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Puppy quotes by Ella Dominguez
#1. I barely duck out of the way of an empty coffee mug flying dangerously close to my head. It crashes and breaks loudly near the marble fireplace and Isa stomps into our bedroom. What the living fuck? Of course, the pussy-whipped jackass that I am, I follow her like a puppy dog, five steps behind her pouting ass. I make it to the bedroom in time to have the door promptly slammed in my face. #Quote by Ella Dominguez
Puppy quotes by Bernard Williams
#2. No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy. #Quote by Bernard Williams
Puppy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#3. Once again he was aware of eyes staring fixedly at him. He glanced sideways into the long, pointed face of Goodboy Bindle Featherstone, rearing up in a pose best described as The Last Puppy in the Shop.
To his astonishment, he found himself reaching over and scratching it behind its ears, or at least behind the two spiky things at the sides of its head which were presumably its ears. It responded with a strange noise that sounded like a complicated blockage in a brewery. He took his hand away hurriedly.
"It's all right," said Lady Ramkin. "It's his stomachs rumbling. That means he likes you."
To his amazement, Vimes found that he was rather pleased about this. As far as he could recall, nothing in his life before had thought him worth a burp. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Puppy quotes by Ivan Rusilko
#4. What is Destiny?

Is it a doctrine formulated by aristocrats and philosophers arguing that there is some unseen driving force predicting the outcomes of every minuscule and life altering moment in one's life? Or is it the artistry illustrated by those under-qualifed and over-eager to give their future meaning and their ambitions hope?

Is it a declaration by those who refuse to accept that we are alone in this universe, spinning randomly through a matrix of accidental coincidences? Or is it the assumptions made by those who concede that there is a divine plan or pre-ordained path for each human being,regardless of their current station?

I think destiny is a bit of a tease....

It's syndical taunts and teases mock those naive enough to believe in its black jack dealing of inevitable futures. Its evolution from puppy dogs and ice cream to razor blades and broken mirrors characterizes the fickle nature of its sordid underbelly. Those relying on its decisive measures will fracture under its harsh rules. Those embracing the fact that life happens at a million miles a minute will flourish in its random grace.

Destiny has afforded me the most magical memories and unbelievably tragic experiences that have molded and shaped my life into what it is today...beautiful.
I fully accept the mirage that destiny promises and the reality it can produce. Without the invisible momentum carried with its sincere fabrication of coming attra #Quote by Ivan Rusilko
Puppy quotes by Holly Sprink
#5. We don't treat Jesus like a puppy, soaking in his excitement over our coming home and then leading him back to stay in the laundry room when we go out to begin another day. #Quote by Holly Sprink
Puppy quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#6. How would you even begin to make a hush puppy, what in the world was in one? Nothing to do with a puppy, surely. Garnett had long known, though he didn't much like to admit it, that God's world and the better part of daily life were full of mysteries known only to women. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Puppy quotes by Jon Richardson
#7. Any second... now? No. I am a 'mourning person. Not because anybody close to me has recently passed away, but because I use that term to describe my demeanour at daybreak and as a way of separating myself from what are known as 'morning people' - those high-functioning, grinning morons, who skip out their beds and pounce at the dawn as eagerly and energetically as a young puppy greets a hanging shoelace.
My mornings are (with the exception of Christmas Day) dark and sombre affairs, spent grieving the sleep of which I've been robbed; morning is when blades of daylight hack viciously at the dreams that have kept you company through the night. #Quote by Jon Richardson
Puppy quotes by Regina Spektor
#8. Well, you're part of the human fabric of experience. You don't have to have cancer to write about cancer. You don't have to have somebody close to you die to understand what death is. Definitely, the more you live, the more experiences fall into your spectrum, but I have songs like "Chemo Limo," or "Ode to Divorce" - I wrote that when I was 18. And I remember having people come up to me and be like, "You totally described what it feels like to get divorced!" As a writer, you must have been told: Write about what you know. But Kafka didn't. Gogol didn't. Did Shakespeare write only what he knew? Did Camus? Our own selves are limitless.And our capacity for empathy is giant. That's why we're able to feel sympathy for, you know, a dog who has a puppy in its litter that died; we can feel for that, and write about that. I've never seen that, I just see things sometimes in my mind's eye.I guess it sounds sort of hippie, and probably is, but I do feel that we're all part of the experience. So in that way, I guess you don't have to compartmentalize. You could just kind of let it all be. #Quote by Regina Spektor
Puppy quotes by Holly Smale
#9. I'm so tired of it all. I'm tired of not fitting in; of being left out; of being hated. I'm tired of having everything I am ripped up and strewn around the room the way a puppy wrecks an abandoned toilet roll. I'm tired of never doing anything right; of constantly being humiliated; of feeling like I'm just not good enough, no matter what I do. I'm tired of feeling like this. And most of all, I'm tired of being a polar bear, wandering around the rainforest on my own. #Quote by Holly Smale
Puppy quotes by Karen Traviss
#10. People who wouldn't dream of drowning a puppy in a barrel full of water think nothing of killing a fish the same slow way. #Quote by Karen Traviss
Puppy quotes by Piper Vaughn
#11. I don't care who knows, babe. It sucks not being able to be near you like I want to just 'cause Dre or Nicky might be watching. You hafta know I wanna kiss you, like, all the damn time."
"Why?" Jesse wasn't fishing for compliments. He really didn't understand.
"You actually mean that?"
Jesse nodded his head miserably. Shane lifted his chin. "Because you're smart, and funny, and I can't even hear a single note you sing without getting all turned on…and, well, because I'm falling for you. Like, hard." Shane's forehead wrinkled, his eyes went puppy-dog droopy. "Don't you feel the same way about me?"
Shane's sudden insecurity was sweet and sad and so very endearing. "Of course I do. But you're Shane. I'm just…" A nerd. Ugly, squishy, pale, and too damn blind to get rid of these dumb ass glasses.
"There is no 'just' anything. Jess, you're my boyfriend. Right? #Quote by Piper Vaughn
Puppy quotes by Terri Squires
#12. Happiness is....tender puppy kisses on my nose... #Quote by Terri Squires
Puppy quotes by Eknath Easwaran
#13. Attention can be trained very naturally, with affection, just as you train a puppy. When something distracts your attention, you say "Come back" and bring it back again. With a lot of training, you can teach your mind to come running back to you when you call, just like a friendly pup. #Quote by Eknath Easwaran
Puppy quotes by Lacey Silks
#14. Where in the world did she find him? This was Manhattan and definitely not the Stone Age. I rushed to the front, huffing and puffing as if I were the wolf in "The Three Little Pigs," but of course Emma already had her puppy eyes set, ready for a battle we both knew I was going to lose. #Quote by Lacey Silks
Puppy quotes by Albert Payson Terhune
#15. When a puppy takes fifty catnaps in the course of the day, he cannot always be expected to sleep the night through. #Quote by Albert Payson Terhune
Puppy quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#16. Her aura is like yours - it's blue," he said. "The clairvoyant aura!"
"Is it?" She was going to be extremely annoyed if this was how she had gotten her name - like naming a puppy Fluffy. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Puppy quotes by Susan Wojcicki
#17. Even though it was a start-up with fewer than 20 people, and I was pregnant with my first child, the best decision I've ever made was to join Google in 1999. Worst decision? Deciding to get a puppy and a bunny right when the baby came. #Quote by Susan Wojcicki
Puppy quotes by Mary Papas
#18. - If you could describe my son in 3 words, what would you say?
- Sweet. Cute. Funny.
- That could be a description of a puppy she says dryly. #Quote by Mary Papas
Puppy quotes by Aldous Huxley
#19. Degrade him from what position? As a happy, hard-working, goods-consuming citizen he's perfect. Of course, if you choose some other standard than ours, then perhaps you might say he was degraded. But you've got to stick to one set of postulates. You can't play Electro-magnetic Golf according to rules of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Puppy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#20. Mort glanced sideways at the top of Ysabell's dress, which contained enough puppy fat for two litters of Rottweilers, and forbore to comment. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Puppy quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#21. I do not want to keep these things from you. I adore you, puppy. I am just afraid of losing Thomas."
It was nice hearing Boris say that, but it didn't make Hans feel much better. He'd still behaved like a child throwing a tantrum. These two men were giving him everything - a job he liked doing, a great place to live, good food, fantastic sex, affection - and he'd blown up because they had a couple of things they liked to reserve for themselves. "I'm sorry. I do understand."
Boris reached out and took his hand. "I will start teaching you if you really want to learn. Thomas tells me it is a very hard language for English speakers. The vocabulary is strange."
"Really?" Hans asked, growing ridiculously excited, as if someone had just handed him the map to Blackbeard's treasure.
"It will take a very long time, puppy, before you can understand the things Thomas and I say to each other. But we have been rude. We should not speak so much in front of you."
"No!" Hans exclaimed. "Don't do that. I want to start picking up phrases. You should talk in front of me more!"
Boris laughed. "I had no idea this was so important to you. You really want to be close to us."
"I do!"
Boris pulled him in for a long kiss, caressing his back and then sliding his hand partway under Hans's ass. By the time the kiss ended, they both had raging hard-ons. "You want a pet name for me, puppy?"
"Yes! #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Puppy quotes by James Lileks
#22. The (campaign) ads all have the same tone - the voice is hushed and amazed when talking about The Enemy, as if you should worry how this amoral, power-mad, extremist puppy-strangler clawed his way out of hell and landed in your district. And the voice is happy and relieved when talking about The Most Noble Candidate, as though he's Santa, Will Rogers and Lincoln all rolled into one. #Quote by James Lileks
Puppy quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#23. They are not aesthetic like a puppy or a kitten. In fact, they always look drunk to me. Look at that one - you'd swear he had been hitting the gin. #Quote by Kerry Greenwood
Puppy quotes by Barbara Walters
#24. Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy. #Quote by Barbara Walters
Puppy quotes by Robin Hobb
#25. I'd rather I was a stray pup,' I made bold to say. And then all my fears broke my voice as I added, "You wouldn't let them do this to a stray pup, changing everything all at once. When they gave the bloodhound puppy to Lord Grimsby, you sent your old shirt with it, so it would have something that smelled of home until it settle in.'
'Well,' he said, "I didn't ... come here, fitz. Come here, boy.'
And puppy-like, I went to him, the only master I had, and he thumped me lightly on the back and rumbled up my hair, very much as if I had been a hound. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Puppy quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#26. It was different to give something up than to see it taken away. The difference, Kestrel said, was choice. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Puppy quotes by Alexia Purdy
#27. But like so many other things in my life, I had a feeling it would come and bite me on the ass. Until then, I'd cope by avoiding the topic at all costs. Swallow that puppy down and hope I didn't choke on it. #Quote by Alexia Purdy
Puppy quotes by Olive Schreiner
#28. Throw a puppy into the water. If it swims, well. If it sinks, well. But do not tie a rope around its throat and weight it with a brick and then assert its incapacity to keep afloat. #Quote by Olive Schreiner
Puppy quotes by Christopher  Ryan
#29. You Are What You Eat

