #Quote by Margaret Deland
Reserves quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#63. Know how to wait. It shows a great heart with deep reserves of patience. Never hurry and never give way to your emotions. Master yourself and you will master others. Stroll through the open spaces of time to the center of opportunity. Wise hesitation ripens success and brings secrets to maturity.

The crutch of Time can do more than the steely club of Hercules. (...) A wonderful saying: "Time and I can take on any two." Fortune gives larger rewards to those who wait. #Quote by Baltasar Gracian
Reserves quotes by Dick Cheney
#64. You can't fall back on the private sector and say, 'You take care of the nation's banking system.' That's a fundamental function of the government, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the FDIC, etc. All of those agencies have a major role to play there. #Quote by Dick Cheney
Reserves quotes by David Lloyd
#65. We have to reserve the right to bomb the niggers. #Quote by David Lloyd
Reserves quotes by Rachel Cusk
#66. I felt myself becoming empty, he said, as though I had been living until now on the reserves I had accumulated over the years and they had gradually dwindled away. #Quote by Rachel Cusk
Reserves quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#67. But it must be observed that as the depreciation of money proceeds, the demand for money (i.e. for the kind of money in question) gradually begins to fall. When loss of wealth is suffered in proportion to the length of time money is kept on hand, endeavours are made to reduce cash holdings as much as possible. N ow if every individual, even if his circumstances are otherwise unchanged, no longer wishes to maintain his cash holding at the same level as before the beginning of the inflation, the demand for money in the whole community, which can only be the sum of the individuals' demands, decreases too. There is also the additional fact that as commerce gradually-begins to use foreign money and actual gold in place of notes, individuals begin to hold part of their reserves in foreign money and in gold and no longer in notes. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Reserves quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#68. The sums of money collected in hoards lie there idle, waiting for the moment when commerce needs them for maintaining the stability of the objective exchange-value of money; and all those sums of money, that might threaten this stability when the demand for money decreases, flow back out of circulation into these hoards to slumber quietly until they are called forth again. This tacitly assumes ll the fundamental correctness of the arguments of the Quantity Theory, but asserts that there is nevertheless a principle inherent in the economic system that always prevents the working out of the processes that the Quantity Theory describes.

In the first place, it must be recognized that from the economic point of view there is no such thing as money lying idle. All money, whether in reserves or literally in circulation (i.e. in process of changing hands at the very moment under consideration), is devoted in exactly the same way to the performance of a monetary function. The stock of money of the community is the sum of the stocks of individuals; there is no such thing as errant money. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Reserves quotes by Oscar Wilde
#69. When a love comes to an end, weaklings cry, efficient ones instantly find another love, and the wise already have one in reserve. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Reserves quotes by Joseph Stiglitz
#70. You saw on your TV what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Reserves or National Guard are usually the people we use for those national emergencies. They weren't here, they were over in Iraq, and so we were less protected. #Quote by Joseph Stiglitz
Reserves quotes by Lester R. Brown
#71. Yet, most of the readily accessible reserves of oil formed over hundreds of millions of years will be consumed within a single generation, spanning the years from 1960 to 1995. #Quote by Lester R. Brown
Reserves quotes by Vladimir Putin
#72. I have never stated Russia is an energy superpower, but we have more reserves than almost anybody else. We have always behaved, and we will continue to behave, in a responsible way. We intend to participate in the elaboration of common rules in the energy sector and to abide by rules which are developed together. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Reserves quotes by Jean-Christophe Valtat
#73. I dismissed this course of action, sensing my own reserves of strengths, but I experimented with the idea and took it as far as I could in a game I christened Bus Stop: on summer nights, I would stretch out on the road in front of my house, on hot, grainy asphalt scattered with sharp bits of gravel, and watch and wait for growling motors, the blinding movement of headlights, and I weighed up the pros and cons, what tied me to life like a blood oath, what left me cold, or tired me out; and when the noise grew sharper, more grating, and when the headlights from the first bend in the road began to cut out the sides of the buildings and project a slow, revolving shadow dance on the wall, I always came back to the same conclusion - that I felt something stir inside me, as hazy and phony as a childhood memory, as insistent as a hit song you'd heard so often you couldn't get its bitterness out of your head, something that promised me a better future, only somewhere else. And I would unpeel myself from the road, I'd pick myself up, what was left of me, what could still be of some use, and slowly make my way back to the pink gravel of the sidewalk, just like the one my little retarded friend was standing on this morning as stoic as an abandoned house awaiting demolition. #Quote by Jean-Christophe Valtat
Reserves quotes by Tom Cruise
#74. I've gotten very good at scheduling my life, scheduling the scene and preparing myself for knowing, saving the energy, consuming the energy, knowing when to go for it and having the available reserves to be able to do that. You have to think about that, because it's endurance. #Quote by Tom Cruise
