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Psychographics Examples quotes by Lewis Wolpert
#1. The physics of motion provides one of the clearest examples of the counter-intuitive and unexpected nature of science. #Quote by Lewis Wolpert
Psychographics Examples quotes by Marilyn Boyer
#2. Portraits of Integrity is sure to be a favorite with your family! It contains 45 stories of real people from history who, in the course of their lives, have been placed in situations where their character shone through. History is best remembered when learned through the stories of those who lived it! For many years, I have given to parents a list of 45 character qualities with Scripture verses to learn what God's Word says about each one. Principles are best learned from practical examples and that is what has given birth to this book. Through the lives of people, some of whom you have heard of and some you will be meeting for the first time, you will learn how to appreciate character in the lives of others and be inspired to become people of character yourselves. I hope you will be challenged as I have to learn of people who, often at great sacrifice, strove to fulfill their responsibilities in life and as a result left to us a legacy of character! #Quote by Marilyn Boyer
Psychographics Examples quotes by Busy Philipps
#3. Yes, I'm having a baby. I think it's so hard as a woman to give yourself a break. It's great to be healthy but you have to set a good example for your kids and know that it's not about a number on a scale but how you feel. #Quote by Busy Philipps
Psychographics Examples quotes by Latorria Freeman
#4. Rejoice and thank God in the midst of your storms. For those people who have been through hell and back but continue to have smiles on their faces, they are the examples of God's grace and mercy #Quote by Latorria Freeman
Psychographics Examples quotes by Zelig Pliskin
#5. Objects of Appreciation: Every time you go to use a utensil or instrument, take pleasure and feel gratitude for the fact that you have such an object available. If you focus on this, you'll be able to be lifted many many times each day. Some common examples include: a pen, fork, cup, key, computers, clock, chair, stapler, and eyeglasses. #Quote by Zelig Pliskin
Psychographics Examples quotes by Rachel DeWoskin
#6. I mean, we have to read books or we'll make mistakes. If we read stories of how other people lived, we can figure out better ways to live. I mean we can look at other people's lives and not make the same mistakes they made. Or we can, like, use their examples as models for ourselves. #Quote by Rachel DeWoskin
Psychographics Examples quotes by Philip Hensher
#7. It's material deprivation that starts all this off."
"They've got dishwashers, Miranda," Billa said. "They're not examples of material deprivation. #Quote by Philip Hensher
Psychographics Examples quotes by Maya Angelou
#8. Rainbows are people whose lives are bright, shining examples for others. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Psychographics Examples quotes by Alan Greenspan
#9. This decade is strewn with examples of bright people who thought they built a better mousetrap that could consistently extract abnormal returns from the financial markets. Some succeed for a time. But while there may occasionally be mis-configurations among market prices that allow abnormal returns, they do not persist. #Quote by Alan Greenspan
Psychographics Examples quotes by Dan Brown
#10. Codes and patterns are very different from each other," Langdon said. "And a lot of people confuse the two. In my field, it's crucial to understand their fundamental difference."
"That being?"
Langdon stopped walking and turned to her. "A pattern is any distinctly organized sequence. Patterns occur everywhere in nature - the spiraling seeds of a sunflower, the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb, the circular ripples on a pond when a fish jumps, et cetera."
"Okay. And codes?"
