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Pursues quotes by Samuel Johnson
#1. He that pursues fame with just claims, trusts his happiness to the winds; but he that endeavors after it by false merit, has to fear, not only the violence of the storm, but the leaks of his vessel. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Pursues quotes by Parminder Nagra
#2. Football is a passion that she holds dear to her heart. She's really going for her dream and there are obstacles in the way, but deep down she knows what she wants, and she pursues that. #Quote by Parminder Nagra
Pursues quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#3. As for our pupils talk, let his virtue and his sense of right and wrong shine through it and have no guide but reason. Make him understand that confessing an error which he discovers in his own argument even when he alone has noticed it is an act of justice and integrity, which are the main qualities he pursues; stubbornness and rancour are vulgar qualities, visible in common souls whereas to think again, to change one's mind and to give up a bad case on the heat of the argument are rare qualities showing strength and wisdom. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Pursues quotes by Daniel Webster
#4. A sense of duty pursues us ever. It is omnipresent, like the Deity. If we take to ourselves the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, duty performed or duty violated is still with us, for our happiness or our misery. If we say the darkness shall cover us, in the darkness as in the light our obligations are yet with us. #Quote by Daniel Webster
Pursues quotes by Mark Akenside
#5. Seeks painted trifles and fantastic toys, and eagerly pursues imaginary joys. #Quote by Mark Akenside
Pursues quotes by Anonymous
#6. The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. #Quote by Anonymous
Pursues quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#7. who dignify their paltry employments, and sometimes even their passions, with pompous titles, representing them to mankind as gigantic achievements performed for their welfare and glory. But the man who humbly acknowledges the vanity of all this, who observes with what pleasure the thriving citizen converts his little garden into a paradise, and how patiently even the poor man pursues his weary way under his burden, and how all wish equally to behold the light of the sun a little longer - yes, such a man is at peace, and creates his own world within himself; and he is also happy, because he is a man. And then, however limited his sphere, he still preserves in his bosom the sweet feeling of liberty, and knows that he can quit his prison whenever he likes. May #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Pursues quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#8. It is the courage to make a clean breast of it in the face of every question that makes the philosopher. He must be like Sophocles' Oedipus, who, seeking enlightenment concerning his terrible fate, pursues his indefatigable inquiry even though he divines that appalling horror awaits him in the answer. But most of us carry with us the Jocasta in our hearts, who begs Oedipus, for God's sake, not to inquire further. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Pursues quotes by Jack Nicholson
#9. I've always had lots of friends who share my perspective - I guess you could say that I'm a guy who aggressively pursues his happiness. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Pursues quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#10. With your talents and industry, with science, and that steadfast honesty, which eternally pursues right, regardless of consequences, you may promise yourself everything but health, without which there is no happiness. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Pursues quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#11. Of all kinds of ambition, that which pursues poetical fame is the wildest #Quote by Oliver Goldsmith
Pursues quotes by Henry Clay
#12. Whether we assert our rights by sea, or attempt their maintenance by land whithersoever we turn ourselves, this phantom incessantly pursues us. Already has it had too much influence on the councils of the nation. #Quote by Henry Clay
Pursues quotes by David Mitchell
#13. Yet the way men live is so far removed from the way they ought to live that anyone who abandons what 'is' for what 'should be' pursues his downfall rather than his preservation; #Quote by David Mitchell
Pursues quotes by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
#14. Her eyes pleaded with him to understand, to try. Under that gaze, Eanrin had no option but to sit and stare at the scribbles in the dust, stare with all the intensity a cat can muster. His pupils dilated until the golden irises were like rings of eclipsed sunfire. Imraldera watched him, chewing her bottom lip and waiting.
At last the cat lashed his tail and raised his whiskered face to her. I'm sorry, my girl. It looks to me like the Greater Stick Bug pursues the Lesser Stick Bug over the back of a giant alligator. Can't make a thing of it otherwise. #Quote by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Pursues quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#15. The next time that boy pursues you, he better do it like a dying man looking for water in a desert. When it's the right guy, you'll know, because he'll cherish you. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Pursues quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#16. The merit of painting lies in the exactness of reproduction. Painting is a science and all sciences are based on mathematics. No human inquiry can be a science unless it pursues its path through mathematical exposition and demonstration. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Pursues quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#17. The true idealist pursues what his heart says is right in a way that his head says will work. #Quote by Richard M. Nixon
Pursues quotes by Coventry Patmore
#18. Ah, whither shall a maiden flee, When a bold youth so swift pursues, And siege of tenderest courtesy, With hope perseverant, still renews! #Quote by Coventry Patmore
Pursues quotes by Thomas Paine
#19. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe. Hither have they fled, not from the tender embraces of the mother, but from the cruelty of the monster; and it is so far true of England, that the same tyranny which drove the first emigrants from home, pursues their descendants still. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Pursues quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#20. Not only may you not enter the state without certification: you are, in the eyes of the state, not dead until you are certified dead; and you can be certified dead only by an officer who himself (herself) holds state certification. The state pursues the certification of death with extraordinary thoroughness - witness the dispatch of a host of forensic scientists and bureaucrats to scrutinize and photograph and prod and poke the mountain of human corpses left behind by the great tsunami of December 2004 in order to establish their individual identities. No expense is spared to ensure that the census of subjects shall be complete and accurate.
Whether the citizen lives or dies is not a concern of the state. What matters to the state and its records is whether the citizen is alive or dead. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Pursues quotes by Plato
#21. How singular is the thing called pleasure, and how curiously related to pain, which might be thought to be the opposite of it; for they never come to a man together, and yet he who pursues either of them is generally compelled to take the other. They are two, and yet they grow together out of one head or stem; and I can not help thinking that if Aesop had noticed them, he would have made a fable about God trying to reconcile their strife, and when he could not, he fastened their heads together; and this is the reason why when one comes the other follows, as I find in my own case pleasure comes following after the pain in my leg which was caused by the chain. #Quote by Plato
Pursues quotes by Anonymous
#22. but z he who pursues evil #Quote by Anonymous
