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Ratgeber Frau quotes by Anthony Doerr
#1. Bernd molders in the corner. Jutta moves through the world somewhere, watching shadows disentangle themselves from night, watching minders limp past in the dawnn. It was enough when Werner was a boy, wasn't it? A world of wildflowers blooming up through the shapes of rusty cast-off parts. A world of berries and carrot peels ad Frau Elena's fairy tales. Of the sharp smell of tar, and trains passing, and a voice on the radio offering a loom on which to spin his dreams. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Terry Pratchett
#2. The voice went into his head, bored down through his memories, riffled through his fears, found the right levers, battened onto them, and pulled. In Moist's case, it found Frau Shambers. In the second year at school, you were precipitated out of the warm, easygoing kindergarten of Frau Tissel, smelling of finger paint, playdough, and inadequate toilet training, and onto the cold benches governed by Frau Shambers, smelling of Education. It was as bad as being born, with the added disadvantage that your mother wasn't there. Moist #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Jody Hedlund
#3. So, I see we meet again." He offered a smile. Although he could clearly see from her rounded abdomen that she was expecting a baby, he couldn't keep from noticing once again that she was a lovely woman. "I have to say, we didn't officially meet," he continued, trying to put her at ease. "Unless of course you go by the title Frau Maple Syrup." "I'm Frau Werner. Annalisa Werner." "And I'm Carl Richards." He put his arm to his waist and bowed as if he were the grand duke and she a duchess. "I'm Gretchen." Annalisa's daughter let go of her oma and turned to him. "Ah, I was expecting something like Raindrop." He turned to the little girl and bowed to her. "But I like Gretchen much better. It's a lovely name for a princess. #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Erich Neumann
#4. I must quote from Dr. Faustus, with which the tragedy ends: "Often he talked of eternal grace, the poor man, and I don't know if it will be enough. But an understanding heart, believe me, is enough for everything."
Let us understand these words correctly. They are not proud or arrogant; on the contrary they are desperately modest. We really do not know any longer whether grace is enough, precisely because we are as we are and are beginning to see ourselves as we are. But at a time of overwhelming crisis, the questionable nature of grace, or rather our knowledge that we are unworthy of grace, compels us to understand and love mankind, the fallible mankind that we ourselves are. Behind this abysmal crisis, the archetype of the Eternal Feminine as earth and as Sophia would seem to be discernible; it is no accident that these words are spoken by Frau Schweigestill, the mother. That is to say, it is precisely in chaos, in hell, that the New makes its appearance. Did not Kwanyin descend into hell rather than spend her time with the serene music makers in heaven? #Quote by Erich Neumann
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Frau
#5. Escaping is the same as admitting you're guilty. #Quote by Frau
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Thomas Mann
#6. Frau Stöhr, however, who happened to be sitting not all that far from the trio, had apparently abandoned herself to the film; her red, uneducated face was contorted with pleasure. #Quote by Thomas Mann
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Marius Gabriel
#7. He turned to Isobel. 'How about you, Frau Hitler? #Quote by Marius Gabriel
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Thomas Mann
#8. Frau Stöhr found his remarks amphibious and unfeeling. #Quote by Thomas Mann
Ratgeber Frau quotes by James Joyce
#9. Ena milo melomon, frai is frau and swee is too, swee is two when swoo is free, ana mala woe is we! #Quote by James Joyce
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Alex Ross
#10. One day in 1948 or 1949, the Brentwood County Mart, a shopping complex in an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, was the scene of a slight disturbance that carried overtones of the most spectacular upheaval in twientieth-century music. Marta Feuchtwanger, wife of émigré novelist Lion Feuchtwanger, was examining grapefruit in the produce section when she heard a voice shouting German from the far end of the aisle. She looked up to see Arnold Schoenberg, the pioneer of atonal music and the codifier of twelve-tone composition, bearing down on her, with his bald pate and burning eyes. Decades later, in conversation with the writer Lawrence Weschler, Feuchtwanger could recall every detail of the encounter, including the weight of the grapefruit in her hand. "Lies, Frau Marta, lies!" Schoenberg was yelling. "You have to know, I never had syphilis! #Quote by Alex Ross
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Thomas Keneally
