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Reports quotes by Paul Reubens
#1. I'm right-handed, and the police report said I was jerking off with my left hand. That would have been the end of the case right there, proof it couldn't have been me. #Quote by Paul Reubens
Reports quotes by Kiera Cass
#2. He rolled his eyes. "Don't talk to me like that, Eadlyn. I'm fourteen, not four. I read all the papers, and I pay attention at the Reports. I speak more languages than you, and I'm learning all the things you have without anyone making me do it. Don't act like you're better than me. I'm a prince." I sighed. "Yes, but I will be queen," I corrected, sipping my coffee. I really didn't need this right now. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Reports quotes by J. Allen Hynek
#3. When one gets reports from scientists, engineers and technicians whose credibility by all common standards is high and whose moral caliber seems to preclude a hoax, one can do no less than hear them out, in all seriousness. #Quote by J. Allen Hynek
Reports quotes by John Barrasso
#4. The EPA's climate change regulations are based on compromised scientific reports and heavily flawed data. #Quote by John Barrasso
Reports quotes by Peter Schiff
#5. The Philadelphia Feds manufacturers report for September revealed that despite a sharp slowdown, its prices paid index surged 257 points. #Quote by Peter Schiff
Reports quotes by Sheryl Crow
#6. I wish I was having as much fun as the press reports said I had. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Reports quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#7. We are part of a holy community that for three thousand years and more has been formed inside and out by these words of God, words that have been heard, tasted, chewed, seen, walked. Reading Holy Scripture is totally physical. Our bodies are the means of providing our souls access to God in his revelation: eat this book. A friend reports to me that one of the early rabbis selected a different part of our bodies to make the same point; he insisted that the primary body part for taking in the Word of God is not the ears but the feet. You learn God, he said, not through your ears but through your feet: follow the Rabbi. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Reports quotes by Anna C. Salter
#8. But in any case, validity, offender self-reports have dubious validity, especially when the offender's self-interest is at stake. The only rule for deception in sex offenders I have ever found is this: If it is in the offender's best interests to lie, and if he can do it and not get caught, he will lie.
Being victimized as a child has become a ready excuse for perpetrating child molestation. The offender who claims he himself was victimized gets seen as less of a "monster" than one who wasn't a victim, and he gains much more empathy and support. It is hard to trust self-reports of sex offenders about abuse in their past when such reports are in their best interest.
Only a few studies on this topic have used objective measures, and they have found very different results.[102] #Quote by Anna C. Salter
Reports quotes by Mark Twain
#9. The 'Memphis Avalanche' reports that the Professor's course met with pretty general approval in the community; knowing that the law was powerless, in the actual condition of public sentiment, to protect him, he protected himself. #Quote by Mark Twain
Reports quotes by Lorenzo Scupoli
#10. Do not listen to vain and empty talk, in which the majority of world-loving people spend their time, and do not take pleasure in it. For the law says: 'You shall not raise false reports' (Ex. 23:1). Solomon says: 'Remove far from me vanity and lies' (Prov. 30:8). The Lord said: 'But I say to you, every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment' (Mt. 12:36). #Quote by Lorenzo Scupoli
Reports quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#11. They just go on and on. The most extraordinary one is this one I found on a gossip site: Becky "drank cocktails" before row, bartender reports I mean, for God's sake. What does that have to do with anything? They might as well write LOIS AND SAGE VISITED BATHROOM ON DAY OF ROW. They probably will write that. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Reports quotes by Jose Saramago
#12. News of the miracle had reached the doge's palace, but in a somewhat garbled form. the result of the successive transmissions of facts, true or assumed, real or purely imaginary, based on everything from partial, more or less eyewitness accounts to reports from those who simply liked the sound of their own voice, for, as we know all too well, no one telling a story can resist adding a period, and sometimes even a comma. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Reports quotes by Carl Rollyson
#13. May 21: Marilyn reports to Fox for color and wardrobe tests for Niagara. #Quote by Carl Rollyson
Reports quotes by Georgia O'Keeffe
#14. Artists and religionists are never far apart, they go to the sources of revelation for what they choose to experience and what they report is the degree of their experiences. Intellect
wishes to arrange - intuition wishes to accept. #Quote by Georgia O'Keeffe
Reports quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#15. Oh, how good and peacemaking a thing it is to be silent concerning others, and not carelessly to believe all reports, nor to hand them on further; how good also to lay one's self open to few, to seek ever to have Thee as the beholder of the heart; not to be carried about with every wind of words, but to desire that all things inward and outward be done according to the good pleasure of Thy will! #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Reports quotes by Robert Musil
#16. In earlier times, one had an easier conscience about being a person than one does today. People were like cornstalks in a field, probably more violently tossed back and forth by God, hail, fire, pestilence, and war than they are today, but as a whole, as a city, a region, a field, and as to what personal movement was left to the individual stalk – all this was clearly defined and could be answered for. But today responsibility's center of gravity is not in people but in circumstances. Have we not noticed that experiences have made themselves independent of people? They have gone on the stage, into books, into the reports of research institutes and explorers, into ideological or religious communities, which foster certain kinds of experience at the expense of others as if they are conducting a kind of social experiment, and insofar as experiences are not actually being developed, they are simply left dangling in the air. Who can say nowadays that his anger is really his own anger when so many people talk about it and claim to know more about it than he does? A world of qualities without a man has arisen, of experiences without the person who experiences them, and it almost looks as though ideally private experience is a thing of the past, and that the friendly burden of personal responsibility is to dissolve into a system of formulas of possible meanings. Probably the dissolution of the anthropocentric point of view, which for such a long time considered man to be at the cente #Quote by Robert Musil
Reports quotes by Elliott Abrams
#17. Thousands of members of Congress have come and gone over the years, their individual achievements hidden in committee reports, private compromises, amendments pushed through or blocked, and innumerable, unnoticed meetings. #Quote by Elliott Abrams
Reports quotes by Michael Miklaucic
#18. Complex operations, in which agencies assume complementary roles and operate in close proximity-often with similar missions but conflicting mandates-accentuate these tensions. The tensions are evident in the processes of analyzing complex environments, planning for complex interventions, and implementing complex operations. Many reports and analyses forecast that these complex operations are precisely those that will demand our attention most in the indefinite future.

As essayist Barton and O'Connell note, our intelligence and understanding of the root cause of conflict, multiplicity of motivations and grievances, and disposition of actors is often inadequate. Moreover, the problems that complex operations are intended and implemented to address are convoluted, and often inscrutable. They exhibit many if not all the characteristics of "wicked problems," as enumerated by Rittel and Webber in 1973: they defy definitive formulations; any proposed solution or intervention causes the problem to mutate, so there is no second chance at a solution; every situation is unique; each wicked problem can be considered a symptom of another problem. As a result, policy objectives are often compound and ambiguous. The requirements of stability, for example, in Afghanistan today, may conflict with the requirements for democratic governance. Efforts to establish an equitable social contract may well exacerbate inter-communal tensions that can lead to violence. The rule of law, as we #Quote by Michael Miklaucic
Reports quotes by Hugo Munsterberg
#19. Those who have gone through the high school of reporterdom have acquired a new instinct by which they see and hear only that which can create a sensation, and accordingly their report becomes not only a careless one, but hopelessly distorted. #Quote by Hugo Munsterberg
Reports quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#20. Miss Prudence Mercer
Stony Cross
Hampshire, England

7 November 1854

Dear Prudence,

Regardless of the reports that describe the British soldier as unflinching, I assure you that when riflemen are under fire, we most certainly duck, bob, and run for cover. Per your advice, I have added a sidestep and a dodge to my repertoire, with excellent results. To my mind, the old fable has been disproved: there are times in life when one definitely wants to be the hare, not the tortoise.

We fought at the southern port of Balaklava on the twenty-fourth of October. Light Brigade was ordered to charge directly into a battery of Russian guns for no comprehensible reason. Five cavalry regiments were mowed down without support. Two hundred men and nearly four hundred horses lost in twenty minutes. More fighting on the fifth of November, at Inkerman.

We went to rescue soldiers stranded on the field before the Russians could reach them. Albert went out with me under a storm of shot and shell, and helped to identify the wounded so we could carry them out of range of the guns. My closest friend in the regiment was killed.

Please thank your friend Prudence for her advice for Albert. His biting is less frequent, and he never goes for me, although he's taken a few nips at visitors to the tent.

