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Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Jennifer Ryan
#1. Grief feels a lot like fear. We're afraid of it taking us over. But we owe it to ourselves, to those we have lost, to let grief in. Only then can we start to remember them with a cheer in our heart, a cheer for them and all that they were. #Quote by Jennifer Ryan
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Steen Langstrup
#2. You know what, BB? We've got dark spots on our souls. We have to live with that. War is not about doing what's right. War's about surviving."

Verner aka 'Jens'
in the novel 'The Informer' by Steen Langstrup #Quote by Steen Langstrup
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Alfred Nestor
#3. With our collective shock, what we saw seemed to be frozen into a state of suspended animation. Indelibly etched into our memories in terror, forever! My life was in slow motion, it was as if I was no longer in my body and this was a rather bad dream! It is almost impossible to describe with words what I saw, but I will try. This very experience is the one that has continued to shake me awake during the dense night of my lifetime. #Quote by Alfred Nestor
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Joe R. Lansdale
#4. I would have fought in WW2, so I wasn't a pacifist in the broader sense. I prefer to be a pacifist, but I think there are exceptions and times to defend yourself or your country, but that war wasn't one of them. #Quote by Joe R. Lansdale
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Dan Davin
#5. Even if this spring the dappled leaves should shelter our minds from the moon's pale echo we would still remember how once they were sheltered by our skulls only from the day's sun and the night's stars and never from what we feared and what we remembered #Quote by Dan Davin
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Andrew Roberts
#6. It was on 7 March 1936 that Hitler comprehensivelyviolated the Versailles Treaty by sending troops intothe industrial region of the Rhineland, which under Article 180 had been specifically designated ademilitarized zone. Had the German Army beenopposed by the French and British forces stationednear by, it had orders to retire back to base and sucha reverse would almost certainly have cost Hitler thechancellorship. Yet the Western powers, riven withguilt about having imposed what was described as a'Carthaginian peace' on Germany in 1919, allowedthe Germans to enter the Rhineland unopposed. 'After all,' said the influential Liberal politician andnewspaper director the Marquis of Lothian, who hadbeen Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in RamsayMacDonald's National Government, 'they are onlygoing into their own back garden.' When Hitler assured the Western powers in March 1936 thatGermany wished only for peace, Arthur Greenwood,the deputy leader of the Labour Party, told the Houseof Commons: 'Herr Hitler has made a statement…holding out the olive branch… which ought to be takenat face value… It is idle to say that those statementsare insincere.' That August Germany adopted compulsory two-year military service #Quote by Andrew Roberts
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by William Schiff
#7. You kill yourself when you hate. It's the worst disease in the world. #Quote by William Schiff
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Neal Bascomb
#8. Our home villages with the hills, mountains and forests, the lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, waterfall and fjords. The smell of new hay in summer, of birches in spring, of the sea, and the big forest, and even the biting winter cold. Everything . . . Norwegian songs and music and so much, much more. That's our Fatherland and that's what we have to struggle to get back. #Quote by Neal Bascomb
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Victor Serge
#9. What with the political monopoly, the Cheka and the Red Army, all that now existed of the 'Commune-State' of our dreams was a theoretical myth. The war, the internal measures against counterrevolution, and the famine (which had created a bureaucratic rationing apparatus) had killed off Soviet democracy. How could it revive, and when? The Party lived in the certain knowledge that the slightest relaxation of its authority would give day to reaction. #Quote by Victor Serge
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Kristin Hannah
#10. Do I look like the mastermind of this? I just do what I'm told. They tel me to arrest the foreign-born Jews in Paris, so I do it. They want the crowd separated - single men to Drancy, families to the Vet d'hie Viola! It's done. Point rifles at them and be prepared to shoot. The government wants all of France's foreign Jews sent east to work camps, and we're starting here.'
All of France? Isabelle felt the air rush out of her lungs. Operation Spring Wind. 'You mean this isn't just happening in Paris?'
