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Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#1. There are lots of superheroes with different superpowers, and some of them are big and flashy, like super strength and super speed, and molecular restructuring, and force fields. But these abilities are really not so different from the superpower stuff that old Jiko could do, like moving superslow, or reading people's minds, or appearing in doorways, or making people feel okay about themselves by just being there. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Yann Martel
#2. I find that movies tend to fix the aesthetics of a story in people's minds. #Quote by Yann Martel
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by John Green
#3. All the characters are made out of words. With reading, I understand that the people aren't real but the fact that they are made out of language and are made out of words is extremely powerful to me. It becomes transformative for me. Different people have different ways of trying to make stories using language. #Quote by John Green
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by China Forbes
#4. I have gotten better at being patient and sitting with discomfort. Before I would worry and try to fix an issue and force circumstances to change or try to change people's minds sooner than was realistic. Now I wait and trust that everything passes and time really does heal everything. #Quote by China Forbes
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Johnny Galecki
#5. When I'm back home in Chicago, since 'Roseanne' was such a Midwestern, blue-collar show, that's what sticks out in people's minds. #Quote by Johnny Galecki
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Haruki Murakami
#6. Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light. There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow ... We do not know if the so-called Little People are good or evil. This is, in a sense, something that surpasses our understanding and our definitions. We have lived with them since long, long ago
from a time before good and evil even existed, when people's minds were still benighted. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Peter Gelderloos
#7. At first glance, a militant conception of revolution seems more impractical than a nonviolent conception, but this is because it is realistic. People need to understand that capitalism, the state, white supremacy, imperialism, and patriarchy all constitute a war against the people of this planet. And revolution is an intensification of that war. We cannot liberate ourselves and create the worlds we want to live in if we think of fundamental social change as shining a light in the darkness, winning hearts and minds, speaking truth to power, bearing witness, capturing people's attention, or any other passive parade. Millions of people die every year on this planet for no better reason than a lack of clean drinking water. Because the governments and corporations that have usurped control of the commons have not found a way to profit from those people's lives, they let them die. Millions of people die every year because a few corporations and their allied governments do not want to allow the production of generic AIDS drugs and other medicine. Do you think the institutions and the elite individuals who hold the power of life or death over millions give a fuck about our protests? They have declared war on us, and we need to take it back to them. Not because we are angry (though we should be), not to get revenge, and not because we are acting impulsively, but because we have weighed the possibility of freedom against the certainty of shame from living under whatever form of dominat #Quote by Peter Gelderloos
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#8. Agreement is brought about by changing people's minds - other people's. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ryu Murakami
#9. It was around this time that I'd begun trying to perfect the art of fucking with people's minds. I'd figured out that when someone else was hogging the limelight, you could cut him down to size by bringing up a subject he didn't know anything about. If the other person knew a lot about literature, I'd talk about the Velvet Underground; if he knew a lot about rock, I'd talk about Messiaen; if he knew a lot about classical music, I'd talk about Roy Lichtenstein; if he knew a lot about pop art, I'd talk about Jean Genet; and so on. Do that in a small provincial city and you never lose an argument. #Quote by Ryu Murakami
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#10. Anyway, I don't trust those people who poke around sad people's minds and tell them how interesting it all is up there. It's not interesting. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by J. Robbins
#11. I think there's been this long cycle of the big companies making a lot of money by underestimating people's intelligence and people are used to it now. So, they're so used to having their intelligence underestimated that, for most of them, it really isn't worth the bother of paying a little more attention to something that might hit them on a deeper level. But you can't really read people's minds. #Quote by J. Robbins
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Confucius
#12. The superior person tries to promote music as a means to the perfection of human culture. When such music prevails, and people's minds are led towards the right ideals and aspirations, we may see the appearance of a great nation. #Quote by Confucius
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Natalie Stein
#13. writing a story is dangerous more dangerous then anyone can know. Its planting small seeds of ideas into peoples minds. Some can grow and spread until there's a whole network of minds connected by one seed. It grows powerful the more ground it takes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Be DELIBERATE in your words and, most importantly WRITE. #Quote by Natalie Stein
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Stephen Denning
#14. Leadership is essentially a task of persuasion - of winning people's minds and hearts. #Quote by Stephen Denning
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#15. Pure love is the best medicine for the modern world. This is what is lacking in all societies. The root cause of all problems, from personal problems to global problems is the absence of love. Love is the binding factor, the unifying factor. Love creates the feeling of oneness among people. It unifies a nation and its people. Love creates a sense of unity while hatred causes division. Egotism and hatred cuts people's minds into pieces. Love should rule. There is no problem which love cannot solve. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Vasily Grossman
#16. Time worked unhurriedly, conscientiously. First the man was expelled from life, to reside instead in people's memories. Then he lost his right to residence in people's memories, sinking down into their subconscious minds and jumping out at someone only occasionally, like a jack-in-the-box, frightening them with the unexpectedness of his sudden, momentary appearances. #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by George Brandis
#17. There always are a basket of issues in any federal election campaign, but in this part of Australia [Capricornia] I can assure you having as you know a fairly frequent visitor to Rockhampton, that the issue of jobs and employment and where the jobs of the future are coming from, is the biggest single issue on people's minds. #Quote by George Brandis
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Gonzalo Guma
Have you ever had the feeling that someone was playing with your destiny? If so, this book is for you!
Destiny is certainly something people like to talk about. Wherever we go, we hear it mentioned in conversations or proverbs that seek to lay bare its mysteries.
If we analyse people's attitude towards destiny a little, we find straight away that at one extreme are those who believe that everything in life is planned by a higher power and that therefore things always happen for a reason, even though our limited human understanding cannot comprehend why.
In this perspective, everything is preordained, regardless of what we do or don't do.
At the other extreme we find the I can do it! believers. These focus on themselves: anything is possible if done with conviction, as part of the plan that they have drawn up themselves as the architects of their own Destiny.
We can safely say that everything happens for a reason. Whether it's because of decisions we take or simply because circumstances determine it, there is always more causation than coincidence in life. But sometimes such strange things happen! The most insignificant occurrence or decision can give way to the most unexpected futures.
Indeed, such twists of fate may well be the reason why you are reading my book now. Do you have any idea of the number of events, circumstances and decisions that had to conspire for me to write this and for you to be reading it now? There are so m #Quote by Gonzalo Guma
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Alicia Keys
#19. I wanted my first film to be something where I was surrounded by an amazing cast. I wanted to do something that was completely unexpected, totally out of the box, something that would blow people's minds, that the last thing on the planet earth they would ever think I would do would be it. #Quote by Alicia Keys
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Bella Martin
#20. As long as research data is stored as tacit knowledge in people's minds or buried in interview transcripts, teams will experience difficulty synthesizing what has been observed and learned. #Quote by Bella Martin
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Charles V. De Vet
#21. Among peoples of such mixed natures, such diverse histories and philosophies, and different ways of life, most administrative problems are problems of a choice of whims, of changing and conflicting goals; not how to do what the people want done, but what they want done, and whether their next generation will want it enough to make work on it, now, worthwhile.'
'They sound insane,' Trobt said. 'Are your administrators supposed to serve the flickering goals of demented minds?'
'We must weigh values. What is considered good may be a matter of viewpoint, and may change from place to place, from generation to generation. In determining what people feel and what their unvoiced wants are, a talent of strategy, and an impatience with the illogic of others, are not qualifications. #Quote by Charles V. De Vet
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Sophie Hannah
#22. Seems to me there's not much time to read about other people's lives and live your own while you're at it. If I have to choose, and I reckon I do, I'll choose living my own life over reading summat about someone else's. #Quote by Sophie Hannah
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Steve Young
#23. Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it because that's the truth in people's minds. #Quote by Steve Young
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#24. Our bread was given, not earned. We had nowhere else to go and nothing else to do but sit there together, saying sonorous words in unison, listening to language we did not hear anywhere else in our lives. Take heart. Go in peace. Bear fruit. Although we could have sat quietly with Bibles on our laps and read these things to ourselves, we took turns reading them out loud to each other instead. The words sounded different when Kline read them than they did when Kathy read them. They sounded different from the mouth of a young mother than they did from the mouth of a widow. This was because the words did not come straight off the page. They percolated up through the silt and gravel of real people's lives so that the meaning in them was fluid, not fixed. Listening to one another read Holy Scripture, some of us learned what is meant by 'the living word of God.'

