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Psychological Disorders quotes by Ann Coulter
#1. Much of the left's hate speech bears greater similarity to a psychological disorder than to standard political discourse. The hatred is blinding, producing logical contradictions that would be impossible to sustain were it not for the central element faith plays in the left's new religion. The basic tenet of their faith is this: Maybe they were wrong on facts and policies, but they are good and conservatives are evil. You almost want to give it to them. It's all they have left. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Psychological Disorders quotes by Amy Chua
#2. There are all kinds of psychological disorders in the West that don't exist in Asia. #Quote by Amy Chua
Psychological Disorders quotes by John Bradshaw
#3. Children will invest as much energy as is needed to ensure the preservation of family harmony, even if it means sacrificing themselves to do so by developing psychological disorders. - Joel Covitz Emotional Child Abuse #Quote by John Bradshaw
Psychological Disorders quotes by Jared Taylor
#4. It is common to assume that multi-racialism is inevitable, and that racial identity will disappear as races mix. Americans prefer to think that the "tragic mulatto," welcome in neither community, was either a myth or a reflection of outmoded racist thinking. Research suggests things may not be so simple.
A 2003 study of 90,000 middle-school and high-school students found that black/white mixed-race children had more health and psychological problems than children who were either black or white. They were more likely to be depressed, sleep badly, skip school, smoke, drink, consider suicide, and have sex. White/Asian children showed similar symptoms. The principal author concluded that the cause was "the struggle with identity formation, leading to lack of self-esteem, social isolation and problems of family dynamics in biracial households."
The authors of a 2008 study reached the same conclusion: "When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior, however, mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites. . . . Mixed race adolescents - not having a natural peer group - need to engage in more risky behaviors to be accepted."
A study of white/Asian children found that they were twice as likely as mono-racial children - 34 percent vs. 17 percent - to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression or drug abuse.
Yoonsun Choi of the University of Chicago found that in Seattle middle schools, a clear r #Quote by Jared Taylor
Psychological Disorders quotes by Steven Pinker
#5. The elegant study ... is consistent with the themes of modern cognitive neuroscience . Every aspect of thought and emotion is rooted in brain structure and function, including many psychological disorders and, presumably, genius. The study confirms that the brain is a modular system comprising multiple intelligences, mostly nonverbal. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Psychological Disorders quotes by Thisuri Wanniarachchi
#6. He wished he understood where they come from: all the terrorists, religious revolutionists
and hate-criminals. Did terrorizing entire communities of people help them sleep sound at
night? Did it make them happy? Or are they just in for the attention? Have they nothing to
lose? Or are they simply bored and spit balling issues that have always been there? Can all
global acts of violence and terror be summed up, as just a whole other level of a mixture of
bad parenting, psychological disorders and unattended anger management issues? Can they
be treated, medically or spiritually? Are we waiting for the birth of another great visionary
like Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad, who will 'make the world a better
place'? Or are we just too soaked in the idea that religion is a dying concept and spirituality
is overrated? Is it too late? Are we too far behind? He wanted to know. #Quote by Thisuri Wanniarachchi
Psychological Disorders quotes by Larry Crabb
#7. We have made a terrible mistake! For most of this century we have wrongly defined soul wounds as psychological disorders and delegated their treatment to trained specialists. Damaged psyches aren't the problem. The problem is disconnected souls. What we need is connection. What we need is a healing community. #Quote by Larry Crabb
Psychological Disorders quotes by Aletheia Luna
#8. Many empaths are diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, CFS, lupus, and various autoimmune diseases, as well as psychological disorders such as agoraphobia, social anxiety, ADHD, depression, sensory processing disorder, among many others. #Quote by Aletheia Luna
Psychological Disorders quotes by Andrew Lo
#9. Economists suffer from a deep psychological disorder that I call 'physics envy'. We wish that 99 percent of economic behavior could be captured by three simple laws of nature. In fact, economists have 99 laws that capture 3 percent of behavior. Economics is a uniquely human endeavor ... #Quote by Andrew Lo
Psychological Disorders quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#10. It goes back to the if identity becomes your achievement, what do you do, this is what happens? And I do think it leads to psychological disorders. You have to start doing things and stop thinking about yourself. #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Psychological Disorders quotes by David Lovelace
