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Reader quotes by Jean M. Auel
#1. I have been a reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy for a long time, since I was 11 or 12 I think, so I understand it and I'm not at all surprised that readers of the genre might enjoy my books. #Quote by Jean M. Auel
Reader quotes by Roland Smith
#2. A good writer should draw the reader in by starting in the middle of the story with a hook, then go back and fill in what happened before the hook. Once you have the reader hooked, you can write whatever you want as you slowly reel them in. #Quote by Roland Smith
Reader quotes by Paul Theroux
#3. I think most serious and omnivorous readers are alike- intense in their dedication to the word, quiet-minded, but relieved and eagerly talkative when they meet other readers and kindred spirits. #Quote by Paul Theroux
Reader quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#4. I struggle with confidence, every time. I'm never completely sure I can write another book. Maybe my scope is too grand, my questions too hard, surely readers won't want to follow me here. A novel is like a cathedral, it knocks you down to size when you enter into it. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Reader quotes by Liu Cixin
#5. The best translations into English do not, in fact, read as if they were originally written in English. The English words are arranged in such a way that the reader sees a glimpse of another culture's patterns of thinking, hears an echo of another language's rhythms and cadences, and feels a tremor of another people's gestures and movements. I #Quote by Liu Cixin
Reader quotes by James J. Kilpatrick
#6. The chief difference between good writing and better writing may be measured by the number of imperceptible hesitations the reader experiences as he goes along. #Quote by James J. Kilpatrick
Reader quotes by Michael Connelly
#7. It is how a person goes about quenching his desires or living with them unrequited that the readers get a glimpse of his true character. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Reader quotes by Patrick Ness
#8. How you leave the reader is so important - not the climax; I call it the 'exit feeling'. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Reader quotes by May Sarton
#9. At some point I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend, and come out with personal truth. #Quote by May Sarton
Reader quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#10. When you write a novel, you never have to be in the service of the reader. My only concern with my books is that the world that's created be as logical and whole as possible. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Reader quotes by Michael Robotham
#11. I believe that if the story is fleshed out and the characters more believable, the reader is more likely to take the journey with them. In addition, the plot can be more complex. My characters are very real to me, and I want each of my characters to be different. #Quote by Michael Robotham
Reader quotes by Maureen Howard
#12. I like density, not volume. I like to leave something to the imagination. The reader must fit the pieces together, with the author's discreet help. #Quote by Maureen Howard
Reader quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#13. I was reading The Mirror the other day and came across a letter from a reader who wrote, 'I was riding my bike to work when this red Ferrari pulled up next to me. Out of the window, Jeremy Clarkson shouted 'Get a car', and drove off.' What I actually said was, 'Get a car you hatchet faced, leaf-eating tw*t #Quote by Jeremy Clarkson
Reader quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#14. If the reader enters a kind of immersive experience reading a book, then I have to enter a kind of immersive state to do my best work. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Reader quotes by Martin Amis
#15. I think one shouldn't pussyfoot, and just say that you write the stuff that you would like to read. So you write for yourself, no doubt about that. But I do have a sort of romantic idea of someone in their twenties, of a certain bent, and when they pick up a book by me, they think
as I have done on several occasions
'Ah, here is one for me. Here is a writer who I'll have to read all of, because they're speaking directly to me, and they're writing what I want to read.' And sometimes you're doing the signing queue and a reader comes past and you sign the book, and there's a little exchange of the eyes, where you think, 'Ah, that's one of them.' So there is that ideal reader. And it's someone who's discovering literature and homes in on you. I'm aware of such readers. #Quote by Martin Amis
Reader quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#16. ATLANTA NIGHTS is sure to please the reader who enjoys this sort of thing. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Reader quotes by Walter Mosley
#17. These short stories are vast structures existing mostly in the subconscious of our cultural history. They will live with the reader long after the words have been translated into ideas and dreams. That's because a good short story crosses the borders of our nations and our prejudices and our beliefs. A good short story asks a question that can't be answered in simple terms. And even if we come up with some understanding, years later, while glancing out of a window, the story still has the potential to return, to alter right there in our mind and change everything. #Quote by Walter Mosley
Reader quotes by Mark Rubinstein
#18. A novel need not impart information or inform. It must seduce & snare the reader with feelings & break the reader's heart. #Quote by Mark Rubinstein
Reader quotes by Stephen King
#19. Description begins with visualization of what it is you want the reader to experience. It ends with you translating what you see in your mind into words on the page. #Quote by Stephen King
Reader quotes by Jeffery Deaver
#20. In general, I think, less is more, and that if a reader stops reading because a book is too icky then I've failed in my obligation to the readers. #Quote by Jeffery Deaver
Reader quotes by William Maxwell
#21. A writer is a reader who is moved to emulation. #Quote by William Maxwell
Reader quotes by Alice Hoffman
#22. Do people choose the art that inspires them - do they think it over, decide they might prefer the fabulous to the real? For me, it was those early readings of fairy tales that made me who I was as a reader and, later on, as a storyteller. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Reader quotes by Jennifer Egan
#23. If you read novels of the 19th century, they're pretty experimental. They take lots of chances; they seem to break a lot of rules. You've got omniscient narrators lecturing at times to the reader in first person. If you go back to the earliest novels, this is happening to a wild extent, like 'Tristram Shandy' or 'Don Quixote'. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Reader quotes by Max Beerbohm
#24. I was a modest, good-humoured boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable. #Quote by Max Beerbohm
Reader quotes by Bella Andre
#25. As a lifelong romance reader (who devours up to a book a day when my writing schedule permits!), my favorite romances have always been about families. I love following brothers and sisters and cousins from book to book, not only for the pleasure of watching them fall in love, but also to watch each of their love stories grow deeper and richer throughout the series. #Quote by Bella Andre
Reader quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#26. And you who wish to represent by words the form of man and all the aspects of his membrification, relinquish that idea. For the more minutely you describe the more you will confine the mind of the reader, and the more you will keep him from the knowledge of the thing described. And so it is necessary to draw and to describe. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Reader quotes by Ian McEwan
#27. I think of novels in architectural terms. You have to enter at the gate, and this gate must be constructed in such a way that the reader has immediate confidence in the strength of the building. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Reader quotes by Mary McCarthy
#28. The suspense of a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist, who is intensely curious about what will happen to the hero. #Quote by Mary McCarthy
Reader quotes by John Owen
#29. Reader, if thou intendest to go any farther, I would entreat thee to stay here a little. If thou art, as many in this pretending age, a sign or title gazer, and comest into books as Cato into the theatre, to go out again, - thou hast had thy entertainment; farewell! #Quote by John Owen
Reader quotes by James Arthur
#30. My ideal reader is somebody who reads my poems out loud. #Quote by James Arthur
Reader quotes by Kathleen MacMahon
#31. She's a reader, she's always searching out the story #Quote by Kathleen MacMahon
Reader quotes by Ali Smith
#32. All we need to do, reader or writer, from first line to final page, is be as open as a book, and be alive to the life in language - on all its levels. #Quote by Ali Smith
Reader quotes by Krista Tippett
#33. The Internet - its beauty is that it's a self-perfecting organism, right? But as long as it's an ad-supported medium, the motive will be to perfect commercial interest, to perfect the art of the listicle, the endless slideshow, the infinitely paginated oracle, and not to perfect the human spirit of the reader or the writer. You've #Quote by Krista Tippett
Reader quotes by Darin Strauss