We also sang things we could more easily have said. The Lord be with you. And also with you. None of us would have dreamed of doing this in the grocery store, but by doing it in church we remembered that there was another way to address one another. Lift up your hearts. We lift them up unto the Lord. Where else did any of us sing anymore, especially with other people? Where else could someone pick up the alto line on the second verse of 'Amazing Grace' and give five other people the courage to sing in harmony? Sometimes, when we were through, we would all just stand there listening until the last note turned enti #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Franz Kafka
#25. I never wish to be easily defined. I'd rather float over other people's minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Meshell Ndegeocello
#26. Looking at the media today, I'm quite ashamed of myself, of things I've participated in. Everything is marketed to sex and gossip and it's just a shame that those are the things at the forefront, on people's minds, those are the things that make you popular, what you have on or how little you have on and it has nothing to do with music, nothing to do with sports it has nothing to do with the things so many communities put their faith in. It's just a sad place to be. #Quote by Meshell Ndegeocello
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Chino Moreno
#27. Religion, in any form, is always interesting to me because of how powerful it is. Not even the religion itself, but to the people that follow it ... The effect that it has had on people's minds. #Quote by Chino Moreno
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ian Rankin
#28. Witches never existed, except in people's minds. All there was in the olden days was women and some men who believed in herbal cures and in folklore and in the wish to fly. Witches? We're all witches in one way or another. Witches was the invention of mankind, son. We're all witches beneath the skin. #Quote by Ian Rankin
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Helen Frankenthaler
#29. The price for living the life I have
for any serious, devoted person, is that at times one must live alone, or feel alone. I think loneliness is associated in many people's minds when they think about success. #Quote by Helen Frankenthaler
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Mikhail Bakunin
#30. The idea of humanity becomes more and more of a power in the civilized world, and, owing to the expansion and increasing speed of means of communication, and also owing to the influence, still more material than moral, of civilization upon barbarous peoples, this idea of humanity begins to take hold even of the minds of uncivilized nations. This idea is the invisible power of our century, with which the present powers - the States - must reckon. They cannot submit to it of their own free will because such submission on their part would be equivalent to suicide, since the triumph of humanity can be realized only through the destruction of the States. But the States can no longer deny this idea nor openly rebel against it, for having now grown too strong, it may finally destroy them.