#11. In our family "whim-wham" is code, a defanged reference to any number of moods and psychological disorders, be they depressive, manic, or schizoaffective. Back in the 1970s and '80s - when they were all straight depression - we called them "dark nights of the soul." St. John of the Cross's phrase ennobled our sickness, spiritualized it. We cut God out of it after the manic breaks started in 1986, the year my dad, brother, and I were all committed. Call it manic depression or by its new, polite name, bipolr disorder. Whichever you wish. We stick to our folklore and call it the whim-whams. #Quote by David Lovelace
Psychological Disorders quotes by Oliver Pell
#12. Optimism is a psychological disorder exhibited by those out of touch with reality #Quote by Oliver Pell
Psychological Disorders quotes by Aldous Huxley
#13. Things are a great deal better in your part of the world - better, but still quite bad enough. You escape the state-appointed baby-tamers; but your society condemns you to pass your childhood in an exclusive family, with only a single set of siblings and parents. They're foisted on you by hereditary predestination. You can't get rid of them, can't take a holiday from them, can't go to anyone else for a change of moral or psychological air. It's freedom, if you like - but freedom in a telephone booth. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Psychological Disorders quotes by Roger Zelazny
#14. People never pay attention to weather reports; this, I believe, is a constant factor in man's psychological makeup, stemming probably from an ancient distrust of the shaman. You want them to be wrong. If they're right, then they're somehow superior, and this is even more uncomfortable than getting wet.
This Moment of the Storm #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Psychological Disorders quotes by David Perlmutter
#15. The origin of brain disease is in many cases predominantly dietary. Although several factors play into the genesis and progression of brain disorders, to a large extent numerous neurological afflictions often reflect the mistake of consuming too many carbs and too few healthy fats. #Quote by David Perlmutter
Psychological Disorders quotes by Sahar Abdulaziz
#16. A disability that is not apparent in the person's appearance is no less intrusive, no less painful, no less disturbing than one that can be spotted across the room. And, yet, many people fail to respect the tremendous impact that the invisible disability has on the human enduring it. #Quote by Sahar Abdulaziz
Psychological Disorders quotes by Jed Diamond
#17. We are not designed to deal with the many stress-inducing situations of the twenty-first century. For most of human history, the stressors we faced were mainly physical, like running away from wild animals. Now they are almost entirely psychological. When was the last time you were frightened by a lion? The things that cause us stress in our modern world are the ones that go inside our heads. #Quote by Jed Diamond
Psychological Disorders quotes by William Glasser
#18. To become more effective, you must learn what these people have learned: how you feel is not controlled by others or events. You are not the physical or psychological slave of your parents, husband, wife, child, boss, the economy, or anything else unless you choose to be. #Quote by William Glasser
Psychological Disorders quotes by Andrei Chikatilo
#19. When I used my knife, it brought psychological relief. I know I have to be destroyed. I was a mistake of nature. #Quote by Andrei Chikatilo
Psychological Disorders quotes by Brooke Nevin
#20. I would love to do something in the thriller category. Not so much horror, but I would love to do a full-on psychological thriller. That would be really interesting. A period piece would also be fantastic. #Quote by Brooke Nevin
Psychological Disorders quotes by John Gardner
#21. Writer's block comes from the feeling that one is doing the
wrong thing or doing the right thing badly. Fiction written for
the wrong reason may fail to satisfy the motive behind it and
thus may block the writer, as I've said; but there is no wrong
motive for writing fiction. At least in some instances, good
fiction has come from the writer's wish to be loved, his wish
to take revenge, his wish to work out his psychological woes,
his wish for money, and so on. No motive is too low for art;
finally it's the art, not the motive, that we judge. #Quote by John Gardner
Psychological Disorders quotes by Janina Fisher
#22. Whereas we'd once believed that the symptoms and behavior exhibited by our clients primarily reflected their psychological defenses - a view that attributed a degree of intentionality, no matter how unconscious - now, we better understood the symptoms as manifestations of instinctive brain and bodily survival responses. We understood that sympathetic activation fuels anxiety and rage, parasympathetic dominance causes shutdown and passive-aggressive behavior, flight responses spur fleeing the therapist's office, and fight responses lead to verbal or physical aggression or violence turned against the self. When clients self-harm, for example, these days, we understand their actions to be instinctive, rather than thought out - an effort to regulate or relieve, rather than punish. #Quote by Janina Fisher
Psychological Disorders quotes by Robert Johnson
#23. A sense of reverence is necessary for psychological health. If a person has no sense of reverence, no feeling that there is anyone or anything that inspires awe, it cuts the personality off completely from the nourishing springs of the unconscious. #Quote by Robert Johnson
Psychological Disorders quotes by Patrick Ness
#24. You're helpless to the behaviour but the effort involved is just unbelievable. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Psychological Disorders quotes by John Barrowman
#25. You know, every year 'Torchwood' has become something a little different than it was before. It's still sci-fi, but it doesn't just deal with spaceships and aliens all the time, because we've done that. Our science fiction is more psychological. #Quote by John Barrowman