Pursues quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#23. which I hoped to make. None but those who have experienced them can conceive of the enticements of science. In other studies you go as far as others have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder. A mind of moderate capacity which closely pursues one study must infallibly arrive at great proficiency in that study; and #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Pursues quotes by Anonymous
#24. The projected cognitive load of potential problem solutions should determine whether one pursues a discourse path that ends up being truthful or deceptive. #Quote by Anonymous
Pursues quotes by Aristotle
#25. There are three kinds of constitution, and an equal number of deviation-forms--perversions, as it were, of them. The constitutions are monarchy, aristocracy, and thirdly that which is based on a property qualification, which it seems appropriate to call timocratic, though most people are wont to call it polity. The best of these is monarchy, the worst timocracy. The deviation from monarchy is tyranny; for both are forms of one-man rule, but there is the greatest difference between them; the tyrant looks to his own advantage, the king to that of his subjects. For a man is not a king unless he is sufficient to himself and excels his subjects in all good things; and such a man needs nothing further; therefore he will not look to his own interests but to those of his subjects; for a king who is not like that would be a mere titular king. Now tyranny is the very contrary of this; the tyrant pursues his own good. And it is clearer in the case of tyranny that it is the worst deviation-form; but it is the contrary of the best that is worst. Monarchy passes over into tyranny; for tyranny is the evil form of one-man rule and the bad king becomes a tyrant. Aristocracy passes over into oligarchy by the badness of the rulers, who distribute contrary to equity what belongs to the city-all or most of the good things to themselves, and office always to the same people, paying most regard to wealth; thus the rulers are few and are bad men instead of the most worthy. Timocracy passes over into #Quote by Aristotle
Pursues quotes by Martin Seligman
#26. The pleasant life: a life that successfully pursues the positive emotions about the present, past, and future. #Quote by Martin Seligman
Pursues quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#27. When you run to that which is not rightfully yours, it flees from you, but when you flee from that which is legitimately yours, it pursues you. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Pursues quotes by William Shakespeare
#28. Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues
Pursuing that that flies, and flying what pursues. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Pursues quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#29. Scripture said that "pride goes before fall". Just let pride go alone. Don't go in its company, else fall pursues both of you! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Pursues quotes by Mona Charen
#30. The notion that the UN is some sort of dispassionate body that, does right and just pursues everybody's best interests is a fantasy. Each individual nation will be pursuing their best interests. That's the normal behavior of nation-states. It shouldn't surprise us, but neither should we go to them for permission to do what's in our national interests. #Quote by Mona Charen
Pursues quotes by Robert Prisig
#31. Or if he takes whatever dull job he's stuck with -- and they are all, sooner or later, dull -- and, just to keep himself amused, starts to look for options of Quality, and secretly pursues these options, just for their own sake, thus making an art out of what he is doing, he's likely to discover that he becomes a much more interesting person and much less of an object to the people around him because his Quality decisions change him too. And not only the job and him, but others too because the Quality tends to fan out like waves. The Quality job he didn't think anyone was going to see is seen, and the person who sees it feels a little better because of it, and is likely to pass that feeling on to others, and in that way the Quality tends to keep on going. #Quote by Robert Prisig
Pursues quotes by Janet Todd
#32. Passion pursues; love surrenders. #Quote by Janet Todd
Pursues quotes by John Piper
#33. God is love precisely because He relentlessly pursues the praises of His name in the hearts of His people. #Quote by John Piper
Pursues quotes by Juvenal
#34. Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove. #Quote by Juvenal
Pursues quotes by Eliot Spitzer
#35. Shareholders have the right and obligation to set the parameters of corporate behavior within which management pursues profit. #Quote by Eliot Spitzer
Pursues quotes by Suzanne Collins
#36. Speeding in to blow us out of the sky? As we travel over District 12, I watch anxiously for signs of an attack, but nothing pursues us. After several minutes, when I hear an exchange between Plutarch and the pilot confirming that the airspace is clear, I begin to #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Pursues quotes by Charles Dickens
#37. Who is Mr. Jasper?"
Rosa turned aside her head in answering: "Eddy's uncle, and my music-master."
"You do not love him?"
"Ugh!" She put her hands up to her face, and shook with fear or horror.
"You know that he loves you?"
"O, don't, don't, don't!" cried Rosa, dropping on her knees, and clinging to her new resource. "Don't tell me of it! He terrifies me. He haunts my thoughts, like a dreadful ghost. I feel that I am never safe from him. I feel as if he could pass in through the wall when he is spoken of." She actually did look round, as if she dreaded to see him standing in the shadow behind her.
"Try to tell me more about it, darling."
"Yes, I will, I will. Because you are so strong. But hold me the while, and stay with me afterwards."
"My child! You speak as if he had threatened you in some dark way."
"He has never spoken to me about - that. Never."
"What has he done?"
"He has made a slave of me with his looks. He has forced me to understand him, without his saying a word; and he has forced me to keep silence, without his uttering a threat. When I play, he never moves his eyes from my hands. When I sing, he never moves his eyes from my lips. When he corrects me, and strikes a note, or a chord, or plays a passage, he himself is in the sounds, whispering that he pursues me as a lover, and commanding me to keep his secret. I avoid his eyes, but he forces me to see them without looking at them. Even when a glaze comes over #Quote by Charles Dickens
Pursues quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
#38. No happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity." The mildness of all government among them, civil or domestic, may be signalised by their idiomatic expressions for such terms as illegal or forbidden - viz., "It is requested not to do so and so." Poverty among the Ana is as unknown as crime; not that property is held in common, or that all are equals in the extent of their possessions or the size and luxury of their habitations: but there being no difference of rank or position between the grades of wealth or the choice of occupations, each pursues his own inclinations without creating envy or vying; some like a modest, some a more splendid kind of life; each makes himself happy in his own way. Owing to this absence of competition, and the limit placed on the population, it is difficult for a family to fall into distress; there are no hazardous speculations, no emulators striving for superior wealth and rank. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Pursues quotes by Edward T. Welch
#39. With this? Do you live as if this is true? Let's keep going. The Bible isn't just about heaven and only for the by-and-by. It is gritty and real. It is about messed-up people and the way God pursues them. The Bible describes real life - with its ups and downs and our stubborn quests for independence - better than anything #Quote by Edward T. Welch
Pursues quotes by Bill Mills
#40. We have often done well knowing the mind of God in our churches today. We have not done as well knowing His heart. We have largely become a church that pursues insights, principles, and theological concepts. No other church in history has had sounder theology or has known as much about God as many of our churches do today. However, we seem to know so little about His heart.

