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Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Kate Winslet
#1. I'm a normal human being. I don't have any desire to change my body as a result of having had two kids. That's a good thing, isn't it? #Quote by Kate Winslet
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Getlasereyesurgery
#2. Cataract Treatment Advanced by Laser Eye Surgery

It is estimated that half of individuals aged 65 and above will grow a cataract at some period in their life. A cataract is an eye condition that may be hazardous to your eyesight. In a healthy eye, there's a clear lens which enables you to focus. For those who have a cataract, the lens slowly deteriorates over a long period of time. Your vision can be blurry as the cataract develops, until the whole-of the lens is muddy. Your sight will slowly get worse, becoming blurry or misty, which makes it tough to see clearly. Cataracts can occur at any age but generally develop as you get older.

Cataract surgery involves removing the cataract by emulsifying the lens by sonography and replacing it with a small plastic lens. This artificial lens is then stabilised within your natural lens that was held by the same lens capsule. The results restore clear vision and generally wholly remove the significance of reading glasses. However, years following the surgery, patients can occasionally experience clouding of their sight again. Vision can become blurred and lots of patients have issues with glare and bright lights. What is truly happening is a thickening of the lens capsule that holds the artificial lens. Medically this is known as Posterior Lens Capsule Opacification.
#Quote by Getlasereyesurgery
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Sofia Vergara
#3. L. A. is crazy. The women all look the same now. That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they're fooling? It doesn't make them look young. You end up looking like a freak. #Quote by Sofia Vergara
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Stieg Larsson
#4. She had doll-like, almost delicate limbs, small hands, and hardly any hips.
But she now had breasts.
All her life sje jad been flat-chested, as if she had never reached puberty. She thought it had looked ridiculous, and she was always uncomfortable showing herself naked.
Now, all of a sudden, she had breasts. They were by no means gigantic - that was not whatshe had wanted, and they would have looked ridiculous on her otherwise skinny body - but they were two solid, round breasts of medium size. The enlargements had been well done, and the proportions were reasonable. But the difference was dramatic. #Quote by Stieg Larsson
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Julianne Moore
#5. Men aren't asked about age. Men aren't asked about their children. Not that these things aren't important, but I do feel like it becomes reductive when a woman's life becomes, 'Talk to me about your kids and how you feel about plastic surgery.' #Quote by Julianne Moore
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Jamie Lee Curtis
#6. I attempted various types of plastic surgery, minutely but enough to stave off this encroaching middle-aged body. And every time I did, something went wrong. I felt misshapen, just not natural any more. #Quote by Jamie Lee Curtis
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#7. I'm going to give him back-alley plastic surgery. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Kathy Baker
#8. I want to be the only American actress who doesn't do any plastic surgery or anything. I think older faces are great. #Quote by Kathy Baker
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Naomi Wolf
#9. Cosmetic surgery is not "cosmetic," and human flesh is not "plastic." Even the names trivialize what it is. It's not like ironing wrinkles in fabric, or tuning up a car, or altering outmoded clothes, the current metaphors. Trivialization and infantilization pervade the surgeons' language when they speak to women: "a nip," a "tummy tuck." ... Surgery changes one forever, the mind as well as the body. If we don't start to speak of it as serious, the millennium of the man-made woman will be upon us, and we will have had no choice. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Simon Blackburn
#10. WORTH IT?
