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Relation quotes by Jurgen Habermas
#1. Today, the language of the market penetrates every pore and forces every interpersonal relation into the schema of individual preference. #Quote by Jurgen Habermas
Relation quotes by Michael Caine
#2. I never look back at all. All of my sentiment and emotion goes into my family. I'm an extremely family oriented person and I have a very, very happy family life. That doesn't just include blood relations. I have friends who are close to me. #Quote by Michael Caine
Relation quotes by T. S. Eliot
#3. No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone. His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists. You cannot value him alone; you must set him, for contrast and comparison, among the dead. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Relation quotes by Mark Poster
#4. So begins a question which has of late become more and more urgent: what is the relation of aesthetics to politics? #Quote by Mark Poster
Relation quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#5. In the depths of his soul Ivan Ilyich knew that he was dying ... he simply did not, he could not possibly understand it. The example of a syllogism he had studied in Kiesewetter's logic - Caius is a man, men are mortal, therefore Caius is mortal
had seemed to him all his life to be correct only in relation to Caius, but by no means himself. For the man Caius, man in general, it was perfectly correct; but he was not Caius and not man in general, he had always been quite, quite separate from all other human beings ... And Caius is indeed mortal, and it's right that he die, but for me, Vanya, Ivan Ilyich, with all my feelings and thoughts
for me it's another matter. And it cannot be that I should die. It would be too terrible.
So it felt to him. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Relation quotes by Marcel Proust
#6. It's odd how a person always arouses admiration for his moral qualities among the relatives of another with whom he has sexual relations. Physical love, so unjustifiably decried, makes everyone show, down to the least detail, all he has of goodness and self-sacrifice, so that he shines even in the eyes of those nearest to him. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Relation quotes by Laura Riding
#7. Spiritually, the society we have is the society of men with women present only in adjunctive relation to them, not the society of men and women in reciprocal relation. We do not have the society of human beings. #Quote by Laura Riding
Relation quotes by Georg Cantor
#8. In particular, in introducing new numbers, mathematics is only obliged to give definitions of them, by which such a definiteness and, circumstances permitting, such a relation to the older numbers are conferred upon them that in given cases they can definitely be distinguished from one another. As soon as a number satisfies all these conditions, it can and must be regarded as existent and real in mathematics. Here I perceive the reason why one has to regard the rational, irrational, and complex numbers as being just thoroughly existent as the finite positive integers. #Quote by Georg Cantor
Relation quotes by Saunders Mac Lane
#9. The membership relation for sets can often be replaced by the composition operation for functions. This leads to an alternative foundation for Mathematics upon categories
specifically, on the category of all functions. Now much of Mathematics is dynamic, in that it deals with morphisms of an object into another object of the same kind. Such morphisms (like functions) form categories, and so the approach via categories fits well with the objective of organizing and understanding Mathematics. That, in truth, should be the goal of a proper philosophy of Mathematics. #Quote by Saunders Mac Lane
Relation quotes by Jacques Delors
#10. My presidential victory, if it had happened, would have been artificial in relation to the Socialist party. It may be that on my deathbed, I will come to regret my decision, but for the moment, I live at peace with it. #Quote by Jacques Delors
Relation quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#11. Wish to deal with my most distinguished contemporaries, not personally or in a merely literary manner, but in relation to the real body of doctrine which they teach. I am not concerned with Mr. Rudyard Kipling as a vivid artist or a vigorous personality; I am concerned with him as a Heretic - that is to say, a man whose view of things has the hardihood to differ from mine. I am not concerned with Mr. Bernard Shaw as one of the most brilliant and one of the most honest men alive; I am concerned with him as a Heretic - that is to say, a man whose philosophy is quite solid, quite coherent, and quite wrong. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Relation quotes by Amy Harmon
#12. I spent some time with my grandmother. During the winter the sheep are corralled close to home, and my grandmother works almost non-stop at her loom. She makes these amazing rugs and blankets. She says her ability to weave is a gift from Spider Woman." He looked at me, a faint smile lurking around his firm lips. "Spider Woman is of no relation to Super Sam or Bionic Josie." He quirked his eyebrows at me #Quote by Amy Harmon
Relation quotes by Noah Levine
#13. A good basic guideline for our speech (in relation to Ethical Conduct) is to reflect whether what we are saying is both true and useful. There may be times when we are honest in what we say, but our words are too brutal or harsh. And there may be other times when we are deliberately being kind with the words we choose, but what we are saying is not totally true. #Quote by Noah Levine
Relation quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#14. Themselves in such confidential depths of revelation as could fittingly be addressed only and exclusively to the one heart and mind of perfect sympathy; as if the printed book, thrown at large on the wide world, were certain to find out the divided segment of the writer's own nature, and complete his circle of existence by bringing him into communion with it. It is scarcely decorous, however, to speak all, even where we speak impersonally. But, as thoughts are frozen and utterance benumbed, unless the speaker stand in some true relation with his audience, #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Relation quotes by Philip Zaleski
#15. Charles Williams loved his son with reservations, complaining that "a child is a guest of a somewhat inconsistent temperament, rather difficult to get rid of, almost pushing; a poor relation rather than a pleasant kind. #Quote by Philip Zaleski
Relation quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#16. Be mindful at all times of the following: the nature of the whole universe, the nature of the part that is me, the relation of the one to the other, the one so vast, the other so small. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Relation quotes by Philip E. Agre
#17. Conservatism is constitutionally opposed to public reason, and this explains the abandon with which so many conservative pundits embrace flagrant simulations of reason, constructed through the methods of public relations, and exhibit so little regard for the real thing. #Quote by Philip E. Agre
Relation quotes by Emile Durkheim
#18. A society whose members are united by the fact that they think in the same way in regard to the sacred world and its relations with the profane world, and by the fact that they translate these common ideas into common practices, is what is called a Church. In all history, we do not find a single religion without a Church. #Quote by Emile Durkheim
Relation quotes by Rosemary Radford Ruether
#19. Women must see that there can be no liberation for them and no solution to the ecological crisis within a society whose fundamental model of relationships continues to be one of domination. They must unite the demands of the women's movement with those of the ecological movement to envision a radical reshaping of the basic socioeconomic relations and the underlying values of this [modern industrial] society. #Quote by Rosemary Radford Ruether
Relation quotes by J. Payne
#20. An intimate walk with the Lord also appears to have the following benefits in relation to other team members: It makes one lovable, it makes one trustworthy and reliable, and it provides an attitude of encouragement. #Quote by J. Payne
Relation quotes by Ayn Rand
#21. In all proper relationships there is no sacrifice of anyone to anyone ... Men exchange their work by free, mutual consent to mutual advantage when their personal interests agree and they both desire the exchange. If they do not desire it, they are not forced to deal with each other. They seek further. This is the only possible form of relationship between equals. Anything else is a relation of slave to master, or victim to executioner. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Relation quotes by T. S. Eliot
#22. It's harder to confess the sin that no one believes in Than the crime that everyone can appreciate. For the crime is in relation to the law And the sin is in relation to the sinner. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Relation quotes by C. Terry Warner
#23. Who we are is how we are in relation to others #Quote by C. Terry Warner
Relation quotes by Naomi Wolf
#24. A white person who claims to have no impediment of vision in this country is not, I think, telling the whole truth. And when it comes to race relations, not telling the whole truth about the fog one inhabits slows down the work of groping forward. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Relation quotes by Steven L. Peck
#25. Here, her hand in mine was the one reality that severed us from the cold click-clack of Hell. I rubbed her hand and she sighed; wasn't that meaning? Wasn't that something we could cling to? I could be with this other. I could form no other relation, but maybe her hand in mine was enough, both sufficient and necessary. In Hell there was no sense of place, because all places were the same. Uniform monotony. A place without place. A place without context. But, here, now, I could rub her hand and she would sigh. She was a difference. Perhaps each person was the only difference in all these halls of unchanging ranks of books, kiosks, clocks, and carpet, and that, and that, at least, we had to hold to. #Quote by Steven L. Peck
Relation quotes by Italo Calvino
#26. To fly is the opposite of traveling: you cross a gap in space, you vanish into the void, you accept not being in a place for a duration that is itself a kind of void in time; then you reappear, in a place and in a moment with no relation to the where and when in which you vanished. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Relation quotes by Rajneesh
#27. If you go and watch the way the primitive tribes live, you will know what work is in relation to celebration. They work the whole day so they can sing and dance with abandon at night. #Quote by Rajneesh
Relation quotes by Andrew Murray
#28. Our private and public prayer are our chief expression of our relation to God: it is in them chiefly that our waiting upon God must be exercised. If our waiting begin by quieting the activities of nature, and being still before God; if it bows and seeks to see God in His universal and almighty operation, alone able and always ready to work all good; if it yields itself to Him in the assurance that He is working and will work in us; if it maintains the place of humility and stillness, and surrenders until God's Spirit has quickened the faith that He will perfect His work: it will indeed become the strength and the joy of the soul. Life will become one deep blessed cry: "I have waited for Thy salvation, O Lord." "My soul, wait thou only upon God #Quote by Andrew Murray
Relation quotes by Gerard B. Wegemer
#29. The issue regarding the soul's relation to the state is posed with great force by Plato but also by More, not only in his fictional Utopia but also in later life when the issue would arise in a dramatically personal way because he found that neither laws nor rhetorical speech could save him from execution for a silence that he insisted was required by his soul.6 #Quote by Gerard B. Wegemer
Relation quotes by William Stafford
#30. Living on the Plains"