Maybe this has troubled you, too. With all our insight, all our knowledge, all our information, and all our depth of theology, we seem to have so much difficulty functioning in the most basic Christian things, like personal holiness and loving people more than things. In our churches we are so easily hurt, and we hold on to those hurts for so long. We easily walk away from one another and quickly leave our churches when we experience disappointments and failures. There is often much judging and little compassion. Too many people remain alone in their pain.

God desires to reveal His heart to us and to build His heart into us as we seek His face. Insight alone does not transform us; only the things that flow from the heart of God transform the lives of people. As God opens His heart to be known by us and as He builds His heart into us, His love will flow through us to those who are in desperate need of His forgiveness, His compassion, His healing, and His life. #Quote by Bill Mills
Pursues quotes by Lord Byron
#41. What exile from himself can flee? To zones, though more and more remote, Still, still pursues, where'er I be, The blight of life
the demon Thought. #Quote by Lord Byron
Pursues quotes by Plato
#42. Socrates sat up on the bed, bent his leg and rubbed it with his hand,
and as he rubbed he said: "What a strange thing that which men call
pleasure seems to be, and how astonishing the relation it has with what
is thought to be its opposite, namely pain! A man cannot have both at the
same time. Yet if he pursues and catches the one, he is almost always
bound to catch the other also, like two creatures with one head. I think
c that if Aesop had noted this he would have composed a fable that a god
wished to reconcile their opposition but could not do so, so he joined their
two heads together, and therefore when a man has the one, the other
follows later. This seems to be happening to me. My bonds caused pain
in my leg, and now pleasure seems to be following. #Quote by Plato
Pursues quotes by C. G. Jung
#43. The living spirit grows and even outgrows its earlier forms of expression; it freely chooses the human beings who proclaim it and in which it lives. This living spirit is eternally renewed and pursues its goal in manifold and inconceivable ways throughout the history of humankind. Measured against it, the names and forms which men have given it mean very little: They are only the changing leaves and blossoms on the stem of the eternal tree. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Pursues quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#44. Allowing a friend to careen toward self destruction is not friendship. That is a habit the United States needs to break as it pursues a richer and more deeply supportive relationship with Israel. #Quote by Stephen Kinzer
Pursues quotes by Jonathan Swift
#45. That incessant envy wherewith the common rate of mankind pursues all superior natures to their own. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Pursues quotes by Leeman Bennett
#46. A winner is someone who sets their goals, commits themselves to those goals and then pursues their goals with all the ability that is given to them. That requires someone who beleives in themselves, who will make self sacrifices, work hard, and maintain the determination to perform at the best of their ability. #Quote by Leeman Bennett
Pursues quotes by Imre Kertesz
#47. I have felt that some sort of awful shame is attached to my name and that I have somehow brought this shame along from somewhere I have never been, and that I have carried this sin as my sin even though I have never committed it; this sin pursues me all my life, which life is undoubtedly not my own even thought I live it , I suffer from it die of it. #Quote by Imre Kertesz
Pursues quotes by Ilchi Lee
#48. Absolute values are the things that are important whether you like them or not. Relative values depend on social contexts and personal preferences and conditions of life. Our current market system pursues relative transient values at the cost of absolute lasting values. #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Pursues quotes by Bob Goff
#49. I used to think JESUS motivated us with ultimatums, but now I know He pursues us in LOVE. #Quote by Bob Goff
Pursues quotes by Matt Chandler
#50. God has seen our unloveliness - the deep brokenness and rebellion in our hearts - and instead of withdrawing, he pursues us to the beautiful end. He made an eternal commitment to sinners because of his great love for us. And because grace is true, you can face the world with all of its dangers and troubles, knowing you have been established forever as blameless by the holy groom, Jesus Christ. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Pursues quotes by Maxim Gorky
#51. The higher goal a person pursues, the quicker his ability develops, and the more beneficial he will become to the society. I believe for sure that this is also a truth. #Quote by Maxim Gorky
Pursues quotes by John G. Stackhouse Jr.
#52. Among those ways and thoughts of God, then, is the principle of accommodation. God works within human limitations - both individual and corporate - to transform the world according to his good purposes. To be blunt, God works with what he's got and with what we've got. He does not create a whole new situation but instead graciously pursues shalom in the glory and the mess we have made. The living water of the Holy Spirit pours over the extant topography of the social landscape and rarely sweeps all before it. The Spirit usually conforms himself to the contours he encounters. But as he does so, like an irresistible flow of water, he shapes them by and by, eventually making the crooked ways straight and the rough places a plain (Isa. 40:3-4). #Quote by John G. Stackhouse Jr.
Pursues quotes by John Bolton
#53. Everybody pursues their national interests. The only one who gets blamed for it is the United States. #Quote by John Bolton
Pursues quotes by Robert S. De Ropp
#54. The essence nature of the Brahmin is an urge to know the truth ... the true Brahmin pursues truth at all costs and will not permit considerations of comfort or convenience to stand in his way. His most outstanding characteristic is his objectivity, his ability to rise above the dust of the arena, to resist the hypnotising effects of words and the blind passion of cults, political or religious. #Quote by Robert S. De Ropp
Pursues quotes by Jennifer Smith
#55. God wants a companionship with you, as well. He wants to cultivate an intimate relationship with you, and He longs for you to join Him. He pursues you as a gentlemen pursues a woman. He impresses you with creation, magnificent sunsets, brilliant flowers, and powerful seas. He woos you with poetic language, sweet aromas, and courts you with His Holy Spirit. Be still, look around you , see how the Lord is pursuing you! #Quote by Jennifer Smith
Pursues quotes by William Ernest Hocking
#56. Pure community is a matter of no interest to any will; but a community which pursues a common good is of supreme interest to all wills; and what we have here said is that whatever the nature of that common good ... it must contain the development of individual powers, as a prior condition for all other goods. #Quote by William Ernest Hocking
Pursues quotes by Xenophon
#57. Just as the various trades are most highly developed in large cities, in the same way food at the palace is prepared in a far superior manner. In small towns the same man makes couches, doors, ploughs and tables, and often he even builds houses, and still he is thankful if only he can find enough work to support himself. And it is impossible for a man of many trades to do all of them well. In large cities, however, because many make demands on each trade, one alone is enough to support a man, and often less than one: for instance one man makes shoes for men, another for women, there are places even where one man earns a living just by mending shoes, another by cutting them out, another just by sewing the uppers together, while there is another who performs none of these operations but assembles the parts, Of necessity, he who pursues a very specialized task will do it best. #Quote by Xenophon
Pursues quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#58. Christianity has a hunter's instinct for finding out all those who by one means or another may be driven to despair -although only a part of mankind is capable of such despair. Christianity lies in wait for such as those and pursues them #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Pursues quotes by Theodore J. Kaczynski
#59. A surrogate activity is an activity that is directed toward an artificial goal that the individual pursues for the sake of the "fulfillment" that he gets from pursuing the goal, not because he needs to attain the goal itself. For instance, there is no practical motive for building enormous muscles, hitting a little ball into a hole or acquiring a complete series of postage stamps. Yet many people in our society devote themselves with passion to bodybuilding, golf or stamp-collecting. Some people are more "other-directed" than others, and therefore will more readily attach importance to a surrogate activity simply because the people around them treat it as important or because society tells them it is important. That is why some people get very serious about essentially trivial activities such as sports, or bridge, or chess, or arcane scholarly pursuits, whereas others who are more clear-sighted never see these things as anything but the surrogate activities that they are, and consequently never attach enough importance to them to satisfy their need for the power process in that way. #Quote by Theodore J. Kaczynski
Pursues quotes by Whitney Capps
#60. Consider these differences: Self help depends on my efforts to get where I need to go, sanctification asks God to do what only He can, and then equips me to do what I can in response. Self help focuses on my definition on healthy, helpful, good and wise. Sanctification allows scripture to define the virtues I ought to pursue and display. Self help believes my life is my own, sanctification says that my life is God's and He determines my purpose and path. Self help asserts that knowing my worth and value gives my life meaning, but sanctification moves me to find my worth in what Jesus paid for me. Self help pursues good things, sanctification chases God things. Self help strives to make my life easier, sanctification is submitting to a life that may be harder, but better. Self help has me at the center, sanctification has God at the center. Self help's end game is my happiness, sanctification's goal is my holiness. #Quote by Whitney Capps
Pursues quotes by Russell Kirk
#61. The word 'philosopher' means 'lover of wisdom.' Also there is a Greek word to describe the philosopher's opponent: that word is 'philodoxer,' meaning 'lover of opinion'--that is, an opinionated man suffering from vain wishes, who passionately pursues illusion. Out of the doxa, the false opinion fanatically held, comes disorder in the soul and disorder in the body politic. #Quote by Russell Kirk
Pursues quotes by John Dolan
#62. Some of the streets are, however, genuinely narrow. These same streets may not be filled with machine-gun fire and the dramatic screech of violins, but they overflow with the invisible and innumerable longings of the human heart. Love continues to minister here, but betrayal still wears its perfidious face, hatred hollows out the weak man's breast, revenge pursues its self-defeating course; and the unfulfilled dreams of the multitude haunt the island like so many hungry ghosts. #Quote by John Dolan
Pursues quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#63. There are two kinds of suffering in this life. That which pursues us and that which we doggedly pursue. #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Pursues quotes by Sidney Jourard
#64. Learning is not a task or a problem-it is a way to be in the world. Man learns as he pursues goals and projects that have meaning for him. #Quote by Sidney Jourard
Pursues quotes by Anonymous
#65. God's Love EXPLANATION: Just as Hosea went after his unfaithful wife to bring her back, so the Lord pursues us with his love. His love is tender, loyal, unchanging, and undying. No matter what, God still loves us. IMPORTANCE: Have you forgotten God and become disloyal to him? Don't let prosperity diminish your love for him or let success blind you to your need for his love. Restoration EXPLANATION: Although God will discipline his people for sin, he encourages and restores those who have repented. True repentance opens the way to a new beginning. God forgives and restores. IMPORTANCE: There is still hope for those who turn back to God. No loyalty, achievement, or honor can be compared to loving him. Turn to the Lord while the offer is still good. No matter how far you have strayed, God is willing to forgive you. #Quote by Anonymous