"Codes are special," Langdon said, his tone rising. "Codes, by definition, must carry information. They must do more than simply form a pattern - codes must transmit data and convey meaning. Examples of codes include written language, musical notation, mathematical equations, computer language, and even simple symbols like the crucifix. All of these examples can transmit meaning or information in a way that spiraling sunflowers cannot. #Quote by Dan Brown
Psychographics Examples quotes by Dan Garfat-Pratt
#11. Fiction in general holds little interest for me. Novels, in particular, arouse more suspicion than intrigue. It truly baffles me that any practitioner of make-believe should (especially in this day and age) feel the need to produce anything so gratuitous. The fact that certain examples of this fare can approach the length of your average dictionary seems inherently absurd. #Quote by Dan Garfat-Pratt
Psychographics Examples quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#12. It is all very well to say that a man is clever, but the reader wants to see examples of it ... #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Psychographics Examples quotes by Richard Elliott Friedman
#13. ... P doth protest to much. It would be one thing if P were merely silent about Midian. But P is hostile to Midian. Its author tells a story of a complete massacre of the Midianites. He wants no Midianites around. And he especially wants no Midianite women around. This author buried the Moses-Midian connection. We can know why he did this. Practically all critical scholars ascribe this Priestly work to the established priesthood at Jerusalem. For most of the biblical period, that priesthood traced its ancestry to Aaron, the first high priest. It was a priesthood of Levites, but not the same Levites who gave us the E text. Some, including me, ascribe the E text to Levites who traced their ancestry to Moses. These two Levite priestly houses, the Aaronids and the Mushites, were engaged in struggles for leadership and in polemic against each other. The E (Mushite) source took pains, as we have seen to connect Moses' Midianite family back to Abraham. That is understandable. E was justifying the Mushite Levites' line in Israel's history. And it is equally understandable why their opponents, the Aaronids, cast aspersions on any Midianite background. That put a cloud over any Levites, or any text, that claimed a Midianite genealogy. We all could easily think of parallel examples in politics and religion in history and today. #Quote by Richard Elliott Friedman
Psychographics Examples quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#14. I repeat Sturgeon's Revelation, which was wrung out of me after twenty years of wearying defense of science fiction against attacks of people who used the worst examples of the field for ammunition, and whose conclusion was that ninety percent of SF is crud. #Quote by Theodore Sturgeon
Psychographics Examples quotes by Stuart J. Russell
#15. Google or other search engines are examples of AI, and relatively simple AI, but they're still AI. That plus an awful lot of hardware to make it work fast enough. #Quote by Stuart J. Russell
Psychographics Examples quotes by Joseph P. Kauffman
#16. Money has always been a tool used to control the people. It did not evolve from thousands of years of barter and trade like we are led to believe; the priest-kings of ancient Sumer first introduced it. Written in the Sumerian tablets (the oldest written and deciphered record of human history), is a financial transaction of depositing silver shekels at the palace temple. It is one of the earliest examples of a "Bill of Exchange" used by modern banks, and tells us that temples in antiquity served as the first banks, creating a link between bankers and royal bloodlines as far back as we can trace. #Quote by Joseph P. Kauffman
Psychographics Examples quotes by Michio Kaku
#17. There are many examples of old, incorrect theories that stubbornly persisted, sustained only by the prestige of foolish but well-connected scientists ... Many of these theories have been killed off only when some decisive experiment exposed their incorrectness.. Thus the yeoman work in any science, and especially physics, is done by the experimentalist, who must keep the theoreticians honest. #Quote by Michio Kaku
Psychographics Examples quotes by Anonymous
Psychographics Examples quotes by Russell M. Nelson
#19. Regardless of gender, marital status, or age, individuals can choose to link themselves directly to the Savior, hold fast to the rod of His truth, and lead by the light of that truth. By so doing, they become examples of righteousness to whom others will want to cling. #Quote by Russell M. Nelson
Psychographics Examples quotes by Derek Sivers
#20. Go find very early versions of things: the first TV pilot of a later-successful TV show; early audition tapes by famous actors; early demos by famous musicians. Focus on these early examples, not what they became over the next 20 years. Remember that what you're doing will constantly improve. #Quote by Derek Sivers
Psychographics Examples quotes by Margaret Chan
#21. Many diseases including malaria, dengue, meningitis - just a few examples - these are what we call climate-sensitive diseases, because such climate dimensions for rainfall, humidity and temperature would influence the epidemics, the outbreaks, either directly influencing the parasites or the mosquitoes that carry them. #Quote by Margaret Chan