#34. When you write fiction, you have an ideal reader in your mind who's sort of you but smarter. #Quote by Darin Strauss
Reader quotes by Lynne Truss
#35. On the page, punctuation performs its grammatical function, but in the mind of the reader it does more than that. It tells the reader how to hum the tune. #Quote by Lynne Truss
Reader quotes by Francis Parkman
#36. The reader need not be told that John Bull never leaves home without encumbering himself with the greatest possible load of luggage. Our companions were no exception to the rule. #Quote by Francis Parkman
Reader quotes by Henry Watson Fowler
#37. Quotation ... A writer expresses himself in words that have been used before because they give his meaning better than he can give it himself, or because they are beautiful or witty, or because he expects them to touch a cord of association in his reader, or because he wishes to show that he is learned and well read. Quotations due to the last motive are invariably ill-advised; the discerning reader detects it and is contemptuous; the undiscerning is perhaps impressed, but even then is at the same time repelled, pretentious quotations being the surest road to tedium. #Quote by Henry Watson Fowler
Reader quotes by John Gardner
#38. The writer's characters must stand before us with a wonderful clarity, such continuous clarity that nothing they do strikes us as improbable behavior for just that character, even when the character's action is, as sometimes happens, something that came as a surprise to the writer himself. We must understand, and the writer before us must understand, more than we know about the character; otherwise neither the writer nor the reader after him could feel confident of the character's behavior when the character acts freely. #Quote by John Gardner
Reader quotes by Louis L'Amour
#39. I was by no means a scholar, simply an interested reader with nothing to do but live and learn. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Reader quotes by Debasish Mridha
#40. You are not responsible for the reader,
you're only responsible for what you are writing. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Reader quotes by Joan Lowery Nixon
#41. Work extra hard on the beginning of your story, so it snares reader's instantly. And know how you're going to end your story before you start writing. Without a sense of direction, you can get lost in the middle. #Quote by Joan Lowery Nixon
Reader quotes by Helen Humphreys
#42. The author is at one end of the experience of writing and the reader is at the other, and the book is the contract between you. #Quote by Helen Humphreys
Reader quotes by Criss Jami
#43. I appreciate a book intended to be judged by its cover. The insincere readers are often weeded out while the sincere readers remain curious. #Quote by Criss Jami
Reader quotes by Patricia A. McKillip
#44. At its best, fantasy rewards the reader with a sense of wonder about what lies within the heart of the commonplace world. The greatest tales are told over and over, in many ways, through centuries. Fantasy changes with the changing times, and yet it is still the oldest kind of tale in the world, for it began once upon a time, and we haven't heard the end of it yet. #Quote by Patricia A. McKillip
Reader quotes by V.S. Pritchett
#45. The novel ... creates a bemusing effect. The short story, on the other hand wakes the reader up. Not only that, it answers the primitive craving for art, the wit, paradox and beauty of shape, the longing to see a dramatic pattern and significance in our experience. #Quote by V.S. Pritchett
Reader quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
#46. To say that one goes on holiday is to speak the language of the working class, for whom the time off appears merry and playful; but to say one goes on vacation is to speak the language of the ruling class. Vacation comes from the same root as vacant and reflects what the owner sees when he looks around the floor - a vacancy where John 'should' 'be'. (I suspect that the owner probably thinks some negative thoughts about the Labor Unions and the 'damned Liberal' Government that force him to pay John even when John 'is vacant.')

I leave it as a puzzle for the reader: Do the Irish and English speak Working Class in this case because they have had several socialist governments, or have the had several socialist governments because they learned to speak the language of the Working Class? And: has the U.S., alone among industrial nations, never had a socialist government because it speaks the Ruling Class language, or does it speak the Ruling Class language because it has never had a socialist government? #Quote by Robert Anton Wilson
Reader quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
#47. There was a time when the reader of an unexciting newspaper would remark, 'How dull is the world today!' Nowadays he says, 'What a dull newspaper!' #Quote by Daniel J. Boorstin
Reader quotes by J.D. Salinger
#48. If only you'd remember before ever you sit down to write that you've been a reader long before you were ever a writer. You simply fix that fact in your mind, then sit very still and ask yourself, as a reader, what piece of writing in all the world Buddy Glass would most want to read if he had his heart's choice. The next step is terrible, but so simple I can hardly believe it as I write it. You just sit down shamelessly and write the thing yourself. I won't even underline that. It's too important to be underlined. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Reader quotes by S.A. Tawks
#49. You may not have finished today but the work you did got you closer than if you would have done nothing. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Reader quotes by Neil Gaiman
#50. The best advice I can give on this is, once it's done, to put it away until you can read it with new eyes. Finish the short story, print it out, then put it in a drawer and write other things. When you're ready, pick it up and read it, as if you've never read it before. If there are things you aren't satisfied with as a reader, go in and fix them as a writer: that's revision. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Reader quotes by Alberto Manguel
#51. Every reader exists to ensure for a certain book a modest immortality. Reading is, in this sense, a ritual of rebirth. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Reader quotes by Mary Oliver
#52. Various ambitions to complete the poem, to see it in print, to enjoy the gratification of someone's comment about it - serve in some measure as incentives to the writer's work. Though each of these is reasonable, each is a threat to the other ambition of the poet, which is to write as well as Keats, Yeats, or Williams - or whoever it was who scribbled onto a page a few lines whose force the reader once felt and has never forgotten. Every poet's ambition should be to write as well. Anything else is only a flirtation. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Reader quotes by Debasish Mridha
#53. A writer creates wings of words and lets them fly in the sky of readers' minds. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Reader quotes by Jane Austen
#54. I am no indiscriminate novel reader. The mere trash of the common circulating library I hold in the highest contempt. #Quote by Jane Austen
Reader quotes by Edith Wharton
#55. To read is not a virtue; but to read well is an art, and an art that only the born reader can acquire. The gift of reading is no exception to the rule that all natural gifts need to be cultivated by practice and discipline; but unless the innate aptitude exist the training will be wasted. It is the delusion of the mechanical reader to think that intentions may take the place of aptitude. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Reader quotes by Steven Pinker
#56. The cognitive difference between believing that a proposition is true (which requires no work beyond understanding it) and believing that it is false (which requires adding and remembering a mental tag) has enormous implications for a writer. The most obvious is that a negative statement such as The king is not dead is harder on the reader than an affirmative one like The king is alive.20 Every negation requires mental homework, and when a sentence contains many of them the reader can be overwhelmed. Even worse, a sentence can have more negations than you think it does. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Reader quotes by Carolyn G. Heilbrun
#57. Marriage, in short, is a bargain, like buying a house or entering a profession. One chooses it knowing that, by that very decision, one is abnegating other possibilities. In choosing companionship over passion, women like Beatrice Webb and Virginia Woolf made a bargain; their marriages worked because they did not regret their bargains, or blame their husbands for not being something else--dashing lovers, for example. But in writing biographies, or one's own life, it is both customary and misleading to present such marriages, to oneself or to one's reader, as sad compromises, the best of a bad bargain, or scarcely to speak of them at all. Virginia Woolf mentioned that she, who is reticent about nothing, had never spoken of her life with Leonard. but we know that she said of him that when he entered a room, she had no idea what he was going to say, a remarkable definition of a good marriage. Such marriages are not bad bargains, but the best of a good bargain, and we must learn the language to understand and describe them, particularly in writing the lives of accomplished women. #Quote by Carolyn G. Heilbrun
Reader quotes by Anonymous
#58. The gratification of the reader must come at the cost of the crucifixion of the author. #Quote by Anonymous
