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Famous Quotes About Relief Work

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Relief Work quotes by Tony Campolo
#1. After-school tutoring programs, care for the elderly, shelters for the homeless, disaster relief work, and a variety of other services would all benefit from government funding. #Quote by Tony Campolo
Relief Work quotes by Osho
#2. Take work as a game and enjoy it. Everything is a challenge. Just don't go on doing it, dragging yourself because it has to be done.
So there are only two possibilities: either find work you like or become capable of liking the work, whatsoever it is. The second is the best alternative because it is very difficult to find work that you Sooner or later you will dislike it. In the beginning, maybe you like it. #Quote by Osho
Relief Work quotes by Cat Stevens
#3. It seems to be the easiest thing in the world these days to make scurrilous accusations against Muslims, and in my case it directly impacts on my relief work and damages my reputation as an artist. The harm done is often difficult to repair. #Quote by Cat Stevens
Relief Work quotes by Eglantyne Jebb
#4. Relief work does not consist entirely in wearisome appeals ... it has its moments of enchantment, its adventures, its unexpected vistas into new worlds #Quote by Eglantyne Jebb
Relief Work quotes by Sakyong Mipham
#5. There is a direct correlation between physical exertion and mental relief. #Quote by Sakyong Mipham
Relief Work quotes by Leymah Gbowee
#6. Most of the institutions that come in to offer help after disaster don't have the resources to provide concrete help. . . . Donor communities invest billions funding peace talks and disarmament. Then they stop. The most important part of postwar help is missing: providing basic social services to people. Not having those resources might have been a reason men went to war in the first place; they crossed a border and joined an armed group because they didn't have jobs. In Liberia right now, there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed young people, and they're ready-made mercenaries for wars in West Africa. You'd think the international community would be sensible enough to know they should work to change this. But they aren't. #Quote by Leymah Gbowee
Relief Work quotes by John Piper
#7. Therefore, we read the Bible selectively. We pick a text here and there to fit our felt needs. This is like a doctor who forgets how to write prescriptions for the best antibiotics because every- body seems healthy, and he has spent the last decades tweaking good health with hip-hop exercise videos, unaware that pestilence is at the door. It's like the soldier who forgets how to use his weapons because the times seem peaceful, and he has spent the last decades doing relief work and teaching the children how to play games. #Quote by John Piper
Relief Work quotes by Ali Harper
#8. Our love is true because the truth is love isn't always kind or patient, sometimes it's raw and passionate and impulsive and can even be cruel. Believe it or not sometimes you have to work at it and when we we're good; we're not even great we're phenomenal. Sometimes I'm temperamental asshole and you're just a crazy grade A bitch! But we work for God's sake so don't throw us away! We are just two imperfect people living in an imperfect world with a slightly imperfect love, is there anything more perfect than that? I love you Sienna, I love you now and I will always love you." He said so sincerely with a look so pure it startled her and set all the nerves in her body alight with an exhilarating intense fire that she tried to extinguish immediately with pails of water. #Quote by Ali Harper
Relief Work quotes by Brody Jenner
#9. Everyone thinks something like 'The Hills' just falls into your lap. It's not true. You have to work for everything. #Quote by Brody Jenner
Relief Work quotes by William A. Connelly
#10. Good NCOs are not just born-they are groomed and grown through a lot of hard work and strong leadership by senior NCOs. #Quote by William A. Connelly
Relief Work quotes by Clara Cannucciari
#11. We really never, never threw anything away. You think you know about recycling? We invented it. We had to. We were desperate. Sometimes maybe the only thing we had to work with was a couple of leftover baked potatoes from the weekend, and that was all there was to eat. Didn't matter to us that much. Ma just baked them again. Twice-Baked Potatoes really were kind of a treat for us, and we'd never complain when she served them. #Quote by Clara Cannucciari
Relief Work quotes by Vaclav Havel
#12. We must come to understand the deep mutual connection or kinship between the various forms of our spirituality. We must recollect our original spiritual and moral substance, which grew out of the same essential experience of humanity. I believe that this is the only way to achieve a genuine renewal of our sense of responsibility for ourselves and for the world. And at the same time, it is the only way to achieve a deeper understanding among cultures that will enable them to work together in a truly ecumenical way to create a new order for the world. #Quote by Vaclav Havel
Relief Work quotes by Sara Zarr
#13. At the corner of K street and Fourth Avenue, I slowed down to let a pedestrian cross, a boy around my age. Maybe because he was so tall or maybe because of the way he walked-with a determined leaving into the cold-I couldn't take my eyes off him. His face was angled away from the car, and I got this strange urge to make him turn around so I could see it. I pressed my hand to the horn, but no sound came out, which was a relief. What was I thinking, anyway, doing something weird and embarrassing like honking at a stranger? Just then my cell phone rang from the pocket of my jacket. I pulled the car over, saw it was Ethan, and answered.