Take food for example. We all assume that our craving or disgust is due to something about the food itself - as opposed to being an often arbitrary response preprogrammed by our culture. We understand that Australians prefer cricket to baseball, or that the French somehow find Gerard Depardieu sexy, but how hungry would you have to be before you would consider plucking a moth from the night air and popping it, frantic and dusty, into your mouth? Flap, crunch, ooze. You could wash it down with some saliva beer.How does a plate of sheep brain's sound? Broiled puppy with gravy? May we interest you in pig ears or shrimp heads? Perhaps a deep-fried songbird that you chew up, bones, beak, and all? A game of cricket on a field of grass is one thing, but pan-fried crickets over lemongrass? That's revolting.

Or is it? If lamb chops are fine, what makes lamb brains horrible? A pig's shoulder, haunch, and belly are damn fine eatin', but the ears, snout, and feet are gross? How is lobster so different from grasshopper? Who distinguishes delectable from disgusting, and what's their rationale? And what about all the expectations? Grind up those leftover pig parts, stuff 'em in an intestine, and you've got yourself respectable sausage or hot dogs. You may think bacon and eggs just go together, like French fries and ketchup or salt and pepper. But the combination of bacon and eggs for breakfast was dreamed up about a hundred years aqo by an advertis #Quote by Christopher Ryan
Puppy quotes by Robertson Davies
#30. The dog is a yes-animal. Very popular with people who can't afford a yes man. #Quote by Robertson Davies
Puppy quotes by Tara Sivec
#31. Mommy and Daddy make a lot of noise when they kiss. Mommy talks to God a lot. I talk to God sometimes too. I asked him for a puppy and a new monster truck but I was nice and didn't yell at him like Mommy does. He still hasn't gotten me the puppy though. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Puppy quotes by Anne Lamott
#33. Try looking at your mind as a wayward puppy that you are trying to paper train. You don't drop-kick a puppy into the neighbor's yard every time it piddles on the floor. You just keep bringing it back to the newspaper. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Puppy quotes by Charles Darwin
#34. The lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery. Happiness is never better exhibited than by young animals, such as puppies, kittens, lambs, &c., when playing together, like our own children. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Puppy quotes by Heather Demetrios
#35. Gavin's a nice kid, but I'll tell you somthing: a guy like him - the kind who wants you to follow him around like a puppy dog - they're the ones you have to watch out for. #Quote by Heather Demetrios
Puppy quotes by Jamie McGuire
#36. Shepley walked out of his bedroom pulling a T-shirt over his head. His eyebrows pushed together. "Did they just leave?"

"Yeah," I said absently, rinsing my cereal bowl and dumping Abby's leftover oatmeal in the sink. She'd barely touched it.

"Well, what the hell? Mare didn't even say goodbye."

"You knew she was going to class. Quit being a cry baby."

Shepley pointed to his chest. "I'm the cry baby? Do you remember last night?"

"Shut up."

"That's what I thought." He sat on the couch and slipped on his sneakers. "Did you ask Abby about her birthday?"

"She didn't say much, except that she's not into birthdays."

"So what are we doing?"

"Throwing her a party." Shepley nodded, waiting for me to explain. "I thought we'd surprise her. Invite some of our friends over and have America take her out for a while."

Shepley put on his white ball cap, pulling it down so low over his brows I couldn't see his eyes. "She can manage that. Anything else?"

"How do you feel about a puppy?"

Shepley laughed once. "It's not my birthday, bro."

I walked around the breakfast bar and leaned my hip against the stool. "I know, but she lives in the dorms. She can't have a puppy."

"Keep it here? Seriously? What are we going to do with a dog?"

"I found a Cairn Terrier online. It's perfect."

"A what?"

"Pidge is #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Puppy quotes by Lee Iacocca
#37. There are times when even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog, waiting to see where the dog wants to go so he can take him there. #Quote by Lee Iacocca
Puppy quotes by Debasish Mridha
#38. You born to be happy, so love everyone like a happy puppy. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Puppy quotes by Erik Larson
#39. So every night," he said, "I slept with a torpedo and a puppy. #Quote by Erik Larson
Puppy quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#40. When one becomes a liberal, he or she pretends to advocate tolerance, equality and peace, but hilariously, they're doing so for purely selfish reasons. It's the human equivalent of a puppy dog's face: an evolutionary tool designed to enhance survival, reproductive value and status. In short, liberalism is based on one central desire: to look cool in front of others in order to get love. Preaching tolerance makes you look cooler, than saying something like, 'please lower my taxes.' #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Puppy quotes by W. Bruce Cameron
#41. You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him. #Quote by W. Bruce Cameron
Puppy quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#42. It was as if the power and loneliness of the vampires' world had combined with the group oriented puppy-pile world of the shapeshifters and made something new. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Puppy quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#43. I have people calling me cute. Like I'm a fucking puppy!" she sneered at me, pushing me aside in order to continue on her way. "I am Melody Giovanni Callahan, cute is not the adjective used to describe me! #Quote by J.J. McAvoy
Puppy quotes by Sarina Bowen
#44. My libido was like a Golden Retriever puppy, ready to jump all over him and lick his face.
Down, girl. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Puppy quotes by Alexa Riley
#45. I'm tired of chasing affection. I'm worth more than that. I may be young, but I know what I want. I want someone who's willing to give up everything for me. And I deserve someone who's proud to be with me instead of being ashamed of their feelings."
"I'm not going to be the lost puppy chasing someone around and begging for attention. I'm going to take some time and figure out what I want to do next, but until I know my next move, I'm done being a burden."
"Sophie - "
"It's not your fault, Bruce. It's been like this my whole life. I'm just tired of being a second choice. #Quote by Alexa Riley
Puppy quotes by Tom McAllister
#46. Boys are made of snails and puppy-dog tails and pipe bombs and semiautomatic rifles. Girls are made of sugar and spice and who knows what else. Their anatomy is a mystery. #Quote by Tom McAllister
Puppy quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#47. Dennis looked at the puppy in the window. We both did. It was the oddest thing. Normally, puppies in pet store windows sleep or pee or roll around on top of other dogs. This one ignored us its window-mates and was instead sitting with its nose pressed against the glass, looking at us with an extremely serious little expression on its face. An expression that seemed to me to be saying, I am a sacred cow. Get out your wallet. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Puppy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#48. Let me get back to the fact that the universe speaks to us constantly. And this little puppy barks loudly. Guard this with your life because in the right hands, it is your life and your death. You've bled in this book, and it is the most personal of possessions you'll ever have. A master wizard, witch, upper-level demon, or any number of other entities can use it to control or destroy you. In fact, guard every possession you have. Every stray hair. Every particle of skin and clothing. Let no one near anything you have ever owned or will own. You're special, kid. In ways you can't conceive, and you will have to guard your back every second you want to keep breathing." – Death
"Aren't you just Mary Sunshine?" – Nick #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Puppy quotes by Lisa Scottoline
#49. The thing about love is that we can't control whether we get it, but we can control whether we give it. And each feels as good as the other. Your heart doesn't know if it's loving a man, a book, or a puppy. If your heart were that smart, it would be your brain. #Quote by Lisa Scottoline
Puppy quotes by Sara Baume
#50. It was hard to hate him then, to treat him cruelly.It would have been like kicking a puppy; it would have made me the troll he'd always led me to believe I was. #Quote by Sara Baume
Puppy quotes by Emma Mills
#51. They dated," Frank says, with just a little too much relish. "For two years. They were the shiniest golden couple of our class. What a match, you know? Both gorgeous. She's super smart--does student government, debate, choir, all that business. He does the sports and volunteers with his dad's church, has those puppy eyes that make you want to buy him a boat--"
"Do they?"
"Yes, gaze deeply into his eyes next time--you'll feel it." He takes a long draw from his drink and then continues. "Anyway, they were the kind of couple where it's like, separate--they're great. But together, it's . . . star magic."
"Star magic?"
"From the universe. Celestial bodies aligning and shit. That kind of magic. #Quote by Emma Mills
Puppy quotes by Fred Green
#52. If you want to meet girls, by far the best method is to carry a baby or a puppy. #Quote by Fred Green
Puppy quotes by Alissa Johnson
#53. Choose the one you want," he told her.

