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Regeneration quotes by Alexander Berkman
#1. The stupendous task of human regeneration will be accomplished only by the purified vision of hearts that grow not cold. #Quote by Alexander Berkman
Regeneration quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#2. The regeneration of society is the regeneration of society by individual education. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Regeneration quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#3. I am convinced that there can be no regeneration of mankind until laughter is put down. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Regeneration quotes by Walter M. Miller Jr.
#4. We are the centuries... We have your eoliths and your mesoliths and your neoliths. We have your Babylons and your Pompeiis, your Caesars and your chromium-plated (vital-ingredient impregnated) artifacts. We have your bloody hatchets and your Hiroshimas. We march in spite of Hell, we do – Atrophy, Entropy, and Proteus vulgaris, telling bawdy jokes about a farm girl name of Eve and a traveling salesman called Lucifer. We bury your dead and their reputations. We bury you. We are the centuries. Be born then, gasp wind, screech at the surgeon's slap, seek manhood, taste a little godhood, feel pain, give birth, struggle a little while, succumb: (Dying, leave quietly by the rear exit, please.) Generation, regeneration, again, again, as in a ritual, with blood-stained vestments and nail-torn hands, children of Merlin, chasing a gleam. Children, too, of Eve, forever building Edens – and kicking them apart in berserk fury because somehow it isn't the same. (AGH! AGH! AGH! – an idiot screams his mindless anguish amid the rubble. But quickly! let it be inundated by the choir, chanting Alleluias at ninety decibels.) #Quote by Walter M. Miller Jr.
Regeneration quotes by Richard Cecil
#5. Regeneration is God's disposing the heart to Himself; conversion is the actual turning of the heart to God. #Quote by Richard Cecil
Regeneration quotes by John Stanley
#6. Some call it progress, regeneration, rebirth. Many people call it other things. #Quote by John Stanley
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#7. Sanctification begins in regeneration. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#8. I knew that the Name was still with him, animating his soul, even as his body failed. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Regeneration quotes by John Flavel
#9. Regeneration expresses those supernatural, divine, new qualities imparted by the Spirit to the soul, which are the principle of all holy action. #Quote by John Flavel
Regeneration quotes by Paul Harding
#10. The flowers Howard now walked among were the few last heirs to that brief local span of disaster and regeneration and he felt close to the sort of secrets he often caught himself wondering about, the revelations of which he only ever realized he had been in the proximity of after he became conscious of that proximity, and that phenomenon , of becoming conscious, was the very thing that whisked him away, so that any bit of insight or afterglow that remained but that was not accessible through words. He thought, But what about through grass and flowers and light and shadow? #Quote by Paul Harding
Regeneration quotes by Andrew Murray
#11. And this is the way to live as children of God: as many as receive Him, to them gives He the power to become children of God. This holds true, not only of conversion and regeneration, but of every day of my life. #Quote by Andrew Murray
Regeneration quotes by Philip Zaleski
#12. Self-deprecation is the appropriate response of any new convert, as he matches his stained soul against the purity of God. #Quote by Philip Zaleski
Regeneration quotes by I. Alan Appt
#13. Quotations from



Convey to others more compassion, sensitivity, understanding rather than judgementalism"

To find pity shall enable forgiveness to surface

There are good bones in everyone's body, what varies are the number

Cause and effect from the very smallest act by one individual can change mankind for all time

Devastation can be a reward, and a path to regeneration

Emotions May Inhibit our Ability to Find Peace

One must conquer One's insensitivity to sensitivity

True peace maintains strength and calm in the face of discord and tension

Wisdom is not guranteed to be achieved with age but rather realized with ones sensitiviy to man and the universe

Opposites create duality. The ego creates opposites. Therefore, the ego creates duality

One should not permit his or her life path to be influenced by the expectations of others.

Doubt is the archenemy of the purity of thought and it inhibits the
essence of all that is

Our, emotions and perceptions determine our attitudes and ultimately our choices

Don't do it later; do it now.

True love is unconditional and everlasting and it cannot cease.

