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Ren Amamiya quotes by David Downie
#1. Depending on which flavor of academic scholarship you prefer, that age had its roots in the Renaissance or Mannerist periods in Germany, England, and Italy. It first bloomed in France in the garden of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 1780s. Others point to François-René de Chateaubriand's château circa 1800 or Victor Hugo's Paris apartments in the 1820s and '30s. The time frame depends on who you ask. All agree Romanticism reached its apogee in Paris in the 1820s to 1840s before fading, according to some circa 1850 to make way for the anti-Romantic Napoléon III and the Second Empire, according to others in the 1880s when the late Romantic Decadents took over. Yet others say the period stretched until 1914 - conveniently enduring through the debauched Belle Époque before expiring in time for World War I and the arrival of that other perennial of the pigeonhole specialists, modernism.

There are those, however, who look beyond dates and tags and believe the Romantic spirit never died, that it overflowed, spread, fractured, came back together again like the Seine around its islands, morphed into other isms, changed its name and address dozens of times as Nadar and Balzac did and, like a phantom or vampire or other supernatural invention of the Romantic Age, it thrives today in billions of brains and hearts. The mother ship, the source, the living shrine of Romanticism remains the city of Paris. #Quote by David Downie
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#2. We understand how that can make a girl crumble. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma
Ren Amamiya quotes by Anne Zoelle
#3. Darling, no," Constantine said.
"Love admit-and-runners don't get to have a say."
He smiled slowly. "I'll remember that. #Quote by Anne Zoelle
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#4. Don't you see, Ren? That's exactly why I have to go. You need to know that you can survive without me. That's there's more to life than just me. You need to see this world that's opened up to you and know that you have choices. I refuse to be your cage- Kelsey, pg. 401 #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#5. I can tell you that these two statues are not monkeys native to India. This one's a spider monkey. They come from South America. This one is a chimpanzee, which is technically an ape, not a monkey. They're often classified as monkeys because of their size."
I gaped at him. "How do you know so much about monkeys?"
He crossed him arms over his chest. "Ah, so am I to assume that talking about monkeys is an approved topic of conversation? Perhaps if I were a monkey instead of a tiger you might clue me in as to why you're avoiding me."
"I'm not avoiding you. I just need some space. It has nothing to do with your species. It has to do with other things."
"What other things?"
"It's something."
"It can't be anything."
"What can't be anything?"
"Can we just get back to the monkeys?" I yelled.
"Fine!" he hollered back.
We stood there glaring at each other for a minute, both of us frustrated and angry. He went back to examining the various monkeys and ticking off a list of their traits.
Before I could stop myself, I shot off a sarcastic, "I had no idea that I was walking with a monkey expert, but, then again, you have eaten them right? So I guess that would be the difference between say, pork and chicken, to someone like me."
Ren scowled at me. "I lived in zoos and circuses for centuries, remember? And I don't…eat…monkeys! #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
#6. Seems like secret romances have a shelf life" -Ren #Quote by Jenna Evans Welch
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#7. Kishan is capable of a great many things, and girlfriend
stealing is at the top of his list of skills. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Norman Mailer
#8. Was it an hour, or a week before the light of the moon rose in the interior of my body? A bird with luminous wings flew in front of that full moon, and its head was as radiant as a point of light. That bird must be the Khu--this sweet bird of the night--a creature of divine intelligence loaned to us just so much as the Ren or the Sekhem. Yes, the Khu was a light in your mind while you lived, but in death, it must return to heaven. For the Khu was also eternal. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#9. A life with Ren was harder to picture. We didn't look as if we belonged together. It was like matching up Ken with Strawberry Shortcake. He needed Barbie. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#10. The other two weren't even dancers. They were football players. Which was ridiculous. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma
Ren Amamiya quotes by Gideon Defoe
#11. Don't listen to people telling you that getting up early is best. René Descartes is one of history's most important philosophers, but he rarely got out of bed before noon - and when he started getting up early for a new job as a private tutor, it caused him to catch pneumonia and die. #Quote by Gideon Defoe
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#12. Ren sighed, but he nodded. "We're backing her up."
Mason grinned. "She is woman. Hear her roar. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Anne Zoelle
#13. Would you - "
"You don't know what I was going to ask."
"Don't I?" A ghost of a smile worked his lips, and he turned his head just a fraction toward me, looking at me through a lock of hair. "The answer is yes anyways."
"I should make you do part of my community service," I mused, kicking back in the chair across the table from him. "That would serve you right."
"Go ahead. I can't say no to you either, darling."
"What do you mean, either?"
He smiled - though it was more of a smirk this time. "Either, one or the other, all of the above. #Quote by Anne Zoelle
Ren Amamiya quotes by Connie Suttle
#14. You are a piece of work, you know that?" I glared at Tony, then turned to René who'd been sitting quietly by, listening to everything and not saying anything. "René, what will you do if I kick his ass?" I jerked my head toward Tony.

