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Real Mature quotes by Amanda Hocking
#1. I am on my way, and tell him he better watch his ass!" Jack shouted, and I held the phone away from
ear so it wouldn't damage my eardrums.
"Real mature, Jack," Peter scoffed #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Real Mature quotes by Joss Whedon
#2. The only way to real mature love is to get past the tropes of what we consider 'romance.' #Quote by Joss Whedon
Real Mature quotes by Kristi Cook
#3. What are people saying about me and Rosie?" Ryder asks, his brows drawn.
I throw one hand up in the air. "Never mind. It's not like I care, anyway."
"No, 'course you don't," he snaps back.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
He shakes his head. "Nothing, Jemma. Just…go to bed, why don't you?"
"What, are you my dad now? How about this? I'll go to bed when I'm ready to go to bed."
"Wow, that's real mature."
"You're such a jerk, Ryder."
"A jerk? That's the best you've got? You're really off your game tonight."
"You are really getting on my nerves," I say, my skin flushing hotly.
He just shrugs, looking entirely unmoved. "What else is new? I've always gotten on your nerves."
"Not always," I say, and my heart catches a little. I squeeze my eyes shut, forcing back the memories. When I open them again, he's still standing there, glowering at me.
"Great, here we go again." He starts to walk away and then turns back to face me. "You know what? I have no idea what I did to piss you off, but--"
"Seriously?" I sputter. "I'll give you a hint--eighth grade."
"You're mad at me about something I did in eighth grade, Jem? That was four fucking years ago. Whatever it was, why don't you grow up and get over it?"
"Why don't you go to hell," I shoot back.
"I'm leaving now," he says, turning to stalk away.
"Good!" I shout, tears burning behind my eyelids. "Go. I hate you, Ryder Marsden!"
"Yeah, well…the feeling's #Quote by Kristi Cook
Real Mature quotes by Cat Patrick
#4. Real mature London,Thanks a lot #Quote by Cat Patrick
Real Mature quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#5. When it comes to developing a worldview, we tend to face this false division: Either you are a realist who says the world is terrible, or a naïve optimist who says the world is wonderful and turns a blind eye. [Jack] Gilbert takes this middle way, and I think it's a far better way: he says the world is terrible and wonderful, and your obligation is to joy. . . . A real, mature, sincere joy - not a cheaply earned, ignorant joy. He's not talking about building a fortress of pleasure against the assault of the world. He's talking about the miraculousness of moments of wonder and how it seems to be worth it, after all. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Real Mature quotes by Leon Uris
#6. Love can't mature in one room. It has to come out of the full sharing of everything: joys, aspirations, downfalls, all of it. That's the only real path to love. #Quote by Leon Uris
Real Mature quotes by Rob Reiner
#7. It's the only way I really know how to tell the story is to be able to kind of live through the characters. So when I find something that resonates with me, it's usually because it cuts to something very real inside of me; something that I've gone through or experienced. #Quote by Rob Reiner
Real Mature quotes by J.J. Abrams
#8. I'm actually a huge fan of digital as well. I appreciate how that technology opens the doors for filmmakers who never had access to that level of quality before. However, I do think film itself sets the standard for quality. You can talk about range, light, sensitive, resolution
there's something about film that is undeniably beautiful, undeniably organic and natural and real. #Quote by J.J. Abrams
Real Mature quotes by Plato
#9. The not- beautiful is as real as the beautiful, the not-just as the just. And the essence of the not-beautiful is to be separated from and opposed to a certain kind of existence which is termed beautiful. And this opposition and negation is the not-being of which we are in search, and is one kind of being. #Quote by Plato
Real Mature quotes by Naval Ravikant
#10. Be present. Be meditative. Form real friendships. Stay away from business networking events or friendships where there is always an underlying business angle. #Quote by Naval Ravikant
Real Mature quotes by Sangharakshita
#11. Very few people know the real meaning of friendship. More often than not, there is too much emphasis on sentiment, and too little on action. Metta is something that must be lived. #Quote by Sangharakshita
Real Mature quotes by Frederick Buechner
#12. I was deeply influenced by an Episcopal laywoman named Agnes Sanford, who in her day was quite famous as a faith healer, which is a term I've always distrusted, because it conjures up charlatanry. She was not a charlatan. She was the real thing, and she had had remarkable healings. #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Real Mature quotes by Jason Henderson
#13. You, the reader, make the book, but the book does not in itself exist between these decomposing covers. You read the script, you are, in your mind, actor, patron, director. Critic, ultimately. This collection of pages is just the beginning of a greater creation."

"If what you say is true, then what of the writer of the books? Great men wrote them, and they know much more than I what is to be said and learned... [the author] surely knew more than I, and besides, the book is complete in itself."

"[The author] may be great, but he still waits patiently for you to read him, and his books are incomplete without you. Without the reader, they are lines unspoken, scripts with neither reader nor audience. Recipes with no food - - and no cook. In a very real way, then, the book is not, as you say, complete. Until you read it.

My point is, that in all of your deference and study you must remember who you are and realize that you are sharing--on equal terms--with the messenger on the other side of the page."