It is no credit to our phase of civilization if it is fear rather than ambition that drives most of those who bankrupt themselves on the vanities, or who end up under the surgeon's knife. It is the fear of falling short, of being inadequate in the eyes of others, including loved ones. [ ... ]
It is unfitting, one might say, improper, treating one's owm body as a tool rather than a part of oneself. [ ... ]
The bottom line is that it dishonors ourselves, for we ought to think better of ourselves than that. #Quote by Simon Blackburn
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Vince Neil
#11. Man, I have had so much plastic surgery, I don't even recognize myself, sometimes. If I catch a glimpse in a window or something, I think it is someone else. #Quote by Vince Neil
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Cybill Shepherd
#12. They showed this one beautiful picture of me recently and they had all the things that I had done. I thought it was a great compliment for everybody to think I've had plastic surgery. #Quote by Cybill Shepherd
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Phyllis Diller
#13. [On plastic surgery:] When I die, God won't know me. There are no two parts of my body the same age. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Alain De Botton
#14. There is something improbably about the silence in the [subway] carriage, considering how naturally gregarious we are as a species. Still, how much kinder it is for the commuters to pretend to be absorbed in other things, rather than revealing the extent to which they are covertly evaluating, judging, condemning and desiring each other. A few venture a glance here and there, as furtively as birds pecking grain. But only if the train crashed would anyone know for sure who else had been in the carriage, what small parts of the nation's economy had been innocuously seated across the aisle just before the impact: employees of hotels, government ministries, plastic-surgery clinics, fruit nurseries and greetings-card companies. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Joan Rivers
#15. I saw what's going on under my chin. I don't want to be the one the President has to pardon on Thanksgiving. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Charlie Puth
#16. The scar on my eye is a result of the doctor's sewing up my face. It was 450 stitches and plastic surgery. #Quote by Charlie Puth
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Dolly Parton
#17. People say you shouldn't have plastic surgery because if God wanted you another way he would have made you that way, but I say that's a lot of crock. If God didn't want plastic surgeons, he wouldn't have given them hands to work with. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Joe Bob Briggs
Famous Writer needs woman to organize his life and spend his money. Loves to turn off Sunday football and go to the Botanical Gardens with that special someone. Will obtain plastic surgery if necessary. #Quote by Joe Bob Briggs
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Walter Isaacson
#19. I never worried about money. I grew up in a middle-class family, so I never thought I would starve. And I learned at Atari that I could be an okay engineer, so I always knew I could get by. I was voluntarily poor when I was in college and India, and I lived a pretty simple life even when I was working. So I went from fairly poor, which was wonderful, because I didn't have to worry about money, to being incredibly rich, when I also didn't "have to worry about money.
I watched people at Apple who made a lot of money and felt they had to live differently. Some of them bought a Rolls-Royce and various houses, each with a house manager and then someone to manage the house managers. Their wives got plastic surgery and turned into these bizarre people. This was not how I wanted to live. It's crazy. I made a promise to myself that I'm not going to let this money ruin my life."
Excerpt From: Walter, Isaacson. "Steve Jobs." Simon & Schuster, 2011-10-23T21:00:00+00:00. iBooks. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Sofia Vergara
#20. I don't want plastic surgery or fillers or Botox. #Quote by Sofia Vergara
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Faye Wattleton
#21. Being a person who has had plastic surgery and goes to the gym five days a week to work my muscles up so they don't look atrophied as a 60-year-old, I don't disparage people who want to maintain their appearance. But what I don't want is a society that tells me I have to. #Quote by Faye Wattleton
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Nora Ephron
#22. Plastic surgery is a way for people to buy themselves a few years before they have to truly confront what ageing is, which of course is not that your looks are falling apart, but that you are falling apart and some-day you will have fallen apart and ceased to exist. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Dolly Parton
#23. Plastic surgeons are always making mountains out of molehills. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Peter York
#24. I often find myself worrying about celebrities. It's an entirely caring thing; it's not like the people who commission those photographs with cruel arrows to go on the covers of the celebrity magazines. The photographs show botched plastic surgery, raging eczema, weight gain and horrible clothes for maximum schadenfreude. #Quote by Peter York
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Julia Roberts
#25. I want my kids to know when I'm pissed, when I'm happy and when I'm confounded, #Quote by Julia Roberts
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Penelope Cruz
#26. I've seen my grandmothers grow old and they are so beautiful, every wrinkle in their face tells a story. I want to feel that in 30 years. I would always choose that kind of beauty over that comes from having too much done to yourself. #Quote by Penelope Cruz
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Ashlee Simpson
#27. I don't get bothered by people saying what they say. I'm a happy person and I'm happy with my looks. I'm not an insecure person. I believe if somebody chooses plastic surgery it should be for themselves, not for anyone else. #Quote by Ashlee Simpson
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Rebecca De Mornay
#28. I just think that I'll never have plastic surgery if I'm not in front of the camera. If you make your living selling this thing, which is the way you look, then maybe you do it. But trust me, the minute I'm directing or producing and not starring, I would never even think of it. #Quote by Rebecca De Mornay
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Sheryl Crow
#29. I can always tell when people have had plastic surgery. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Marissa Meyer