Psychological Disorders quotes by Graham Joyce
#26. My story reflexes come less from fantasy or horror than from the darker sort of psychological thriller - not as plot-driven as most, rather more mood-driven. My interest in the supernatural is a complication - though I am less interested in ghosts than in people who see ghosts. #Quote by Graham Joyce
Psychological Disorders quotes by Charlotte Stein
#27. Apart from the obvious psychological problems, he's the perfect man. #Quote by Charlotte Stein
Psychological Disorders quotes by Rachael Rose Steil
#28. The greatest lesson I learned in this long and confusing journey was that my body was never broken, my mind was never beyond repair, and I was never really as alone as I thought I was. #Quote by Rachael Rose Steil
Psychological Disorders quotes by Alan Cheuse
#29. In 'Shadow Tag,' Erdrich creates scenes from a fictional marriage, that of two American Indians, Irene and her painter husband Gil, that suggest some of the worst psychological torments and stresses of real life. #Quote by Alan Cheuse
Psychological Disorders quotes by Dr. Mallika Nawal
#30. Words are incredibly powerful weapons. Who amongst us has not felt both their warming glow and cold icy sting… or companionship and abandonment… or how majestically they make us soar to the greatest heights of paradise or how mindlessly they fling us into the deepest, darkest, recesses of hell? Words are incredibly powerful weapons. And in the hands of the master abuser, words become the precise instruments of psychological abuse. And without so much as lifting a finger, the words you use have the power to bring about the complete destruction of another human being. Words can be weapons of mass destruction. #Quote by Dr. Mallika Nawal
Psychological Disorders quotes by Kate White
#31. I closed the door and sank into my desk chair. My heart was pounding even harder. I felt like someone who had just staggered out of her car after an accident on a freeway. This was different from the cockroach and the books and the Barbie. I'd been injured. Someone had tried to physically harm me. #Quote by Kate White
Psychological Disorders quotes by Yann Martel
#32. Fiction and nonfiction are not so easily divided. Fiction may not be real, but it's true; it goes beyond the garland of facts to get to emotional and psychological truths. #Quote by Yann Martel
Psychological Disorders quotes by Donald Maass
#33. What is actually happening inside readers as they read? Each reader has a unique emotional response to a story. It's unpredictable, but it's real. Readers read under the influence of their own temperaments, histories, biases, morality, likes, dislikes, and peeves. They make judgments that don't agree with yours. So how can a writer predict, never mind control, what readers feel? Psychological #Quote by Donald Maass
Psychological Disorders quotes by Emily Yoffe
#34. Extreme picky eaters may have what's called Selective Eating Disorder. People with this experience physical and psychological discomfort over certain tastes, smells, textures. #Quote by Emily Yoffe
Psychological Disorders quotes by Craig Williams
#35. The separation of the individual from a corporeal relationship with the Soul is mirrored in the separation of the individual from nature. This is perhaps one of the most important spiritual and psychological poisons of modernity: the alienation of the individual from the wilderness of nature. The modern obsession with progress and technology has worked to effectively separate man from the unpredictable and uncontrollable milieu of the wilderness and the concomitant alienation of the Soul from the flesh. The modern mind worships the Techno-God and uses many methods to enforce the separation of the flesh from the Soul. Reconnecting to nature requires only concentrated periods spent in a natural environment instead of living a life entirely immersed in artificial environments Efforts should be made to spend significant time in nature to allow the Sacramental Vision to thrive and organically develop. Without a constant connection to nature, the primordial voice of the Soul will eventually fade into silence. Nature must become a constant companion. #Quote by Craig Williams
Psychological Disorders quotes by James Geary
#36. Why should jokes and metaphors give such pleasure? Because we can't stand very much ambiguity. Cognitive dissonance makes us uneasy, and for good reason-survival depends on making the world as predictable as possible. So when we figure something out, when we impose order on what seems chaotic, we heave a psychological sigh of relief. #Quote by James Geary
Psychological Disorders quotes by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
#37. The Pan-Africanism that envisaged the ideal of wholeness was gradually cut down to the size of a continent, then a nation, a region, an ethnos, a clan, and even a village in some instances But Pan-Africanism has not outlived its mission. Seen as an economic, political, cultural, and psychological re-membering vision, it should continue to guide remembering practices #Quote by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
Psychological Disorders quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#38. Your accomplishments are important too, but they are things that you've worked on for quite some time and completed. However, your trying times are the ones that come out of nowhere, and you have to make a decision right away to give in or thrive. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Psychological Disorders quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#39. I departed from my misery.