Reframing from negative speech is a path to reduction of negative thought

Uncontaminated #Quote by I. Alan Appt
Regeneration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#14. Repentance is root of regeneration. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Regeneration quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#15. True belief and true repentance are twins: it would be idle to attempt to say which is born first. All the spokes of a wheel move at once when the wheel moves, and so all the graces commence action when regeneration is wrought by the Holy Ghost. Repentance, however, there must be. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul
#16. We can no more assist the Holy Spirit in the quickening of our souls to spiritual life than Lazarus could help Jesus raise him from the dead. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Regeneration quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#17. The nearer Christ comes to a heart, the more it becomes conscious of its guilt; it will then either ask for his mercy and find peace, or else it will turn against Him because it is not yet ready to give up its sinfulness. Thus He will separate the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff. Man's reaction to this Divine Presence will be the test: either it will call out all the opposition of egotistic natures, or else galvanize them into a regeneration and a resurrection. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Regeneration quotes by Megan McKenna
#18. The Resurrection is not a single event, but a loosening of God's power and light into the earth and history that continues to alter all things, infusing them with the grace and power of God's own holiness. It is as though a door was opened, and what poured out will never be stopped, and that door cannot be closed. #Quote by Megan McKenna
Regeneration quotes by Anonymous
#19. Have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. MAT19.29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. MAT19.30 But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. CHAPTER 20 MAT20 OT PS NT CH BK #Quote by Anonymous
Regeneration quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#20. The people thrown into other cultures go through something of the anguish of the butterfly, whose body must disintegrate and reform more than once in its life cycle. In her novel "Regeneration," Pat Barker writes of a doctor who "knew only too well how often the early stages of change or cure may mimic deterioration. Cut a chrysalis open, and you will find a rotting caterpillar. What you will never find is that mythical creature, half caterpillar, half butterfly, a fit emblem of the human soul, for those whose cat of mind leads them to seek such emblems. No, the process of transformation consists almost entirely of decay." But the butterfly is so fit an emblem of the human soul that its name in Greek is "psyche," the word for soul. We have not much language to appreciate this phase of decay, this withdrawal, this era of ending that must precede beginning. Nor of the violence of the metamorphosis, which is often spoken of as though it were as graceful as a flower blooming. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Regeneration quotes by J.C. Ryle
#21. Sanctification is the outcome and inseparable consequence of regeneration. He who is born again and made a new creature receives a new nature and a new principle and always lives a new life. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Regeneration quotes by Matt Chandler
#22. On the transformation of His brother James after Christ's Resurrection: What would it take to convince your family that you are God? #Quote by Matt Chandler
Regeneration quotes by Tennessee Celeste Claflin
#23. The absolute freedom of woman will be the dawn of the day of man's regeneration. In raising her he will elevate himself. #Quote by Tennessee Celeste Claflin
Regeneration quotes by Beth Moore
#24. How has Paul kept his wonder? He never forgot who he had been. #Quote by Beth Moore
Regeneration quotes by Jars Of Clay
#25. Amazing tributaries feeding where the rivers will never flow.... #Quote by Jars Of Clay
Regeneration quotes by Beth Moore
#26. Only God can make the common sacred. #Quote by Beth Moore
Regeneration quotes by Joseph Beuys
#27. I think the tree is an element of regeneration which in itself is a concept of time. #Quote by Joseph Beuys
Regeneration quotes by Louis Berkhof
#28. [Martin] Luther did not regard the water in baptism as common water, but as a water which had become, through the Word with its inherent divine power, a gracious water of life, a washing of regeneration. Through this divine efficacy of the Word the sacrament effects regeneration. #Quote by Louis Berkhof
Regeneration quotes by Steven J. Lawson
#29. If there is no fruit in sanctification, there is no root in regeneration. #Quote by Steven J. Lawson
Regeneration quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#30. He did not know that the new life would not be given him for nothing, that he would have to pay dearly for it, that it would cost him great striving, great suffering.
But that is the beginning of a new story
the story of the gradual renewal of a man, the story of his gradual regeneration, of his passing from one world into another, of his initiation into a new unknown life. That might be the subject of a new story, but our present story is ended. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Regeneration quotes by Justin Martyr
#31. And this food is called among us the Eucharist, of which no one is allowed to partake but the man who believes that the things which we teach are true, who has been washed with the washing that is for the remission of sins and to regeneration, and who is so living as Christ has enjoined. #Quote by Justin Martyr
Regeneration quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#32. Irony is a disciplinarian feared only by those who do not know it, but cherished by those who do. He who does not understand irony and has no ear for its whispering lacks of what might called the absolute beginning of the personal life. He lacks what at moments is indispensable for the personal life, lacks both the regeneration and rejuvenation, the cleaning baptism of irony that redeems the soul from having its life in finitude though living boldly and energetically in finitude. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Regeneration quotes by Thomas Boston
#33. In regeneration, the mind is enlightened in the knowledge of spiritual things ... The will is renewed ... The will is cured of its utter inability to will what is good. While the opening of the prison to them that are bound, is proclaimed in the Gospel, the Spirit of God comes and opens the prison door, goes to the prisoner, and, by the power of his grace, makes his chains fall off; breaks the bonds of iniquity, wherewith he was held in sin, so as he could neither will nor do any thing TRULY good; and brings him forth into a large place. #Quote by Thomas Boston
Regeneration quotes by Anonymous
#34. We reject the teaching that regeneration is the result of saving faith. #Quote by Anonymous
Regeneration quotes by Loraine Boettner
#35. Salvation is accomplished by the almighty power of the Triune God. The Father chose a people, the Son died for them, the Holy Spirit makes Christ's death effective by bringing the elect to faith and repentance, thereby causing them to willingly obey the gospel. The entire process (election, redemption, regeneration) is the work of God and is by grace alone. Thus God, not man, determines who will be the recipients of the gift of salvation. #Quote by Loraine Boettner
Regeneration quotes by Pegi Eyers
#36. We need to tell new stories about ourselves, new myths to guide us forward, and new manifestos that celebrate our integration with the natural world. Our archaic spirit needs to rise again in a weaving of timeless myths and stories of growth, regeneration, rites of passage, motion, energy, illumination, magic, decay, and all the Earth's processes that dwell both in us and the more-than-human world."
Chapter 22, "Earth Story #Quote by Pegi Eyers
Regeneration quotes by Nuala O'Faolain
#37. There was nothing between the man and me - - nothing, not even liking. But because of the memory of some wholeness, or the hope of some regeneration, I would have dropped whatever I'd planned, just to go back to scratching around on his bed. #Quote by Nuala O'Faolain
Regeneration quotes by Fazlur Rahman
#38. The corruption of religious leaders, who were expected to be the source of spiritual force and regeneration, is the last step in the of decay of a community. #Quote by Fazlur Rahman
Regeneration quotes by Matt Chandler
#39. If you look at Isis beheading women and children, if you are like me, you are not thinking, one of these would make a great missionary. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Regeneration quotes by Sinclair B. Ferguson
#40. Regeneration, however it is described, is a divine activity in us, in which we are not the actors but the recipients. #Quote by Sinclair B. Ferguson
Regeneration quotes by Matt Chandler
#41. The Word, the Gospel, creates not just people individually but A people collectively #Quote by Matt Chandler
Regeneration quotes by Aleksandra Ninkovic
#42. We seek for an explanation,
crawling on this sacred Ground,
that is crying for salvation,
but not many hear the sound.
We yield to regeneration,
lost,we hope we could be found..
once exalted Gods creations,
fallen,but not yet profound.
Only Love,gives clear reflection,
that can turn our fate around.
Once we accept imperfection,
to ourselves we'll be rebound. #Quote by Aleksandra Ninkovic
Regeneration quotes by Davis Miller
#43. George Foreman looks as if he might have organically appeared out of the very ground around the church. #Quote by Davis Miller
Regeneration quotes by Anonymous
#44. 4 But when the goodness of God and His love for mankind appeared, 5 He saved us - not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to His mercy, through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit. #Quote by Anonymous
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#45. If you are renewed by grace, and were to meet your old self, I am sure you would be very anxious to get out of his company. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Louis Berkhof
#46. Civilization without regeneration, without a supernatural change of the heart, will never bring in a millennium, an effective and glorious rule of Jesus Christ. #Quote by Louis Berkhof
Regeneration quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#47. The banyan tree does not mean awakening, nor does the hill, nor the saint, nor the European couple. The lotus is a symbol of regeneration. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Regeneration quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#48. We would labor earnestly to raise a believer in salvation by free will into a believer in salvation by grace, for we long to see all religious teaching built upon the solid rock of truth and not upon the sand of imagination. At the same time, our grand object is not the revision of opinions, but the regeneration of natures. We should bring men to Christ, not to our own particular views of Christianity. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Philip Schaff
#49. Christianity is not only the revelation of truth, but also the fountain of holiness under the unceasing inspiration of the spotless example of its Founder, which is more powerful than all the systems of moral philosophy. It attests its divine origin as much by its moral workings as by its pure doctrines. By its own inherent energy, without noise and commotion, without the favor of circumstance - nay, in spite of all possible obstacles, it has gradually wrought the greatest moral reformation, we should rather say, regeneration of society which history has ever seen while its purifying, ennobling, and cheering effects upon the private life of countless individuals are beyond the reach of the historian, though recorded in God's book of life to be opened on the day of judgment. To appreciate this work, we must first review the moral condition of heathenism in its mightiest embodiment in history. #Quote by Philip Schaff