'No. This is just the start. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Ronnie Musgrove
#11. Conservatives are telling elected leaders that expansion of Medicaid comes at a moral - or more overtly, a political - price. At what price are they willing to go back on years of proclaiming 'socialized medicine' as the slippery slope to 'rationing of health care,' 'death panels' and other claims far too gruesome to mention in polite company? #Quote by Ronnie Musgrove
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Vasily Grossman
#12. There was something terrible, but also something sad and melancholy in this long cry uttered by the Russian infantry as they staged an attack. As it crossed the cold water, it lost its fervour. Instead of valour or gallantry, you could hear the sadness of a soul parting with everything that it loved, calling on its nearest and dearest to wake up, to lift their head from their pillows and hear for the last time the voice of a father, a husband, a son or a brother ... #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by David Benioff
#13. I was cursed with the pessimism of both the Russians and the Jews two of the gloomiest tribes in the world. Still if there wasn't greatness in me maybe I had the talent to recognize it in others even in the most irritating others. #Quote by David Benioff
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Malcolm Lowry
#14. In the war to come correspondents would assume unheard of importance, plunging through flame to feed the public its little gobbets of dehydrated excrement. #Quote by Malcolm Lowry
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Julie Orringer
#15. Nothing at all to change: what a thing to want in the midst of war. #Quote by Julie Orringer
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Jennifer Ryan
#16. A sense of responsibility - or was it guilt? - hung over me, that I was in some way at fault because of cowering to all these pompous men all these years, when I should have had the bravery to reclaim my own mind. That if we women had done this years ago, before the last war, before this one, we'd be in a very different world. #Quote by Jennifer Ryan
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Russel H.S. Stolfi
#17. Hitler initially served in the List Regiment engaged in a violent four-day battle near Ypres, in Belgian Flanders, with elite British professional soldiers of the initial elements of the British Expeditionary Force. Hitler thereby served as a combat infantryman in one of the most intense engagements of the opening phase of World War I. The List Regiment was temporarily destroyed as an offensive force by suffering such severe casualty rates (killed, wounded, missing, and captured) that it lost approximately 70 percent of its initial strength of around 3,600 men. A bullet tore off Hitler's right sleeve in the first day of combat, and in the "batch" of men with which he originally advanced, every one fell dead or wounded, leaving him to survive as if through a miracle. On November 9, 1914, about a week after the ending of the great battle, Hitler was reassigned as a dispatch runner to regimental headquarters. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class.

On about November 14, 1914, the new regimental commander, Lieutenant Colonel Philipp Engelhardt, accompanied by Hitler and another dispatch runner, moved forward into terrain of uncertain ownership. Engelhardt hoped to see for himself the regiment's tactical situation. When Engelhardt came under aimed enemy smallarms fire, Hitler and the unnamed comrade placed their bodies between their commander and the enemy fire, determined to keep him alive. The two enlisted men, who were veterans of the earlier #Quote by Russel H.S. Stolfi
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by G.A.A. Kent
#18. There was plenty going on in and around the town. With the War Effort there used to be parties and dances, travelling circuses, fairs, cinemas and the like to cheer people up.
There weren't many men about. "Our boys are away fighting" the women used to say. Things went onto rationing and everyone was given a gas mask. Mine was a pink one called a Mickey Mouse mask. #Quote by G.A.A. Kent
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Helen Fielding
#19. Age of rationing ended some time ago and is now space rather than possessions which is in short supply. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Alfred Nestor
#20. I quickly got used to being picked up by my mother, and taken to the air raid shelter near our home. Although frightening, this was a great adventure to me as a child, for in the shelter I played with the other children and we felt safe there as we were surrounded by grown-ups; although now the grown-ups were more worried than they had been in the past. There were greater feelings of anxiety and fear in the older people, which we children also felt, and it unsettled us all. #Quote by Alfred Nestor
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Charles De Gaulle
#21. Today we are crushed by the sheer weight of the mechanized forces hurled against us, but we can still look to the future in which even greater mechanized forces will bring us victory. Therein lies the destiny of the world. #Quote by Charles De Gaulle
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Winston Churchill
#22. What is our policy? ... to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Atul Gawande
#23. Every country in the world is battling the rising cost of health care. No community anywhere has demonstrably lowered its health-care costs (not just slowed their rate of increase) by improving medical services. They've lowered costs only by cutting or rationing them. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Jennifer Ryan