Reader quotes by Katherine Paterson
#59. I cannot, will not, withhold from my young readers the harsh realities of human hunger and suffering and loss, but neither will I neglect to plant that stubborn seed of hope that has enabled our race to outlast wars and famines and the destruction of death. #Quote by Katherine Paterson
Reader quotes by Paulo Coelho
#60. People are reading more and writing more because of the internet. So the virtual world is a way for me to listen to my readers and interact with my readers. It is a way that they can voice their opinion. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Reader quotes by Dan Chaon
#61. A novel requires a certain kind of world-building and also a certain kind of closure, ultimately. Whereas with a short story you have this sense that there are hinges that the reader doesn't see. #Quote by Dan Chaon
Reader quotes by Louis Sachar
#62. I remember my fourth grade teacher reading 'Charlotte's Web' and 'Stuart Little' to us - both, of course, by E. B. White. His stories were genuinely funny, thought provoking and full of irony and charm. He didn't condescend to his readers, which was why I liked his books, and why I wasn't a big reader of other children's' books. #Quote by Louis Sachar
Reader quotes by Kelly Gallagher
#63. I am not simply teaching the reading; I am teaching the reader. #Quote by Kelly Gallagher
Reader quotes by Guillermo Cabrera Infante
#64. I have one main reader, Miriam Gomez, my wife. She reads everything I write - I have not finished writing something and she is already reading it. #Quote by Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Reader quotes by Washington Irving
#65. My object is merely to give the reader a general introduction into an abode where, if so disposed, he may linger and loiter with me day by day until we gradually become familiar with all its localities. #Quote by Washington Irving
Reader quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#66. Janine smiles. Strike the second sentence. Reader will know. Show, don't tell. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Reader quotes by Italo Calvino
#67. What is more natural than that a solidity, a complicity, a bond should be established between Reader and Reader, thanks to the book?
You can leave the bookshop content, you, a man who thought that the period where you could still expect something from life had ended. You are bearing with you two different expectations, and both promise days of pleasant hopes; the expectation contained in the book - of a reading experience you are impatient to resume - and the expectation contained in that telephone number - of hearing again the vibrations, a times treble and at times smoldering, of that voice, when it will answer your first phone call in a while, in fact tomorrow, with the fragile pretext of the book, to ask her if she likes it or not, to tell her how many pages you have read or not read, to suggest to her that you meet again ... #Quote by Italo Calvino
Reader quotes by Abigail George
#68. Like water our ideals for writing what seems at first to be a calling to pen a masterpiece, it at first can be pure, fluid even (words can come easily) but we also have to learn to work with what our eyes glaze over as weak substitutes, words that we think have no substance to what we are learning towards. What is every poet's intention? Their intention is to forge, nullify, create, defend, fill the reader with the awe and inspiration that every poet themselves craves. They want to carve a name for themselves in the annals of history, leave a not so quiet legacy behind. Poets want immortality or rather they want their words to become immortal. Perhaps even Marlowe and Shakespeare had discussions about this. #Quote by Abigail George
Reader quotes by Alan Joshua
#69. To write a novel is to dream while awake, then express the dream to the reader in an absorbing way. The road leading from the writer's inner world to the readers' is paved with prose. #Quote by Alan Joshua
Reader quotes by Janet Malcolm
#70. Before the magisterial mess of Trevor Thomas's house, the orderly houses that most of us live in seem meagre and lifeless
as, in the same way, the narratives called biographies pale and shrink in the face of the disorderly actuality that is a life. The house also stirred my imagination as a metaphor for the problem of writing. Each person who sits down to write faces not a blank page but his own overfilled mind. The problem is to clear out most of what is in it ... The goal is to make a space where a few ideas and images and feelings may be so arranged that a reader will want to linger awhile among them, rather than to flee, as I wanted to flee from Thomas's house. #Quote by Janet Malcolm
Reader quotes by Daniel Kraus
#71. What you do with your time alive defines you, Reader, but hear me, I beg you, when I say that you are not done being defined. #Quote by Daniel Kraus
Reader quotes by Cassandra Reeder
#72. As a little girl I always expected that one day adventure would happen to me - someday a tornado would whisk me away to Oz, or I'd fall down a rabbit hole, or David Bowie would kidnap me and take me to his labyrinth where he'd sing me songs and feed me magic peaches. (I still sorta wish David Bowie would kidnap me, but that's beside the point.) As I get older, I realize you have to make adventure happen for yourself. I hope this cookbook helps you, dear reader, to make some tasty adventures for yourself - and maybe throw some really awesome LARP parties. #Quote by Cassandra Reeder
Reader quotes by James Schuyler
#73. However, intention needn't enter in, and if a reader sees things in a religious way, and the work is dogmatically acceptable, then I don't see why it should not be interpreted in that way, as well as in others. #Quote by James Schuyler
Reader quotes by Sarah Dessen
#74. I think readers are just looking for things that maybe they recognize or can relate to in the books. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Reader quotes by Karen Thompson Walker
#75. My sentences got sharper and my stories more efficient, and I gradually learned to imagine the reader more clearly and to empathize with that imagined reader, which is a crucial part of learning to tell stories. #Quote by Karen Thompson Walker
Reader quotes by John Barton
#76. Some readers allow their prejudices to blind them. A good reader knows how to disregard inappropriate responses. #Quote by John Barton
Reader quotes by Enrique Vila-Matas
#77. He believes that if talent is demanded of a literary publisher or a writer, it must also be demanded of a reader. Because we mustn't deceive ourselves: on the journey of reading we often travel through difficult terrains that demand a capacity for intelligent emotion, a desire to understand the other, and to approach a language distinct from the one of our daily tyrannies ... Writers fail readers, but it also happens the other way around and readers fail writers when all they ask of them is confirmation that the world is how they see it. #Quote by Enrique Vila-Matas
Reader quotes by Marcel Proust
#78. But to return to my own case, I thought more modestly of my book and it would be inaccurate even to say that I thought of those who would read it as "my" readers. For it seemed to me that they would not be "my" readers but the readers of their own selves, my book being merely a sort of magnifying glass like those which the optician at Combray used to offer his customers - it would be my book, but with its help I would furnish them with the means of reading what lay inside themselves. So that I should not ask them to praise me or to censure me, but simply to tell me whether "it really is like that," I should ask them whether the words that they read within themselves are the same as those which I have written (though a discrepancy in this respect need not always be the consequence of an error on my part, since the explanation could also be that the reader had eyes for which my book was not a suitable instrument). #Quote by Marcel Proust
Reader quotes by J. Milton Hayes
#79. It is no use describing a house; the reader will fix the scene in some spot he knows himself. #Quote by J. Milton Hayes
Reader quotes by Margo Jefferson
#80. I was a jealous little she-reader; I resented pouring myself into the lives of hero-boys. #Quote by Margo Jefferson
Reader quotes by Louis L'Amour
#81. Historical novels are, without question, the best way of teaching history, for they offer the human stories behind the events and leave the reader with a desire to know more. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Reader quotes by Donald Ray Pollock
#82. I'm not really a good reader. What I mean is, I think I'm not one of those people who can read a story and analyze it just like that. #Quote by Donald Ray Pollock
Reader quotes by Wally Lamb
#83. And in taking on the subject of themselves-making themselves vulnerable to the unseen reader-they have exchanged powerlessness for for the power that comes with self-awareness. #Quote by Wally Lamb
Reader quotes by Nat Hentoff
#84. Recently, an internationally renowned writer for children commented about the Council [on Interracial Books for Children, Inc.] to me: "Of course, we should all be more tender and understanding toward the aged and we should work to shrive ourselves of racism and sexism, but when you impose guidelines like theirs on writing, you're strangling the imagination. And that means that you're limiting the ability of children to imagine. If all books for them were 'cleansed' according to these criteria, it would be the equivalent of giving them nothing to eat but white bread."
