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Ready To Settle quotes by Lee DeBourg
#1. Dad told me he had been young once, and it is okay to have my fun.He said when I'm ready to settle down, I need to select a guy who will be good for the family business."
"Have you had your fun?"
"What has that witch Michelle told you? #Quote by Lee DeBourg
Ready To Settle quotes by Peter Steele
#2. I feel that I've grown up a little bit and I'm actually ready to settle down. #Quote by Peter Steele
Ready To Settle quotes by Ryan Lochte
#3. I'm at a point where I'm ready to settle down. Every girl I meet, though, something wrong happens, and I end up getting hurt. #Quote by Ryan Lochte
Ready To Settle quotes by Kevin Kwan
#4. Eleanor had a long-held theory about men. She truly believed that for most men, all that talk of "being in love" or "finding the right one" was absolute nonsense. Marriage was purely a matter of timing, and whenever a man was finally done sowing his wild oats and ready to settle down, whichever girl happened to be there at the time would be the right one. #Quote by Kevin Kwan
Ready To Settle quotes by Isaac Asimov
#5. They work off all their resentments, enjoy all the smug self-satisfaction a young revolutionary would have, and by the time they take their place in the Imperial hierarchy, they are ready to settle down into conformity and obedience. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Ready To Settle quotes by James Taylor
#6. People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down. #Quote by James Taylor
Ready To Settle quotes by Carolyn Brown
#7. So what's your secret?" Jed asked. "There's two secrets, son. One is to love your woman, not with your whole heart but with your soul. If you got an inklin' that you aren't finished chasin' skirts, then you ain't ready to settle down anyway. The other is to respect your woman." Everett poured coffee from the thermos into his cup. "That's different from loving her. That means you don't belittle her, not in front of other people or in private. Your job is to not only make her feel like she's gorgeous but to know in your heart that she really is and to drop down on your knees every once in a while and thank God that he put her in your life. You do those things and you'll be just fine. If you don't, somebody else will and you'll lose the best thing that ever happened to you." "Good #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Ready To Settle quotes by Sofia Grey
#8. I'm not ready to settle down with anyone. Especially not someone that I've only just met. I'd have to be stark, raving mad to give up my life. I don't know how I can trust you. I. Don't. Know. You. #Quote by Sofia Grey
Ready To Settle quotes by James, Son Of Zebedee
#9. When I started to get older and I thought, "Well, you know now I'm kinda ready to settle down. And I really want to give to children now." Because I feel like I've done everything that I wanted to do in my entire life. #Quote by James, Son Of Zebedee
Ready To Settle quotes by Rajneesh
#10. One should marry only when one is wise enough. Marriage is not for young people. For young people is to fool around. Marriage is for those who have experienced life in many ways, who have seen all the colors, the whole spectrum of it, and are now ready to settle. #Quote by Rajneesh
Ready To Settle quotes by Jackie Collins
#11. Who is ready to settle for five minutes when three hours does nicely? #Quote by Jackie Collins
Ready To Settle quotes by Sherry Thomas
#12. … In 1885, when he turned twenty-five, he let out the word that he was ready to settle down with the right girl. The matrons heaved a collective sigh of relief. How wonderful. The boy actually understood his duties to God and country.

He had no intention of marrying, of course, until he was at least forty-five – a society that so worshiped the infernal institution of marriage deserved to be misled. Let them try to matchmake. He did say the right girl, didn't he? The right girl wouldn't come along for twenty years, and she'd be a naive, plump-chested chit of seventeen who worshiped the ground on which he trod.

Little could he guess that at twenty-eight he would marry, out of the blue, a lady who was quite some years removed from seventeen, neither naive nor plump-chested, and who examined the ground on which he trod with a most suspicious eye, seeing villany in everything he said and did.