"Hi," I said, still watching the figure go down the street. "Guess what?"
"What? You got all your trig homework done?"
"No. Think more within the realm of possibility."
"You got a tattoo?"
"Ha. A car. I got a car. #Quote by Sara Zarr
Relief Work quotes by Tennessee Williams
#14. All of us are guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Relief Work quotes by Atom Egoyan
#15. It was very important that it be done in such a way that it be executed with complete conviction. If I had done it both ways, if I was trying to cover myself in case it didn't work, then it would have been to no purpose. #Quote by Atom Egoyan
Relief Work quotes by Frances Cha
#16. have to work and work and work for a salary that isn't even enough to buy a house or pay for childcare, and you sit at a desk until your spine twists, and your boss is somehow incompetent and a workaholic at the same time and at the end of the day you have to drink to bear it all. #Quote by Frances Cha
Relief Work quotes by Nan S. Russell
#17. People who are winning at working don't ignore the problems they encounter. #Quote by Nan S. Russell
Relief Work quotes by Nelson Mandela
#18. To make peace with an enemy one must work with that enemy, and that enemy becomes one's partner. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Relief Work quotes by Marc Jacobs
#19. I go to the gym every morning for a couple of hours, then I come to work, whatever is on the plate for the day, I do it. I don't ask many questions, I go where I am told to. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Relief Work quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
#20. First of all, it's friendship with God that makes possible friendship with one another in a manner that is not that we just like one another, but that were are joined by common judgments, by God, for the good of God's church. Such friendship occurs not by trying to be each other's friend, but by discovering you were engaged in common good work that is so determinative, you cannot live without one another. Now, if the church is that, it will talk about friendship in a way that avoids the superficiality of the language of relationship. Because relationships are meant to be spontaneous and short. Friendship, if it is the friendship of God, is to be characterized by fidelity in which you are even willing to tell the friend the truth. Which may mean you will risk the friendship. You need to be in that kind of community to survive the loneliness that threatens all of our souls. #Quote by Stanley Hauerwas
Relief Work quotes by Fred F. Fielding
#21. It became evident to me that there was a very serious political element at work. I know that the term impeachment was bandied about. I do not believe, however, that the word was used with the ferocity it was more recently or that it was in the Nixon years. #Quote by Fred F. Fielding
Relief Work quotes by Amory Lovins
#22. Any demanding high technology tends to develop influential and dedicated constituencies of those who link its commercial success with both the public welfare and their own. Such sincerely held beliefs, peer pressures, and the harsh demands that the work itself places on time and energy all tend to discourage such people from acquiring a similarly thorough knowledge of alternative policies and the need to discuss them. #Quote by Amory Lovins
Relief Work quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#23. Before the work of Georg Cantor in the nineteenth century, the study of the infinite was as much theology as science; now, we understand Cantor's theory of multiple infinities, each one infinitely larger than the last, well enough to teach it to first-year math majors. (To be fair, it does kind of blow their minds.) #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
Relief Work quotes by Siri Mitchell
#24. But if you've always wanted to travel, then why don't you?" I very nearly shrugged before I remembered not to. "I can't." "Why not?' "Because . . . because . . . it's just not done. How would I do it? What would I say?" He grinned. "Bon voyage - I'm off to the Continent. That seemed to work for me." "But you're a man." "Yes. Yes, I am." "You can do whatever you want. But I'm a girl - " "Yes, indeed you are!" I frowned. He was teasing me. "Forgive me. As you were saying?" "I cannot just go wherever I want whenever I please. I have to be escorted. And who would escort me abroad?" "I would." I laughed. "I would!" His protest was tinged by his own laughter. "You can't." "And why not?" "Because we aren't - " I was going to say married, but that would have been presumptuous. "Because you can't. It wouldn't be proper." "Far be it from me to know polite from improper, but I believe you just danced your first waltz properly. With your eyes open. #Quote by Siri Mitchell
Relief Work quotes by Philip K. Dick
#25. In other words, an entire new world is pointed to, by this. The name for it is neither art, for it has no form, nor religion. What is it? I have pondered this pin unceasingly, yet cannot fathom it. We evidently lack the work for an object like this. So you are right, Robert. It is authentically a new thing on the face of the world #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Relief Work quotes by Niall Williams
#26. She flashed upon his life with an electric energy, shattering every day's effort at work and leaving a kind of glimmering burning feeling all day and night around the edges of his heart. #Quote by Niall Williams
Relief Work quotes by Steven Pinker
#27. A big heavy phrase is easier to handle if it comes at the end, when your work assembling the overarching phrase is done and nothing else is on you mind. (It's another version of the advice to prefer right-branching trees over left-branching and center-embedded ones.) Light-before-heavy is one of the oldest principles in linguistics, having been discovered in the fourth century BCE by the Sanskrit grammarian Panini. It often guides the intuitions of writers when they have to choose an order for items in a list, as in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle; and Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! #Quote by Steven Pinker
Relief Work quotes by Steve Maraboli
#28. Ideas and philosophies have a shelf-life. They must be kept fresh and renewed or they will spoil. If left unattended, the same ideas and philosophies that once nourished you and helped you grow can poison you and make you sick. Become aware of new ideas that can refresh your way of life and be open to the fact that your old ideas and philosophies can work for you for some time, but when the shelf-life has passed, those ideas and philosophies could also harm you. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Relief Work quotes by Colin Cotterill
#29. As Siri walked along that oh-so-noisy riverbank on his way to work, he saw a pelican gliding above the surface of the water. It was a marvelous bird, proud and resourceful, and he imagined how it would taste with a little chili paste and fresh yams. Hungry people made poor environmentalists. #Quote by Colin Cotterill
Relief Work quotes by Tatsiana
#30. Compassion is the ultimate beauty.
