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Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#1. I am not just reading a book; I am invested in the book. If George, Denver, and Stephanie Brown don't get their shit together, I am never going to read another book again. Kit enjoys my commitment to their story, but we don't talk about it in front of Della. Della was a part of the Twilight mania, and after reading one chapter of Kit's untitled manuscript she asked if there were werewolves or vampires in the story. Kit shut her down real fast after that. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Leia Meacham
#2. Silence makes a buzzing sound when someone you love has died, she thought, like a fly in an empty room. #Quote by Leia Meacham
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Patricia Briggs
#3. You mean all the dead women looked like Mr. Hauptman's ex-wife? That's . . . that's right out of a profiler's book." Jenny snorted her coffee, wiped her nose, and gave her assistant a quelling look. "You might curb your enthusiasm over the deaths of seven women, Andrea. It isn't really appropriate." "Poor things," said Andrea obediently. "But this is like being in the middle of an episode of Criminal Minds." She paused. "Okay. That's dorky. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Gregory Palamas
#4. Mary properly bore the name of Virgin, and possessed to the full all the attributes of purity. She was a virgin in both body and soul, and kept all the powers of her soul and her bodily senses far above any defilement. This she did authoritatively, steadfastly, decisively and altogether inviolably at all times, as a closed gate preserves the treasure within, and a sealed book keeps hidden from sight what is written inside. The Scriptures say of her, 'This is the sealed book' (cf. Rev. 5:1-6:1; Dan. 12:4) and 'this gate shall be shut, and no man shall enter by it' (Ezek. 44:2). #Quote by Gregory Palamas
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by John Fante
#5. She had no need in her heart for either book or magazine. She had her own way of escape, her own passage into contentment: her rosary. That string of white beads, the tiny links worn in a dozen places and held together by strands of white thread which in turn broke regularly, was, bead for bead, her quiet flight out of the world. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. And Maria began to climb. Bead for bead, life and living fell away. Hail Mary, Hail Mary. Dream without sleep encompassed her. Passion without flesh lulled her. Love without death crooned the memory of belief. She was away: she was free; she was no longer Maria, American or Italian, poor or rich, with or without electric washing machines and vacuum cleaners; here was the land of all-possessing. Hail Mary, Hail Mary, over and over, a thousand and a hundred thousand times, prayer upon prayer, the sleep of the body, the escape of the mind, the death of memory, the slipping away of pain, the deep silent reverie of belief. Hail Mary and Hail Mary. It was for this that she lived. #Quote by John Fante
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Magnus Flyte
#6. You see de white gown she wears, richly embroidered, showing de family's wealth and influence," said Daphne authoritatively. "De red rose in her hair symbolizes her Spanish ancestry. De prayer book in her left hand to display de Catholic allegiance."
"What does the dog symbolize?" Sarah asked. Daphne blinked at her for a moment.
"De dog is just a dog," she said, finally. #Quote by Magnus Flyte
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Sophia Bush
#7. I started, whenever I got to a city, just getting on Style Seat, which is the most incredible app for any girl who doesn't have 100 stylists at her fingertips. I can see who's well-rated and whose portfolio I like, and then book an appointment all from my phone, which made having bangs a lot easier. #Quote by Sophia Bush
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Susan Wiggs
#8. As a child, she'd been a great reader, finding the ultimate escape within the pages of a story. She learned that opening a book was like opening a set of double doors - the next step would take her inside to Neverland or Nod, Sunnybrook Farm or Mulberry Street. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Jasper Fforde
#9. Her areas of expertise are bar codes, book titles and maps - she has an original Parker Brothers map of the world. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#10. Roger left the cricket stumps and they went into the drawing room. Grandpapa, at the first suggestion of reading aloud, had disappeared, taking Patch with him. Grandmama had cleared away the tea. She found her spectacles and the book. It was Black Beauty. Grandmama kept no modern children's books, and this made common ground for the three of them. She read the terrible chapter where the stable lad lets Beauty get overheated and gives him a cold drink and does not put on his blanket. The story was suited to the day. Even Roger listened entranced. And Deborah, watching her grandmother's calm face and hearing her careful voice reading the sentences, thought how strange it was that Grandmama could turn herself into Beauty with such ease. She was a horse, suffering there with pneumonia in the stable, being saved by the wise coachman.