She giggled as the puppy contorted itself in an effort to lick her hand without rolling off its back. "Oh, you are silly, aren't you? Just the silliest little ..." Her hand stilled on the puppy. Her eyes shot to his. "What did you just say?"

"Choose which pup you'd like as your own."

"My own?"

"You wanted a hound," he reminded her.

"Yes, I ..." She looked at the dogs, then back at him. "Are you giving me a dog?"

"For the sake of propriety, we are to say it is a gift from your brother, but ..."

"But it's from you. You're giving me a dog," she said, and there was a notable catch in her voice.

"Well ... More or less." For reasons that baffled him, he suddenly felt equal parts embarrassed and pleased. "It was my idea." He cleared his throat, fought off the urge to shift his feet. #Quote by Alissa Johnson
Puppy quotes by Cassandra Clare
#54. That demon woman you were lounging with on the divan," said Will. "Would you call her a friend, or more of a business associate?"
Benedict's dark eyes hardened. "Insolent puppy - "
"Oh, I'd say she was a friend," said Tessa. "One doesn't usually let one's business associates lick one's face. Although I could be wrong. What do I know about these things? I'm only a silly woman. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Puppy quotes by Lauren Groff
#55. THERE IS LITTLE that a puppy won't fix, even if the fix is for a short time. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Puppy quotes by Chris Van Allsburg
#56. Some people may contend that there is no image more charming that a child holding a puppy or kitten. But for me that's a distant second. When I see a child clutching a book ... to his or her tiny bosom, I'm moved. Children can possess a book in a way they can never possess a video game, a TV show, or a Darth Vader doll. A book comes alive when they read it. They give it life themselves by understanding it. #Quote by Chris Van Allsburg
Puppy quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#57. Do you ever feel like running away?" "Of course ... Sometimes I feel like I want to run away from everything." "I remember having that feeling once when I was at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm ... I climbed over the fence, but I was still in the world! #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Puppy quotes by Cara Dee
#58. If Evangeline is my kitten, does that make you my puppy? #Quote by Cara Dee
Puppy quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#59. He hadn't love her. She hadn't loved him. Yet they'd cared for each other, and Kestrel remember how he'd set a soft black puppy into her hands. No one had given her such a gift. He'd made her laugh. That, too, was a gift. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Puppy quotes by Donna Tartt
#60. And though there was something pathetic about it - taking comfort in her left-behind things like a puppy snuggled in an old coat ... #Quote by Donna Tartt
Puppy quotes by Erika Slezak
#61. But also, it's a wonderful thing for children to see the birthing of puppies, to see nature at its best when it works and to have the experience of the puppies. #Quote by Erika Slezak
Puppy quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#62. As for the young man carrying the groceries, he was a thin, fair-skinned young man, and I would have said that he had been born in the house. He had the vacant, dog-like expressions that house-born slaves, as I remembered, liked to put on when they were in public with their masters and performing some simple task. This fellow was pretending that the Waitrose groceries were a great burden, but this was just an act, to draw attention to himself and the lady he served. He, too, had mistaken me for an Arab, and when we crossed he had dropped the burdened-down expression and given me a look of wistful inquisitiveness, like a puppy that wanted to play but had just been made to understand that it wasn't playtime. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Puppy quotes by Nicole Peeler
#63. I love you, puppy," I told him, just because I could.
"You just love my doggie style. #Quote by Nicole Peeler
Puppy quotes by Sheila Turnage
#64. In that instant, your billboard careened ashore on a wall of water, cracking the back of my head. I reached for balance and touched what I thought was a puppy. Then you grabbed my finger. My God, I thought. It's a baby. I fainted dead away. That's how Macon found us the next day - me unconscious on half a billboard, you nestled in my arms, nursing on the pocket of my uniform. The half billboard said: " ... Cafe ... Proprietor." Our path seemed clear.
I will always love your mother for letting you go, Soldier, and I will always love you for holding on.
Love, the Colonel.
PS: I apologize for naming you Moses. I didn't know you were a girl until it was too late. #Quote by Sheila Turnage
Puppy quotes by Ann Aguirre
#65. As I dive between the legs of a big Gunnar, I see Mair wind up and slam her shockstick hard as she can between the V of another guy's thighs. Falling, he makes a noise that I can't say I've heard a human utter before, sort of like I imagine a puppy would sound being put through a juicer. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Puppy quotes by Ron Clarke
#66. In my case, I thoroughly enjoy running 100-odd miles a week. If I didn't I wouldn't do it. Who can define happiness? To some, happiness is a warm puppy or a glass of cold beer. To me, happiness is running in the hills with my mates around me. #Quote by Ron Clarke
Puppy quotes by Frank Zappa
#67. While your children are sleeping, your puppy is crappin'. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Puppy quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#68. Never work with children, puppies or bulimics. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Puppy quotes by Criss Jami
#69. In my experiences, the common critic of Christianity, when he thinks of Christianity, imagines a sort of elementary, Sunday School blunder of elements: fiery Hell, an angry God, 'try not to sin', 'be good so that you can go to Heaven', absurd miracles, hyper-fundamentalist tales, religious hypocrites, and Jesus telling people not to judge. There is no horse more dead than such. I maintain that understanding Christianity and the Bible is quite like painting a piece of art. Let a toddler paint a puppy; then let an adult who is a long-time painter paint the very same puppy. They are both paintings of the puppy, but one is far more detailed, rational, realistic, and believable than the other. One is distorted and comical; the other is proportional and lively. One can write off Theology if he so pleases, but he might not be very wise in using the toddler's painting when it comes time to identify the real puppy or when trying to confront actual men of the Faith. #Quote by Criss Jami
Puppy quotes by Robert Benchley
#70. Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Puppy quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#71. You ever wonder if Adam and Eve were just the puppies God dumped because they wouldn't house-train? #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Puppy quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#72. So," Simon said. "Looks like you and Derek are getting along again. What happened? Did he give you the look?"
"You know. The one that makes him look like a whipped puppy, and makes you feel like a jerk for doing the whipping."
"Ah, that one. So it works on you, too?"
He snorted. "It even works on Dad. We give in, we tell him it's okay, and the next thing you know, he's chewing up slippers again."
I laughed. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Puppy quotes by Travis Tritt
#73. I've been writing on my own. It's like Roger Miller used to say, every now and then, like a dog having puppies, you have to crawl under the house and do it yourself. #Quote by Travis Tritt
Puppy quotes by Davy Crockett
#74. I would rather be beaten, and be a man, than to be elected and be a little puppy dog. #Quote by Davy Crockett
Puppy quotes by Beth Ostrosky Stern
#75. You have to walk through the kennel and check out the older animals before you can get to the puppies and kittens - and let me tell you, sometimes the adopters never make it to the puppies and kittens. #Quote by Beth Ostrosky Stern
Puppy quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#76. I want to be a dad. That's floating to the top of my list. I think it's such an important thing. I'm at the age where everyone has kids, and I ask them, 'Is it like a puppy?' And they go, 'It's 10 times a puppy.' #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Puppy quotes by Leila Grandemange
#77. Puppies are a reflection of unconditional love, entrusted to us like precious seeds. We water them with praise, patience, and love, and watch them grow into full bloom. #Quote by Leila Grandemange
Puppy quotes by Anonymous
#78. I scowled. He was giving me puppy dog eyes, which was totally unfair, especially since they seemed to be hitting me right in the dick. This convinced me that he knew he was cute and was just a little cocktease. And because my taste in men was so shitty, I found that appealing. #Quote by Anonymous
Puppy quotes by Sharon Olds
#79. I can tell you we were right, our bodies were right, life was really going to be that good, that pleasurable in every cell. Suddenly I remember the exact look of your body, but better than that the bright corners of your eyes, or the light of your face, the rich Long Island puppy-fat of your thighs, or the slick chino of your pants bright in the corners of my eyes, I remember your extraordinary act of courage in loving me #Quote by Sharon Olds
Puppy quotes by George Saunders
#80. Kindness, it turns out, is hard - it starts out all rainbows and puppy dogs, and expands to include ... well, EVERYTHING. #Quote by George Saunders
Puppy quotes by Sophie Jordan