Pursues quotes by Pearl Zhu
#66. An excellence mind pursues perfecting, not perfection. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Pursues quotes by Emil M. Cioran
#67. Each of us believes, quite unconsciously of course, that he alone pursues the truth, which the rest are incapable of seeking out and unworthy of attaining. This madness is so deep-rooted and so useful that it is impossible to realize what would become of each of us if it were someday to disappear. #Quote by Emil M. Cioran
Pursues quotes by Richard Baxter
#68. Let no man think to kill sin with few, easy, or gentle strokes. He who hath once smitten a serpent, if he follow not on his blow until it be slain, may repent that ever he began the quarrel. And so he who undertakes to deal with sin, and pursues it not constantly to the death. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Pursues quotes by Yvon Chouinard
#69. A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both. #Quote by Yvon Chouinard
Pursues quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#70. The artist's knowledge of his own creative nature is often unconscious; he pursues his mysterious way of life in a strange innocence. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Pursues quotes by Rick Springfield
#71. When someone pursues music through your music, that's the greatest accolade anybody can get. #Quote by Rick Springfield
Pursues quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#72. Who knows you more ... your friend or your enemy? It's your enemy that pursues with passion while your friend engages at leisure. #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Pursues quotes by Kenneth Waltz
#73. Each state pursues its own interest's, however defined, in ways it judges best. Force is a means of achieving the external ends of states because there exists no consistent, reliable process of reconciling the conflicts of interest that inevitably arise among similar units in a condition of anarchy. #Quote by Kenneth Waltz
Pursues quotes by Stephen Fry
#74. I think Eros should be dirty. In Greek legend, as I'm sure you are aware, he fell in love with the minor deity Psyche. It was the Greek way of saying that, in spite of what it may believe, Love pursues the Soul, not the body; the Erotic desires the Psychic. If Love was clean and wholesome he wouldn't lust after Psyche. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Pursues quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
#75. Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because ... No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start war. War will never cease to exist ... reasons can be thought up after the fact ... Human nature pursues strife. #Quote by Masashi Kishimoto
Pursues quotes by Vernon Howard
#76. The truth that frees us into health and happiness might be likened to a beautiful woman with a dozen ardent suitors. She asks, "Do you love me above all else, or are you merely seeking a new thrill?" Or, "Will you be faithful to me in spite of temptations?" Or, "Do you want me for myself, or merely to prove how persuasive you are?" The man who gives the right answers will hear the truth respond. She never fails the man who pursues her with ardent sincerity and affection. When he places her before all else, she willingly comes to him. #Quote by Vernon Howard
Pursues quotes by Urs Allemann
#77. I'd like to return to prose after a fifteen-year hiatus. An epistolary novella maybe. A man went into the mountains fifteen years ago to write the following letter to a woman: "Dear B., I'd like to strike you down with an iron rod. Maybe I love you. If you feel the same way and your wishes conform to mine, then please please get in touch with me posthaste. We'll discuss this matter together and make the necessary arrangements if everything works out. With warm wishes, Your Bernd." The letter is, however, never mailed and never written. In further letters to B. from Bernd, he pursues, among other things, the question: why? The last letter could be the one in which Bernd lets B. know that the matter has been settled since he has just been struck down by a group of women with iron rods. #Quote by Urs Allemann
Pursues quotes by Harold Holzer
#78. Horace Greeley pursues temperance to extravagance." Lord Acton #Quote by Harold Holzer
Pursues quotes by David Mitchell
#79. Men have imagined republics and principalities that never really existed at all. Yet the way men live is so far removed from the way they ought to live that anyone who abandons what 'is' for what 'should be' pursues his downfall rather than his preservation; for a man who strives after goodness in all his acts is sure to come to ruin, since there are so many men who are not good. #Quote by David Mitchell
Pursues quotes by Israel Regardie
#80. According to the traditional philosophy of the Magicians, every man is a unique autonomous center of individual consciousness, energy, and will - a soul, in a word. Like a star shining and existing by its own inward light, it pursues its way in the star-spangled heavens, solitary, uninterfered with, except in so far as its heavenly course is gravitationally modified by the presence, near or far, of other stars. Since in the vast stellar spaces seldom are there conflicts between the celestial bodies, unless one happens to stray from its appointed course - a very rare occurrence - so in the realms of humankind there would lie no chaos, little conflict, and no mutual disturbance were each individual content to be grounded in the reality of his own high consciousness, aware of his ideal nature In the his true purpose in life, and eager to pursue the road which he must follow. Because men have strayed from the dynamic sources inhering within themselves and the universe, and have forsaken their true spiritual wills, because they have divorced themselves from the celestial essences, betrayed by a mess of more sickly pottage than ever Jacob did sell to Esau, the world in this day presents a people with so hopeless an aspect, and a humanity impressed with so despondent a mien. Ignorance of the course of the celestial orbit, and the significance of that orbit inscribed in the skies forever, is the root which is at the bottom of universal dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and race-nostalgia #Quote by Israel Regardie
Pursues quotes by John Gardner
#81. What the young writer needs to develop, to achieve his goal of becoming a great artist, is not a set of aesthetic laws but artistic mastery. He cannot hope to develop mastery all at once; it involves too much. But if he pursues his goal in the proper way, he can approach it much more rapidly than he would if he went at it hit-or-miss, and the more successful he is at each stage along the way, the swifter his progress is likely to be. Invariably when the beginning writer hands in a short story to his writing teacher, the story has many things about it that mark it as amateur. But almost as invariably, when the beginning writer deals with some particular, small problem, such as description of a setting, description of a character, or brief dialogue that has some definite purpose, the quality of the work approaches the professional. Having written some small thing very well, he begins to learn confidence. #Quote by John Gardner
Pursues quotes by Jeanne Hyvrard
#82. They say there should be no crying out. They say what they had closed should not have been reopened. They say that's why they locked you up.
They're right. I'm going to die of these words. I'm going to die of being closed in. I don't want to. It's too late. There should be no consent. But I'm not the one. I'm not the one who cries out. I'm not the one who writes. I'm another woman. She lives in my body. She doesn't have my horrid severed fingers. She loves the fields and the rivers. She loves the baskets and the cherries. She loves them so much that she wants to join them, be one with them. Her name is eternity. She's called memory. She's called death. She pursues me. She clings to me. She talks to me of former times. She talks to me of before. She settles down in me. She grows there. She invades my flesh. She takes my life. #Quote by Jeanne Hyvrard
Pursues quotes by Joe Biden
#83. President Putin continues to call for new peace plans as his troops roll through the Ukrainian countryside and he absolutely ignores every agreement that his country has signed in the past and he has signed recently, we, the United States, and Europe as a whole, have to stand with Ukraine at this moment. Ukraine needs our financial assistance and support as it pursues reforms and even in the face, in the face of this military onslaught. #Quote by Joe Biden
Pursues quotes by George Sheehan
#84. I am a lonely figure when I run the roads. People wonder how far I have come, how far I have to go. They see me alone and friendless on a journey that has no visible beginning or end. I appear isolated and vulnerable, a homeless creature. It is all they can do to keep from stopping the car and asking if they can take me wherever I'm going.
I know this because I feel it myself. When I see the runner I have much the same thoughts. No matter how often I run the roads myself, I am struck by how solitary my fellow runner appears. The sight of a runner at dusk or in inclement weather makes me glad to be safe and warm in my car and headed for home. And at those times, I wonder how I can go out there myself, how I can leave the comfort and warmth and that feeling of intimacy and belonging, to do this distracted thing.
But when finally I am there, I realise it is not comfort and warmth I am leaving, not intimacy and belonging I am giving up, but the loneliness that pursues me this day and every day. I know that the real loneliness, the real isolation, the real vulnerability, begins long before I put on my running shoes. #Quote by George Sheehan
Pursues quotes by Vash Young
#85. It often happens that the man who pursues the dollar too diligently finds it hard to catch, but if he will pursue some other and better goal, dollars come around to see what sort of fellow he is. #Quote by Vash Young
Pursues quotes by Nick Land
#86. All health, beauty, intelligence, and social grace has been teased from a vast butcher's yard of unbounded carnage, requiring incalculable eons of massacre to draw forth even the subtlest of advantages. This is not only a matter of the bloody grinding mills of selection, either, but also of the innumerable mutational abominations thrown up by the madness of chance, as it pursues its directionless path to some negligible preservable trait, and then - still further - of the unavowable horrors that 'fitness' (or sheer survival) itself predominantly entails. We are a minuscule sample of agonized matter, comprising genetic survival monsters, fished from a cosmic ocean of vile mutants, by a pitiless killing machine of infinite appetite. (This is still, perhaps, to put an irresponsibly positive spin on the story, but it should suffice for our purposes here.) #Quote by Nick Land
Pursues quotes by John Milton
#87. I thence invoke my thy aid to my adventurous song, That with no middle flight intends to soar above the Aonian mount, while it pursues Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme. #Quote by John Milton
Pursues quotes by Paulo Coelho
#88. Sometimes Evil pursues the Warrior of the Light, and when it does, he calmly invites it into his tent. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Pursues quotes by John  Williams
#89. William Stoner entered the University of Missouri as a freshman in the year 1910, at the age of nineteen. Eight years later, during the height of World War I, he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree and accepted an instructorship at the same University, where he taught until his death in 1956. He did not rise above the rank of assistant professor, and few students remembered him with any sharpness after they had taken his courses. When he died his colleagues made a memorial contribution of a medieval manuscript to the University library. This manuscript may still be found in the Rare Books Collection, bearing the inscription: 'Presented to the Library of the University of Missouri, in memory of William Stoner, Department of English. By his colleagues.'