After the reading, cricket was anticlimax, but Deborah must keep her bargain. She kept thinking of Black Beauty writing the book. It showed how good the story was, Grandmama said, because no child had ever yet questioned the practical side of it, or posed the picture of a horse with a pen in its hoof.

"A modern horse would have a typewriter," thought Deborah, and she began to bowl to Roger, smiling to herself as she did so because of the twentieth-century Beauty clacking with both hoofs at a machine. ("The Pool") #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Katherine Hannigan
#11. In the book, hummin bins made castles, and towers up to the sky. They tamed the animals and took care of them. And hummin bins helped each other. They were always good.
"When I was done, Ma asked, 'Delly, what are hummin bins?' 'They're like people, but better,' I said. Then I told her, 'When I grow up, I'm going to live with the hummin bins,' and she smiled.
"But Galveston grabbed the book, 'Let me see that,' she said, and started laughing. 'This says human beings. There's no such things as hummin bins.'
"'Ma, is it true?' I asked, and she nodded. 'How come you didn't tell me?' I cried.
"'I liked the hummin bins better, too,' she said." ...
"RB's right, Ferris Boyd. You are a hummin bin." Her eyeballs were wet, like they were swimming.
It was quiet, then, till RB's soft cloud voice said, "You're a hummin bin, too, Delly. #Quote by Katherine Hannigan
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#12. Both. I'm on my way to bed, but I want to talk to Illyan first. Is he up yet, do you know?" "I think so. Pym just took him up his breakfast." "Breakfast in bed halfway to noon. What a life." "I think he's earned it, don't you?" "The hard way." He sucked up some more of her coffee, and rose to go upstairs. "Oh. Knock, first," she advised him as he passed the doorway. "Why?" "He's having breakfast with Alys." That explained the book; Lady Alys had delivered it. He wondered what piece of Vorish history she was making poor Illyan read. As #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#13. Think of all the love poured into him. Think of the tuitions for Montessori and music lessons. Think of the gasoline expended, the treads worn carting him to football games, basketball tournaments, and Little League. Think of the time spent regulating sleepovers. Think of the surprise birthday parties, the daycare, and the reference checks on babysitters. Think of World Book and Childcraft. Think of checks written for family photos. Think of credit cards charged for vacations. Think of soccer balls, science kits, chemistry sets, racetracks, and model trains. Think of all the embraces, all the private jokes, customs, greetings, names, dreams, all the shared knowledge and capacity of a black family injected into that vessel of flesh and bone. And think of how that vessel was taken, shattered on the concrete, and all its holy contents, all that had gone into him, sent flowing back to the earth. Think of your mother, who had no father. And your grandmother, who was abandoned by her father. And your grandfather, who was left behind by his father. And think of how Prince's daughter was now drafted into those solemn ranks and deprived of her birthright - that vessel which was her father, which brimmed with twenty-five years of love and was the investment of her grandparents and was to be her legacy. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Virginia Woolf
#14. Whatever may be their use in civilised societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action. That is why Napoleon and Mussolini both insist so emphatically upon the inferiority of women, for if they were not inferior, they would cease to enlarge. That serves to explain in part the necessity that women so often are to men. And it serves to explain how restless they are under her criticism; how impossible it is for her to say to them this book is bad, this picture is feeble, or whatever it may be, without giving far more pain and rousing far more longer than a man would do who gave the same criticism. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Tessa Dare
