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Realization And Change quotes by Michael Richardson
#1. In this stillness that is at the same time movement, in this darkness that is at the same time light, change is found not in the realm of ideas but in the energizing desire that is realized through precipitation. Desire tends towards its own realization and change takes place when the desire for it shatters the bounds of the possible, breaking the dialectical equilibrium holding together the framework of what is existent. It is at such moments that the imaginary flows into the real and overwhelms it, inundating it until it has been absorbed. #Quote by Michael Richardson
Realization And Change quotes by Ross Garnaut
#2. The international equity question arises from the costs of climate change itself and mitigation varying greatly across countries. It is affected by the historical responsibility for current greenhouse gas emissions, which countries which were not responsible for what's in the atmosphere now think are very important. Currently rich countries don't think those issues are very important. #Quote by Ross Garnaut
Realization And Change quotes by River Phoenix
#3. When I was in first grade, everyone made fun of my name, of course. I think it's kind of a big name to hold up when you're nine years old. It seemed goofy. I used to tell people I wanted to change the world and they used to think, 'This kid's really weird'. #Quote by River Phoenix
Realization And Change quotes by Laini Taylor
#4. You argued before that the dead don't want to be avenged, and that may be right, sometimes, but when you're the one left alive -"
"We don't know that they're -" Karou broke in, but couldn't even finish the sentence.
"Life feels stolen."
"And the only response that makes sense to the heart is vengeance," he said.
"I know. Believe me. But I'm hiding in a shower with you instead of trying to kill you, so it would seem that the heart can change its mind. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Realization And Change quotes by Vic Fuentes
#5. Self-harm is an addiction and it's serious whether it's 5 cuts or 100. I myself have dealt with self-harm. I was young and alone and got beat up on all the time, and I cut to ease the pain. I realized I wasn't the only one I hurt when I cut. I found out to wait it out that it gets better. I wrote music instead of going to the blade. I found out that my little brother Mike looked up to me and I wanted to change for him. So to the fans that cut or use anything to do with self-harm, promise me tonight that you will throw away all the blades and go to what you love instead of the blade. I believe you can do it. I will be here if you feel like giving in. I love you guys so so much. #Quote by Vic Fuentes
Realization And Change quotes by Gina Prince-Bythewood
#6. Films really can change a conversation and change someone's thinking and perception, especially with people of color at the center. It rarely happens. I think it's important for both the community but also the world to see people of color in all genres, especially love stories. #Quote by Gina Prince-Bythewood
Realization And Change quotes by David Gemmell
#7. Is it not obvious? What is life but a betrayal? We start out young, full of hope. The sun is good, the world awaits us. But every passing year shows how small you are, how insignificant against the power of the seasons. Then you age. Your strength fails and the world laughs at you through the jeers of younger men. And you die. Alone. Unfulfilled. But sometimes ... sometimes there will come a man who is not insignificant. He can change the world, rob the seasons of their power. He is the sun. #Quote by David Gemmell
Realization And Change quotes by Mao Zedong
#8. Imperialism will not last long because it always does evil things. It persists in grooming and supporting reactionaries in all countries who are against the people, it has forcibly seized many colonies and semi-colonies and many military bases, and it threatens the peace with atomic war. Thus, forced by imperialism to do so, more than 90 per cent of the people of the world are rising or will rise in struggle against it. Yet, imperialism is still alive, still running amuck in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the West imperialism is still oppressing the people at home. This situation must change. It is the task of the people of the whole world to put an end to the aggression and oppression perpetrated by imperialism, and chiefly by U.S. imperialism. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Realization And Change quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#9. Across the oceans, in the middle of the rivers and at the peak of mountains; nothing can ever change my feelings for you. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Realization And Change quotes by Bill Maher
#10. There's more than one mosque in the world that used to be a church and before that was a temple. Because it's a lot easier to just change the sign on the top and say under new management than it is to change the whole building. #Quote by Bill Maher
Realization And Change quotes by Janie Chang
#11. Why is Anna Karenina considered such a great novel? It's all about adultery and the unhappiness it causes, nothing unusual in novels, surely."