That winter when this thought came-how the river
held still every midnight and flowed
backward a minute-we studied algebra
late in our room fixed up in the barn,
and I would feel the curved relation,
the rafters upside down, and the cows in their life
holding the earth round and ready
to meet itself again when morning came.

At breakfast while my mother stirred the cereal
she said, "You're studying too hard,"
and I would include her face and hands in my glance
and then look past my father's gaze as
he told again our great race through the stars
and how the world can't keep up with our dreams. #Quote by William Stafford
Relation quotes by David Hume
#31. Ll arguments concerning existence are founded on the relation of cause and effect; that our knowledge of that relation is derived entirely from experience; and all our experimental conclusions proceed upon the supposition that the future will be conformable to the past ... Without the influence of custom, we should be entirely ignorant of every matter of fact beyond what is immediately present to the memory and senses. #Quote by David Hume
Relation quotes by Farley Maglaya
#32. It's Unfair to be fair,
For Life is unfair #Quote by Farley Maglaya
Relation quotes by Carson Grant
#33. As actors, we need public relations to campaign for our next possible role, and any media promoting our work seems positive in nature; but whether in theater or on a film set, a bad unprofessional photograph at the wrong angle may not be as flattering to some actors, and may be considered a harmful exposure. #Quote by Carson Grant
Relation quotes by John F. Kennedy
#34. Too often in the past, we have thought of the artist as an idler and dilettante and of the lover of arts as somehow sissy and effete. We have done both an injustice. The life of the artist is, in relation to his work, stern and lonely. He has labored hard, often amid deprivation, to perfect his skill. He has turned aside from quick success in order to strip his vision of everything secondary or cheapening. His working life is marked by intense application and intense discipline. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Relation quotes by J. C. Kumarappa
#35. If the nature of the work is properly appreciated and applied, it will stand in the same relation to the higher faculties as food is to the physical body. #Quote by J. C. Kumarappa
Relation quotes by Blaise Pascal
#36. There is a certain standard of grace and beauty which consists in a certain relation between our nature ... and the thing which pleases us. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Relation quotes by Peter Davison
#37. The relation between a poet and audience is really insignificant. What matters is the poet is hearing something that he is broadcasting. And whether there is anybody with a receiver isn't the reason he does it. He hopes there is somebody receiving it. #Quote by Peter Davison
Relation quotes by Ram Dass
#38. Watch how your mind judges. Judgment comes, in part, out of your own fear. You judge other people because you're not comfortable in your own being. By judging, you find out where you stand in relation to other people. The judging mind is very divisive. It separates. Separation closes your heart. If you close your heart to someone, you are perpetuating your suffering and theirs. Shifting out of judgment means learning to appreciate your predicament and their predicament with an open heart instead of judging. Then you can allow yourself and others to just be, without separation ... #Quote by Ram Dass
Relation quotes by Michael Gurian
#39. Teacher cannot solve or heal all student stress. The teacher can be vigilant in trying to guide the child toward solutions;but the teacher's job in relation to this stress is ultimately to help the child learn to manage his or her own stress wisely. In accomplishing this, the teacher mentors higher academic learning by removing distracting stress, and teaches valuable life-survival skills. #Quote by Michael Gurian
Relation quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#40. If the secret core of potlatch is the reciprocity of exchange, why is this reciprocity not asserted directly, why does it assume the "mystified" form of two consecutive acts each of which is staged as a free voluntary display of generosity? Here we encounter the paradoxes of forced choice, of freedom to do what is necessary, at its most elementary: I have to do freely what I am expected to do. (If, upon receiving a gift, I immediately return it to the giver, this direct circulation would amount to an extremely aggressive gesture of humiliation, it would signal that I refused the other's gifts - recall those embarrassing moments when elderly people forget and give us last year's present once again … )