Reserves quotes by Chris Kyle
#75. Decades of Saddam's rule made what could have been a fairly rich country, due to its oil reserves, into a very poor one. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Reserves quotes by Vikas Swarup
#76. My books are about ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations who are able to draw upon their inner reserves to challenge the status-quo in life and navigate compelling human relationships. #Quote by Vikas Swarup
Reserves quotes by Lawrence Summers
#77. In this age of electronic money, investors are no longer seduced by a financial 'dance of a thousand veils.' Only hard and accurate information on reserves, current accounts, and monetary and fiscal conditions will keep capital from fleeing precipitously at the first sign of trouble. #Quote by Lawrence Summers
Reserves quotes by Geoffrey Madan
#78. Never assume that habitual silence means ability in reserve. #Quote by Geoffrey Madan
Reserves quotes by Gina McCarthy
#79. States with tremendous oil and natural gas reserves have the most to gain economically from proper regulation. #Quote by Gina McCarthy
Reserves quotes by Fyodor Dostoevsky
#80. Since I wasn't consulted at the time of the creation of the world, I reserve for myself the right to have my own opinion about it. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Reserves quotes by Paul-Emile Victor
#81. The world needs water. For every bottle of wine you drink you contribute to conserving the drinking water reserves. #Quote by Paul-Emile Victor
Reserves quotes by Don DeLillo
#82. I have a deep thought for you. Science fiction is just beginning to catch up with the Old Testament. See artificial nitrates run off into the rivers and oceans. See carbon dioxide melt the polar ice caps. See the world's mineral reserves dwindle. See war, famine and plague. See barbaric hordes defile the temple of virgins. See wild stallions mount the prairie dogs. I said science fiction but I guess I meant science. Anyway there's some kind of mythical and/or historic circle-thing being completed here. But I keep smiling. I keep telling myself there's nothing to worry about as long as the youth of America knows what's going on. Brains, brawn, good teeth. tallness. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Reserves quotes by Rick Perry
#83. Canada, the United States and Mexico, we developed these energy reserves that we have in this North American region. And you can see a not only driving down the cost of electricity but a major manufacturing boom in this country. Couple that with tax policy, reduction, reducing the corporate tax rate, and that I think a renaissance in manufacturing like we've never seen in this country and really drive the economy. #Quote by Rick Perry
Reserves quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#84. [I]t is more than slightly ironic that Democrats, the fiercely pro-choice party, reserve free choice for aborting a fetus, while denying it for such matters as choosing your child's school or joining a union. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Reserves quotes by Meryl Streep
#85. I think we reserve a special place in our hearts for women who dare to try and be powerful, or occupy a special elevated place in society or when they are 'the bosses'. I think we really don't like it as a society and we have a harsh view of them. We look much harder at them, than the millions of men who aspire to the same positions and I can't figure that out. #Quote by Meryl Streep
Reserves quotes by John Dewey
#86. Man is not logical and his intellectual history is a record of mental reserves and compromises. He hangs on to what he can in his old beliefs even when he is compelled to surrender their logical basis. #Quote by John Dewey
Reserves quotes by Bernie Sanders
#87. The Federal Reserve needs to provide small businesses in America with the same low-interest loans it gave to foreign banks. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Reserves quotes by Mark Hoppus
#88. We reserve the right to make fun of every single person on planet Earth. #Quote by Mark Hoppus
Reserves quotes by Ramez Naam
#89. On almost every environmental issue I care about, in fact, I've been wrong at one point or another. I used to think that climate change was no big deal, that most environmental problems were massive exaggerations, that oil reserves were effectively unlimited, and more. #Quote by Ramez Naam
Reserves quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#90. If a currency is to become a growing, an increasing reserve currency, there has to be not only a demand for it there has to be a supply of it. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Reserves quotes by Ngaio Marsh
#91. I tell you what," said Troy more amiably. "I've always been frightened of the whole business. Love and so on."
"The physical side?"
"Yes, that, but much more than that. The whole business. The breaking down of all one's reserves. The mental as well as the physical intimacy."
"My mind to me a kingdom is. #Quote by Ngaio Marsh
Reserves quotes by William Manchester
#92. Tell me the sort of agreement that the United Nations will reach with respect to the world's petroleum reserves when the war is over," Ickes proclaimed, "and I will undertake to analyze the durability of the peace that is to come. #Quote by William Manchester
Reserves quotes by Adam M. Grant
#93. Although many successful givers start from the default of trusting others' intentions, they're also careful to scan their environments to screen for potential takers, always ready to shift from feeling a taker's emotions to analyzing a taker's thoughts, and flex from giving unconditionally to a more measured approach of generous tit for tat. And when they feel inclined to back down, successful givers are prepared to draw reserves of assertiveness from their commitments to the people who matter to them. #Quote by Adam M. Grant
Reserves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#94. A Letter to Andre Breton, Originally Composed on a Leaf of Lettuce With an Ink-dipped

On my bed, my green comforter
draped over my knees like a lumpy turtle,
I think about the Berlin Wall of years that separates us.