Psychographics Examples quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#22. Executions, far from being useful examples to the survivors, have, I am persuaded, a quite contrary effect, by hardening the heart they ought to terrify. Besides, the fear of an ignominious death, I believe, never deterred anyone from the commission of a crime, because in committing it the mind is roused to activity about present circumstances. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Psychographics Examples quotes by Robert Thurman
#23. The Chinese people absolutely need good spiritual examples. They also could use a citizen of their own, who is free and happy, and pleased with them, and represents them in a positive way to the world. Especially now that they're becoming this mega-power, and no longer known as a puppet in the game, or strictly business people. #Quote by Robert Thurman
Psychographics Examples quotes by Albert Einstein
#24. History is littered with examples of men who would become gods, but only one example of God becoming Man. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Psychographics Examples quotes by Richard Whately
#25. It is a good plan, with a young person of a character to be much affected by ludicrous and absurd representations, to show him plainly by examples that there is nothing which may not be thus represented. He will hardly need to be told that everything is not a mere joke. #Quote by Richard Whately
Psychographics Examples quotes by Alison Assiter
#26. From a political perspective, it is important to uphold certain universal principles so that, for example, you can condemn both Islamist forms of violence and injustice as well as forms of violence and injustice from other groups - some superpowers, for example, or the English Defence League, as other examples. #Quote by Alison Assiter
Psychographics Examples quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#27. This association of the idea of the orgasm and the idea of dying is a universal one. On the basis of these typical clinical examples, we arrive at the following conclusion: the striving after non-existence, nirvana, death, is identical with the striving after orgastic release, i.e., the most essential experience of the living organism. Thus, an idea of death stemming from the actual demise of the organism does not and cannot exist, because an idea can reflect only what has already been experienced. No one, however, has ever experienced his or her own death. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Psychographics Examples quotes by Roger Scruton
#28. The sexual parts are not only vivid examples of the body's dominion; they are also apertures whose damp emissions and ammoniac smells testify to the mysterious putrefaction of the body. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Psychographics Examples quotes by Mark Dever
#29. Our examples of enduring hardship are often more powerful than our stories of success and triumph. #Quote by Mark Dever
Psychographics Examples quotes by Lincoln Chafee
#30. Any political historian can give innumerable examples of one percenters who have gone on to success, maybe even Bill Clinton himself? #Quote by Lincoln Chafee
Psychographics Examples quotes by Tony Campolo
#31. Beyond these models of reconciliation, a theology of mysticism provides some hope for common ground between Christianity and Islam. Both religions have within their histories examples of ecstatic union with God, which seem at odds with their own spiritual traditions but have much in common with each other. #Quote by Tony Campolo
Psychographics Examples quotes by Brandy Dillon
#32. of how we live our lives must encompass ALL scripture, not just what sounds good or what we are familiar with, or what seems easiest. It is a collection of teachings, examples, instructions, and even the corrective nature of the great I AM. #Quote by Brandy Dillon
Psychographics Examples quotes by Reuben Slone
#33. The companies in our examples started with a mutual recognition of the power of collaboration and strong commitment to make it work. #Quote by Reuben Slone
Psychographics Examples quotes by Jose Ferreira
#34. Big data has been used by human beings for a long time - just in bricks-and-mortar applications. Insurance and standardized tests are both examples of big data from before the Internet. #Quote by Jose Ferreira
Psychographics Examples quotes by Brian Massumi
#35. Take joy in your digressions. Because that is where the unexpected arises. That is the experimental aspect. If you know where you will end up when you begin, nothing has happened in the meantime. You have to be willing to surprise yourself writing things you didn't think you thought. Letting examples burgeon requires using inattention as a writing tool. You have to let yourself get so caught up in the flow of your writing that it ceases at moments to be recognizable to you as your own. This means you have to be prepared for failure. For with inattention comes risk: of silliness or even outbreaks of stupidity. But perhaps in order to write experimentally, you have to be willing to 'affirm' even your own stupidity. Embracing one's own stupidity is not the prevailing academic posture (at least not in the way I mean it here). #Quote by Brian Massumi
Psychographics Examples quotes by Tim Ferriss
#36. Role models who push us to exceed our limits, physical training that removes our spare tires, and risks that expand our sphere of comfortable action are all examples of eustress - stress that is healthful and the stimulus for growth. #Quote by Tim Ferriss
Psychographics Examples quotes by Fedora Amis
#37. Words Matter
What people write and say affects others. Don't believe me? Consider these examples.
--Jihadists persuade everyday people to strap explosives to themselves and wreak havoc in public places.
--Words start wars and end marriages.
Words matter. #Quote by Fedora Amis

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