#15. It seemed any young woman at odds with her place in life - be she a genteel lady or a serving girl - might find a happier home within the pages of a book. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Katie Reus
#16. When she entered the dining room, she tried to ignore Caleb's gaze on her. He wasn't outwardly leering, but she could feel the intensity coming from his direction as if he was sending heat-seeking missiles her way. She knew he wanted her. She might not have much experience with men, but she knew when one was interested and Caleb Ryder was. #Quote by Katie Reus
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by J.P. Donleavy
#17. I remember one letter from a girl in a midwestern town who read one of my books and thought she had discovered it- that no one had ever read it or knew about it. Then one day in her local library she found cards for one or two of my other books. They were full of names- the books were borrowed all the time. She resented this a bit and then walked around the town looking in everybody's face and wondering if they were the ones who were reading my books. That is someone I write for. #Quote by J.P. Donleavy
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Billy Graham
#18. [My wife] is a great student of the Bible. Her life is ruled by the Bible more than any person I've ever known. That's her rule book, her compass. #Quote by Billy Graham
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#19. Academics love to make theories about a body of work, but each book consumes the writer and is the sum of his or her world. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Julia Alvarez
#20. It's always gratifying to hear from a passionate reader, and as a longtime educator, I'm especially pleased and heartened when that reader is a young student who is inspired to write me and let me know that my book has helped him or her find her way. #Quote by Julia Alvarez
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Henry Parry Liddon
#21. If we might reverently imagine ourselves scheming beforehand what kind of book the Book of God ought to be, how different would it be from the actual Bible! There would be as many Bibles as there are souls, and they would differ as widely. But in one thing, amid all their differences, they would probably agree: they would lack the variety, both in form and substance, of the Holy Book which the Church of God places in the hands of her children. #Quote by Henry Parry Liddon
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Candice Raquel Lee
#22. She came downstairs like a doe stepping into a clearing on the first day of hunting season. I felt like a coward. I was lower than dirt. I had used every trick in my book to get her to come downstairs. I had manipulated her emotions, cheated and wormed to beat her at this game we were playing. But then I saw her, and I was so happy. I knew I would have burned the building down for the sight of her running toward me out of the flames. #Quote by Candice Raquel Lee
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Jennifer Saunders
#23. I always swore I would never write a book. But I read Clare Balding's and it was really interesting and so prettily written and lovely and not too revealing. I went to her book launch and met her editor who said 'why don't you think about it? You can do it however you want, based on your characters or you.' #Quote by Jennifer Saunders
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Larna Kleinschmidt
#24. If there's one thing I know, it's that after all the right and wrong things I've done, I'll be eternally grateful for the one thing I did right - giving my heart to you. And I'll be there for all the good and bad days for the rest of my life." Lexa moved down the bed, trying not to put any strain on her wound, so she could lie next to him.
"I'm glad that after everything, you haven't given up on me yet. I'm grateful for that," she whispered, looking over at him. Den rolled onto his side to face her, his free hand ran through her reddish-brown hair.