May and October, the best-smelling months? I'll make a case for December: evergreen, frost, wood smoke, cinnamon. As for you #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Reports quotes by Richard Finney
#21. I see the reports of Anson Hunter's death have been greatly exaggerated ... and I trust so are his war stories. #Quote by Richard Finney
Reports quotes by Walker Percy
#22. I subscribe to Consumer Reports and as a consequence I own a first-class television set, an all but silent air conditioner and a very long lasting deodorant. My armpits never stink. #Quote by Walker Percy
Reports quotes by Jeremiah Moss
#23. Reports of New York's death are not greatly exaggerated, though some would argue otherwise, insisting that the city's undomesticated heart still beats in far-off corners of Brooklyn and the Bronx, that you'll find a faint pulse in whitewashed Manhattan if you look hard enough. These insistent optimists, deep in denial, point to any trace of the old town and say, "There is New York." Yes, there it is. But it's only a remnant, a lone survivor from an endangered species rapidly vanishing. #Quote by Jeremiah Moss
Reports quotes by Colin Powell
#24. The media only report stupid or careless answers, not stupid or unfair questions. #Quote by Colin Powell
Reports quotes by Greg Kinnear
#25. I'm happy to report that everybody whose face I've wanted to punch on Earth has already been punched. #Quote by Greg Kinnear
Reports quotes by Thomas Sowell
#26. Guns are completely inappropriate for the kind of sheep-like people the anointed envision or the orderly, prepackaged world in which they are to live. When you are in mortal danger, you are supposed to dial 911, so that the police can arrive on the scene some time later, identify your body, and file reports in triplicate. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Reports quotes by Richard Ben-Veniste
#27. We've had public hearings. We've had interim reports, which our statute has encouraged us to provide to the public. We have brought the public along with us, trying to make as much available as possible over time. #Quote by Richard Ben-Veniste
Reports quotes by Cem Kaner
#28. Your team may be called "quality assurance." Don't let that go to your head. Your test results and bug reports provide information that facilitates the assurance of quality on the project, but that assurance results from the effort of the entire team. #Quote by Cem Kaner
Reports quotes by William C. Rhoden
#29. The reports of racial episodes are disturbing. But the players' protest is exhilarating because it is the most high-profile example to date in a continuing revolution in which the athletes who drive the multibillion-dollar college sports machine have begun to use their visibility to demand change. #Quote by William C. Rhoden
Reports quotes by Eric Cantor
#30. It is my hope that I can stand before you in two years and report back that our side, as well as the president's, found within us the ability to set differences aside, to provide relief to so many millions of Americans who simply want their life to work again. #Quote by Eric Cantor
Reports quotes by Thomas R. Insel
#31. Reports that online cognitive behavioral treatment can be as effective as in-person psychotherapy suggest that technology will expand access, extend the impact of a therapist, and expedite treatment for people who might not find 'seeing' a therapist acceptable. #Quote by Thomas R. Insel
Reports quotes by Maria Shriver
#32. The Shriver Report presents an accurate and detailed portrait of American women and families at this transformational moment in our history. #Quote by Maria Shriver
Reports quotes by Peter Singer
#33. Had Rumsfeld said at any time 'get me a report on what's going on', he could have had it. You're right, it depends on choices that we make, which parts of the world we want to be in immediate contact with. #Quote by Peter Singer
Reports quotes by Marissa Meyer
#34. She loved him more than ever. And not because she'd scoured file after file of reports and summaries and data and photographs. Not because he was the dreamy, untouchable Carswell Thorne that she'd imagined kissing on the banks of a starlit river while fireworks exploded overhead and violins played in the background. Now he was the Carswell Thorne who had given her strength in the desert. Who had come for her when she was kidnapped. Who had kissed her when hope was lost and death was imminent. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Reports quotes by Henry Jenkins
#35. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning, published by the MIT Press, present findings from current research on how young people learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life. #Quote by Henry Jenkins
Reports quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#36. Nothing is so much to be feared as Evil Report. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Reports quotes by Marion Nestle
#37. If you're sick, first you have to associate your sickness with a food. Then you have to report it to your doctor. Then the doctor reports it to some state authority. The state authority reports it to the federal authority. By the time all that happens, two weeks have gone by. #Quote by Marion Nestle
Reports quotes by John Rush
#38. There are numerous historical reports as well as visual images that link mushroom consumption to the ritual of sacrifice. These include bloodletting, penis perforation, and even the improbable act of self-decapitation. #Quote by John Rush
Reports quotes by Patrick N. Allitt
#39. Author reports that a group of tortoises was given to the British by India's natives during the Seven Years War which ended in 1763. The last of those tortoises died in 2004 at the age of 255. #Quote by Patrick N. Allitt
Reports quotes by Scott Ritter
#40. [Operation] Rockingham was spinning reports and emphasizing reports that showed non-compliance (by Iraq with UN inspections) and quashing those which showed compliance. It was cherry-picking intelligence. #Quote by Scott Ritter
Reports quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#41. With the funeral to be arranged, and the club's business in disarray, and the building itself in dire need of restoration, Sebastian should have been far too busy to take notice of Evie and her condition. However, she soon realized that he was demanding frequent reports from the housemaids about how much she had slept, and whether she had eaten, and her activities in general. Upon learning that Evie had gone without breakfast or lunch, Sebastian had a supper tray sent upstairs, accompanied by a terse note.
My lady,
This tray will be returned for my inspection within the hour. If everything on it is not eaten, I will personally force-feed it to you.
Bon appetit,
To Sebastian's satisfaction, Evie obeyed the edict. She wondered with annoyance if his orders were motivated by concern or by a desire to browbeat her. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Reports quotes by Franz Liszt
#42. In the oldest chronicles of the times conserved in Hungary, reports will be found of Gypsy music, but never of any other, either Magyar, Slavic or Jewish. #Quote by Franz Liszt
Reports quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#43. The gossip will carry to Attolian spies, who will report to Relius, Attolia's master of spies, and he will carry the news to her."
"Her secretary of the archives," murmured the magus.
"Hmm?" asked the queen.
"Secretary of the archives, Relius. Master of spies is so-"
"Overtly direct," said the magus.
Eddis laughed. #Quote by Megan Whalen Turner
Reports quotes by Edith Wharton
#44. Whether by this he meant the clergy I know not; though I observed he spoke favourably of that body in France, pointing out that, long before the recent agitations, they had defended the civil rights of the Third Estate, and citing many cases in which the country curates had shown themselves the truest friends of the people: a fact my own observation hath confirmed. I remarked to him that I was surprised to find how little talk there was in Italy of the distracted conditions in France; and this though the country is overrun with French refugees, or emigres, as they call themselves, who bring with them reports that might well excite the alarm of neighbouring governments. He said he had remarked the same indifference, but that this was consonant with the Italian character, which never looked to the morrow; and he added that the mild disposition of the people, and their profound respect for religion, were sufficient assurance against any political excess. To this I could not forbear #Quote by Edith Wharton
Reports quotes by Karen Foxlee
#45. Wizards, she thought, when she gained her composure. What good were they if they couldn't tell you how to do stuff, if they were always talking in riddles and saying they knew everything before it even happened? It wasn't very helpful.
If she were a wizard, she'd write reports for people. She'd make sure everything was very clear. She'd write, Looking for a magical sword? No problem. Go to the fifth floor, turn left, open a large wooden chest, et cetera, et cetera. She'd have check boxes. Found your magical sword? Place X here. #Quote by Karen Foxlee
Reports quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#46. If we consider the actual basis of this information [i.e., intelligence], how unreliable and transient it is, we soon realize that war is a flimsy structure that can easily collapse and bury us in its ruins ... Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain. This is true of all intelligence but even more so in the heat of battle, where such reports tend to contradict and cancel each other out. In short, most intelligence is false, and the effect of fear is to multiply lies and inaccuracies. #Quote by Carl Von Clausewitz
Reports quotes by Judith McNaught
#47. Is there a bird among them, dear boy?" Charity asked innocently, peering not at the things on the desk, but at his face, noting the muscle beginning to twitch at Ian's tense jaw.
"Then they must be in the schoolroom! Of course," she said cheerfully, "that's it. How like me, Hortense would say, to have made such a silly mistake."
Ian dragged his eyes from the proof that his grandfather had been keeping track of him almost from the day of his birth-certainly from the day when he was able to leave the cottage on his own two legs-to her face and said mockingly, "Hortense isn't very perceptive. I would say you are as wily as a fox."
She gave him a little knowing smile and pressed her finger to her lips. "Don't tell her, will you? She does so enjoy thinking she is the clever one."
"How did he manage to have these drawn?" Ian asked, stopping her as she turned away.
"A woman in the village near your home drew many of them. Later he hired an artist when he knew you were going to be somewhere at a specific time. I'll just leave you here where it's nice and quiet." She was leaving him, Ian knew, to look through the items on the desk. For a long moment he hesitated, and then he slowly sat down in the chair, looking over the confidential reports on himself. They were all written by one Mr. Edgard Norwich, and as Ian began scanning the thick stack of pages, his anger at his grandfather for this outrageous invasion of his privacy slowly became amusement. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Reports quotes by Johann Lamont
#48. My granny would come out and stay with us in the winter, and we would listen to the reports from the coastal stations and have a discussion in the middle of Glasgow about what the weather was like in Tiree. #Quote by Johann Lamont
Reports quotes by Marianne Williamson
#49. Presidential campaigns are exhausting. Once they're over, we all heave a sigh of relief that we have our lives back, the constant emails and news reports no longer harangue us, and the topic even turns at times to something else entirely. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Reports quotes by Richard John Neuhaus
#50. Whatever else the religious Right may be, it is a bonanza for its opponents ... Reports of the great terror that is upon us are raising millions of dollars in fund appeals by Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization for Women, Norman Lear's People for the American Way, and others who claim to believe that the religious Right is the greatest peril to American democracy since Joe McCarthy. #Quote by Richard John Neuhaus
Reports quotes by John Steinbeck
#51. There is a curious idea among unscientific men that in scientific writing there is a common plateau of perfectionism. Nothing could be more untrue. The reports of biologists are the measure, not of the science, but of the men themselves. There are as few scientific giants as any other kind. In some reports it is impossible, because of inept expression, to relate the descriptions to the living animals. In some papers collecting places are so mixed or ignored that the animals mentioned cannot be found at all. The same conditioning forces itself into specification as it does into any other kind of observation, and the same faults of carelessness will be found in scientific reports as in the witness chair of a criminal court. It has seemed sometimes that the little men in scientific work assumed the awe-fullness of a priesthood to hide their deficiencies, as the witch-doctor does with his stilts and high masks, as the priesthoods of all cults have, with secret or unfamiliar languages and symbols. It is usually found that only the little stuffy men object to what is called "popularization", by which they mean writing with a clarity understandable to one not familiar with the tricks and codes of the cult. We have not known a single great scientist who could not discourse freely and interestingly with a child. Can it be that the haters of clarity have nothing to say, have observed nothing, have no clear picture of even their own fields? A dull man seems to be a dull man no matter wh #Quote by John Steinbeck
Reports quotes by Kevin Dutton
#52. College kids today are about 40 percent lower in empathy than their counterparts of twenty or thirty years ago," Konrath reports. #Quote by Kevin Dutton
Reports quotes by Edward Snowden
#53. My case clearly demonstrates the need for comprehensive whistleblower protection act reform. If we had had a real process in place, and reports of wrongdoing could be taken to real, independent arbiters rather than captured officials, I might not have had to sacrifice so much to do what at this point even the President seems to agree needed to be done. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Reports quotes by Jane Mayer
#54. As scientists linked smoking to cancer, the tobacco industry was under particularly pointed attack, which might have heightened Powell's alarmism. As a director at Philip Morris from 1964 until he joined the Supreme Court, Powell was an unabashed defender of tobacco, signing off on a series of annual reports lashing out at critics. The company's 1967 annual report, for instance, declared, "We deplore the lack of objectivity in so important a controversy ... Unfortunately the positive benefits of smoking which are so widely acknowledged are largely ignored by many reports linking cigarettes and health, and little attention is paid to the scientific reports which are favorable to smoking." Powell took umbrage at the refusal by the Federal Communications Commission to grant the tobacco companies "equal time" to respond to their critics on television and argued that the companies' First Amendment rights were being infringed. #Quote by Jane Mayer
Reports quotes by Francis Parkman
#55. The great medley of Oregon and California emigrants, at their camps around Independence, had heard reports that several additional parties were on the point of setting out from St. Joseph's farther to the northward. #Quote by Francis Parkman
Reports quotes by Steven F. Hayward
#56. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) new Summary for Policymakers is a political document that downplays assessments of uncertainty from the scientific reports. It omits much contrary evidence. In several cases, it even disagrees with the reports on which it is based. #Quote by Steven F. Hayward
Reports quotes by Christopher L. Hayes
#57. Pew's Economic Mobility Project reports, "Germany is 1.5 times more mobile than the United States, Canada nearly 2.5 times more mobile, and Denmark 3 times more mobile."58 They find that the only other country with similarly low levels of mobility is our sibling in meritocracy, the birthplace of the word itself, the United Kingdom. And #Quote by Christopher L. Hayes
Reports quotes by Warren Buffett
#58. Read Ben Graham and Phil Fisher read annual reports, but don't do equations with Greek letters in them. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Reports quotes by Stephen Harper
#59. The single most important duty of the federal government is to protect and defend our national sovereignty. There are new and disturbing reports of American nuclear submarines passing though Canadian waters without obtaining the permission of, or even notifying, the Canadian government. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Reports quotes by Trudi Canavan
#60. Inspiration comes from so many sources. Music, other fiction, the non-fiction I read, TV shows, films, news reports, people I know, stories I hear, misheard words or lyrics, dreams ... Motivation? The memory of the rush I get from a really good writing session - even on a bad day, I know I'll find that again if I keep going. #Quote by Trudi Canavan
Reports quotes by Carol Bowman
#61. When a child speaks of a past life memory, the effects ripple far. At the center is the child, who is directly healed and changed. The parents standing close by are rocked by the truth of the experience - a truth powerful enough to dislodge deeply entrenched beliefs. For observers removed from the actual event - even those just reading about it - reports of a child's past life memory can jostle the soul toward new understanding. Children's past life memories have the power to change lives. #Quote by Carol Bowman
Reports quotes by Conan O'Brien
#62. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that American homes are 650 square feet larger today than they were in 1980. Unfortunately, so are most Americans. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Reports quotes by Sukarno
#63. I am very unhappy about reports that I was seeking asylum in Manila. #Quote by Sukarno
Reports quotes by Justin Halpern
#64. Eventually my dad got home from work and set his briefcase down.
'So. How was practice?' he asked
'It was good. Why? Did you hear it wasn't?' I said, trying to keep my cool.
'Son, no offense, but you play Little League. It's not the Yankees. I don't get daily reports about who's hitting the shit out of the ball #Quote by Justin Halpern
Reports quotes by Masha Gessen
#65. In the middle to late 1970s, when Putin joined the KGB, the secret police, like all Soviet institutions, was undergoing a phase of extreme bloating. Its growing number of directorates and departments were producing mountains of information that had no clear purpose, application, or meaning. An entire army of men and a few women spent their lives compiling newspaper clippings, transcripts of tapped telephone conversations, reports of people followed and trivia learned, and all of this made its way to the top of the KGB pyramid, and then to the leadership of the Communist Party, largely unprocessed and virtually unanalyzed. #Quote by Masha Gessen
Reports quotes by George W. Bush
#66. We've been able to watch on our television screens sophisticated weaponry find a building; and we've seen dramatic reports from the front where Pulitzer Prize-to-be winning reporters stood up and declared, the United States is attacked, and all that. #Quote by George W. Bush
Reports quotes by Edward Young
#67. 'T is greatly wise to talk with our past hours, And ask them what report they bore to heaven. #Quote by Edward Young
Reports quotes by Allan R. Cohen
#68. It is an illusion that once upon a time managers could make their direct reports do whatever was needed. Nobody has ever had enough authority - they never have and never will. Organizational life is too complicated for that. #Quote by Allan R. Cohen
Reports quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#69. He wouldn't talk to me for two months. I was like, 'What an ass**le.' Actors are used to getting their way and to treating women like objects. [on Wesley Snipes after she reports he made unreturned passes at her] #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Reports quotes by Brian Williams
#70. As part of our ongoing series of reports on the environment, 'America Goes Green,' we take on the question that can make otherwise competent adults quake with fear. We've all been there. You come to the end of the checkout line and then comes that question: 'Paper or plastic?' For that one brief moment, we grocery buyers are made to feel like the fate of the planet hinges on our decision. #Quote by Brian Williams
Reports quotes by James Buchan
#71. One of the consequences of the Iranian revolution has been an explosion of history. A country once known only from British consular reports and intrepid travelogues is now awash with historical documents, letters, diaries, grainy video, weblogs and secret police files of questionable authenticity. #Quote by James Buchan
Reports quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#72. Our budding, still timid press has all the same rendered some service to society, for without it we should never have learned, in any measure of fullness, of those horrors of unbridled will and moral degradation that it ceaselessly reports in its pages, to everyone, not merely to those who attend the sessions of the new open courts granted us by the present reign. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Reports quotes by William McDonough
#73. All these corporate reports say they want zero carbon. Well that is ridiculous, because you are not telling us what you are, you are telling us what you are not. #Quote by William McDonough
Reports quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#74. I have absorbed into myself my own eleven years there not as something shameful nor as a nightmare to be cursed: I have come almost to love that monstrous world, and now, by a happy turn of events, I have also been entrusted with many recent reports and letters. So perhaps I shall be able to give some account of the bones and flesh of that salamander - which, incidentally, is still alive #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Reports quotes by Miles O'Brien
#75. It borders on irresponsibility when people get on television and start talking that way when they should know better. They should do their homework, and they should report in a responsible manner. Unfortunately, it's a very competitive business, the business we're in, and there is a perception that by hyping up this threat, you draw people's attention. #Quote by Miles O'Brien
Reports quotes by Mark Twain
#76. Tints were charged with a leaden tinge from the solid cloud-bank overhead. The river was leaden; all distances the same; and even the far-reaching ranks of combing white-caps were dully shaded by the dark, rich atmosphere through which their swarming legions marched. The thunder-peals were constant and deafening; explosion followed explosion with but inconsequential intervals between, and the reports grew steadily sharper and higher-keyed, and more trying to the ear; the lightning was as diligent as the thunder, and produced effects which enchanted the eye and sent electric ecstasies of mixed delight and apprehension shivering along every nerve in the body in unintermittent procession. #Quote by Mark Twain
Reports quotes by Philip A. Becnel IV
#77. Despite the odium and widespread condemnation of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, he passed with all the fanfare of a fart in a mesh sack. Medical examiners said it was a thrombotic stroke, likely exacerbated by obesity and high blood pressure. Some said cocaine and opioids had been found in his system, but these reports were never confirmed. Trump was dead, and now it was time to start glossing over his dismal legacy and perpetuating his vision, posthumously, for Making America Great Again... #Quote by Philip A. Becnel IV
Reports quotes by Sophie Calle
#78. In April 1981, at my request, my mother went to a detective agency. She hired them to follow me, to report my daily activities, and to provide photographic evidence of my existence. #Quote by Sophie Calle
Reports quotes by Robert Kennedy
#79. I don't believe newspaper reporters can substitute for a district attorney, but a newspaper has a very valid investigative role. Newspaper reports on corruption in government, racketeering and organized crime conditions can be very helpful to your communities and the whole country. #Quote by Robert Kennedy
Reports quotes by Michael Catt
#80. When you kneel in prayer, don't give God orders, just report to your Commander in Chief for duty. #Quote by Michael Catt
Reports quotes by Donna Air
#81. I was always in trouble for chatting. My school reports all used to say, 'Donna is a very bright girl, but she must stop talking in class.' In the end, I made a career out of it. #Quote by Donna Air
Reports quotes by Adam Gollner
#82. If manufacturers are so sure there is nothing wrong with genetically modified foods, pesticides and cloned meats, they should have no problems labeling them as such. After all, cancer will kill one in every two men and one in every three women now alive, reports Samuel Epstein, chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. Like our ancestors, we act in ways that will bemuse future societies. The military-industrial complex lubricates the mass-agriculture system with fossil fuels. Tons of heavy metals and other hazardous, even radioactive, waste is sprayed on American agricultural soil. #Quote by Adam Gollner
Reports quotes by Jeremy Robert Johnson
#83. Exposed! shines a harsh light on the myriad horrors of modern society and reports back from the fearful frontlines with wicked wit and paranoid power. From the murky waters of New Orleans to the scarred psyches of our own image-obsessed existence, Exposed! is the last headline we get to read before reality comes tumbling down. #Quote by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Reports quotes by Tim Hunt
#84. I certainly don't recognise myself as the horrible sexist portrayed in media reports, and I don't think the women who have worked with me throughout my career do either. #Quote by Tim Hunt
Reports quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#85. But Maven shut me out of a place that was rightfully mine. He didn't know to look for Elane. My lovely, invisible shadow. Her reports came later, under the cover of the night. They were very thorough. I feel them still, whispered against my skin with only the moon to listen. Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Reports quotes by Mike Rosen
#86. The left's obsession with corporations as a spawn of evil is pathological paranoia. A corporation is just one form of organizing a private business enterprise for purposes of limiting personal liability, issuing stock, filing financial reports and paying taxes. Other forms include partnerships and sole proprietorships. Are they less evil? You buy your groceries from corporations, your cars, newspapers, cellphones, clothing and exercise equipment. Your parents and children work for corporations. Are they evil? #Quote by Mike Rosen
Reports quotes by Quintus Ennius
#87. One man by delay restored the state, for he preferred the public safety to idle report.
[Lat., Unus homo nobis cunctando restituit rem,
Non ponebat enim rumores ante salutem.] #Quote by Quintus Ennius
Reports quotes by Dick Spring
#88. The British Government and the Irish Government have accepted very clearly the Mitchell Report. #Quote by Dick Spring
Reports quotes by Colson Whitehead
#89. She watches the people through the sooted panes. They walk slower than they do when she reports to work and when she leaves work, and differently still from weekend strolling. They are the tin men and rag dolls who wake after hours in the toy store. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Reports quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#90. Kaffman (2009) described childhood victimization as a "silent epidemic", and Finkelhor, Turner, Ormrod, and Hamby (2010) reported that children are the most traumatized class of humans around the globe. The findings of these researchers are at odds with the view that children have protected status in most families, societies, and cultures. Instead, Finkelhor reports that children are prime targets and highly vulnerable, due principally to their small size, their physical and emotional immaturity with its associated lack of control, power and resources; and their related dependency on caregivers. They are subjected to many forms of exploitation on an ongoing basis, imposed on them by individuals with greater power, strength, knowledge, and resources, many of whom are, paradoxically and tragically, responsible for their care and welfare. These traumas are interpersonal in nature and involve personal transgression, violation and exploitation of the child by those who rely on the child's lesser physical abilities, innocence, and immaturity to intimidate, bully, confuse, blackmail, exploit, or otherwise coerce.