…the reciprocity of exchange is in itself thoroughly ambiguous; at its most fundamental, it is destructive of the social bond, it is the logic of revenge, tit for tat. To cover this aspect of exchange, to make it benevolent and pacific, one has to pretend that each person's gift is free and stands on its own. This brings us to potlatch as the "pre-economy of the economy," its zero-level, that is, exchange as the reciprocal relation of two non-productive expenditures. If the gift belongs to Master and exchange to the Servant, potlatch is the paradoxical exchange between Masters. Potlach is simultaneously the zero-level of civility, the paradoxical point at which restrained civility and obscene consumption overlap, the point at which it is polite to behave impolitely. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Relation quotes by Richard Rorty
#41. Truthfulness under oath is, by now, a matter of our civic religion, our relation to our fellow citizens rather than our relation to a nonhuman power. #Quote by Richard Rorty
Relation quotes by Oscar Wilde
#42. His principles were out of date, but there was a good deal to be said for his prejudices. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Relation quotes by Claude Bernard
#43. Real science exists, then, only from the moment when a phenomenon is accurately defined as to its nature and rigorously determined in relation to its material conditions, that is, when its law is known. Before that, we have only groping and empiricism. #Quote by Claude Bernard
Relation quotes by Alix Kates Shulman
#44. For many decades my relations with my parents constituted unfinished business. I had dealt with them through sheer avoidance and guilt. #Quote by Alix Kates Shulman
Relation quotes by Charles Darwin
#45. We here see in two distant countries a similar relation between plants and insects of the same families, though the species of both are different. When man is the agent in introducing into a country a new species this relation is often broken: #Quote by Charles Darwin
Relation quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#46. It is right that man should love those who have offended him. He will do so when he remembers that all men are his relations, and that it is through ignorance and involuntarily that they sin,
and then we all die so soon. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Relation quotes by Abhijeet Sawant
#47. The disadvantage of not being together at same place, not meeting each other personally, not able to talk with each other eye into eye, not able to feel each others touch; makes it difficult for a Long Distance Relationship to work. #Quote by Abhijeet Sawant
Relation quotes by Charles Lyell
#48. The ordinary naturalist is not sufficiently aware that when dogmatizing on what species are, he is grappling with the whole question of the organic world & its connection with the time past & with Man; that it involves the question of Man & his relation to the brutes, of instinct, intelligence & reason, of Creation, transmutation & progressive improvement or development. Each set of geological questions & of ethnological & zool. & botan. are parts of the great problem which is always assuming a new aspect. #Quote by Charles Lyell
Relation quotes by Stephen Hawking
#49. It is generally recognised that women are better than men at languages, personal relations and multi-tasking, but less good at map-reading and spatial awareness. It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that women might be less good at mathematics and physics. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Relation quotes by Susanne Klinger
#50. Language is therefore "both the medium and the object of representation" (Fludernik 2009:64), and while we have direct access to the medium (i.e. the language(s) on the level of text), the latter (i.e. the language(s) on the level of narration and on the level of story) can only be constructed from the former. As pointed out in the introduction, this distinction between language as medium and language as object and the relationship between the two has so far not been awarded a significant role in scholarly writing about the linguistic hybridity typical for cross-cultural writing. Differentiating between the language(s) as medium and the language(s) as object becomes necessary, as the relation between medium and object is not one-to-one. The same medium can represent different objects. Two short #Quote by Susanne Klinger
Relation quotes by Ada Lovelace
#51. Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us, the worlds of Science. #Quote by Ada Lovelace
Relation quotes by Francis Atterbury
#52. What we employ in charitable uses during our lives is given away from ourselves; what we bequeath at our death is given from others only, as our nearest relations. #Quote by Francis Atterbury
Relation quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#53. All his life the example of a syllogism he had studied in Kiesewetter's logic - "Caius is a man, men are mortal, therefore Caius is mortal" - had seemed to him to be true only in relation to Caius the man, man in general, and it was quite justified , but he wasn't Caius and he wasn't man in general, and he had always been something quite, quite special apart from all other beings; he was Vanya, with Mama, with Papa, with Mitya and Volodya, with his toys and the coachman, with Nyanya, then with Katenka, with all the joys, sorrows, passions of childhood, boyhood, youth. Did Caius know the smell of the striped leather ball Vanya loved so much?: Did Caius kiss his mother's hand like that and did the silken folds of Caius's mother's dress rustle like that for him? Was Caius in love like that? Could Caius chair a session like that? And Caius is indeed mortal and it's right that he should die, but for me, Vanya, Ivan Ilych, with all my feelings and thoughts - for me it's quite different. And it cannot be that I should die. It would be too horrible. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Relation quotes by Whitley Strieber
#54. Would we, if we could, educate and sophisticate pigs, geese, cattle? Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relation with the hen that now functions, satisfied with mere sense of achievement by way of compensation? I think we're property. #Quote by Whitley Strieber
Relation quotes by Rowan Williams
#55. As the gospels present it to us, the mission of Jesus of Nazareth is about the way in which the community of God's people - historically, the Jewish people who had first received the law and the covenant - is being re-created in relation to Jesus himself. #Quote by Rowan Williams
Relation quotes by Gautama Buddha
#56. As a net is made up of a series of ties, so everything in this world is connected by a series of ties. If anyone thinks that the mesh of a net is an independent, isolated thing, he is mistaken. It is called a net because it is made up of a series of interconnected meshes, and each mesh has its place and responsibility in relation to other meshes. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Relation quotes by Karl Marx
#57. Do not be deluded by the abstract word Freedom. Whose freedom? Not the freedom of one individual in relation to another, but freedom of Capital to crush the worker. #Quote by Karl Marx
Relation quotes by Joanna Newsom
#58. I am not doing something that it is experimental music in relation to classical music. #Quote by Joanna Newsom
Relation quotes by Lewis Mumford
#59. It was Stieglitz's endeavor ... to translate the unseen world of tactile values as they develop between lovers not merely into the sexual act but the entire relation of two personalities - to translate this world of blind touch into sight. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Relation quotes by Margaret Chan
#60. The international community should treat this as a window of opportunity to ramp up preparedness and response. #Quote by Margaret Chan
Relation quotes by Bertrand Russell
#61. Human beings cannot, of course, wholly transcend human nature; something subjective, if only the interest that determines the direction of our attention, must remain in all our thought. But scientific philosophy comes nearer to objectivity than any other human pursuit, and gives us, therefore, the closest constant and the most intimate relation with the outer world that it is possible to achieve. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Relation quotes by Jacob Bigelow
#62. It is common error to infer that things which are consecutive in order of time have necessarily the relation of cause and effect. #Quote by Jacob Bigelow
Relation quotes by Bertrand Russell
#63. With the wise man, what he has does not cease to be enjoyable because some one else has something else. Envy, in fact, is one form of vice, partly moral, partly intellectual, which consists in seeing things never in themselves but only in their relations #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Relation quotes by Sigmund Freud
#64. What is a totem? It is as a rule an animal (whether edible and harmless or dangerous and feared) and more rarely a plant or a natural phenomenon (such as rain or water), which stands in a peculiar relation to the whole clan. In the first place, the totem is the common ancestor of the clan; at the same time it is their guardian spirit and helper, which sends them oracles and, if dangerous to others, recognizes and spares its own children. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Relation quotes by Aldous Huxley
#65. All our actions must be directed, in the last analysis, to making ourselves passive in relation to the activity and the being of divine Reality. We are, as it were, aeolian harps, endowed with the power either to expose themselves to the wind of the Spirit or to shut themselves away from it. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Relation quotes by Letty Cottin Pogrebin
#66. Compared to other parents, remarried parents seem more desirous of their child's approval, more alert to the child's emotional state, and more sensitive in their parent-child relations. Perhaps this is the result of heightened empathy for the child's suffering, perhaps it is a guilt reaction; in either case, it gives the child a potent weapon
the power to disrupt the new household and come between parent and the new spouse. #Quote by Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Relation quotes by Gaston Rebuffat
#67. Consider what you want to do in relation to what you are capable of doing. Climbing is, above all, a matter of integrity. #Quote by Gaston Rebuffat
