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Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by John Fante
#1. Oh, God, help me! And I walked faster, my thoughts pursuing me, and I began to run, my frozen shoes squealing like mice, but running didn't help, the thoughts to the left and right and behind me. But as I ran, The Arm, that good left arm, took hold of the situation and spoke soothingly: ease up, Kid, it's loneliness, you're all alone in the world; your father, your mother, your faith, they can't help you, nobody helps anybody, you only help yourself, and that's why I'm here, because we are inseperable, and we'll take care of everything. #Quote by John Fante
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Ehab Atalla
#2. Success is an addiction. Once you get into the habit of success, you can't stop. #Quote by Ehab Atalla
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by John Di Lemme
#3. What are you doing to serve your customers a little more every day? #Quote by John Di Lemme
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by David Bornstein
#4. Poverty is not only a lack of money, it's a lack of sense of meaning. #Quote by David Bornstein
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Marc Benioff
#5. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started my own software company in high school and went to college to study entrepreneurship. #Quote by Marc Benioff
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Sharad Vivek Sagar
#6. Three Ps that I can't sacrifice: Process, Purpose, and Principles. #Quote by Sharad Vivek Sagar
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Edward Jenner
#7. While the vaccine discovery was progressive, the joy I felt at the prospect before me of being the instrument destined to take away from the world one of its greatest calamities [smallpox], blended with the fond hope of enjoying independence and domestic peace and happiness, was often so excessive that, in pursuing my favourite subject among the meadows, I have sometimes found myself in a kind of reverie. #Quote by Edward Jenner
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Ehab Atalla
#8. There is always something better to do with your time and business. Always look for the next step for growth in your career. #Quote by Ehab Atalla
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Dan Shechtman
#9. I think I can change things for the better in this country. I'm doing it now as well, in many areas, mostly in education, higher education and technological entrepreneurship. But I think I could do a lot more from a presidential position. #Quote by Dan Shechtman
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Bayard Rustin
#10. I would advise those who think that self-help is the answer to familiarize themselves with the long history of such efforts in the Negro community, and to consider why so many foundered on the shoals of ghetto life. It goes without saying that any effort to combat demoralization and apathy is desirable, but we must understand that demoralization in the Negro community is largely a common-sense response to an objective reality. Negro youths have no need of statistics to perceive, fairly accurately, what their odds are in American society. Indeed, from the point of view of motivation, some of the healthiest Negro youngsters I know are juvenile delinquents. Vigorously pursuing the American dream of material acquisition and status, yet finding the conventional means of attaining it blocked off, they do not yield to defeatism but resort to illegal (and often ingenious) methods.... If Negroes are to be persuaded that the conventional path (school, work, etc.) is superior, we had better provide evidence which is now sorely lacking. #Quote by Bayard Rustin
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Omar Hamoui
#11. If someone asks you for something, provide them with a clear "No" or a delivery date. #Quote by Omar Hamoui
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#12. Everybody in life is pursuing money: left, right, charity, nonprofits, everybody's pursuing money. Everybody wants a raise. Everybody wants to improve their standard of living. Everybody wants to be rich, and especially those that go to Washington. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Dana Bate
#13. You can't worry about what other people think you should do. The only way you'll ever be happy or make a real difference is by pursuing the things that motivate you and make you excited to be alive. Life is too short to waste years of it being miserable or asking 'What if? #Quote by Dana Bate
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Milan Kundera
#14. A young woman forced to keep drunks supplied with beer and siblings with clean underwear -instead of being allowed to pursue "something higher"- stores up great reserves of vitality, a vitality never dreamed of by university students yawning over their books. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Claude Bernard
#15. Even mistaken hypotheses and theories are of use in leading to discoveries. This remark is true in all the sciences. The alchemists founded chemistry by pursuing chimerical problems and theories which are false. In physical science, which is more advanced than biology, we might still cite men of science who make great discoveries by relying on false theories. It seems, indeed, a necessary weakness of our mind to be able to reach truth only across a multitude of errors and obstacles. #Quote by Claude Bernard
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Xi Jinping
#16. Pursuing protectionism is just like locking one's self in a dark room: Wind and rain might be kept outside but so are light and air. #Quote by Xi Jinping
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Michael E. Gerber
#17. Your job is to commit to the process of becoming an entrepreneur and then to practice what entrepreneurs do so that entrepreneurship can find you when you've practiced enough to be ready. #Quote by Michael E. Gerber