#81. I won't leave you! Do you know how unbearable it's been without you? You're not like the rest of them." His hand swipes through air almost savagely. I stare at him, my eyes wide and aching. "You're not some well-trained puppy content to go along with what you're told. You have fire." He laughs brokenly. "I don't mean literally, although there is that. There's something in you, Jacinda. You're the only thing real for me there, the only thing remotely interesting. #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Puppy quotes by Kathryn Smith
#82. Now, what did my brother do to earn your ire this time?-insist that you are better off with a boring young man who will love you for your dowry? Hang your puppy like that dastardly Heathcliff?"
The last was meant to make her laugh, she knew, and laugh she did. And when she was done, she was in a much better humor. "You have read Wuthering Heights?"
He nodded. "I have. Don't look at me like that! You do not believe me?"
"I believe you, but I must confess my surprise. You do not seem the kind of man who would read novels."
A sly smile curved his thin lips. "My dear girl. Who reads novels?"
"Mostly women, I would suspect," she replied, setting her empty champagne flute on the tray of a footman. Yet another passed with a fresh tray of full glasses and she took one of those.
"Exactly. If one wants to converse with a woman, one should have a variety of subjects at hand."
"But you only want to talk to them so you can seduce them."
"You shock and wound me."
Rose grinned. "Impossible. #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Puppy quotes by Jane Thayer
#83. I'm not alone," said the boy. "I've got a puppy. #Quote by Jane Thayer
Puppy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#84. Yeah. All puppy dpgs and rainbows and those weird furry people with padded coat hangers on their heads that look like space aliens on acid.
You mean the telitubbies? #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Puppy quotes by Marc Cameron
#85. Sometimes bad people were just that: bad people. They might pet a puppy because society expected them to, but in their hearts they wanted to kick it across the room and listen to it yelp. #Quote by Marc Cameron
Puppy quotes by Colleen Coble
#86. I miss him," she said. "Gideon." His eyes softened. "I imagine Henry has forgotten about finding a mate for him. I'll see what I can do. Edward would be quite taken with a puppy, and perhaps Gideon could pass along his intuition." "I hope so, because you'll be going back to the city soon, won't you?" "I will. I'd hoped to take you with me." She dropped her gaze. "I'm not sure my father will allow it." "What do you want, Addie?" At least John used the name her soul responded to. She raised her gaze from the carpet. "I want to be with you," she said. "Such a bold thing for me to say." He reached out and wrapped a curl around his finger. "We must see what we can do about that. #Quote by Colleen Coble
Puppy quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#87. You can't kill Myron, Royce," Hadrian said, rapidly pulling the monk away as if he had found a child playing with a wild bear. "It would be like killing a puppy. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Puppy quotes by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
#88. Donald Trump is a liar because he is a coward. It is fear and cowardice that make him lie. it is his fragile ego that makes him lie. #Quote by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
Puppy quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#89. Buy a pup and your money will buy Love unflinching that cannot lie. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Puppy quotes by Peter Styles
#90. I nodded to myself, shoved my phone back in my pocket, and beelined for the elevator, dropping my clipboard of patient files off with Tatiana, who tended the nurses' station. She smiled at me. She always smiled at me. I'd done my student nursing here, and had been working on her floor as a graduate nurse while I waited for my exam scores to come back, and we'd never had a single conversation. But she smiled a lot. It was meant to be friendly, I know, but I'd seen that look before. The look of someone who thinks I'm simple, or weak, or that I need to be taken care of just because I can't hear. I'm a deaf man, not a puppy #Quote by Peter Styles
Puppy quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#91. He's going to kill me.
Hans had been worrying himself sick about it all day, waiting for Thomas to come home. The sex between him and Boris that afternoon had been good - very good - and when they'd lain panting together in the master bedroom, messy and deeply satisfied, Hans had kissed Boris on the mouth and whispered, "I love you."
The smile on Boris's face had faded, and he'd said gently, "I know, puppy."
"You don't feel the same?" That had hurt. A lot.
"I do, but this is very serious. And dangerous. It is a much bigger thing than sex."
"I'm sorry."
Boris smiled sadly, caressing his shoulder. "We must tell Thomas."
"What if he's angry?" Hans asked, a tendril of fear creeping up along his spine. #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Puppy quotes by Mz. Toni
#92. While talking to the girls, I watched as Mega stared at me with his puppy dog eyes, I could care less. #Quote by Mz. Toni
Puppy quotes by Jennifer Flackett
#93. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there. #Quote by Jennifer Flackett
Puppy quotes by Tanya Byrne
#94. I'm seventeen. This isn't puppy love any more. The boys are nearly men, when they bite they leave scars. #Quote by Tanya Byrne
Puppy quotes by Giorge Leedy
#95. Madonna's- Justify My Love, follows us into the lounge, where several men, seated at the tables, eye us like hungry lions as we walk through.
Tiger asked, "So, this is a WHOREhouse?"
"Actually, a gay BATHhouse. I hope you don't mind that I'm a little bit of a SLUT-puppy."
"MIND? NO. You're MY HERO. #Quote by Giorge Leedy
Puppy quotes by Joan Bauer
#96. You don't need fancy things to feel good. You can hug a puppy. You can buy a can of paint and surround yourself with color. You can plant a flower and watch it grow. You can decide to trust people - the right people. You can decide to start over and let other people start over too -Sugar Mae Cole #Quote by Joan Bauer
Puppy quotes by Bud Grant
#97. Now, with Annie gone, I'm looking for a new dog. I have a lot of duck hunting planned, and I can't imagine doing it without a dog. I'm 84, so I won't get a puppy. #Quote by Bud Grant
Puppy quotes by Bill Maher
#98. So many kids are fat drug addicts these days, it's almost as if Rush Limbaugh had puppies. #Quote by Bill Maher
Puppy quotes by Katherine McIntyre
#99. You're like an oceanic Lassie." My grin twitched on my face, threatening to tumble over into laughter again. #Quote by Katherine McIntyre
Puppy quotes by Julia Barr
#100. We have a puppy named Lucy ... two cats ... goldfish ... and Louis, our lop earred rabbit. #Quote by Julia Barr
Puppy quotes by Megan Stine
#101. Riley Carlson: So I guess I know what you wanted to tell me. I mean, you made it pretty clear that you don't want to go out with an average girl.
Marc Hudson: That's right, I don't. I want to go out with YOU. There's nothing average about you, Riley. #Quote by Megan Stine
Puppy quotes by Jennifer Echols
#102. There's a country song about this. Deana Carter sings about it. Lady Antebellum sings about it. Gosh, not just country artists. Katy Perry. Everybody has a song about it because everybody's been through it. You find that person at eighteen and you lose yourself. And the tragedy is, it's the person who's completely opposed to everything you've ever wanted. You bond with that person, and that person breaks your heart. I'm that tragedy, and you're mine. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Puppy quotes by Jamie Holoran
#103. There was nothing normal about the divine twin sproutings that formed Rachel Melville's magically springy chest. Almost involuntarily Ronnie found himself nodding like an obedient puppy. #Quote by Jamie Holoran
Puppy quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#104. Did you know that there are over three hundred words for love in canine? #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Puppy quotes by Aaron Dries
#105. Michael Delaney used to be fat. Not puppy-padding fat - bursting-frankfurts-in-a-boiling-pot fat. He remembered gym class and swimming lessons. All of the thin guys who could be divided into one of two groups: those who looked but did not comment and those who looked and commented, with enthusiasm...
Fat kids are like alcoholics; they always have excuses. #Quote by Aaron Dries
Puppy quotes by Brian Regan
#106. Alright so Evil Conevil, yeah. They're always asking him about that time he messed up. And the strangest question I've ever heard them ask is
'So evil what were you thinking right before you hit the ground?' how much stupider can you get?
'well, Bob. I was thinking, Hey! Did I leave the iron on? and when my lag broke in half, Hey! I should get a puppy! No! What do you think I was thinking? I was thinking AAAAAAAAA!!!!! AAAAAA!!!! AAAAAA!!! #Quote by Brian Regan
Puppy quotes by Gina L. Maxwell
#107. That's what it was supposed to be, but then we started meeting up for morning workouts, which led to a joint trip to the GNC, and then we discovered we both play chess, which led to inviting him over for a game night, and then I quoted Mallrats but he didn't get it, which led to a movie enlightenment mission and several movie-at-home nights…" I trail off, leaving the "etcetera etcetera" unspoken. Huffing out an exasperated sigh, I explain, "The more we hung out together, the more couple-y we got, and before I knew it we were buying extra toothbrushes to keep at our apartments and doing silly shit like giving each other keys. Add in the most amazing porn star sex ever, and it's apparently enough for me to want to have his puppy."

