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Ramclam Origin quotes by Lawrence M. Krauss
#1. If you ask religious believers why they believe, you may find a few "sophisticated" theologians who will talk about God as the "Ground of all Isness," or as "a metaphor for interpersonal fellowship" or some such evasion. But the majority of believers leap, more honestly and vulnerably, to a version of the argument from design or the argument from first cause. Philosophers of the caliber of David Hume didn't need to rise from their armchairs to demonstrate the fatal weakness of all such argument: they beg the question of the Creator's origin. #Quote by Lawrence M. Krauss
Ramclam Origin quotes by Dylan Callens
#2. The Heaven Inc. Board of Directors, whom one has to thank for the origin of most mainstream religion, are also the ones responsible for ending any god's career. Nietzsche knew that as the CEO, he could influence the outcome of world religion but he needed to come up with something big. Something inspirational. Something with pizazz. Something that would fire up the imagination of the other members. The board was newly elected. They were shy, passive, reflexive, and thoroughly stupid #Quote by Dylan Callens
Ramclam Origin quotes by Penny Reid
#3. waiting for the other shoe to drop. Did you know it originated in cities like Chicago and New York?" "No. I did not" He tilted his head, his mouth hooking upward to one side as though he were trying not to laugh. "Tell me about it."He was teasing me again. "Well, it did. So…"He lifted his eyebrows, "That's all? You're not going to tell me the specific origin of the idiom waiting for the other shoe to drop'?"I shook my head, "I don't know it."He mimicked me and shook his head in response, "You're lying. You do know.""Nope. I don't.""This is just like the mammals." He sighed and placed his phone on the table. Before he took a bite from his sandwich he said, "You're stingy with information."My frowned deepened, "No, I'm not-"His words were somewhat garbled as he spoke between chewing, "You're an information tease.""What?!""Or maybe you don't really know the origin and you're just making things up to impress me-" he took another bite. "I am not! It originates from the late industrial revolution, in the late 19th and early 20th century.Apartments were all built with the same floor plan, in similar design so one tenant's bedroom was
under another's. Therefore it was normal to hear an upstairs neighbor removing his or her shoes and hearing one shoe hit the floor, then the other, when they undressed at night.""I wonder what else they heard." His gaze held mine, seemed to burn with a new intensity."I suppose anything that was loud enough. #Quote by Penny Reid
Ramclam Origin quotes by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
#4. A sound Physics of the Earth should include all the primary considerations of the earth's atmosphere, of the characteristics and continual changes of the earth's external crust, and finally of the origin and development of living organisms. These considerations naturally divide the physics of the earth into three essential parts, the first being a theory of the atmosphere, or Meteorology, the second, a theory of the earth's external crust, or Hydrogeology, and the third, a theory of living organisms, or Biology. #Quote by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Ramclam Origin quotes by Gerard Russell
#5. A Zoroastrian Persian emperor called Shapur condemned Christians because they "attribute the origin of snakes and creeping things to a good God." For him, such things could only be the creation of a separate, malign creator. The great Persian national epic the Shahnamah begins with a great army of fairies and animals that had chosen the side of good over evil, setting out for battle with Angra Mainyu. (If this sounds like C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, that is because he was a great admirer of the Shahnamah - and he called Zoroastrianism his favorite "pagan" religion.) #Quote by Gerard Russell
Ramclam Origin quotes by Yahya Jammeh