"Giving up on you is not, and never will be, an option. I know who you are, Lex. Why would I ever give up on you? You're my girl. That won't ever change." He silenced any further protest from her with a kiss. #Quote by Larna Kleinschmidt
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Lewis Carroll
#25. Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversation?' So she was #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by E.K. Blair
#26. EK made it a point to say she "flew" the author to her place. This author is supposedly so much more successful and is the one to contact her to have the book written, but EK had to pay air fair? On top of that, this stranger spent a week or so in her bed, kicking her hubby out? It's just weird. Reads more like an autobiography to me. #Quote by E.K. Blair
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Wendy J. Dunn
#27. The Light in the Labyrinth is a beautifully written book, a gem. I savoured every word; words written with so much 'colour'. Even though I know the story of Queen Anne Boleyn, Dunn's perspective on her last days is missing in so many other books of the genre. Dunn gives grace to the history and an honest, and very compassionate look at Anne's last days. I cried in the end, shedding tears for the young Kate, Anne and her little Bess. I have not yet read a Tudor book that has moved me to tears, as this wonderful journey does. Dunn's dedication and research shines through in this unforgettable book, a book not just for young readers, but also for all." - Lara Salzano, avid Tudor reader. #Quote by Wendy J. Dunn
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Karen Ranney
#28. What were her abilities? She played the pianoforte passably well even though it didn't interest her. She loved to read and could spend the rest of her life in a library. She'd written a book, and her imagination was such that she could transport herself from the wilds of Scotland to anywhere. #Quote by Karen Ranney
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Paul Neilan
#29. Buy it for the lady who's about to become your mother-in-law, the one who's already trying to control your life and the lives of the three children she's already pressuring you to have. Give her the book one day out of nowhere, just as a nice surprise, and when she hugs you, calmly whisper: "Don't fuck with me, Ellen. Don't even think about it. Ever." Then smile at her like everything is wonderful. Because from now on, it will be. #Quote by Paul Neilan
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#30. Look through people," I tell her, my voice muffled by the helmet. "Smile without kindness. No small talk, no court talk. Act as if you have a million secrets, and you're the only one important enough to know them all."
She nods, taking this all in stride. After all, Cal and I have both instructed her on how to pass as Maven. This is merely a reminder, a last glance at the book before the test. "I'm not a fool," she replies coldly, and I almost punch her in the jaw. She is not Maven rings in my head, louder than a bell.
"I think you've got it," Kilorn says as he stands. He grabs my arm, pulling me slightly away. "Mare nearly killed you. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Cliff Chiang
#31. When coming up with Wonder Woman cover designs, sometimes people will pitch ideas to me, either the writer or the editor. And it's interesting, because I know they're not trying to, but they end up pitching things that end up feeling like damsel-in-distress covers, where the tension comes from her needing to be rescued somehow. And it's something I immediately push back against. #Quote by Cliff Chiang
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Charlie N. Holmberg
#32. Reaching into her pack again, Ceony pulled out a simple bookmark, long and pointed at one end. She handed it to Zina.
Her sister crooked an eyebrow. "Uh, what is this?"
"A bookmark," Ceony explained. "Just tell it the title of the book you're reading and leave it on the nightstand. It will keep track of what page you're on by itself." She pointed to the center of the bookmark, where she'd overlaid a small square of paper. "The page number will appear here, in my handwriting. It should work for your sketchbooks, too."
Zina snorted. "Weird. Thanks. #Quote by Charlie N. Holmberg
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#33. Celaena pulled another book toward her and grinned. It was as if someone had read her mind. It was a large black volume entitled The Walking Dead in tarnished silver letters. Thankfully, the captain didn't see the title before she opened it. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#34. Suri had a wolf named Minna. They were the best of friends and roamed the forest together. She had tattoos, was always filthy, afraid of nothing, and could do magic. From the first time I met her, I wanted to be Suri ... I still do.
- THE BOOK OF BRIN #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#35. Standing safely on the opposite bank with her dry maid, her dry escort, and a company of streaming horsemen, Philippa said scathingly, 'That's men for you. Cover the lady's retreat, the book says. A hundred years ago, maybe. And what stopped you from coming with me just now? I can swim, you know. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Dale Carnegie
#36. Students of public speaking continually ask, "How can I overcome
self-consciousness and the fear that paralyzes me before an
Did you ever notice in looking from a train window that some
horses feed near the track and never even pause to look up at the
thundering cars, while just ahead at the next railroad crossing a
farmer's wife will be nervously trying to quiet her scared horse as
the train goes by?
How would you cure a horse that is afraid of cars - graze him in a
back-woods lot where he would never see steam-engines or
automobiles, or drive or pasture him where he would frequently see
the machines?