An occasional student who comes upon the name may wonder idly who William Stoner was, but he seldom pursues his curiosity beyond a casual questions. Stoner's colleagues, who held him in no particular esteem when he was alive, speak of him rarely now; to the older ones, his name is a reminder of the end that awaits them all, and to the younger ones it is merely a sound which evokes no sense of the past and no identity with which they can associate themselves or their careers. #Quote by John Williams
Pursues quotes by Munindra Misra
#90. Who understands quickly, pursues objects with judgment, listens patiently,
Wastes not breathe on others affairs; possess foremost mark of wisdom truly.
[25] - 33 Mahatma Vidur #Quote by Munindra Misra
Pursues quotes by Thomas Van Nortwick
#91. To grow up, a man must stand apart not only from his mother but from his fellows. Human achievement, according to this perspective, is always to be measured in difference, who is the fastest, the most handsome, the richest. The quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon highlights this way of looking at human achievement. Not only do the two men compete for the most honor, symbolized by possessions, but they see their contest as a zero-sum game. That is, they - and all the other warriors - assume that there is a finite amount of honor available, so that if one man gets more, then someone else gets less.

Achilles, with his semidivine nature and abundant physical gifts, would seem to be an example of a man fully equipped for success in this system. And yet, Achilles does not prosper in the world of the poem. As he pursues honor and status among his fellows, he becomes more and more isolated, the price of distinction in a competitive society. #Quote by Thomas Van Nortwick
Pursues quotes by Mike Lofgren
#92. Let's face it: The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense. It is an oligarchy with a well-developed public relations strategy designed to soothe and anesthetize its followers with appeals to tradition, security, and family even as it pursues a radical agenda that would transform the country into a Dickensian corporatocracy at home and a belligerent military empire abroad. #Quote by Mike Lofgren
Pursues quotes by Madame De Stael
#93. The face of a woman, whatever be the force or extent of her mind, whatever be the importance of the object she pursues, is always an obstacle or a reason in the story of her life. #Quote by Madame De Stael
Pursues quotes by Elfriede Jelinek
#94. Strictly speaking, there are no holidays for art; art pursues you everywhere, and that's just fine with the artist. #Quote by Elfriede Jelinek
Pursues quotes by Robert South
#95. In all worldly things that a man pursues with the greatest eagerness he finds not half the pleasure in the possession that he proposed to himself in the expectation. #Quote by Robert South
Pursues quotes by Bertrand Russell
#96. The man who pursues happiness wisely will aim at the possession of a number of subsidiary interests in addition to those central ones upon which his life is built. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Pursues quotes by Hannah Arendt
#97. Thought and cognition are not the same. Thought, the source of art works, is manifest without transformation or transfiguration in all great philosophy, whereas the chief manifestation of the cognitive processes, by which we acquire and store up knowledge, is the sciences. Cognition always pursues a definite aim, which can be set by practical considerations as well as by "idle curiosity"; but once this aim is reached, the cognitive process has come to an end. Thought, on the contrary, has neither an end nor an aim outside itself, and it does not even produce results; not only the utilitarian philosophy of homo faber but also the men of action and the lovers of results in the sciences have never tired of pointing out how entirely "useless" thought is - as useless, indeed, as the works of art it inspires. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Pursues quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#98. And he who pursues pleasure will not abstain from injustice, and this is plainly impiety. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Pursues quotes by Lev Shestov
#99. It is not man who pursues truth, but truth man. #Quote by Lev Shestov
Pursues quotes by Steven Erikson
#100. Show me a mortal who is not pursued, and I'll show you a corpse. Every hunter is hunted, every mind that knows itself has stalkers. We drive and are driven. The unknown pursues the ignorant, the truth assails every scholar wise enough to know his ignorance, for that is the meaning of unknowable truths. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Pursues quotes by Susan Sontag
#101. Ours is an age which consciously pursues health, and yet only believes in the reality of sickness. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Pursues quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#102. Must it ever be thus-that the source of our happiness must also be the fountain of our misery? The full and ardent sentiment which animated my heart with the love of nature, overwhelming me with a torrent of delight, and which brought all paradise before me, has now become an insupportable torment, a demon which perpetually pursues and harrasses me. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Pursues quotes by R.C. Sproul
#103. God delights to hear the prayers of His people when they individually ask, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" The Christian pursues God, looking for His marching orders, seeking to know what course of action
is pleasing to Him. This search for the will of God is a holy quest-a pursuit that is to be undertaken with vigor by the godly person. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Pursues quotes by Stefan Zweig
#104. Fear is a distorting mirror in which anything can appear as a caricature of itself, stretched to terrible proportions; once inflamed, the imagination pursues the craziest and most unlikely possibilities. What is most absurd suddenly seems the most probable. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Pursues quotes by Paul Verlaine
#105. The rosy hearth, the lamplight's narrow beam,
The meditation that is rather dream,
With looks that lose themselves in cherished looks;
The hour of steaming tea and banished books;
The sweetness of the evening at an end,
The dear fatigue, and right to rest attained,
And worshipped expectation of the night,
Oh, all these things, in unrelenting flight,
My dream pursues through all the vain delays,
Impatient of the weeks, mad at the days! #Quote by Paul Verlaine
Pursues quotes by Jo Graham
#106. Yet I feel like Theseus running madly through the coils of the labyrinth with horrors following at my heels and every twist bringing a new and dreaded sight. I dream and it pursues me I am sunk so far in horror heaped upon horror that I cannot taste wine or see the sun above. The world has ended and I don't know why I yet Live #Quote by Jo Graham
Pursues quotes by Jonathan Swift
#107. Careful observers may foretell the hour
(By sure prognostics) when to dread a show'r.
While rain depends, the pensive cat gives o'er
Her frolics, and pursues her tail no more. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Pursues quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#108. Once you admit that the individual is merely a means to serve the ends of the higher entity called society or the nation, most of those features of totalitarian regimes which horrify us follow of necessity. From the collectivist standpoint intolerance and brutal suppression of dissent, the complete disregard of the life and happiness of the individual, are essential and unavoidable consequences of this basic premise, and the collectivist can admit this and at the same time claim that his system is superior to one in which the "selfish" interests of the individual are allowed to obstruct the full realisation of the ends the community pursues. #Quote by Friedrich Hayek
Pursues quotes by M.R. Carey
#109. She speculates for the first time on what Melanie could have been, could have become, if she'd lived before the Breakdown. If she'd never been bitten and infected. Because this is a child here, whatever else she is, and she's never lost that sense of her own centre before except when she smelled blood and turned, briefly into an animal. And look at how pragmatically, how ruthlessly, she's coped with that. But Justineau only pursues this train of thought for a moment. When Melanie starts to speak, she commands their full attention. "I #Quote by M.R. Carey
Pursues quotes by Amy Fenton Lee
#110. It is important that the church think outside the box, actively pursuing a relationship with the family, just as Jesus Christ pursues a relationship with each of us. #Quote by Amy Fenton Lee
Pursues quotes by Albert Camus
#111. Absurdism, like methodical doubt, has wiped the slate clean. It leaves us in a blind alley. But, like methodical doubt, it can, by returning upon itself, open up a new field of investigation, and in the process of reasoning then pursues the same course. I proclaim that I believe in nothing and that everything is absurd, but I cannot doubt the validity of my proclamation and I must at least believe in my protest. #Quote by Albert Camus
Pursues quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#112. …it is far too simplistic to claim that the specter of this self-engendering monster pursuing its ends regardless of any human or environmental concern is an ideological abstraction, and to insist that one should never forget that, behind this abstraction, lie real people and natural objects on whose productive capacities and resources capital's circulation is based and on which it feeds like a gigantic parasite. (…) the fate of whole swathes of society and sometimes of whole countries can be decided by the speculative dance of Capital, which pursues its goal of profitability with a blessed indifference to how its movements will affect social reality. Therein resides the fundamental systemic violence of capitalism, (…) its violence is no longer attributable to concrete individuals with their "evil" intentions, but is purely "objective", systemic, anonymous - quite literally a conceptual violence, the violence of a Concept whose self-deployment rules and regulates social reality. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Pursues quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
#113. Every consciousness pursues the death of the other. #Quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Pursues quotes by Roland Barthes
#114. The pleasure of the text is that moment when my body pursues its own ideas - for my body does not have the same ideas as I do. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Pursues quotes by E.F. Schumacher
#115. Is there enough to go around? What is enough? Who can tell us? Certainly not the economist who pursues economic growth as the highest of all values, and therefore has no concept of enough. #Quote by E.F. Schumacher
Pursues quotes by Leon Wieseltier
#116. What matters to me is that one identifies one's genuine obsessions, one's genuine commitments, one's genuine appetites, one pursues them seriously and far. #Quote by Leon Wieseltier
Pursues quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#117. Not the least of the torments which plague our existence is the constant pressure of time, which never lets us so much as draw breath but pursues us all like a taskmaster with a whip. It ceases to persecute only him it has delivered over to boredom. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Pursues quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#118. The Same
(As revised by Mr. C.D. Locock.)