~McDuff from The Spawn of Loki (The MacDuff Saga) by Jason Henderson #Quote by Jason Henderson
Real Mature quotes by Chris Shipley
#14. System uptime, data protection, and identity theft are weighty issues. It takes real ingenuity to out-think the fraudsters who are trying to steal identities and hack into enterprise systems. The 12 smart companies that debuted security solutions today at DEMO have designed serious, and seriously clever, innovations. #Quote by Chris Shipley
Real Mature quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#15. Even the most solid of things, and the most real, the best-loved and the well-known, are only hand shadows on the wall. Empty space and points of light. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Real Mature quotes by Carla Cassidy
#16. Once she'd realized she'd never meet her mother's expectations, it didn't seem real important to meet anyone else's. #Quote by Carla Cassidy
Real Mature quotes by Alice Ozma
#17. The longer she read the more wonderful and more real the pictures became. #Quote by Alice Ozma
Real Mature quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#18. Was a bird for about an hour," he said. "Tell you something about birds. People go around all the time sayin', 'Am I a man? Am I a woman, a real woman?' Lookin' at what they've done, wonderin' if that's what a man would do. Now, birds: they just birds. The one thing they never do is say, 'Am I a bird? #Quote by Theodore Sturgeon
Real Mature quotes by Don McLean
#19. I developed this fantasy world. I found that that was much more fun and more interesting and exciting than real life was to me. Then, once I got the guitar going when I was a teenager, I set sail for the direction I've been in my whole life. #Quote by Don McLean
Real Mature quotes by Claudia Gray
#20. I've always thought real love could only come later. After you both know each other, trust each other. After days, or weeks, or months spent together - learning to understand everything that isn't spoken out loud. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Real Mature quotes by Slash
#21. I guess you could say there are two Slashes. There's the crazy, rock-and-roll Slash, he's wild. And then there's the real Slash- he collects miniature soaps and treats his hookers real nice. #Quote by Slash
Real Mature quotes by Sylvia Day
#22. His repertoire. He grinned sheepishly, a boyish smile so at odds with the mature sexuality of his bared body. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Real Mature quotes by Douglas Coupland
#23. There are a number of things a woman can tell about a man who is roughly twenty-nine years old,
sitting in the cab of a pickup truck at 3:37 in the afternoon on a weekday, facing the Pacific,
writing furiously on the back of pink invoice slips. Such a man may or may not be employed, but
regardless, there is mystery there. If this man is with a dog, then that's good, because it means he's
capable of forming relationships. But if the dog is a male dog, that's probably a bad sign, because
it means the guy is likely a dog, too. A girl dog is much better, but if the guy is over thirty, any
kind of dog is a bad sign regardless, because it means he's stopped trusting humans altogether. In
general, if nothing else, guys my age with dogs are going to be work.
Then there's stubble: stubble indicates a possible drinker, but if he's driving a van or a pickup
truck, he hasn't hit bottom yet, so watch out, honey. A guy writing something on a clipboard
while facing the ocean at 3:37 P.M. may be writing poetry, or he may be writing a letter begging
someone for forgiveness. But if he's writing real words, not just a job estimate or something
business-y, then more likely than not this guy has something emotional going on, which could
mean he has a soul. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Real Mature quotes by Frances O'Roark Dowell
#24. A friend is someone whose face you can see in the dark. #Quote by Frances O'Roark Dowell
Real Mature quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#25. Without real nonviolence, there would be perfect anarchy. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Real Mature quotes by Roberto Mancini
#26. Barcelona players are passing the ball at least 25 times to reach the goal, while Real Madrid's Xabi Alonso is doing this all in a single pass. #Quote by Roberto Mancini
Real Mature quotes by Anonymous
#27. There is no such thing as a good influence, Mr. Gray. All influence is immoral - immoral from the scientific point of view." ========== The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde) - Your Highlight on Location 266-267 | Added on Sunday, March 1, 2015 1:43:12 AM to influence a person is to give him one's own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn with his natural passions. His virtues are not real to him. His sins, if there are such things as sins, are borrowed. He becomes an echo of some one else's music, #Quote by Anonymous
Real Mature quotes by Loretta Chase
#28. In the real, grown-up world, unicorns were more plentiful than Prince Charmings. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Real Mature quotes by Peter Carey
#29. One has to be able to twist and change and distort characters, play with them like clay, so everything fits together. Real people don't permit you to do that. #Quote by Peter Carey
Real Mature quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#30. Love is love, not to be defined or described by the mind as exclusive or inclusive. Love is its own eternity: it is the real, the supreme, the immeasurable. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Real Mature quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#31. A smile curved his lips.
Stunned, she stood there unable to move as she saw the one thing she'd never thought to see form him. A real, full-blown smile. The man was absolutely gorgeous.
"My God, you have dimples."
His smile vanished instantly. "I know."
"No, no, no, no, no!" she said, reaching up to touch his cheek. "Don't you dare hide those. They're beautiful."
He dodged her touch. "They look stupid."
She let out an aggravated breath. "They are sexy as all get-out. Trust me. Dimples like those will definitely get you laid. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Real Mature quotes by Courtney Summers