Compassion is the elegance of heart.
Compassion makes you the most attractive person,
more lovable than being rich or smart.
While you can work on your degree, then get the
job and make good money, there is no diploma for
You have to learn it by yourself. #Quote by Tatsiana
Relief Work quotes by Mike Judge
#31. When you work for other people you'll find ... that they do know what's best for them, and for the company. And you should listen to them and be respectful, but they don't know what's best for you. #Quote by Mike Judge
Relief Work quotes by Josh Charles
#32. One thing I've learned about his business is this whole 'plan thing' - it doesn't work. #Quote by Josh Charles
Relief Work quotes by Laurence J. Peter
#33. If you can't keep up, drag them down to your level. #Quote by Laurence J. Peter
Relief Work quotes by Anais Nin
#34. I am a woman first of all. At the core of my work was a journal written for the father I lost, loved and wanted to keep. I am personal. I am essentially human, not intellectual. I do not understand abstract act. Only art born of love, passion, pain. #Quote by Anais Nin
Relief Work quotes by Charles Manson
#35. I don't wanna take my time going to work, I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag and ten or fifteen girls. What the hell I wanna go off and go to work for? Work for what? Money? I got all the money in the world. I'm the king, man. I run the underworld, guy. I decide who does what and where they do it at. What am I gonna run around like some teeny bopper somewhere for someone elses money? I make the money man, I roll the nickels. The game is mine. I deal the cards #Quote by Charles Manson
Relief Work quotes by J.M. McDermott
#36. This man was being kept alive by those machines. Someone was trying to help him. They were just trying to help. All the horrible things we've seen are just people trying to help, aren't they? To make the work a little easier, and the world a little easier for people to live in. And it turned into a nightmare. #Quote by J.M. McDermott
Relief Work quotes by Allyson Schwartz
#37. I hear from the business community all the time that what they need is an educated work force. They need an infrastructure that can make people and products. You need to cultivate an environment that they can imagine living in and being in, having employees be in. And a fair tax structure. And a responsive government. #Quote by Allyson Schwartz
Relief Work quotes by Ernest Becker
#38. We might say that both the artist and the neurotic bite off more than they can chew, but the artist spews it back out again and chews it over in an objectified way, as an external, active work project #Quote by Ernest Becker
Relief Work quotes by Richard Siken
#39. I said it severely
and slept through all my appointments. I clawed
my way into the light but the light is just as scary.
I'd rather quit. I'd rather be sad. It's too much work. #Quote by Richard Siken
Relief Work quotes by John R. Perry
#40. All procrastinators put off things they have to do. Structured procrastination is the art of making this negative trait work for you. The key idea is that procrastinating does not mean doing absolutely nothing. Procrastinators seldom do absolutely nothing; they do marginally useful things, such as gardening or sharpening pencils or making a diagram of how they will reorganize their files when they get around to it. Why does the procrastinator do these things? Because they are a way of not doing something more important. If all the procrastinator had left to do was to sharpen some pencils, no force on earth could get him to do it. The procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely, and important tasks, however, as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important. #Quote by John R. Perry
Relief Work quotes by Elvia Alvarado
#41. My mother is very religious. She's one of those old ladies that spends her life in the church. She just prays and prays, day and night. We have a very different idea of what religion is. She doesn't understand what my work is about, why I want to make changes in the way we live. She thinks we should be thankful for the little we have and leave well enough alone. I suppose she thinks that if she prays enough, God will come down from the sky with a plate of beans for her to eat.