"The novel's about family relationships, class, and social change. #Quote by Janie Chang
Realization And Change quotes by Brad Wilcox
#12. When we're tempted to give up, we must remember God is long-suffering, change is a process, and repentance is a pattern in our lives. #Quote by Brad Wilcox
Realization And Change quotes by Bill McKibben
#13. We're not at the point of trying to stop global warming; it's too late for that. We're trying to keep it from becoming a complete and utter calamity #Quote by Bill McKibben
Realization And Change quotes by Ingrid Newkirk
#14. The extinction of Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions, if not billions, of Earth-dwelling species. Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on Earth - social and environmental. #Quote by Ingrid Newkirk
Realization And Change quotes by Eric Lange
#15. Change is a constant. Anything you get attached to will one day be gone. Love the things you love as best as you can love them in the time you have in their presence. And that change, though I'm often fearful of it, has presented me with some of the greatest surprises I've ever received. I'm learning to become friends with it. #Quote by Eric Lange
Realization And Change quotes by Jerry Herron
#16. [S]tart at the turn of the last century, in 1901, with the celebration of Detroit's bicentennial. That was the Detroit that came before--before all the racket that attended the making of the modern world, which happened here first and faster than anywhere else on this planet. #Quote by Jerry Herron
Realization And Change quotes by David Hockney
#17. Cubism was an attack on the perspective that had been known and used for 500 years. It was the first big, big change. It confused people: they said, 'Things don't look like that!' #Quote by David Hockney
Realization And Change quotes by Laura Zigman
#18. Hope erodes slowly, over time, until you wake up one night at three o'clock in the morning and realize: I am not meant for that kind of thing. #Quote by Laura Zigman
Realization And Change quotes by Richard Rohr
#19. Christianity is a lifestyle - a way of being in the world that is simple, non-violent, shared, and loving. However, we made it into an established "religion" (and all that goes with that) and avoided the lifestyle change itself. One could be warlike, greedy, racist, selfish, and vain in most of Christian history, and still believe that Jesus is one's "personal Lord and Savior" ... The world has no time for such silliness anymore. The suffering on Earth is too great. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Realization And Change quotes by Ronald P. Carver
#20. I believe that the universe was formed around 15 billion years ago and that humans have evolved from their apelike ancestors over the past few million years. I believe we are more likely to live a good life if all humans try to work together in a world community, preserving planet earth. When decisions for groups are made in this world, I believe that the democratic process should be used. To protect the individual, I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, freedom of inquiry, and a wall of separation between church and state. When making decisions about what is right or wrong, I believe I should use my intelligence to reason about the likely consequences of my actions. I believe that I should try to increase the happiness of everyone by caring for other people and finding ways to cooperate. Never should my actions discriminate against people simply because of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or national origin. I believe that ideas about what is right and wrong will change with education, so I am prepared to continually question ideas using evidence from experience and science. I believe there is no valid evidence to support claims for the existence of supernatural entities and deities. I will use these beliefs to guide my thinking and my actions until I find good reasons for revising them or replacing them with other beliefs that are more valid. #Quote by Ronald P. Carver
Realization And Change quotes by Christopher K. Abts
#21. Things change, not only in one's life but also in the economy
and on the political scene, and it pays to be aware. Is the foundation
of your financial house secure, with an income that is
guaranteed? Have you built solid walls, investing appropriately,
and keeping inflation at bay? Are you living under a reliable
roof, with assets positioned to grow? Is your house insulated
and sturdy, safe from any economic storm? #Quote by Christopher K. Abts
Realization And Change quotes by Alice Englert
#22. What makes me sad about school is that the people who are unhappy are unhappy because they don't believe it will change. And I just want to say: 'It does! High school ends and it's over.' I will tell anyone that it's OK to be unhappy at school, make lots of mistakes and then it will be over. #Quote by Alice Englert
Realization And Change quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#23. Funny how
time goes on,
things change,
and yet,
some things stay
exactly the same. #Quote by Lisa Schroeder
Realization And Change quotes by N. T. Wright
#24. To speak of Jesus's divinity without speaking of his kingdom coming on earth as in heaven is to take a large step toward the detached spirituality - almost a form of Gnosticism - that the first two centuries of the church firmly rejected. Only recently did the awful realization dawn on me that a certain stance was not only possible, but actually occurring: people were affirming the divinity of Jesus - which I also fully and gladly affirm - and then using it as a shelter behind which to hide from the radical story the gospels were telling about what this embodied God was actually up to. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Realization And Change quotes by Brian Solis
#25. Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change. #Quote by Brian Solis
Realization And Change quotes by Nick Vujicic
#26. If you're feeling alone, and your weariness has grown, look up above, and thank God for His love. There's nothing you can do, to change His love for you; hold on friend, it's not the end. Something beautiful will come, the clouds will part for the sun, the skies will break for the Son, and the Father will say 'Well done.' But until then, until then, you're not alone. He can make bread from stone. Hold on to Him, and He'll hold on to you. Take one day at a time, pray for faith and be kind, and when forgetful becomes your mind, remember what He said, 'You are mine.' #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Realization And Change quotes by M.M. Wilde
#27. Kellan stared up at him with wide eyes.