Relation quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#68. From *the form of time and of the single dimension* of the series of representations, on account of which the intellect, in order to take up one thing, must drop everything else, there follows not only the intellect's distraction, but also its *forgetfulness*. Most of what it has dropped it never takes up again, especially as the taking up again is bound to the principle of sufficient reason, and thus requires an occasion which the association of ideas and motivation have first to provide. Yet this occasion may be the remoter and the smaller, the more our susceptibility to it is enhanced by interest in the subject. But, as I have already shown in the essay *On the Principle of Sufficient Reason*, memory is not a receptacle, but a mere faculty, acquired by practice, of bringing forth any representations at random, so that these have always to be kept in practice by repetition, otherwise they are gradually lost. Accordingly, the knowledge even of the scholarly head exists only *virtualiter* as an acquired practice in producing certain representations. *Actualiter*, on the other hand, it is restricted to one particular representation, and for the moment is conscious of this one alone. Hence there results a strange contrast between what a man knows *potentia* and what he knows *actu*, in other words, between his knowledge and his thinking at any moment. The former is an immense and always somewhat chaotic mass, the latter a single, distinct thought. The relation is like that betw #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Relation quotes by Fritjof Capra
#69. The influence of modern physics goes beyond technology. It extends to the realm of thought and culture where it has led to a deep revision in man's conception of the universe and his relation to it #Quote by Fritjof Capra
Relation quotes by Tennessee Williams
#70. Vanity, fear, desire, competition - all such distortions within our own egos - condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Relation quotes by Steven Weinberg
#71. It is almost irrestible for humans to believe that we have some special relation to the universe, that human life is not just a more-or-less farcical outcome of a chain of accidents reaching back to the first three minutes, but that we were somehow built in from the beginning. #Quote by Steven Weinberg
Relation quotes by George MacDonald
#72. There are who never learn to see anything except in its relation to themselves, nor that relation except as fancied by themselves; and, this being a withering habit of mind, they keep growing drier, and older, and smaller, and deader, the longer they live--thinking less of other people, and more of themselves and their past experience, all the time as they go on withering. #Quote by George MacDonald
Relation quotes by Ludwig Feuerbach
#73. Certainly my work is negative, destructive; but … only in relation to the unhuman, not to the human[.] #Quote by Ludwig Feuerbach
Relation quotes by Catharine MacKinnon
#74. People can find eroticism in relations with people whom they respect and whom they see as equals. #Quote by Catharine MacKinnon
Relation quotes by Maimonides
#75. The so-called evils are evils only in relation to a certain thing, and that which is evil in relation to a certain existing thing, either includes the non-existence of that thing or the non-existence of some of its good conditions. #Quote by Maimonides
Relation quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#76. The facts of my native world, I came to understand that my country was a galaxy, and this galaxy stretched from the pandemonium of West Baltimore to the happy hunting grounds of Mr. Belvedere. I obsessed over the distance between that other sector of space and my own. I knew that my portion of the American galaxy, where bodies were enslaved by a tenacious gravity, was black and that the other, liberated portion was not. I knew that some inscrutable energy preserved the breach. I felt, but did not yet understand, the relation between that other world and me. And I felt in this a cosmic injustice, a profound cruelty, which infused an abiding, irrepressible desire to unshackle my body and achieve the velocity of escape. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Relation quotes by Asvaghosa
#77. When one is rising, standing, walking, doing something, stopping, one should constantly concentrate one's mind on the act and the doing of it, not one ones' relation to the act or its character or value ... One should simply practice concentration of the mind on the act itself, understanding it to be an expedient means for attaining tranquility of mind, realization, insight, and wisdom. #Quote by Asvaghosa
Relation quotes by F. Sionil Jose
#78. A virtuoso performance. Scott Thompson's biography of the soldier statesman Fidel V. Ramos illustrates the fascinating and complex geography of Filipino politics and its relation with the American hegemon. It's first-rate scholarship and equally first-rate writing. #Quote by F. Sionil Jose
Relation quotes by Robert Smith
#79. I think that if you become a parent, you stop being a child, and your position in relation to your parents changes. #Quote by Robert Smith
Relation quotes by Henry Ford
#80. The Government is a servant and never should be anything but a servant. The moment the people become adjuncts to government, then the law of retribution begins to work, for such a relation is unnatural, immoral, and inhuman. #Quote by Henry Ford
Relation quotes by Allan G. Johnson
#81. This was especially true of the Irish in Ireland in relation to the British, who for centuries treated them as an inferior race. Note, however, that their skin color was indistinguishable from that of those considered to be "white". If anything, the skin of most people of Irish descent is "fairer" than that of others of European heritage. But their actual complexion didn't matter, because the dominant racial group has the cultural authority to define the boundaries around "white" as it chooses. #Quote by Allan G. Johnson
Relation quotes by Martin McGuinness
#82. I think that Peter Mandelson, particularly in relation to the issue of policing, made a huge mess of it. He allowed himself to be manipulated by the securocrats within the British establishment. #Quote by Martin McGuinness
Relation quotes by John Of Kronstadt
#83. Everything that breathes, breathes by air and cannot live without air; similarly all reasonable free creatures live by the Holy Spirit, as though by air, and cannot live without Him. "Every soul is quickened by the Holy Spirit." Recognise that the Holy Spirit stands in the same relation to your soul as air stands in relation to your body. #Quote by John Of Kronstadt
Relation quotes by Walter Bagehot
#84. There seems to be an unalterable contradiction between the human mind and its employments. How can a soul be a merchant? What relation to an immortal being have the price of linseed, the brokerage on hemp? Can an undying creature debit petty expenses and charge for carriage paid? The soul ties its shoes; the mind washes its hands in a basin. All is incongruous. #Quote by Walter Bagehot
Relation quotes by N. Scott Momaday
#85. You see, I am alive, I am alive
I stand in good relation to the earth
I stand in good relation to the gods
I stand in good relation to all that is beautiful
I stand in good relation to the daughter of Tsen-tainte
You see, I am alive, I am alive #Quote by N. Scott Momaday
Relation quotes by Antonio R Damasio
#86. The distinction between diseases of "brain" and "mind," between "neurological" problems and "psychological" or "psychiatric" ones, is an unfortunate cultural inheritance that permeates society and medicine. It reflects a basic ignorance of the relation between brain and mind. Diseases of the brain are seen as tragedies visited on people who cannot be blamed for their condition, while diseases of the mind, especially those that affect conduct and emotion, are seen as social inconveniences for which sufferers have much to answer. Individuals are to be blamed for their character flaws, defective emotional modulation, and so on; lack of willpower is supposed to be the primary problem. #Quote by Antonio R Damasio
Relation quotes by Sarah Price
#87. Amish children are usually named after aunts or uncles or some other relation. Keeps the family names going. #Quote by Sarah Price
Relation quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#88. Hi mam I am Divya studying 2nd year English I am doing research about you so please tell me the relation of Anand in Conch series which compared to foreign culture #Quote by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Relation quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#89. Break up of some relation sometime don't just break connection between two person,for some one it can be disconnection with his soul.and the disconnect between body and soul its mean death of a person #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Relation quotes by Felix Alba-Juez
#90. The past and the future are not a collection of instants shared by all space, but a collection of events that correspond to a possible relation of causal order with the present event. #Quote by Felix Alba-Juez
Relation quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#91. He adjusted his body in relation to hers. His head angled down, his hand forming a canopy between them to shield her face from the sun. It was a useless gesture. only silence. The sunlight on her hair #Quote by Jhumpa Lahiri
Relation quotes by David Hume
#92. The science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences. [All the other sciences] have a relation, greater or lesser, to human nature. 'Tis impossible to tell what changes and improvements we might make in these sciences were we thoroughly acquainted with the extent and force of human understanding, and could explain the nature of the ideas we employ, and of the operations we perform in our reason. #Quote by David Hume
Relation quotes by E. M. Forster
#93. Cannot you see, cannot all you lecturers see, that it is we that are dying, and that down here the only thing that really lives in the Machine? We created the Machine, to do our will, but we cannot make it do our will now. It was robbed us of the sense of space and of the sense of touch, it has blurred every human relation and narrowed down love to a carnal act, it has paralyzed our bodies and our wills, and now it compels us to worship it. The Machine develops - but not on our lies. The Machine proceeds - but not to our goal. We only exist as the blood corpuscles that course through its arteries, and if it could work without us, it would let us die. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Relation quotes by Bruno Bettelheim
#94. Parents ought, through their own behavior and the values by which they live, to provide direction for their children. But they need to rid themselves of the idea that there are surefire methods which, when well applied, will produce certain predictable results. Whatever we do with and for our children ought to flow from our understanding of and our feelings for the particular situation and the relation we wish to exist between us and our child. #Quote by Bruno Bettelheim
Relation quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#95. If you turn to a branch of those sciences that try to give a solution to the questions of life--to physiology, psychology, biology, sociology--there you will find an astounding poverty of thought, a very great lack of clarity, completely unjustified claims to answer questions that lie outside their subject and never-ending contradictions between one thinker and others, and even within himself.