#6. Today, the origin of 90% of all the edible food Gambians consume are from places they have never heard of. #Quote by Yahya Jammeh
Ramclam Origin quotes by Eric Beinhocker
#7. Wealth is knowledge and its origin is evolution #Quote by Eric Beinhocker
Ramclam Origin quotes by Bill Nye
#8. Tax dollars intended for science education must not be used to teach creationism as any sort of real explanation of nature, because any observation or process of inference about our origin and the nature of the universe disproves creationism in every respect. #Quote by Bill Nye
Ramclam Origin quotes by Kimberly Peirce
#9. I think it's why we're able to look at with comic book stories or origin stories, why is it that we can keep retelling these stories over and over? And hopefully it's because it hits something so universal and so primal inside of us that we actually yearn for that same story over and over. But toned and different form, and updated and modernized, and I can go into the specifics. #Quote by Kimberly Peirce
Ramclam Origin quotes by J.K. Rowling
#10. Lumos (noun; lu-mos): 1. A spell to create light, also known as the Wand-Lighting Charm. (Origin: the Harry Potter series) 2. A nonprofit working to end the institutionalization of children. It #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Ramclam Origin quotes by Malcolm X
#11. You can't hate the roots of the tree without ending up hating the tree. You can't hate your origin without ending up hating yourself. You can't hate the land, your motherland, the place that you come from, and we can't hate Africa without ending up hating ourselves. The Black man in the Western Hemisphere - North America, Central America, South America, and in the Caribbean - is the best example of how one can be made, skillfully, to hate himself that you can find anywhere on this earth. #Quote by Malcolm X
Ramclam Origin quotes by Sid Brown
#12. The four noble truths: that there is suffering, that it has an origin, that there is a cessation of suffering, and that there is a path to that cessation. #Quote by Sid Brown
Ramclam Origin quotes by Tom Ogg
#13. The Main Revenue Accounts and Their Origin Revenue Chart of Accounts Air sales, Domestic Air Sales, International Cost of Domestic Air Sales Cost of Intl Air Sales Tour Sales Cruise Sales Cost of Tour Sales #Quote by Tom Ogg
Ramclam Origin quotes by Isaac Newton
#14. For it became him [God] who created them [the atoms] to set them in order. And if he did so, it's unphilosophical to seek for any other Origin of the World, or to pretend that it might arise out of a Chaos by the mere Laws of Nature. #Quote by Isaac Newton
Ramclam Origin quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
#15. Ten years ago a book appeared in France called D'Une foi l'autre, les conversions a l'Islam en Occident. The authors, both career journalists, carried out extensive interviews with new Muslims in Europe and America. Their conclusions are clear. Almost all educated converts to Islam come in through the door of Islamic spirituality. In the middle ages, the Sufi tariqas were the only effective engine of Islamisation in Muslim minority areas like Central Asia, India, black Africa and Java; and that pattern is maintained today.

Why should this be the case? Well, any new Muslim can tell you the answer. Westerners are in the first instance seeking not a moral path, or a political ideology, or a sense of special identity - these being the three commodities on offer among the established Islamic movements. They lack one thing, and they know it - the spiritual life. Thus, handing the average educated Westerner a book by Sayyid Qutb, for instance, or Mawdudi, is likely to have no effect, and may even provoke a revulsion. But hand him or her a collection of Islamic spiritual poetry, and the reaction will be immediately more positive. It is an extraordinary fact that the best-selling religious poet in modern America is our very own Jalal al-Din Rumi. Despite the immeasurably different time and place of his origin, he outsells every Christian religious poet.