"To write according to such guidelines," this story teller continued, "is to take the life out of what you do. Also the complexity, the ambivalence. And thereby the young reader gets no real sense of the wonders and terrors and unpredictabilities of living. Paradoxically, censors like the council clamor for 'truth' but are actually working to flatten children's reading experiences into the most misleading, simplistic kinds of untruth."

("Any Writer Who Follows Anyone Else's Guidelines Ought to Be in Advertising" (1977), from Beyond Fact: Nonfiction for Children and Young People, 1982) #Quote by Nat Hentoff
Reader quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#85. The reader must be reminded that it takes a good 'mind' to be 'insane'. Morons, imbeciles, and idiots are 'mentally' deficient, but could not be insane. #Quote by Alfred Korzybski
Reader quotes by John Ashbery
#86. It never seems to occur to anyone that each reader is different, and that even those who might be said to resemble each other will each bring an individual set of experiences and references to their reading, and interpret and misinterpret it according to these. #Quote by John Ashbery
Reader quotes by Finley Peter Dunne
#87. I'll now fall back a furlong or two in me chair, while me larned but misguided collagues r-read th' Histhry iv Iceland to show ye how wrong I am. But mind ye, what I 've said goes. I let thim talk because it exercises their throats, but ye 've heard all th' decision on this limon case that'll get into th' fourth reader.' A voice fr'm th' audjeence, ' Do I get me money back ? ' Brown J. : ' Who ar-re ye ? ' Th' Voice : ' Th' man that ownded th' limons.' Brown J. : ' I don't know.' (Gray J., White J., dissentin' an' th' r-rest iv th' birds concurrin' but fr entirely diff'rent reasons.) #Quote by Finley Peter Dunne
Reader quotes by Maria Stoica
#88. Mind your words, dear writer for you are holding a delicate reader in them. #Quote by Maria Stoica
Reader quotes by Nicholson Baker
#89. I've never been a fast reader. I'm fickle; I don't finish books I start; I put a book aside for five, ten years and then take it up again. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
Reader quotes by Rhys Darby
#90. I'm quite a good reader of people; I like to meet people, and I can tell if they're lying or not, and I've certainly had interviews with people in this radio show I've done that swear they've seen things or have had bizarre experiences with creatures, and so I think they're telling the truth. #Quote by Rhys Darby
Reader quotes by Rosemary Wells
#91. The characters in a children's book must reach into the heart of the reader on page one. Emotional content is the main reason a child and a parent will go back to a book again and again. #Quote by Rosemary Wells
Reader quotes by Kathleen Rooney
#92. If a reader believes that everything in nonfiction or history is just objectively true, I don't really know what to tell them, except that at least in fiction, the choice of what perspective and bias to tell a given story from - which is always a deliberate choice - is foregrounded and clear. #Quote by Kathleen Rooney
Reader quotes by Jonathan Ames
#93. Then again, the name, the associations with a writer's name, can add to the reader's entertainment and pleasure. #Quote by Jonathan Ames
Reader quotes by Indro Montanelli
#94. Which ever one of you will want to become a journalist, let him remember to choose his own master: the reader. #Quote by Indro Montanelli
Reader quotes by Maaza Mengiste
#95. Maybe it's the readers that make a book global. #Quote by Maaza Mengiste
Reader quotes by Rebekah Brooks
#96. In a highly competitive newspaper market, every editor needs to appeal to female readers to boost their circulation. #Quote by Rebekah Brooks
Reader quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#97. Many readers judge of the power of a book by the shock it gives their feelings - as some savage tribes determine the power of muskets by their recoil; that being considered best which fairly prostrates the purchaser. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Reader quotes by Gerald Weaver
#98. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice should create in the discerning male reader a deeply rooted concupiscence for Elizabeth Bennet that springs not from her vivacity or from her wit but from her unerring instinct to follow the deeply moral directives of her own character even against the influences and arguments of society, of convention, of seeming necessity, and of her friends and family. Properly read, Austen should be a form of pornography for the morally and spiritually discriminating man. #Quote by Gerald Weaver
Reader quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#99. A writer's job is to give the reader a larger vision of the world. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Reader quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#100. The golden rule of writing is to write what you care about. If you care about your topic, you'll do your best writing, and then you stand the best chance of really touching a reader in some way. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Reader quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#101. And therefore, Reader, I myself am the subject of my book: it is not reasonable that you should employ your leisure on a topic so frivolous and so vain. Therefore, Farewell: #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Reader quotes by Anna Quindlen
#102. The joy of someone who had been a reader all her life, whose world had been immeasurably enlarged by the words of others. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Reader quotes by Esther Freud
#103. Trust your reader. Not everything needs to be explained. If you really know something, and breathe life into it, they'll know it too. #Quote by Esther Freud
Reader quotes by Ian McEwan
#104. What reader wants to be told what attitude to strike? #Quote by Ian McEwan
Reader quotes by George Saunders
#105. I was, not an altar boy, but a reader of the Epistle, and I walked in on a nun and a priest furiously French kissing when I was in seventh grade. I walked in, saw it, and went, "No way," backed out, composed myself, and went back in, and it was still going on. And the experience of seeing that was actually very deep. #Quote by George Saunders
Reader quotes by S.L. Morgan
#106. Don't be afraid to write and share your story with the reading world! Find your courage! It is a fact that some will love it and some will hate it, but there will always be at least one reader who needed it and that's all that matters! #Quote by S.L. Morgan
Reader quotes by Richard Grossman
#107. I think not in two or three dimensional terms but in five dimensional terms when I consider a novel. There's height, width, and depth, there's the time factor, and then there's the factor which I call the cerebral factor of the reader, the way the reader adjusts to all the other dimensions, which is the fifth dimension. #Quote by Richard Grossman
Reader quotes by Philip Larkin
#108. Poetry should begin with emotion in the poet, and end with the same emotion in the reader. The poem is simply the instrument of transferance #Quote by Philip Larkin
Reader quotes by Elayne Boosler
#109. While editors and newspaper owners currently fret over shrinking readership and lost profits, they do the one thing that insures cutting their own throats; they keep reducing space for the one feature that attracts new young readers in the first place; the comic strips. #Quote by Elayne Boosler
Reader quotes by Ted Nelson
#110. But it seemed to me that as soon as you have computer storage you could put every point you wanted in - make the ones that are less relevant to your central topic, further away or allow the central topic to move as the reader proceeded. #Quote by Ted Nelson
Reader quotes by Cyril Connolly
#111. The detective story itself is in a dilemma. It is a vein which is in danger of being worked out, the demand is constant, the powers of supply variable, and the reader, with each one he absorbs, grows a little more sophisticated and harder to please, while the novelist, after each one he writes, becomes a little more exhausted. #Quote by Cyril Connolly