In the worst-case scenario, a parent or other significant caregiver directly and repeatedly abuses a child or does not respond to or protect a child or other vulnerable individual who is being abused and mistreated and isolates the child from others through threats or with direct violence. Consequently, such an abusive, nonprotective, or malevolently exploitative #Quote by Christine A. Courtois
Reports quotes by Colin Dexter
#91. He'd no time for reports. He suspected that about 95% of the written word was never read by anyone anyway. #Quote by Colin Dexter
Reports quotes by Drew Carey
#92. For 'Power of 10,' you can look at the methodology at, it's a company called Rasmussen Reports. We poll thousands and thousands of people for each question, a real cross section of the United States. #Quote by Drew Carey
Reports quotes by Ban Ki-moon
#93. We must follow the wisdom of the Brundtland Report. We must pursue development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. #Quote by Ban Ki-moon
Reports quotes by Lauren Groff
#94. Who, in the midst of passion, is vigilant against illness? Who listens to the reports of recently decimated populations in Spain, India, Bora Bora, when new lips, tongues and poems fill the world? #Quote by Lauren Groff
Reports quotes by Marty Meehan
#95. Regrettably, it has become clear that torture of detainees in United States custody is not limited to Abu Ghraib or even Iraq. Since Abu Ghraib, there have been increasing reports of torture. #Quote by Marty Meehan
Reports quotes by John Wooden
#96. How many of us have conflicts with someone else- and how many of us pray for that person? We have individuals with whom we are competitive, or whom we dislike or have a quarrel with; but very few of us have true enemies in the martial sense. And yet if Lincoln could pray fervently- and contemporary reports indicate he did- for the people who were opposing him, how much more can we do for someone we just find a little irritating? #Quote by John Wooden
Reports quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#97. I emphasize teachers because they are largely left out of the debate. None of the bombastic reports that come from Washington and think tanks telling us what needs to be 'fixed' - I hate such a mechanistic word, as if our schools were automobile engines - ever asks the opinions of teachers. #Quote by Jonathan Kozol
Reports quotes by James Galway
#98. I have to report to those of you who think diamonds make a difference that I cannot tell what it is. Seriously, as you all know, they make no difference at all. They just make the flute look a little more special. #Quote by James Galway
Reports quotes by Jeff Davidson
#99. Computers thwart, contort, and befuddle us. We mess around with fonts, change screen backgrounds, slow down or increase mouse speed. We tweak and we piddle. We spend countless hours preparing PowerPoint slides that most people forget in seconds. We generate reports in duplicate and triplicate and then somw that end up serving only one function for most of the recipients - to collect dust. #Quote by Jeff Davidson
Reports quotes by The Economist
#100. An oft-quoted statistic from the [United Nations] reports is that the amount of literature translated into Spanish in a single year exceeds the entire corpus of what has been translated into Arabic in 1,000 years. #Quote by The Economist
Reports quotes by Robinson Jeffers
#101. You have perhaps heard some false reports
On the subject of God. He is not dead; and he is not a fable. He is not mocked nor forgotten
Successfully. God is a lion that comes in the night. God is a hawk gliding among the stars
If all the stars and the earth, and the living flesh of the night that flows in between them, and whatever is beyond them
Were that one bird. He has a bloody beak and harsh talons, he pounces and tears
And where is the German Reich? There also
Will be prodigious America and world-owning China. I say that all hopes and empires will die like yours;
Mankind will die, there will be no more fools; wisdom will die; the very stars will die;
One fierce life lasts. #Quote by Robinson Jeffers
Reports quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#102. As a youngster, I read of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. As a student, I wrote English reports on science fiction. And as a fighter pilot, I observed the selection of the Mercury astronauts. All this was fascinating, but I really didn't think I would ever be a part of it. It was only when my good friend Ed White was selected as a Gemini astronaut that I decided to join NASA as part of the Apollo program. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Reports quotes by Alan Moore
#103. Good evening, London. I would introduce myself, but truth to tell, I do not have a name. You can call me "V". Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse. In anarchy, there is another way. With anarchy, from rubble comes new life, hope reinstated. They say anarchy's dead, but see ... reports of my death were ... exaggerated. Tomorrow, Downing Street will be destroyed, the Head reduced to ruins, an end to what has gone before. Tonight, you must choose what comes next. Lives of our own, or a return to chains. Choose carefully. And so, adieu. #Quote by Alan Moore
Reports quotes by Robert Fulghum
#104. An artists job is to see. And to go out in the world and see it firsthand, just as it is; to report with line and words what is seen. To be in the world, not just study about the world, that is the artists task #Quote by Robert Fulghum
Reports quotes by John Sherman Cooper
#105. Our staff not only received the reports from these agencies, they examined them. They questioned them. #Quote by John Sherman Cooper
Reports quotes by Steven Wellington
#106. Reports of my hairline receding are greatly exaggerated. True - but greatly exagerrated. . #Quote by Steven Wellington
Reports quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#107. the ultimate standard, by which we determine all disputes, that may arise concerning them, is always derived from experience and observation. Where this experience is not entirely uniform on any side, it is attended with an unavoidable contrariety in our judgments, and with the same opposition and mutual destruction of argument as in every other kind of evidence. We frequently hesitate concerning the reports of others. We balance the opposite circumstances, which cause any doubt or uncertainty; and when we discover a superiority on any side, we incline to it; but still with a diminution of assurance, in proportion to the force of its antagonist. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Reports quotes by Alice Vachss
#108. The victims I've worked with taught me that individuals want to believe they are entitled to justice. My community taught me that when the choice is clear-cut enough, so do entire counties.

