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Punkish Outfits quotes by Justin Timberlake
#1. I think I have to laugh about the fact that I grew up in public. All these weird stages in my teenage years are documented. Why did no one tell me how terrible some of those outfits were? #Quote by Justin Timberlake
Punkish Outfits quotes by Shelley Ramsey
#2. I stood there, staring at my clothes. What does a mama wear to her son's funeral? I looked over my wardrobe.There were outfits purchased for work, church, and casual weekends but nothing to wear to the burial of my seventeen-year-old son. #Quote by Shelley Ramsey
Punkish Outfits quotes by Heidi Montag
#3. During The Hills, we were not allowed to wear outfits twice, so I asked [MTV] to supply me with a wardrobe, but apparently I had to buy it all myself. #Quote by Heidi Montag
Punkish Outfits quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#4. She had experimented with Wicca eight years ago, found that her spells did not produce the desired results of making her every bully bald and fat, and threw it in the corner of her soul as effete and impractical, as she had with a series of other theological outfits. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Punkish Outfits quotes by Jennifer Nettles
#5. My outfits also need to be low-key. I'm a huge fan of boots, sandals, jeans and tank tops! Anything I can move in easily. #Quote by Jennifer Nettles
Punkish Outfits quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
#6. I think with boys ... it's all about shoes. I've seen so many little boys, and their outfits are so cute, and then their moms put kind of dorky shoes on them. #Quote by Kourtney Kardashian
Punkish Outfits quotes by Isaac Oliver
#7. In terms of theatrics and mind-boggling intimacies, the subway cannot be beat - people you see every day and smile at, people who subtly protect each other just by shifting how they're standing, people who compliment each other's outfits, ask where they bought them and for how much. I've seen people meet-cute, make out, and break #Quote by Isaac Oliver
Punkish Outfits quotes by Kiesza
#8. I like to be creative with my red carpet outfits, but equally, sometimes I am just in the mood to go all out with a ball gown and heels - but only If you get me on the right day! #Quote by Kiesza
Punkish Outfits quotes by Jessica Cutler
#9. I have a 'glamour job' on the Hill. That is, I could not care less about gov or politics, but working for a Senator looks good on my resume. And these marble hallways are such great places for meeting boys and showing off my outfits. #Quote by Jessica Cutler
Punkish Outfits quotes by Phil Harris
#10. We played in bars and other such establishments and anywhere where people would listen. Sometimes they did, and sometimes not. The outfits we wore were classics of the 50's. #Quote by Phil Harris
Punkish Outfits quotes by Katharine Fullerton Gerould
#11. We put [young children] into kindergarten where their reasoning powers are ruined; or, if we can afford it, we buy Montessori outfits that were invented for semi-imbeciles in Italian slums; or we send them to outdoor schools and give them prizes for sleeping. #Quote by Katharine Fullerton Gerould
Punkish Outfits quotes by Elle Fanning
#12. Everyone in my grade is turning 13, so there are bunches of bar and bat mitzvahs. They're very dressy. It's fun picking out outfits. One girl, for her bat mitzvah, wore a huge red ball gown! #Quote by Elle Fanning
Punkish Outfits quotes by Analeigh Tipton
#13. I have an older sister and my mom would dress us up identically, so in all of our pictures, we're in these giant pink, poufy outfits. I remember when I was four or five, we all went to a theme park and I had to go to the bathroom but couldn't hold it in anymore. Let's just say, I had to buy a brand new outfit! But that moment was the first time I remember ever wearing something different from my sister at an event. It was my breakthrough moment when I decided I was never going to match my sister again! #Quote by Analeigh Tipton
Punkish Outfits quotes by Chelsea Handler
#14. Another thing I take issue with are people who take their dogs on "play dates," or even worse, people who choose to dress their dogs up in outfits better suited for homosexuals participating in a gay pride parade. Dog costumes are right up there with something else I find particularly offensive: sweater vests. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Punkish Outfits quotes by Clark Duke
#15. I'm a big fan of matching outfits in general. #Quote by Clark Duke
Punkish Outfits quotes by Luke Johnson
#16. I have witnessed boards that continued to waste money on doomed projects because no one was prepared to admit they were failures, take the blame and switch course. Smaller outfits are more willing to admit mistakes and dump bad ideas. #Quote by Luke Johnson
Punkish Outfits quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#17. His first stop was the local branch of Child's Bank; once he replenished his supply of cash, he followed the bank manager's directions to the town's premier bootmaker, and was lucky enough to find an excellent pair of riding boots that fit him. His next stop was the best gentleman's outfitters, where he created a small furore by demanding they assemble for him outfits suitable for a groom and for a north country laborer.
The head tailor goggled at him and the assistants simply stared; holding onto his temper, he brusquely explained that the outfits were for a country house party where fancy dress was required.
Then they fell to with appropriate zeal.
It still took longer than he would have liked. The tailor fussed with the fitting until Breckenridge declared, "Damn it, man! There's no prize for being the most perfectly dressed groom in the north!"
The tailor jumped. Pins cascaded from between his lips and scattered on the ground. His assistants rushed in to gather them up.
The tailor swallowed. "No, of course not, sir. If Sir will remain still, I will endeavor to remove the pins...although really, such shoulders...well, I would have thought..."
"Never mind about showing off my damned shoulders-just make sure I have room to move. #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Punkish Outfits quotes by Lisa Carlisle
#18. I bought new lingerie today I wanted to show you, but I didn't get a chance with all that happened."