"Nothing, as long as you do not inflict permanent harm," René smiled slightly.

I got up to go after Tony, but Wlodek hauled me back.

"We will not allow a brawl between our two youngest," he declared and settled me back in my seat. "Now, Anthony, where may we find your father and does he have other children? #Quote by Connie Suttle
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#15. That is exactly why you can't have me yet, Ren. I'm not going to share. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#16. Lunch is served!" I shouted.
The brothers wasted no time. Kishan reached for the chicken, and Ren, the cookies. I smacked their hands away and handed each one a bacterial wipe.
Kishan grumbled, "Kells, I ate my food raw off the ground for three hundred years. I really don't think a little dirt's going to kill me. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#17. Tell me you'll come back for the pack. For me." His eyes were bright with tears. "I don't want to lose you. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#18. They age," Tink said. "And die like humans. I'm a brownie. Therefore, I do not need to feed. I just age very, very, very slowly."
"I'm guessing you're probably still in your toddler years then," Ren muttered from up front.
Tink snorted. "I'll have you know that I'm two hundred years old."
My eyes widened as I looked over at him. "What?"
Faye laughed softly. "Brownies can live to be over a thousand years old. In human years, he's barely twenty."
Ren snickered.
Tink's eyes narrowed. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#19. I was indignant. This was too much! It was so awful to see someone I cared about broken down into nothing that I became furious. Someone or something was playing games with us, and I hated it. What was worse was knowing that the same things were happening to Ren somewhere in these tunnels. Who knew how they were representing me! #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Jason Fry
#20. Kylo had rummaged through these hopes and fears, things he had no right to. But as he searched, something had changed. Even as he callously rifled through her mind, he had somehow revealed his own. Rey found herself in his mind even as he invaded hers. She felt his rage, like a ruinous storm that filled his head, and his hatred, and his lust to dominate and humiliate those who wronged him. But she also felt his hurt, and his loneliness. And his fear -- that he would never prove as strong as Darth Vader, the ghost who haunted his dreams.
Kylo had retreated at finding Rey in his head -- had practically fled from her. But that had not been the end of that strange, sudden connection. She had seen more -- far more. Somehow, almost instinctually, she knew how he accessed some of the powers at his command -- even though she didn't understand them. It was as if his training had become hers, unlocking and flinging open door after door in her mind.
But now Rey couldn't shut those doors -- and she feared what had been set loose.
Kylo had urged her to let him be her teacher -- had pleaded with her, almost. #Quote by Jason Fry
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#21. Do you still want Ren?" I listened to my own heartbeat for a minute before answering. "Yes." "That's one hot mess, Cal." Ansel smiled at me. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Cameron Dane
#22. It feels good to have something to bring to the table," Ren said. "I will agree with that. But don't
mistake having money or stuff as being the same as being worthy. #Quote by Cameron Dane
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#23. I was looking back into memories I didn't own, wanting in. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#24. You are my pearl without a price.
-Ren, Tiger's Curse #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#25. Oh my God, I . . . I almost got run over by a moped," I said, turning my bewildered stare back on Ren. "That would've been so embarrassing to be taken out by one of them #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#26. He is Monroe's son." I pointed at Ren. "And he's your best hope to win this war." "He's what?" Shay's voice was dead quiet. I'm what?" Ren kept his own voice to a whisper, but the look he'd thrown me was a bit alarmed. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Anne Zoelle
#27. I'll ruin you. If Alexander doesn't do it first. #Quote by Anne Zoelle
Ren Amamiya quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#28. It had been me - it had always been me. And Ren - oh my God - Ren was here to find and kill me, because the prince of the mother freaking Otherworld was free in the mortal realm. The Prince was here to knock up a halfling, to make an apocalypse baby ... with me.
I was going to vomit.
Like all over the hardwood floors of my bedroom. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#29. This is something you can't deny. You belong with me. You're mine. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Betty Ren Wright
#30. Don't blame me," Jason protested. "All I did was ask an innocent question. I'm not the one telling Gwen she has to get out."
"I said that's enough!" Frank smacked the table hard. "We're not going to talk about it anymore, and we're not going to hand out blame. Is that clear, Jason? If Gwen can handle this in a mature way, there's no reason for you to raise the roof."
Now they were both looking at Gwen, waiting for her to show how mature she was. "I think," she began. "I think--" She swallowed hard. "I think I'm going to be sick." With a hand pressed over her mouth, she dashed out of the room and up the stairs, making it to the bathroom just in time.