Melodious Arethusa, o'er my verse
Shed thou once more the spirit of thy stream:

(Two lines missing.)

Who denies verse to Gallus? So, when thou
Glidest beneath the green and purple gleam
Of Syracusan waters, mayest thou flow
Unmingled with the bitter Dorian dew!
Begin, and whilst the goats are browsing now
The soft leaves, in our song let us pursue
The melancholy loves of Gallus. List!
We sing not to the deaf: the wild woods knew
His sufferings, and their echoes answer...
Young Naiades, in what far woodlands wild
Wandered ye, when unworthy love possessed
Our Gallus? Nor where Pindus is up-piled,
Nor where Parnassus' sacred mount, nor where
Aonian Aganippe spreads its...

(Three lines missing.)

The laurels and the myrtle-copses dim,
The pine-encircled mountain, Maenalus,
The cold crags of Lycaeus weep for him.

(Several lines missing.)

'What madness is this, Gallus? thy heart's care,
Lycoris, mid rude camps and Alpine snow,
With willing step pursues another there.'

(Some lines missing.)

And Sylvan, crowned with rustic coronals,
Came shaking in his speed the budding wands
And heavy lilies which he bore: we knew
Pan the Arcadian with....
...and said,
'Wilt thou not ever cease? Love cares not.
The meadows with fresh #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Pursues quotes by Edward T. Welch
#119. Once we get over the mild jolt to our pride - I would like my spouse to love me because she thinks I am the greatest male alive - we couldn't ask for anything better. The character of God is the basis for our connection to him, not our intrinsic worth. Self-worth, or anything we think would make us acceptable to God, would suit our pride but it has the disturbing side-effect of making the cross of Jesus Christ less valuable. If we have worth in ourselves, there is no reason to connect to the infinite worth of Jesus and receive what he has done for us. So if you feel unworthy of God's love, you can turn in one of two directions. You can turn inward, in which case you are looking for a little self-worth to bring to the Lord, and that is pride. Or you can turn to him and discover that he has a heart for the unworthy. He pursues those who, like Hagar, have no glory or honor in themselves. #Quote by Edward T. Welch
Pursues quotes by Robert Kennedy
#120. When you teach a man to hate and to fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser man because of his color, or his beliefs or the policies that he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you, threaten your freedom or your job or your home or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens, but as enemies. #Quote by Robert Kennedy
Pursues quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#121. Our inward power, when it obeys nature, reacts to events by accommodating itself to what it faces - to what is possible. It needs no specific material. It pursues its own aims as circumstances allow; it turns obstacles into fuel. As a fire overwhelms what would have quenched a lamp. What's thrown on top of the conflagration is absorbed, consumed by it - and makes it burn still higher. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Pursues quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#122. A Thoroughbred racehorse is one of God's most impressive engines. Tipping the scales at up to 1,450 pounds, he can sustain speeds of forty miles per hour. Equipped with reflexes much faster than those of the most quick-wired man, he swoops over as much as twenty-eight feet of earth in a single stride, and corners on a dime. His body is a paradox of mass and lightness, crafted to slip through air with the ease of an arrow. His mind is impressed with a single command: run. He pursues speed with superlative courage, pushing beyond defeat, beyond exhaustion, sometimes beyond the structural limits of bone and sinew. In flight, he is nature's ultimate wedding of form and purpose. #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
Pursues quotes by Yann Martel
#123. There are many ways in which life's little candle can be snuffed out. A cold wind pursues us all. #Quote by Yann Martel
Pursues quotes by Paul Valery
#124. We are wont to condemn self-love; but what we really mean to condemn is contrary to self-love. It is that mixture of selfishness and self-hate that permanently pursues us, that prevents us from loving others, and that prohibits us from losing ourselves. #Quote by Paul Valery
Pursues quotes by Miguel Serrano
#125. Lovers who only pursue the joys of visible flesh have never succeeded in becoming united, nor in loving each other. When they lie side by side in their beds, they are nevertheless far apart, separated by an impassable thread of air, by the sword of forgetfulness; because they will never dream the same dream. Each of them pursues his solitary road, without his companion. Only when lovers are capable of dreaming the same dream are they truly Lovers. When they love one another in their dreams. #Quote by Miguel Serrano
Pursues quotes by Martin Feldstein
#126. If the Federal Reserve pursues a strong dollar at home while the dollar becomes more competitive in global markets, we can achieve both price stability and a more balanced path of economic growth. #Quote by Martin Feldstein
Pursues quotes by Mark Bostridge
#127. This is a glorious biography ... The time is ripe for a new biography of Edith Wharton of this intimacy and on this scale ... Lee the biographer pursues her subject down every winding corridor, into every hidden passage and dark corner ... Her critical exploration of Edith Whartons work is dazzlingly assured ... A feat of exhaustive research, and finely tuned to Whartons creative achievement at the same time ... [Wharton] could scarcely have failed to be impressed by ... its artistic sympathy, its sonorous depths, and its soaring conception. #Quote by Mark Bostridge
Pursues quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#128. Why be elated by material profit?" Father replied. "The one who pursues a goal of evenmindedness is neither jubilant with gain nor depressed by loss. He knows that man arrives penniless in this world, and departs without a single rupee. #Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda
Pursues quotes by Barack Obama
#129. The Iranian regime supports violent extremists and challenges us across the region. It pursues a nuclear capability that could spark a dangerous arms race and raise the prospect of a transfer of nuclear know-how to terrorists. Its president denies the Holocaust and threatens to wipe Israel off the map. The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat. #Quote by Barack Obama
Pursues quotes by Paul Valery
#130. Ingres' pencil pursues ideal grace to the point of monstrosity: the spine never long and supple enough, the neck flexible enough, the thighs smooth enough, or all the curves of the body sufficiently beguiling to the eye, which envelopes and caresses more than it seems them. The Odalisque, with a hint of the plesiosaurus about her, makes one wonder what might have resulted from a carefully controlled selection, through the centuries, of a breed of woman specially designed for pleasure – as the English horse is bred for racing. #Quote by Paul Valery
Pursues quotes by Anthony Storr
#131. If creative work protects a man against mental illness, it is small wonder that he pursues it with avidity; and even if the state of mind he is seeking to avoid is no more than a mild state of depression or apathy, this still constitutes a cogent reason for engaging in creative work even when it brings no obvious external benefit in its train. #Quote by Anthony Storr
Pursues quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#132. Nobody does anything for the good of others; but as he pursues his own interests, he is brought to work unwittingly for the benefit of the many. #Quote by Bangambiki Habyarimana
Pursues quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#133. But what I would like to know," says Albert, "is whether there would not have
been a war if the Kaiser had said No."