So strong.
As Vic turned to leave, Kellan almost jumped from the chair to stop him. He didn't doubt that if his ankle hadn't been sprained, he would have. As if Vic had sensed his intentions, he peered over his shoulder.
"Don't worry. I won't be long."
After he'd shut the door, Kellan brought the collar of Vic's shirt to his face and pressed his nose against the fabric. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he remembered how comforting it had been when Vic had carried him. Held me.
A tear leaked from one eye at the realization that no one had touched him with any affection ever since his mom had died. It had been more than eleven years ago when he'd only been eight years old. Kellan sighed. Don't go there. You don't need to anymore.
He had Vale Valley and a new beginning #Quote by M.M. Wilde
Realization And Change quotes by David Nicholls
#28. Can I say something?'
'Go on'
'I'm a little drunk'
'Me too. That's okay.'
'Just....I missed you, you know.'
'I missed you too.'
'But so, so much, Dexter. There were so many things I wanted to talk to you about, and you weren't there-'
'same here.'
'I tell you what it is. It's.....When I didn't see you, I thought about you every day, I mean EVERY DAY in some way or another-'
'same here.'
'-Even if it was just "I wish Dexter could see this" or "Where's Dexter now?" or "Christ that Dexter, what an idiot", you know what I mean, and seeing you today, well, I thought I'd got you back - my BEST friend. And now all this, the wedding, the baby- I'm so happy for you, Dex, but it feels like I've lost you again.'-

-'You know what happens you have a family, your responsibilities change, you lose touch with people'
'It won't be like that, I promise.'
'Do you?'
'You swear? No more disappearing?'
'I won't if you won't.'
Their lips touched now, mouths pursed tight, their eyes open, both of them stock still. The moment held, a kind of glorious confusion. #Quote by David Nicholls
Realization And Change quotes by Bonnie Badenoch
#29. We have a tendency to become detached observers rather than participants. There might also be a sense of disassembling a complex, flowing process to focus on a small part of it. If we expand our focus to include emerging, one of the first changes we may notice is the bodily sense of being in the midst of something, of constant motion, lack of clarity (in the left-hemisphere sense), and unpredictability. #Quote by Bonnie Badenoch
Realization And Change quotes by Naomi Klein
#30. The crucial lesson of Brexit and of Trump's victory, is that leaders who are seen as representing the failed neoliberal status quo are no match for the demagogues and neo-fascists. Only a bold and genuinely redistributive progressive agenda can offer real answers to inequality and the crises in democracy...We need to remember this the next time we're asked to back a party or candidate in an election. In this destabilized era, status-quo politicians often cannot get the job done. On the other hand, the choice that may at first seem radical, maybe even a little risky, may well be the most pragmatic one in this volatile era...radical political and economic change is our only hope of avoiding radical change to our physical world. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Realization And Change quotes by Anonymous
#31. It is 100 years since John Dewey began arguing for the kind of change that would move schools away from authoritarian classrooms with abstract notions to environments in which learning is achieved through experimentation, practice and exposure to the real world. I, for one, believe the computer makes Dewey's vision far more accessible epistemologically. It also makes it politically more likely to happen, for where Dewey had nothing but philosophical arguments, the present day movement for change has an army of agents. The ultimate pressure for the change will be child power. (Papert, 1996) #Quote by Anonymous
Realization And Change quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#32. You can drive in your imaginations to make a tour to your future, visit it and see all kinds of good things hiding in there. But you have to take bold actions before you can truly relocate into what you see! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Realization And Change quotes by Nina Sankovitch
#33. The world shifts, and lives change. Without warning or reason, someone who was healthy becomes sick and dies. An onslaught of sorrow, regret, anger, and fear buries those of us left behind. Hopelessness and helplessness follow. But then the world shifts again - rolling on as it does - and with it, lives change again. A new day comes, offering all kinds of possibilities. Even with the experience of pain and sorrow set deep within me and never to be forgotten, I recognize the potent offerings of my unknown future. I live in a "weird world," shifting and unpredictable, but also bountiful and surprising. There is joy in acknowledging that both the weirdness and the world roll on, but even more, there is resilience. #Quote by Nina Sankovitch
Realization And Change quotes by Robert C. Martin
#34. But there are different kinds of duplication. There is true duplication, in which every change to one instance necessitates the same change to every duplicate of that instance. Then there is false or accidental duplication. If two apparently duplicated sections of code evolve along different paths - if they change at different rates, and for different reasons - then they are not true duplicates. Return to them in a few years, and you'll find that they are very different from each other. #Quote by Robert C. Martin