If you turn to a branch of the sciences that is not concerned with solving the questions of life but answers its own scientific, specialized questions, then you are captivated by the power of human intellect but you know in advance that there are no answers to the questions of life.

These sciences directly ignore the questions of life.

They say, "We have no answers to 'What are you?' and 'Why do you live?' and are not concerned with this; but if you need to know the laws of light, of chemical compounds, the laws of the development of organisms, if you need to know the laws of bodies and their forms and the relation of numbers and quantities, if you need to know the laws of your own mind, to all that we have clear, precise, and unquestionable answers. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Relation quotes by Juliana Hatfield
#96. Human relations, I mess them up, and they let me down. #Quote by Juliana Hatfield
Relation quotes by Nan Shepherd
#97. Summer on the high plateau can be delectable as honey; it can also be a roaring scourge. To those who love the place, both are good, since both are part of its essential nature. And it is to know its essential nature that I am seeking here. To know, that is, with the knowledge that is a process of living. This is not done easily nor in an hour. It is a tale too slow for the impatience of our age, not of immediate enough import for its desperate problems. Yet it has its own rare value. It is, for one thing, a corrective of glib assessment: one never quite knows the mountain, nor oneself in relation to it. However often I walk on them, these hills hold astonishment for me. There is no getting accustomed to them. #Quote by Nan Shepherd
Relation quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#98. The cruelest lies are often told in silence. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Relation quotes by Thomas Asbridge
#99. By now the crusaders had christened the most powerful French catapult 'Mal Voisine', or 'Bad Neighbour', while nicknaming the Muslim stone-thrower that targeted it for conter-bombardment 'Mal Cousine', or 'Bad Relation'. #Quote by Thomas Asbridge
Relation quotes by Philip Alston
#100. The problem with the United States is that it is making an increased use of drones/Predators [which are] particularly prominently used now in relation to Pakistan and Afghanistan ... My concern is that drones/Predators are being operated in a framework which may well violate international humanitarian law and international human rights law. #Quote by Philip Alston
Relation quotes by Georges Canguilhem
#101. Now it is usual-but not to say normal-for people to interest themselves primarily in means, without noticing that means exist only in relation to ends and that, in accepting certain means, they unconsciously accept the ends that make them so. In other words, they accept whatever philosophy happens to be embodied in the values and institutions of a particular civilation. #Quote by Georges Canguilhem
Relation quotes by Ann Coulter
#102. If you can somehow force a liberal into a point-counterpoint argument, his retorts will bear no relation to what you've said - unless you were in fact talking about your looks, your age, your weight, your personal obsessions, or whether you are a fascist. In the famous liberal two-step, they leap from one idiotic point to the next, so you can never nail them. It's like arguing with someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Relation quotes by Charlotte Mason
#103. Education is the science of relations #Quote by Charlotte Mason
Relation quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#104. The relation of woman to husband, of daughter to father, of sister to brother, is a relation of vassalage. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Relation quotes by Kenzaburo Oe
#105. Every time you stand at a crossroads of life and death, you have two universes in front of you; one loses all relation to you because you die, the other maintains its relation to you because you survive in it. Just as you would take off your clothes, you abandon the universe in which you are still alive. In other words, various universes emerge around each of us the way tree limbs and leaves branch away from the trunk. #Quote by Kenzaburo Oe
Relation quotes by J.C. Ryle
#106. To become a monk, or a nun, or to join a House of of Mercy, is not the high road to sanctification. True holiness does not make a Christian evade difficulties, but face and overcome them. Christ would have His people show that His grace is not a mere hot-house plant, which can only thrive under shelter, but a strong, hardy thing which can flourish in every relation of life. It is doing our duty in that state to which God has called us
like salt in the midst of corruption, and light in the midst of darkness
which is a primary element in sanctification. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Relation quotes by Martin Hägglund
#107. The passion and pathos of living with your beloved are therefore incompatible with the security of an eternal life. The sense of something being unique and irreplaceable is inseparable from the sense that it can be lost. This relation to loss is inscribed in the very form of living on. To live on is never to repose in a timeless or endless presence. Rather, to live on is to remain after a past that has ceased to be and before an unpredictable future that may not come to be. (44) #Quote by Martin Hägglund
Relation quotes by John W. Gardner
#108. The ablest and most effective leaders do not hold to a single style; they may be highly supportive in personal relations when that is needed, yet capable of a quick, authoritative decision when the situation requires it. #Quote by John W. Gardner
Relation quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#109. Any relation to the land, the habit of tilling it, or mining it, or even hunting on it, generates the feeling of patriotism. He who keeps shop on it, or he who merely uses it as a support to his desk and ledger, or to his manufactory, values it less. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Relation quotes by Maurice Blanchot
#110. Do not forgive. Forgiveness accuses before it forgives. By accusing, by stating the injury, it makes the wrong irredeemable. It carries the blow all the way to culpability. Thus, all becomes irrepairable; giving and forgiving cease to be possible.
For nothing saves innocence.
Forgive me for forgiving you.
The sole fault would be one of position: the one and only fault is to be "I,", for it is not identity that the Self in myself brings me. This self is merely a formal necessity: it simply serves to allow the infinite relation of Self to Other. Whence the temptation (the sole temptation) to become a subject again, instead of being exposed to subjectivity without any subject, the nudity of dying space.

I cannot forgive -- forgiveness comes from others -- but I cannot be forgiven either, if forgiveness is what calls the "I" into question and demands that I give myself, that I subject myself to the lack of subjectivity. And if forgiveness comes from others, it only comes; there is never any certitude that it can arrive, because in it there is nothing of the (sacramental) power to determine. It can only delay in the element of indecision. In The Trail, one might think that the death scene constitutes the pardon, the end of the interminable; but there is no end, since Kafka specifies that shame survives, which is to say, the infinite itself, a mockery of life as life's beyond. #Quote by Maurice Blanchot
Relation quotes by Herbert Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstone
#111. Of the whole sum of human life no small part is that which consists of a man's relations to his country, and his feelings concerning it. #Quote by Herbert Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstone
Relation quotes by James Allen
#112. A man becomes calm in the measure that he understands himself as a thought-evolved being. For such knowledge necessitates the understanding of others as the result of thought, and as he develops a right understanding, and sees ever more clearly the internal relations of things by the action of cause and effect, he ceases to fuss, fume, worry, and grieve. He remains poised, steadfast, serene. #Quote by James Allen
Relation quotes by Virginia Woolf
#113. My belief is that if we live another century or so - I am talking of the common life which is the real life and not of the little separate lives which we live as individuals - and have five hundred a year each of us and rooms of our own; if we have the habit of freedom and the courage to write exactly what we think; if we escape a little from the common sitting-room and see human beings not always in their relation to each other but in relation to reality; and the sky, too, and the trees or whatever it may be in themselves; if we look past Milton's bogey, for no human being should shut out the view; if we face the fact, for it is a fact, that there is no arm to cling to, but that we go alone and that our relation is to the world of reality and not only to the world of men and women, then the opportunity will come and the dead poet who was Shakespeare's sister will put on the body which she has so often laid down. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Relation quotes by Jonathan Jansen
#114. Desperation is an emotion I seldom feel, except in relation to education, for I believe very deeply that for most of our children, a solid school education represents the only means available for ending the cycle of family poverty. Skills come later. Economic growth even later. Social cohesion lies far in the distance. What matters is that children complete 12 years of schooling with the ability to read, write, reason, calculate and express confidence for purposes of further studies, skills training and higher education. #Quote by Jonathan Jansen
Relation quotes by Christopher Ryan
#115. Poverty is not a certain small amount of goods, nor is it just a relation between means and ends; above all it is a relation between people. Poverty is a social status. As such it is the invention of civilization. Socrates made the same point 2,400 years ago: He is richest who is content with least, for contentment is the wealth of nature. #Quote by Christopher Ryan
Relation quotes by Daniel Webster
#116. One may live as a conqueror, a king, or a magistrate; but he must die a man. The bed of death brings every human being to his pure individuality, to the intense contemplation of that deepest and most solemn of all relations - the relations between the creature and his Creator. #Quote by Daniel Webster
Relation quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#117. The natural, proper, fitting shape of the novel might be that of a sack, a bag. A book holds words. Words hold things. They bear meanings. A novel is a medicine bundle, holding things in a particular, powerful relation to one another and to us. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Relation quotes by Joseph Alexander Leighton
#118. Immediate knowledge tells us only that God is, not what he is. But if God is not an empty Being beyond the stars, he must be present in the communion of human spirits, and, in his relation to these, he is the One Spirit who pervades reality and thought. Hence there can be no final separation between our immediate consciousness of him and our mediated knowledge of reality. #Quote by Joseph Alexander Leighton
Relation quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#119. Of what use the friendliest disposition even, if there are no hours given to Friendship, if it is forever postponed to unimportant duties and relations? Friendship first, Friendship last. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Relation quotes by Matthew Zapruder
#120. It's a kind of de-familiarization in relation to the song: if she were to sing absolutely straight, right on the beat, because of the richness and intensity of her instrument - her voice - I think it could actually feel a little inhuman, too good somehow, separate from our concerns. #Quote by Matthew Zapruder
Relation quotes by Oriana Fallaci
#121. To be good or bad doesn't count: life out in this world doesn't depend on that. It depends on a relation of forces based on violence. And survival is violence. You'll wear leather shoes because someone has killed a cow and skinned it to make leather. #Quote by Oriana Fallaci
Relation quotes by Talal Asad
#122. I think the approach to Islam as a tradition is helpful. Tradition helps us to focus on questions about authority and temporality, and about the language used in relation to the two. #Quote by Talal Asad
Relation quotes by Theresa May
#123. I think we all agree that the comments Donald Trump made in relation to Muslims were divisive, unhelpful and wrong. #Quote by Theresa May
Relation quotes by Sherry Turkle
#124. One thing is certain: the riddle of mind, long a topic for philosophers, has taken on new urgency. Under pressure from the computer, the question of mind in relation to machine is becoming a central cultural preoccupation. It is becoming for us what sex was to the Victorians
threat and obsession, taboo and fascination. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Relation quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#125. Your assumptions about the lives of others are in direct relation to your naïve pomposity. Many people you believe to be rich are not rich. Many people you think have it easy worked hard for what they got. Many people who seem to be gliding right along have suffered and are suffering. Many people who appear to you to be old and stupidly saddled down with kids and cars and houses were once every bit as hip and pompous as you. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Relation quotes by Merold Westphal
#126. To assume that one's existential task is completed when the individual is brought into right relation with society, that is, when the individual has been socialized, is to absolutize society and confuse society with God. #Quote by Merold Westphal
Relation quotes by William E. Gladstone
#127. Budgets are not merely affairs of arithmetic, but in a thousand ways go to the root of prosperity of individuals, the relation of classes and the strength of kingdoms. #Quote by William E. Gladstone
Relation quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#128. He smiled as only the truly shy can smile. It was not the easy grin of the confident, nor the quick slashing smile of the extremely durable and the wicked. It had no relation with the poised, intently used smile of the courtesan or the politician. It was the strange, rare smile which rises from the deep, dark pit, deeper than a well, deep as a mine, that is within them. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Relation quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#129. A friend is a family. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Relation quotes by Hiroko Sakai
#130. It's good to be with someone whom I can "understand" but it's greater to be with someone whom I can 'feel #Quote by Hiroko Sakai
Relation quotes by Maria Aurora
#131. never forget your IN RELATION SHIP, because after all the drama, you"ll still end up running bact to them. #Quote by Maria Aurora
Relation quotes by Jerry Fodor
#132. The content of a thought depends on its external relations; on the way that the thought is related to the world, not on the way that it is related to other thoughts. #Quote by Jerry Fodor
Relation quotes by Mark Forsyth
#133. The problem with the alphabet is that it bears no relation to anything at all, and when words are arranged alphabetically they are uselessly separated. In the OED, for example, aardvarks are 19 volumes away from the zoo, yachts are 18 volumes from the beach, and wine is 17 volumes from the nearest corkscrew. #Quote by Mark Forsyth
Relation quotes by Gillian Rose
#134. There is no democracy in any love relation: only mercy. #Quote by Gillian Rose
Relation quotes by Gloria Steinem
#135. It doesn't matter what word we use, if it has the same content, it will be treated in the same way. There are other words - there's "womanist," there's "mujerista," there's "women's liberationist" - all mean the same thing and they get the same ridicule. I think we just need to choose what word we feel comfortable with that says women are full human beings, and whatever that word is, it will get a lot of opposition. But it will also attract a lot of support. But this is a revolution, not a public relations movement. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Relation quotes by Peter Breggin
#136. Advocates of psychiatric drugs often claim that the medications improve learning and the ability to benefit from psychotherapy, but the contrary is true. There are no drugs that improve mental function, self-understanding, or human relations. Any drug that affects mental processes does so by impairing them. #Quote by Peter Breggin
Relation quotes by Richard M. Dolan
#137. Setting aside the truth value of the UFO phenomenon, it is an interesting sociological reality that so many people are unwilling to discuss the most - and at times traumatic - experience of their lives. What does it say about our society that this is so? My feeling is that, by its very nature, it represents a form of repression. If you are a reader who believes UFOs to be nonsense of some sort, I can nevertheless assure you that you have a friend or relation who has seen one. They have simply learned not to discuss it. Many people can live perfectly well within the constraints of repression and denial; they simply learn to shut off certain parts of their mind. It is sad, but it happens all of the time.