Regeneration quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#50. Some well-meaning Christians tremble for their salvation, because they have never gone through that valley of tears and of sorrow, which they have been taught to consider as an ordeal that must be passed through before they can arrive at regeneration. To satisfy such minds, it may be observed, that the slightest sorrow for sin is sufficient, if it produce amendment, and that the greatest is insufficient, if it do not. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Regeneration quotes by Nnamdi Azikiwe
#51. The realization of New Africa can only be possible by the African cultivating spiritual balance , which leads to the practicalization of social regeneration , to realizing economic determination , becoming mentally emancipated , and ushering in a political resurgence. #Quote by Nnamdi Azikiwe
Regeneration quotes by Various
#52. Prior to the exercise of regeneration and justification, whereby he is made right with God through the blood of Christ, there is not a single person, however religious or ethically moral he may be, who is righteous before God. #Quote by Various
Regeneration quotes by David Kinnaman
#53. Most people in America, when they are exposed to the Christian faith, are not being transformed. They take one step into the door, and the journey ends. They are not being allowed, encouraged, or equipped to love or to think like Christ. Yet in many ways a focus on spiritual formation fits what a new generation is really seeking. Transformation is a process, a journey, not a one-time decision. #Quote by David Kinnaman
Regeneration quotes by Hugh Graham
#54. Left and Right are monolithic ideas - colossal, abstract, and, as their religious origins suggest, cosmic. They are part of the darker side of humanity that replaces the specific with the general, the personal with the impersonal. If you wanted to find a way of making certain that people would have as little as possible in common, there would be no better way than to divide them, not into ten or three or four, but into two. Dual division turns the largest possible sections of humanity against one another, often causing neighbors and compatriots to have nothing to say to one another. No regeneration of community can begin without a careful demolition of Left and Right; nor can this tearing down be relinquished to academic abstraction, technical philosophy, government, corporations, or ideology. Nothing can be built without a new politics - least of all with a politics that refers outward to ideas of Heaven and Hell rather than inward to the experience of daily life. #Quote by Hugh Graham
Regeneration quotes by J.I. Packer
#55. The entire ordo salutis [order of salvation], beginning with regeneration as its first stage, is bound to the mystical union with Christ. There is no gift that has not been earned by him. #Quote by J.I. Packer
Regeneration quotes by Lord Acton
#56. Though oppression may give rise to violent and repeated outbreaks, like the convulsions of a man in pain, it cannot mature a settled purpose and plan of regeneration, unless a new notion of happiness is joined to the sense of present evil. #Quote by Lord Acton
Regeneration quotes by Richard Tarnas
#57. I believe our task is to develop a moral and aesthetic imagination deep enough and wide enough to encompass the contradictions of our time and history, the tremendous loss and tragedy as well as greatness and nobility, an imagination capable of recognizing that where there is light there is shadow, that out of hubris and fall can come moral regeneration, out of suffering and death, resurrection and rebirth. #Quote by Richard Tarnas
Regeneration quotes by J.D. Greear
#58. The author offers Paul Tripp's analogy that most of the strategies for growth in the Christian life amounts to stapling live roses on a dead bush. #Quote by J.D. Greear
Regeneration quotes by James Arminius
#59. But in his lapsed and sinful state, man is not capable, of any by himself, either to think, to will, or to do that which is really good, but it is necessary for him to be regenerated and renewed in his intellect, affections or will, and in all his powers, by God in Christ through the Holy Spirit, that he may be qualified rightly to understand, esteem, consider, will, and perform whatever is truly good. When he is made a partaker of this regeneration or renovation, I consider that, since he is delivered from sin, he is capable of thinking, willing, and doing that which is good, but yet not without the continued aids of Divine Grace. #Quote by James Arminius
Regeneration quotes by Andy Stanley
#60. It takes a habit to break a habit. You can pray every day for a generous heart, but until you start acting in that direction, nothing's going to change. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Regeneration quotes by Emma Goldman
#61. I consider Anarchism the most beautiful and practical philosophy that has yet been thought of in its application to individual expression and the relation it establishes between the individual and society. Moreover, I am certain that Anarchism is too vital and too close to human nature ever to die. It is my conviction that dictatorship, whether to the right or to the left, can never work
that it never has worked, and that time will prove this again, as it has been proved before. When the failure of modern dictatorship and authoritarian philosophies becomes more apparent and the realization of failure more general, Anarchism will be vindicated. Considered from this point, a recrudescence of Anarchist ideas in the near future is very probable. When this occurs and takes effect, I believe that humanity will at last leave the maze in which it is now lost and will start on the path to sane living and regeneration through freedom. #Quote by Emma Goldman
Regeneration quotes by Bill Mollison
#62. Each such cycle is a unique event; diet, choice, selection, season, weather, digestion, decomposition and regeneration differ each time it happens. Thus, it is the number of such cycles, great and small, that decide the potential for diversity. We should feel ourselves privileged to be part of such eternal renewal. Just by living we have achieved immortality - as grass, grasshoppers, gulls, geese and other people. We are of the diversity we experience in every real sense.
If, as physical scientists assure us, we all contain a few molecules of Einstein, and if the atomic particles of our physical body reach to the outermost bounds of the universe, then we are all de facto components of all things. There is nowhere left for us to go if we are already everywhere, and this is, in truth, all we will ever have or need. If we love ourselves at all, we should respect all things equally, and not claim any superiority over what are, in effect, our other parts. Is the hand superior to the eye? The bishop to the goose? The son to the mother? #Quote by Bill Mollison
Regeneration quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#63. Prayer consists in the transformation of what we do in the name of Jesus to what Holy Spirit does in us as we follow Jesus. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Regeneration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#64. Spiritual regeneration is a change on the inside of a person or nation as a result of coming to Jesus, and a change of value system in his life. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Regeneration quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#65. France needs nothing so much to promote her regeneration as good mothers. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Regeneration quotes by Douglas Wilson
#66. And the heart of it is this. Real conversions are marked by the fruit of the Spirit, not the gifts of the Spirit. Regeneration has a tell, and that tell is love. As John Owen noted, the gifts of the Spirit are not the saving grace of the Spirit.11 And the love we are talking about is not a momentary thing. Love is not a walk around the block, but rather a long-haul trucking trip. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Regeneration quotes by Jasper Fforde
#67. Mind you, if we we're talking about regeneration, we could go a step further and take a leaf out of the sponge book. There are sponges you can chop to pieces, whiz up in the blender, and then press through a sieve, but they'll still regenerate."
"Useful, maybe," I replied, "but I think there is a limit to the amount of fun you could have as a sponge. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Regeneration quotes by Rousas John Rushdoony
#68. The basic function of law is to restrain (Rom. 13:1-4) not to regenerate, and when the function of the law is changed from the restraint of evil to the regeneration of man and society, then law itself begins to break down, because an impossible burden is being placed upon it ... Only as we return to a Biblical foundation for law shall we again have a return to justice and order under law. #Quote by Rousas John Rushdoony
Regeneration quotes by John Owen
#69. As among all the doctrines of the gospel, there is none opposed with more violence and subtlety than that concerning our regeneration by the immediate, powerful, effectual operation of the Holy Spirit of grace. #Quote by John Owen
Regeneration quotes by Ira Gershwin
#70. Deep, unspeakable suffering may well be called a baptism, a regeneration, the initiation into a new state. #Quote by Ira Gershwin
Regeneration quotes by Henry Ainsworth
#71. We grant evil freewill (or freewill to evil) is remaining in all natural men: we believe that freewill to good, is from grace and regeneration. #Quote by Henry Ainsworth
Regeneration quotes by B.G. Bowers
#72. Change blows through the branches of our existence. It fortifies the roots on which we stand, infuses crimson experience with autumn hues, dismantles Winter's brittle leaves, and ushers Spring into our fertile environments. Seeds of evolution burst from their pod cocoons and teardrop buds blossom into Summer flowers. Change releases its redolent scent, attracting the buzz of honey bees and the adoration of discerning butterflies. #Quote by B.G. Bowers
Regeneration quotes by Helen Clark
#73. Marine protected areas, and particularly no-take zones, are very effective in allowing regeneration of fish stocks. #Quote by Helen Clark
Regeneration quotes by Saint Augustine
#74. Now, justification in this life is given to us according to these three things: first by the laver of regeneration by which all sins are forgiven; then, by a struggle with the faults from whose guilt we have been absolved; the third, when our prayer is heard, in which we say: 'Forgive us our debts,' because however bravely we fight against our faults, we are men; but the grace of God so aids as we fight in this corruptible body that there is reason for His hearing us as we ask forgiveness. #Quote by Saint Augustine
Regeneration quotes by Oswald Chambers
#75. Is the Son of God praying in me, or am I dictating to Him? ... Prayer is not simply getting things from God, that is a most initial form of prayer; prayer is getting into perfect communion with God. If the Son of God is formed in us by regeneration, He will press forward in front of our common sense and change our attitude to the things about which we pray. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Regeneration quotes by Karren Brady
#76. The new build will play a vital role in the £1billion regeneration project at Longbridge, providing a strong educational element to the employment led mixed-use development. In these trying and difficult times, it is vital that we invest in the future of our community, in the hope that they will continue to take this country from strength to strength. #Quote by Karren Brady
Regeneration quotes by Carol P. Christ
#77. The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration. #Quote by Carol P. Christ
Regeneration quotes by Robert O. Becker
#78. Now I had enough pieces to start on the puzzle. I summarized theobservations in a little matrix:

Extent of injury is proportional to regeneration

Amount of nerve is proportional to regeneration

Extent of injury is proportional to current of injury

Amount of nerve is proportional to current of injury

Ergo: current of injury is proportional to regeneration #Quote by Robert O. Becker
Regeneration quotes by William Booth
#79. The chief danger of the 20th century will be religion without the Holy Spirit, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell. #Quote by William Booth
Regeneration quotes by Edsger W. Dijkstra
#80. It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration. #Quote by Edsger W. Dijkstra
Regeneration quotes by Albert J. Beveridge
#81. And we will move forward to our work, not howling out regrets like slaves whipped to their burdens, but with gratitude for a task worthy of our strength, and thanksgiving to Almighty God that He has marked us as His chosen people, henceforth to lead in the regeneration of the world. #Quote by Albert J. Beveridge
Regeneration quotes by Silvia Federici
#82. In capitalism, sex can exist but only as a productive force at the service of procreation and the regeneration of the waged/male working and as a mean of social appeasement and compensation for the misery of everyday existence. #Quote by Silvia Federici
Regeneration quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#83. Just as a man cannot live in the flesh unless he is born in the flesh, even so a man cannot have the spiritual life of grace unless he is born again spiritually. This regeneration is effected by Baptism: "Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" (Jn 3:5) #Quote by Thomas Aquinas
Regeneration quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#84. It is possible for a single individual to defy the whole might of an unjust empire to save his honor, his religion, his soul, and lay the foundation for that empire's fall or its regeneration. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Regeneration quotes by John Calvin
#85. Free will does not enable any man to perform good works, unless he is assisted by grace; indeed, the special grace which the elect alone receive through regeneration. For I stay not to consider the extravagance of those who say that grace is offered equally and promiscuously to all #Quote by John Calvin
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#86. We entertain God's Truth not as a guest but as master of the house. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Big Daddy Weave
#87. All those pictures in my past, now that reminding me of just how beautiful You are. #Quote by Big Daddy Weave
Regeneration quotes by J.C. Ryle
#88. Solid scriptural theology should be valued in the church. Books in which Scripture is reverently regarded as the only rule of faith and practice
books in which Christ and the Holy Ghost have their rightful office
books in which justification, and sanctification, and regeneration, and faith, and grace, and holiness are clearly, distinctly, and accurately delineated and exhibited, these are the only books which do real good. Few things need reviving more than a taste for such books as these among readers. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Regeneration quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#89. My countenance in my old-age does injustice to my heart. John Quincy Adams #Quote by Paul C. Nagel
Regeneration quotes by Jonathon Porritt
#90. Any regeneration project that fails to put environmental and social benefits at its very heart is unlikely to achieve anything more than a very short-lived spasm of spurious prosperity #Quote by Jonathon Porritt
Regeneration quotes by A.W. Tozer
#91. Forgiveness, cleansing, regeneration, the Holy Spirit, all answers to prayer, are given to faith and received by faith. There is no other way. This is common evangelical doctrine and is accepted wherever the cross of Christ is understood. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Regeneration quotes by Gustav Mahler
#92. For the last month I have been a strict vegetarian. The moral effects of this regime are immense, owing to the voluntary subjugation of the flesh and the resulting absence of desires. You will appreciate how full I am of this idea when I tell you that I expect it to work the regeneration of mankind. I advise you to change over to a natural way of life, with proper nourishment (wholemeal bread), and you will soon feel the benefit. #Quote by Gustav Mahler
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul Jr.
#93. Regeneration is the cause of faith, not faith the cause of regeneration. #Quote by R.C. Sproul Jr.
Regeneration quotes by Jack Horner
#94. Once we understand just how to control genes, we have the potential for spinal cord regeneration, bone regeneration, and so on. It might also give us plumper chickens. #Quote by Jack Horner
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul
#95. Regeneration is a work of the omnipotent power of God, power that nothing can overcome or resist. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Regeneration quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#96. Be sure, whatever you leave out, that you teach the children the three R's,-Ruin, Redemption, and Regeneration. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Louis Althusser
#97. A man of nothing who has started out from nothing starting out from an unassignable place: these are, for Machiavelli, the conditions for regeneration. #Quote by Louis Althusser
Regeneration quotes by Dallas Willard
#98. I think that, when I die, it might be some time until I know it. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#99. My inward experience has often been a wilderness; but Thou hast owned me still as Thy beloved, and poured streams of love and grace into me to gladden me, and make me fruitful. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Thomas Merton
#100. God makes us ask ourselves questions most often when He intends to resolve them. He gives us needs that He alone can satisfy, and awakens capacities that He means to fulfill. Any perplexity is liable to be a spiritual gestation, leading to a new birth and a mystical regeneration. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Regeneration quotes by John Charles Pollock
#101. His (Paul's) entire personality within mutation. He was being turned inside out as he led Jesus light the recesses of his soul. #Quote by John Charles Pollock
Regeneration quotes by John Piper
#102. Rather we say that in the cross, God had in view the actual, effective redemption of his children from all that would destroy them, including their own unbelief. And we affirm that when Christ died particularly for his bride, he did not simply create a possibility or an opportunity for salvation, but really purchased and infallibly secured for them all that is necessary to get them saved, including the grace of regeneration and the gift of faith. #Quote by John Piper
Regeneration quotes by Watchman Nee
#103. We recognize already that regeneration of the spirit is the paramount need of man. #Quote by Watchman Nee
Regeneration quotes by Steven Hall
#104. Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there's not even the smallest part of you now that was part of you seven years ago. #Quote by Steven Hall
Regeneration quotes by David Chipperfield
#105. We see buildings in Britain mostly as freestanding objects. They are not meant to have a dialogue with anything around them, or with history, or with ideas of any kind beyond the self-referential. What we call 'regeneration' is largely an excuse for building for maximum profit with a bit of sculptural design thrown in to catch the eye of the media. #Quote by David Chipperfield
Regeneration quotes by Jack Kornfield
#106. Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Regeneration quotes by A.W. Tozer
#107. The great reality is God, who is the author of that lower and dependent reality which makes up the sum of created things, including ourselves. God has objective existence independent of and apart from any notions which we may have concerning Him. The worshipping heart does not create its object. It finds Him here when it wakes from its moral slumber in the morning of its regeneration. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Regeneration quotes by Vladimir S. Soloviev
