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Quack Remedies quotes by Daniel Drake
#1. Every quack is, indeed, a demagogue; and relies, for his success on nearly the same arts, with his political and religious, or rather irreligious, brethren. #Quote by Daniel Drake
Quack Remedies quotes by Richard Dawkins
#2. The placebo effect is well documented and not even very mysterious. Dummy pills, with no pharmacological activity at all, demonstrably improve health. That is why double-blind drug trials must use placebos as controls. It's why homoeopathic remedies appear to work, even though they are so dilute that they have the same amount of active ingredient as the placebo control - zero molecules. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Quack Remedies quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#3. Focus on remedies, not faults. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus
Quack Remedies quotes by Timothy Noah
#4. Romney has become reluctant to say that human activity causes global warming, and even in his greener days he was always somewhat cagey about which remedies he'd support. #Quote by Timothy Noah
Quack Remedies quotes by William J.H. Boetcker
#5. Many modern (so-called) Reformers are just as dangerous as the physician who makes a wrong diagnosis of a disease. They see the trouble from without and prescribe external remedies, while the cause of the trouble is within and needs internal treatment. #Quote by William J.H. Boetcker
Quack Remedies quotes by Thomas Piketty
#6. The reality is that extreme inequality recurs again and again; to deal with it, societies need institutions capable of periodically redefining and redistributing property rights. The refusal to do so in as transparent and peaceful a manner as possible only increases the likelihood of more violent but less effective remedies. #Quote by Thomas Piketty
Quack Remedies quotes by Edwin Percy Whipple
#7. What a lesson, indeed, is all history and all life to the folly and fruitlessness of pride! The Egyptian kings had their embalmed bodies preserved in massive pyramids, to obtain an earthly immortality. In the seventeenth century they were sold as quack medicines, and now they are burnt for fuel! The Egyptian mummies, which Cambyses or time hath spared, avarice now consumeth. Mummy is become merchandise. #Quote by Edwin Percy Whipple
Quack Remedies quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#8. [It] is my firm belief that all religions aim at making people better human beings and that, despite philosophical differences, some of them fundamental, they all aim at helping humanity to find happiness. This does not mean that I advocate any kind of world religion or 'super religion.' Rather I look on religion as medicine. For different complaints, doctors will prescribe different remedies. Therefore, because not everyone spiritual 'illness' is the same, different spiritual medicines are requires. #Quote by Dalai Lama XIV
Quack Remedies quotes by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
#9. Let us look at the bright side of life and believe that God means us to be always ascending, always getting nearer to Himself, always learning something new about Him, always loving Him better and better...

It gives one such a conception of the seeming ills of life: to think of Him as our Physician, the ills all remedies, the deprivations only a wholesome regimen, the losses all gains... see how patiently and persistently He tries now this remedy now that, and how infallibly He cures the souls that submit to His remedies, I love Him so!