Apply horse-sense to ridding yourself of self-consciousness and
fear: face an audience as frequently as you can, and you will soon stop shying. You can never attain
freedom from stage-fright by reading a treatise. A book may give
you excellent suggestions on how best to conduct yourself in the
water, but sooner or later you must get wet, perhaps even strangle
and be "half scared to death." There are a great many "wetless"
bathing suits worn at the seashore, but no one ever learns to swim
in them. To plunge is the only way. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by J.K. Rowling
#37. Hermione?"
"I've been thinking. I--I want to go to Godric's Hollow."
She looked up at him, but her eyes were unfocused, and he was sure she was still thinking about the mysterious mark on the book.
"Yes," she said. "Yes, I've been wondering that too. I really think we'll have to."
"Did you hear me right?" he asked.
"Of course I did. You want to go to Godric's Hollow. I agree, I think we should. I mean, I can't think of anywhere else it could be either. It'll be dangerous, but the more I think about it, the more likely it seems it's there."
"Er--what's there?" asked Harry.
At that, she looked just as bewildered as he felt.
"Well, the sword, Harry! Dumbledore must have known you'd want to go back there, and I mean, Godric's Hollow is Godric Gryffindor's birthplace--"
"Really? Gryffindor came from Godric's Hollow?"
"Harry, did you ever even open A History of Magic?"
"Erm," he said, smiling for what felt like the first time in months: The muscles in his face felt oddly stiff. "I might've opened it, you know, when I bought it…just the once…"
"Well, as the village is named after him I'd have thought you might have made the connection," said Hermione. She sounded much more like her old self than she had done of late; Harry half expected her to announce that she was off to the library. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Katharine Hepburn
#38. Love Katharine Hepburn. Her selfless love to Spencer, with little or no regard for her own needs, wants or care, bothers me. The book while interesting, was not what i expected, yet, the last chapter was the most disturbing, love knows no bounds, she had unconditional love for Spencer, it is a shame it was not reciprocated. she deserved so much more. but she did it out of love. how can you argue with that? i hope her free spirit is still surrounding all of us. #Quote by Katharine Hepburn
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Karen Andreola
#39. The habit of grown-ups reading living books and retaining the power to digest them will be lost if we refuse to give a little time for Mother Culture. A wise mother, an admired mother and wife, when asked how, with her weak physical health and many demands on her time, she managed to read so much said, "Besides my Bible, I always keep three books going that are just for me - a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel or one of poetry. I always take up the one I feel fit for. That is the secret: always have something 'going' to grow by. #Quote by Karen Andreola
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Hattie McDaniel
#40. In playing the part of Mammy, I tried to make her a living, breathing character, the way she appeared to me in the book. #Quote by Hattie McDaniel
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Nicholas Royle
#41. Who was it recently invented some machine that will enable her to sign a book from 5,000 miles away? Margaret Atwood. Get off your arse, love, and sign it in person. Publishers and circumstance made you a bestselling author. Give a little back. #Quote by Nicholas Royle
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Mandi Castle
#42. Did you just tease me with more Jim Sterling?" Mandi Castle; read her book; Dear Stephanie. #Quote by Mandi Castle
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by Rachel Caine
#43. Thats why i'm staying here,"claire said."with you.tonight."shane took in a deep breath."clothes stay on." "mostly,"she agreed. "you know,your parents really are right about me."claire sighed."no,they're not.nobody knows you at all,i think.not your dad,not even michael.your a deep,dark mystery,shane."he kissed her for the first time since she'd entered the room,a warm press of lips to her forehead."i'm an open book." she smiled."i like books." "hey,we've got something in common." i'm taking off my shoes." "fine.shoes off." "and my pants." "dont push it claire. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Radicalizing Her Book quotes by A.  Kirk
#44. Except me," Blake waved.
"And I'm the one who found her."
"I found you," I said. Blake pursed his lips.
"Potato, Romano. Same difference." Logan looked up at the big guy.
"Do you ever hear yourself?"
Blake beamed. "I'm my biggest fan."

A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (p. 41). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. #Quote by A. Kirk

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