Islam and the New Millennium #Quote by Abdal Hakim Murad
Ramclam Origin quotes by Harriet Lerner
#16. Our family of origin - the source of our first blueprint for navigating relationships. #Quote by Harriet Lerner
Ramclam Origin quotes by Gail Carriger
#17. Most of the names in my books have secondary meaning. Sometimes they foreshadow; sometimes they tell you about the character's origin or back story. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Ramclam Origin quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
#18. Every form seems to be derived from another, all figures being derived from Alif which is originally derived from a dot and represents zero, nothingness (In Arabic the zero is written as a dot.) It is that nothingness which creates the first form Alif. It is natural for everyone when writing to make a dot as soon as the pen touches the paper, and the letters forming the words hide the origin. In like manner the origin of the One Being is hidden in His manifestation. #Quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Ramclam Origin quotes by John Courtenay James
#19. The differences in the physical and mental states of mankind are to be regarded rather as differences of development than of origin. #Quote by John Courtenay James
Ramclam Origin quotes by Pope Pius XII
#20. To separate tabernacle from altar is to separate two things which by their origin and nature should remain united. #Quote by Pope Pius XII
Ramclam Origin quotes by Epictetus
#21. of all things, the greatest, and most important, and most all-embracing, is this society in which human beings and God are associated together. From this are derived the generative forces to which not only my father and grandfather owe their origin, but also all beings that are born and grow on the earth, and especially rational beings, [5] since they alone are fitted by nature to enter into communion with the divine, being bound to God through reason. #Quote by Epictetus
Ramclam Origin quotes by Tacitus
#22. It is found by experience that admirable laws and right precedents among the good have their origin in the misdeeds of others. #Quote by Tacitus
Ramclam Origin quotes by Kevin Spacey
#23. At the end of the day, storytelling is actually very simple in its origin as long as there are people who want to tell stories and there are people who want to hear them. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Ramclam Origin quotes by Osunsakin Adewale
#24. Every hour of temptation in one's life has origin. Either from the flesh or the devil . #Quote by Osunsakin Adewale
Ramclam Origin quotes by Lorenz Oken
#25. Physio-philosophy has to show how, and in accordance indeed with what laws, the Material took its origin; and, therefore, how something derived its existence from nothing. It has to portray the first periods of the world's development from nothing; how the elements and heavenly bodies originated; in what method by self-evolution into higher and manifold forms, they separated into minerals, became finally organic, and in Man attained self-consciousness. #Quote by Lorenz Oken
Ramclam Origin quotes by Bernard Lewis
#26. In medieval times most singers, dancers, and musical performers were, at least in origin, slaves. #Quote by Bernard Lewis
Ramclam Origin quotes by Philip Zaleski
#27. Behind these practical studies lay powerful, intertwined, and potentially contradictory beliefs: that language provides a key to the rational, scientific understanding of the world and that language is more than human speech, that it claims a divine origin and is the means by which God created the cosmos and Adam named the beasts.

As we will see, both ideas strongly influenced the Inklings, whose leading members wrote many words about the meaning of words. For Owen Barfield, language is the fossil record of the history and evolution of human consciousness; for C. S. Lewis, it is a mundane tool that "exists to communicate whatever it can communicate" but also, as in That Hideous Strength, an essential part of our metaphysical makeup for good or ill; for Charles Williams, language is power, a field of force for the magician, a vehicle of prayer for the believing Christian; for Tolkien, language is a fallen human instrument and a precious divine gift ("O felix peccatum Babel!" he exclaimed in his essay "English and Welsh"), a supreme art, and, as "Word", a name for God. #Quote by Philip Zaleski
Ramclam Origin quotes by N. Scott Momaday
#28. The first word gives origin to the second, the first and second to the third, and the third to the fourth, and so on. You cannot begin with the second word ... #Quote by N. Scott Momaday
Ramclam Origin quotes by Fritjof Capra
#29. This spontaneous emergence of order at critical points of instability, which is often referred to simply as "emergence," is one of the hallmarks of life. It has been recognized as the dynamic origin of development, learning, and evolution. In other words, creativity-the generation of new forms-is a key property of all living systems. #Quote by Fritjof Capra
Ramclam Origin quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#30. The early industrialists were for the most part men who had their origin in the same social strata from which their workers came. They lived very modestly, spent only a fraction of their earnings for their households and put the rest back into the business. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Ramclam Origin quotes by Fyodor Dostoevsky
#31. Reason and Knowledge have always played a secondary, subordinate, auxiliary role in the life of peoples, and this will always be the case. A people is shaped and driven forward by an entirely different kind of force, one which commands and coerces them and the origin of which is obscure and inexplicable despite the reality of its presence. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky

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