"I'm sure there would," I interject, "he was against it from the first."

"Well, if not him alone, then perhaps if twenty or thirty people in the world had
said No."

"That's probable," I agree, "but they damned well said Yes."

"It's queer, when one thinks about it," goes on Kropp, "we are here to protect
our fatherland. And the French are over there to protect their fatherland. Now who's in the right?"

"Perhaps both," say I without believing it.

"Yes, well now," pursues Albert, and I see that he means to drive me into a
corner, "but our professors and parsons and newspapers say that we are the only
ones that are right, and let's hope so;--but the French professors and parsons and newspapers say that the right is on their side, now what about that?"

"That I don't know," I say, "but whichever way it is there's war all the same and every month more countries coming in."

Tjaden reappears. He is still quite excited and again joins the conversation, wondering just how a war gets started.

"Mostly by one country badly offending another," answers Albert with a slight
air of superiority.

Then Tjaden pretends to be obtuse. "A country? I don't follow. A mountain in
Germany cannot offend a mountain in France. Or a river, or a #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Pursues quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#134. Negativity is not intelligent. It is always of the ego. The ego may be clever, but it is not intelligent. Cleverness pursues its own little aims. Intelligence sees the larger whole in which all things are connected. Cleverness is motivated by self-interest, and it is extremely short-sighted. Most politicians and businesspeople are clever. Very few are intelligent. Whatever is attained through cleverness is short-lived and always turns out to be eventually self-defeating. Cleverness divides; intelligence includes. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Pursues quotes by Ovid
#135. As wave is driven by wave
And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,
So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,
Always, for ever and new. What was before
Is left behind; what never was is now;
And every passing moment is renewed. #Quote by Ovid
Pursues quotes by Johann Kaspar Lavater
#136. He who comes from the kitchen, smells of its smoke; and he who adheres to a sect, has something of its cant; the college air pursues the student; and dry inhumanity him who herds with literary pedants. #Quote by Johann Kaspar Lavater
Pursues quotes by George Gordon Byron
#137. What Exile from himself can flee?[a] To zones though more and more remote, Still, still pursues, where'er I be, The blight of Life - the Demon Thought.[b] [a] [Compare Horace, Odes, II. xvi. 19, 20. [b] Compare Prior's Solomon, bk. iii. lines 85, 86: 'In the remotest wood and lonely grot Certain to meet that worst of evils - thought.' #Quote by George Gordon Byron
Pursues quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#138. No innocence can shield a man from the calumnies of the wicked. [ ... ] As a shadow follows its substance, so envy pursues goodness. It is only at the tree laden with fruit that men throw stones. If we would live without being slandered we must wait until we get to heaven. Let us be very heedful not to believe the flying rumors which are always harassing gracious men. If there are no believers in lies, there will be but a dull market in falsehood, and good men's characters will be safe. Ill will never spoke well. Sinners have an ill will to saints; therefore, be sure that they will not speak well of them. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Pursues quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#139. Emulation has been termed a spur to virtue, and assumes to be a spur of gold. But it is a spur composed of baser materials, and if tried in the furnace will be found to want that fixedness which is the characteristic of gold. He that pursues virtue, only to surpass others, is not far from wishing others less forward than himself; and he that rejoices too much at his own perfections will be too little grieved at the defects of other men. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Pursues quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
#140. So now begins the first war with Cordelia' in which I retreat and thereby teach her to be victorious as she pursues me. I continually fall back, and in this backward movement I teach her to know through me all the powers of erotic love, its turbulent thoughts' its passion, what longing is, and hope, and impatient expectancy. As I perform this set of steps before her' all this will correspondingly in her' It is a triumphant procession in which I am leading her, and I myself am just as much the one who dithyrambically sings praises to her victory as I am the one who shows the way. She will gain courage to believe in erotic love, to believe it is an etemal force, when she sees its dominion over me, sees my movements. She will believe me, partly because I rely on my artistry, and partly because at the bottom of what I am doing there is truth. If that were not the case, she would not believe me. With my every move, she becomes stronger and stronger; love is awakening in her soul; she is being enthroned in her meaning as a woman #Quote by Søren Kierkegaard
Pursues quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
#141. In every country the intellectual class is the most influential class. This is the class which can foresee advice and lead. In no country does the mass of the people live the life for intelligent thought and action. It is largely imitative and follows the intellectual class. There is no exaggeration in saying that the entire destination of the country depends upon its intellectual class. If the intellectual class is honest and independent, it can be trusted to take the initiative and give a proper lead when a crisis arises. It is true that the intellect by itself is no virtue. It is only a means and the use of a means depends upon the ends which an intellectual person pursues. An intellectual man can be a good man but he may easily be a rogue. Similarly an intellectual class may be a band of high-souled persons, ready to help, ready to emancipate erring humanity or it may easily be a gang of crooks or a body of advocates of narrow clique from which it draws its support. #Quote by B.R. Ambedkar
Pursues quotes by Matt Chandler
#142. The reason some of us swing from elation to despair so easily is that we rejoice wrongly. Our worshipping is in the wrong place. We spend too much of our energy and vitality on the wrong thing. Yet God, because He created us for worship, pursues our worship. The first commandment listed in the Ten Commandments is God instructing His people to worship only Him. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Pursues quotes by Preston Sprinkle
#143. Grace pursues; grace transforms; grace molds porn stars into objects of delight. Grace means that God seeks out repugnant sinners - the Judahs of the world - and uses them to redeem wicked people. And we are Judah. #Quote by Preston Sprinkle
Pursues quotes by Alexander G. Weheliye
#144. black studies illuminates the essential role that racializing assemblages play in the construction of modern selfhood, works toward the abolition of Man, and advocates the radical reconstruction and decolonization of what it means to be human. In doing so, black studies pursues a politics of global liberation beyond the genocidal shackles of Man.3 #Quote by Alexander G. Weheliye
Pursues quotes by Bob Goff
#145. Because of our love for each other, I understand just a little more how God has pursued me in creative and whimsical ways, ways the initially did not get my attention. Nevertheless, He wouldn't stop. That's what love does - it pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end. #Quote by Bob Goff
Pursues quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#146. Wealth and speed are what the world admires, what each pursues. Railways, express mails, steamships and every possible facility for communications are the achievement in which the civilized world view and revels, only to languish in mediocrity by that very fact. Indeed, the effect of this diffusion is to spread the culture of the mediocre. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Pursues quotes by Karl Marx
#147. Each pursues his private interest and only his private interest; and thereby serves the private interests of all, the general interest, without willing it or knowing it. The real point is not that each individual's pursuit of his private interest promotes the totality of private interests, the general interest. One could just as well deduce from this abstract phrase that each individual reciprocally blocks the assertion of the others' interests, so that, instead of a general affirmation, this war of all against all produces a general negation. #Quote by Karl Marx
Pursues quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#148. He that pursues two hares at once, does not catch one and lets the other go. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Pursues quotes by James A. Michener
#149. The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he's always doing both. #Quote by James A. Michener
Pursues quotes by James Joyce
#150. With a squeak she flaps her bat shawl and runs. A burly rough pursues with booted strides. He stumbles on the steps, recovers, plunges into gloom. Weak squeaks of laughter are heard, weaker.)_ THE BAWD: _(Her wolfeyes shining)_ #Quote by James Joyce
Pursues quotes by Jack Kirby
#151. All life on Earth is subject to the rumbles and rockings of the parent stucture which has no control over the disastrous effects of its stresses and strains on whatever thrives on its surface. The ambitions and dreams of men are irrelevant to this planetary giant which pursues its own way in its own manner. Man is its child, tenant and still, to this date, its captive. #Quote by Jack Kirby
