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Rachakonda Hills quotes by William Blake
#1. Where others see but the dawn coming over the hill, I see the soul of God shouting for joy. #Quote by William Blake
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Washington Irving
#2. Not far from this village, perhaps about two miles, there is a little valley or rather lap of land among high hills, which is one of the quietest places in the whole world. A small brook glides through it, with just murmur enough to lull one to repose; and the occasional whistle of a quail or tapping of a woodpecker is almost the only sound that ever breaks in upon the uniform tranquillity. #Quote by Washington Irving
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Wilson Rawls
#3. I'd like to take a walk far back in the flinty hills and search for a souvenir, an old double-bitted ax stuck deep in the side of a white oak tree. I know the handle has long since rotted away with time. Perhaps the rusty frame of a coal-oil lantern still hangs there on the blade. #Quote by Wilson Rawls
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#4. My needlework teacher suffered from a problem of vision. She recognised things according to expectation and environment. If you were in a particular place, you expected to see particular things. Sheep and hills, sea and fish; if there was an elephant in the supermarket, she'd either not see it at all, or call it Mrs. Jones and talk about fishcakes. But most likely, she's do what most people do when confronted with something they don't understand. Panic. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Kali Willows
#5. Can you tie your cherry stem into a knot, boys? #Quote by Kali Willows
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Gail Simmons
#6. I spend so much time in Los Angeles and normally stay at a corporate apartment when shooting 'Top Chef: Just Desserts,' but when I have the chance to stay somewhere more luxurious, I love The Montage in Beverly Hills. #Quote by Gail Simmons
Rachakonda Hills quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#7. Then shouldering their burdens, they set off, seeking a path that would bring them over the grey hills of the Emyn Muil, and down into the Land of Shadow. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Emily Dickinson
#8. An altered look about the hills;
A Tyrian light the village fills;
A wider sunrise in the dawn;
A deeper twilight on the lawn;
A print of a vermilion foot;
A purple finger on the slope;
A flippant fly upon the pane;
A spider at his trade again;
An added strut in chanticleer;
A flower expected everywhere ... #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Louis L'Amour
#9. The clouds hung like dark, blowing tapestries in the gaps of the hills. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#10. I regained my couch, but never thought of sleep. Till morning dawned I was tossed on a buoyant but unquiet sea, where billows of trouble rolled under surges of joy. I thought sometimes I saw beyond its wild waters a shore, sweet as the hills of Beulah #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Henepola Gunaratana
#11. Somewhere in this process you will come face-to-face with the sudden and shocking realization that you are completely crazy. Your mind is a shrieking gibbering madhouse on wheels barreling pell-mell down the hill utterly out of control and hopeless. No problem. You are not crazier than you were yesterday. It has always been this way and you just never noticed. You are also no crazier than everybody else around you. The only real difference is that you have confronted the situation they have not. #Quote by Henepola Gunaratana
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Frank Bruni
#12. My favorite Congressional incongruity: ... Red State legislators galumphing from meeting to meeting in full pancake makeup. Estee Lauder may well make more money on Capitol Hill than in Beverly Hills. #Quote by Frank Bruni
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Joan Halifax
#13. Within and around the earth, within and around the hills, within and around the mountains your authority returns to you. #Quote by Joan Halifax
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Josie Litton
#14. Do you not think you could share this with Dragon?"
"Dragon,who was reluctant enough for this marriage and who now finds himself with a wife he can never hide anything from. Who will always know whether he is telling the truth or not. You think he would welcome such a wife?"
Cymbra thought for a moment. "Well...I don't know...Perhaps if you rubbed his feet."
Rycca stared at her in shock, saw the look of pure deviltry in Cymbra's eyes, and burst out laughing at the same moment as her new sister-in-law-and friend-did the same.They laughed and laughed, not quieting until Lion stirred, gazed at them reproachfully, and opened his mouth to unleash a bellow that reverberated off the nearby hills and sent the sea birds scattering to safety.
"Oh,my heavens," Rycca said when it was finally quiet enough to say anything at all.