Her name was Louisa Cantwell, and she would be his undoing. #Quote by Sherry Thomas
Ready To Settle quotes by Cherie Priest
#13. Before I was really ready to settle in, dawn was creeping up outside, flushing the far side of the curtains. I could feel it approaching, like the footsteps of someone unpleasant coming up the stairs. #Quote by Cherie Priest
Ready To Settle quotes by Annie Fisher
#14. There is a whole generation of young people just like us wandering around Europe and the rest of the world, trying to find some meaning for why they are alive and what they should choose to do with their time. When Martha leaves and we sit in front of the fire in the living room, I look to Lily until she turns to me and I can see the grief that hides just under the surface of her expression. We are, or at least were, two of those lost souls: wanderers, backpackers, season workers, Wwoofers, Workawayers, travellers: searching the world for something or someplace to hold on to. And we have come home not because we have retired from trying to find answers and are ready to settle into adulthood, but because my death has come upon us fast and unexpected. I am not the first person of this generation of travellers- or any person who lives in this godless, superficial society- to die. But I think that it feels to Lily and to me, my mother too perhaps, that I may very well be. #Quote by Annie Fisher
Ready To Settle quotes by Pete Wentz
#15. I want so badly to tell Her it's going to be all right, that I'll leave
the band and forget this silly crusade. I want to tell Her that I am ready to settle for this life, that she is all I will ever need in the world, and that we'll never be apart. I want to tell Her that I will protect Her forever. But none of that would be the truth. So I don't say
anything at all. #Quote by Pete Wentz
Ready To Settle quotes by Margaret Atwood
#16. She wasn't ready to settle down, she told her friends. That was one way of putting it. Another was would have been that she had not found anyone to settle down with. There had been several men in her life, but they hadn't been convincing. They'd been somewhat like her table - quickly acquired, brightened up a little, but temporary. The time for that kind of thing was running out, however. She was tired of renting. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Ready To Settle quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#17. When ready to settle down: women are more interested in where the man is going; men are more interested in where the woman has been. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Ready To Settle quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#18. So it's all right for him to rule out a serious relationship, but it's wrong if I'm not ready to settle for less? #Quote by Daria Snadowsky
Ready To Settle quotes by Barbara Casey
#19. Timothy grabbed his squealing, tearful wife and spun her around the room. Then he read the letter again just to be sure he hadn't misunderstood. He lightly brushed his fingers across the gold embossed letters KPH in the upper left-hand corner and then, overcome with emotion, covered his face with the letter. This was what he had been hoping for. All those years of rejections; the frustrations and self-doubt; the late nights of writing until five or six in the morning, only to have to stop and get ready to go to work exhausted; the stress on his marriage. Even the other employees where he worked had started kidding him, calling him "Mr. Shakespeare" to his face and making jokes about him behind his back. He was sick of being asked, "Have you gotten published yet?" The cost had been high; with each rejection letter, a new humiliation to suffer. It was all worth it now. This is what it had been about. Now he could say he was an author; and yes, dammit, he was published. His dream had finally come true. #Quote by Barbara Casey
Ready To Settle quotes by Jyoti Arora
#20. It is not very often that an opportunity comes knocking. But when it does, you better be bathed and dressed and ready to answer its call. #Quote by Jyoti Arora
Ready To Settle quotes by Lacey Sturm
#21. We should teach our kids that they're blessing and not a burden and that they're valuable beyond what they can imagine - in God's eyes, in the world's eyes - that they're purpose is so important to fulfill and it's gonna make a difference in the world. And they're the only ones that can make the difference that they can make, in the way that they can make it. That's why we all have different fingerprints. And I feel like the message is not clear enough. It's not clear because they go to school and they get challenged and they're bombarded with the idea that abortion is okay, that we can just go ahead and, you know, if we're not ready to have a kid we can just take care of that problem. But kids are not a problem, they're not a mistake, they're not a burden. They're blessing from God and that's what we don't understand. My mom was sixteen when she had me and we both almost died, I was a second kid, she had my brother when she was fifteen. And we both almost died and the doctors told her to abort me and I think that a lot of people gave her that advice. So when I grew up I think I had a sense of being a burden. And I think a lot of kids actually have that sense. #Quote by Lacey Sturm
Ready To Settle quotes by Mark Twain
#22. If you want me to give you a two-hour presentation, I am ready today. If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare. #Quote by Mark Twain
Ready To Settle quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#23. When you are not happy where you are, and you are not quite sure if you want to leave or how to leave, you are in the meantime. Its a state of limbo. You are hanging on, ready to let go, afraid to fall, not wanting to hurt yourself, afraid you will hurt someone else. In the meantime, you pray the other person will let go first so that you will not feel guilty. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Ready To Settle quotes by Arthur Miller