I am so happy right about now! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Psychological Disorders quotes by Caitlin Flanagan
#40. Pubescent girls, it seems, are manifestly more likely to exhibit extreme and bizarre psychological symptoms than are teenage boys. #Quote by Caitlin Flanagan
Psychological Disorders quotes by Mark M. Bello
#41. That Kevin Burns, the one on television, is easy to hate, even to despise. He shot and tried to kill my son. He killed nine people. This Kevin Burns, a helpless child in prison garb and cuffs, looks meek and terrified, especially in the backdrop of a jail complex and cell, with two giant guards escorting him into the deposition room. #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Psychological Disorders quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#42. To Lucy it was an admirable study, the contrast between the man who threw his whole soul into a certain aim, which he pursued with a savage intensity, knowing that the end was a dreadful, lonely death; and the man who was making up his mind deliberately to gather what was beautiful in life, and to cultivate its graces as though it were a flower garden.
"And the worst of it is that it will all be the same in a hundred years," said Dick. "We shall both be forgotten long before then, you with your strenuousness, and I with my folly."
"And what conclusion do you draw from that?" asked Mrs. Crowley.
"Only that the psychological moment has arrived for a whisky and soda. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Psychological Disorders quotes by B.H. Liddell Hart
#43. Air Power is, above all, a psychological weapon - and only short-sighted soldiers, too battle-minded, underrate the importance of psychological factors in war. #Quote by B.H. Liddell Hart
Psychological Disorders quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#44. I am passing the torch. It is time for you to set your fears on fire. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Psychological Disorders quotes by Marc Berlin
#45. Art is a rebellion against fate.
-Andre Malraux #Quote by Marc Berlin
Psychological Disorders quotes by Amit Ray
#46. Embodied cognition is the science linked with the ancient science of mantra-tantra-yantra systems. It deals with body-mind and ego simultaneously as an integrated system. It encompasses biological, psychological and cultural context together. #Quote by Amit Ray
Psychological Disorders quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#47. Fear, you have to pack your shit and move the fuck out. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Psychological Disorders quotes by Joseph Chilton Pearce
#48. Smythies, you recall, considered hallucination to be a normal part of every child's psychological life. #Quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce
Psychological Disorders quotes by Steve Maraboli
#49. I would much rather feel the physical soreness that comes with exercise than to feel the psychological soreness that comes with regret. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Psychological Disorders quotes by Abraham Maslow
#50. No psychological health is possible unless this essential care of the person is fundamentally accepted, loved and respected by others and by himself. #Quote by Abraham Maslow
Psychological Disorders quotes by Sadhguru
#51. The only reason it has been inaccessible is that you are either busy or preoccupied with what is happening outside or far too engaged in your own psychological drama. It is just a lack of attention which has denied people the possibility of discovering what lies within. Turning #Quote by Sadhguru
Psychological Disorders quotes by Philip Ball
#52. In a world threatened by pain and death, stories of miracle workers are a psychological necessity, because the alternative is unmitigated horror and despair. #Quote by Philip Ball

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