#30. Many of his coworkers on Luna had made lucrative side businesses offering plastic surgery, melatonin adjustments, and body reconstruction #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Steven Cojocaru
#31. On the red carpet, I saw all these great stories, and I also got to see the plastic surgery up close. #Quote by Steven Cojocaru
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Lorna Landvik
#32. I fear the democratization of plastic surgery, when it's so cheap that everyone - the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker - goes under the knife and winds up looking like these tightly pulled, slightly surprised-looking society and celebrity aliens from Planet Botox. . . . When I was young, I could have bottled up my self-loathing and filled a mile of train cars with it. Now that I'm old, I can't think of anyone I'd rather be than me. . . . That's what we need now: surgeons who can slice away the self-consciousness, the fear, the loneliness, and inject a little hope instead. A little love. Or a doctor who implants only high spirits, penchants for practical jokes, or the ability to cha-cha even to a dirge beat. #Quote by Lorna Landvik
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Heidi Montag
#33. I thought that plastic surgery was easy, but it is really serious and is not something you want to mess around with. #Quote by Heidi Montag
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Khloe Kardashian
#34. I'm proud of myself. I could break and go get all this plastic surgery and get my nose fixed and get lipo or do whatever, but I haven't chosen to do that because I know I'm a great person. I'm pretty damn hot, if you ask me. #Quote by Khloe Kardashian
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Patricia Heaton
#35. Plastic surgery is like a big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room. #Quote by Patricia Heaton
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Joan Rivers
#36. The only way I can get a man to touch me at this age is plastic surgery. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Eliza Doolittle
#37. I really don't think plastic surgery is a good idea. People who've had it done don't look younger or better, they just look like they've had plastic surgery. #Quote by Eliza Doolittle
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Bo Derek
#38. When you look at women who have had plastic surgery, they have lost something - usually an expression, something unique to their face. #Quote by Bo Derek
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#39. Since, in our societies, a gendered division of labor still predominates which confers a male twist on basic liberal categories (autonomy, public activity, competition) and relegates women to the private sector of family solidarity, liberalism itself, in its opposition to private and public, harbors male dominance. Furthermore, it is only modern Western capital culture for which autonomy and individual freedom stand higher than collective solidarity, connection, responsibility for dependent others, the duty to respect the customs of one's community. Liberalism itself thus privileges a certain culture: the modern Western one. As to freedom of choice, liberalism is also marked by a strong bias. It is intolerant when individuals of other cultures are not given freedom of choice-as is evident in issues such as clitoridechtomy, child brideship, infanticide, polygamy, and incest. However, it ignores the tremendous pressure which, for example, compels women in out liberal societies to undergo such procedures as plastic surgery, cosmetic implants, and Botox injections to remain competitive in the sex markets. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Heather Graham
#40. I'd rather look old than look as if I'd had plastic surgery. Sometimes it looks really fake; all people can think about when they look at you is that you've had plastic surgery. #Quote by Heather Graham
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Sharon Stone
#41. You can't treat an illness with cosmetic surgery, and that's why it would be great if there were qualified therapists in plastic surgeons' offices, and that people would go to a therapeutic meeting before plastic surgery. I think that should be part of the FDA requirement. #Quote by Sharon Stone
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Sharon Stone
#42. If you want to have plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, live it up; go ahead and have it. But if you don't want to have it, don't have it. #Quote by Sharon Stone
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#43. Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young. You can fool anyone, apart from the young. The worst are the lip operations. There are people who have it done and I don't recognise them afterwards. They look like they flew through the windscreen during a car accident and were patched up badly afterwards. #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by A.S. King
#44. Your Cat Has More Self Esteem Than I Do
There are no billboards for cats
advertising feline plastic surgery
feline acne gels
feline gastric bands
feline face-lifts.
There are no commercials about
feline makeup
feline sex toys
feline fashion.
There are porn movies with cats,
but no cats watch them. #Quote by A.S. King
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Michael Jackson
#45. You know, let's put it this way, if all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, if they went on vacation, there wouldn't be a person left in town. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Emma Watson
#46. I think the actresses who are really successful are the ones who are comfortable in their own skins and still look human. #Quote by Emma Watson
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Jane Seymour
#47. I find it interesting that 16-year-olds are having plastic surgery. People in their 40s used to think, 'I'm aging, I have to do something about it.' Now children are deciding they don't like the way they look. #Quote by Jane Seymour
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Lady G
#48. You dont need money, or plastic surgery to be a star #Quote by Lady G
Quatela Plastic Surgery quotes by Susan J. Douglas
#49. There were the studies, beginning in 2007, which found that the suicide rate among women who had received breast implants were twice the suicide rate of the general population. So there's an alarming relationship between being deeply unhappy, being unhappy with your body, and having liquid-filled plastic bags surgically inserted into your body that kind of contradicts the whole "boost your self-esteem" line about the real reasons to have cosmetic surgery. #Quote by Susan J. Douglas

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