"You mean baby."

"God, no. You know better than that. I'm not the nurturing type."

"Yeah, well, you also used to say you weren't the falling in love type, either."

I narrow my eyes at her. "No one likes a wise-ass, Janey."

"Maybe not, but sometimes a hard-ass like you needs a wise-ass like me. #Quote by Gina L. Maxwell
Puppy quotes by Melanie Kay Taylor
#108. I used to like you. You liked me back. I knew you liked me. You knew I liked you. Why didn't you try for me? I always tried for you to notice me. You did. Don't be shy. I won't bite. #Quote by Melanie Kay Taylor
Puppy quotes by Richelle Mead
#109. Ooh. Top secret angel business, huh? What're you going to do? Dance on a pinhead? Lobby for National Cute Puppy Day? #Quote by Richelle Mead
Puppy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#110. I know you did. It's just that I wanted to see you for a few minutes and you were asleep. I didn't want to disturb you. (Leta)
So you slept at my feet like a puppy? No offense, but that's creepy as hell. Next thing I know, you'll be trying on my clothes and sleeping in my bed. (Aiden) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Puppy quotes by Nora Roberts
#111. He thought back to his early twenties when he'd routinely looked for ways to meet women. He should've rented a puppy. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Puppy quotes by Sarah Hodgson
#112. Working with Your Budding Adolescent: 16 to 24 Weeks

When you and your puppy reach the budding adolescent stage, you may feel like hiding in the closet. Some days are livable. However, other days you feel like moving. Your puppy doesn't listen or respond to known directions. He bolts, chases, and nips at everything that moves. He demands your attention and barks or mounts you when he doesn't get his way. He insists on being the center of attention every moment of every day.

Keep in mind that this stage is normal. I managed to live through it, and you will too. #Quote by Sarah Hodgson
Puppy quotes by Bernard Williams
#113. There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. #Quote by Bernard Williams
Puppy quotes by Nicole Williams
#114. Did you know that every time a country song is played, a cute little puppy keels over dead? #Quote by Nicole Williams
Puppy quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#115. A puppy feels like life and love. Their entire bodies are soft - fur, skin, the pads of their feet new and delicate. They radiate warmth in the way science can explain, but it goes further than that. The heat of affection pours out of their eyes and makes their little butts wiggle like crazy as soon as they see a person - they don't even care who. They're love, encapsulated. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
Puppy quotes by Steven  Rowley
#116. Okay.' I can feel the letters vomit off my tongue.
I watch the vet insert the syringe into the catheter and inject the second drug. And then the adventures come flooding back:

The puppy farm.
The gentle untying of the shoelace.
Our first night together.
Running on the beach.
Sadie and Sophie and Sophie Dee.
Shared ice-cream cones.
Car rides.
Eye rain.
Chicken and rice.
Dog parks.
Squirrel chasing.
'Fishful Thinking.'
The adventure at sea.
Gentle kisses.
Manic kisses.
More eye rain.
So much eye rain.
Red ball.