#32. Cary's going to give them the rundown on everything we've managed to piece together about what happened before Baxter got in and the possibility that he's lying and then we'll all be suspicious. I stayed behind because I feel sick and tired and Cary said it's good if one of us stays because it will prevent Baxter from getting suspicious of his suspicion of him. Rhys said it might make him more suspicious. And then suspicious stopped seeming like a real word. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Real Mature quotes by Ian Ford
#33. The NT brain learns to categorize and direct incoming signals. NT's "catch" what comes at them; this deadens the impact. The act of deadening or filtering stimuli is called "symbolic filtering" (a term developed for this book). Symbolic filtering converts real world stimuli into an internal symbolic representation of the real world. When the external world is taken in as words, it is physically painless. #Quote by Ian Ford
Real Mature quotes by Leland Ryken
#34. The oldest theory of art belongs to the Greeks, who regarded art as an imitation (mimesis) of reality. The strength of that theory is that it explains the way in which art takes its materials from real life. #Quote by Leland Ryken
Real Mature quotes by Erica Jong
#35. A woman's ability to achieve depends on childlessness or childcare. In America, where we don't believe in an underclass to do 'women's work', women themselves become the underclass. For love. Nobody doubts the love is real. It's for our children. But we are supposed to do it invisibly and never mention it. Alfred North Whitehead, who wasn't a woman after all, said that the truth of a society is what cannot be said. And women's work still cannot be said. It's called whining -- even by other women. It's called self-indulgence -- even by other women. Perhaps women writer are hated because abstraction makes oppression possible and we refuse to be abstract. How can we be? Our struggles are concrete: food, fire, babies, a room of one's own. These basics are rare -- even for the privileged. It is nothing short of a miracle every time a woman with a child finishes a book.
Our lives -- from the baby to the writing desk -- are the lives of the majority of humanity: never enough time to think, eternal exhaustion. The cared-for male elite, with female slaves to tend their bodily needs, can hardly credit our difficulties as 'real'. 'Real' is the deficit, oil wars in the Middle East, or how much of our children's milk the Pentagon shall get.
This is the true division in the world today: between those who carelessly say 'Third World' believing themselves part of the '¨First', and those who know they are the Third World -- wherever they live.
Women everywhere are the 'Third Wo #Quote by Erica Jong
Real Mature quotes by Nicolas Cage
#36. I loved 'Fantasia' as a kid because it filled me with wonder, enchantment and awe. It was my first real introduction into classical music. It was totally inspiring to me. #Quote by Nicolas Cage
Real Mature quotes by John Perry Barlow
#37. The real issue is control. The Internet is too widespread to be easily dominated by any single government. By creating a seamless global economic zone, anti-sovereign and unregulatable, the Internet calls into question the very idea of a nation-state. #Quote by John Perry Barlow
Real Mature quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#38. The best way to live in this real world is to free ourselves of demons and tribal gods. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Real Mature quotes by Anne Beatts
#39. There was this real fear in doing 'Square Pegs' after getting such a fast ride to glory on 'Saturday Night Live'. I was afraid that the word would be 'peaks early, fails to live up to promise.' #Quote by Anne Beatts
Real Mature quotes by Marty Rubin
#40. Hope is a temporary cure until a real one comes along. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Real Mature quotes by Laura Abbot
#41. The genesis of my interest in being a writer can be traced to fourth grade when we listened to a radio production of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and I asked the teacher if I could rewrite it for our class to present. Nothing like going head-to-head with the Bard, right?
I can still visualise the pages I filled creating this first "great" literary endeavor. Encouraged by teachers (and one doting grandmother), I went on to write reams of yearbook copy in high school and college and, then, to teach high school English. My "real" writing career didn't begin until I turned from education to the full-time pursuit of storytelling. #Quote by Laura Abbot
Real Mature quotes by D. Michael Abrashoff
#42. The timeless challenge in the real world is to help less-talented people transcend their limitations. #Quote by D. Michael Abrashoff
Real Mature quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#43. He knew exactly what this was. A severe panic attack. "Princess?" She glanced at him, shook her head and clutched even tighter at herself. "Please, leave me alone. I can't breathe." His heart went out to her and her fear. He closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her arms to help steady her. "Kiara? Hauk wears women's underwear." Kiara froze at his words, not quite sure she'd heard what he said. "Come again?" "Hauk wears women's underwear. Pink and really girly. You know, one of those skimpy things that tucks into the crack of his fat ass." In spite of her terror, she laughed at the image of the huge, fierce Andarion in a tiny pink G-string. "Hauk wears women's underwear?" Nykyrian's grip loosed on her arms. "Better?" Surprisingly enough, she was. Somehow that unexpected image had managed to break through her panic and center her back in the real world. No one had ever been able to do that before. Her #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Real Mature quotes by Cara McKenna
#44. The intensity echoed through her, the same excitement he felt. He knew what she wanted
he'd sensed it. He could please her.
She wants your voice, as well as your body. And he didn't even need to think to find the right words to say. He simply let them fall from his lips to her ears. "I can't believe you're here," he murmured. "That you're real. #Quote by Cara McKenna

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