We have become profoundly discouraged about whether we have such choices. My own experience is that we do, if we are willing to pay the price. We need better data to make decisions based on performance, but getting that data is a matter of passing the right laws requiring crunchable statistics and mandatory public reports. The rest is on us. If Tip O'Neil was right, if all politics is local, then our local district attorneys are the place to start. Crime is local. What we do about it is as close as the nearest voting booth. #Quote by Alice Vachss
Reports quotes by Veronica Roth
#109. Did you go on the sojourn?" she said suddenly, holding tight to his hand. He wondered if she was just going to start firing questions at him, now that she could. She added, "Sorry, I just…I wondered, when I saw the reports. Because you can't swim. I was worried."
He couldn't help it. He laughed.
"I was surrounded by Shotet, in close proximity with Ryzek Noavek, and you were worried because I can't swim?" He laughed again.
"I can worry about two things at once. Several things, in fact," she said, with a bite. Not a hard one, though. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Reports quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#110. Listen, I mean that from my knowledge of the world that I see around me, I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the results of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence than of the unknown rational efforts of extra-terrestrial intelligence. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Reports quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#111. Scientific studies and government records suggest that virtually all (upwards of 95 percent of) chickens become infected with E. coli (an indicator of fecal contamination) and between 39 and 75 percent of chickens in retail stores are still infected. Around 8 percent of birds become infected with salmonella (down from several years ago, when at least one in four birds was infected, which still occurs on some farms). Seventy to 90 percent are infected with another potentially deadly pathogen, campylobacter. Chlorine baths are commonly used to remove slime, odor, and bacteria.