Reader quotes by Sarah Ruhl
#112. I do think there's a relationship between a book and a reader that's more intimate, in many ways, than the relationship between an audience member and a play - just by the nature of it being an object that you can have in bed with you and that you can keep and page through. #Quote by Sarah Ruhl
Reader quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#113. Such men alone are my readers, my proper readers, my preordained readers. Of what account are the rest? The rest are simply ... humanity. One must be superior to humanity in power, in loftiness of soul- in contempt. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Reader quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#114. The reader, the booklover, must meet his own needs without paying too much attention to what his neighbors say those needs should be. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Reader quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#115. It is better to be a reader than richer. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Reader quotes by W.J. Raymond
#116. A good novel, one which entices the author as much as it beckons the reader. #Quote by W.J. Raymond
Reader quotes by David R. Bunch
#117. I'm not in this business primarily to describe or explain or entertain. I'm here to make the reader think, even if I have to bash his teeth out, break his legs, grind him up, beat him down, and totally chastise him for the terrible and tinsel and almost wholly bad world we allow. #Quote by David R. Bunch
Reader quotes by John Green
#118. I want you to feel empowered to explore those questions without worrying that there is some secret answer somewhere resting with the author. The author does not have the answer. The author, despite what our culture tells us, is not the powerful one. The reader is the powerful one. The author scratches some symbols onto a page. The reader makes it live. #Quote by John Green
Reader quotes by James Allen
#119. And you, too, youthful reader, will realize the Vision (not the idle wish) of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you will always gravitate toward that which you, secretly, most love. #Quote by James Allen
Reader quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#120. I adore book-to-film adaptations when they're done well, and I'm more lenient than many readers when it comes to what counts as 'done well.' For me, the most important thing is that the film maintains the spirit of the original book. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Reader quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#121. Before I'm a writer, I'm definitely a reader and when I read memoir, I really want it to be true. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Reader quotes by Louise Rosenblatt
#122. The reader brings to the work personality traits, memories of past events, present needs and preoccupations, a particular mood of the moment and a particular physical condition. These and many other elements in a never-to-be-duplicated combination determine his response to the text. #Quote by Louise Rosenblatt
Reader quotes by Terry Southern
#123. I learned not to care ... and to write for an imaginary reader whose tastes were similar to my own. #Quote by Terry Southern
Reader quotes by Frank  Smith
#124. First, relax. ... And my second helpful hint is that you should not try to memorize anything you read in this book. ... My two words of advice are exemplified in what I call the Russian Novel Phenomenon. Every reader must have experienced that depressing moment about fifty pages into a Russian novel when we realize that we have lost track of all the characters, the variety of names by which they are known, their family relationships and relative ranks in the civil service. At this point we can give in to our anxiety, and start again to read more carefully, trying to memorize all the details on the offchance that some may prove to be important. If such a course is followed, the second reading is almost certain to be more incomprehensible than the first. The probable result: one Russian novel lost forever. But there is another alternative: to read faster, to push ahead, to make sense of what we can and to enjoy whatever we make sense of. And suddenly the book becomes readable, the story makes sense, and we find that we can remember all the important characters and events simply because we know what is important. Any re-reading we then have to do is bound to make sense, because at least we comprehend what is going on and what we are looking for. #Quote by Frank Smith
Reader quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#125. True literature is more than just a story someone has told. It must provide the reader with the essence of the world on a moral, philosophical and emotional level. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Reader quotes by John McGahern
#126. Dark, was banned by the Irish state censor for obscenity. The story was set, as so much of McGahern's later fiction would be, in isolated rural Ireland and dealt with the bleak consequences of parental and clerical child abuse. On the instructions of the Archbishop of Dublin, McGahern was sacked from his job as a primary school teacher. He later left the country. Despite these apparent setbacks, McGahern's literary friends reassured him that all this was a wonderful opportunity in terms of publicity and sales. Remember Joyce and Beckett being forced overseas? This was Irish literary history repeating itself, and preparations were soon being made to mount a campaign against the anachronistic and widely derided censorship laws with McGahern as the figurehead.
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McGahern agreed that the situation was indeed absurd, and says that even as an adolescent reader he had nothing but contempt for the censorship board. #Quote by John McGahern
Reader quotes by Alberto Manguel
#127. Socrates affirmed that only that which the reader already knows can be sparked by a reading, and that the knowledge cannot be acquired through dead letters. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Reader quotes by Jonathan Swift
#128. body by the help of a quadrant, and finding it to exceed theirs in the proportion of twelve to one, they concluded from the similarity of their bodies, that mine must contain at least 1724 of theirs, and consequently would require as much food as was necessary to support that number of Lilliputians. By which the reader may conceive an idea of the ingenuity of that people, as well as the prudent and exact economy of so great a prince., , #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Reader quotes by Daniel Pennac
#129. The question isn't whether I have time to read or not (time that nobody will ever give me, by the way), but whether I'll allow myself the pleasure of being a reader. #Quote by Daniel Pennac
Reader quotes by Grady Hendrix
#130. A reader lives many lives," James Harris said. "The person who doesn't read lives but one. But if you're happy just doing what you're told and reading what other people think you should read, then don't let me stop you. I just find it sad. #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Reader quotes by LaQuita Cameron
#131. When you are writing a novel, you as the author will wear many hats. You are the writer, reader, and most importantly you are the character. If you can do those things your book will become reality to readers. #Quote by LaQuita Cameron
Reader quotes by John Ruskin
#132. Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them. #Quote by John Ruskin
Reader quotes by Multatuli
#133. Since I have the obligation to take care of the needs of my family, I have decided to use a talent which, I believe, has been given to me. I am a poet ... Phew! You know, reader, what I and all sensible people think about that. #Quote by Multatuli
Reader quotes by Alexei Panshin
#134. A book isn't a single, static thing with one unarguable meaning. Each reader who comes to it brings his own special knowledge, habits and attitudes. Each reader reads a different book. Each reader imagines a different story.
