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Famous Quotes About Reckoners

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Reckoners quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#1. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

from Steelheart (Reckoners #1)
by Brandon Sanderson #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Reckoners quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#2. I doubt hell has this much Kool-Aid #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Reckoners quotes by George Eliot
#3. But let the wise be warned against too great readiness at explanation: it multiplies the sources of mistake, lengthening the sum for reckoners sure to go wrong. #Quote by George Eliot
Reckoners quotes by Bauvard
#4. Einstein's remark on the limitlessness of human stupidity is made even more disturbing by the discovery that infinity comes in different sizes. Answering 'How much stupider?' or trying to measure the minimal idiocy bounded by an IQ test are mysteries which are themselves infinitely less alarming than simply attempting to tally the anti-savant population. One can count all the natural idiots (they're the same as the even number of idiots – twice as many), but the number of real idiots continues forever: all the counting idiots (finger reckoners) plus all the fractional idiots (geniuses on a bad day) plus all the irrational idiots (they go on and on and on) add up to a world in which the approaching upper limit of our set of natural resources has its complement in the inexhaustible lower limit of our set of mental ones. #Quote by Bauvard

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