Cymbra sighed.She rose, picked up her son, and tried to settle his head back against her shoulder. "It has been ever such.He almost brought the rafters down in the chapel at Hawksforte where he was christened."
"It is most impressive," Rycca said as she, too,stood. "I suppose that accounts for his name."
"It's actually Hakon,to honor Wolf and Dragon's father,but he is called Lion and I suspect he always will be."
Just as he would be satisfied only to be set down. On his own two feet, he toddled off determinedly toward the top of the hill, leaving the bemused women to follow. #Quote by Josie Litton
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Alexander Pope
#15. So pleas'd at first the tow'ring Alps we try,
Mount o'er the vales, and seem to tread the sky;
Th'eternal snows appear already past,
And the first clouds and mountains seem the last:
But those attain'd, we tremble to survey
The growing labours of the lengthen'd way;
Th'increasing prospect tires our wand'ring eyes,
Hills peep o'er hills, and Alps on Alps arise! #Quote by Alexander Pope
Rachakonda Hills quotes by J. Ruth Gendler
#16. Contentment has learned how to find out what she needs to know. Last year she went on a major housecleaning spree. First she stood on her head until all the extra facts fell out. Then she discarded about half her house. Now she knows where every thing comes from - who dyed the yarn dark green and who wove the rug and who built the loom, who made the willow chair, who planted the apricot trees. She made the turquoise mugs herself with clay she found in the hills beyond her house.
When Contentment is sad, she takes a mud bath or goes to the mountains until her lungs are clear. When she walks through an unfamiliar neighborhood, she always makes friends with the local cats. #Quote by J. Ruth Gendler
Rachakonda Hills quotes by George  Frazier
#17. Some private property is private like a Native American religion: esoteric, given by the Great Mystery for a time to a group, a family, even a single person. I could honor a sign that read, "Posted: No trespassing on this land for four generations or until we have completely digested its secrets, died in its hills, given back our bodies." Such farmers don't own the land, it owns them. #Quote by George Frazier
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#18. We pray for one last landing
On the globe that gave us birth;
Let us rest our eyes on fleecy skies
And the cool, green hills of Earth. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Edith Sodergran
#19. I live on in the sweetness of old days
with strangers who build new dwellings
on blue hills up to the edge of the sky,
I talk softly with the captured trees
and comfort them sometimes.
How slowly time consumes the core of things,
and soundlessly treads fate's heavy heel. #Quote by Edith Sodergran
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Sarra Manning
#20. It wasn't a perfect body but it was the body she deserved. Not just from every bar of chocolate or bag of crisps or laden plate of food that she'd eaten. This body was also testament to all the hours in the gym and cycling up hills on her bike and glugging down two litres of water a day and learning to love vegetables and fruits that didn't come as optional extra with a pastry crust. She'd earned this body.
This was her body and she had to stop giving it such a hard time. #Quote by Sarra Manning
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#21. I will tell you where there is power: where the dew lies upon the hills, and the rain has moistened the roots of the various plant; where the sunshine pours steadily; where the brook runs babbling along, there is a beneficent power. #Quote by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Rachakonda Hills quotes by John Walter Bratton
#22. A shop bought card saying Get Well Soon. Didn't seem to fit the bill. This hand made card hopes that pretty soon ... You'll be galloping up that hill. #Quote by John Walter Bratton
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#23. As I ascended, I realized I didn't understand what a mountain was, or even if I was hiking up one mountain or a series of them glommed together. I'd not grown up around mountains. I'd walked on a few, but only on well-trod paths on day hikes. They'd seemed to be nothing more than really big hills. But they were not that. They were, I now realized, layered and complex, inexplicable and analogous to nothing. Each time I reached the place that I thought was the top of the mountain or the series of mountains glommed together, I was wrong. There was still more up to go, even if first there was a tiny slope that went tantalizingly down. So up I went until I reached what really was the top. I knew it was the top because there was snow. Not on the ground, but falling from the sky, in thin flakes that swirled in mad patterns, pushed by the wind. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#24. Shere Khan, the Big One, has shifted his hunting grounds. He will hunt among these hills for the next moon, so he has told me. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Lady Augusta Gregory
#25. Then the creatures of the high air answered to the battle, foretelling the destruction that would be done that day; and the sea chattered of the losses, and the waves gave heavy shouts keening them, and the water-beasts roared to one another, and the rough hills creaked with the danger of the battle, and the woods trembled mourning the heroes, and the grey stones cried out at their deeds, and the wind sobbed telling them, and the earth shook, foretelling the slaughter; and the cries of the grey armies put a cloak over the sun, and the clouds were dark; and the hounds and the whelps and the crows, and the witches of the valley, and the powers of the air, and the wolves of the forests, howled from every quarter and on every side of the armies, urging them against one another. #Quote by Lady Augusta Gregory
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Mira Bartok
#26. I don't want to be the person who gasps in fear whenever she hears the sound of a doorbell or a phone. I just want to lose myself in these hills, in the river winding west to the city of bridges. #Quote by Mira Bartok
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Witter Bynner
#27. Name me no names for my disease,
With uninforming breath;
I tell you I am none of these,
But homesick unto death - Homesick for hills that I had known,
For brooks that I had crossed,
... Before I met this flesh and bone
And followed and was lost ... .And though they break my heart at last,
Yet name no name of ills.
