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Remarkables Ski quotes by Godfrey Hounsfield
#1. Apart from my work, my greatest pleasures have been mainly out-of-doors, and although I no longer ski, I greatly enjoy walking in the mountains and leading country rambles. I am fond of music, whether light or classical, and play the piano in a self-taught way. In company, I enjoy lively, way-out discussions. #Quote by Godfrey Hounsfield
Remarkables Ski quotes by Ilona Andrews
#2. And you brought the ski mask?"
"Yes. It's not cold, though, even up above."
"It's not for the cold. The pegasi like to chase birds. Birds don't like to be chased."
"Okay." Whatever that meant.

Chapter 10

BIRDS WERE ASSHOLES. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#3. FACE ONE WEARS as an adult is a mask that's cut to fit in her youth." There are many kinds of masks, Anna thought. Theater masks and Halloween masks and surgical masks and fencing masks and diving masks and wrestling masks and ski masks. Welding visors and face cages, blindfolds and dominos. And death masks. The Doktor continued. "Every mask becomes a death mask when you can no longer put it on or take it off at will. When it conforms to the contours of your psychic face. When you mistake the persona you project for your living soul. When you can no more distinguish between the two. #Quote by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Remarkables Ski quotes by Bode Miller
#4. There's been times when I've been in really tough shape at the top of the course. Talk about a hard challenge right there. I mean, if you ever tried to ski when you're wasted, it's not easy. Try and ski a slalom when ... you hit a gate less than every one a second, so it's risky, you know. You're putting your life at risk there. It's like driving drunk only there's no rules about it in ski racing. #Quote by Bode Miller
Remarkables Ski quotes by Eric Alterman
#5. Ever since Richard Nixon walloped George McGovern in the presidential election of 1972, political pundits have treated as a truism the proposition that liberals are out of step with the rest of the nation, and therefore all but unelectable outside the precincts of the Northeast
give or take a college town here or a ski resort there. During the course of every presidential election for the past forty years now, Republicans have sought to wield the word liberal as if it were a six-gauge shotgun. #Quote by Eric Alterman
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jeremy Irons
#6. Anywhere I can ski in the morning and sell a movie in the afternoon is good. #Quote by Jeremy Irons
Remarkables Ski quotes by Esther Hicks
#7. You gotta chill and relax, and release, meditate, and breathe and walk, and ski and surf, and bask and sunbathe and relax and sing and love and laugh and nurture yourself, and eat good stuff. And find better and better feeling thoughts and practice them until they become the norm. And then everything that life has caused you to become must manifest into your experience. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Remarkables Ski quotes by Carre Otis
#8. I bicycle 12,000-foot mountain passes, run, cross train, skate-ski, hike and mountain bike. #Quote by Carre Otis
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jennifer Echols
#9. Do you want me to call the boys?" Liz suggested from way above me.
"Do not not call Nick Krieger!" I shouted. "God, would he love this."
"I've got Davis in my cell phone," Liz called. "Gavin,too."
"Absolutely not.If you call Davis or Gavin,Nick will be attached." Chloe squealed,"Yes,please,liz. Gavin would be excellent right now! No offense,Hayden,but don't join the ski patrol anytime soon."
"Ingrate!" I yelled. "I'll show you.I'm about to save the day, in just a minute here. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Remarkables Ski quotes by Pat Conroy
#10. There was always an outrageousness to our response to minor events. Flamboyance and exaggeration were the tail feathers, the jaunty plumage that stretched and flared whenever a Wingo found himself eclipsed in the lampshine of a hostile world. As a family, we were instinctive, not thoughtful. We could never outsmart our adversaries but we could always surprise them with the imaginativeness of our reactions. We functioned best as connoisseurs of hazard and endangerment. We were not truly happy unless we were engaged in our own private war with the rest of the world. Even in my sister's poems, one could always feel the tension of approaching risk. Her poems all sounded as though she had composed them of thin ice and falling rock. They possessed movement, weight, dazzle and craft. Her poetry moved through streams of time, wild and rambunctious, like an old man entering the boundary waters of the Savannah River, planning to water-ski forty miles to prove he was still a man. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Remarkables Ski quotes by Elizabeth George
#11. When I start a book, I write a minimum of five pages every day, except weekends. If I'm going on a ski trip, I take my computer with me, get up at six, do my five pages, and then go skiing. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Remarkables Ski quotes by Hermann Maier
#12. There is no pressure on me, I can take a lot of risks in the coming weeks. I feel free to ski the way I decide on race-day because the overall title was not my main target this winter. #Quote by Hermann Maier
Remarkables Ski quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#13. Well, actually what I said was - "
Ski had to stop talking, completely distracted by a silent Bear suddenly walking around Jace, with Lev in his hands. He held the puppy out in front of him and, after moving the dog around Jace's head and face a few times, he began to slowly walk backward, the dog still held out in front of him.