The veterinarian holds a stethoscope up to Lily's chest, listening for her heartbeat.
All dogs go to heaven.
'Your mother's name is Witchie-Poo.' I stroke Lily behind her ears the way that used to calm her. 'Look for her.'
I barely whisper. 'She will take care of you. #Quote by Steven Rowley
Puppy quotes by M. Mabie
#117. I walked in and turned around to see her, standing in the doorway, she looked like a starved puppy. I wanted to feed her, but she wasn't my dog. #Quote by M. Mabie
Puppy quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#118. When I think of happiness or joy in this life, I begin with some experiences that are simple and basic. I see the expression on the face of a one-year-old taking those first steps. I think of a child loving a puppy or a kitten. If the more mature have not dulled their physical or spiritual sensitivities by excess or disuse, they can also experience joy in what is simple and basic. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Puppy quotes by Lauren Myracle
#119. Hi, puppy."
she's not a puppy. She's a girl," Nancy's mother says.
Nancy pats me and says, "Good puppy. Nice puppy." When he mother bends down to pull her away, she wraps both arms around my legs and wails. "No! My puppy! #Quote by Lauren Myracle
Puppy quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#120. Dissent is morally neutral. You can correctly call yourself a dissident because you like to kick puppies, but at the end of the day, you're just a jerk who likes to kick puppies. #Quote by Jonah Goldberg
Puppy quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#121. James wasn't sure when exactly it had started - when he had fallen in love with his best friend. He couldn't remember a time he didn't love him. Even when they were kids, he'd had a pretty bad case of puppy love: #Quote by Alessandra Hazard
Puppy quotes by Garrett Cook
#122. If Mykle Hansen needed to eat puppies for breakfast to be himself, he would rap the table and scream "waiter, more puppy sauce! #Quote by Garrett Cook
Puppy quotes by Plutarch
#123. Caesar once, seeing some wealthy strangers at Rome, carrying up and down with them in their arms and bosoms young puppy-dogs and monkeys, embracing and making much of them, took occasion not unnaturally to ask whether the women in their country were not used to bear children; by that prince-like reprimand gravely reflecting upon persons who spend and lavish upon brute beasts that affection and kindness which nature has implanted in us to be bestowed on those of our own kind. With like reason may we blame those who misuse that love of inquiry and observation which nature has implanted in our souls, by expending it on objects unworthy of the attention either of their eyes or their ears, while they disregard such as are excellent in themselves, and would do them good. #Quote by Plutarch
Puppy quotes by Annie Dillard
#124. This is it, I think, this is it, right now, the present, this empty gas station, here, this western wind, this tang of coffee on the tongue, and I am petting the puppy, I am watching the mountain. And the second I verbalize this awareness in my brain, I cease to see the mountain or feel the puppy. I am opaque, so much black asphalt. But at the same second, the second I know I've lost it, I also realize that the puppy is still squirming on his back under my hand. Nothing has changed for him. He draws his legs down to stretch the skin taut so he feels every fingertip's stroke along his furred and arching side, his flank, his flung-back throat.
I sip my coffee. I look at the mountain, which is still doing its tricks, as you look at a still-beautiful face belonging to a person who was once your lover in another country years ago: with fond nostalgia, and recognition, but no real feeling save a secret astonishment that you are now strangers. Thanks. For the memories. It is ironic that the one thing that all religions recognize as separating us from our creator--our very self-consciousness--is also the one thing that divides us from our fellow creatures. It was a bitter birthday present from evolution, cutting us off at both ends. I get in the car and drive home. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Puppy quotes by H.R. Willaston
#125. Yes, Uncle Ryan! You said you wanted me to make you an uncle. Poof! You're an uncle of a fluffy puppy. - Lilianna Gregor #Quote by H.R. Willaston
Puppy quotes by Kate Aaron
#126. Love. He recoiled from the very idea. He knew all about love: love was following his best friend around school like a lost puppy, putting up with all manner of shit just to be near him. Love was sobbing himself to sleep night after endless night because the guy who'd taken his virginity hadn't called him back. Love was a thousand shattered dreams and a flood of memories that made him cringe. Love could fuck off. #Quote by Kate Aaron
Puppy quotes by Jay Kopelman
#127. Why wasn't my time spent helping people instead of a puppy? I don't know and I don't care but at least I saved something. #Quote by Jay Kopelman
Puppy quotes by J. Wesley Porter
#128. When the puppy licked my hand, we all knew he was the one for us #Quote by J. Wesley Porter
Puppy quotes by Jack Kornfield
#129. To start, meditation is very much like training a puppy. You put the puppy down and say, "Stay." Does the puppy listen? It gets up and runs away. You sit the puppy back down again. "Stay." And the puppy runs away over and over again. Sometimes the puppy jumps up, runs over, and pees in the corner or makes some other mess. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Puppy quotes by Robert Herjavec
#130. If you are under the illusion that you can start a business and run it at your life's schedule, you are mistaken. The business is like a starving puppy - when it needs to eat, then it needs to eat regardless of what you have going on personally. #Quote by Robert Herjavec
Puppy quotes by Mike Carey
#131. You read any Greek myths, puppy? The one about the gorgon Medusa, particularly? I used to wonder what could be so terrible that you couldn't survive even looking at it.
Until I got a little older and I figured out the obvious answer.
Everything. #Quote by Mike Carey
Puppy quotes by Lemony Snicket
#132. The Baudelaire orphans hung on to one another, and wept and wept while the adults argued endlessly behind them. Finally-as, I'm sorry to say, Count Olaf forced the Quagmires into puppy costumes so he could sneak them onto the airplane without anyone noticing-the Baudelaires cried themselves out and just sat on the lawn together in weary silence. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Puppy quotes by George C. Scott
#133. I think of myself as a fairly decent human being and it gives me great pain to be considered for all the mean S.O.B.s that come along. I've played bird decapitators, puppy stranglers, woman beaters, wife poisoners, child molesters - every goddamn thing you can think of. It was quite scene there for a while. But I think the image is changing ... I hope to God the old image is fading from people's minds. #Quote by George C. Scott
Puppy quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#134. You cannot allow yourself to become distracted. Everything in this room, especially the uninvited third wheel, needs to fade away."
"Hey," Roth scuffed. "That's offensive."
"This is my I-don't-care face," Zayne replied.
I planted my hands on my hips. "I think I know how to concentrate, Zayne."
"And I think I've been around you enough to know that you have the concentration level of a puppy on its first car ride."
Roth laughed. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Puppy quotes by C.M. Stunich
#135. I take a step forward but Naomi stops me with a hand on my stomach. Like a lost, little puppy I obey. Good Lord, where did my balls go? #Quote by C.M. Stunich
Puppy quotes by Sherry Argov
#136. Many people lack the basic equipment to be in a relationship and there's nothing you can do to change it. You can't take a skunk and dip it in perfume and hope it becomes a puppy. Eventually, the perfume will wear off and you'll still have a skunk on your hands. #Quote by Sherry Argov
Puppy quotes by Beryl Dov
#137. Pissing vs. Hatred
Don't mistake my pissing on you for genuine or deeply felt hatred.
Your writing isn't good enough to shit train a puppy.
I just think it's doggerel.
I don't like you.
Nothing more.
That's all.
Capisce? #Quote by Beryl Dov
Puppy quotes by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
#138. No one as consistently, spectacularly, and admittedly greedy as Donald Trump could possibly give two poops about us. Absolutely impossible. I will go so far as to say that, if elected, Donald Trump would be the least likely President in the history of our nation to do anything for any of us that wouldn't also benefit him. #Quote by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
Puppy quotes by Nicole Peeler
#139. Seriously, you're so old. What did people do for dates when you were a puppy? If you club me over the head and take me to your cave, I'll be traumatized. You can't pull that shit on a girl who's half seal. We have a history. #Quote by Nicole Peeler
Puppy quotes by Dean Koontz
#140. Puppies are adorable. I'm not a puppy. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Puppy quotes by Jennifer Flackett
#141. Look at them all. Rats in their cages ... their lives destroyed by love. I'm done with it. I won't be like them. #Quote by Jennifer Flackett
Puppy quotes by Lionel Fisher
#142. Winter again. The summer people have gone. The early morning walks are solitary once more. Fog wraps the ocean and sky like a wet, gray glove. Sprinting through the frosty dune grass, my dog Buddy emerges soaked and grinning. He's become a man-child, his boundless puppy love and mindless exuberance caroming off the walls in a muscular body. He lives by one rule: To be alive is to be gloriously happy. Not a bad way to be, I often remind myself.