Say only, Here is where he passed,
Seeking again those hills. #Quote by Witter Bynner
Rachakonda Hills quotes by David Salle
#28. I remember making a videotape in a fancy hair salon in Beverly Hills. The soundtrack in the salon had a whole worldview behind it - I was interested in things like that. #Quote by David Salle
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Donna Jo Napoli
#29. Summer comes over the hill like a hairy blanket. #Quote by Donna Jo Napoli
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Robert Lowell
#30. Sleeper in the Valley
The river sings and cuts a hole in the meadow,
madly hooking white tatters on the rushes.
light escalades the strong hills. The small
valley bubbles with sunbeams like a beerglass.
The young conscript bareheaded and open-mouthed,
his neck cooling in the blue watercress;
he's sleeping. The grass soothes his heaviness,
the sunlight is raining in his green bed,
baking away the aches of his body. He smiles,
as a sick child might smile himself asleep.
O Nature, rock him warmly, he is cold.
The fields no longer make his hot eyes weep.
He sleeps in the sun, a hand on his breast lies open,
at peace. He has two red holes in his left side. #Quote by Robert Lowell
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Seth Godin
#31. Seeing clearly means that you're smart enough to know when a project is doomed, or brave enough to persevere when your colleagues are fleeing for the hills. Abandoning your worldview in order to try on someone else's is the first step in being able to see things as they are. #Quote by Seth Godin
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Robert Graves
#32. But give thanks, at least, that you still have Frost's poems; and when you feel the need of solitude, retreat to the companionship of moon, water, hills and trees. Retreat, he reminds us, should not be confused with escape. And take these poems along for good luck! #Quote by Robert Graves
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Anthony Kiedis
#33. I felt I had thrown away so much in
my life, but I also felt an unspoken bond between me and my city.
I'd spent so much time wandering the streets of L.A. and hiking
through the Hollywood Hills that I sensed there was a nonhuman
entity, maybe the spirit of the hills and the city, who had me in her
sights and was looking after me. Even if I was a loner in my own
band, at least I still felt the presence of the city I lived in. #Quote by Anthony Kiedis
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Percy Cerutty
#34. The introduction of resistance in form of sand and hill is too important to be ignored. #Quote by Percy Cerutty
Rachakonda Hills quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#35. All about the hills the hosts of Mordor raged. The Captains of the West were foundering in a gathering sea. The sun gleamed red, and under the wings of the Nazgul the shadows of death fell dark upon the earth. Aragorn stood beneath his banner, silent and stern, as one lost in thought of things long past or far away; but his eyes gleamed like stars that shine the brighter as the night deepens. Upon the hill-top stood Gandalf, and he was white and cold and no shadow fell on him. The onslaught of Mordor broke like a wave on the beleaguered hills, voices roaring like a tide amid the wreck and crash of arms.