A few years ago, for instance, a friend of my mother's sent me a copy of a test on Rite of Passage that she had given her students. The first question read: "True or False? The theme of Rite of Passage is ... " I can't tell you what the presumed themed was, but I can tell you that I didn't recognize it. Beads of sweat leaped out of my forehead. After two more questions, I had to put the test aside. I didn't know the "right" answers. #Quote by Alexei Panshin
Reader quotes by Anthony Burgess
#135. The ideal reader of my novels is a lapsed Catholic and failed musician, short-sighted, colour-blind, auditorily biased, who has read the books that I have read. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Reader quotes by Anonymous
#136. Reader! are you with the man-stealers in sympathy and purpose, or on the side of their down-trodden victims? If with the former, then are you the foe of God and man. If with the latter, what are you prepared to do and dare in their behalf? Be faithful, be vigilant, be untiring in your efforts to break every yoke, and let the oppressed go free. #Quote by Anonymous
Reader quotes by Raymond Rubicam
#137. Mirror the reader to himself and then show him afterward how your product fits his needs. #Quote by Raymond Rubicam
Reader quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#138. If you can't write, read.
If you can't read, walk.
Or walk and read, then write. #Quote by Joyce Rachelle
Reader quotes by S.A. Tawks
#139. Band together with the brothers and sisters of misery and never stray. You are the integral part of the deeply depressed. We found you. Hooray. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Reader quotes by Witold Rybczynski
#140. While cities are distinguished by their architecture and physical appearance, Bell and de-Shalit make a compelling case that many major world cities
and their inhabitants
also express their own distinctive ethos or values. The Spirit of Cities takes the reader on a wide-ranging and lively personal journey. #Quote by Witold Rybczynski
Reader quotes by Robert Collier
#141. The headline of an advertisement accounts for 60% of the pull of that ad. In the same way, the start of a letter makes or breaks the letter, because if the start does not interest your reader, he never gets down to the rest of your letter. #Quote by Robert Collier
Reader quotes by A.W. Tozer
#142. The best book is not one that informs merely, but one that stirs the reader up to inform himself. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Reader quotes by Robert Aris Willmott
#143. A cultivated reader of history is domesticated in all families; he dines with Pericles, and sups with Titian. #Quote by Robert Aris Willmott
Reader quotes by Ada Palmer
#144. Have you never watched a death, reader? In slow cases like blood loss it is not so much a moment as a stretch of ambiguity - one breath leaves and you wait uncertain for the next: was that the last? One more? Two more? A #Quote by Ada Palmer
Reader quotes by Mark Rubinstein
#145. A reader wants, above all, to feel a range of emotions--excitement, love, hate, misery, and everything in between them; wants to breathe characters' air & see the world through their eyes. #Quote by Mark Rubinstein
Reader quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#146. The characteristics of this kind of reading are perhaps summed up in the word "orthodox," which is almost always applicable. The word comes from two Greek roots, meaning "right opinion." These are books for which there is one and only one right reading; any other reading or interpretation is fraught with peril, from the loss of an "A" to the damnation of one's soul. This characteristic carries with it an obligation. The faithful reader of a canonical book is obliged to make sense out of it and to find it true in one or another sense of "true." If he cannot do this by himself, he is obliged to go to someone who can. This may be a priest or a rabbi, or it may be his superior in the party hierarchy, or it may be his professor. In any case, he is obliged to accept the resolution of his problem that is offered him. He reads essentially without freedom; but in return for this he gains a kind of satisfaction that is possibly never obtained when reading other books. #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler
Reader quotes by Edward Hirsch
#147. Books and newspapers assume a "common reader" that is, a person who knows the things known by other literate persons in the culture. Obviously, such assumptions are never identical from writer to writer, but they show a remarkable consistency #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Reader quotes by David Levithan
#148. Readers embrace all kinds of characters as long as they are written with emotional truth. #Quote by David Levithan
Reader quotes by Jodie Sweetin
#149. I'm a huge reader ... I'm a big book nerd. I go through, like, two books a week. #Quote by Jodie Sweetin
Reader quotes by Kate Bernheimer
#150. Fairy tales are the skeletons of story, perhaps. Reading them often provides an uneasy sensation - a gnawing familiarity - that comforting yet supernatural awareness of living inside a story. #Quote by Kate Bernheimer
Reader quotes by Lisa Jackson
#151. Characters written in 1990 would be acting like idiots if they were cast into the present. For example, the reader might wonder: Why isn't she texting? Where's her cellphone? Can't she have a simple paternity test? For God's sake, look on the Internet and check him out! #Quote by Lisa Jackson
Reader quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#152. Readers understand that the books celebrate female power. In the romance novel, the woman always wins. With courage, intelligence and gentleness she brings the most dangerous creature on the earth, the human male, to his knees. #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Reader quotes by Victoria Chang
#153. I am always reading, always, and tons of things at once. I wouldn't say I'm a voracious reader, though. I never finish books that fast, because I'm always reading so many things at once. #Quote by Victoria Chang
Reader quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#154. Instead, we were given a publication called the Weekly Reader, which was like a newspaper for four-foot illiterates. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Reader quotes by Colleen Hoover
#155. If you aren't on Goodreads, you should be. I've said it before, it's like Facebook for readers on crack. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Reader quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#156. Kessen groaned, then silently wondered if she should download the e-reader application for her phone she could pretend to be texting but be reading instead. It might look odd for her to be staring at her phone for long periods of time. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Reader quotes by Quentin Blake
#157. With my pictures, what I hope is that it encourages the reader to imagine more pictures of his own. #Quote by Quentin Blake
Reader quotes by George Sanders
#158. How, then, to proceed? My method is: I imagine a meter mounted in my forehead, with 'P' on this side ('Positive') and 'N' on this side ('Negative'). I try to read what I've written uninflectedly, the way a first-time reader might ('without hope and without despair'). Where's the needle? Accept the result without whining. Then edit, so as to move the needle into the 'P' zone. Enact a repetitive, obsessive, iterative application of preference: watch the needle, adjust the prose, watch the needle, adjust the prose (rinse, lather, repeat), through (sometimes) hundreds of drafts. Like a cruiseship slowly turning, the story will start to alter course via those thousands of incremental adjustments. #Quote by George Sanders
Reader quotes by Sun Tzu
#159. From the ancient Chinese commentators found in the Giles edition. Of these four, Giles' 1910 edition is the most scholarly and presents the reader an incredible amount of information concerning Sun Tzu's text, much more than any other translation. The Giles' edition of the ART OF WAR, as stated above, was a scholarly work. Dr. Giles was a leading sinologue at the time and an assistant in the Department #Quote by Sun Tzu
