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Reframing quotes by I. Alan Appt
#1. Quotations from



Convey to others more compassion, sensitivity, understanding rather than judgementalism"

To find pity shall enable forgiveness to surface

There are good bones in everyone's body, what varies are the number

Cause and effect from the very smallest act by one individual can change mankind for all time

Devastation can be a reward, and a path to regeneration

Emotions May Inhibit our Ability to Find Peace

One must conquer One's insensitivity to sensitivity

True peace maintains strength and calm in the face of discord and tension

Wisdom is not guranteed to be achieved with age but rather realized with ones sensitiviy to man and the universe

Opposites create duality. The ego creates opposites. Therefore, the ego creates duality

One should not permit his or her life path to be influenced by the expectations of others.

Doubt is the archenemy of the purity of thought and it inhibits the
essence of all that is

Our, emotions and perceptions determine our attitudes and ultimately our choices

Don't do it later; do it now.

True love is unconditional and everlasting and it cannot cease.

Reframing from negative speech is a path to reduction of negative thought

Uncontaminated #Quote by I. Alan Appt
Reframing quotes by David Graeber
#2. If history shows anything, it is that there's no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt - above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it's the victim who's doing something wrong. #Quote by David Graeber
Reframing quotes by M. Scott Peck
#3. For any single thing of importance, there are multiple reasons. #Quote by M. Scott Peck
Reframing quotes by Bongha Lee
#4. Nonconformists, we are, unsolicited, unpredictable, unencumbered, unvested, daring and iconoclastic but not for the sake of destructive ruins but construction toward a better truth, a substantial truth, and innovation. Too much of independence of the nonconformists of unique mind is considered unfitting to the establishment of existing norms and institutions because they cannot be useful functionaries for social reinforcement. Yet, poetic outcasts are reframing the stretch of imagination toward metaphysical beauty and permanence - the greatness. We deliberately detach ourselves from the exasperations and desperations of the moment of mankind. We find it particularly useful to have a burning heart and causes for misgivings and finality…to fill the unlistening void and to chastise a comfortable livelihood. #Quote by Bongha Lee
Reframing quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#5. By all means, avoid words - threats, complaints, justification, narratives, reframing, attempts to win arguments, supplications; avoid words! #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Reframing quotes by Laura Stack
#6. You can succeed in the future only by facing today's challenges head-on, reframing them as opportunities, and taking advantage of them. #Quote by Laura Stack
Reframing quotes by T. Harv Eker
#7. From now on, I want you to practice reframing other people's negativity as a reminder of how not to be. #Quote by T. Harv Eker
Reframing quotes by Elaine N. Aron
#8. Reframing is a term from cognitive psychotherapy which simply means seeing something in a new way, in a new context, with a new frame around it. #Quote by Elaine N. Aron
Reframing quotes by Iben Dissing Sandahl
#9. Good begets good. Calm begets calm. It isn´t the child who is bad; it is the action that is bad. #Quote by Iben Dissing Sandahl
Reframing quotes by Rick Hanson
#10. Your perspective on the facts - the context in which you place them and the meaning you give them - really shapes your experience of them. In particular, finding positive meaning in negative events, which is called reframing, is helpful for coping and recovery. This is not to suggest that a tough experience is any less painful, or that it is all right for people to mistreat you. My point is that even a horrible event or situation may have some opportunities in it for a positive experience. #Quote by Rick Hanson
Reframing quotes by Roxane Gay
#11. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves of things that are not true, reframing the past to better explain the present. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Reframing quotes by Jim Goad
#12. Beware of anyone who calls you bad names merely for asking honest questions. Beware of anyone who insists on reframing your sincere curiosity as a character defect. Beware of anyone who questions your motives while ignoring your facts. When someone calls you bad names merely for asking questions, it suggests they know the answer but are terrified to admit it. #Quote by Jim Goad
Reframing quotes by Faiz Triumph
#13. Make your worst day is the best day in your life,because surely there's something missing within our self without it,so we can be who we are now ,the wiser and the mature one #Quote by Faiz Triumph
Reframing quotes by Richard Rohr
#14. Jesus is much more concerned about shaking your foundations, giving you an utterly alternative self image, world image, and God image, and thus reframing your entire reality. Mere inspiration can never do this. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Reframing quotes by Brian McGreevy
#15. If a problem can't be solved within the frame it was conceived, the solution lies in reframing the problem. #Quote by Brian McGreevy
Reframing quotes by Gary Saul Morson
#16. Reframing an extract as a quotation constitutes a kind of coauthorship. With no change in wording, the cited passage becomes different. I imagine that the thrill of making an anthology includes the opportunity to become such a coauthor. #Quote by Gary Saul Morson
Reframing quotes by David Sturt
#17. That's what reframing your role is all about: thinking about how your work affects others, looking at the larger purpose of your work and whom it benefits, and seeing yourself as a potential difference maker. #Quote by David Sturt
Reframing quotes by Kenneth Goldsmith
#18. I think that writers often try too hard in the name of expression, when often it's just a matter of reframing what's around you or republishing a preexisting text into a new environment that makes for a successful work. #Quote by Kenneth Goldsmith
Reframing quotes by Doris Sommer
#19. Civic participation depends on creativity, an (aesthetic) knack for reframing experience, and on a corollary freedom to adjust laws and practices in light of ever-new challenges. Without art, citizenship would shrink to compliance, as if society were a closed text. Reading lessons would stop at the factual "what is," rather than continue to the speculative "what if. #Quote by Doris Sommer

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