"What . . . what's Bear doing?" Jace asked softly
Ski blew out a breath. "Luring you with your puppy."
"He wants you to get to work. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Remarkables Ski quotes by Beryl Bender Birch
#14. I started teaching yoga in 1974 in Colorado, I was living in Winter Park, and I started teaching skiers. At that point I was teaching more of the Sivananda system and just pushing it up a little bit to make it a little more rajasic a little more active, a little more physical. People would come, and feel great, and by the time I left Colorado in 1980 I'd taught pretty much everyone in town - the ski patrol, ski instructors, the bar owners. #Quote by Beryl Bender Birch
Remarkables Ski quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#15. My mom would spy by satellite, turning down the air conditioning, colder and colder, with a tapping keystroke via her wireless connection, chilling that house, that one room, meat locker cold, ski-slope cold, spending a king's ransom on Freon and electric power, trying to make some doomed ten bucks' worth of pretty pink flowers last one more day. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jennifer Echols
#16. Snowfall-funny name for a ski resort town,at least the falling part.It made me worry I would take my dog for a walk one afternoon and slip into an icy crevice,never to be heard from again. The only evidence that I'd ever existed would be Doofus the Irish setter, trotting happily home,dragging his leash. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Remarkables Ski quotes by Ted Ligety
#17. One of the cool things about ski racing is there is never a perfect run so it's hard to be satisfied in that sense, you can always go that extra step, i don't think any of us have the realistic goal of having the perfect run. Ski racing is the most variable sport out there, conditions change run-to-run, we only get one chance at it and the margin for error is tiny. #Quote by Ted Ligety
Remarkables Ski quotes by Heather Mills
#18. I have a very basic leg. But it has a silicon cover on it. I have a flat foot leg, a high heel leg and then I have a leg which, in the winter, I have to ski in and in the summer I swap it into my roller blades. #Quote by Heather Mills
Remarkables Ski quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#19. Some people at the party, she adds, are freaks, then mentions a drug I've never heard of, and tells me a story that involves ski masks, zombies, a van, chains, a secret community, and asks me about a Hispanic girl who disappeared in some desert. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Remarkables Ski quotes by Ted Ligety
#20. My parents never pushed me to ski race. It was my choice and something I really wanted to do. I would have rebelled if they had pushed me, and I wouldn't have had the same passion. #Quote by Ted Ligety
Remarkables Ski quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#21. When I get on the World Cup tour, I'm kind of disconnected from the world. I just kind of get wrapped up in my world and wrapped up in trying to ski fast every day, and I forget about everything else. #Quote by Lindsey Vonn
Remarkables Ski quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#22. Making a ski resort out of a molehill is wonderful if you're a Smurf. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Remarkables Ski quotes by Roland Huntford
#23. It was the final division of skiing into two branches. In one way, it was merely codifying a fundamental distinction with psychological consequences. The Nordic events implied fighting the force of gravity. Alpine skiing exploits it. Ski-jumping is a hybrid: on the approach run you use gravity for the take-off but once in the air you fight it to keep aloft as long as possible. The #Quote by Roland Huntford
Remarkables Ski quotes by Andrew Vachss
#24. The biggest threat to children is always inside their houses. The predator with the ski-mask who grabs the kid out of a van, while a real thing, is a tiny percentage of those who prey upon children. Most victimization of children is within the Circle of Trust - not necessarily a parent, but somebody who was let into that circle, who can be a counselor, or a coach, or someone at a day-care center.
The biggest danger to children is that they're perceived as property, not human beings. #Quote by Andrew Vachss
Remarkables Ski quotes by Mikaela Shiffrin
#25. It's like a puzzle or a painting or music. When I ski, it's like a song. I can hear the rhythm in my head, and when I start to ski that rhythm and I start to really link my turns together, all of a sudden there's so much flow and power that I just can't help but feel amazing. That's where the joy comes from. #Quote by Mikaela Shiffrin
Remarkables Ski quotes by Nancy Greene
#26. I think what it takes to succeed remains the same. You have to have a real love of your sport to carry you through all the bad times, you still want to go ski even when things aren't working. You must have a commitment to work hard and to never give up. #Quote by Nancy Greene
Remarkables Ski quotes by Eddie Izzard
#27. If you've never seen an elephant ski, you've never been on acid. #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Remarkables Ski quotes by James MacArthur
#28. I just sold a farm in Missouri, and I own a ski lodge in Colorado with some Honolulu partners. #Quote by James MacArthur
Remarkables Ski quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#29. Most locals knew who Della Lee was. She waitressed at a greasy spoon called Eat and Run, which was tucked far enough outside the town limits that the ski-crowd tourists didn't see it. She haunted bars at night. She was probably in her late thirties, maybe ten years older than Josey, and she was rough and flashy and did whatever she wanted - no reasonable explanation required. "Della Lee Baker, what are you doing in my closet?" "You shouldn't leave your window unlocked. Who knows who could get in?" Della Lee said, single-handedly debunking the long-held belief that if you dotted your ... #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Remarkables Ski quotes by Meredith Marple
#30. The ski club was a frugal and intergenerational group. It gave dime-store trophies for speed and agility within categories of gender, age, and experience, and so eventually everyone got a trophy. #Quote by Meredith Marple
Remarkables Ski quotes by Bode Miller
#31. When you back off, it's easier to do mistakes. For me it's better to ski fast. #Quote by Bode Miller
Remarkables Ski quotes by Anson Scott
#32. Tuco Medrano, wearing a black ski mask, walked quickly across the busy Bulevar Ignacio Bernardo Norzagaray and put two rounds through the driver side window of the lead truck. The bullets struck Officer Ignacio Reyes in the head, killing him instantly, and sprayed bloody bits of brain matter and bone all over his wide-eyed female partner. #Quote by Anson Scott
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jill Shalvis
#33. She sucked in a breath. "You're ... "
When she didn't finish the sentence, he turned his head and watched her gaze drop to his mouth, which was only a few inches from hers.