"You'll have to return tomorrow night then…. Maybe we'll order an entire catalog." His smile and the glint of mischievousness in his eyes reflected lascivious thoughts. "You can model all the outfits you'd like for me. #Quote by Lisa Carlisle
Punkish Outfits quotes by Rachel Zucker
#19. Halloween means that young girls dress up in highly sexualized outfits that would never be acceptable if it weren't Halloween. #Quote by Rachel Zucker
Punkish Outfits quotes by Clark Johnson
#20. That's the trouble with playing a cutting-edge narcotics detective - you've got to wear what's topical at the moment. My kids tease me about outfits I was wearing last week, let alone in the eighties. #Quote by Clark Johnson
Punkish Outfits quotes by L.J. Shen
#21. No, I took you out on a date because I want to fuck your brains out, among other things, and I know that the feeling is mutual. Unlike your buddy Shane, I don't sugarcoat my intentions. I don't want to be your friend. I have no interest in hanging out with you at the mall or choosing outfits with you or crap like that. I crave you. I want all of you, every single inch of you. And call it an only-child syndrome, but I. DO. NOT. FUCKING. SHARE. #Quote by L.J. Shen
Punkish Outfits quotes by Reese Witherspoon
#22. I grew up in Tennessee. We didn't know what Louis Vuitton was. I had to order all my prom outfits out of catalogs. #Quote by Reese Witherspoon
Punkish Outfits quotes by Malin Akerman
#23. I don't think many people were, but I love the black, the tassels and the leather, obviously. I'm still wearing that. I haven't let go of that. I love all things leather, and so I love that from her outfits as well. But I don't know if I would necessarily do the Mozart top, the button down, the 'Hot For Teacher' kind of look. That's not really my thing. I would let that one go. #Quote by Malin Akerman
Punkish Outfits quotes by Bree Despain
#24. If you're going to be a superhero, can I be your sidekick?" -April
"What?" -Grace
"The Dynamic Duo!" -April
"Um, I'm pretty sure sidekicks have to have super powers, too. -Grace
"Oh Yeah ... Okay, but you can always use an Alfred." April
"My Alfred?" -Grace
"Oh come on Please I can help you design gadgets and stuff. Oh! I can design you outfits for crime fighting!" -April
" *sigh* Okay. Sure. But no spandex" -Grace #Quote by Bree Despain
Punkish Outfits quotes by Jessica Simpson
#25. At school my boobs were bigger than all my friends' and I was afraid to show them. Now I feel like they make my outfits look better. They're like an accessory. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Punkish Outfits quotes by Tyler Blackburn
#26. I feel like from a very early age, we know who we are as individuals. I love when I see parents with their kids in these crazy outfits and they're like, "That's what they wanted to wear." Those small things are so important. #Quote by Tyler Blackburn
Punkish Outfits quotes by Iris Apfel
#27. I used to love to create outfits, and I still do - I just don't have the time. How can you wear one thing and never wear it again? Even my wedding dress - I had a dress made that I could wear again. I'm a child of the depression, so I'm very, very practical. #Quote by Iris Apfel
Punkish Outfits quotes by Eric Schmidt
#28. information systems will streamline many of them for people living in those countries, such as integrated clothing machines (washing, drying, folding, pressing and sorting) that keep an inventory of clean clothes and algorithmically suggest outfits based on the user's daily schedule. Haircuts will finally be automated and machine-precise. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Punkish Outfits quotes by Elizabeth Olsen
#29. I like men-inspired outfits. #Quote by Elizabeth Olsen
Punkish Outfits quotes by Dwyane Wade
#30. For home games, I bring my clothes to the arena. I bring two different outfits that I can pick after the game. Road game, I got to wear what I walk in with. #Quote by Dwyane Wade
Punkish Outfits quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#31. I´m just not sending out the right vibe lately. Perhaps the fact that I wear stained sweatpants and free T-shirts is holding me back. I just can´t seem to get back into the intelligent-slut-for-hire outfits that lure men; even shoes with laces evade me. Plus my hair is Fran Lebowitz-esque. I think my eyes are getting closer together. I don´t know. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Punkish Outfits quotes by Richelle Mead
#32. Escape plan #5: Open an alpaca ranch in Texas, one that requires all blond-haired, brown-eyed, brainy girls to wear sexy cowgirl outfits. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Punkish Outfits quotes by Autumn Doughton
#33. Every couple of days I have to remind myself that I'm really okay. And it's not the pretend kind of okay. It's the kind that you feel from the inside out. It's the kind of okay that has me thinking about outfits and coffee first thing in the morning, and homework that's due later this week, and that I need to call Jodi back, and what Cole's abs look like when he flexes. It's the kind of okay that makes life a zillion times more bearable and also has me waiting for the other shoe to drop. I #Quote by Autumn Doughton
Punkish Outfits quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#34. As I see it, fast food outfits have targeted small children with their advertising in a very effective way. You know, it's clowns and kid's toys and bright colors and things like that. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Punkish Outfits quotes by Kim Kardashian
#35. I love Ali MacGraw and her style - I'm into vintage '70s outfits at the moment. #Quote by Kim Kardashian
Punkish Outfits quotes by Jerry Hall
#36. I don't like to be rushed. I plan my outfits for the week in advance. I find the appropriate outfit for each occasion, try it on, make sure it is in good condition and have it all ready with shoes, handbag and accessories laid out in my dressing room. Fashion is such a huge part of my career, I have to think ahead. #Quote by Jerry Hall
Punkish Outfits quotes by Stone Gossard
#37. There's been a lot of role reversal going on in the band. The roles people have been playing for a long time will always be there, but everybody's willing to try on different outfits. #Quote by Stone Gossard
Punkish Outfits quotes by Olive B. Persimmon
#38. I looked exactly like the female version of George Costanza when I was in sixth grade… I insisted on dressing myself in monochromatic outfits. All my shirts had an animal performing an action on them. I had a pink sweater with penguins knitting to match my pink ribbed leggings. A hunter green shirt with dogs painting. #Quote by Olive B. Persimmon

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