Reader quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#160. I've never thought of writing as the mere arrangement of words on the page but the attempted embodiment of a vision; a complex of emotions; raw experience. The effort of memorable art is to evoke in the reader or spectator emotions appropriate to that effort. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Reader quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#161. The real bible is not the work of inspired men, nor prophets, nor apostles, nor evangelists, nor of Christs. Every man who finds a fact, adds, as it were, a word to this great book. It is not attested by prophecy, by miracles or signs. It makes no appeal to faith, to ignorance, to credulity or fear. It has no punishment for unbelief, and no reward for hypocrisy. It appeals to man in the name of demonstration. It has nothing to conceal. It has no fear of being read, of being contradicted, of being investigated and understood. It does not pretend to be holy, or sacred; it simply claims to be true. It challenges the scrutiny of all, and implores every reader to verify every line for himself. It is incapable of being blasphemed. This book appeals to all the surroundings of man. Each thing that exists testifies of its perfection. The earth, with its forests and plains, its rocks and seas; with its every wave and cloud; with its every leaf and bud and flower, confirms its every word, and the solemn stars, shining in the infinite abysses, are the eternal witnesses of its truth. #Quote by Robert G. Ingersoll
Reader quotes by Carl Henegan
#162. The magic in writing is not so much using your imagination as it is allowing the reader to uses theirs. When I write a novel I'm not going to hand walk you through each scene. Avid readers tend to have very high IQ's so I'm constantly aware of, and respect that. I have a tendency to give my readers vivid descriptions of panoramic viewpoints, soft breezes, and the late evening as it scrapes against the emerging night and present this step by suspenseful step. Once I get them to the threshold of that unseen cliff, I shove them off and say, take it from there. #Quote by Carl Henegan
Reader quotes by Laura Resnick
#163. Poor Superman is about a married man who, much to his own surprise, enters into a passionate love affair - with another man. The experimental theatre which hosted the play here is a small place, and we happened to wind up sitting in the front row. Practically on the stage. The actors were often within a few feet of us. So, during the big love scene, when the two male leads start passionately stroking and kissing each other's stark naked bodies... and doing this so close to me that I could have touched them both with only a little effort... I sat there in mute panic, thinking, "Please don't either of you fellows get an erection. Just don't. Should I look away? Should I close my eyes? Should I just keep watching as if I'm not obsessing about your genitals? Aren't you done kissing and touching yet? Because if this goes on any longer, one of you could have an involuntary reaction, if you get my drift! And I am a total stranger sitting within four damn feet of you, in case you hadn't NOTICED!"
Though my seat wasn't as dark as usual, the writing lesson was very memorable: Don't ever pull your reader out of the frame.
Bad research. Anachronistic writing. Self-serving polemics and lectures barely disguised as narrative. Incongruity and lack of continuity. Weak characterization, leaden pacing, lack of motivation, stiff dialogue, lazy plotting... There are a thousand ways for novelist to wind up naked onstage while an appalled audience obsesses about her exposed genitals at a #Quote by Laura Resnick
Reader quotes by Franny Armstrong
#164. I've always loved J.R.R. Tolkein and recently, Christine Feehan and J.K.Rowling. There are many as I'm an avid reader, but those three come to the fore. #Quote by Franny Armstrong
Reader quotes by David Lipsky
#165. But one of them has to do with the sense of, the sense of capturing, capturing what the world feels like to us, in the sort of way that I think that a reader can tell Another sensibility like mine exists. #Quote by David Lipsky
Reader quotes by Garry Disher
#166. A good writer can set a thriller anywhere and make it convincing: the trick is to evoke the setting in such a way that it highlights the crime or unsettles the reader. #Quote by Garry Disher
Reader quotes by Leslie Daniels
#167. I told them what I had discovered about Nabokov's sentences: Because the word string and the thoughts behind the words are so original, the reader's brain can't jump ahead. There is no opportunity to make assumptions, no mental leapfrogging to the end of the sentence. So the reader is suspended in the perfect moment of now. You can only experience now. The sentences celebrate the absolute instant of creation. It takes your breath away. #Quote by Leslie Daniels
Reader quotes by Adam Carolla
#168. No, I had not read any other comedian's book. Not that I don't enjoy other comedians; I'm just not a reader. #Quote by Adam Carolla
Reader quotes by Simon Garfield
#169. ...the book typographer's job was building a window between the reader inside a room and that landscape which is the author's words. He may put up a stained glass window of marvelous beauty, but a failure as a window; that is he may use some rich superb type like text gothic that is something to be look at, not through. #Quote by Simon Garfield
Reader quotes by Tom Simon
#170. Dragons, for instance, have the right of safe conduct anywhere in Faërie. A reader may not like to read stories about dragons, she may be morally offended or aesthetically uninterested or simply sick of the subject; but at any rate she will not complain that the author has cheated by bringing in a dragon, because dragons belong in fantasy. #Quote by Tom Simon
Reader quotes by Kresley Cole
#171. I enjoy a good cliffhanger. As a reader, I relish that nervous feeling you get when you're engrossed in a story, but in the back of your mind you're aware that there aren't that many pages left. How will it end? Everything can't be wrapped up! This can't end! Then it does, and your heart seems to stop. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Reader quotes by Walter Scott
#172. As every reader has experienced who may have chanced to be in such a situation, it is extremely difficult to maintain the full dignity of an offended person, in the presence of a beautiful girl, whatever reason we may have for being angry with her. #Quote by Walter Scott
Reader quotes by Zoe Heller
#173. But about the drip drip of long-haul, no-end-in-sight solitude, they know nothing. They don't know what it is to construct an entire weekend around a visit to the laundrette. Or to sit in a darkened flat on Halloween night, because you can't bear to expose your bleak evening to a crowd of jeering trick-or-treaters. Or to have the librarian smile pityingly and say, 'Goodness, you're a quick reader!' when you bring back seven books, read from cover to cover, a week after taking them out. They don't know what it is to be so chronically untouched that the accidental brush of a bus conductor's hand on your shoulder sends a jolt of longing straight to your groin. #Quote by Zoe Heller
Reader quotes by Stephen King
#174. Take my hand, Constant Reader, and I'll be happy to lead you back into the sunshine. I'm happy to go there, because I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am. It's you I'm not entirely sure of. Bangor, #Quote by Stephen King
Reader quotes by Mike McCue
#175. Articles themselves are condensed to narrow columns of text across 5, 6, 7 pages, and ads that are really distracting for the reader, so it's not a pleasant experience to 'curl up' with a good website. #Quote by Mike McCue
Reader quotes by Howard G. Hendricks
#176. Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders. #Quote by Howard G. Hendricks
Reader quotes by Anita Nair
#177. Perhaps because technology so dominates our existence, more and more it seems that the young reader is captivated by fantasy. #Quote by Anita Nair
Reader quotes by Walter Benjamin
#178. No poem is intended for the reader, no picture for the beholder, no symphony for the listener. #Quote by Walter Benjamin
Reader quotes by Nicholas Royle
#179. Increasingly, those who used to teach and write critical or theoretical texts are writing fiction, poetry and so on; and kinds of texts are being produced that call for budding readers rather different from those who studied literature in the past. #Quote by Nicholas Royle
Reader quotes by Arthur Koestler
#180. A writer's ambition should be to trade a hundred contemporary readers for ten readers in ten years' time and for one reader in a hundred years' time. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Reader quotes by Guillermo Cabrera Infante
