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Replier quotes by Alice Boyes
#1. Spot Rumination Triggered by Emails

Email is a common trigger for rumination. Text messages, Facebook comments, and tweets can be too. All the nonverbal cues, and many of the context cues, are stripped out of this type of communication. The asynchronized nature of email often adds to the issue.
For example, does a slow reply to an email mean the person is disinterested? Or might it mean something else? Is the person busy? A habitual slow replier? Waiting on some information before coming back to you with a reply? Still thinking about what you've said? Is the person disorganized and got distracted? Not checking messages? Did your message go to spam?
If you get caught in email-induced rumination, recognize if you're jumping to any negative conclusions about why the person hasn't responded and try coming up with alternative explanations that are plausible. Use the next experiment as a guide. Remember that slowing your breathing will always help you think more clearly and flexibly, so do this too.
Experiment: Can you recall a time when a nontimely response to an email set off rumination for you? What was (1) your worst-case scenario prediction for the person's lack of response, (2) the best-case scenario, and (3) the most likely scenario? If you struggle to think of an answer for "most likely," pick something that falls in the middle, between your answers for the best- and worst-case scenarios.
In the email incident you just recalled, did you ever #Quote by Alice Boyes

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