But not everyone is the same. Not everyone is willing to do this, or even can do this. By any estimate, there are may millions of people on this planet who have had a powerful UFO experience. They cannot and will not be silenced indefinitely. #Quote by Richard M. Dolan
Relation quotes by Lars Fredrik Händler Svendsen
#138. Man is a world-forming being, a being that actively constitutes his own world, but when everything is always already fully coded, the active constituting of the world is made superfluous, and we lose friction in relation to the world.We Romantics need a meaning that we ourselves realize – and the person who is preoccupied with self-realization inevitably has a meaning problem. This is no one collective meaning in life any more, a meaning that it is up to the individual to participate in. Nor is it that easy to find an own meaning in life, either. The meaning that most people embrace is self-realization as such, but it is not obvious what type of self is to be realized, nor what
should possibly result from it. The person who is certain as regards himself will not ask the question as to who he is. Only a problematic self feels the need for realization. #Quote by Lars Fredrik Händler Svendsen
Relation quotes by Dora Russell
#139. Art that means anything in the life of a community must bear some relation to current interpretations of the mystery of the universe. Our rigid separation of the humanities and the sciences has temporarily left our art stranded or stammering and incoherent. Both art and science ought to be blended in our early education of our children's emotions and powers of observation, and that harmony carried forward in later education. #Quote by Dora Russell
Relation quotes by Muriel Rukeyser
#140. Waiting for Icarus "

He said he would be back and we'd drink wine together
He said that everything would be better than before
He said we were on the edge of a new relation
He said he would never again cringe before his father
He said that he was going to invent full-time
He said he loved me that going into me
He said was going into the world and the sky
He said all the buckles were very firm
He said the wax was the best wax
He said Wait for me here on the beach
He said Just don't cry

I remember the gulls and the waves
I remember the islands going dark on the sea
I remember the girls laughing
I remember they said he only wanted to get away from me
I remember mother saying : Inventors are like poets,
a trashy lot
I remember she told me those who try out inventions are worse
I remember she added : Women who love such are the
Worst of all
I have been waiting all day, or perhaps longer.
I would have liked to try those wings myself.
It would have been better than this. #Quote by Muriel Rukeyser
Relation quotes by Marjorie, J. Thompson
#141. The first truth is the most basic affirmation of our faith: God loves us. This is not a general rule to which you, personally, may be an exception. It is not a conditional rule that applies only when you are good, pure, and lovable. God's passionate and personal love for each and every human being expresses who God is. Unfailing love is the divine nature and the divine choice in relation to us. God loves us with an overwhelming love that none of our sins can erase.While we can grieve and disappoint this love, nothing we do or fail to do can alter its depth or reality. It is a gift, a given.We cannot control whether God loves us by efforts to gain this love or even to lose it. Since we neither deserve nor earn such love, God's fondest dream is that we will receive and respond to it. #Quote by Marjorie, J. Thompson
Relation quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#142. Our relationship seems to tick forward like the hands of a clock, always changing in relation to each other. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Relation quotes by Ernst Junger
#143. Tell me your relation to pain, and I will tell you who you are! #Quote by Ernst Junger
Relation quotes by Ethel Wilson
#144. What a land. What power these rivers were already yielding, far beyond her sight. Even a map of this country
lines arranged in an arbitrary way on a long rectangular piece of paper
stirs the imagination beyond imagination, she thought, looking at the map, as other lines differently arranged in relation to each other have not the power to stir. Each name on the map says We reached this point, by broken trail and mountains and water; and when we reached it, thus and thus we named it. #Quote by Ethel Wilson
Relation quotes by Ralph Bunche
#145. I have a deep-seated bias against hate and intolerance. I have a bias against racial and religious bigotry. I have a bias that leads me to believe in the essential goodness of my fellow man, which leads me to believe that no problem of human relations is ever insoluble. #Quote by Ralph Bunche
Relation quotes by Andrew D. Chumbley
#146. We might say that the dream tranforms the dreamer; that it possesses the ability to 'initiate', to bestow new meaning, to motivate new beginnings (Latin: initium - beginning), to permit our entrance (literally 'en-trance'; Latin: inire init - to go in) to new orders of relation between ourselves and the 'other'. #Quote by Andrew D. Chumbley
Relation quotes by Haroutioun Bochnakian
#147. What we call "Higher" behavior is elaborated by our abstract mind to ensure survival by an efficient cohesion of our clan.
What we call "lower" behavior is to ensure survival at the expense of a rival, or to prevent the survival of a rival to be at our expense.
Be they our "higher" and "lower" behavior/selves, our humanity and inhumanity, our "Divine" and "diabolic" trends, or any aspect of our Human Nature,
All are created by our abstract mind to ensure survival in an environment of scarcity.

But of course you can always choose to adopt "revelations" which present human nature as:
A messed up image of a messed up supernatural coexistence between two messed up opposite supernatural entities with a messed up relation.

Ultimately, we all think we choose by what we think we know. #Quote by Haroutioun Bochnakian
Relation quotes by May Sarton
#148. But as time goes on we not only remember specific things in relation to the people we have loved; their lives get built into our lives and finally the transference is complete. We are what we are because of them. #Quote by May Sarton
Relation quotes by Charles Clover
#149. Those who nod sagely and quote the tragedy of the commons in relation to environmental problems from pollution of the atmosphere to poaching of national parks tend to forget that Garrett Hardin revised his conclusions many times over thirty years. He recognized, most importantly, that anarchy did not prevail on the common pastures of midieval England in the way he had described [in his 1968 essay in 'Science']. The commoners--usually a limited number of people with defined rights in law--organized themselves to ensure it did not. The pastures were protected from ruin by the tradition of 'stinting,' which limited each herdsman to a fixed number of animals. 'A managed commons, though it may have other defects, is not automatically subject to the tragic fate of the unmanaged commons,' wrote Hardin, though he was still clearly unhappy with commoning arrangements. As with all forms of socialism, of which he regarded commoning as an early kind, Hardin said the flaw in the system lay in the quality of the management. The problem was alays how to prevent the managers from furthering their own interests. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guardians?