#181. But I do not have the reader in mind when I write. No true writer does that. #Quote by Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Reader quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#182. I wish you were a mind-reader. I want you to know everything but I don't want to have to tell you. Because there are some things I don't want to say out loud. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Reader quotes by Mary Lascelles
#183. As for Elizabeth Bennet, our chief reason for accepting her point of view as a reflection of her author's is the impression that she bears of sympathy between them
an impression of which almost every reader would be sensible, even if it had not the explicit confirmation of Jane Austen's letters. Yet, as she is presented to us in Pride and Prejudice, she is but a partial and sometimes perverse observer. #Quote by Mary Lascelles
Reader quotes by Stephen Greenblatt
#184. What I wanted to do was to get that sense of being in touch with this lost world while holding onto what draws readers and audiences there in the first place. #Quote by Stephen Greenblatt
Reader quotes by Monica Ali
#185. I like Beryl Bainbridge a great deal, and she is a writer who absolutely demands to be read a second, third, and fourth time. I admire her great courage in leaving so much unsaid and asking the reader to really engage her brain. #Quote by Monica Ali
Reader quotes by Cynthia Leitich Smith
#186. In terms of graphic versus prose, I could probably do a lecture on that topic. But what stood out most was the difference in pacing the language and resulting scenes. One illustration can do so much for the reader. #Quote by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Reader quotes by Jeff Lemire
#187. I feel like if you really know the ending right from the beginning, you can add so many subtleties and little things later that will pay off and be more consistent and more rewarding for the reader. #Quote by Jeff Lemire
Reader quotes by Sirshree
A complete leader is a good reader, a good speaker and a good listener. #Quote by Sirshree
Reader quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#189. At 'GQ,' there was never a temptation to pander or preach to the choir because I had no concept of who the reader was or what that reader might want. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Reader quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
#190. A person who does not read, or reads little, or reads only trash, is a person with an impediment: he can speak much but he will say little, because his vocabulary is deficient in the means for self-expression.
This is not only a verbal limitation. It represents also a limitation in intellect and imagination. It is a poverty of thought, for the simple reason that ideas, the concepts through which we grasp the secrets of our condition, do not exist apart from words. #Quote by Mario Vargas-Llosa
Reader quotes by L. Jon Wertheim
#191. While THE NEW COOL takes the reader inside a season, limns a team and coaching staff, and masterfully recounts a gripping competition, this is anything but your conventional sports book. And not simply because the 'big game' is ... a curious robotics contest. Like the kids he vividly captures, Neal Bascomb has himself performed a masterful bit of engineering here. #Quote by L. Jon Wertheim
Reader quotes by Alberto Manguel
#192. This morning I looked at the books on my shelves and thought that they have no knowledge of my existence. They come to life because I open them and turn their pages, and yet they don't know that I am their reader. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Reader quotes by James M. Corrigan
#193. Our belief in a world external to ourselves, filled with things and people that are not us, is an overwhelming fact of our existence. But similarly, our absolute certainty that there is more to reality than just this physical world is a spiritual fact that bears more truth than any other in our lives. We seek to explain this spiritual nature as some metaphysical reality, accepting the constraint of Science that will not allow for any usurpation of the actuality of the physical universe. And we flounder trying. Once we allow our thoughts to be forced into some metaphysical realm, we find ourselves stripped of that single most important validation of spiritual truth – the undeniable presence at the heart of our existence. This is the spiritual truth that we seek, and it is not to be found in the physical reality of Science. The physical reality of Science is to be found in it! "An Introduction to Awareness" is a philosophical journey that takes the reader into the heart of this pure presence of nondual reality – a reality in which the spiritual is not metaphysical, but actual, in which physical reality is 'a machine in the ghost'. This pure presence that we cannot deny is the awareness that lies at the heart of our experiences and thoughts. This irrefutable truth is used as a starting point in a processual analysis of awareness, and of our ideas about existence and self, leading to a clear understanding of the nondual nature of reality as the pure presence of non-individuated A #Quote by James M. Corrigan
Reader quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#194. One of the most important elements of my identity is my identity as a reader. I love to read - really, if I'm honest with myself, it's practically the only activity that I truly love to do. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Reader quotes by Alan Moore
#195. The central question is, is this guy right? Or is he mad? What do you, the reader, think about this? Which struck me as a properly anarchist solution. I didn't want to tell people what to think, I just wanted to tell people to think and consider some of these admittedly extreme little elements, which nevertheless do recur fairly regularly throughout human history. #Quote by Alan Moore
Reader quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#196. The reader tries to uncover the skeleton that the book conceals. The author starts with the skeleton and tries to cover it up. His aim is to conceal the skeleton artistically or, in other words, to put flesh on the bare bones. If he is a good writer, he does not bury a puny skeleton under a mass of fat; on the other hand, neither should the flesh be too thin, so that the bones show through. If the flesh is thick enough, and if the flabbiness is avoided, the joints will be detectable and the motion of the parts will reveal the articulation. #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler
Reader quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#197. I warn every reader of this [article] to beware of quack medicines in religion. Beware of supposing that penitence, reformation, formality, and priestcraft[40] can ever give you peace with God. They cannot do it. It is not in them. The man who says they can must be ignorant of two things: he cannot know the length and breadth of human sinfulness; he cannot understand the height and depth of the holiness of God. There never breathed the man or woman on earth who tried to cleanse himself from his sins and in so doing obtained relief. #Quote by Arthur W. Pink
Reader quotes by Joshua Ferris
#198. Hank Nearly was an avid reader. He arrived early in his brown corduroy coat, with a book taken from the library, copied all the pages on the Xerox machine, and sat at his desk reading what looked passebly like the honest pages of business. He's make it through a three-hundred-page novel every two or three days. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Reader quotes by Edward Snowden
#199. A zero-day exploit is a method of hacking a system. It's sort of a vulnerability that has an exploit written for it, sort of a key and a lock that go together to a given software package. It could be an internet web server. It could be Microsoft Office. It could be Adobe Reader or it could be Facebook. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Reader quotes by Jason Epstein
#200. A civilization without retail bookstores is unimaginable. Like shrines and other sacred meeting places, bookstores are essential artifacts of human nature. The feel of a book taken from the shelf and held in the hand is a magical experience, linking writer to reader. #Quote by Jason Epstein

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