#108. True spiritual love is not a feeble imitation and anticipation of death, but a triumph over death, not a separation of the immortal form from the mortal, of the eternal from the temporal, but a transfiguration of the mortal into the immortal, the acceptance of the temporal into the eternal. False spirituality is a denial of the flesh; true spirituality is the regeneration of the flesh, its salvation, its resurrection from the dead. #Quote by Vladimir S. Soloviev
Regeneration quotes by David Platt
#109. He (Jesus) came so that we might receive new life through supernatural regeneration. #Quote by David Platt
Regeneration quotes by Philip Zaleski
#110. She was simpler, less fractured by life during her youth. #Quote by Philip Zaleski
Regeneration quotes by Mark Buchanan
#111. This is the love of God, an alchemy that can turn enemies into children. #Quote by Mark Buchanan
Regeneration quotes by Ayesha Jalal
#112. Jinnah's "Pakistan" did not entail the partition of India; rather it meant its regeneration into an union where Pakistan and Hindustan would join to stand together proudly against the hostile world without. This was no clarion call for pan-Islam; this was not pitting Muslim India against Hindustan; rather it was a secular vision of a polity where there was real political choice & safeguards, the India of Jinnah's dreams, a vision unfulfilled but noble nonetheless. #Quote by Ayesha Jalal
Regeneration quotes by John Stott
#113. Faith, Hope & Love. Faith is directed towards God, love towards others (both within the Christian fellowship and beyond it) and hope towards the future, in particular, the glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Similarly, faith rests of the past; love works in the present; hope looks to the future. Every Christian without exception is a believer, a lover and a hoper. Faith, hope and love are three sure evidences of regeneration by the Holy Spirit. #Quote by John Stott
Regeneration quotes by Witness Lee
#114. Regeneration took place in our spirit, not in our physical body or in our mind. This means the Triune God is now in our spirit (Eph. 4:6; 2 Cor. 13:5; Rom. 8:9). What a treasure we have within (2 Cor. 4:7)! The Triune God has come into our spirit to stay (John 4:24; 2 Tim. 4:22; Rom. 8:16). Here in our spirit is where the unsearchable riches of Christ are. #Quote by Witness Lee
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul
#115. Regeneration is the beginning of a journey. It is a journey with successes and failures, with growth amid stumbling. At times, the progress seems painfully slow, but progress is there. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Regeneration quotes by C.S. Lewis
#116. The very words repentance, regeneration, the New Man, suggest something very different. Some tendencies in each natural man may have to be simply rejected. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Regeneration quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#117. This figure upon the Cross is not a MVD agent or a Gestapo inquisitor, but a Divine Physician, Who only asks that we bring our wounds to Him in order that He may heal them. If our sins be as scarlet, they shall be washed white as snow, and if they be as red as crimson, they shall be made white as wool. Was it not He Who told us, "I say to you, that even so there shall be more joy in Heaven upon one sinner that doth penance than upon ninety-nine just who need not penance" (Luke 15:7)? In the story of the prodigal, did He not describe the Father as saying, "Let us eat and make merry: because this my son was dead and is come to life again; was lost and is found" (Luke 15:23, 24)? Why is there more joy in Heaven for the repentant sinner than for the righteous? Because God's attitude is not judgment but love. In judgment, one is not as joyful after doing wrong as before; but in love, there is joy because the danger and worry of losing that soul is past. He who is sick is loved more than he who is well, because he needs it more. Some will feign sickness to solicit love and pretend wounds that the beloved may bind them. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Regeneration quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#118. In battling against untouchability, and in dedicating myself to that battle, I have no less an ambition than to see a full regeneration of humanity. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Regeneration quotes by George Meredith
#119. Earth knows no desolation. She smells regeneration in the moist breath of decay. #Quote by George Meredith
Regeneration quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#120. Those are the dangerous moments. They show us that the adjustment is only artificial, that it is not simple rest, but sharpest struggle for rest. In the outward form of our life we are hardly distinguishable from Bushmen; but whereas the latter can be so always, because they are so truly, and at best may develop further by exertion of their spiritual forces, with us it is the reverse; - our inner forces are not exerted toward regeneration, but toward degeneration. The Bushmen are primitive and naturally so, but we are primitive in an artificial sense, and by virtue of the utmost effort. And #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Regeneration quotes by Matt Chandler
#121. I am praying that the issues from the last 12 generations go into the ground with me so I have NEW issue is to pass on to my son. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#122. Past experiences are doubtful food for Christians; a present coming to Christ alone can give us joy and comfort. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Lewis Sperry Chafer
#123. The Satanic message for this age will be reformation and self-development, while the message of God is regeneration by the power of the spirit. #Quote by Lewis Sperry Chafer
Regeneration quotes by Tamara Rendell
#124. Here," he said, "I place the man I was aside the man I am now. And we have not the same hope nor thought, yet are one continuous breath from the body of I, Akiyama Akio. #Quote by Tamara Rendell
Regeneration quotes by Oswald Chambers
#125. Satan does not tempt us to do wrong things; he tempts us in order to make us lose what God has put into us by regeneration, viz., the possibility of being of value to God. He does not come on the line of tempting us to sin, but on the line of shifting the point of view, and only the Spirit of God can detect this as a temptation of the devil. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Regeneration quotes by Satya Nadella
#126. You've got to remember even the Apple regeneration started with colorful iMacs. So let us first get the colorful iMacs. I think with what we're doing with Lumia, we're at that stage. I want to do good devices that people like, and then we will go on to doing the next thing and the next thing. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Regeneration quotes by N. T. Wright
#127. Many Christians in the evangelical tradition use words like "conversion," "regeneration," "justification," "born-again," etc. all as more or less synonyms to mean "becoming a Christian from cold." In the classic Reformed tradition, the word "justification" is much more fine-tuned than that and has to do with a verdict which is pronounced, rather than with something happening to you in terms of actually being born again. So that I'm actually much closer to some classic Reformed writing on this than some people perhaps realize. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Regeneration quotes by Harry Graf Kessler
#128. It seems to me we are now, since 1789, going through the same sort of process of regeneration the Roman world went through between 300 and 500. It is only to be hoped all civilization will not again be destroyed by the anarchists. #Quote by Harry Graf Kessler
Regeneration quotes by Andrew Murray
#129. Our Father which art in heaven!' To appreciate this word of adoration aright, I must remember that none of the saints had in Scripture ever ventured to address God as their Father. The invocation places us at once in the centre of the wonderful revelation the Son came to make of His Father as our Father too. It comprehends the mystery of redemption - Christ delivering us from the curse that we might become the children of God. The mystery of regeneration - the Spirit in the new birth giving us the new life. And the mystery of faith - ere yet the redemption is accomplished or understood, the word is given on the lips of the disciples to prepare them for the blessed experience still to come. The words are the key to the whole prayer, to all prayer. It #Quote by Andrew Murray
Regeneration quotes by Diana Galbaldon
#130. An Echo in the Bone.