#24. To go, Pop. Every muscle is ready. WILLY [at the edge of the apron]: You realize what #Quote by Arthur Miller
Ready To Settle quotes by Betty Rollin
#25. To be afraid is in a way to be hopeful, because to be afraid means that you haven't given up. You know it doesn't help, but you keep thrashing. The monster has you pinned to the wall, but you're not ready to say, 'Oh, hell, eat me. #Quote by Betty Rollin
Ready To Settle quotes by J. Limbu
#26. Future will forgive us but are you ready to forgive your past? #Quote by J. Limbu
Ready To Settle quotes by Han Kang
#27. Now and then she finds herself wondering, and not out of self-pity, but with a detached, almost idle curiosity: If you could add up all the pills she'd ever taken, what would the total be? How many hours of pain has she lived through? As though life itself wished to impede her progress, she was brought up short again and again. As though the force that prevents her moving forward to the light stands always at the ready inside her own body. All those hours when she had lost her way, in hesitation and in doubt. How many would there be? How many small white pills? #Quote by Han Kang
Ready To Settle quotes by LeVar Burton
#28. And it's here and it's ready and we can really revolutionize the way we educate our children with tablet computers, and I'm committed to doing whatever I can to speaking to whomever I can to send this signal - to pound this message home. Now is the time. #Quote by LeVar Burton
Ready To Settle quotes by Sara Zarr
#29. We don't have to do this," I said.
His jaw set in a way that reminded me of how he'd look some times back in grade school, standing around the fringes of s kickball game or on that bench by Mr. Lloyd's room. "We do, though."
I shook my head, staring at the house. Right then, a woman walked out, carrying a bag of trash. "Let's ask her if we can go in," Cameron said.
"Go in?"
He turned to me. "Yeah."
I lowered my voice to a whisper. "Shouldn't we, like, talk about it first? About what happened?"
"Why? We know what happened."
"I can't."
"But I'm with you. We're together."
My eyes filled. He looked out the window. The woman went back in the house and closed the door. "We can come back some other time," I said, "after we've talked." I put the car in drive. "Let's go somewhere. Coffee. Something."
"Doesn't matte." His jaw was set again, his voice dead flat.
"It does matter, Cameron. That's the point. If it didn't matter I could just go in right now. I'm not ready. You can't just show up after all these years and expect me to be ready." He opened the door and started to get out. "Wait, where are you going?"
"Sorry I came here and messed up your life."
"That's not what I said!" But he was out of the car, walking down the block, away from me. #Quote by Sara Zarr
Ready To Settle quotes by Rajneesh
#30. To me, marriage is a dead thing. It is an institution, and you cannot live in an institution; only mad people live in institutions. It is a substitute for love. Love is dangerous: to be in love is to be in a storm, constantly. You need courage and you need awareness, and you are to be ready for anything. There is no security in love; love is insecure. Marriage is a security: the registry office, the police, the court are behind it. The state, the society, the religion - they are all behind it. Marriage is a social phenomenon. Love is individual, personal, intimate. #Quote by Rajneesh
Ready To Settle quotes by Ann Landers
#31. Maturity is the ability to harness your abilities and your energies and do more than is expected. The mature person refuses to settle for mediocrity. He/she would rather aim high and miss the mark than low-and make it. #Quote by Ann Landers
Ready To Settle quotes by Siobhan Davis
#32. This is why I spent so long fighting my feelings for you. You don't belong in my world. You're too good for it. For me. I thought I was ready to be who you needed me to be, but I fell at the first hurdle. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Ready To Settle quotes by John Boyle O'Reilly
#33. When honor comes to you, be ready to take it; But reach not to seize it before it is near. #Quote by John Boyle O'Reilly
Ready To Settle quotes by Jennifer Niven
#34. If there was one thing I'd learned, it was that you were responsible for your own ship. You had to look after the engine and make sure the plane was in order and ready to be flown. You were in charge of plotting your course. When you were in the pilot's seat, it was your hand on the throttle, no one else's. If your oil ran out or you lost your engine or the engine caught fire and you had to crash, you were the one saving yourself. No one else could do it for you. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Ready To Settle quotes by Paulo Coelho
#35. I don't have a ready-made formula to apply when I embark on a new book, but my guiding principles are discipline, compassion and a sincere eagerness to understand myself. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Ready To Settle quotes by Helen Steiner Rice
#36. When you are in troubled and worried and sick at heart
And your plans are upset and your world falls apart,
Remember God's ready and waiting to share
The burden you find much to heavy to bear
So with faith, "Let Go and Let GOD" lead your way
Into a brighter and less troubled day #Quote by Helen Steiner Rice
Ready To Settle quotes by Ricky Martin
#37. So, you are waiting to be ready??? Watch out, you can be waiting all your life. GO Do it ;0) #Quote by Ricky Martin
Ready To Settle quotes by Adelaide Anne Procter
#38. Have we not all, amid life's petty strife,
Some pure ideal of a noble life
That once seemed possible? Did we not hear
The flutter of its wings, and feel it near,
And just within our reach? It was. And yet
We lost it in this daily jar and fret,
And now live idle in a vague regret.