Pursues quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#152. A man must generally get away some hundreds or thousands of miles from home before he can be said to begin his travels. Why not begin his travels at home? Would he have to go far or look very closely to discover novelties? The traveler who, in this sense, pursues his travels at home, has the advantage at any rate of a long residence in the country to make his observations correct and profitable. Now the American goes to England, while the Englishman comes to America, in order to describe the country. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Pursues quotes by Brassai
#153. What attracts the photographer is precisely the chance to penetrate inside phenomena, to uncover forms ... He pursues them into their last refuges and surprises them at their most positive, their most material and true. #Quote by Brassai
Pursues quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#154. The problem with wearing masks is even when we receive love, it's really the mask that is receiving the love, not us. Whatever gets thrown at us will always hit the mask and can't penetrate our souls. So it is with God's grace. Every second of every day he pursues us and offers grace, but until we take off our masks, we will never be able to accept it. #Quote by Jefferson Bethke
Pursues quotes by Ovid
#155. Beneath the sun's rays our shadow is our comrade;
When clouds obscure the sun our shadow flees.
So Fortune's smiles the fickle crowd pursues,
But swift is gone whenever she veils her face. #Quote by Ovid
Pursues quotes by Bernard B. Kerik
#156. There is no greater threat to a free and democratic nation than a government that fails to protect its citizen's freedom and liberty as aggressively as it pursues justice. #Quote by Bernard B. Kerik
Pursues quotes by Bhagavad Gita
#157. Whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps, and whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues. #Quote by Bhagavad Gita
Pursues quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#158. Any man who pursues for peace is a remarkable man! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Pursues quotes by Meher Baba
#159. When the mind soars in pursuit of the things conceived in space ... it pursues emptiness; but when man dives deep within himself, he experiences the fullness of existence. #Quote by Meher Baba
Pursues quotes by Plato
#160. Every soul pursues the good and does whatever it does for its sake. #Quote by Plato
Pursues quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#161. The aim of our orator, then, when speaking of things that are just and holy and good--and he should not speak of anything else--the aim, as I say, that he pursues to the best of his ability when he speaks of these things is to be listened to with understanding, with pleasure, and with obedience. He should be in no doubt that any ability he has and however much he has derives more from his devotion to prayer than his dedication to oratory; and so, by praying for himself and for those he is about to address, he must become a man of prayer before becoming a man of words. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Pursues quotes by Wang Jianlin
#162. I am not a person who pursues luxury. I am not like those people who, once they have money, compulsively squander it or show it off. #Quote by Wang Jianlin
Pursues quotes by Debasish Mridha
#163. An eagle can catch a fish in the ocean of impossibility because he pursues and focuses on only one fish. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Pursues quotes by William Shakespeare
#164. The wildest hath not such a heart as you.
Run when you will, the story shall be changed:
Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;
The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hind
Makes speed to catch the tiger; bootless speed,
When cowardice pursues and valour flies. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Pursues quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#165. He who, while unacquainted with these writings, nevertheless knows by the natural light that there is a God having the attributes we have recounted, and who also pursues a true way of life, is altogether blessed. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Pursues quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#166. The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Pursues quotes by Ayn Rand
#167. There is a fundamental moral difference between a man who sees his self-interest in production and a man who sees it in robbery. The evil of a robber does not lie in the fact that he pursues his own interests, but in what he regards as to his own interest; not in the fact that he pursues his values, but in what he chose to value; not in the fact that he wants to live, but in the fact that he wants to live on a subhuman level ... #Quote by Ayn Rand
Pursues quotes by Philip K. Dick
#168. The guilty, he reflected as he drove amid the heavy late-afternoon traffic as carefully as possible, may flee when no one pursues - he #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Pursues quotes by Paulo Coelho
#169. I believe it is better to live a dream rather than to simply dream it. The dream is the start of something greater, something that impels us to make daring decisions. And it's true that the person who pursues a dream takes many risks. But the person who does not runs risks that are even greater. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Pursues quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#170. Loving isn't merging, surrendering, uniting with the other. Rather, it's a kind of solitude; of profound aloneness. It induces you to mature and become whole for the sake of your beloved ... to truly love another, you must first wholly love yourself. Love therefore exacts the most demanding claim of all; it both chooses you and pursues you, and reaches out, as if over vast distances, to call and draw you into your now and future self.
John VanDyke Wilmerding, ideas put forth inspired by ('after') Rainer Maria Rilke's 'Letters to a Young Poet #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Pursues quotes by Arthur Koestler
#171. Or one can visualize the process as follows: as the planet approaches the sun, its speed increases. It shoots past the sun, but as it does so, the clutching hand of gravity swings it round - as a running child grabbing at a maypole is swung around it - so that it now continues in the opposite direction. If its velocity on the approach-run had been exactly the amount required to prevent it from falling into the sun, it would continue in a circle. But as it was slightly greater, the receding run will carry it into an elongated path, which the planet pursues at slackening speed in the teeth of the sun's attraction, as it were, gradually curving inward; until, after passing the aphelion, the curve again approaches the sun and the whole cycle starts again. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Pursues quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#172. Folly pursues us at all periods of our lives. If someone seems wise it is only because his follies are proportionate to his age and fortune. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Pursues quotes by Ovid
#173. Time itself flows on with constant motion, just like a river: for no more than a river can the fleeting hour stand still. As wave is driven on by wave, and, itself pursued, pursues the one before, so the moments of time at once flee and follow, and are ever new. #Quote by Ovid
Pursues quotes by Seanan McGuire
#174. Love doesn't care what you want. Love doesn't care if it's convenient. Love pursues its own agenda, and there's no bullet in the world that can take it down. More's the pity. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Pursues quotes by Atal Bihari Vajpayee
#175. The UN's unique legitimacy flows from a universal perception that it pursues a larger purpose than the interests of one country or a small group of countries. #Quote by Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Pursues quotes by Jack Hodgins
#176. Gail Anderson-Dargatz has a noticing eye, a voice as unique as the countryside she writes about, and a heart large enough to love her entire cast of distinct and memorable characters. In The Cure for Death by Lightning she fashions an irresistible song out of the joys and dangers of growing up, the mysteries and wonders of life on a farm, the thrilling terror of trying to outrun the awful unseen force that pursues a growing girl. This novel opens a door to a shining, surprising world. #Quote by Jack Hodgins
Pursues quotes by William Melmoth
#177. I look upon enthusiasm, in all other points but that of religion, to be a very necessary turn of mind; as indeed it is a vein which nature seems to have marked with more or less strength, in the tempers of most men. No matter what the object is, whether business, pleasures or the fine arts: whoever pursues them to any purpose must do so con amore. #Quote by William Melmoth
Pursues quotes by Dallas Willard
#178. Reign is no doubt wording that is a little too grand for the contemporary mind, though what it refers to is what everyone actually pursues in life. We have been trained to think of "reigning" as exclusionary of others. But in the heart of the divine conspiracy, it just means to be free and powerful in the creation and governance of what is good. In the life of prayer we are training for, we reign in harmonious union with the infinite power of God. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Pursues quotes by Joseph Cook
#179. The sense of duty pursues us ever. #Quote by Joseph Cook
Pursues quotes by Nikki Rowe
#180. I find something incredibly sexy about a man who pursues love with care, it's like he knows the feeling of heartbreak; so he's gentle with whom he gives his heart too. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Pursues quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#181. And indeed he who pursues pleasure as good, and avoids pain as evil, is guilty of impiety. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius

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