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Punekar News quotes by Ms
#1. The one thing I hope people take away from my books is that the world is not nearly as bad as it seems on the news. There are so many differences on the surface between people from other nations and cultures. It's good to have those differences - there's a lot of power in having those different cultures - but deep inside I believe people are the same #Quote by Ms
Punekar News quotes by Rachel Sklar
#2. Flip through the channels, and there is no denying it: The world of cable news - and their network chat-show brethren - is very, very white. #Quote by Rachel Sklar
Punekar News quotes by Komrade Komura
#3. It has become true that to know the news in a country we must read it from a source based OUTSIDE of that country. In country echo chamber #Quote by Komrade Komura
Punekar News quotes by Mike McCue
#4. TechCrunch evolved on the Web as a new way of presenting the news on the Web. #Quote by Mike McCue
Punekar News quotes by Claudia Pineiro
#5. So much news about the president's assets, the president's broadsides, the president's teeth, the president's business dealings, the president's shoes: it got boring. #Quote by Claudia Pineiro
Punekar News quotes by Cory Doctorow
#6. The good news (for writers) is that this means that ebooks on computers are more likely to be an enticement to buy the printed book (which is, after all, cheap, easily had, and easy to use) than a substitute for it. You can probably read just enough of the book off the screen to realize you want to be reading it on paper. #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Punekar News quotes by Nikola Tesla
#7. Within a few years a simple and inexpensive device, readily carried about, will enable one to receive on land or sea the principal news, to hear a speech, a lecture, a song or play of a musical instrument, conveyed from any other region of the globe. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Punekar News quotes by Ezra Klein
#8. The idea of changing and fixing the problem of how news is presented on the Internet has been recognized for a long time. #Quote by Ezra Klein
Punekar News quotes by Tony Robbins
#9. Happy, vibrant, successful people think and behave in certain ways. So do miserable and unfulfilled people. In other words, there are patterns of success and patterns of failure. The good news is, success leaves clues. #Quote by Tony Robbins
Punekar News quotes by Jessica Savitch
#10. News events cannot be controlled, nor can newscasts be mapped out like entertainment shows. #Quote by Jessica Savitch
Punekar News quotes by David Letterman
#11. Sarah Palin made her debut as a Fox News analyst. They finally found a job that she's not under-qualified for. #Quote by David Letterman
Punekar News quotes by Patricia T. O'Conner
#12. If the good news from cyberspace is that we're writing more, the bad news is that most of us aren't very good at it. Our words don't do justice to our ideas. #Quote by Patricia T. O'Conner
Punekar News quotes by S.M. Reine
#13. Gotten a good look at her face. But they didn't recognize her as Stark's cohort. They must not have been big on reading blogs or watching the news. Deirdre took the camera. "Sure. Where's the button?" He quickly showed her how to operate it, and Deirdre stepped back to get both of them in the frame. The camera had a telephoto lens. She aimed it at the top of the building, zooming in so that she could look at the skeletal upper levels, where they were preparing to moor a visiting dirigible. With such fantastic zoom, she could see that there were OPA guards in black suits waiting to receive the airship. #Quote by S.M. Reine
Punekar News quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#14. News is that which comes from the North, East, West and South, and if it comes from only one point on the compass, then it is a class; publication and not news. #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Punekar News quotes by Oswald Mosley
#15. Newspapers are not made any longer by news or journalism. They are made by sheer weight of money expressed in free gift schemes. They serve not the interests of the many, but the vested interests of the few. #Quote by Oswald Mosley
Punekar News quotes by William Randolph Hearst
#16. News is what people don't want you to print. Everything thing else is ads. #Quote by William Randolph Hearst
Punekar News quotes by Bellatuscana
#17. They saw it on the news
Children sent out to school
To get a brighter future
Sent back

It's a common sight in America
So common
That the children of the 9/11 generation
Who grew up watching the Twin Towers fall
Now cannot feel anything but a sinking feeling of hopelessness #Quote by Bellatuscana
Punekar News quotes by Ron Suskind
#18. By virtue of some of the ways the game is played, in terms of message discipline, in terms of access for reporters, and especially in the way that sources and subjects, especially famous subjects, treat the media, almost by default there's more news that's falling into books. #Quote by Ron Suskind
Punekar News quotes by Charles Kettering
#19. Problems are the price of progress. Don't bring me anything but trouble. Good news weakens me. #Quote by Charles Kettering
Punekar News quotes by Rick Riordan
#20. The other bad news: Polyphemus barreled toward me, a thousand smelly pounds of Cyclops that I would have to fight with a very small sword. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Punekar News quotes by Chris Hadfield
#21. While play-acting grim scenarios day in and day out may sound like a good recipe for clinical depression, it's actually weirdly uplifting. Rehearsing for catastrophe has made me positive that I have the problem-solving skills to deal with tough situations and come out the other side smiling. For me, this has greatly reduced the mental and emotional clutter that unchecked worrying produces, those random thoughts that hijack your brain at three o'clock in the morning.