Of course, consumers might notice that their chickens don't taste quite right - how good could a drug-stuffed, disease-ridden, shit-contaminated animal possibly taste? - but the birds will be injected (or otherwise pumped up) with "broths" and salty solutions to give them what we have come to think of as the chicken look, smell, and taste. (A recent study by Consumer Reports found that chicken and turkey products, many labeled as natural, "ballooned with 10 to 30 percent of their weight as broth, flavoring, or water. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Reports quotes by Jon Krakauer
#112. According to the Department of Justice's investigation of the Missoula County Attorney's Office, from January 2008 through April 2012 the Missoula Police Department referred 114 reports of sexual assault of adult women to the MCAO for prosecution. A "referral" indicated that the police department had completed its investigation of the case in question, determined that there was probable cause to charge the individual accused of sexual assault, and recommended that the case be prosecuted. Of the 114 sexual assaults referred for prosecution, however, the MCAO filed charges in only 14 of those cases. The reasons most often given for declining to prosecute were "insufficient evidence" or "insufficient corroboration" - that is, lack of probable cause. Kirsten Pabst was in charge of sexual assault cases for all but the final two months of the fifty-two-month period investigated by the DOJ. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Reports quotes by Jay Leno
#113. The longest-serving Republican Senator, Alaska's Ted Stevens, found guilty just a few hours ago on all charges in his corruption trial. Do you know this story? He failed to report he had some work done on his house. Yeah, here's the bad part. You know who did the work? Joe the plumber. Unlicensed. #Quote by Jay Leno
Reports quotes by Harold Evans
#114. I wrote about Bosnia at the time. Somebody looked out their window and saw gangsters coming down the street and doing ethnic cleansing. I said that was the thing that would happen in the future, someone phoning in what they were seeing on the scene. Whether it's the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, Drudge Report or the BBC, all those reports, you have to assume there's a real person [who] has credibility. #Quote by Harold Evans
Reports quotes by Gary Ackerman
#115. The media's gotten lazy. They don't check anything out. You report what he reports. #Quote by Gary Ackerman
Reports quotes by Brett Favre
#116. In spite of reports about playing with various teams, I'm enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football. #Quote by Brett Favre
Reports quotes by Maria Sharapova
#117. I love getting consumer reports. I think it's one of my favourite things, studying what people have to say about the product and then trying to make it better. #Quote by Maria Sharapova
Reports quotes by Anna Friel
#118. There were reports of me using fat-sucking machines and all sorts of silliness. All I did was walk a lot and breast-feed. I've never been on a strict diet. I just don't overeat, and I don't eat if I'm not hungry. #Quote by Anna Friel
Reports quotes by Don DeLillo
#119. She said, "What would you do if you left?" "I'm not sure. Get a doctorate maybe. I know some people who work in think tanks. I'd want to talk to them. Sound them out." She gave him a sour look. The term made her unhappy - think tank - and he didn't blame her. Passive, mild, middle-aged, ivory-towerish. People rustling papers in redoubts of social strategy. Situation reports, policy alternatives, statistical surveys. He #Quote by Don DeLillo
Reports quotes by Carl R. Rogers
#120. I am willing for the participant to commit or not commit himself to the group. If a person wishes to remain psychologically on the sidelines, he has my implicit permission to do so. The group itself may or may not be willing for him to remain in this stance but personally I am willing. One skeptical college administrator said that the main things he had learned was that he could withdraw from personal participation, be comfortable about it, and realize that he would not be coerced. To me, this seemed a valuable learning and one that would make it much more possible for him actually to participate at the next opportunity. Recent reports on his behavior, a full year later, suggest that he gained and changed from his seeming nonparticipation. #Quote by Carl R. Rogers
Reports quotes by Anderson Cooper
#121. I have gas mask in my office because I took Chem/bio warfare training class so I can report in case of an attack. It's on a copy of my head made by Madame Tussauds #Quote by Anderson Cooper
Reports quotes by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
#122. I have spent my life in a painstaking effort to tell about things as they are to me, so that they will not sound like autobiography but simply like notes, like factual reports. #Quote by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
Reports quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#123. Truth is a matter of the imagination. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Reports quotes by Shane L. Koyczan
#124. (...)

That winter you left me snow-blind trying to find enough details that would let you know that even though some people have perfect sight,
those same people could try to paint you by numbers and they still wouldn't get you right.
You were Monet number two and Van Gogh number 6,
a mix tape of Hendrix and Leibowitz portraits.

It makes no sense to me that we were ever together.
And my makeshift weather reports were the closest I ever came to telling you how I felt.
But you were a lover of the minuscule,
you dealt best with details.
Weighing our relationship on scales you balanced us out, and always made me feel needed.

