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Redoubt News quotes by Alice Minium
#1. In addition, the distortion of actual crime statistics vs. media coverage, shows that news outlets portray black Americans being depicted as suspects or criminals at a rate that exceeds actual arrest statistics for those same crimes by a whopping 24 percentage points- a disparity which reveals a horrific implicit bias in reporting. #Quote by Alice Minium
Redoubt News quotes by Kimberly McCreight
#2. Sure I can handle waiting for more bad news." "I know, Kate, and I'm sorry." His voice #Quote by Kimberly McCreight
Redoubt News quotes by Mary Oliver
#3. Beaver Moon - The Suicide of a Friend

When somewhere life
breaks like a pane of glass,
and from every direction casual
voices are bringing you the news,
you say: I should have known.
You say: I should have been aware. That last Friday he looked
so ill, like an old mountain-climber
lost on the white trails, listening
to the ice breaking upward, under
his worn-out shoes. You say: I heard rumors of trouble, but after all
we all have that. You say:
What could I have done? and you go
with the rest, to bury him. That night, you turn in your bed
to watch the moon rise, and once more
see what a small coin it is
against the darkness, and how everything else
is a mystery, and you know
nothing at all except
the moonlight is beautiful-
white rivers running together
along the bare boughs of the trees- and somewhere, for someone, life
is becoming moment by moment
unbearable. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Redoubt News quotes by Carl F. H. Henry
#4. The gospel is good news only if it arrives in time. #Quote by Carl F. H. Henry
Redoubt News quotes by Kara Swisher
#5. Mark Zuckerberg needs no introduction these days, what with all the magazine covers and morning news shows. My mother knows who he is now, and my mother can hardly turn on a computer. #Quote by Kara Swisher
Redoubt News quotes by John Steinbeck
#6. With all the polls and opinions posts, with newspapers more opinion than news so that we no longer know one from the other ... #Quote by John Steinbeck
Redoubt News quotes by Mallory Ortberg
#7. After I do my first writing of the day, I will generally look at Twitter and Google News - and that's my big media secret. I look at Twitter and I look at Google because they pull all the headlines from other websites. #Quote by Mallory Ortberg
Redoubt News quotes by Robert Wilson Lynd
#8. Dostoevsky's visible world was a world of sensationalism. He may in the last analysis be a great mystic or a great psychologist; but he almost always reveals his genius on a stage crowded with people who behave like the men and women one reads about in the police news. #Quote by Robert Wilson Lynd
Redoubt News quotes by Johnny Depp
#9. When I was a kid, we watched the Vietnam War on the six o'clock news, and it was desensitizing. You felt you were watching a war film; meanwhile you were really watching these guys getting blown to bits. Parents need to protect their kids from watching that stuff. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Redoubt News quotes by Aaron McGruder
#10. When the news wants to tell you something is important, they put dramatic theme music behind it. They scare you into watching the story. #Quote by Aaron McGruder
Redoubt News quotes by Michelle Alexander
#11. [In late 1989,] a New York Times/CBS News Poll reported that 64 percent of those polled - the highest percentage ever recorded - now thought that drugs were the most significant problem in the United States. This surge of public concern did not correspond to a dramatic shift in illegal drug activity, but instead was the product of a carefully orchestrated political campaign. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Redoubt News quotes by Carl Bernstein
#12. During discussions in his office, Bradlee frequently picked up an undersize sponge-rubber basketball from the table and tossed it toward a hoop attached by suction cups to the picture window. The gesture was indicative both of the editor's short attention span and of a studied informality. There was an alluring combination of aristocrat and commoner about Bradlee: Boston Brahmin, Harvard, the World War II Navy, press attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, police-beat reporter, news-magazine political reporter and Washington bureau chief of Newsweek.

-- Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward #Quote by Carl Bernstein
Redoubt News quotes by Jess Rothenberg
#13. News flash: The whole thing is a huge mess and a giant nightmare and it's all about to explode in your face and you have no idea what
you've gotten yourself into. Love is no game. People cut their ears off over this stuff. People jump off the Eiffel Tower and sell all their
possessions and move to Alaska to live with the grizzly bears, and then they get eaten and nobody hears them when they scream for help.
That's right. Falling in love is pretty much the same thing as being eaten alive by a grizzly bear.
Believe me, I should know. #Quote by Jess Rothenberg
Redoubt News quotes by Dan Chaon
#14. I'm certainly very influenced by what you would call 'contemporary headline horror,' stuff that is true crime or for one reason or another catches our attention in the media, those strange cases that we end up obsessing about. I'm always influenced by weird anecdotes and news. #Quote by Dan Chaon
Redoubt News quotes by Pete Hamill
#15. The great novel of twentieth-century New York might be the Daily News. #Quote by Pete Hamill
Redoubt News quotes by Liz Curtis Higgs
#16. But here's the thing: shepherds were despised. They couldn't keep the ceremonial laws while traveling about the hills, they were often regarded as thieves, and because they were considered unreliable, they were not permitted to give evidence in court.
Yet this was whom God chose for his witnesses and entrusted with his good news. #Quote by Liz Curtis Higgs
Redoubt News quotes by Bill Welter
#17. It's not so much a case of having to pay attention to the news of the world as it is a case of knowing when to change our filters so that the important stuff comes in. #Quote by Bill Welter
Redoubt News quotes by Nelson Mandela
#18. The Good News borne by our risen Messiah who chose not one race, who chose not one country, who chose not one language, who chose not one tribe, who chose all of humankind! #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Redoubt News quotes by Anthony Weiner
#19. Go to Fox News for conservative, maybe go to msnbc for liberal, and be right here on CNN for the God's honest truth. #Quote by Anthony Weiner
Redoubt News quotes by Edward L. Bernays
#20. But being dependent, every day of the year and for year after year, upon certain politicians for news, the newspaper reporters are obliged to work in harmony with their news sources. #Quote by Edward L. Bernays
Redoubt News quotes by Darcy Leech
#21. I knew you'd know," Mom said in a stabilizing, more confident, yet still husky voice. A smile broke across her face in the simple relief of her only remaining child not being shocked by the death of her youngest. She smiled genuinely, perhaps for the first time since cradling Dustin's body as the fire truck alarm blared towards the house in response to her 911 call. Her son had died that morning in her arms as she tried resuscitating him with her own breath, but the first indication of her daughter's reaction was calm. The child raised to expect death met the first moments of the news with seeming serenity. #Quote by Darcy Leech
Redoubt News quotes by Bill Bryson
#22. Somebody needs to explain to me why it is that the one thing your body can suddenly do well when you get old is grow hair in your nose and ears. It's like God is playing a terrible, cruel joke on you, as if he is saying, Well, Bill, the bad news is that from now on you are going to be barely continent, lose your faculties one by one, and have sex about once every lunar eclipse, but the good news is that you can braid your nostrils. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Redoubt News quotes by Thomas Frank
#23. Above all else stands the burning question of bipartisanship. Whatever else the politicians might say they're about, our news analysts know that this is the true object of the nation's desire, the topic to which those slippery presidential spokesmen need always to be dragged back. #Quote by Thomas Frank
Redoubt News quotes by Australia
#24. The race for first season sire honours is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere with young stallion Showcasing setting the pace. #Quote by Australia
Redoubt News quotes by Alice Walker
#25. When it is all too much; when the news is so bad meditation itself feels useless, and a single life feels too small a stone to offer on the altar of Peace, find a Human Sunrise. Find those people who are committed to changing our scary reality. Human sunrises are happening all over the earth, at every moment. People gathering, people working to change the intolerable, people coming in their robes and sandals or in their rags and bare feet, and they are singing, or not, and they are chanting, or not. But they are working to bring peace, light, compassion, to the infinitely frightening downhill slide of Human life. #Quote by Alice Walker
Redoubt News quotes by Obert Skye
#26. You're going to be okay," Winter said reassuringly.
You don't understand," Leven snapped.
What don't I understand?" Winters voice was stern. "Sorry you feel bad, but its not like you just met a person so beautiful that now you feel completely worthless."
What?" Leven said. "What are you talking about?"
Isaw the way you fell over yourselves to stare at her."
That was Geth."
Don't argue, you two," Geth said.
Were not arguing." Leven felt light-headed.
No," Winter confirmed. "We're just...."
Winter looked at Leven. Leven looked right back at her. Winters cheeks burned red and her green eyes outshone Leven's. The two of them stared at one other. Leven closed his eyes.
What are you doing?" Geth asked, concerned.
Winter closed her eyes too and leaned closer. Both of them looked panicked and out of control, but it didn't stop them from moving closer and kissing each other.
Clovers jaw dropped and he pulled something out of his void just so he could let go of it in shock. Even Geth looked caught off guard, as if he'd been given news that he never thought he'd hear in his lifetime.
Leven stumbled back and looked at Winter. His face was almost as red as hers. He looked at Geth and Clover and then back to Winter.
Well that was interesting," Clover said happily.
I don't know what....." Leven tried to say.
No, I......" Winter said. "Its not you.... it's just that my... I think I left something down below. #Quote by Obert Skye
Redoubt News quotes by George Gascoigne
#27. The rainbow bending in the sky, Bedecked with sundry hues, Is like the seat of God on high And seems to tell thee news: That, as thereby he promised To drown the world no more, So by the blood which Christ hath shed He will our health restore. #Quote by George Gascoigne
Redoubt News quotes by Anonymous
#28. The weed that wasn't Editorial Board | 488 words THE NEWS is full of instances in which deficits in common sense produce bad outcomes. But rarely is the deficit so clear, or the outcome so wretched, as in the case of a sixth-grade boy in Bedford County, #Quote by Anonymous
Redoubt News quotes by Bill Maher
#29. There is good news. Scientists sent a probe down there in the Gulf of Mexico today and they found traces of seawater. #Quote by Bill Maher
Redoubt News quotes by George Shirk
#30. Sports, Politics and Technology. All the same game. #Quote by George Shirk
Redoubt News quotes by Gilles Deleuze
#31. Language is not made to be believed but to be obeyed, and to compel obedience newspapers, news, proceed by redundancy, in that they tell us what we 'must' think, retain, expect, etc. language is neither informational nor communicational. It is not the communication of information but something quite different: the transmission of order-words, either from one statement to another or within each statement, insofar as each statement accomplishes an act and the act is accomplished in the statement #Quote by Gilles Deleuze
Redoubt News quotes by Rollo May
#32. We find a giant like Picasso shifting in his own lifetime from style to style, partly as a reflection of the shifting character of the last four decades in Western society, and partly like a man dialing a ship's radio on the ocean, trying vainly to find the wave length on which he can talk to his fellow men. But the artists, and the rest of us too, remain spiritually isolated and at sea, and so we cover up our loneliness by chattering with other people about the things we do have language for - the world series, business affairs, the latest news reports. Our deeper emotional experiences are pushed further away, and we tend, thus, to become emptier and lonelier. #Quote by Rollo May
Redoubt News quotes by Shauna Niequist
#33. I became the person people don't want to tell they're pregnant. I hate that. A friend told me her happy, fantastic news, and just a second later she burst out crying, afraid for how this would make me feel. I hate that. I work really hard to arrange my face in such a way that approximates uncomplicated glee. And I am happy for them, or course. But sometimes just after the happiness is the desperation. Some days are easier than others. #Quote by Shauna Niequist

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