While I very much hoped not to die in space, I didn't live in fear of it, largely because I'd been made to think through the practicalities: how I'd want my family to get the news, for instance, and which astronaut I should recruit to help my wife cut through the red tape at NASA and the CSA. Before my last space flight (as with each of the earlier ones) I reviewed my will, made sure my financial affairs and taxes were in order, and did all the other things you'd do if you knew you were going to die. But that didn't make me feel like I had one foot in the grave. It actually put my mind at ease and reduced my anxiety about what my family's future would look like if something happened to me. Which meant that when the engines lit up at launch, I was able to focus entirely on the task at hand: arriving alive. #Quote by Chris Hadfield
Punekar News quotes by Bill Maher
#22. New Rule: News organizations have to stop using the phrase: "We go beyond the headlines." That's your job, dummy. You don't see American Airlines saying, "We land our jets on the runway"! #Quote by Bill Maher
Punekar News quotes by Eric J. Topol
#23. For a few years when I was at Cleveland Clinic, it was on the top ten U.S. News list for geriatric medicine even though we didn't even have a geriatrics department! This #Quote by Eric J. Topol
Punekar News quotes by Ann Napolitano
#24. Why is it," an old news anchor growls, "that out of all the terrible news in this terrible world, we care so much about this one downed plane and this one little boy? #Quote by Ann Napolitano
Punekar News quotes by Herman Raucher
#25. She became aware of his hands, moving up both sides of her, sliding up from her waist to her rib cage. Bad news. Instinctively she knew that it was "either-or." Either she opened her mouth and let the mad tongue in--or he was going to, sure as God made little apples, grab her little apples. The choice, she knew, was hers--for he lingered there, simultaneously, in both areas of combat, as if to say, "You have five seconds, take your pick. #Quote by Herman Raucher
Punekar News quotes by John Dewey
#26. The real purveyors of the news are artists, for artists are the ones who infuse fact with perception, emotion, and appreciation ... We are beginning to realize that emotions and imagination are more potent in shaping public sentiment and opinion than information and reason. #Quote by John Dewey
Punekar News quotes by Eric Sevareid
#27. The bigger the information media, the less courage and freedom they follow. Bigness means weakness. #Quote by Eric Sevareid
Punekar News quotes by Pat Sajak
#28. There is a certain comfort in waking up and finding that Michael Jackson is still the Big Story. At least it tells you that nothing horrible has happened in the world that would force them to move on to real news. #Quote by Pat Sajak
Punekar News quotes by Ann Aguirre
#29. The future sometimes looms like a monster, a horrible scary one with teeth and claws.It's hard to plan your life when all the news talks about is how screwed up the world's become. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Punekar News quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#30. They spoke no more of the small news of
the Shire far away, nor of the dark shadows and perils that
encompassed them, but of the fair things they had seen in
the world together, of the Elves, of the stars, of trees, and the
gentle fall of the bright year in the woods. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Punekar News quotes by Gennifer Flowers
#31. I met Bill Clinton in 1977 while I was working as a news reporter for KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after we met, we began a sexual relationship that lasted for twelve years. #Quote by Gennifer Flowers
Punekar News quotes by Malcolm X
#32. But let's not forget the Jew. Anybody that gives even a just criticism of the Jew is instantly labeled anti-Semite. The Jew cries louder than anybody else if anybody criticizes him. You can tell the truth about any minority in America, but make a true observation about the Jew, and if it doesn't 't pat him on the back, then he uses his grip on the news media to label you anti-Semite. #Quote by Malcolm X
Punekar News quotes by Henry Hon
#33. All believers need to become teachers, shepherds, ministers, and good-news-bearers. #Quote by Henry Hon
Punekar News quotes by Carl F. H. Henry
#34. The gospel is good news only if it arrives in time. #Quote by Carl F. H. Henry
Punekar News quotes by Roger Ailes
#35. You cover the bad news about America. You do. But you don't get up in the morning hating your country. And so, until somebody shows me lines at the border trying to get out, I think there's some good news. #Quote by Roger Ailes
Punekar News quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
#36. Why center your focus on making "Liberia" a Christian (nation) State? The focus should be, on, making "Liberia" a progressive state. Not a Christian one. Progressivism in "Liberia" should be the path vital to improving the human condition. #Quote by Henry Johnson Jr
Punekar News quotes by Arj Barker
#37. I quit because I'm so tired of hearing bad news about cigarettes ... Even if they discover good news, they don't publicize it - like the fact that smoking seriously reduces the risk of jogging. #Quote by Arj Barker
Punekar News quotes by Stephen W. Thompson
#38. I would never want to discourage anyone from listening to the news, heaven forfend. But I thought, you know, when I'm recommending music to people I like to recommend stuff that I think they'll like. #Quote by Stephen W. Thompson
Punekar News quotes by Don Hewitt
#39. Let's give the conventions back to the politicians. If we think there's any news, we can tack it on afterward as commentary. But the conventions should be their show, not ours. #Quote by Don Hewitt

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