In my own life, the years are beginning to stack up
like a Guinness World Record's pile of pancakes,
yet I'm still searching for some kind of syrup to believe in.
In the shadows of my pink sheet, I see your face, Desnos' face,
and two clock faces staring at each other. I see a gaping wound
that ebbs rose petals, while a sweaty armpit
holds an orchestra. Beethoven, maybe.
A lover sings a capella, with the frothiness of a cappuccino.
Starbucks, maybe. There's an hourglass, too, and beneath the sands
lie untapped oil reserves. I see Dali's mustache,
Magritte's pipe, and bowling shoes, which leaves the question--
If you could time travel through a trumpet, would you find
today and tomorrow too loud? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Reserves quotes by Allen Sapp
#95. It made me feel good to know that we had such a great country like Canada where even a poor Indian from the Red Pheasant reserve could make it to the top. #Quote by Allen Sapp
Reserves quotes by Daniel Yergin
#96. But the key thing is that Iraq, while it's got very large oil reserves, has marginalized itself as an oil exporter and these days its exports are only about one tenth that of neighboring Saudi Arabia. #Quote by Daniel Yergin
Reserves quotes by John James Cowperthwaite
#97. Deficit financing proper is rather the process whereby a Government spends more money that it withdraws from the economy by taxation, borrowing, running down reserves, etc.; thereby causing in most circumstances, and very acutely in ours, monetary inflation and severe pressure on the balance of payments. #Quote by John James Cowperthwaite
Reserves quotes by Leslie Feinberg
#98. I reserve my right to be complex. #Quote by Leslie Feinberg
Reserves quotes by Bob Ney
#99. Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge stands to not only increase the United States' oil reserves by nearly 50 percent, but it will create thousands of good U.S. jobs. #Quote by Bob Ney
Reserves quotes by Willie Stargell
#100. I would always reserve a special place in my heart for Pittsburgh. #Quote by Willie Stargell
Reserves quotes by Cato The Younger
#101. In conversation avoid the extremes of forwardness and reserve. #Quote by Cato The Younger
Reserves quotes by Michael Chabon
#102. Forget about what you are escaping from. Reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Reserves quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#103. If a writer stops observing he is finished. Experience is communicated by small details intimately observed. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Reserves quotes by Amy Carmichael
#104. We must look upon the world, with all its delights and all its attractions, with suspicion and reserve. We who love our Lord and whose affections are set on Heavenly things voluntarily and gladly lay aside the things that charm and ravish the world, that our hearts may be ravished with the things of Heaven; that our whole being may be poured forth in constant and unreserved devotion in the service of the Lord who died to save us. #Quote by Amy Carmichael
Reserves quotes by Bill Bryson
#105. A central part of the problem is that our bodies evolved to deal with the challenge of dietary paucity, not overabundance. So leptin isn't programmed to tell you to stop eating. Nothing chemical in your body is. That's a big part of why you tend to just keep on consuming. We are habituated into devouring foods greedily whenever we are able on the assumption that abundance is an occasional condition. When leptin is completely absent, you just keep on eating and eating because your body thinks you are starving. But when it is added to the diet, in normal circumstances it makes no discernible difference to appetite. What leptin is there for essentially is to tell the brain whether you have enough energy reserves to undertake comparatively demanding challenges like getting pregnant or starting puberty. If your hormones think you are starving, those processes will not be allowed to begin. That's why young people who are anorexic often have a very delayed start to puberty. "It's also almost certainly why puberty starts years earlier now than it did in historic times," says Wass. "In Henry VIII's reign, puberty started at sixteen or seventeen. Now it is more commonly eleven. That's almost certainly because of improved nutrition. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Reserves quotes by Michael Scheuer
#106. Any strong Muslim regime that threatens Israel, and we did. He said the Americans only want oil, and, of course, Iraq has the second-largest reserves. And he said that we will always replace God's law with manmade law. And finally that we intended to occupy and destroy Islamic sanctities. And I suspect that in our government, very few people knew that Iraq was the second-holiest place in Islam, after the Arabian Peninsula. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Reserves quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#107. There was no kindness on Mr. Gray's face. "Unless you have hidden reserves of strength you didn't display on the way down, we cannot carry her and Maura, and I know which one I prefer. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Reserves quotes by Peter Fonda
#108. Remember, Alan Greenspan was a member of Ayn Rand's collective. To understand this is to understand why we are doomed with the Federal Reserve. #Quote by Peter Fonda
Reserves quotes by Warren Buffett
#109. An argument is made that there are just too many question marks about the near future; wouldn't it be better to wait until things clear up a bit? You know the prose: "Maintain buying reserves until current uncertainties are resolved," etc. Before reaching for that crutch, face up to two unpleasant facts: The future is never clear and you pay a very high price for a cheery consensus. Uncertainty actually is the friend of the buyer of long-term values. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Reserves quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#110. Finished their compulsory training under universal service and were between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-four were classed as reserves. Upon mobilization the youngest classes filled out the regular army units to war strength; the others were formed into reserve regiments, #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Reserves quotes by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