"Handy," she finished softly.
"And you're ... "
She smiled. "Stubborn? Annoying?"
"Set to go," he said. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Remarkables Ski quotes by Bode Miller
#34. I had crashes when I was small and Gumby-like that would have killed me now. I would just fly off jumps and go 40 or 50 meters when I was 6 years old - break skis, smash my goggles and get a bloody nose and go crawl inside for a little while and then come back out and ski more in the afternoon. #Quote by Bode Miller
Remarkables Ski quotes by Richelle Mead
#35. Adrian Ivashkov: "Rose Hathaway, I can't wait to see you again. If you're this charming while tired and annoyed and this gorgeous while bruised and in ski clothes, you must be devastating at your peak."
Rose Hathaway: "If by 'devastating' you mean that you should fear for your life, then yeah. You're right. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Remarkables Ski quotes by Scott Medbury
#36. Good thinking," he replied. "There's a town I remember being about 10 miles before Lincoln, where we turn off to head for the ski lodge, Compton or Campton, something like that. We can find a place to hide the truck there." "Campton, #Quote by Scott Medbury
Remarkables Ski quotes by Mikaela Shiffrin
#37. Most people just see ski racing during the Olympics. #Quote by Mikaela Shiffrin
Remarkables Ski quotes by Sebastian Bach
#38. I would say a must-do in Canada would be to go skiing at Whistler in Vancouver. You could take a chair lift for, like, a half hour to the top of this mountain, and you ski down; it takes like so long to get to the bottom. You go past the clouds. It's absolutely incredible. #Quote by Sebastian Bach
Remarkables Ski quotes by David Duchovny
#39. I had to work in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world for almost three weeks. Pity me. #Quote by David Duchovny
Remarkables Ski quotes by Jarod Kintz
#40. Love is snowy, like the raincloud I left in the freezer. I would ski on the slope of your kiss, but I'd be fearful of an avalanche. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Remarkables Ski quotes by Scott Weiland
#41. When people ask me if I have a hobby, a lot of times my answer is that I like to surf in warm water. I like to ski, if I have the opportunity. But really, I like to go to my studio and write music that I want to write, where there's no pressure to come up with a hit single. #Quote by Scott Weiland
Remarkables Ski quotes by Rachel Kushner
#42. Ski racing was drawing in time, I said to Sandro. I finally had someone listening who wanted to understand: the two things I loved were drawing and speed, and in skiing I had combined them. It was drawing in order to win. #Quote by Rachel Kushner
Remarkables Ski quotes by Adam Levin
#43. I feel like a millionaire on the back of an armored jet-ski my samurai girlfriend who loves me is charging at a cartel speedboat to win a game of chicken. Isn't this the day's best part? You don't even have to remember to enjoy it. It enjoys you into itself. #Quote by Adam Levin
Remarkables Ski quotes by Diana Nyad
#44. In swimming, especially training out in the ocean and open water, you got fogged-over goggles, you're stuck with your own thoughts - there's great benefits to that, deep thinking like that after many hours, but there's also tremendous loneliness. You burn out. You want to run, jump, ski, do anything. So at age 30, I was finished. #Quote by Diana Nyad
Remarkables Ski quotes by John Green
#45. It was right then, between when I asked about the labyrinth and when she answered me, that I realized the importance of curves, of the thousand places where girls' bodies ease from one place to another, from arc to the foot to ankle to calf, from calf to hip to wait to breast to neck to ski-slope nose to forehead to shoulder to the concave arch of the back to the butt to the etc. I'd noticed curves before, of course, but I had never quite apprehended their significance. #Quote by John Green
Remarkables Ski quotes by Rita Rudner
#46. Only men who have worn a ski suit understand how complicated it is for a woman to go to the bathroom when she's wearing a jumpsuit. #Quote by Rita Rudner

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