It was a familiar phenomenon. Doctors, soldiers, and mothers encounter it routinely; I had, any number of times. Unable to respond to an immediate emergency while clouded by fatigue, the mind simply withdraws a little, separating itself fastidiously from the body's overwhelming self-centered needs. From this clinical distance, it can direct things, bypassing emotions, pain, and tiredness, making necessary decisions, cold-bloodedly overruling the mindless body's needs for food, water, sleep, love, grief, pushing it past its fail-safe points.
Why emotions? I wondered dimly. Surely emotion was a function of the mind. And yet it seemed so deeply rooted in the flesh and this abdication of the mind always suppressed emotion, too.
They body resents this abdication, I think. Ignored and abused, it will not easily let the mind return. Often, the separation persists until one if finally allowed to sleep. With the body absorbed in its quiet intensities of regeneration, the mind settles cautiously back into the turbulent flesh, feeling its delicate way through the twisting passages of dreams, making peace. And you wake once more whole. #Quote by Diana Galbaldon
Regeneration quotes by Auberon Herbert
#131. It is only you, treading in the blessed path of peace and freedom, who can bring about the true regeneration of society, and with it the true happiness of your own lives. #Quote by Auberon Herbert
Regeneration quotes by Alister E. McGrath
#132. Christianity tells a big story. It allows us to see our own story in a new way. #Quote by Alister E. McGrath
Regeneration quotes by James Allen
#133. In the beautiful words of Staton Kirkham Davis, 'You may be keeping accounts, and presently you shall walk out of the door that for so long has seemed to you the barrier of your ideals, and shall find yourself before an audience - the pen still behind your ear, the ink-stains on you fingers - and then and there shall pour out the torrent of your inspiration. You may be driving sheep, and you shall wander to the city - bucolic and open-mouthed; shall wander under the intrepid guidance of a spirit into the studio of the master, and after a time he shall say, 'I have nothing more to teach you.' And now you have become the master, who did so recently dream of great things while driving sheep. You shall lay down the saw and the plane to take upon yourself the regeneration of the world. #Quote by James Allen
Regeneration quotes by Herbert Hoover
#134. The human animal originally came from out-of-doors. When spring begins to move in his bones, he just must get out again. Moreover, as civilization, cement pavements, office buildings, radios have overwhelmed us, the need for regeneration has increased, and the impulses are even stronger. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Regeneration quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#135. He is himself again, more himself than at any time on this Earth. Nancy Reagan on her husband #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
Regeneration quotes by Nathaniel Branden
#136. Positive self-esteem operates as, in effect, the immune system of the consciousness, providing resistance, strength, and a capacity for regeneration. When self-esteem is low, our resilience in the face of life's adversities is diminished. We crumble before vicissitudes that a healthier sense of self could vanquish. We tend to be more influenced by the desire to avoid pain than to experience joy. Negatives have more power over us than positives. #Quote by Nathaniel Branden
Regeneration quotes by Ramon Ravenswood
#137. Phoenix Speaks:
Within this urn of stillness
I slumber in deep sleep