In the face of this fainful alternative there remains only one way out: and that is hypocrisy. The States pay their outward respects to this idea of humanity; they speak and apparently act only in the name of it, but they violate it every day. This, however, should not be held against the States. They cannot act otherwise, their position having become such that they can hold their own only by lying. Diplomacy has no other mission.

Therefore what do we see? Every time a State wants to declare war upon another State, it starts off by launching a manifesto addressed not only to its own subjects but to the whole world. In this manifesto it declares that right and justice are o #Quote by Mikhail Bakunin
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by David Crystal
#31. Ever since the arrival of printing - thought to be the invention of the devil because it would put false opinions into people's minds - people have been arguing that new technology would have disastrous consequences for language. #Quote by David Crystal
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Haruki Murakami
#32. A man is like a two-story house. The first floor is equipped with an entrance and a living room. On the second floor is every family member's room. They enjoy listening to music and reading books. On the first underground floor is the ruin of people's memories. The room filled with darkness is the second underground floor. How deep is it? Nobody knows. Going down to the first underground floor, people can write novels and music. However, I believe that such works cannot move people's hearts. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Russell Simmons
#33. I kind of think that artists throughout history, poets throughout history have been criticized for sharing what's on people's minds and I don't think it's any different now. #Quote by Russell Simmons
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Jean-Louis Gassee
#34. The goal of the computer is to provide people with the means to extend people's minds and bodies. It is an exoskeleton that expands our human reach. #Quote by Jean-Louis Gassee
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Albert Schweitzer
#35. Only when an ideal of peace is born in the minds of the peoples will the institutions set up to maintain this peace effectively fulfill the function expected of them. #Quote by Albert Schweitzer
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Sariah Wilson
#36. I'd like to know what you're thinking right now."
"I'm not telling you. That's why I didn't say it out loud. Because that's how thingking works."
Chase laughed. "Sometimes in interviews they ask you what superpower you'd like to have. I used to choose being able to read people's minds. Then Facebook happend, and I got over that. #Quote by Sariah Wilson
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Mark Pagel
#37. Each of you possesses the most powerful, dangerous and subversive trait that natural selection has ever devised. It's a piece of neural audio technology for rewiring other people's minds. I'm talking about your language. #Quote by Mark Pagel
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Haruki Murakami
#38. Whenever an occasion arose in which she needed an opinion on something in the wider world, she borrowed her husband's. If this had been all there was to her, she wouldn't have bothered anyone, but as is so often the case with such women, she suffered from an incurable case of of pretentiousness. Lacking any internalized values of her own, such people can arrive at a standpoint only by adopting other people's standards or views. The only principle that governs their minds is the question How do I look? #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Eric Schmidt
#39. There is a mistake technical and scientific people make. We think that if we have made a clever and thoughtful argument, based on data and smart analysis, then people will change their minds. This isn't true. If yoy want to change people's behavior, you need to touch their hearts, not just win the arguments. We call this the Oprah Winfrey rule. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ian McEwan
#40. It is the world that shapes people's minds. It is men who have shaped the world. So women's minds are shaped by men. From earliest childhood, the world they see is made by men. Now the women lie to themselves and there is confusion and unhappiness everywhere. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Maha Al Fahim
#41. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see that education can inspire us to become more capable parents, more engaged citizens, and more resourceful human beings.