But still our place is kept, and it will wait,
Ready for us to fill it, soon or late:
No star is ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been.
Since Good, though only thought, has life and breath,
God's life
can always be redeemed from death;
And evil, in its nature, is decay,
And any hour can blot it all away;
The hopes that lost in some far distance seem,
May be the truer life, and this the dream. #Quote by Adelaide Anne Procter
Ready To Settle quotes by Mike Epps
#39. With Ice Cube they ain't no telling. He might have one cocked and loaded, ready to bust. We might do The Sunday, two old men sitting around the house waiting on the social security check. #Quote by Mike Epps
Ready To Settle quotes by John Williams
#40. Well, there's nothing," McDonald said. "You get born, and you nurse on lies, and you get weaned on lies, and you learn fancier lies in school. You live all your life on lies, and then maybe when you're ready to die, it comes to you - that there's nothing, nothing but yourself and what you could have done. Only you ain't done it, because the lies told you there was something else. Then you know you could of had the world, because you're the only one that knows the secret; only then it's too late. You're too old. #Quote by John Williams
Ready To Settle quotes by B.J. Ward
#41. Little bucktoothed alligator
ready to taste my bills.
Make something suffer.
Make something stick. #Quote by B.J. Ward
Ready To Settle quotes by Kristin Hannah
#42. She had been ready to love this man from the moment she first saw him. In all these years, that had never changed. They'd hurt each other, let each other down, and yet, here they were after everything, together. She needed him now, needed him to remind her that she was live, that she wasn't alone, that she hadn't lost everything. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Ready To Settle quotes by Jay Leno
#43. According to a new study, 63% of men surveyed said they like to settle an argument by having sex. The other 37% of the men said they would never want to get into an argument with those men. #Quote by Jay Leno
Ready To Settle quotes by Wooden Wand
#44. While the business of "collecting" lyrics and melodies happens all the time, when it's time to corral them all into something, I have to be in a good mood, ready and willing to work. #Quote by Wooden Wand
Ready To Settle quotes by Himmilicious
#45. The problem with most of us, we waste time in seeking answers from others, of those questions we already have the solutions but not ready to do.
In fact, we wait if somebody else does it for us or come up with shortcuts. #Quote by Himmilicious
Ready To Settle quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#46. The snag in this business of falling in love, aged relative, is that the parties of the first part so often get mixed up with the wrong parties of the second part, robbed of their cooler judgement by the party of the second part's glamour. Put it like this: the male sex is divided into rabbits and non-rabbits and the female sex into dashers and dormice, and the trouble is that the male rabbit has a way of getting attracted by the female dasher (who would be fine for the non-rabbit) and realizing too late that he ought to have been concentrating on some mild, gentle dormouse with whom he could settle down peacefully and nibble lettuce. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Ready To Settle quotes by Dean Koontz
#47. There's more to me than you see, another me down inside somewhere, full of hate, ready to hurt, cut, smash, or if maybe there's no Other and there's just me alone, then I'm not the person I thought I was, I'm something twisted and terrible, terrible. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Ready To Settle quotes by Ekaterina Gordeeva
#48. She (Daria) has Sergei's wide and ready smile, so beautiful to me. #Quote by Ekaterina Gordeeva
Ready To Settle quotes by Connie Kerbs
#49. Fear is not to be overcome, or dreaded, or avoided, or expelled from our life; neither is it to be our dwelling, obsession or constant companion. But it should be respected, recognized, and humbly listened to for its singular solemn advice. Indeed, it's wise and cautionary warnings should always be heeded. Fear was designed to function as a familiar adviser, an overly critical, cautious, conservative friend - not our foe. When it is accepted, and appreciated for what it is, fear is a sage, a warning system, and one of our oldest, most experienced guides. When it holds itself at bay as necessary, it is like the security detail that waits at some serious attention in the back of the room, ever watchful, ever ready, benign, non-threatening - until circumstances require its sensitive, timely services. #Quote by Connie Kerbs
Ready To Settle quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#50. Even when we were standing in the church and I was getting ready to take my vows, I can remember wishing that you were standing there, instead of him. Because I not only still loved you, but loved you beyond measure. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Ready To Settle quotes by Jeri Smith-Ready
#51. I promise I'll never tell."