#24. And I realized that this is what it's like to be an adult, learning to pick from a lot of bad choices and do the best you can with that dreadful compromise. Learning to smile, to put your best foot forward, when the world around you seems to have collapsed in its entirety, become a place of isolation, a sepia photograph of its former illusion. #Quote by Jennifer Ryan
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Sydney Brenner
#25. There was still food rationing in England and life was difficult all through my 2 year stay in Oxford. #Quote by Sydney Brenner
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Sheri Fink
#26. Concepts of triage and medical rationing are a barometer of how those in power in a society value human life. #Quote by Sheri Fink
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Murray Rothbard
#27. [Professional politicians] don't mind if price controls cause shortages of health care. In fact, they welcome the prospect, because then they can impose rationing; they can impose priorities, and tell everyone how much of what kind of medical care they can have. And besides, ... there's that deeply satisfying rush of power. #Quote by Murray Rothbard
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Christa Laird
#28. It has often been said that Christian Poles did nothing to help Jews during the war. Don't believe it. There were indeed those who turned their backs on the hounded, hungry people who came to them in desperation; there were others who did their little bit to help where they realistically could, often not without some risk to themselves; and there were those who were ready to risk their lives and to share their last meal with a fugitive. I don't believe that in these matters the Polish people in the last war were different from any others caught in a similar stranglehold. And what is more, the rescued have no right to assume that they would automatically become rescuers if roles were reversed. We simply don't know, any of us, how we would react until put to the test. And the not-knowing troubles me. You see, I don't believe as many people do that courage is a characteristic like optimism or generosity; I think of it more as a mood, like laughter or sadness, a child of the moment, which might come to any of us in certain circumstances - and desert us in others. #Quote by Christa Laird
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Eric Burdon
#29. I'm really still a child of the Forties. I still think about it a lot, about the repercussions of armed conflict. Until 1953 we had rationing. We couldn't buy meat, we couldn't buy pleasurable goods like cigarettes and sweets. I didn't starve - my family were lucky - but I knew what it was like standing in line waiting for foodstuffs. #Quote by Eric Burdon
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by John Edward Williams
#30. One part of him recoiled in instinctive horror at the daily waste, the inundation of destruction and death that inexorably assaulted the mind and heart; once again he saw the faculty depleted, he saw the haunted looks upon those who remained behind, and saw in those looks the slow death of the heart, the bitter attrition of feeling and care. #Quote by John Edward Williams
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Henry Pierson Crowe
#31. Goddamn it, you'll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me! #Quote by Henry Pierson Crowe
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by James Morcan
#32. A secret history of the US Government's Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a safe haven in the US for Nazis and their collaborators after WW2 and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad. #Quote by James Morcan
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#33. The crematorium could not burn the bodies fast enough - so after we dug long trenches, we pulled and dragged the bodies to the edges and threw them in. You'll not believe it, but the SS forced the prisoners' band to play music as we lugged the corpses - and for that, I hope they burn in hell with polkas blaring. #Quote by Mary Ann Shaffer
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Michel Foucault
#34. But a punishment like forced labour or even imprisonment – mere loss of liberty – has never functioned without a certain additional element of punishment that certainly concerns the body itself: rationing of food, sexual deprivation, corporal punishment, solitary confinement … There remains, therefore, a trace of 'torture' in the modern mechanisms of criminal justice – a trace that has not been entirely overcome, but which is enveloped, increasingly, by the non-corporal nature of the penal system #Quote by Michel Foucault
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
#35. Flea markets are also now legal in Cuba, and a petty trade in cast-off clothing and household goods takes place. Twelve years ago it was unthinkable for anyone to buy or sell anything in the open, for buying and selling were symptoms of bourgeois individualism and contrary to Fidel's socialist vision, in which everything is to be rationed - rationally, as it were - according to need. (In practice, of course, this meant rationing according to what there was, which was not much.) #Quote by Theodore Dalrymple
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by Dick Winters
#36. Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time. #Quote by Dick Winters
Rationing In Ww2 quotes by George Monbiot
#37. The institutions founded 'to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war' have failed. Since the end of WW2, some thirty million people have been killed in armed conflict. Most of them were civilians. #Quote by George Monbiot

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