As if to his eyes some sudden vision had been given, Gandalf stirred; and he turned, looking back north where the skies were pale and clear. Then he lifted up his hands and cried in a loud voice ringing above the din: The Eagles are coming! And many voices answered crying: The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming! The hosts of Mordor looked up and wondered what this sign might mean.

There came Gwaihir the Windlord, and Landroval his brother, greatest of all the Eagles of the North, mightiest of the descendants of old Thorondor, who built his eyries in the inaccessible peaks of the Encircling Mountains when Middle-earth was young. Behind them in long swift lines came all their vassals from the northern mountains, speeding on a gathering wind. Straight down upon the Nazgul they bore, stooping suddenly out of the high airs, and the rush of their wide win #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Jayde Scott
#36. You just haven't found the right girl," Clare said. "She'll come along." "And then she'll make a run for the hills." Cass laughed at her own joke. #Quote by Jayde Scott
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Callie Khouri
#37. When you look around right now, Nashville is kind of going through another changing of guard; you're watching the Martina McBrides and the Faith Hills and all of them that have been the big stars for the last however many years, and the next generation is coming in: Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, those girls. #Quote by Callie Khouri
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Jean Shepherd
#38. The Bumpuses were so low down on the evolutionary totem pole that they weren't even included in Darwin's famous family tree. They had inbred and ingrown and finally emerged from the Kentucky hills like some remnant of Attila the Hung's barbarian horde. Flick said that they had webbed feet and only three toes. It might have been true. #Quote by Jean Shepherd
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Hazel Gaynor
#39. With my arms wrapped around Rosebud, I dreamed of heather-topped hills and sleepy valleys and a pretty woodland stream where dragonflies danced across the water as I sat down among the ferns and the meadowsweet, waiting for the summer to find me. #Quote by Hazel Gaynor
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#40. All any alienated man can hope for is to find a livelihood that fits his expanding sense of self. Blessed is he who accepts without complaint the toil that is suited for the riot of his soul. Blessed is he who discovers a calling that he willingly devotes his entire heart and soul to accomplishing. Blessed is he who exhausts himself performing whatever his inner nature demands. Blessed is he who dares to seek, search, discover, and to create what he cannot suppress. Blessed is he who gives air to what he cannot strangle within and still live a full life any more than one can choose to stop breathing and maintain a heartbeat. Blessed is he who raises himself to a higher pitch and institutes harmony within himself. Blessed is he who loves his family, cares for his people, and radiates a vast love for the hills, rivers, creeks, mountains, tress, sky, and all the birds, plants, grasses, marshes, and the multitudes of creatures that call nature's wonderland their paradise. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Sholem Asch The Nazarene
#41. But it sometimes happens that the Angel of Forgetfulness himself forgets to remove from our memories the records of the former world and then our senses are haunted by fragmentary recollections of another life. They drift like torn clouds above the hills and valleys of our mind and weave themselves in the incidents of our current existence. #Quote by Sholem Asch The Nazarene
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Ray Bradbury
#42. And some days, he went on, were days of hearing every trump and trill of the universe. Some days were good for tasting and some for touching. And some days were good for all the senses at once. This day now, he nodded, smelled as if a great and nameless orchard had grown up overnight beyond the hills to fill the entire visible land with its warm freshness. The air felt like rain, but there were no clouds. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Bill Russell
#43. I don't have very many regrets, not because I lived a perfect life but because life is a bunch of rolling hills, not mountains, or speed bumps instead of stop signs, and so you come to a situation and it's neither good or bad, it just is, and what it means to you is what's your take on it. But the second part of the equation is what are you going to do about it. A lot of times I'm completely wrong, but all you do is back up and start over. #Quote by Bill Russell
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Rufus Wainwright
#44. I think the minute you mention death, people run for the hills - unless it's heavy metal. People do not like death. #Quote by Rufus Wainwright
Rachakonda Hills quotes by Salman Rushdie
#45. War used to be something you could stand on the nearby hill and watch. Now we have total war; everybody's in it. We have total economics as well. Everything affects everybody. The Malaysian currency shakes, and people around the world are seriously affected. #Quote by Salman Rushdie

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