#11. If Frau Rasch, in the last and fullest days of her husband's power in Brno, had idly - during a party, say; a musical recital at the castle - gazed into the core of the diamond that had come to her from Oskar Schindler, she would have seen reflected there the worst incubus from her own dreams and her Führer's. An armed Marxist Jew. #Quote by Thomas Keneally
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Mark O'Flynn
#12. She follows her nose and stands once more before the doors of a quintessential dilemma. Male or Female. Here is her paradox. A staccato voice seems to challenge her, berate her. Hombre or Mujer. Mann or Frau. Homme or Femme. Gentleman or Lady. Com on, decide. She knows them all. She is them all. Not fluid or all-encompassing, gathering the harvest of the reaping fields, but fractured and split and bleeding. Her inner core weeping out of itself. There is nothing for hermaphrodites. It's too confusing. The words rattle around in her earbones, androgynous and humming. How can she choose? She cannot choose. To choose is to sunder. #Quote by Mark O'Flynn
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Anthony Doerr
#13. Dear Jutta, Sorry I have not written these past months. The fever is mostly gone now and you should not worry. I have been feeling very clearheaded lately and what I want to write about today is the sea. It contains so many colors. Silver at dawn, green at noon, dark blue in the evening. Sometimes it looks almost red. Or it will turn the color of old coins. Right now the shadows of clouds are dragging across it, and patches of sunlight are touching down everywhere. White strings of gulls drag over it like beads. It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it and forget my duties. It seems big enough to contain everything anyone could ever feel. Say hello to Frau Elena and the children who are left. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Anthony Doerr
#14. Frau Elena, does a bee know it's going to die if it stings somebody? #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Victor Hugo
#15. Throughout the month of May, every night, in that poor, wild garden, under that shrubbery, each day, more perfumed and dense, two human beings composed of every chastity and every innocence, every flowing with all the felicities of Heaven, closer to archangels than men, pure, honest, intoxicated, radiant, glowed for each other in the darkness. It seemed to Cosette that Marius had a crown, and to Marius that Cosette had a halo. They touched, they gazed at each other, they clasped hands, they pressed close together, but there was a distance they did not pass. Not that they respected it; they were ignorant of it. Marius felt a barrier, Cosette's purity, and Cosette felt a support, Marius' loyalty. The first kiss was also the last. Since then, Marius had not gone beyond touching Cosette's hand, or her scarf, or her curls, with his lips. Cosette was to him a perfume, not a woman. He breathed her. She refused nothing, and he asked nothing. Cosette was happy, and Marius was satisfied. They were living in that ravishing condition that might be called the dazzling of one soul by another. It was that ineffable first embrace of two virginities within the ideal. Two swans meeting on the Jung Frau. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Anthony Doerr
#16. Frau Elena paces the parlor, her slippers whispering left, whispering right. Coal cars grind past in the wet dark. Machinery hums in the distance: pistons throbbing, belts turning. Smoothly. Madly. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Mark Twain
#17. A dog is "der Hund"; a woman is "die Frau"; a horse is "das Pferd"; now you put that dog in the genitive case, and is he the same dog he was before? No, sir; he is "des Hundes"; put him in the dative case and what is he? Why, he is "dem Hund." Now you snatch him into the accusative case and how is it with him? Why, he is "den Hunden." But suppose he happens to be twins and you have to pluralize him- what then? Why, they'll swat that twin dog around through the 4 cases until he'll think he's an entire international dog-show all in is own person. I don't like dogs, but I wouldn't treat a dog like that- I wouldn't even treat a borrowed dog that way. Well, it's just the same with a cat. They start her in at the nominative singular in good health and fair to look upon, and they sweat her through all the 4 cases and the 16 the's and when she limps out through the accusative plural you wouldn't recognize her for the same being. Yes, sir, once the German language gets hold of a cat, it's goodbye cat. That's about the amount of it. #Quote by Mark Twain
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Markus Zusak
#18. She remained on the steps, waiting for Papa, watching the stray ash and the corpse of collected books. Everything was sad. Orange and red embers looked like rejected candy, and most of the crowd had vanished. She'd seen Frau Diller leave (very satisfied) and Pfiffikus (white hair, a Nazi uniform, the same dilapidated shoes, and a triumphant whistle). Now there was nothing but cleaning up, and soon, no one would ever imagine it had happened.