#111. Man must at all costs overcome the Earth's gravity and have, in reserve, the space at least of the Solar System. #Quote by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Reserves quotes by D. A. Carson
#112. It is a cheap zeal that reserves its passions to combat only the sins and temptations of others. #Quote by D. A. Carson
Reserves quotes by Martin Winterkorn
#113. Russia has the largest reserves of natural resources, including iron and natural gas. The market will develop in the long term, and the VW Group will benefit from it. #Quote by Martin Winterkorn
Reserves quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#114. When you determine to risk a battle, reserve to yourself every possible chance of success, more particularly if you have to deal with an adversary of superior talent, for if you are beaten, even in the midst of your magazines and your communications, woe to the vanquished! #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Reserves quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#115. Prairie grassland once covered much of North America's midsection. European settlers turned nearly all of it into farms and ranches, and today the prairie landscape survives mainly in isolated reserves. #Quote by Stephen Kinzer
Reserves quotes by Kenneth C. Griffin
#116. The investment banks should either choose to be regulated as banks or should arrange to conduct their affairs to not require the stop-gap support of the Federal Reserve. #Quote by Kenneth C. Griffin
Reserves quotes by Ben Bernanke
#117. Achieving price stability is not only important in itself, it is also central to attaining the Federal Reserve's other mandate objectives of maximum sustainable employment and moderate long-term interest rates. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Reserves quotes by Michel De Certeau
#118. Places are fragmentary and inward-turning histories, pasts that others are not allowed to read, accumulated times that can be unfolded but like stories held in reserve, remaining in an enigmatic state, symbolizations encysted in the pain or pleasure of he body. 'I feel good here': the well-being under-expressed in the language it appears in like a fleeting glimmer is a spatial practice. #Quote by Michel De Certeau
Reserves quotes by Jonathan Zittrain
#119. Facebook allows outsiders to add functionality to the site but reserves the right to change that policy at any time, to charge a fee for applications, or to de-emphasize or eliminate apps that court controversy or that they simply don't like. #Quote by Jonathan Zittrain
Reserves quotes by Harry Emerson Fosdick
#120. Peace is an awareness of reserves from beyond ourselves, so that our power is not so much in us as through us. Peace is the gift, not of volitional struggle, but of spiritual hospitality. #Quote by Harry Emerson Fosdick
Reserves quotes by David Antin
#121. I reserve the right to tell shaggy dog stories or even common jokes as part of what I'm doing. I don't give a damn if half the audience walks out. #Quote by David Antin
Reserves quotes by David Brock
#122. Editors of conservative magazines aren't out trying to raise money. The money is there; the cash reserves are in the bank. #Quote by David Brock
Reserves quotes by Jane Austen
#123. There is safety in reserve, but no attraction. One cannot love a reserved person. #Quote by Jane Austen
Reserves quotes by R.C. Sproul
#124. No sinner has the right to say with impunity, 'God you owe me grace.' If grace is owed, it is not grace. The very essence of grace is its voluntary character. God reserves to himself the sovereign, absolute right to give grace to some and withhold that grace from others. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Reserves quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#125. For nearly six thousand years, God has held you in reserve to make your appearance in the final days before the Second Coming of the Lord ... God has saved for the finalinning some of His strongest and most valiant children, who will help bear off the kingdom triumphantly. That is where you come in, for you are the generation that must be prepared to meet your God ... #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Reserves quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#126. I don't want to eke out my life like a resource in short supply. The only selfish life is a timid one. To hold back, to withdraw, to keep the best in reserve, both overvalues the self, and undervalues what the self is. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Reserves quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#127. Anyone who says that life matters less to an animal than it does to us has not held in his hands an animal fighting for its life. The whole of the being of the animal is thrown into that fight, without reserve. When you say that the fight lacks a dimension of intellectual or imaginative horror, I agree. It is not the mode of being animals to have an intellectual horror: their whole being is in the living flesh ... I urge you to walk, flank to flank, beside the beast that is prodded down the chute to his executioner. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Reserves quotes by Ben Bernanke
#128. The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Reserves quotes by Bernie Sanders
#129. The Federal Reserve has a responsibility to ensure the safety and soundness of financial institutions and to contain systemic risks in financial markets. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Reserves quotes by Tana French
#130. These children will not be coming of age, this or any other summer. This August will not ask them to find hidden reserves of strength and courage as they confront the complexity of the adult world and come away sadder and wiser and bonded for life. This summer has other requirement for them. #Quote by Tana French
Reserves quotes by Diane Johnson
#131. The Novelist, afraid his ideas may be foolish, slyly puts them in the mouth of some other fool and reserves the right to disavow them. #Quote by Diane Johnson
Reserves quotes by Enric Sala
#132. Fish banks are areas we set aside without fishing, reserves where we allow marine life to come back. #Quote by Enric Sala
Reserves quotes by Linden Morningstar
#133. I can't consider you a thief or a likely candidate for prison or a nervous breakdown Gloria. I sense a real strength in you more strength than you know is there – you've got internal reserves that ability to cope and to keep coping. Now remember don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'll help."