...I am so astonished that we are restive under His unerring hand! Think how He dealt with me. My soul was sick unto death, sick with worldliness and self-pleasing folly. There was only one way of making me listen to reason and that was just the way He took. He snatched me right out of the world and shut me up in one room, crippled, helpless, and alone and set me to thinking, thinking, thinking till I saw the emptiness and shallowness of all in which I had hitherto been involved. And then He sent you and your mother to show me the reality of life and to reveal to me my invisible, unknown Physician. Can I love Him with half my heart? #Quote by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
Quack Remedies quotes by Ian McGuire
#10. He finds the lying comes easy enough, of course. Words are just noises in a certain order, and he can use them any way he wishes. Pigs grunt, ducks quack, and men tell lies: that is how it generally goes. #Quote by Ian McGuire
Quack Remedies quotes by K. Bromberg
#11. It's not what I think? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck..." I imply with a shrug "...well then you know what they say."
"Nothing hap―"
"Quack! #Quote by K. Bromberg
Quack Remedies quotes by Anton Chekhov
#12. If many remedies are prescribed for an illness, you may be certain that the illness has no cure. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Quack Remedies quotes by George Herbert
#13. Science stands, a too competant servant, behind her wrangling underbred masters, holding out resources, devices, and remedies they are too stupid to use ... And on its material side, a modern Utopia must needs present these gifts as taken. #Quote by George Herbert
Quack Remedies quotes by Astley Cooper
#14. If you are too fond of new remedies, first you will not cure your patients; secondly, you will have no patients to cure. #Quote by Astley Cooper
Quack Remedies quotes by Mariama Ba
#15. The dried blood from the wounds leaves dark and repulsive stains on the ground. Cleaning them up, I think of the identical nature of men: the same red blood irrigating the same organs. These organs, situated in the same places, carry out the same functions. The same remedies cure the same illnesses everywhere under the sun, whether the individual be white or black. Everything united men. Why, then, do they kill each other in ignoble wars for causes that are futile when compared with the massacre of human lives? So many devastating wars! And yet man takes himself to be a superior being. In what way is his intelligence useful to him? His intelligence begets both good and ill, more often ill than good. #Quote by Mariama Ba
Quack Remedies quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#16. [H]e had heard of, but given little credence to, magic. There was always someone talking of folk remedies and charms, but it seemed to him the inclination of fools misunderstanding chance. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Quack Remedies quotes by Aesop
#17. It is easy to propose impossible remedies. The #Quote by Aesop
Quack Remedies quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#18. Hisako Arato...
... is an expert at medicinal cooking!"
Based on both Western and Eastern medicinal practices, it melds together food and pharmaceutical science.
It is a culinary specialty that incorporates natural remedies and Chinese medicine into recipes to promote overall dietary health.
"Besides the four traditional natural remedies, I also added Jiāng Huáng, Dà huí Xiāng, and Xiāo huí Xiāng...
... to create my own original 'Medicinal Spice Mix.'
Steeping them in water for an hour drew out their medicinal properties. Then I added the mutton and various vegetables and boiled them until they were tender. Some Shaoxing wine and a cilantro garnish at the end gave it a strong, refreshing fragrance. "
"That's right! Now that you mention it, there's a whole lot of overlap between medicinal cooking and curry. The medicinal herbs Jiāng Huáng, Dà huí Xiāng, and Xiāo huí Xiāng are commonly called turmeric, star anise and fennel! All three of those are spices any good curry's gotta have!"
"By basing her dish on those spices, she was able to tie her medicinal cooking techniques into the curry. That makes this a dish that only she could create!"
"Yes. This is my version of a Medicinal Curry...
It's called 'Si wu Tang Mutton Curry'!"
"I can feel it! I can feel the healing energies flowing through my body!"
"Delicious! The spices highlight the strong, robust flavor of the mutton perfectly! And the mild s #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Quack Remedies quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#19. Civilization is a hopeless race to discover remedies for the evils it produces. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Quack Remedies quotes by Anthony Liccione
#20. A company of wolves, is better than a company of wolves in sheep's clothing. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Quack Remedies quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#21. for it is precisely the humanity, affability, and brotherly compassion of a doctor which prove the most efficacious remedies for his patients. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Quack Remedies quotes by Sharron Angle
#22. It's good for a country to have a revolution every 20 years. I hope that's not where we're going. But, you know, if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies. #Quote by Sharron Angle
Quack Remedies quotes by Alonzo M. Clark
#23. You may know the intractability of a disease by its long list of remedies. #Quote by Alonzo M. Clark
Quack Remedies quotes by Quintus Curtius Rufus
#24. Doctors cure the more serious diseases with harsh remedies. Curtius Medici graviores morbos asperis remediis curant #Quote by Quintus Curtius Rufus
Quack Remedies quotes by Keith Olbermann
#25. The man who sees absolutes, where all other men see nuances and shades of meaning, is either a prophet, or a quack. #Quote by Keith Olbermann
Quack Remedies quotes by James Callaghan
#26. When we reject unemployment as an economic instrument as we do and when we reject also superficial remedies, as socialists must, then we must ask ourselves unflinchingly what is the cause of high unemployment. Quite simply and unequivocally, it is caused by paying ourselves more than the value of what we produce. There are no scapegoats. #Quote by James Callaghan
Quack Remedies quotes by Hippocrates
#27. Of several remedies, the physician should choose the least sensational. #Quote by Hippocrates
Quack Remedies quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#28. There are several remedies which will cure love, but there are no infallible ones. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Quack Remedies quotes by Clarence Nash
#29. Words were written out for me phonetically. I learned to quack in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and German. #Quote by Clarence Nash
Quack Remedies quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#30. Heroes have gone out; quacks have come in; the reign of quacks has not ended with the nineteenth century. The sceptre is held with a firmer grasp; the empire has a wider boundary. We are all the slaves of quackery in one shape or another. Indeed, one portion of our being is always playing the successful quack to the other. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Quack Remedies quotes by Brandy Purdy
#31. Grief is one illness that defies all remedies; it must ever run its course. #Quote by Brandy Purdy
Quack Remedies quotes by Jerry Vale
#32. Whiskey is by far the most popular of all remedies that won't cure a cold. #Quote by Jerry Vale
Quack Remedies quotes by L. H. Cosway
#33. You're a bit of an odd duck aren't you Freda,' she says, her glasses hanging too low on her nose. 'Quack,' I reply. #Quote by L. H. Cosway
Quack Remedies quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#34. Stories that rise from deep suffering can provide the most potent remedies for past, present, and even future ills. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Quack Remedies quotes by Wendell Berry
#35. A crowd whose discontent has risen no higher than the level of slogans is only a crowd. But a crowd that understands the reasons for its discontent and knows the remedies is a vital community, and it will have to be reckoned with. I would rather go before the government with two people who have a competent understanding of an issue, and who therefore deserve a hearing, than with two thousand who are vaguely dissatisfied.
But even the most articulate public protest is not enough. We don't live in the government or in institutions or in our public utterances and acts, and the environmental crisis has its roots in our lives. By the same token, environmental health will also be rooted in our lives. That is, I take it, simply a fact, and in the light of it we can see how superficial and foolish we would be to think that we could correct what is wrong merely by tinkering with the institutional machinery. The changes that are required are fundamental changes in the way we are living. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Quack Remedies quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#36. When life feels heavy, these two remedies relieve life's complexities: simplicity and purity. Simplicity seeks God. Purity enjoys him. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis

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