Hardin observed, crucially, that a successful managed common depended on limiting the numbers of commoners, limiting access, and having penalties that deterred.
None of Hardin's requirements for a successfully managed common is fulfilled by high-seas fishery regimes #Quote by Charles Clover
Relation quotes by Paul Ricoeur
#150. The Law is one aspect of a much more concrete and encompassing relation than the relation between commanding and obeying that characterizes the imperative. #Quote by Paul Ricoeur
Relation quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#151. When any one of our relations was found to be a person of a very bad character, a troublesome guest, or one we desired to get rid of, upon his leaving my house I ever took care to lend him a riding-coat, or a pair of boots, or sometimes a horse of small value, and I always had the satisfaction of finding he never came back to return them. #Quote by Oliver Goldsmith
Relation quotes by Jean-Pierre Vernant
#152. A word's meaning depends not so much on its linguistic past but rather on the place the word occupies in relation to the general system of the language at the period in question. #Quote by Jean-Pierre Vernant
Relation quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#153. Man has received direct from God only one instrument wherewith to know himself and to know his relation to the universe
he has no other
and that instrument is reason. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Relation quotes by Martin Buber
#154. As long as the firmament of the You is spread over me, the tempests of causality cower at my heels, and the whirl of doom congeals.
The human being to whom I say You I do not experience. But i stand in relation to him, in the sacred basic word. Only when I step out of this do I experience him again. Experience is remoteness from You. #Quote by Martin Buber
Relation quotes by William H. McNeill
#155. In agricultural communities, male leadership in the hunt ceased to be of much importance. As the discipline of the hunting band decayed, the political institutions of the earliest village settlements perhaps approximated the anarchism which has remained ever since the ideal of peaceful peasantries all round the earth. Probably religious functionaries, mediators between helpless mankind and the uncertain fertility of the earth, provided an important form of social leadership. The strong hunter and man of prowess, his occupation gone or relegated to the margins of social life, lost the umambiguous primacy which had once been his; while the comparatively tight personal subordination to a leader necessary to the success of a hunting party could be relaxed in proportion as grain fields became the center around which life revolved.

Among predominantly pastoral peoples, however, religious-political institutions took a quite different turn. To protect the flocks from animal predators required the same courage and social discipline which hunters had always needed. Among pastoralists, likewise, the principal economic activity- focused, as among the earliest hunters, on a parasitic relation to animals- continued to be the special preserve of menfolk. Hence a system of patrilineal families, united into kinship groups under the authority of a chieftain responsible for daily decisions as to where to seek pasture, best fitted the conditions of pastoral life. In addition, pastoral #Quote by William H. McNeill
Relation quotes by Gustave Le Bon
#156. A crowd thinks in images, and the image itself calls up a series of other images, having no logical connection with the first ... A crowd scarcely distinguishes between the subjective and the objective. It accepts as real the images invoked in its mind, though they most often have only a very distant relation with the observed facts ... Crowds being only capable of thinking in images are only to be impressed by images. #Quote by Gustave Le Bon
Relation quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#157. Preparedness, when properly pursued, is a way of life, not a sudden, spectacular program. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Relation quotes by Quentin Stevens
#158. Non-instrumental, playful behavior thrives on a continuing negotiation with the various forms of discipline, exploitation and spectacle which constitute the contemporary city. Play concentrates attention on practices which have a dialectical relation to the order, fixity and functional and semiotic determinism of built form. #Quote by Quentin Stevens
Relation quotes by Michael Faraday
#159. I happen to have discovered a direct relation between magnetism and light, also electricity and light, and the field it opens is so large and I think rich. #Quote by Michael Faraday
Relation quotes by John Gribbin
#160. Heisenberg's uncertainty relation measures the amount by which the complementary descriptions of the electron, or other fundamental entities, overlap. Position is very much a particle property - particles can be located precisely. Waves, on the other hand, have no precise location, but they do have momentum. The more you know about the wave aspect of reality, the less you know about the particle, and vice versa. Experiments designed to detect particles always detect particles; experiments designed to detect waves always detect waves. No experiment shows the electron behaving like a wave and a particle at the same time. #Quote by John Gribbin
Relation quotes by John Ashbery
#161. The Recent Past

Perhaps we ought to feel with more imagination.
As today the sky 70 degrees above zero with lines falling
The way September moves a lace curtain to be near a pear,
The oddest device can't be usual. And that is where
The pejorative sense of fear moves axles. In the stars
There is no longer any peace, emptied like a cup of coffee
Between the blinding rain that interviews.