Pyramid Lady #Quote by Linden Morningstar
Reserves quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#134. I do not know what right I have to so much happiness, but rather hold it in reserve till the time of my desert. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Reserves quotes by John C. Danforth
#135. The Federal Reserve bank buys government bonds without one penny ... #Quote by John C. Danforth
Reserves quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#136. One will starve to death with just as much certainty and much more speedily, if one attempts to live upon foods containing only one or two elements of nutrition, as if one were totally abstaining from food. A diet of white flour and water, or white sugar and water, will result in death much sooner than a diet of water only. If no food is eaten the body feeds upon its own food reserves, but it has no provision for meeting the exigencies created by prolonged subsistence on one-sided diets. #Quote by Herbert M. Shelton
Reserves quotes by Ben Bernanke
#137. The Federal Reserve's job is to do the right thing, to take the long-run interest of the economy to heart, and that sometimes means being unpopular. But we have to do the right thing. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Reserves quotes by Joseph Conrad
#138. You must squeeze out of yourself every sensation, every thought, every image, - mercilessly, without reserve and without remorse: you must search the darkest corners of your heart, the most remote recesses of your brain, - you must search them for the image, for the glamour, for the right expression. And you must do it sincerely, at any cost: you must do it so that at the end of your day's work you should feel exhausted, emptied of every sensation and every thought, with a blank mind and an aching heart, with the notion that there is nothing, - nothing left in you. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Reserves quotes by Kenneth Lay
#139. There are no accounting issues, no trading issues, no reserve issues, no previously unknown problem issues. #Quote by Kenneth Lay
Reserves quotes by Monica Ali
#140. In the rainy season, back home, when the land had given way to water and the buffaloes grew webbed feet, when the hens took to the roofs, when marooned goats teetered on minuscule islands, when the women splashed across on the raised walkway to the cooking hut and found they could no longer kindle a dung-and-husk fire and looked to their reserves, when the rain rang louder than cow bells, #Quote by Monica Ali
Reserves quotes by Victor Hugo
#141. The point which we consider it our duty to note is, that outside of and beyond his faith, as it were, the Bishop possessed an excess of love. In was in that quarter, quia multum amavit, - because he loved much - that he was regarded as vulnerable by "serious men," "grave persons" and "reasonable people"; favorite locutions of our sad world where egotism takes its word of command from pedantry. What was this excess of love? It was a serene benevolence which overflowed men, as we have already pointed out, and which, on occasion, extended even to things. He lived without disdain. He was indulgent towards God's creation. Every man, even the best, has within him a thoughtless harshness which he reserves for animals. The Bishop of D - - had none of that harshness, which is peculiar to many priests, nevertheless. He did not go as far as the Brahmin, but he seemed to have weighed this saying of Ecclesiastes: "Who knoweth whither the soul of the animal goeth?" Hideousness of aspect, deformity of instinct, troubled him not, and did not arouse his indignation. He was touched, almost softened by them. It seemed as though he went thoughtfully away to seek beyond the bounds of life which is apparent, the cause, the explanation, or the excuse for them. He seemed at times to be asking God to commute these penalties. He examined without wrath, and with the eye of a linguist who is deciphering a palimpsest, that portion of chaos which still exists in nature. This revery sometimes caused him #Quote by Victor Hugo
Reserves quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#142. For those ashamed of him Cupid reserves the bitterest passions. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Reserves quotes by Eden Robinson
#143. I'm a novelist from the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations of British Columbia, both small coastal reserves hugging the rugged shores of the west coast. #Quote by Eden Robinson
Reserves quotes by Gary Taubes
#144. Energy balance must be regulated involuntarily, without conscious intent, and that the mechanisms that do so adapt both intake to expenditure and expenditure to intake. Our bodies work to minimize long-term fluctuations in energy reserves and maintain a stable body weight, and they do so, as with all our homeostatic systems, #Quote by Gary Taubes
Reserves quotes by Ann Wright
#145. As a 29 year veteran of the US Army/Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel and having served as a U.S. diplomat for 16 years and resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war, I firmly believe war does not resolve political issues. We must work diligently to force the governments of our nations to use diplomacy, not weapons. #Quote by Ann Wright
Reserves quotes by Lisa Gansky
#146. At the global level, there are a growing number of city-based bike-sharing programs that take advantage of mobile devices to reserve your bike, keep track of it, and collect data that helps to improve the service. #Quote by Lisa Gansky
Reserves quotes by Ann Druyan
#147. Science reserves the highest reward for those of you who disprove our most cherished beliefs. At any moment someone from any walk of life could come forward and be responsible for a complete revision of our view of everything. #Quote by Ann Druyan
Reserves quotes by Nick Cave
#148. I'm not religious, and I'm not a Christian, but I do reserve the right to believe in the possibility of a god. #Quote by Nick Cave
Reserves quotes by Lisa Marie Rice
#149. There won't be any rat brains in Haven. Put that image out of your mind. We're completely self-sufficient in energy and water and food. The refugees will put some strain on us but we have enormous reserves. Mac, Nick, and I are used to military planning and - well, we planned for a siege right from the start."