Comfortable in the ebb and flow of each other's idiosyncracies and needs, he keeps me company while I work, I join him often in his play. His unflagging high spirits urge me to cram activity and joy into every waking moment as he does. By so doing, I tell myself, I will multiply my allotted time by dog years and dilate the remaining seasons accordingly. A good way to look at life, I figure. #Quote by Lionel Fisher
Puppy quotes by Alexey N. Krylov
#143. My father often expressed the view that foreign language should be taught in childhood in the same way as a puppy is taught to swim. "Take it by the nape, and throw into a pond. If it floats, it would learn to swim. If it drowns, it would never learn. #Quote by Alexey N. Krylov
Puppy quotes by Felicity Heaton
#144. Sable smiled.
She would just say it.
"I'm in love with you."
Thorne's expression shifted from pained puppy dog to hot-blooded male demon in a heartbeat, a
sexy and devastating grin curling his lips and flashing a hint of fang. #Quote by Felicity Heaton
Puppy quotes by Cassandra Clare
#145. She had always wanted a brother. And she had one now. Sebastian. It was like always wanting a puppy and being a hellhound instead. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Puppy quotes by Toba Beta
#146. Hard to forget first puppy love. #Quote by Toba Beta
Puppy quotes by Anonymous
#147. The parents may be one of the best indications of the future temperament of your new puppy. A surprising amount of behavior is inherited. #Quote by Anonymous
Puppy quotes by Brooklyn Hudson
#148. For every puppy or kitten your pet gives birth to, one dies in the shelter for lack of a home ... Spay/Neuter. #Quote by Brooklyn Hudson
Puppy quotes by Emily Post
#149. Training a child is exactly like training a puppy; a little heedless inattention and it is out of hand immediately; the great thing is not to let it acquire bad habits that must afterward be broken. #Quote by Emily Post
Puppy quotes by Gena Showalter
#150. I'm not a bad person. I haven't killed anyone. I (rarely) lie. I don't kick little puppies. So why do people look at me as if the world would be a better place without me? #Quote by Gena Showalter
Puppy quotes by Ann Patchett
#151. At home, the puppy Rose played with balls, struggled with the stairs, and slept behind my knees while we watched in adoration. It's not that I was unhappy in what I now think of as "the dogless years," but I suspected things could be better. What I never could have imagined was how much better they would be. Whatever holes I had in my life, in my character, were suddenly filled. I had entered into my first adult relationship of mutual, unconditional love. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Puppy quotes by Jeff Zentner
#152. Everything ends. Some things last longer than others, but everything end. Childhood feels like it takes forever when you're in the midst of it, but one day you wake up and you're eighteen and going to college. The basset hound puppy with the bow around his neck? You're going to see his whole life pass. You may find someone you love and get married. And it might last a long time, but it ends one way or another. Maybe you'll be together for fifty or sixty years, but one of you is going to get left behind.I'm glad things end, though. It forces you to love them ferociously while you have them. There's nothing worth having that doesn't die. #Quote by Jeff Zentner
Puppy quotes by Cynthia Hand
#153. Who is this?" he asks. "I've seen him hanging around you like some lovesick puppy. Is he one of the Nephilim? #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Puppy quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#154. Thomas is very important to me. Not only do I love him, but he keeps me… grounded. Sane. Without him, I get lost in my head and cannot find my way out again. It is hard to explain. But I am terrified of losing him."
"I don't want to take Thomas away from you."
"I know, puppy. But things are changing. You have noticed we are chipping away at the sexual limits we set months ago? Pretty soon, we will give up on the 'no fucking' rule." He leaned in conspiratorially. "I am a bottom, in case you have not noticed."
"I've noticed," Hans replied, smiling in spite of himself #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Puppy quotes by Tessa Adams
#155. And since Logan didn't seem the least bit antisocial . . .
"You don't have to look like that, you know. I haven't kicked a puppy in at least a decade. #Quote by Tessa Adams
Puppy quotes by James Thurber
#156. I myself have known some profoundly thoughtful dogs. #Quote by James Thurber
Puppy quotes by Kathryn Smith
#157. So, of course Rose decided this would be a good time to discuss such matters. "I would also like to know if you know ways to prevent pregnancy."
He choked on a grape. She lurched toward him, but he coughed and spat the villainous fruit on the grass. He wiped at his watery eyes with the back of his hand as he turned his face to her once more. "That will teach me not to chew sufficiently."
Rose smiled shakily, her heart skipping. "You scared me." What if he had choked to death right in front of her?
She couldn't even begin to contemplate life without him.
"You stunned me. That's not exactly something you bring up out of the blue." His eyes twinkled. "Was it the mention of your puppy? Are you frightened of having a litter?"
When he looked at her like that-like they were friends and so much more-it made her insides feel like leaves blowing in the wind. Her gaze slid to her lap. "I would like us to have some time together before we have children."
Some of the tenderness drained from his expression. "I should have taken precautions last night. I'm sorry. I didn't think of children, only…"
"Only what?" If it made his eyes warm like that, she wanted to know what he'd been thinking.
His gaze locked with hers, so sharp and hot. "I thought only of how it felt to be naked inside you."
A hard throb pulsed low and deep inside her, bringing sexual awareness speeding to the surface. It had been different without the "French Letter." It had been b #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Puppy quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#158. A baby could be trained to view a glorious sunny day as depressing. A child could be trained to see a puppy as a vicious animal. An adult could be trained to see a drug as a pleasant vehicle for release. It's all a matter of conditioning, isn't it? #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Puppy quotes by Rysa Walker
#159. Before you start what?"
He shakes his head. "Not telling. You have to come and see."
There's a mischievous light in his eyes, and in that moment he looks so very much like his eight-year-old self, waiting for my decision to hire him as a guide at the Expo. Who could say no to those big, dark puppy-dog eyes?
I laugh. "Okay, okay. You win."
And even though I don't want to give him false hope, I can tell from his smile that I have. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Puppy quotes by Brody Jenner
#160. Watching a company develop is like watching a puppy grow. When you can watch something grow that you created - it's really an amazing feeling. #Quote by Brody Jenner
Puppy quotes by Bridget Hall
#161. It's just me and my 6-month-old puppy. I am not dating anyone. #Quote by Bridget Hall
Puppy quotes by Kevin Nealon
#162. Every homeless puppy and kitten was born to parents who weren't spayed or neutered. I'm proud to support PETA's work to prevent animal homelessness. #Quote by Kevin Nealon
Puppy quotes by Wen Spencer
#163. It was comforting for only a moment. Then Joshua realized that the dude still had a seriously huge knife in his hand.
The part of him that was crying like a kicked puppy took off running. Unfortunately it took the rest of him with it.
"No! Nononono!" He cried even as he bolted. This was what scared him about being a werewolf. He wasn't in control of his body anymore. Because of his last name and small size, he'd always been a target of bullies. He'd learned early that they could hurt him but they couldn't control him if he didn't let them. And then he learned martial arts and they couldn't even hurt him anymore. In the last twenty-four hours, it had been as if he was strapped into a rollercoaster: all he could do was go for the ride and scream a lot. #Quote by Wen Spencer
Puppy quotes by Rob Manuel
#164. I'll be the first to admit it - after the first episode, I wasn't sold on Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor of 'Doctor Who,' with the bewildered Clara following behind like a lost puppy, haphazardly flinging aggression around like cream pies in a 'Three Stooges' marathon. #Quote by Rob Manuel
Puppy quotes by David Levithan
#165. I will demand a puppy if I am forced to move to Fiji.
But I will settle for a bunny. #Quote by David Levithan
Puppy quotes by Philippa Gregory
#166. In Spain, indeed! He would have got no closer than the Indies if I had not showed him how to do it. Stupid puppy. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Puppy quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#167. Is that what you want? To have your own place?"
"Isn't it what you want?" Hans asked, his resolve weakening.
Thomas pulled him into an embrace. "Don't be dumb. This is your home now. We agreed you'd move back into your room while the relatives were here, but as soon as they're gone, Boris and I want you back in our bed."
Hans sank gratefully against his broad chest, and a moment later, Boris pressed up against his back, making a Hans sandwich. He sighed contentedly.
"Did we not settle all this?" Boris asked "We love you. We are a family."
"I know that," Hans said, "but a lot of boyfriends live apart."
Thomas squeezed him tight. "Not us." He eased up, so Hans could breathe again. "We have plenty of room for you here. We want you to live with us."
"Do you want that too, puppy?" Boris asked, nuzzling his nape.
Hans sighed. All of this rubbing together of bodies was causing his cock to swell. "Yes," he said.
Then they made love #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Puppy quotes by Jonathan Swift
#168. Sweeping from butcher's stalls, dung, guts, and blood,
Drown'd puppies, stinking sprats, all drench'd in mud,
Dead cats, and turnip-tops, come tumbling down the flood. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Puppy quotes by Samantha A. Cole
#169. The young girl giggled again and Jake shook his head in amazement. Not only was the U.S. dark operative cooking pancakes, but it seemed he'd won over the timid teenager in no time flat.

"I've been entertaining this pretty girl with my vast repertoire of daring and heroic adventures from around the globe."

Jake snorted as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the container of orange juice. "You sound like Blackbeard the pirate. Don't believe a word he says, Alyssa. He's actually Insurance salesman and lies like a rug."

"An Insurance salesman?" She narrowed her eyes at Carter as he flipped three pancackes off the electric griddle sitting on the island and onto a plate for her. "I knew you were conning me," she chastised, then rolled her eyes toward Jake. "He said he was a government spy, like James Bond."

After filling a glass, Jake smirked at his friend who shrugged his shoulders and gave the girl a sad puppy-dog expression. "Who are you going to believe, me or Jake from State Farm? #Quote by Samantha A. Cole
Puppy quotes by Jasmine Warga
#170. I want to know something real. Something that not everyone in the world knows about you." His puppy face deepens, his mouth sagging at the corners.