"Don't promise that," he said in an ultraserious voice. "If they try to hurt you and the only way to protect yourself is to tell them what you know about me, then you tell them. Straight off, okay?"
"Promise me."
"I will possess your heart."
Heat flared along the back of my neck. "What did you say?"
"My favorite song. 'I Will Possess Your Heart.'"
"By Death Cab for Cutie?"
He snorted. "No, the little known T.I. Hip-hop remix. Yes, Death Cab for Cutie."
... "Why? What's wrong with it?"
"Nothing, but it doesn't seem to fit you. It's kind of a sad song."
"No it's pure confident. It's not 'I want' or 'I need', none of that crap." He slipped his hand over mine. "It's 'I will.'"
A nervous laugh bubbled up. "You will, huh?"
His fingers brushed my cheek, then slid into my hair. "I will. #Quote by Jeri Smith-Ready
Ready To Settle quotes by Ronald Reagan
#52. America is still an eagle, and she's ready to soar again. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Ready To Settle quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#53. If America loses World War III [the Cold War], it will be because of the failure of its leadership class. In particular, it will be because of the attention, the celebrity, and the legitimacy given to the 'trendies'--those over-glamorized dilettantes who posture in the latest idea, mount the fashionable protests, and are slobbered over by the news media, whose creation they essentially are. The attention given them and their 'causes' romanticizes the trivial and trivializes the serious. It reduces public discussion to the level of a cartoon strip. These trendies are ready with an opinion at the drop of a microphone, and their opinions are treated as news--not because they are authorities, but because they are celebrities. #Quote by Richard M. Nixon
Ready To Settle quotes by Arthur Koestler
#54. Ivanov- "Up to now , all revolutions have been made by moralizing diletantes. They were always in good faith and perished because of their dilettantism. We for the first time are consequent ... "
"Yes," said Rubashov. "So consequent, that in the interests of a just distribution of land we deliberately let die of starvation about five million farmers and their families in one year. So consequent were we in the liberation of human beings from the shackles of industrial exploitation that we sent about ten million people to do forced labour in the Artic regions and the jungles of the East, under conditions similar to those of antique galley slaves. So consequent that, to settle a difference of opinion, we know only one argument: death, whether it is a matter of submarines, manure, or the Party line to be followed in Indo-China ... #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Ready To Settle quotes by Reggie Love
#55. Do you stick with the position you've mastered? Or do you push yourself to master the position that seems out of reach? Do you listen to what everyone else thinks is best for you? Or do you listen to your own voice? Do you settle? Or do you dream? #Quote by Reggie Love
Ready To Settle quotes by Colleen Hoover
#56. I don't know how this hopeless boy weaseled his way into my life this week, but I know i'm definitely not ready for him to leave. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Ready To Settle quotes by V.E. Schwab
#57. Estelle used to call these the restless days, when the warmer-blooded gods began to stir, and the cold ones began to settle. When dreamers were most prone to bad ideas, and wanderers were likely to get lost. #Quote by V.E. Schwab
Ready To Settle quotes by Stephen Ambrose
#58. Friends never cheat on each other, or take advantage, or lie. Friends do not spy on one another, yet they have no secrets. Friends glory in each other's successes and are downcast by the failures. Friends minister to each other, nurse each other. Friends give to each other, worry about each other, stand always ready to help. Perfect friendship is rarely achieved, but at its height it is an ecstasy. #Quote by Stephen Ambrose
Ready To Settle quotes by Mike McCue
#59. As an entrepreneur, in many ways it's like looking into the crystal ball for what my company will hopefully go through as it starts to think about bigger challenges - scaling internationally, getting ready to go public, and all those different things. #Quote by Mike McCue

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