Awaiting brave Helios
to warm my gentle ashes

Igniting the flame within my soul
once again I fly to the heavens #Quote by Ramon Ravenswood
Regeneration quotes by Henry Williamson
#138. Regeneration can come only through a change of heart in the individual. #Quote by Henry Williamson
Regeneration quotes by Lindsey Davis
#139. Most professionals specialize in only part of the complex community revitalization process. Incomplete efforts usually create messy, expensive, demoralizing failures. Few specialists understand how to bring a place back to life with a holistic approach. If anyone understands the complete revitalization process, it's Storm Cunningham. He's spent over a decade rigorously studying successes and failures worldwide. He can look at a community, regional, or organizational regeneration or redevelopment process, and quickly spot what's wrong ... what's missing. #Quote by Lindsey Davis
Regeneration quotes by Stephen Charnock
#140. Regeneration is a spiritual change; conversion is a spiritual motion. #Quote by Stephen Charnock
Regeneration quotes by Fazlur Rahman
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"The corruption of religious leaders, who were expected to be the source of spiritual force and regeneration, is the last step in the decay of a community. #Quote by Fazlur Rahman
Regeneration quotes by Dasha Zhukova
#142. I believe in carbon offset initiatives, in eco-villages, in the sustainable regeneration of the tropical rainforest. #Quote by Dasha Zhukova
Regeneration quotes by Don Baker
#143. God likes to make people. Great people out of common people, strong people out of week people, famous people out of the unknown people, good people are bad people. God likes to make people. That's an obsession with God, one from which He will never change. #Quote by Don Baker
Regeneration quotes by Gary Holthaus
#144. In our social world we have only a thin layer of topsoil-tolerance-for people and cultures that are different from our own. When times get hard, there is nothing left to
nourish us, and we snarl over limited profits or limited resources. It seems clear that the work of spiritual regeneration has to begin now.
These #Quote by Gary Holthaus
Regeneration quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#145. Whoever has experienced the power and the unrestrained ability to humiliate another human being automatically loses his own sensations. Tyranny is a habit, it has its own organic life, it develops finally into a disease. The habit can kill and coarsen the very best man or woman to the level of a beast. Blood and power intoxicate ... the return of the human dignity, repentance and regeneration becomes almost impossible. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Regeneration quotes by Gretel Ehrlich
#146. A sense of panic ensued, but panic is like fresh air. The world falls out from under us and we fly, we float, we skim mountains, and every draught we breathe is new. Exposed and raw, we are free to be lost , to ask questions. Otherwise we seize up and are paralyzed by self-righteousness, obsessed with our own perfection. If there is no death and regeneration, our virtues become empty shells (199)
Ehrlich's _A Match to the Heart_. #Quote by Gretel Ehrlich
Regeneration quotes by John Calvin
#147. But we have nothing of the Spirit except through regeneration. Everything, therefore, which we have from nature is flesh. #Quote by John Calvin
Regeneration quotes by Thomas Hardy
#148. The yard was a little centre of regeneration. Here, with keen edges and smooth curves, were forms in the exact likeness of those he had seen abraded and time-eaten on the walls. These were the ideas in modern prose which the lichened colleges presented in old poetry. Even some of those antiques might have been called prose when they were new. They had done nothing but wait, and had become poetical. How easy to the smallest building; how impossible to most men. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Regeneration quotes by Mao Zedong
#149. On what basis should our policy rest? It should rest on our own strength, and that means regeneration through one's own efforts. We are not alone; all the countries and people in the world opposed to imperialism are our friends. Nevertheless, we stress regeneration through our own efforts. Relying on the forces we ourselves organize, we can defeat all Chinese and foreign reactionaries. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Regeneration quotes by Charles Dickens
#150. That I growed up a man and not a beast says something for me. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Regeneration quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#151. How is this revolution to take place? Nobody knows how it will take place in humanity, but every man feels it clearly in himself. And yet in our world everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Regeneration quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#152. Cancer, we have discovered, is stitched into our genome. Oncogenes [cancer causing cells] arise from mutations in essential genes that regulate the growth of cells. Mutations accumulate in these genes when DNA is damaged by carcinogens, but also by seemingly random errors in copying genes when cells divide. The former might be preventable, but the latter is endogenous [originating from within]. Cancer is a flaw in our growth, but this flaw is deeply entrenched in ourselves. We can rid ourselves of cancer, then, only as much as we can rid ourselves of the processes in our physiology that depend on growth - aging, regeneration, healing, reproduction. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Regeneration quotes by Pyotr Kropotkin
#153. It is in the ardent revolutionist to whom the joys of art, of science, even of family life, seem bitter, so long as they cannot be shared by all, and who works despite misery and persecution for the regeneration of the world. #Quote by Pyotr Kropotkin
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#154. No art like the art displayed in our salvation, no cunning workmanship like that beheld in the righteousness of the saints. Justification has engrossed learned pens in all ages of the church, and will be the theme of admiration in eternity. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by John Eldredge
#155. You would not ask someone with a broken arm to swim the English Channel, so you cannot demand that the broken to live as if they were whole. #Quote by John Eldredge
Regeneration quotes by David Platt
#156. As you call people to submit to the Person of Christ, you can trust the Spirit of Christ to lead them to salvation. #Quote by David Platt
Regeneration quotes by J.C. Ryle
#157. No salvation without regeneration - no spiritual life without a new birth - no heaven without a new heart. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Regeneration quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#158. A fair vision had welcomed him in this land of disease. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Regeneration quotes by John Calvin
#159. The illumination of our minds by the Holy Spirit belongs to our renewal, and thus faith flows from regeneration as from its source; but since it is by the same faith that we receive Christ, who sanctifies us by his Spirit, on that account it is said to be the beginning of our adoption. #Quote by John Calvin
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul
#160. It is easy to get faith into our heads. It is hard to get faith into our bloodstream. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Regeneration quotes by Richard Baxter
#161. To be the people of God without regeneration, is as impossible as to be the children of men without generation. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Regeneration quotes by Mark Hitchcock
#162. Satan and that man is still man even after 1000 years of the righteous, benevolent rule of Christ on earth. Even under the most ideal circumstances imaginable, man is still totally depraved and in desperate need of a new heart by the regeneration of the Spirit of God. #Quote by Mark Hitchcock
Regeneration quotes by R.C. Sproul
#163. Dead men do not cooperate with grace. Unless regeneration takes place first, there is no possibility of faith. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Regeneration quotes by Billy Graham
#164. A transformed life is the greatest of all miracles. Every time a person is "born again" by repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ, the miracle of regeneration is performed. #Quote by Billy Graham
Regeneration quotes by A.W. Tozer
#165. Being made in His image we have within us the capacity to know Him. In our sins we lack only the power. The moment the Spirit has quickened us to life in regeneration our whole being senses its kinship to God and leaps up in joyous recognition. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Regeneration quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#166. Cross and resurrection are the South and North polls, true gospel polarities, of a single, undivided, salvation world. Remove either Paul and you've got salvation. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Regeneration quotes by William Faulkner
#167. not even as three women, but merely as three creatures who still possessed the need to eat but took no pleasure in it, the need to sleep but from no joy in weariness or regeneration #Quote by William Faulkner
Regeneration quotes by Iain H. Murray
#168. Wherever there is 'faith' without regeneration it has to be that the uncured enmity of the natural man to spiritual things remains. #Quote by Iain H. Murray
Regeneration quotes by Matthew Simpson
#169. Sanctification is not regeneration. #Quote by Matthew Simpson
Regeneration quotes by Shai Linne
#170. If the election of the Father is not universal and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit is not universal, why would the atonement of the Son be universal? That would put the persons of the Trinity completely at odds with one another-but the triune God is completely unified. #Quote by Shai Linne
Regeneration quotes by Starhawk