You always asked me what to wear,
and I would stare at you as if for a second I wouldn't answer.
Of course, I always did.
Hid my affections, and my response:
"wear that smile" I said.
That one you wear when you see me.
That one you wear to bed. #Quote by Shane L. Koyczan
Reports quotes by Debbi Fields
#125. A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides, the market research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not soft and chewy cookies like you make. #Quote by Debbi Fields
Reports quotes by Franklin P. Adams
#126. Conscience: A small, still voice that makes minority reports. #Quote by Franklin P. Adams
Reports quotes by Heather Sellers
#127. Writing is a physical art. And writing a book is a lot more like making a complex sculpture out of bronze than writing a whole bunch of reports. What's in your head does not count, not for sculpture, not for book writing. Pencil on paper is what matters. Words on paper, pages and pages, chapter after chapter. #Quote by Heather Sellers
Reports quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#128. It is not that addresses at the opening of a battle make the soldiers brave. The old veterans scarcely hear them, and recruits forget them at the first boom of the cannon. Their usefulness lies in their effect on the course of the campaign, in neutralizing rumors and false reports, in maintaining a good spirit in the camp, and in furnishing matter for camp-fire talk. The printed order of the day should fulfill these different ends. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Reports quotes by Joseph J. Romm
#129. In 2003 ... the White House conspired with an oil-company funded think tank to block a major government scientific report that sought to spell out the dangers of climate change to Americans. #Quote by Joseph J. Romm
Reports quotes by Alain De Botton
#130. WE END UP with the following situation: on the one hand, we have a news agenda dominated by reports of the workings of a highly complicated social science that wrestles with problems of near cosmic scale and incomprehensible difficulty, upon which it periodically delivers pronouncements at once pessimistic and resigned; and on the other hand, we have a host of inchoate, naive, innocent, impassioned but powerful longings that are carefully concealed and mostly go unmentioned for fear of sacrificing claims to decency and adult seriousness. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Reports quotes by Mark Slouka
#131. We're angry about this, upset about that, but who has the time to do anything anymore? There are those reports to report on, memos to remember, e-mails to deflect or delete. They bury us like snow. #Quote by Mark Slouka
Reports quotes by Beau Bridges
#132. I appeared several times on Atlantis while I was doing Stargate. And they've mentioned to me before that they'd like me do some, but right now I have nothing specific to report. I know Amanda Tapping is a regular now on the show. But I have no plans to do that as we speak. But I don't know. #Quote by Beau Bridges
Reports quotes by Professor X.
#133. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 1975, 31 percent of college teachers were female; by 2009, the number had grown to 49.2 percent.7 There are more women teaching in college than ever, and it is quite possible that their presence, coupled with our discovery of the postmodern narrative, has had a feminizing effect on the collective unconscious of faculty thought. Strong winds of compassion blow across campus quads. Women are more empathetic than men, more giving, simply more bothered by anyone's underdog status. Many of the female adjuncts I have spoken to seem blessed and cursed by feelings of maternity toward the students. Women think about their actions, and the consequences of their actions, in a deeper way than do men. #Quote by Professor X.
Reports quotes by Ronald Reagan
#134. Intelligence reports say Castro is very worried about me. I'm very worried that we can't come up with something to justify his worrying. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Reports quotes by LaNina King
#135. Good morning to you beautiful souls! In spite of Monday's reign, today will be a great day filled with blessings & good reports. Stay focused, stay positive & grind hard. LK #Quote by LaNina King
Reports quotes by Gordon Cooper
#136. For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why? Because authority is afraid that people may think of God knows what kind of horrible invaders. So the password still is: We have to avoid panic by all means #Quote by Gordon Cooper
Reports quotes by John Muir
#137. Who reports the works and ways of the clouds, those wondrous creations coming into being every day like freshly upheaved mountains? #Quote by John Muir
Reports quotes by Patrick Marnham
#138. The people who hitched to Katmandu (and are doubtlessly still doing so, despite the usual reports of official prohibitions) seem to me to be of this sort, displaced persons, aimless couples without papers. They are ill-suited to play the role which they are conventionally given; that of proletarian playboys, outriders of a modern sub-culture, who intend, mainly through will-power, to end injustice and rule the world. For the most part they have chosen to be the sole inhabitants of private worlds, and their aspirations will not be found in the bazaars of the international youth movement, or of the global underground or any other such tentative organizations. #Quote by Patrick Marnham
Reports quotes by Rafael Correa
#139. A daily newspaper should report the news, not play at geopolitics. #Quote by Rafael Correa
Reports quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#140. I didn't expect a knife, though. Is it the one missing from the kitchen?"
"Did Rand report it?" I felt betrayed. Why hadn't he just asked for it back?
"No. It just makes sense to keep track of large kitchen knives, so when one goes missing you're not surprised when someone attacks you with it. #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Reports quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#141. His whisper continued to stream a silent cacophony of warnings, kill and damage reports and pleas for assistance.

He allowed himself two seconds to watch it and came away with the sense they were losing. Not lost and not soon, but losing. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Reports quotes by George Carlin
#142. I'm tired of hearing about innocent victims. It's fiction, If you live on this planet you're guilty, period, f*** you, next case, end of report. Your birth certificate is proof of guilt. #Quote by George Carlin
Reports quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#143. When there is war, the poet lays down the lyre, the lawyer his law reports, the schoolboy his books. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Reports quotes by Karen Hesse
#144. Ivy Huxford kept peeking out and giving reports of who was there, and how she never saw so many seats filled in the Palace, and that she didn't think they could squeeze a rattlesnake into the back even if he paid full price, the place was so packed. #Quote by Karen Hesse
Reports quotes by Charlie Sheen
#145. The only thing I'm addicted to is winning. This bootleg cult, arrogantly referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, reports a 5 percent success rate. My success rate is 100 percent. #Quote by Charlie Sheen
Reports quotes by William Slim
#146. In battle nothing is ever as good or as bad as the first reports of excited men would have it. #Quote by William Slim
Reports quotes by Barry Schwartz
#147. Most people give substantial weight to anecdotal evidence, perhaps so much that it will cancel out positive recommendations found in consumer reports. People's tendency to give undue weight to some types of information is called the availability heuristic. A heuristic is a rule of thumb, a mental shortcut. Suppose someone asked you a question like what's more common in English, words that start with the letter to r words that have t as the third letter. You would have an easier time generating words that started with the letter t. Words starting with t would be more 'available'. #Quote by Barry Schwartz
Reports quotes by Matt Drudge
#148. With a modem, anyone can follow the world and report on the world-no middle man, no big brother. I guess this changes everything. #Quote by Matt Drudge
Reports quotes by John Andreas Widtsoe
#149. If we talk about the living oracles and want to pay respect to them, how shall we do this? Shall we do it by never reading their words-by paying not attention to that which they say? That is a very poor way of doing.
We ought to listen to their words. When we cannot hear their words, we should read them; for they are the words of the authorized servants of God. I feel that there is a great neglect among us in this respect.
CR, 1897, 38, George Q. Cannon (CR is Reports of the General Conferences of the Church) #Quote by John Andreas Widtsoe
Reports quotes by Melissa Bean
#150. Reports also suggest that Ernst and Young and other large tax preparation firms are sending tax returns overseas for processing. But the IRS has no control over tax information once it's been sent to India or another country. #Quote by Melissa Bean
Reports quotes by Sue Sanders
#151. Nothing succeeds like reports of success. #Quote by Sue Sanders
Reports quotes by Jeremy Corbyn
#152. Of course we as Labour Party members must all be free to criticise and oppose injustice and abuse wherever we find it. But as today's Report recommends, can we please leave [Adolf] Hitler and Nazi metaphors alone (especially in the context of Israel). Why? Because the Shoah is still in people's family experience. #Quote by Jeremy Corbyn
Reports quotes by Mark Twain
#153. There is only one expert who is qualified to examine the souls and the life of a people and make a valuable report - the native novelist ... And when a thousand able novels have been written, there you have the soul of the people; and not anywhere else can these be had. #Quote by Mark Twain
Reports quotes by Don DeLillo
#154. Pain is just another form of information. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Reports quotes by Chip Heath
#155. Stephen Covey, in his book The 8th Habit, decribes a poll of 23,000 employees drawn from a number of companies and industries. He reports the poll's findings:

* Only 37 percent said they have a clear understanding of what their organization is trying to achieve and why
* Only one in five was enthusiastic about their team's and their organization's goals
* Only one in five said they had a clear "line of sight" between their tasks and their team's and organization's goals
* Only 15 percent felt that their organization fully enables them to execute key goals
* Only 20 percent fully trusted the organization they work for