You were my quintuplets when I decided to leave you
Opening a picture book the pictures were all of grass
Slowly the book was on fire, you the reader
Sitting with specs full of smoke exclaimed
How it was a rhyme for "brick" or "redder."
The next chapter told all about a brook.
You were beginning to see the relation when a tidal wave
Arrived with sinking ships that spelled out "Aladdin."
I thought about the Arab boy in his cave
But the thoughts came faster than advice.
If you knew that snow was a still toboggan in space
The print could rhyme with "fallen star. #Quote by John Ashbery
Relation quotes by Erol Alkan
#162. I think the two sides to me are the same as two sides to anybody. In relation to the link between doing the label and being a DJ, it goes back to the thing of necessity. It's the only way I feel I can do something creative that's going to satisfy me. #Quote by Erol Alkan
Relation quotes by J. Golden Kimball
#163. Some people say a person receives a position in this church through revelation, and others say they get it through inspiration, but I say they get it through relation. If I hadn't been related to Heber C. Kimball I wouldn't have been a damn thing in this church. #Quote by J. Golden Kimball
Relation quotes by Wolfgang Pauli
#164. What really matters for me is ... the more active role of the observer in quantum physics ... According to quantum physics the observer has indeed a new relation to the physical events around him in comparison with the classical observer, who is merely a spectator. #Quote by Wolfgang Pauli
Relation quotes by Eleanor Catton
#165. (...) there is no truth except truth in relation, and heavenly relation is composed of wheels in motion, tilting axes, turning dials; it is a clockwork orchestration that alters every minute, never repeating, never still. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Relation quotes by Haile Selassie
#166. Unity should be the cornerstone of relations #Quote by Haile Selassie
Relation quotes by John Berger
#167. The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set. We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight. #Quote by John Berger
Relation quotes by Aldo Leopold
#168. The land-relation is still strictly economic, entailing privileges but not obligations #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Relation quotes by Charles E. Burchfield
#169. As an artist grows older, he has to fight disillusionment and learn to establish the same relation to nature as an adult, as he had when a child #Quote by Charles E. Burchfield
Relation quotes by William H. Gass
#170. So–in short–color is consciousness itself, color is feeling, and shape is the distance color goes securely, as in our life we extend ourselves through neighborhoods and hunting grounds; while form in its turn is the relation of these inhabited spaces, in or out or up or down, and thrives on the difference between kitchen and pantry. This difference, with all its sameness, is yet another quality, alive in time like the stickiness of honey or the gently rough lap of a cat, for color is connection. #Quote by William H. Gass
Relation quotes by Michael Lewis
#171. The arrangement bore the same relation to actual finance as fantasy football bears to the NFL. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Relation quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#172. If one does not practice nonviolence in one's own personal relations with others and hopes to use it in bigger affairs, one is vastly mistaken. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Relation quotes by Michel Foucault
#173. To imagine writing as absence seems to be a simple repetition, in transcendental terms, of both the religious principle of the inalterable and yet never fulfilled tradition, and the aesthetic principle of the work's survival, its perpetuation beyond the author's death, and it enigmatic excess in relation to him. #Quote by Michel Foucault
Relation quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#174. If the case be such indeed, that all mankind are by nature in a state of total ruin, then, doubtless,the great salvation by Christ stands in direct relation to this ruin, as the remedy to the disease. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
Relation quotes by Isaac Newton
#175. Just as the system of the sun, planets and comets is put in motion by the forces of gravity, and its parts persist in their motions, so the smaller systems of bodies also seem to be set in motion by other forces and their particles to be variously moved in relation to each other and, especially, by the electric force. #Quote by Isaac Newton
Relation quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#176. The four Gricean maxims are: Quantity. Make your contribution to the conversation as informative as required. Do not make your contribution more informative than is required. Quality. Do not say what you believe to be false. Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence. Manner. Avoid obscurity of expression (don't use words that your intended hearer doesn't know). Avoid ambiguity. Be brief (avoid unnecessary prolixity). Be orderly. Relation. Make your contribution relevant. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Relation quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#177. Evil is a word we use to describe the absence of Good, just as we use the word darkness to describe the absence of Light or death to describe the absence of Life. Both evil and darkness can only be understood in relation to Light and Good; they do not have any actual existence. I am Light and I am Good. I am Love and there is no darkness in me. Light and Good actually exist. So, removing yourself from me will plunge you into darkness. Declaring independence will result in evil because apart from me, you can only draw upon yourself. That is death because you have separated yourself from me: Life. #Quote by Wm. Paul Young
Relation quotes by Calvin Coolidge
#178. The attempt to regulate, control, and prescribe all manner of conduct and social relations is very old. It was always the practice of primitive peoples. #Quote by Calvin Coolidge
Relation quotes by Anonymous
#179. 1. Price your product or service in relation to the benefit it provides, not the cost of producing it. 2. Offer customers a limited range of prices. 3. Get paid more than once for the same thing. #Quote by Anonymous
Relation quotes by William Stafford
#180. All events and experiences are local, somewhere. And all human enhancements of events and experiences
all the arts
are regional in the sense that they derive from immediate relation to felt life.
It is this immediacy that distinguishes art. And paradoxically the more local the feeling in art, the more all people can share it; for that vivid encounter with the stuff of the world is our common ground.
Artists, knowing this mutual enrichment that extends everywhere, can act, and praise, and criticize, as insiders
the means of art is the life of all people. And that life grows and improves by being shared. Hence, it is good to welcome any region you live in or come to, or think of, for that is where life happens to be, right where you are. #Quote by William Stafford
Relation quotes by Dew Platt
#181. God is thus entrenched in the Flow systems as a causal belief, but an unordered one. Within Flow, this is implemented as unordered in relation with the ordered. The responsibility of first Cause and causes as effects including physiological causes are passed on to God. In fact, to devout Christians, God is all causation incessantly. #Quote by Dew Platt
Relation quotes by Thomas Merton
#182. There is no greater disaster in the spiritual life than to be immersed in unreality, for life is maintained and nourished in us by our vital relation with realities outside and above us. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Relation quotes by Neil Peart
#183. Living in the limelight: the universal dream for those who wish to SEEM. Those who wish to BE, must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination, the real relation, the underlying theme. #Quote by Neil Peart
Relation quotes by Philip Guston
#184. Usually I draw in relation to my painting, what I am working on at the time. On a lucky day a surprising balance of forms and spaces will appear ... making itself, the image taking hold. This in turn moves me toward painting - anxious to get to the same place, with the actuality of paint and light. #Quote by Philip Guston
Relation quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#185. Even more importantly, there simply is no direct relation between physical strength and social power among humans. People in their sixties usually exercise power over people in their twenties, even though twenty-somethings are much stronger than their elders. The typical plantation owner in Alabama in the mid-nineteenth century could have been wrestled to the ground in seconds by any of the slaves cultivating his cotton fields. Boxing matches were not used to select Egyptian pharaohs or Catholic popes. In forager societies, political dominance generally resides with the person possessing the best social skills rather than the most developed musculature. In organized crime, the big boss is not necessarily the strongest man. He is often an older man who very rarely uses his own fists; he gets younger and fitter men to do the dirty jobs for him. A guy who thinks that the way to take over the syndicate is to beat up the don is unlikely to live long enough to learn from his mistake. Even among chimpanzees, the alpha male wins his position by building a stable coalition with other males and females, not through mindless violence.
In fact, human history shows that there is often an inverse relation between physical prowess and social power. In most societies, it's the lower classes who do the manual labor. This may reflect homo sapiens position in the food chain. If all that counted were raw physical abilities, sapiens would have found themselves on a middle rung of the ladder #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Relation quotes by Walker Percy
#186. A writer worth his salt is probably better off in an adversarial relation with the U.S. Senate. #Quote by Walker Percy
Relation quotes by Susan Marie
#187. We all have different paths. Sometimes we do not know why we gravitate towards one another, sometimes we do. As for myself, I put my everything into any relation and I love and give because that is who I am and am meant to do that, this is my path. In that, I am also human, and as humans, one cannot hold onto the divine, no matter how lovely, it cannot be owned, or kept and must be let go, all of it, people, love, attachment, expectations, no matter how we are received, treated, how we feel or how another feels or what they decide to do with their part of the bargain here because that is what every relation is, a bargain. All else leads to pain and suffering, On my end, I choose to learn and grow and can only hope the other person does too. I know when I am stepping into anything that it is not truly FOR me, yet I step, knowing there is a greater purpose. We all are learning tools, some of us know, some do not. Some relations are met only one way, some both ways, and in that, I do my best to let people and situations go, as they are meant, to be free, as we are all meant, in peace and I hope in my heart all of us live full beautiful lives. - Susan Marie #Quote by Susan Marie
Relation quotes by Carl R. Rogers
#188. Perhaps it is less important that a teacher cover the allotted amount of the curriculum, or use the most approved audio-visual devices, than that he be congruent, real, in his relation to his students. #Quote by Carl R. Rogers
Relation quotes by Bernie Sanders
#189. Who said that think we should normalize relations with Iran tomorrow? I never said that. I think we should move forward as quickly as we can. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Relation quotes by Emma Thompson
#190. The thing that influenced me most in relation to 'Nanny McPhee' were the Westerns I watched with my father. All the Spaghetti Westerns; all the Virginians; all the High Chaparrals. Because if you think about the form, it's a stranger from out of town. #Quote by Emma Thompson
Relation quotes by Noam Chomsky
#191. International relations bears more than a slight resemblance to the mafia. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Relation quotes by Jean Cocteau
#192. Do not fear being ridiculous in relation to the ridiculous. #Quote by Jean Cocteau
Relation quotes by Barry Long
#193. There is only one thing in your life YOU can be sure of. That one thing is this moment, now. The last moment has gone forever. The next moment has not come. YOU can become fully conscious only when you are living in the moment. To begin to live in the moment you have to know it exists and understand it. To understand it you have to observe it in relation to yourself and in relation to life. When you understand it, when you become conscious, you will see it is all that exists. To see this is to glimpse reality. #Quote by Barry Long
Relation quotes by Mircea Eliade
#194. The crises of modern man are to a large extent religious ones, insofar as they are an awakening of his awareness to an absence of meaning. #Quote by Mircea Eliade
Relation quotes by William T. Vollmann
#195. A common measure of poverty is how much money you have in relation to other people - that is useful as far as it goes, but that excludes the case of, say, a hunter in the rainforest who has no money but is not poor. And there can be a number of people with money but who can consider themselves unwanted or invisible or estranged from society. #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Relation quotes by Paul Fussell
#196. I would read accounts of so-called battles I had been in, and they had no relation whatever to what had happened. So I began to perceive that anything written was fiction to various degrees. The whole subject
the difference between actuality and representation
was an interesting one. And that's what brought me to literature in the first place. #Quote by Paul Fussell
Relation quotes by Frederick Franck
#197. What are you? I am no What! I am only I ... In relation to you! #Quote by Frederick Franck
Relation quotes by G.A. Aiken
#198. Éibhear isn't my friend. He's kin. A blood relation."

"Which means what exactly?"

"To a Cadwaladr, it means that if I have good cause, I could beat the scales off his back and get away with it. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Relation quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#199. I count him a great man who inhabits a higher sphere of thought, into which other men rise with labor and difficulty; he has but to open his eyes to see things in a true light, and in large relations; whilst they must make painful corrections, and keep a vigilant eye on many sources of error. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Relation quotes by Ian McEwan
#200. We overvalue the arts in relation to the sciences. #Quote by Ian McEwan

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