Oh no. Her breath blocked in her chest. Her hand slid from his and her back hit the chairback with a thud. "You knew this was coming?" she whispered. The words would barely come out between numb lips. "You knew and you didn't stop it?"
He grabbed her hand back. "No, God no. We didn't plan for this. For a massive outbreak of a deadly virus, no. #Quote by Lisa Marie Rice
Reserves quotes by Susan Reinhardt
#150. Women try to leave, over and over they try to leave and the bad wolf brings them back and dumps them in a pot of boiling water, cooking their souls and frying their resolve until nothing is left. He promises to kill them if they don't stay. And when they stay, like good dogs, he'll beat them and rip their skins and break their bones but he won't kill them. Not usually. He reserves the knives and bullets, vans and screwdrivers for when she gets brave enough to take out a restraining order and show a little power. This infuriates him. He decides to put her in her place. Once and for all. That's just the way it is. The way it will always be. #Quote by Susan Reinhardt
Reserves quotes by Paul Arden
#151. The problem with hoarding is you end up living off your reserves. Eventually you will become stale. If you give away everything you have, you are left with nothing. This forces you to look, to be aware, to replenish. Somehow the more you give away the more comes back to you. #Quote by Paul Arden
Reserves quotes by Sergei Lavrov
#152. We keep our reserves both in dollars and in Euros mostly. #Quote by Sergei Lavrov
Reserves quotes by Carlos Fuentes
#153. I prefer that these reserves be spent in arguing whether Mary conceived without sin, whether Christ was God or man, rather than discussing whether my power is of divine origin and if, in short, I am deserving of it. Heresy, then, is tolerable as long as it is not employed directly against power. #Quote by Carlos Fuentes
Reserves quotes by Bernadette McDonald
#154. ... I only know that when physical and emotional reserves remain unchallenged, this feeds the spiritual cancer of a life unfulfilled.
-Reinhold Messner #Quote by Bernadette McDonald
Reserves quotes by Pierre Corneille
#155. He should be envied Who when his strength is spent lays down his life. Old age reserves a melancholy fate For noble souls before their life is done. #Quote by Pierre Corneille
Reserves quotes by Sophie Hannah
#156. Good sense appears the most underhand of tactics to a man who has no reserves of his own to draw upon. #Quote by Sophie Hannah
Reserves quotes by Tom McDonough
#157. Moreover the present abundance3 of private cars is nothing other than the result of the non-stop propaganda through which capitalist production persuades the mob
and in this case is one of its most confounding successes
that the possession of a car is specifically one of the privileges our society reserves for its privileged members. #Quote by Tom McDonough
Reserves quotes by Theodore C. Sorensen
#158. Military strength in reserve is better than military strength being reigned upon the other side including all of its innocent civilians. #Quote by Theodore C. Sorensen
Reserves quotes by Jack Donovan
#159. Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order. In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology, and culture. () It's time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don't, someone else will. #Quote by Jack Donovan
Reserves quotes by S.W. Southwick
#160. Want me to say it? Want me to confess what makes me an actual felon and reserves me a choice spot in hell?"

"Please, Alexandria Patra," Preton said, "tell me all your regrets."

Her eyes narrowed. "I taught children to surrender their developing minds to concepts like the greater good or the good of society which can't exist in any form in this world without actual kids being trampled underneath their untouchable banners."

Pointing at her own chest, she added, "I taught children that in order to live up to those 'higher' ideals they must be obedient - to others, must sacrifice their dreams - to the needs of others. I taught them it was more important to be a part of a group than to stand on their own judgment. I told the non-conforming kids they should feel guilty for wanting to live on their own terms."