Afterward, she sat on the bathroom floor and leaned against the old-fashioned footed tub. Three people out of five, she thought wryly. It would be laughable, the way she and Dena and Tessie had leaped up and run, one after the other, if it weren't so sad. #Quote by Betty Ren Wright
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#31. Thrilled with the knowledge that she loved me, it took me a moment to realize that she was angry. I found her tantrum irresistible. #Ren #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#32. I was just slipping my pajama top over my head when I heard Ren bellow, YOU ate ALL of my peanut ... butter ... COOKIES? #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Ren Ng
#33. When a regular camera focuses physically, what the regular camera is doing is adjusting the lens relative to the sensor to bring different parts of the scene into focus. #Quote by Ren Ng
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#34. Ren's scent was everywhere. The smoke of aged wood lingering beneath a chilled autumn sky, the smooth burn of well-worn leather, the seductive ribbon of sandalwood. I closed my eyes, letting his scent pour over me, filling me with memories. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Colleen Houck
#35. You know, sleeping outdoors isn't all bad. You get to stare up at the stars and cool breezes ruffle your fur after a hot day. The grass smells sweet and," he made eye contact with me, "so does your hair."
I blushed and grumbled, "Well, I'm glad someone enjoyed it."
He smiled smugly and said, "I did."
I had a quick flash of him as a man snuggled up next to me in the forest, imagined him resting his head on my lap while I stroked his hair, and decided to focus on the matter at hand.
"Well, listen, Ren, you're changing the subject. I don't appreciate the way you manipulated me into being here. Mr. Kadam should've told me at the circus."
He shook his head. "We didn't think you'd believe his story. He made up the trip to the tiger reserve to get you to India. We figured once you were here, I could change into a man and clarify everything."
I admitted, "You're probably right. If you had changed to a man there, I don't think I would have come"
"Why did you come?"
"I wanted to spend more time with…you. You know, the tiger. I would have missed him. I mean you." I blushed.
He grinned lopsidedly. "I would have missed you too."
I wrung the hem of my shirt between my hands.
Misreading my thoughts, he said, "Kelsey. I'm truly sorry for the deception. If there'd been any other way-"
I looked up. He hung his head in a way that reminded me of the tiger. The frustration and awkwardness I felt about him dissipated. My instincts told me #Quote by Colleen Houck
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#36. It was Ruby's favorite kind of story: where the boys lost and the girls won and got a souvenir in the bargain. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma
Ren Amamiya quotes by Robert Pattinson
#37. This is quite difficult 'cause I have a really flat head, and so it's quite difficult to get a correct angle. And you can't go up from down below as well, 'cause I've got, like, rock solid gelled hair. And so, like, it was odd. I don't know, sometimes I feel like my head is being, like, turned inside out. Like that episode of Ren & Stimpy when he's inside his own belly button. I don't know. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Ren Amamiya quotes by Anne Zoelle
#38. He stared at me, unreadable for a moment. "I've had women try to save me before," he said idly.
"Then that means I'll be yesterday's trash soon on that part of the equation, but we will still be friends."
He smiled with a far truer lift of his cheeks. "Don't be foolish. I told you before. I'd never let you go." He touched my chin, tilting it up toward him. "I could remove the danger, you know. Lock you in a room - a tower - "
"My hair isn't long enough," I said automatically.
"But you would spin me gold. So many things better than gold. Truer." His gaze dropped to my lips. "I would keep you in the finest of materials, handcrafted with only you in mind. The finest paints, in a tower so high that you would have no cares. #Quote by Anne Zoelle
Ren Amamiya quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#39. You be really careful." – Sundown
"Always. You have to be careful when you fly, or you end up smeared on the side of a building." – Ren #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ren Amamiya quotes by Clarissa Goenawan
#40. Remember this, Ren. Sadness alone can't harm anyone. It's what you do when you're sad that can hurts you and those around you. #Quote by Clarissa Goenawan
Ren Amamiya quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#41. Ren frowned as he surveyed the madness they were knee-deep in. "Why are you under such heavy fire?"
Nick gave him a droll stare. "Oh, I don't know. But we're really enjoying it. Fear has such a wonderfully romantic scent to it that they ought to turn it into cologne and deodorant. Eau de Ew. Let's all just take a minute, and bask in it. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#42. I wondered how they could know so much about my brain without lifting open my skull and poking through it. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma
Ren Amamiya quotes by Andrea Cremer
#43. A growl rumbled behind us. "Could you not touch her?" Ren didn't make it sound like a question. "Bite me," Shay snarled. "Stop it. Both of you. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Ren Amamiya quotes by Nova Ren Suma
#44. Sometimes it could be the smallest thing that could topple over a whole life, and, in the end, destroy it. #Quote by Nova Ren Suma

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