"I can't get to sleep when I have socks on, but my feet are always cold so it's kind of a problem. #Quote by Jasmine Warga
Puppy quotes by Jennifer Flackett
#171. We were on different roads, she and me. Two ships that passed in Sheep #Quote by Jennifer Flackett
Puppy quotes by Doug
#172. Fuck what you think you need. Most of your thoughts, including many of those "needs," are only a result of garbage that culture has dumped into your mind. Why not cut a hole in the bottom of your mental trashcan so the garbage falls out? It is also counterproductive to take personally what anyone else thinks, feels, says, or does. Your job is not to be at the mercy of human aberrations, nor is your job to interpret others so they fit into a comfortable frame of reference for yourself. Your job is to love them. Be who you are - who you really are underneath the societal coatings of bullshit. You'll find a much better person there than pointless thoughts and manufactured needs born of poisoned information will allow you to be!" Fearless Puppy #Quote by Doug "Ten" Rose
Puppy quotes by Tamora Pierce
#173. Thus went my first Court Day.
I think i'm going to puke. #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Puppy quotes by Julie Andrews
#174. When children ask me what's my favorite [role], I say to them, "Imagine having ten beautiful new puppies in a basket and you had to say which one is your favorite, and you simply couldn't because you love them all for different reasons." POPPINS was such a learning experience, as was THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I tell you, every one of them just helped me grow in what I do and did and each one was such a phenomenal working experience. #Quote by Julie Andrews
Puppy quotes by D.D. Barant
#175. Paranoia is just the bastard child of fear and good sense." (Charlie)
"Poor thing. Let's adopt it, give it a last name and raise it right." (Jace)
"You want to get it a puppy, too?"
"Sure. We'll call it Panic. It and little Paranoia can play together at the park and scare the hell out of all the other kids. #Quote by D.D. Barant
Puppy quotes by Jake Vander Ark
#176. Judge that boy if you must; for debauchery, for objectifying innocence ... but before you finalize your verdict, oh innocent reader, I beg you to scan again that last stanza. What you and I overlooked in our cloud of perversion and nasty objectification was the unrestrained joy of a little girl playing dress-up for the very first time. #Quote by Jake Vander Ark
Puppy quotes by Kathryn Smith
#177. Let's go home," she said.
He arched his brows. "Already? I thought you would want to stay for a while."
Dark eyes flashed. "No, I want to take you home where women can't stare at you like hyenas after a baby chick."
He laughed-loudly, which caught a fair bit of attention. "Surely I'm more threatening than a chick?"
She smiled, ruining her petulant expression. "A puppy perhaps."
Grey stepped closer so that their torsos touched. It was totally improper behavior, but the gossips already had so much to talk about, one more thing would hardly matter. "Is that all you want to take me home for? To protect me?"
Her gaze turned coy. "I received the newest edition of Voluptuous today. I thought I might read to you."
Was it just him or had the temperature in the room suddenly climbed ten degrees. "Let's go."
He grabbed her by the hand and started weaving their way toward the door. People stopped hi to say hello, and he was forced to speak to them rather than be as rude as he wanted. A good fifteen minutes passed before he and Rose finally made it to the entrance of the ballroom, only to have Vienne La Rieux descend upon them.
"Monsieur et Madame le Duc!" she cried, clasping her hands together in front of her breast-abundantly displayed above a peacock-colored gown that must have cost a small fortune. "Finally, you leave my club together, non?"
Grey winked at her. "At last, madam. But we may want a room again someday."
The French wom #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Puppy quotes by Lisi Harrison
#178. Never slam a car door. According to the Westchester elite, it's a heinous crime, as heartless as kicking a puppy. #Quote by Lisi Harrison
Puppy quotes by Quvenzhane Wallis
#179. I have a puppy purse, and it's named after my doggie named Sammie, who is at home. It's from Poochie and Company. #Quote by Quvenzhane Wallis
Puppy quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#180. I did nothing but run away from the time I was a puppy, and I kept on running and roving until one fine morning - a very fine morning, with the sun in my eyes - I fell over the world's edge chasing a butterfly. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Puppy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#181. I don't know nothing about birthing puppies, Miss Scarlett, but I can cleave the head off a Daimon without breaking a sweat. (Valerius) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Puppy quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#182. Thanks Darling for the beautiful flowers and all the prayers. Now can you just get my puppy past security? #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Puppy quotes by Vivaco Books
#183. The biggest mistake in puppy training, which is also the most common one, is punishing the dog for bad behavior. #Quote by Vivaco Books
Puppy quotes by Luke Treadaway
#184. This morning someone sent me a very funny photo of me holding their puppy. We have matching colour jackets. #Quote by Luke Treadaway
Puppy quotes by Anne Stuart
#185. I won't marry you."
"Of course you will," he said. "Why wouldn't you? You followed me around like a puppy dog all those years ago, which was pure misery, because I wanted nothing more than to toss you down in the straw and despoil you, and you were too damned young. Back then I had scruples. Fortunantly, nowadays I have none."
"Then why do you want to marry me?" She said, shoving her hair away from her face.
"I have no idea." He said idly. "I expect I love you. Nothing else could account for such bizarre behavior on my part. I expect the captain of the packet ship can perform a ceremony. Are you ready?"
She didn't move. She couldn't marry him, and she needed shoes, and she wasn't sure which was the most important to argue about. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Puppy quotes by Jill Shalvis
#186. The puppy perked up at his name and took a flying leap into the front seat, landing in Josh's lap. Four paws hit the family jewels with precision. Sucking in a breath, Josh scooped Tank up and was promptly licked for his efforts. "It's so great that you found him," Grace said. "Yeah." Josh sighed in grim resignation, swiping the puppy drool off his chin. "So great. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Puppy quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#187. Chloe? It's me." After a pause, he added, "Derek," like I could mistake that deep rumble for anyone else, like I could mistake that little part of me that perked up like an eager puppy saying, "It's him. Quick! Go see what he wants."
God, how had I been so blind? It seemed so obvious now. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Puppy quotes by Gena Showalter
#188. If that dickwad Sabin wants to talk to her, that means Gwennie will want to, as well." Kaia drummed her nails against the tabletop. "And as you know, puppy, I ensure that my sister gets what she wants. Besides, I'm about to die of boredom since no one has attacked the fortress as promised." "Harpy," Aeron snapped. "Don't try my patience. You will obey me in this and let the angel go." "Warriors are so adorable when they think they're all tough and commanding." Kaia's arm shot out, again rattling dishes, and she snatched up a handful of eggs. A handful she then launched at Aeron. Olivia quickly dodged, and the eggs slapped Aeron in the face. His lips curled in a grimace as he wiped away the yellow mess. Rather than touch her again, however, he flattened his palms on the arms of the chair. Kaia #Quote by Gena Showalter
Puppy quotes by Doris Roberts
#189. In Puppies Behind Bars, when the puppy is eight weeks old it is given to an inmate. The inmate is responsible for the dog. #Quote by Doris Roberts
Puppy quotes by Lynne Reid Banks
#190. When I was your age I met a man older than myself, quite a bit older. I fell in love with him. Really in love. I know people say it's just puppy love at that age, but I was in love properly. It lasted for years. It was the most powerful feeling I can ever remember. At that age one has no defenses. It just overwhelmed me. #Quote by Lynne Reid Banks
Puppy quotes by Nicky Charles
#191. Elise?" He looked at her with a pleading, puppy-dog expression in his eyes.
"I love you. #Quote by Nicky Charles
Puppy quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#192. He'd lapped at her ankles like a lovesick pup, and she'd been exactly what she was now, a woman born too beautiful and too rich to worry about a small thing like integrity. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Puppy quotes by Karl Wiggins
#193. It's all nonsense of course. You can find God in a thunderstorm, or in the smile of a child, or in the wilderness (I believe that Jesus himself tried that at one stage), or in a rain forest, or a puppy, or in a legend, or by just lying under the stars, or in a daydream, or in your lover's eyes, or in music, or by believing in magic, or in a conversation with a bag lady, or by loving a Gypsy girl, or by stumbling upon a white buffalo, or by dancing around your bones on the edge of extinction. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Puppy quotes by Elizabeth Parker
#194. There will always be detours in the fascinating game called life. Find the path to your heart's desires, and stay on course. #Quote by Elizabeth Parker
Puppy quotes by Michele Bardsley
#195. His gaze meandered along my chest. "Hey!" I crossed my arms over my breasts.
"Those are…"
"Well, his name isn't tattooed on them, but yeah, currently they are reserved for him."
I peered at him and noted the similarities between him and his sons. "Ruadan, I presume?"
"Got it in one," he said, silver eyes twinkling.
"You scared the shit out of me." One corner of his mouth lifted into a grin. He picked up the parchment and tapped on it.
"So, you're Patrick's soul mate."
"But you read the scroll. Only his sonuachar can do that."
"Let me explain." I paused. "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."
" The Princess Bride!" Ruadan exclaimed in happy surprise. "I love that movie. 'Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!'" He leapt off the bed and made fencing motions.
"Ruadan, we're in a bit of crisis around here."
"Hey! My swords." He practically skipped to the dresser where I had left them when I got ready for my bath. He whirled the half-swords like a master swordsman, which, of course, he was. "My mother really knows how to smith a weapon, doesn't she? Real fairy gold." He stabbed an invisible foe's chest with one and his stomach with the other. "Die, evil one! Die!"
He jumped up and down, the swords held above his head, and did a victory dance.
"You're like a big puppy!" I exclaimed. "A big, dumb puppy. #Quote by Michele Bardsley
Puppy quotes by Todd Burpo
#196. What is childlike humility? It's not the lack of intelligence, but the lack of guile. The lack of an agenda. It's that precious, fleeting time before we have accumulated enough pride or position to care what other people might think. The same un-self-conscious honesty that enables a three-year-old to splash joyfully in a rain puddle, or tumble laughing in the grass with a puppy, or point out loudly that you have a booger hanging out of your nose, is what is required to enter heaven. It is the opposite of ignorance - it is intellectual honesty: to be willing to accept reality and to call things what they are even when it is hard. #Quote by Todd Burpo
Puppy quotes by Meg Donohue
#197. I liked the idea of adopting a dog that was beyond the puppy stage, a dog with an unknown span of life under his belt. It seemed only fair; he didn't know what he was getting into with me either. #Quote by Meg Donohue
Puppy quotes by Sharon Shinn
#198. Last time I was watching her, I left her in her crib and when I came back, she was a puppy. Just for a couple of hours, then she was herself again.' I mean, I almost couldn't speak. I said, 'Did it occur to you to tell me this?' And she said, 'Well, I thought it might be a one-time thing. I didn't want to worry you. #Quote by Sharon Shinn
Puppy quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#199. Every year after Jeannie has her annual baby, I receive congratulations from friends and family. There's always one person who says, "Oh, you just had a baby. Yeah, we just got a puppy." What? In no other situation could you compare a human to an animal and people would actually be okay with it. You could never say, "Oh, you just got married? Yeah, I used to have a pig. Does your new wife like to roll around in mud, too? My pig loved that. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Puppy quotes by Ksenia Anske
#200. That's one huge puppy. #Quote by Ksenia Anske

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