Then, Covey superimposes a very human metaphor over the statistics. He says, "If, say, a soccer team had these same scores, only 4 of the 11 players on the field would know which goal is theirs. Only 2 of the 11 would care. Only 2 of the 11 would know what position they play and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And all but 2 players would, in some way, be competing against their own team members rather than the opponent. #Quote by Chip Heath
Reports quotes by Julian Aleksandrowicz
#156. Already published reports, as well as our own observations indicate that smallpox vaccination sometimes produces manifestations of leukemia. In children and adults observed in the clinics of Cracow, smallpox vaccination has been followed by violent local and general reactions and by leukemia. #Quote by Julian Aleksandrowicz
Reports quotes by CQ Press
#157. In March 2011, press reports stated that the United States was flying UAVs "deep" into Mexico to gather narcotics-related intelligence. #Quote by CQ Press
Reports quotes by Dale Carpenter
#158. Police throughout the United States have been caught fabricating, planting, and manipulating evidence to obtain convictions where cases would otherwise be very weak. Some authorities regard police perjury as so rampant that it can be considered a "subcultural norm rather than an individual aberration" of police officers. Large-scale investigations of police units in almost every major American city have documented massive evidence of tampering, abuse of the arresting power, and discriminatory enforcement of laws. There also appears to be widespread police perjury in the preparation of reports because police know these reports will be used in plea bargaining. Officers often justify false and embellished reports on the grounds that it metes out a rough justice to defendants who are guilty of wrongdoing but may be exonerated on technicalities. [internal citations omitted] #Quote by Dale Carpenter
Reports quotes by Steven M. Greer
#159. There are more than 3500 military and commercial aircraft pilot reports of encounters worldwide; many cases have corroborating radar documentation and multiple witnesses both on the ground and in the air. #Quote by Steven M. Greer
Reports quotes by Allan Sloan
#160. Report, report, report. Dig, dig, dig. Think, think, think. Don't stop being a reporter because you've become a columnist. #Quote by Allan Sloan
Reports quotes by James S.A. Corey
#161. Here is the problem, they said to themselves, and there is the solution. That it was drowned in innocent blood was as trivial as the font the reports were printed in. They had disconnected themselves from humanity. Shut off the cell clusters in their brains that made life besides their own sacred. Or valuable. Or worth saving. All it had cost them was every human connection. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Reports quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#162. The women's reports of pain are received seems to be at least as influenced by cultural stereotypes about men as about women. The stoicism expected of men is cited as one of the reasons that their pain is taken more seriously; their reports of pain are less likely to be doubted, because it's assumed they're more reluctant to make them in the first place. But there's no rational reason that men's assumed stoicism should result in women's pain not being taken seriously. #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Reports quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#163. If there is in this world a well-attested account, it is that of vampires. Nothing is lacking: official reports, affidavits of well-known people, of surgeons, of priests, of magistrates; the judicial proof is most complete. And with all that, who is there who believes in vampires? #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Reports quotes by Steve Ballmer
#164. [At Microsoft] I had many years of experience and history and seeing connections. With my direct reports, the job at Microsoft was to delegate and then be able to properly review, but not to micromanage. To have a way of connecting and integrating without getting in the way. #Quote by Steve Ballmer
Reports quotes by Gordon Cooper
#165. Every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this. #Quote by Gordon Cooper
Reports quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#166. casualty reports on either side are never accurate, seldom truthful, and in most cases deliberately falsified. #Quote by Carl Von Clausewitz
Reports quotes by Amy Stewart
#167. Dogfish Head makes a cacao beer called Theobroma that is intended to be a modern recreation of an ancient Olmec recipe. Based on residue analysis of pottery dating to 1400 BC, plus some hints from the reports of Spanish explorers, their recipe includes honey; chili pepper; vanilla; and annatto, a reddish spice derived from the achiote tree, #Quote by Amy Stewart
Reports quotes by Eugene Gendlin
#168. Philosophy begins with the understanding that you cannot just observe or experience and then report what you see, because how you conceptualize and symbolize alters experience. #Quote by Eugene Gendlin
Reports quotes by Rosamund Lupton
#169. The first documentary I watched on hydraulic fracturing was Gasland by Josh Fox. Since then I've read, watched and listened to many articles, reports, speeches and blogs about fracking but Gasland remains the stand-out piece for me. The Sky is Pink by Josh Fox and the Gasland team can be seen on Vimeo and YouTube. #Quote by Rosamund Lupton
Reports quotes by Paul Tillich
#170. The ecstatic state in which revelation occurs does not destroy the rational structure of the mind. The reports about ecstatic experiences in the classical literature of the great religions agree on this point - that, while demonic possession destroys the rational structure of the mind, divine ecstacy preserves and elevates it, although transcending it. Demonic possession destroys the ethical and logical principles of reason; divine ecstasy affirms them. Demonic "revelations" are exposed and rejected in many religious sources, especially in the Old Testament. An assumed revelation in which justice as the principle of practical reason is violated is antidivine, and it is therefore judged a lie. The demonic blinds; it does not reveal. In the state of demonic possession the mind is not really "beside itself," but rather it is in the power of elements of itself which aspire to be the whole mind which grasp the center of the rational self and destroy it. There is, however, a point of identity between ecstasy and possession. In both cases the ordinary subject-object structure of the mind is put out of action. But divine ecstasy does not violate the wholeness of the rational mind, while demonic possession weakens or destroys it. This indicates that, although ecstasy is not a product of reason, it does not destroy reason. #Quote by Paul Tillich
Reports quotes by Winston Churchill
#171. On 17th July there came to us at Potsdam the eagerly-awaited news of the trial of the atomic bomb in the [New] Mexican desert. Success beyond all dreams crowded this sombre, magnificent venture of our American allies. The detailed reports ... could leave no doubt in the minds of the very few who were informed, that we were in the presence of a new factor in human affairs, and possessed of powers which were irresistible. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Reports quotes by Karen A. Duncan
#172. We may also discover that sexual abuse helps to explain the high prevalence rates of eating disorders among women and may lend some insight into why we are starting to see more documentation of eating disorders among boys as we see the reports of sexual abuse for male children increasing. Culture alone cannot explain the phenomena of such high rates of eating disorders. #Quote by Karen A. Duncan
Reports quotes by Bruce Feiler
#173. At Abraham's burial, his two most prominent sons, rivals since before they were born, estranged since childhood, scions of rival nations, come together for the first time since they were rent apart nearly three-quarters of a century earlier. The text reports their union nearly without comment. "His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite, facing Mamre, in the field that Abraham had bought from the Hittites."

But the meaning of this moment cannot be diminished. Abraham achieves in death what he could never achieve in life: a moment of reconciliation between his two sons, a peaceful, communal, side-by-side flicker of possibility in which they are not rivals, scions, warriors, adversaries, children, Jews, Christians, or Muslims. They are brothers. They are mourners.

In a sense they are us, forever weeping for the loss of our common father, shuffling through our bitter memories, reclaiming our childlike expectations, laughing, sobbing, furious and full of dreams, wondering about our orphaned future, and demanding the answers we all crave to hear: What did you want from me, Father? What did you leave me with, Father?

And what do I do now? #Quote by Bruce Feiler
Reports quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#174. On Tuesday, the so-called Islamic State released a slickly produced video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a steel cage. On Wednesday, the United Nations issued a report detailing various 'mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children, and burying children alive' at the hands of the Islamic State. #Quote by Jonah Goldberg
Reports quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#175. I do have personal relationships with a lot of "fans," in quotations. I answer all my mail, I get emails from fans, and I try to answer them all. That's important to me, but occasionally there's the thing where people basically ask me to write book reports for them, and I don't have that kind of time. I feel like there's a certain sexism involved, like because I'm a woman I'm supposed to constantly be like giving to everybody. #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Reports quotes by Movie Deep Impact
#176. Alan Rittenhouse: I know you're just a reporter, but you used to be a person, right? #Quote by Movie Deep Impact
Reports quotes by Jessica Valenti
#177. As indicated by the increase in maternal mortality in 2010, right now it's more dangerous to give birth in California than in Kuwait or Bosnia. Amnesty International reports that women in [the United States] have a higher risk of dying due to pregnancy complications than women in forty-nine other countries (black women are almost four times as likely to die as white women). The United States spends more than any other country on maternal health care, yet our risk of dying or coming close to death during pregnancy or in childbirth remains unreasonably high. #Quote by Jessica Valenti
Reports quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#178. Men are born to write. The gardener saves every slip, and seed, and peach-stone: his vocation is to be a planter of plants. Not less does the writer attend his affair. Whatever he beholds or experiences, comes to him as a model, and sits for its picture. He counts it all nonsense that they say, that some things are undescribable. He believes that all that can be thought can be written, first or last; and he would report the Holy Ghost, or attempt it. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Reports quotes by True Crime Detectives Guild
#179. What really happened to JonBenet Ramsey? Was her death intentional or an accident, covered up to look like a botched kidnapping? What are the facts about the case DNA? What does it really tell us? Is it relevant to the crime or is it contamination? Can it be tied to an intruder, or was Mary Lacy's attempt at exoneration of the Ramseys based on faulty interpretation of the actual lab results?

"Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Case" contains 16 pages of explosive DNA reports from Bode Cellmark Forensics that had been hidden until recently, as well details of the 2013 shocking revelation John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted by a Grand Jury in 1999, but the district attorney declined to prosecute.

Exposing the many myths and misrepresentations of facts in the Ramsey case, the book uses documented evidence and detailed research, as well as extensive interviews with many who were involved in the case, to present the truth surrounding JonBenet's death and the 20-year investigation.

With a thorough linguistic analysis of the ransom note, as well as handwriting comparisons, crime-scene photos, footnotes, a bibliography for further reading and five appendices (including timelines, Ramsey house plans, and a guide to understanding DNA), the book is essential for anyone interested not only what happened to JonBenet, but why. #Quote by True Crime Detectives Guild
Reports quotes by Sun Tzu
#180. Spies cannot be usefully employed without a certain intuitive sagacity; (2) They cannot be properly managed without benevolence and straight forwardness; (3) Without subtle ingenuity of mind, one cannot make certain of the truth of their reports; (4) Be subtle! be subtle! and use your spies for every kind of warfare; (5) If a secret piece of news is divulged by a spy before the time is ripe, he must be put to death together with the man to whom the secret was told. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Reports quotes by John Kessel
#181. It's hard for these athletes to stay healthy. They are constantly being bombarded with unhealthy advertising. Peer pressure can override the body's demand for health. Being healthy goes beyond 'not being sick' (where all lab reports indicate health), to feeling optimistic, energetic, strong and happy with their bodies. Teaching them to take charge of their bodies is a job of coaching. Help them gain discipline in conditioning, nutrition and attitude/emotional control. #Quote by John Kessel
Reports quotes by Matthew Desmond
#182. These days, there are sheriff squads whose full-time job is to carry out eviction and foreclosure orders. There are moving companies specializing in evictions, their crews working all day, every weekday. There are hundreds of data-mining companies that sell landlords tenant screening reports listing past evictions and court filings.2 These days, housing courts swell, forcing commissioners to settle cases in hallways or makeshift offices crammed with old desks and broken file cabinets - and most tenants don't even show up. Low-income families have grown used to the rumble of moving trucks, the early-morning knocks at the door, the belongings lining the curb. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Reports quotes by Ben Shapiro
#183. The ouster of Jill Abramson as executive editor of 'The New York Times' sent shock waves through the media landscape. Reports that she was fired thanks in part to a soured relationship based on the 'Times' alleged sexist pay discrepancy only made those shock waves stronger. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Reports quotes by Paul Halpern
#184. After the meeting, Guay met with Verville for a debriefing. Guay reports that Verville said that all investors would have to roll to avoid a market collapse. Guay told Verville that on Monday, at the first chance to roll its maturing paper, the Caisse should not be the only investor rolling in a particular trust. If that happened, it would end up in a worse position than not rolling at all. #Quote by Paul Halpern
Reports quotes by Dean Ween
#185. I would read fishing reports on the road and then it just occurred to me: I should go to sea school and get my captain's license, see if I can get paid to be out here every day. #Quote by Dean Ween
Reports quotes by Book –Bosomed In Mythbusting The Book Review System
#186. Imagine you are a reader perusing reviews of a brand new title to decide if that book is right for you. All the reviews are positive, glowing reports, and you purchase the book feeling confident it's a winner based on the high ratings it's sporting. Then after reading it, your excitement and warm fuzzy feelings over the title (and those reviews) have vanished. We must not have read the same book, you begin to wonder. So you go back and look at the reviews again. Now there are several low reviews posted - ARCs that were previously held back. And low and behold, the less than stellar reviews point to the same issues you had. Don't you feel duped? You should because under this scenario the review system didn't give you an ample sampling of varied opinions. #Quote by Book –Bosomed In Mythbusting The Book Review System
Reports quotes by Zac Goldsmith
#187. Climate change - for so long an abstract concern for an academic few - is no longer so abstract. Even the Bush administration's Climate Change Science Programme reports 'clear evidence of human influences on the climate system.' #Quote by Zac Goldsmith
Reports quotes by Vint Cerf
#188. Yet we still see continuous reports of bugs. #Quote by Vint Cerf
Reports quotes by Lynda Obst
#189. To whom one reports is a unit of measure. It measures the exact distance between the player and the center of power. It is the closest we can get to a calibrated answer to the question 'How big am I?' More than the size of an executive's office or even his title, which no one remembers anyway, the fewer people between the player and a 'yes,' the more powerful he is. #Quote by Lynda Obst
Reports quotes by Jerome Clark
#190. After a lifetime in this subject, I have concluded that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is one reasonable tentative approach to putting the best-documented and most puzzling UFO reports into a scientifically defensible conceptual framework. By such reports I mean those with credible multiple or independent witnesses, instrumented observations, and physical evidence. #Quote by Jerome Clark
Reports quotes by Fred Thompson
#191. A new report shows that, in Virginia, gun violence has fallen as the sale of firearms has soared to a new record. In other news, a recent study shows that most criminals don't like getting shot at. #Quote by Fred Thompson
Reports quotes by Azar Nafisi
#192. American students, we are told, are falling behind in reading and math; on test after test, they score below most European students (at the level of Lithuania), and the solution, rather than seeking to engage their curiosity, has been testing and more testing - a dry and brittle method that produces lackluster results. And so resources are pulled from the "soft" fields that are not being tested. Music teachers are being fired or not replaced; art classes are quietly dropped from the curriculum; history is simplified and moralized, with little expectation that any facts will be learned or retained; and instead of reading short stories, poems and novels, students are invited to read train schedules and EPA reports whose jargon could put even the most committed environmentalist to sleep. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Reports quotes by William Shakespeare
#193. Report me and my cause aright. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Reports quotes by Chalmers Johnson
#194. The term blowback, which officials of the Central Intelligent Agency first invented for their own internal use, ... refers to the unintended consequences of policies that were kept secret from the American people. What the daily press reports as the malign act of terrorists or drug lords or rogue states or illegal arms merchants often turn out to be blowback from earlier American operations. #Quote by Chalmers Johnson
Reports quotes by C.L. Wilson
#195. Now back to the p - Sealord. Reports aside, what do we really know about this Dilys Merimydion?"

"We know that he's wealthy, he's a skilled warrior, he's handsome, charming, and helped save the world from a dread god who would have plunged the whole of Mystral into unending winter," Autumn added. "Not to ruin your determination to find something wrong with him, Viviana, but that last one tells me all I need to know. The man literally helped save the world." She shrugged. "I can spend three months of my time being nice to him for that."

Spring sighed. "Yes, yes, but in the reports I've read, there isn't one bad thing about him listed. Not one, and that's just not normal."

"You're complaining because the reports say Dilys Merimydion is a good man?" Summer shook her head.

"Not just good. Too good. As in too good to be true. I'm just saying, something smells fishy to me."

Autumn laughed. "You know, there's a good joke in that remark."

Spring rolled her eyes. "Don't. Please. Spare us." In addition to her addiction to food, Autumn possessed a terrible love for pranks, puns, and bad jokes. Which, of course, she took inordinate glee in inflicting on her family.

Autumn sniffed with mock indignation. "As if I would cast my pearls before swine. What were we talking about again? Oh, yes, Dilys Merimydion. The Scrumptious Sealord."

"Oh, dear gods," Spring groaned. "You've nicknamed him. Alliteratively. #Quote by C.L. Wilson
Reports quotes by Amrom Harry Katz
#196. Try to find the real tense of the report you are reading: Was it done, is it being done, or is something to be done? Reports are now written in four tenses: past tense, present tense, future tense, and pretense. Watch for novel uses of CONGRAM (CONtractor GRAMmer), defined by the past imperfect, the present insufficient, and the future absolutely perfect. #Quote by Amrom Harry Katz
Reports quotes by J.K. Rowling
#197. The Prophet is bound to report the truth occasionally,' said Dumbledore, 'if only accidentally. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Reports quotes by Tony La Russa
#198. I'm very distressed that the report was leaked early so that the initial headline said 'dismissed, fired.' That's 180 degrees from the arrangement we have potentially. #Quote by Tony La Russa
Reports quotes by Rands
#199. I believe email-based status reports are the clearest and best signs of managerial incompetence and laziness. #Quote by Rands
Reports quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#200. Is it only in the army in the Philippines that Americans sometimes commit deeds that cause all other Americans to regret?
[Theodore Roosevelt 1901 relating reports of water torture in the Philippines to lynching in the south] #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt

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