Alexa swept a hand forward, pointing it at Preton. "I then delivered every ego-stripped, dream-crushed child to the power mongers of the world like you, who will use this universally accepted mirage of morality to control them. #Quote by S.W. Southwick
Reserves quotes by Chris Kilham
#161. Over the course of four rough, ego-shattering hours, the ayahuasca shows me that opening myself to love of Zoe and all others is the sure way to tap my deepest and most vital energetic reserves. The lesson is vivid, technicolor, indelibly imprinted on my psyche. #Quote by Chris Kilham
Reserves quotes by Julius Erving
#162. I didn't want to become a reserve player, or a bench player, and it was time to move on and take on another challenge. #Quote by Julius Erving
Reserves quotes by Zack Wamp
#163. With only 2 percent of the world's proven reserves of oil, we in the United States can pump until we are blue in the face and it will not change the fact that we need more diverse and more secure sources of energy. #Quote by Zack Wamp
Reserves quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#164. To survive and flourish in such a world, you will need a lot of mental flexibility and great reserves of emotional balance. You will have to repeatedly let go of some of what you know best, and feel at home with the unknown. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Reserves quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#165. Each man reserves to himself alone the right of being tedious. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Reserves quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#166. Gas prices in many parts of the country are nearing $4 a gallon; it could get even worse as unrest spreads throughout the oil-exporting Middle East. Yet the Obama administration once again seems to see no crisis. It has curtailed new leases for offshore oil exploration for seven years and exempted thousands of acres in the West from new drilling. It will not reconsider opening up small areas of Alaska with known large oil reserves. #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
Reserves quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#167. The Italians are not passionate: passion has deep reserves. They are easily moved, and often affectionate, but they rarely have any abiding passion of any sort. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Reserves quotes by Ron Paul
#168. Prices are going up. Unemployment continues to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our Federal Reserve system. #Quote by Ron Paul
Reserves quotes by Saina Nehwal
#169. How well you eat and rest helps you analyse your energy reserves. #Quote by Saina Nehwal
Reserves quotes by Holly Black
#170. You got a lot of ladies to get through. You're still young. First love's the sweetest, but it doesn't last."
"Not ever?" I ask.
Grandad looks at me with a seriousness he reserves for moments when he wants me to really pay attention. "When we fall that first time, we're not really in love with the girl. We're in love with being in love. We've got no idea what she's really about - or what she's capable of. We're in love with our idea of her and of who we become around her. We're idiots. #Quote by Holly Black
Reserves quotes by Ginger Talbot
#171. She'll kill me, or herself, or Elizabeth.
And yet I'm still not going to kill her. Even to save myself.
Once upon a time, I thought she was nothing like me. Now, as I look down at her wretched face, I see tiny facets of myself in her. Survivor of a poisoned childhood, someone who put themselves back together and came out stronger for it. She's got hidden reserves of toughness that I never even glimpsed. And she's got a mean streak in her too.
I like that about her. I like it a lot.
I like everything about her. If I were a normal man, I'd say that I love everything about her. She makes me wish that I could be what she needs, what she deserves.
But I am the man that I am, hard and unchanging and incurable. #Quote by Ginger Talbot
Reserves quotes by Georg Brandes
#172. I encountered among my comrades the most varied human traits, from frankness to reserve, from goodness, uprightness and kindness, to brutality and baseness. #Quote by Georg Brandes
Reserves quotes by Barack Obama
#173. With only 2 percent of the world's oil reserves, oil isn't enough. This country needs an all-out, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy. A strategy that's cleaner, cheaper, and full of new jobs. #Quote by Barack Obama
Reserves quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson
#174. We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent on it's vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed, for our safety, to it's security and peace. Preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work and the love we give our fragile craft. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson
Reserves quotes by Wright Patman
#175. There have been times when the Federal Reserve has restricted the money supply and raised interest rates to gain an end, which had much better been left to another Government agency or the Congress to attain. The country could have had lower interest rates without sacrificing anything else. #Quote by Wright Patman
Reserves quotes by Jay Inslee
#176. We consume about 25 percent of the world's oil every year, but we only have reserves, including that which has not been pumped, of about 3 percent of the oil reserves in the world. #Quote by Jay Inslee
Reserves quotes by George Andrew Olah
#177. In the summer of 1965 I was invited to join Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and returned to academic life as professor with the added responsibility of becoming also Department Chairman. #Quote by George Andrew Olah
Reserves quotes by Enric Sala
#178. What we have now - a world without [marine] reserves - is like a debit account where we withdraw all the time and we never make any deposit. Reserves are like savings accounts. #Quote by Enric Sala
Reserves quotes by William Rounseville Alger
#179. Reserve may be pride fortified in ice; dignity is worth reposing on truth. #Quote by William Rounseville Alger
Reserves quotes by Lowitja O'Donoghue
#180. Unfortunately for many Aboriginal people, of course, they've been in the situation of being herded on government reserves. Their own responsibility's been assumed by Protectors of Aborigines and by government officials and if you become part of that system, it's always difficult to break out of it. #Quote by Lowitja O'Donoghue
Reserves quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#181. There is no solution available, I assure you, to save Earth's biodiversity other than the preservation of natural environments in reserves large enough to maintain wild populations sustainably. Only Nature can serve as the planetary ark. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Reserves quotes by John Cheever
#182. ...years of resolute self-denial, instead of rewarding him with reserves of fortitude, had left him more than ordinarily susceptible to temptation. #Quote by John Cheever