Knowledge has the power to widen our eyes, open our minds, and enable us to see past people's gender or economic status. It can help us value pricelessness over price tag. It can help us recognize the shame in humiliating and the grace in humility.

And it can help us to understand that there is no greater richness than love."

Maha Al Fahim

Share #Quote by Maha Al Fahim
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Ray Bradbury
#42. Garrett," said Stendahl, "do you know why I've done this to you? Because you burned Mr. Poe's books without really reading them. You took other people's advice that they needed burning. Otherwise you'd have realized what I was going to do to you when we came down here a moment ago. Ignorance is fatal, Mr. Garrett. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Rachel Hurd-Wood
#43. I would really like to play someone contemporary, as I've done lots of period pieces. I would love to play an American bimbo or a grimy Londoner. But I'm probably more suited in people's minds to playing a corseted victim. #Quote by Rachel Hurd-Wood
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Nicolas Cage
#44. Good science fiction is intelligent. It asks big questions that are on people's minds. It's not impossible. It has some sort of root in the abstract. #Quote by Nicolas Cage
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Joanna Russ
#45. Now in my eleven years of conventional life I had learned many things and one of them is what it means to be convicted of rape--I do not mean the man who did it, I mean the woman to whom it was done. Rape is one of the Christian mysteries, it creates a luminous and beautiful tableau in people's minds; and as I listened furtively to what nobody would allow me to hear straight out, I slowly came to understand that I was face to face with one of those feminine disasters, like pregnancy, like disease, like weakness; she was not only the victim of the act but in some strange way its perpetrator; somehow she had attracted the lightening that struck her out of a clear sky. A diabolical chance--which was not chance--had revealed her to all of us as she truly was, in her secret inadequacy, in that wretched guiltiness which she had kept hidden for seventeen years but which now finally manifested in front of everybody. Her secret guilt was this:
She was Cunt.
She had "lost" something.
Now the other party to the incident had manifested his essential nature, too; he was Prick--but being Prick is not a bad thing. In fact, he had "gotten away with" something (possibly what she had "lost").
And there I was at eleven years of age:
She was out late at night.
She was in the wrong part of town.
Her skirt was too short and that provoked him.
She liked having her eye blacked and her head banged against the sidewalk.
I understood this perfectly. (I refle #Quote by Joanna Russ
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#46. I stopped reading reviews about my own movies. I read stuff about other people's movies. #Quote by Steven Soderbergh
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Kay Panabaker
#47. I've actually always wanted to be able to read people's minds. My sister did a movie with super-powers and that's the one I would have wanted, so I really lucked out. The negative is that people are really cruel in their own minds, but you can weed out the bad people from the good people, and then just hang out with the good people. #Quote by Kay Panabaker
Reading Peoples Minds quotes by Mark Douglas
#48. For those who have learned how to be consistent, or have broken through what I call the "threshold of consistency," the money is not only within their grasp; they can virtually take it at will. I'm sure that some will find this statement shocking or difficult to believe, but it is true. There are some limitations, but for the most part, money flows into the accounts of these traders with such ease and effortlessness that it literally boggles most people's minds. #Quote by Mark Douglas

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