Realization And Change quotes by Robert Breeze
#35. These people who bang on about saving the planet, it's not the planet they want to save, the planet doesn't need saving. They're concerned solely with preserving the planet so the human race lives on and on, a massive distinction people fail to make #Quote by Robert Breeze
Realization And Change quotes by Diet Eman
#36. Father and Mother had told their own little lies very well, and I realized immediately that the Gerrisens didn't know a thing. And yet, my realization that they didn't know what I'd been through was like a cold shower for just a moment. Here I was looking at the first really familiar faces I'd seen in over a year, and they acted as though I'd merely been on vacation. #Quote by Diet Eman
Realization And Change quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#37. If you want to bring a fundamental change in people's belief and behavior ... you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Realization And Change quotes by Kellan Lutz
#38. When we're on set, we kind of joke around, and when we're rehearsing, we change up the scenes and make each other laugh. We lighten up the mood. The blooper reel is going to be amazing on 'New Moon.' #Quote by Kellan Lutz
Realization And Change quotes by Nikola Tesla
#39. Genius is its own passport, and has always been ready to change habitats until the natural one is found. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Realization And Change quotes by Debasish Mridha
#40. Kindness is a magical magnet which can change your heart and perceptions without actually touching you. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Realization And Change quotes by Ann Voskamp
#41. I make soup and I back bread and I know my supreme need is joy in God and I know I can't experience deep joy in God until I deep trust in God. I shine sinks and polish through to the realization that trusting God is my most urgent need. If I deep trusted God in all the facets of my life, wouldn't that deep heal my anxiety, my self-condemnation, my soul holes? The fear is suffocating, terrorizing, and I want the remedy, and it is trust. Trust is everything. If fear keeps our lives small, does a life that receives all of God in this moment grow large too? #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Realization And Change quotes by Alexis Tsipras
#42. Syriza is what it is: a radical, left-wing party that feels the pulse of the times, knows what's at stake, and is after a wide consensus and unity for political change in Greece. This is something that departs from the narrow limits of the radical left. #Quote by Alexis Tsipras
Realization And Change quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#43. What if each time you experienced an emotion, you acknowledged it, accepted it, and became curious about its message for you (instead of trying to make it go away or make it last longer)? Imagine how this could change your life. Imagine how heard, loved, and honoured you would feel if you really listened to yourself. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Realization And Change quotes by Rumi
#44. A Given
The drum we hear inside us now
we may not hear tomorrow.
We have such fear of what comes next. Death.
These loves are like pieces of cotton.
Throw them in the fire.
Death will be a meeting like that flaring up,
a presence you have always wanted to be with.
This body and this universe
keep us from being free.
Those of you decorating your cells
so beautifully, do you think
they won't be torn down?
The eventual demolishing of prisons
is a given. Fire-change, disaster-change,
you can trust that those will come around to you. #Quote by Rumi
Realization And Change quotes by Guilherme Leal
#45. We have serious challenges regarding climate change, unsustainable use of natural resources, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, forests and farmland. Not to mention the huge inequality still prevailing in several parts of the planet. #Quote by Guilherme Leal
Realization And Change quotes by Kunal Narayan Uniyal
#46. It is a human propensity to refuse any change. After all, who desires to move out of their cosy caves and battle in this ever-developing world. #Quote by Kunal Narayan Uniyal
Realization And Change quotes by Julian Pencilliah
#47. It's only when we are able to exceed our rigid interpretations, and we start defining love in it's totality, that we realize that love is everywhere #Quote by Julian Pencilliah
Realization And Change quotes by Foster Friess
#48. If we don't change our culture, the politics is going to migrate more and more to statism. #Quote by Foster Friess
Realization And Change quotes by Peter Whitmer
#49. Each of us may be a diamond-in-the-rough, needing only a muse and a change in circumstance to go from humble caterpillar to majestic butterfly." - Peter Whitmer, Ph.D. ~from The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley #Quote by Peter Whitmer
Realization And Change quotes by H.G.Wells
#50. It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble. An animal perfectly in harmony with its environment is a perfect mechanism. Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. Only those animals partake of intelligence that have a huge variety of needs and dangers. #Quote by H.G.Wells

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