But I don't think that God say, 'Go to church and pray all day and everything will be fine.' No. For me God says, 'Go out and make the changes that need to be made, and I'll be there to help you.' [p. 30] #Quote by Elvia Alvarado
Relief Work quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#42. Forget about the scant hours in her brief life when Sylvia Plath was able to produce the works in Ariel. Forget about that tiny bit of time and just remember the days that spanned into years when she could not move, couldn't think straight, could only lie in wait in a hospital bed, hoping for the relief that electroconvulsive therapy would bring. Don't think of the striking on-screen picture, the mental movie you create of the pretty young woman being wheeled on the gurney to get her shock treatments, and don't think of the psychedelic, photonegative image of this sane woman at the moment she receives that bolt of electricity. Think, instead, of the girl herself, of the way she must have felt right then, of the way no amount of great poetry and fascination and fame could make the pain she felt at that moment worth suffering. Remember that when you're at the point at which you're doing something as desperate and violent as sticking your head in an oven, it is only because the life that preceded this act felt worse. Think about living in depression from moment to moment, and know it is not worth any of the great art that comes a its by-product. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Relief Work quotes by Nigel Cumberland
#43. Stop worrying about what you cannot control. It's a total waste of your energy, energy that could otherwise be used to help you focus on what you can influence. I spend large parts of my coaching sessions helping people to sift through their challenges and concerns – helping them to determine what they can change and what they have no control over. #Quote by Nigel Cumberland
Relief Work quotes by Andrei Sakharov
#44. My present work concerns the problems connected with the theory of elementary particles, the theory of gravitation and cosmology and I shall be glad if I can manage to make some contribution to these important branches of science. #Quote by Andrei Sakharov
Relief Work quotes by Richie Norton
#45. When haters start to rear their ugly head, just play around with them and throw them a bone so they can go away and chew on it. #Quote by Richie Norton
Relief Work quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#46. I've played sports pretty much my whole life, and that teaches you how to work with anyone, whether you like that person or you don't, and whether you get along with them or you don't. The circumstances don't matter. Team work is part of life. #Quote by Mehcad Brooks
Relief Work quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#47. As I've said many times before, in the real world, the A students often go to work for the C students--and the B students work for the government. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Relief Work quotes by Marshall Field
#48. To do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way; to do some things better than they were ever done before; to eliminate errors; to know both sides of the question; to be courteous; to be an example; to work for the love of work; to anticipate requirements; to develop resources; to recognize no impediments; to master circumstances; to act from reason rather than rule; to be satisfied with nothing short of perfection. #Quote by Marshall Field
Relief Work quotes by Bill Gates
#49. See the clock only when you have No work ... Don't see the clock when you are working ... Clock is a lock for success #Quote by Bill Gates
Relief Work quotes by Terry Pratchett
#50. It's not that I'm complaining,' said Angua, 'but when we were assigned this job I thought it was me who was going to be the decoy and you who was going to be the back up, Nobby.'
'Yeah, but what with you bein' . . .' Nobby's expression creased as he edged his way into
unfamiliar linguistic territory, '... mor phor . . . log . . . is . . : ally gifted. . .'
'A werewolf, Nobby. I know the word.'
'Right . . . well, obviously, you'd be a lot better at lurkin', an' . . . an' obviously it's not right, women havin' to act as decoys in police work. . .'
Angua hesitated, as she so often did when attempting to talk to Nobby on difficult matters, and waved her hands in front of her as if trying to shape the invisible dough of her thoughts.
'It's just that . . . I mean, people might . . .' she began. 'I mean . . . well, you know what people call men who wear wigs and gowns, don't you?'
'Yes, miss.'
'You do?'
'Yes, miss. Lawyers, miss.'
'Good. Yes. Good,' said Angua slowly. 'Now try another one . . .'
'Er . . . actors, miss?'
Angua gave up. 'You look good in taffeta, Nobby,' she said.
'You don't think it makes me look too fat?'
Angua sniffed. 'Oh, no . . .' she said quietly. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Relief Work quotes by Watchman Nee
#51. Often Satan injects pride into the believer's spirit, evoking in him an attitude of self-importance and of self-conceit. He causes him to esteem himself a very outstanding person, one who is indispensable in God's work. Such a spirit constitutes one of the major reasons for the fall of believers. #Quote by Watchman Nee
Relief Work quotes by Jennifer L. Etnier
#52. Do not fall into this trap of early success. Regardless of your current skill level, it is crucial that you continue to work hard so that you will continue to improve. Only by continuing to improve will you give yourself the opportunity to reach your potential in your sport. #Quote by Jennifer L. Etnier
Relief Work quotes by Tommy Bolin
#53. I'd rather work than not. #Quote by Tommy Bolin
Relief Work quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#54. I have not failed. I have successfully discovered 1200 ideas that don't work. #Quote by Thomas A. Edison

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