But you could smell it. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#19. On occasion, Frau Mertens, looking clean and fresh, would walk out into the fields to see how things were going. She had a colonial largesse about her. By way of greeting, she said "Heil Hitler" to us, with a smile. We would straightened up from the muddy earth and stare at her. No one said a word. She seemed disappointed. #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Ratgeber Frau quotes by James Joyce
#20. Ah, furchte fruchte, timid Danaides! Ena milo melomon, frai is frau and swee is too, swee is two when swoo is free, ana mala woe is we! A pair of sycopanties with amygdaleine eyes, one old obster lumpky pumpkin and three meddlars on their slies. #Quote by James Joyce
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Mark Twain
#21. A dog is der Hund the dog; a women is die Frau the wom[an]; a horse is das Pferd, the horse; now you put that dog in the Genitive case, & is he the same dog he was before? No sir; he is das Hundes; put him in the Dative case & what is he? Why, he is dem Hund. Now you snatch him into the accusative case & how is it with him? Why he is den Hunden? ... Read moreBut suppose he happens to be twins & you have to pluralize him – what then? Why sir they'll swap that twin dog around thro' the four cases till he'll think he's an entire International Dog Show all in his own person. I don't like dogs, but I wouldn't treat a dog like that. I wouldn't even treat a borrowed dog that way. #Quote by Mark Twain
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Kresley Cole
#22. My mom could be really fierce. A regular Frau Badass. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Sigmund Freud
#23. I was convinced, I added, that she would be better at once if her father said that he was sacrificing Frau K. to her health. I hoped that he would not be persuaded to do so, because then she would have seen what a strong weapon she had in her hands, and would certainly not shrink from exploiting all the possibilities of illness on every future occasion. However, if her father did not give in to her, I felt sure that she would not abandon her invalid status so easily. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Markus Zusak
#24. He was hanging from one of the rafters in a laundry up near Frau Diller's. Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Beatriz Williams
#25. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Frau Grant. I hope our paths meet again. #Quote by Beatriz Williams
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Alfred Nestor
#26. A very important man used to visit her sometimes, and I met him too. He loved children and used to dandle me on his knee. This was how the title came about for this book, Uncle Hitler, although in the old German tradition, I called him Uncle Adolf, even though I was not related to him. This was a sign of respect to an older person, which is why I called Frau Eva 'Aunty Eva'. #Quote by Alfred Nestor
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Anthony Doerr
#27. A part of Jutta does not want to take the letter. Does not want to hear what this huge man has traveled a long way to say. Weeks go by when Jutta does not allow herself to think of the war, of Frau Elena, of the awful last months in Berlin. Now she can buy pork seven days a week. Now, if the house feels cold she twists a dial in the kitchen, and voilà. She does not want to be one of those middle-aged women who thinks of nothing but her own painful history. Sometimes she looks at the eyes of her older colleagues and wonders what they did when the electricity was out, when there were no candles, when the rain came through the ceiling. What they saw. Only rarely does she loosen the seals enough to allow herself to think of Werner. In many ways, her memories of her brother have become things to lock away. A math teacher at Helmholtz-Gymnasium in 1974 does not bring up a brother who attended the National Political Institute of Education at Schulpforta. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Markus Zusak
#28. It was a tradition for Frau Holtzapfel, one of their neighbors, to spit on the Hubermanns' door every time she walked past. The front door was only meters from the gate, and let's just say that Frau Holtzapfel had the distance - and the accuracy. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Michael Chabon
#29. Acromegaly. Frau Dr. Anna Kavalier was a neurologist #Quote by Michael Chabon
Ratgeber Frau quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#30. We haven't heard from you yet, Frau Vetter," said the commandant. "Oh yes ... yes ... I was supposed to call you, that number ... " I fumbled in my bag. "I wonder if I still have it ... " Did I really imagine that I could convince him I had misplaced his number the way I had "lost" my Nazi Red Cross pin? "The number is on your desk," he said with a smile. "Ah. Yes. In my office." "No. Not that desk. The antique desk with the brass fittings and feet like the claws of a lion, the desk you have in your apartment." In my mind's ear, I heard the fiend Goebbels laughing. #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer

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