#171. This is how it works: Someone has a vision that arises from a fierce and passionate love. To make it real, we must love every moment of what we do. Impermanent spirals embed themselves in asphalt, concrete, dust. Slowly, slowly, they eat into the foundations of the structures of power. Deep transformations take time. Regeneration arises from decay. Si, se puede! It can be done. #Quote by Starhawk
Regeneration quotes by Allan Kardec
#172. Just as Christ said: I am not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it, so Spiritism says: We have not come to destroy the Christian Law, but to carry it out ... Spiritism has come at the predicted time to fulfill what Christ announced and to prepare for the achievement of future things. It is then, the work of Christ, Who, as He also announced, presides over the regeneration which is now taking place and which will prepare the reign of the Kingdom of God here on Earth. #Quote by Allan Kardec
Regeneration quotes by Henry Miller
#173. What strikes me now as the most wonderful proof of my fitness, or unfitness, for the times is the fact that nothing people were writing or talking about had any real interest for me. Only the object haunted me, the separate, detached, insignificant thing. It might be a part of the human body or a staircase in a vaudeville house; it might be a smokestack or a button I had found in the gutter. Whatever it was it enabled me to open up, to surrender, to attach my signature. To the life about me, to the people who made up the world I knew, I could not attach my signature. I was as definitely outside their world as a cannibal is outside the bounds of civilized society. I was filled with a perverse love of the thing-in-itself - not a philosophic attachment, but a passionate, desperately passionate hunger, as if in this discarded, worthless thing which everyone ignored there was contained the secret of my own regeneration. #Quote by Henry Miller
Regeneration quotes by Paul David Washer
#174. Regeneration VS Decisionism #Quote by Paul David Washer
Regeneration quotes by Liturgy Training Publications
#175. When the convert emerges from the water, the world seems changed. The world has not changed, it is always wonderful and horrible, iniquitous and filled with beauty. But now, after baptism, the eyes that see the world have changed. #Quote by Liturgy Training Publications
Regeneration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#176. Jesus has the dew of His youth upon Him. Others grow languid with age, but He is for ever a Priest as was Melchisedek; others come and go, but He abides as God upon His throne, world without end. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Regeneration quotes by Amish Tripathi
#177. Death is believed to be inauspicious in some foreign lands to the west of us; to them it signifies the end of everything. But nothing ever really dies. No material can ever truly escape the universe. It just changes form. In that sense, death is actually also the beginning of regeneration; the old form dies and a new form is born. If the south is the direction of death, then it is also the direction of regeneration. #Quote by Amish Tripathi
Regeneration quotes by J.C. Ryle
#178. If men come among you who do NOT preach all the counsel of God, who do NOT preach of Christ, sin, holiness, of ruin, redemption, and regeneration, and do NOT preach of these things in a Scriptural way, you ought to cease to hear them. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Regeneration quotes by John Charles Pollock
#179. New converts displayed a most un-Roman concern for the sick man. #Quote by John Charles Pollock
Regeneration quotes by Aldous Huxley
#180. Good action and thoughts produce consequences which tend to neutralize, or put a stop to, the result of evil thoughts and actions. For as we give up the life of self (and note that, like forgiveness, repentance and humility are also special cases of giving), as we abandon what the German mystics called "the I, me, mine," we make ourselves progressively capable of receiving grace. By grace we are enabled to know reality more completely, and this knowledge of reality helps us to give up more of the life of selfhood - and so on, in a mounting spiral of illumination and regeneration. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Regeneration quotes by Andrew Murray
#181. Satan casts out Satan, it is only to enter afresh in a mightier, though more hidden power. Nothing can avail but this, that the new nature in its divine humility be revealed in power to take the place of the old, to become as truly our very nature as that ever was. #Quote by Andrew Murray
Regeneration quotes by John O'Hara
#182. The people who want regeneration to be permanent are fanatics for the happy ending, dissatisfied with themselves and with anyone else, unrealistic men and women, anti-Christs, who were entertained by the miracles but learned nothing from Calvary. #Quote by John O'Hara
Regeneration quotes by C. G. Jung
#183. We must not underestimate the devastating effect of getting lost in the chaos, even if we know that it is the 'sine qua non' of any regeneration of the spirit and the personality. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Regeneration quotes by Jane Jacobs
#184. Dull, inert cities, it is true, do contain the seeds of their own destruction and little else. But lively, diverse, intense cities contain the seeds of their own regeneration, with energy enough to carry over for problems and needs outside themselves. #Quote by Jane Jacobs
Regeneration quotes by N. T. Wright
#185. Christians do not avail ourselves of Plato's safety-hatch and say that the real world is not a thing of space, time, and matter, but another world into which we can escape. We say that the present world is the real one, and that it's in bad shape, but expecting to be repaired. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Regeneration quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#186. Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet. #Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller
Regeneration quotes by Milton Rokeach
#187. On Christmas. "Santa Claus represents God on assistance," said Clyde.
"Santa Claus is a negative-idealed god, the pagan god of material worship," Leon stated. "Christmas means the rebirth, regeneration. Some people have Christmas every day. The Christmas tree stands up and either the wife trims it or they trim it together with righteous-idealed sexual intercourse. Or the husband prays to God through his Christmas tree and trims his bodily Christmas tree. Christ-mast; the mast of Christ, the upstanding penis - that's what it means to me."
"Santa Claus is a good symbolization for Christmas," said Joseph. "Department stores, shopping, the coming of the New Year. Christmas means better business in the stores. #Quote by Milton Rokeach
Regeneration quotes by Nicolas De Montfaucon De Villars
Regeneration quotes by Edsger Dijkstra
#189. Mentally mutilated potential programmers beyond hope of regeneration. #Quote by Edsger Dijkstra
Regeneration quotes by E.F. Schumacher
#190. By means of trees, wildlife could be conserved, pollution decreased, and the beauty of our landscapes enhanced. This is the way, or at least one of the ways, to spiritual, moral, and cultural regeneration. #Quote by E.F. Schumacher
Regeneration quotes by E. M. Forster
#191. Of all means to regeneration, Remorse is surely the most wasteful. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Regeneration quotes by John Roberts
#192. When we think about living donor transplant, what we're banking on is the ability of the liver to regenerate itself. Now, it's not the same sort of regeneration we think about with the starfish where we cut off the arm and it grows a new arm. With the liver, what happens is the remaining liver gets bigger, and your body knows the size of the liver that it needs, and when it recognizes that there is not enough liver, it sends nutrients and signals to the liver and says "get bigger." #Quote by John Roberts
Regeneration quotes by Mark Sayers
#193. Jesus takes the chaos of the world upon Himself. #Quote by Mark Sayers
Regeneration quotes by Russell T. Davies
#194. The Doctor (Matt Smith): Legs! I've still got legs! Good. Arms. Hands. Oo! Fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears. Yes. Eyes two. Nose. I've had worse. Chin. Blimey. Hair. I'm a girl. No no. I'm not a girl. And still not ginger. There's something else. Something important! I'm- I'm- crashing! Ha ha! Geronimo!
-Doctor Who #Quote by Russell T. Davies
Regeneration quotes by Maxwell Anderson
#195. The essence of a tragedy, or even of a serious play, is the spiritual awakening, or regeneration, of the hero. #Quote by Maxwell Anderson
Regeneration quotes by William Alexander
#196. Earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me resignation
as the leaves which die in the fall.
Earth teach me courage
as the tree which stands all alone.
Earth teach me regeneration
as the seed which rises in the spring. #Quote by William Alexander
Regeneration quotes by Amanda Marshall
#197. If you're a gardener, or creating a garden you're clearly looking to the future. You have a sense of your own future and a sense of yourself in that space. People coming here feel that hope, that renewal, and that sense of regeneration. They get their hands dirty and connect back to the ground, which is what we feel strongly about - giving everybody the opportunity to get connected to the earth. #Quote by Amanda Marshall
Regeneration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#198. The church should become a place of regeneration and reformation #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Regeneration quotes by Timothy Keller
#199. The material creation was made by God to be developed, cultivated, and cared for in an endless number of ways through human labor. But even the simplest of these ways is important. Without them all, human life cannot flourish. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Regeneration quotes by Carl F. H. Henry
#200. The evangelical task primarily is the preaching of the Gospel, in the interest of individual regeneration by the supernatural grace of God, in such a way that divine redemption can be recognized as the best solution of our problems, individual and social #Quote by Carl F. H. Henry

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