Reserves quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#183. Due to climate change and growing world population, the demand for vital requirements for human survival will continue to rise. If the world is not producing as much food as demanded, the prices will continue to rise affecting the poor and lower classes more, in every society. It is sad, looking at the shocking statistics of people who die every day as well as the spread of preventable diseases in developing nations, just because people do not have access to clean drinking water. So are we proud of our leadership contribution? Are we doing enough to increase food production, harvest rain water and replenish underground water reserves? #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Reserves quotes by Carl Sandburg
#184. Always the path of American destiny has been into the unknown. Always there arose enough reserves of strength, balances of sanity, portions of wisdom to carry the nation through to a fresh start with ever-renewing vitality. #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Reserves quotes by Lauryn Hill
#185. If the entire week is a battlefield, reading the Bible is sort of like that parachute with the box of reserves that come in the middle of the war: food and water and the toothbrush and toilet paper. #Quote by Lauryn Hill
Reserves quotes by Jim Rogers
#186. The Federal Reserve was not founded to bail out Bear Stearns or a few hedge funds. It was founded to keep a stable currency and maintain its value. #Quote by Jim Rogers
Reserves quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#187. Important reserves of natural resources, like petroleum and precious metals, are the bulwarks for laying the foundations for the future. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Reserves quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#188. Yet the average white person also has a responsibility. He has to resist the impulse to seize upon the rioter as the exclusive villain. He has to rise up with indignation against his own municipal, state and national governments to demand that the necessary reforms be instituted which alone will protect him. If he reserves his resentment only for the Negro, he will be the victim by allowing those who have the greatest culpability to evade responsibility. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reserves quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#189. I catch fire and find the reserves of courage and assertiveness to speak up. When that happens I get quite carried away. My blood gets hot my brow wet I become unbearably and unconscionably sarcastic and bellicose I am girded for a total showdown. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Reserves quotes by Seneca.
#190. Let us cherish and love old age; for it is full of pleasure if one knows how to use it. Fruits are most welcome when almost over; youth is most charming at its close; the last drink delights the toper, the glass which souses him and puts the finishing touch on his drunkenness. Each pleasure reserves to the end the greatest delights which it contains. Life is most delightful when it is on the downward slope, but has not yet reached the abrupt decline. #Quote by Seneca.
Reserves quotes by Adyashanti
#191. As I often tell my students, the person you'll have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself. Once you can do that, you can love the whole universe unconditionally. #Quote by Adyashanti
Reserves quotes by William S. Burroughs
#192. There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of crippling hurt. It is a duty to take this risk, to love and feel without defense or reserve. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Reserves quotes by J. Michael  Dolan
#193. Death by malnutrition is one of the more agonizing there is. Essentially, it comes from the body feeding on itself, first its reserves of fat, then muscle and other tissue. In Q-Camp, Noah had begun to feel this very hunger, not that of a missed meal or even a few days of meals, but a silent and continuous scream from the body, a tortured cry every waking minute from every slowly dying cell, a demand that never ceased nor gave surcease from pain. It was the hunger that in its terrible, self-predatory alchemy transformed men into obscenities, into something not men. #Quote by J. Michael Dolan
Reserves quotes by Rene Girard
#194. Woe to the one by whom scandal comes!" Jesus reserves his most solemn warning for the adults who seduce children into the infernal prison of scandal. The more the imitation is innocent and trusting, the more the one who imitates is easily scandalized, and the more the seducer is guilty of abusing this innocence. Scandals are so formidable that to put us on guard against them, Jesus resorts to an uncharacteristic hyperbolic style: "If your hand scandalizes you, cut it off; if you eye scandalizes you, pull it out" (Matt. 18:8-9). #Quote by Rene Girard
Reserves quotes by Mayim Bialik
#195. Let's reserve judgment for people who beat their children, sell their daughters into prostitution, or deny women the right to make decisions about their bodies and their lives. #Quote by Mayim Bialik
Reserves quotes by Walter J. Phillips
#196. The artist reserves the right to remove a blot on the landscape, to change positions of things, to suit his composition, providing only that he does not transgress the laws of probability. #Quote by Walter J. Phillips
Reserves quotes by Sigurd F. Olson
#197. Not only has wilderness been a force in molding our character as a people, but its influence continues, and will, if we are wise enough to preserve it on this continent, be a stabilizing power as well as a spiritual reserve for the future. #Quote by Sigurd F. Olson
Reserves quotes by Milton Friedman
#198. I am myself persuaded, on the basis of extensive study of the historical evidence, that ... the severity of each of the contractions - 1920-21, 1929-33, and 1937-38 - is directly attributable to acts of commission and omission by the Reserve authorities and would not have occurred under earlier monetary and banking arrangements. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Reserves quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#199. Well, the chairman of Federal Reserve just made his move to rescue Barack Obama. We're gonna have QE3. We're gonna print some more money. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Reserves quotes by George Gilder
#200. Republicans have been running on tax-cut proposals since the era of Harding and Coolidge. Tax-rate reductions and simplifications are urgently needed. But again, there is no mention of the key problems of a global economy in decline - of the acceptance by economic elites of inevitable and irremediable stagnation. We have not faced the fact that the Federal Reserve's capacity to command growth is a god that has failed. #Quote by George Gilder

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