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Clifford Geertz
#18. What the ethnographer is in fact faced with - except when (as, of course, he must do) he is pursuing the more automatized routines of data collection - is a multiplicity of complex conceptual structures, many of them superimposed upon or knotted into one another, which are at once strange, irregular, and inexplicit, and which he must contrive somehow first to grasp and then to render. And this is true at the most down-to-earth, jungle field work levels of his activity; interviewing informants, observing rituals, eliciting kin terms, tracing property lines, censusing households ... writing his journal. Doing ethnography is like trying to read (in the sense of "construct a reading of") a manuscript - foreign, faded, full of ellipses, incoherencies, suspicious emendations, and tendentious commentaries, but written not in conventionalized graphs of sound but in transient examples of shaped behavior. #Quote by Clifford Geertz
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Osayi Emokpae Lasisi
#19. Why do all this? Because there are people out there who need you, and they will be more than willing to give you what you need so you can give them your best, but if you're busy pursuing everyone, or if you're so drained at the end of the day, you won't be able to be your best and give your best. #Quote by Osayi Emokpae Lasisi
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Dogen
#20. Cease from practice based on intellectual understanding, pursuing words, and following after speech. #Quote by Dogen
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Ed Speleers
#21. My job isn't about pursuing fame and then becoming an actor. It's about becoming an actor, and if fame follows suit, that's fine. #Quote by Ed Speleers
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Richie Norton
#22. Ideas become inventions become innovations. #Quote by Richie Norton
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Steve Wozniak
#23. As soon as he said it was okay to do engineering, that really freed me up. My psychological block was really that I didn't want to start a company. Because I was just afraid. In business and politics, I wasn't going to be a real strong participant. I wasn't going to tell other people how to do things. I wasn't going to run things ever in my life. I was a non-political person and I was a very non-forceful person. It dated back to a lot of things that happened during the Vietnam War. But I just couldn't run a company. #Quote by Steve Wozniak
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Douglas Murray
#24. German philosophy was almost at the very root of the problem. The sense of neurasthenia felt in the late 19th century was in part created by a weariness of philosophy and not only because there was an awareness that there was so much to think about, but because german thought was already characterized by a weightiness that too easily transferred in weariness, and even fatalism. There are of course many reasons for this, but among them is the peculiarly german pursuit of continuously, relentlessly, pursuing ideas to their endpoint; wherever that might lead. This tendency also has an expression in german: Drang nach dem absoluten ('the drive towards the absolute'). Again it is not a phrase that the English or English philosophy would use, but it aptly sums up that habit of pushing and pushing ideas until they can then reach what can then seem to be an unavoidable and even predetermined endpoint. #Quote by Douglas Murray
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Stephen Richards
#25. The police were actually adding to my pain and
suffering by pursuing me. If it had been Huntley doing that to me and I had the proof, I would have said, 'Hey, Mr Policeman, Huntley is giving me trouble here,' and then they might have sent him a letter, at the very least. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Ehab Atalla
#26. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their perceptions of reality. #Quote by Ehab Atalla
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Clarence Thomas
#27. I would walk into the Carnegie Library and I would see the pictures of Booker T. and pictures of Frederick Douglass and I would read. I would go into the Savannah Public Libraries in the stacks and see all of the newspapers from all over the country. Did I dream that I would be on the Supreme Court? No. But I dreamt that there was a world out there that was worth pursuing. #Quote by Clarence Thomas
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
#28. Ultimately I found my community by pursuing what I loved: writing, acting, art, coffeehouses. #Quote by Laurie A. Helgoe
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Miles Anthony Smith
#29. If you don't have paying customers, you have a hobby. #Quote by Miles Anthony Smith
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Preston Sprinkle
#30. If God is God, then He must be transcendent. But what I have a hard time believing is that this same God cares about me. That He delights in me. That He thinks I am more valuable than the hundreds of snowcapped peaks in Colorado. That He can't wait until I wake up so He can see my eyes and hear my voice. That He desires to be in relationship with me - not out of obligation, but out of sheer delight. I know that He is sovereign. But He wants to be my friend? He wants to have a relationship with me? And He wants this so badly that no matter what I do, He will keep on pursuing me, chasing me, and never give up? #Quote by Preston Sprinkle
Pursuing Entrepreneurship quotes by Mark Anthony Peterson
#31. Successful startups are just like jazz bands, masters of improvisation marching to syncopated beats #Quote by Mark Anthony Peterson

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